Andi Mack (2017) s01e19 Episode Script

Andi's Choice

1 BEX: Previously, on Andi Mack You're valedictorian! - So who's gonna be there? - No one.
- What about CeCe and Pops? - Nah.
What are you guys doing here? POPS: We didn't wanna miss this.
I'm sure you'd rather be sitting on a lawn somewhere, watching me graduate from college, but I'm doing this.
And I'm good at it.
And I'm proud of myself.
So am I.
Very proud.
- Who is this? - Hey.
- Walker? - What are you doing right now? You have a painting in an art gallery? I need your help.
I'm gonna lose this space if I don't put something on it.
- I love it.
- Me, too.
WALKER: We have to sign it.
Dude, you see it now, right? I mean, I don't have to teach you anything.
I never knew I could do this.
Now I wanna do it all the time.
You need a teacher.
I'm gonna send you to Sid.
Eleven a.
, sharp.
She won't see you if you're late.
All yours.
(SPITS, SIGHS) (EXHALES) (THEME MUSIC PLAYS) I'm standin' on the edge And everything I know-oh-oh is blown away Life is upside down But any way it goes, I'll work it out Oh oh oh oh oh Here we go - One, two, three - I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't a map to follow But I'm with you all the way I'm ready for tomorrow - Tomorrow starts today - Hey There ain't a map to follow But I'm with you all the way - Hey - All the way So you didn't go see Sid? Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's too bad.
She's a phenomenal teacher.
I promised her she'd love you, but she doesn't.
I wanted to go, I was lookin' forward to it.
So why didn't you? Something came up.
What was it? I don't think Andi likes me anymore.
Last I heard, she thought you didn't like her.
Well, now I really like her.
Does she know that? I bought her a gnome.
(CHUCKLES) A gnome is nice, but it's not a guarantee.
(SIGHS) I know something she'd really like.
Is it a piece of rice with her name on it? Because I tried that, too.
What, and that didn't work? No, I think you gotta do somethin' big.
- Like what? - Like write her a song.
I can't write her a song.
I had to ask her for help signing a birthday card.
- What's that for? - The song.
I just told you It's not that hard.
All right? Two-step process.
One, put your feelings on paper.
Two? Sing them.
My feelings? I don't talk about my feelings.
You just did.
All right you like her, but you don't think she likes you.
Okay, what else? That's everything.
No, no, there was somethin' else.
She used to like you.
And I want her back.
That's good! I mean, this is some solid stuff! Now we just need to turn them into lyrics.
Okay, what is a word that rhymes with "back"? Quack! Okay, what's another non-duck-related word that rhymes with "back"? Plaque! Hmm.
(PHONE RINGING) - Walker! Hey! - What's goin' on? The usual.
Baby taters at the Spoon with my friends Cyrus and Buffy.
That sounds fun.
Usually is but Buffy's moving away in a few days.
That's too bad.
It's not bad, it's awful.
Hey, let's talk some other time.
You go be with your friends.
Oh, if you can, get your hands on a bubble machine.
It's very hard to be sad around a bubble machine.
(SCOFFS) I actually do have a bubble machine.
Well, you're just a basket of kittens and a pony away from a good time.
Are these all appointments for you to do makeup? Yeah! I even have a wait list around here somewhere.
Congratulations, Bex.
I'm so happy for you.
In other news, free makeovers at the Fringe are no longer free.
I can't just start charging for them.
Yes, you can.
Things have been kinda slow around here.
In fact, I was this close to laying you off.
You were? Not anymore, now that you're the top-rated cosmetologist on Whelp.
I can't be.
I just got my license.
I'm the top-rated cosmetologist on Whelp.
Haven't you read your reviews? Wow! They love me! Who are they? Oh, Bex.
You don't have to play coy with me.
I'm not playing coy.
Seems like you're the one that's playing coy.
We both know you wrote those reviews.
I did not! I would never! "Bex Mack is not just the best cosmetologist in Shadyside, she's also a true artist with an infectious personality.
Signed Marian Shrensky.
" You're not Marian Shrensky? - No! - Do you know a Marian Shrensky? - No.
- How about Amy Young? - No.
- Carla Romero? Brooke Butler? If these reviews are fake, and you didn't write them who did? My mother.
Before we order the baby taters, we have some business to attend to.
What's this? This is all the stuff you two have left behind at my house over the years.
It can't be anything important.
I would know if I left something important at your house.
Oh, really? Noodle! Aw, Noodle was my first pet.
My only pet.
He's been at your house all this time? Oh, Noodle, you must be hungry.
Noodle? Noodle? So Noodle's dead.
You haven't fed him for seven years.
Me now, me now, do me.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
What is it? A recommendation letter from Cyrus' mom.
We were in second grade.
Recommendation letter for what? It doesn't matter.
- "Dear Buffy" - Please don't read it! "I'm writing on behalf of my son, Cyrus Goodman, who really enjoyed meeting you at lunch yesterday.
If you have any openings for a new friend, Cyrus would be very interested in the position.
I have no doubt he'd prove to be an indispensable asset to your play group.
" (LAUGHS) She wasn't wrong.
- (BUFFY AND ANDI LAUGH) - Andi? Hey, I'm Walker.
I was at the bar mitzvah.
I was the caricature artist.
And you did that amazing dance with Andi.
And you must be wondering why I'm here.
Well, yeah.
I wanted to meet Buffy before she left.
And I'm gonna sit over there, do a quick sketch of the three of you guys as a going away present for her.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, sure.
That'd be great.
That'd be great.
This is my good side.
Thank you.
Are you Bex Mack? She's over there.
Do you have an appointment? No.
But what I do have is a cease and desist letter from my lawyer.
Uh, I I'll be right back.
Is there a problem? Oh, don't do that.
Don't play coy with me.
Why does everybody think I'm playing coy? You know it's one thing to post fake five-star reviews for yourself.
We've all done that, but what ya can't do is trash your competitors.
- You really can't.
- I didn't! Right.
"When I hired Zoe to do my wedding makeup" I'm Zoe.
"I asked her to make me look like a blushing bride.
But instead, she turned me into the Bride of Frankenstein.
" Really? "No stars!" Okay, I didn't write that.
Oh, right.
Right, right, right.
It was, um Marian Shrensky? (GASPS) Marian Shrensky! All I can say, darlin', is I hope you have a really good lawyer.
Because I think I just found my star witness for when I sue you.
The only thing I wish for Is bein' around you How bad? You actually sounded really great! Except for that last part.
That last chorus is a little tricky.
Not the chorus.
I mean, you asking how bad.
I shouldn't ask that? No.
And here's why.
Performing is all about confidence.
If you have the slightest hint of self-doubt, the audience will pick up on it.
Wait, what audience? At the open mic we're having here tomorrow night when you're gonna perform the song for Andi.
Gotcha! Wait, what? Y you want me to perform the first song I ever wrote that you mostly wrote? Yeah, that's the plan.
You do remember I have panic attacks.
- Right? - But you're not gonna have any, because you're gonna be playing guitar.
Well, can't I just go to Andi's late at night, wake her up by throwing pebbles at her window, and sing to her from the sidewalk? You could, but that's a cliche.
Ohh Plus, when Andi hears the song for the first time, you should be onstage.
All right? Everyone looks exponentially cooler onstage! Look! I'm learning so much from you.
Is it just me, or does charcoal Cyrus look like Harry Styles? Can we focus on the bigger issue here? Andi has two guys count 'em! Two! I do not have two guys.
Two guys.
You've been keeping stuff from us, haven't you? I have not been keeping anything! I saw Walker.
It was one date.
BUFFY AND CYRUS: One date? That's like saying "I won one Oscar" or "I robbed one bank.
" It's still a big deal.
Guys, please don't blow this out of proportion.
Your life is a rom-com now.
One of them is gonna invite you to the prom the same night the other invites you to a counter-culture music show.
Don't try to do both! It never works out.
Cut to you standing in a room, looking back and forth between a leather jacket and the perfect dress.
Which are you gonna choose? Better call your sassy friend Cyrus.
Hey! I'm the sassy friend! I'm glad you two are enjoying this, - 'cause I'm not.
- Why not? Because I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about Jonah and now I have figure out how I feel about Walker, too? But come on.
This has to feel good.
It doesn't.
It feels like I have a lotta homework and it's all due tomorrow.
It's a job being your sassy friend.
Good thing there are two of us.
Now I've got good friends I've got good friends (VACUUM WHIRS) I'm sorry, I'm not taking down my reviews.
I worked hard on those.
They were extremely well written.
Mom! I mean, do you know how many hours it took me to even just come up with those fake names? People are threatening to sue me.
Nobody's gonna sue you.
How do you know? Because all they would get is a used motorcycle and a punch card for a free taco.
(VACUUM STOPS) Your heart and I do believe you have one is in the right place, but I want to succeed on my own.
Can you possibly at least let me try to do that? - No.
- Mom! Okay, okay, I'll admit I may have gone a bit far with my negative reviews, so here's my offer: I'll take down my reviews if I can make you business cards.
I'm never gonna use them.
- A website.
- I don't like bragging about myself.
You're never gonna get anywhere at this pace.
You have to think big, make some moves, take action.
I went to cosmetology school! Well, school's out! What's next? How about the end of this conversation? (VACUUM WHIRS) You can do almost anything All you gotta go is dream Why are we looking at these? We always get the same thing.
Because it's important to know we have options.
Is it gonna be the, uh, Walker waffles? Or peanut butter and Jonah? (GIGGLES) I'm in a show tonight.
It's at the Red Rooster.
Cool if you guys could swing by.
Here comes bachelor number two.
Is anybody else seeing this in slo-mo? Hey.
So I'm kinda performing at this open mic tonight, if you guys aren't doing anything.
Performing what? A song.
As in singing? And playing guitar.
Counter-culture music show.
It's happening.
I didn't know you did either of those things.
Neither did I, till a week ago.
Well, we wouldn't miss it.
BUFFY: This just got more interesting.
Musician versus artist.
Stop talking like that.
This isn't a competition.
Uh, what show are you watching? Thursday at two? I can do that.
Let me just get your name oh, hold on, I just need to find something to write on.
Uh Mmm Your name? How do you spell that? Uh-huh.
See you then.
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
And it's so much better than the one I got myself.
It's nice of you to buy this for me.
Well, it's the perfect accessory for the other thing I got for you.
The Fringe! Okay? Okay? What's the punchline? There is no punchline! The business wasn't doing well, and it turns out, it wasn't even that much.
You bought the Fringe? I told you to take action, and you didn't.
That was yesterday! You said you were going to let me try to succeed on my own! Remember? - No.
- Uh, Mom! (ACCORDION PLAYING) Okay, you're up next.
How'd I let you talk me into this? Look, you're nervous.
And that's okay.
I would get nervous at shows, too.
But do you know what I'd do? Tell me.
I would find Bex in the audience, and look at her while I sing.
You want me to look at Bex while I sing? I want you to look at Andi while you sing.
You got this.
- (ACCORDION FINISHES) - (APPLAUSE) Thank you, thank you.
Now let's give a warm welcome to our final performer, making his Red Rooster debut.
Jonah Beck! - (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) - Go, Jonah! Hi, um I'm Jonah and, uh Yeah.
(QUIETLY) Oh, boy I don't wanna be a hero Don't wanna be a billionaire I know it may sound crazy But I wouldn't even care 'Cause the only thing that matters The only thing that's true The only thing I wish for Is being around you I love to hear your laughter I love the way you smile I love you're so creative Never goin' outta style I love so much about you I don't know where to start And every time I'm with you You always win my heart Being around you Being around you I never know the words to say The words to make you stay Wouldn't matter anyway I think this song is about you.
No, it's not.
But the only thing that matters The only thing that's true The only thing I wish for Is being around you - (QUIETLY) Or maybe it is.
- I love to hear your laughter I love the way you smile I love you're so creative Never goin' outta style I love so much about you I don't know where to start And every time I'm with you You always win my heart - Being around you - He wrote this? I may have helped a little.
- Being around you - A lot.
- Being around me - Well, it's working.
I love being around you Being around me I love being around you - BOWIE: Yeah! - (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Whoo, whoo, whoo! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Was it okay? Dude.
There's your answer.
What'd you think? ANDI: Next on Andi Mack I kissed Jonah.
Bye-bye, Walker.
Now I'm more confused than ever.
ANDI: This is our last day together.
I can't remember my life before I met Andi and Cyrus.
Let's make a time capsule.
What I want is a normal day, remember? This just isn't a normal day.
She doesn't want a time capsule.
What if you don't bury it? What's wrong with that? Please keep it down? Buffy can't know we're here.