Andi Mack (2017) s01e15 Episode Script

Perfect Day 2.0

1 - Previously, on Andi Mack - Aah.
I just went into The Fringe to get something that made me think of you.
Some people just aren't good at giving presents.
That was the wrong present, but this is the right one.
What is it? It's a piece of rice, with your name on it.
- See? - You have to stop buying me presents.
Sorry, I'm just trying to be a good boyfriend.
- Jonah, you're not my boyfriend.
- I want the label.
But now I don't know if I want it.
I'm moving.
How soon do you have to leave? We're leaving in 10 days.
They're must be something we can do.
You can stay in my bedroom.
(SCOFFS) There isn't really enough room, is there? My old bedroom.
And I think that this is a wonderful home.
But, baby, I don't want to let you go.
I don't want to let you go, either.
BUFFY: I'm sorry, guys.
Come on, guys, think, we only have a week left with each other.
I know (SIGHS) I don't want to think about it.
It's the world's saddest countdown.
And at the end, we launch Buffy.
Which is why we need to make every last day epic.
We don't wanna spend what little time we have left with each other doing the same thing we always do sitting at The Spoon and having baby taters.
But it's hard to think of an epic day.
The best days we've ever had together have just kind of happened by accident.
That's it.
What is? You can't just create an epic day out of thin air.
So let's recreate one that we've already had.
Our Perfect Day.
Great idea.
What day was that again? Oh! Remember when we went on that bike ride a few years ago? It was the day that we discovered the Alpine Slide? - Oh, the Alpine Slide.
- Oh, and on the way, we found that shop with the hot apple cider and the pumpkin donuts? The pumpkin donuts.
Let's do it again, today.
- Yes.
- Do what again? Uh, wait a second, before you eat.
These three, they're still too hot or still need to thaw.
GET THIS: we are going to recreate our Perfect Day.
"Oh"? That's all my brilliant idea gets is "Oh"? Well, in my experience, you can't recreate the perfect day.
Why not? I guess it's just never as good as the memory.
It's like bringing home leftovers.
You're never gonna love it as much as you did at the restaurant.
It's always just gonna be reheated meat.
You're wrong, you have to be.
We have not had our last great day together.
Come on, guys, we can do this.
Today will not be reheated meat.
It's a weird rallying cry, but I'm on board.
Me too.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) I'm standing on the edge And everything I kno-o-ow Has blown away Life is upside down But any way it go-o-oes I'll work it out Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Here we go One, two, three! I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't no map to follow But I'm with you all the way - I'm ready for tomorrow - Hey! - Tomorrow starts today - Hey! - There ain't no map to follow - Hey! But I'm with you all the way Hey! All the way So, our plan has a hiccup.
Three very old, rusty hiccups.
I haven't ridden my bike in years.
Me, neither.
But at least mine didn't have to time travel here from the '60s.
I'm using Bex's old bike because I sold mine.
But it's still totally rideable.
(BELL RINGS) If I had known that there was a place that would clean and service your bike for you, I would've been riding mine all the time.
(SCOFFS) No, you wouldn't.
Nah, I wouldn't.
Ah, it's been a while since old Skidboot looked this good.
Skidboot? You named your bike? Shh.
You're hurting her feelings.
Skidboot's a girl? Okay, so you all have your helmets.
Do you have your phones and two forms of ID? Mom, stop being such a mom.
Okay, who's ready for Perfect Day 2.
0? And I have my phone, right next to me, at all times, if you need anything.
Thanks, but we won't.
FIRST STOP: pumpkin donuts.
Last one there buys the cider! Whoa.
Definitely been a while.
I forgot how to do this.
I guess riding a bike isn't like riding a bike.
Don't read into this! I'm trying not to! Your heart is singing out You're breaking through the clouds Go get what you want, go get what you want No fear of letting go There in the everglow Go get what you want, go get what you want You're walking through your memories You're looking for an answer Don't wanna waste your days away Your heart is singing out You're breaking through the clouds Go get what you want, go get what you want No fear of letting go, there in the everglow Go get what you want, go get what you want (GIGGLING) - Do you see him? - Not yet.
You think we need to worry about him? Always.
(PANTING, GRUNTING) Here he comes.
(PANTING, GRUNTING) Sorry (PANTS) my bike only has one gear.
Oh, no, it doesn't.
Your shifter is right there.
Okay, that information might've been more helpful, like, three-quarters of a mile ago.
(SNIFFS) Do you guys smell what I smell? (SNIFFS) (SNIFFS) Pumpkin donuts.
Let's do this.
Little help? Okay.
Get me a cider.
The cider is better than I remembered it.
I know, right? It's like they captured my childhood, added cinnamon, and put it in a biodegradable cup.
I think I want another pumpkin donut.
Me, too.
Who invented pumpkin spice? Because I would like to shake the hand of the person who managed to improve sugar.
The real question is, why did we wait five years to come back here? Yeah, this was the perfect idea, Andi.
I just want to know where you are and how you're doing, which is totally different from checking up on you.
(ALL LAUGHING) - Everything's great.
- The cider is fantastic.
So are the donuts.
You might even say it's been a perfect day so far.
- Better than perfect.
- Perfect-a-mundo.
BEX: Sounds like you're having fun.
Carry on.
- Will do.
Jonah! Are you okay? I I just ran here is all.
You're good.
Just breathe.
You want some water? No, I'll be I'll be fine in a second.
Why were you in such a hurry to get here? Um To to to buy a guitar.
I needed to buy a guitar.
I didn't know you played.
I I don't, I just I wanted to learn.
Oh, yeah? What inspired you? Oh, you know music.
- I just need to sit down.
- Yeah.
This is a big day.
I remember when I got my first guitar.
Let's see My dad taught me everything he knew.
- Was he a good musician? - No.
He only knew three chords.
But he taught them to me, so they're still my favorites.
Here, I'll show you.
All right, put these three fingers there.
There you go.
That's a D.
(STRUMS CHORD) - (STRUMS OFF-KEY) - (BOWIE CHUCKLES) Now an Those three right there.
This is an A.
Now, G.
(STRUMS CHORD) (STRUMS CHORD) Congratulations, you now know the best three chords in the world.
(SIGHS) This is kinda great.
I can show you some more if you want.
Now? Will the store owner mind? Nah, he's my friend.
We jam.
I've performed here a bunch.
You should come and check me out sometime.
I will.
Ready for your next chord? - Bring it.
Thanks again, Martha! One of these days, I'll get that secret recipe from you! Oh, I hope the Alpine Slide still has those T-shirts: - "Whoosh you were here.
" - (BOTH GIGGLING) - I need one.
(GIGGLES) - (INSECT BUZZING) Go away, bee! I can't get stung.
Are you allergic? No, I just suffer from hating things that hurt really bad.
(CYRUS WHIMPERS) Someone stole my bike.
Someone stole my bike.
Mine's still here.
Someone stole your bikes.
(SIGHS) Let's just call Bex.
Ask her to pick us up.
She'll take us to the slide, I can get my T-shirt No.
That's not our day.
We're recreating our day.
We're already in new territory.
We can still get back on track.
How? This is kind of roomy.
I bet we can all fit.
And ride it all the way to the slide? We should at least try.
- I call basket.
- (SIGHS) Anyone wanna trade? I'm sorry I called the basket.
Okay, ready? Here we go.
One two - Nope! - Never gonna happen.
We are not these kids.
How far have we gone? We're almost to the slide.
- Are you lying to me? - Yes.
Thank you.
At least I wore my adventure shoes.
You have adventure shoes? They don't get out much.
- (BEE BUZZING) - (SHRIEKS) The bee! He followed me! "He"? How do you know it's the same one? Trust me, it's him.
Bees won't ever leave me alone.
Aah! My bubbe says it's 'cause I have sweet blood.
Aah! But my doctor says it's 'cause I sweat more than most boys.
Aah! Serpentine! Serpentine! (SCREAMING) Help! I'm stuck! (GASPING, WHIMPERING) Help! Cyrus, you could help a little.
(CYRUS GRUNTING) (CYRUS PANTING) Where is your shoe? It belongs to the quicksand now.
For Pete's sake.
(SIGHS) It's gone, like, literally disappeared.
How do these things happen to you? If I knew? Well, for one, I'd still have a shoe.
Well, now how are you gonna walk? I guess someone's just gonna have to give me a piggyback ride.
Or the fireman's carry, I'm not picky.
Yeah, I'm not doing that.
(SIREN CHIRPS) You guys okay? Need a ride somewhere? Yes.
You're a lifesaver.
Do you guys mind if I'm dropped off first? I survived quicksand.
- 256 Citrus Avenue? - The Alpine Slide! Come on.
Thank you.
(PLAYING CHORDS) (CHUCKLES) You're really good.
- Sure.
- No, seriously.
I've never seen anyone pick up chords that fast.
This was really fun.
Where should I put this? You're not gonna buy it? You came in here to get a guitar, right? Hey, what's really goin' on? Nothing.
It's just sometimes I get kinda stressed and can't catch my breath.
No big deal.
Jonah, that kinda sounds like a panic attack.
Yeah, that's what Cyrus's dad called it, too.
And he's a doctor.
It's great you're seeing a doctor.
I'm not.
He was just there.
The way you were just here.
I really don't wanna keep having them, but I guess it doesn't matter what I want.
If there's anything I can do Yeah, there there is.
Don't tell Andi.
Yeah, I won't.
I think she'd understand.
But I won't.
Jonah, I know this is a weird way to discover this, but you've got a real talent playing guitar.
Well, I know it's really calmed me down.
Well, maybe you should think about playing more.
I can give you lessons.
I'll think about it.
Yeah, man.
Guys, look! Our bikes.
Deputy Bartlett, we'd like to report a crime.
Those bikes are ours.
Can you arrest them? Probably not, but I can stop 'em.
WOMAN (ON RADIO): Unit 49 from Dispatch, could you divert to a stolen car in progress at 7th and Main? Respond Code 3.
Uh, Dispatch from Unit 49, I'll be 10-76 to that location.
Sorry, guys, I'm gonna need to drop you off.
Buckle up.
- CYRUS: Can we turn on the siren? - No.
- (SIREN BLARING) - Well, that's upsetting.
She turned on the siren for them, but not for us? You know what's even more upsetting? We left our bikes and backpack in her trunk.
- Stop! Stop! - Please stop! - Please! - Aah! My phone was in my bag.
Mine too.
Luckily, I still have mine.
(LAUGHS) You're only at two percent.
I took a lotta selfies in the police car.
Turn it off.
Turn it off.
We have enough for one call.
Call Bex.
Tell her to come pick us up.
She's going to say "I told you so.
" She did tell us so.
(PHONE RINGING) BEX: That was fast.
You're at the slide already? Yeah.
We're real speed demons.
How was Skidboot? She give you any trouble? No.
Skidboot was great.
Hey, I wanna apologize for me doubting you could pull this off.
I know you guys.
When you wanna make something happen, it happens.
Bex We're about to get on the chair lift, we gotta go.
- No! - Bex! - (GASPS) - We're calling her back.
It's out of power.
They must have a phone in there! Help! Help, let us in! Hello? Please, let us in! We need your phone! That's it, then.
We're never leaving here.
Why did you do that? You heard what Bex said.
When we want something to happen, we make it happen.
Live update, we did not recreate our best day ever.
We still can.
I don't know how.
I know the odds are against us.
Severely against us.
But you're moving.
And I don't want you to remember us giving up.
I want you to remember us as the kids that made it happen.
That's a very stirring speech.
I have to wonder if you'd still make it if you only had one shoe.
'Cause I don't see how this day could get any - (BEE BUZZES) - Aah! (SCREAMS) Curse my sweet blood.
- Yes? - Your shoulder's digging into me.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Maybe it's because your whole body is digging into my body.
Point taken, carry on.
Bex? It's Buffy, actually.
Does someone need a Mack sy taxi? Sorry, it just popped in my head on the drive over.
Had to say it to someone.
How'd you know to come get us? Something sounded off about your phone call.
Also, I thought I heard Cyrus crying in the background.
Cyrus saves the day.
Not something you get to say very often.
Why do you only have one shoe? And zero bikes? - Well - Never mind.
You can explain later.
I'm just glad you're safe.
Thanks, Mom.
So, where do you wanna go? We don't look that bad.
Oh, I think we do.
Look, I know this wasn't the best day ever, but promise me you won't think of it as the worst? I won't.
Maybe the craziest.
(LAUGHING) I can live with that.
Those are the guys who stole our bikes.
And our day.
Did you see what they were wearing? The Alpine Slide T-shirts.
(SIGHS) Are we just gonna sit here and let them take our day? No.
We are not those kids.
We are gonna reclaim what's ours.
Who's with me? - I am.
- Me too.
Let's go.
Okay, okay, okay.
We win.
We got our day back.
(ALL LAUGHING) CYRUS: Um guys? These aren't our bikes.
- Are they? - Nope.
(LAUGHING) It doesn't matter what we do.
As long as we're together.
Which will only be for another week.
Wow I actually forgot.
Me too.
It won't be the same, won't be the same See you guys tomorrow? Tomorrow.
Hold me close, baby, one last time Then go back to your life, I'll go back to mine What will come when the timeline fades And the miles between us are too much to take Hey, it'll be okay Just won't be the same JONAH: Next on Andi Mack It's the school.
BOTH: School is canceled.
I'm making you a bed.
You like it? Oh! I live here now.
What do you most regret not saying to someone? I'm not gonna answer that question.
Why not? We just had our first big fight as mother and daughter.
We're still having our first big fight.
Let's play the game that shall not be named.
That game is toxic.
You two have an alliance.