Andi Mack (2017) s02e18 Episode Script

Crime Scene AndiShack

1 Previously on Andi Mack I just wanted to see how you were doing with your thing.
Haven't had any more attacks.
- Good! - But I'm always afraid I might! I have something for you.
Are you giving this to me? It's hard to ask for help.
But with this, you don't have to ask.
It's just there when you need it! Buffy's been right all along.
At least I'll mean it this time when I tell her she's right.
Shouldn't have told you about that.
She'd kill me if she ever found out.
I can't be your friend, Cyrus.
Not if you're friends with TJ.
You're giving me an ultimatum? Him or me.
You're my best friend! Buffy, I choose you! You seem to know Bowie.
- You could say that.
- Do you know if he's seeing anyone? I don't think so.
Cause I was thinking I'd like to ask him out.
- Is that? - Miranda.
Yeah! And her daughter.
I thought you liked this job.
I do.
I love it.
But I'm a musician at heart.
And working at a guitar store, I'll be giving lessons and playing open mics.
Getting an employee discount.
CeCe prefers the employee discount here.
Well, CeCe's getting a pretty nice haul from my last delivery.
Plus free landscaping and lifetime maintenance to go with it.
Okay, I'm putting in my request now that your next job be at a craft store.
(BOWIE CHUCKLES) Oh, hey! What's up? What brings you here? We were just in the neighborhood.
Andi, this is my friend Miranda.
I'm so excited to finally meet you! Same.
- And this is Morgan.
- (ANDI CHUCKLES) MIRANDA: Morgi, say hello.
(CHUCKLES) She's shy.
She's only 7.
It's okay.
She doesn't have to say hi.
What are you guys up to? A bunch of boring errands.
And we have to see a yard about some trees.
But it was really nice to meet you two! Uh, what if Morgan hung out with us while you run errands? Oh! Would that be okay? I bet Morgan would love to see your sewing hut.
Crafting shack.
Are you hearing this? That's really Andi's domain.
I'm sure Andi doesn't mind sharing.
Do you mind sharing, Andi? There's always room for one more in the sewing hut.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYS) I'm standin' on the edge And everything I know-oh-oh is blown away Life is upside down But any way it goes I'll work it out Oh oh oh oh oh Here we go - One, two, three - I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't a map to follow But I'm with you all the way I'm ready for tomorrow - Tomorrow starts today - Hey There ain't a map to follow But I'm with you all the way - Hey - All the way Hey! Are you avoiding me? - Yes.
- Why? You know why.
You said I couldn't be friends with both you and TJ.
You said I had to choose.
I chose you.
What happens after I move? I will be very sad.
And you'll go back to being friends with TJ.
- Right? - I don't know.
- (BUFFY SCOFFS) - I don't want to lie to you! You know what? Let's just say goodbye now.
And you can go back to being buddies with that jerkstore! Buffy, why are you being like this? You betrayed me.
How did I betray you? I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.
I'm sorry My dear, go I miss you Why did I go? Would you take it back? Would you take me back? Gus! Finally! Where is everyone? They should be here by now.
We start serving in 15 minutes.
Gus? (VOICE CRACKS) Yeah? (COUGH) Yeah.
You told people the fundraiser's today, right? Do you ever do that thing when you're typing an email and your mom shouts at you to clean the hamster cage, and you shout back, "It's Ryan's turn," and Ryan says, "Nuh-uh," and you say, "Uh-huh," - and Ryan says, "Nuh-uh" - You didn't send the email? Nuh-uh.
So no one else on the team is coming? Kinda.
We have to make and serve pancakes to 50 people! - And bacon.
- Stop! Not helping.
Start texting everyone you know.
All your friends.
We need help! (PHONE CLICKING) (PHONE VIBRATES) Why did I just get a text from you? You said to text my friends.
Your other friends! The ones that aren't here! They're all here.
(SIGHS) Okay, here we are.
This is Andi Shack.
So, do you wanna go inside? Okay.
Come on in.
Just when you think that You'll never figure out - (ANDI SIGHS) - Where it's all going What it's all about You find the one thing ANDI: What do you think? Kinda messy.
(MUSIC STOPS) Well, it's how I like it.
And guess what? Nobody ever tells me to clean it up.
It's the one place in the entire world that belongs completely to me.
You're lucky.
And so are you.
Nobody's even allowed in here unless I say it's okay.
You're actually the first person I ever let in right away.
You're so nice.
Thank you, Morgan.
You're welcome.
So you wanna make something? It can be pretty much whatever you want.
Do you see anything you like? - This.
Just ask before you touch anything.
Is it gonna be okay? No.
I have to start over.
That's pretty.
It's a Tibetan prayer box.
I found it at a flea market.
- Can I see it? - Yeah.
These are family heirlooms.
My mom saved them from when I was born.
And now I'm making them into a bracelet for her.
And I'm going to give it to her in this box.
So, this is off-limits.
But you can use anything else you like.
Just not this, okay? I'm gonna put this up here.
Then, we are going to make a necklace.
You are going to love my beads.
So are we good? Eh.
You're a tough nut, Morgan.
Look, I know you guys are best friends, but you're very clique-y.
I need you to branch out! (CHUCKLES) I'm just kidding.
I know you can't do that.
(CELIA CHUCKLES) - Oh, Celia! - Oh, please don't stop.
I was enjoying it.
I wish I could talk to anyone the way you talk to plants.
You could practice on plants.
Ah, I tried, but you know me.
I can be, sort of, critical.
- Oh, is Andi here? - Yep.
- She's shacking it up.
- Oh, yay! I'm gonna go see her.
Andi has company.
A friend potentially.
Depending on how today goes.
So? Maybe we should leave 'em alone? The way you're twitching? Absolutely not! (STAMMERING) (CELIA CLEARS THROAT) Who's this? Um Uh, Celia, this is Morgan.
Um, Morgan, that's Celia.
And, uh, why are you introducing her? I thought she was Andi's friend.
She your friend? Well, um (CLEARS THROAT) Morgan is Miranda's daughter.
Oh! And who is Miranda? Miranda is a person that I am seeing.
Oh, I did not know you were seeing someone.
Nobody said a word to me.
- It's new! - (CELIA CHUCKLES) Can't be that new if her child is in my backyard.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) - (KNOCKING) - Hello? - Mommy! - Hey, peanut face, I missed you! I take it this is Miranda? Uh, Miranda, this is Celia.
Oh! The grandmother.
- I'm leaving now.
I obviously said something.
I have to go apologize.
- BOWIE: I wouldn't.
- Just let her! - She'll be fine.
- Or not.
- Most likely - Not.
Did you two have fun? I did.
She's a very unique and interesting person.
And I enjoyed getting to know her.
Thank you, Andi.
I'll walk you guys out.
Bye, Morgan.
You're welcome! Okay.
Sorry you didn't like my beads.
Sorry you didn't like Andi Shack.
Sorry you didn't like anything except for the one thing you couldn't have.
That silver box.
Oh! Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
She took it! She took it! Oh! She took my box! (OBJECTS RATTLING) So you knew about this Felicia? Miranda.
Well, what about the child? Did you know about that? I knew about it, but I didn't know she was gonna be in your home with my daughter.
So what are you gonna do about it? What can I do? You gotta get her outta there.
I can't do that.
I can.
Wait, Mom! Whoa! What's the harm? She's occupying real estate in Bowie's life that belongs to you and Andi.
Look, who Bowie chooses to hang out with is none of my business.
Also, her daughter is seven, so I'm guessing Andi can handle her.
(SIGHS) She stole my bracelet! You were saying? Who stole your bracelet? Morgan! - I was making it for you! - Aw.
Out of the hospital wristbands we wore when I was born.
Aw! (SIGHS) Which she took! She can't have them! But why would she want them? Because I put them in a pretty, shiny box that I told her not to touch.
Your daughter needs you.
You have to talk to Bowie.
If you don't, the child could be her stepsister! - Let's go.
- Yeah.
BEX: Brittany, I'm taking my break early! We need more pancakes! And bacon! Those people are hungry! I just put some on.
They're gonna have to wait.
Well, hurry up.
A husky kid just growled at me.
I'm going as fast as I can.
- And my feet hurt.
- Suck it up, Gus! Cyrus, my hero, and Buffy, my savior! - Do you still need me? - Of course! We haven't even started busing those tables.
Oh, no! I think I'm getting a nosebleed.
This thing is a disaster.
Thank you for coming.
I can't stay if he's here.
Well, he's not leaving! 'Cause he's a good friend.
What's going on? Are you guys fighting? Over what? Go on.
Tell him why you're mad at me.
So now you're not speaking to me? I really need you guys right now.
I'm here for you, Jonah.
And only you.
These pancakes need to be flipped.
Don't burn the bacon.
I'll go deal with the customers.
I'll do pancakes.
You do bacon.
And by the way, if you think the silent treatment is gonna get to me, you're sadly mistaken.
I did that on purpose.
It's called "clearing the chamber.
" Could you pass the paper towels? (SLOSHING) Come on.
Morgan doesn't seem like the kind of kid who would steal something.
Which means you don't believe me.
That's not what it means.
It it means (SIGHS) - Are you sure you looked everywhere? - Yes! I looked everywhere! - Twice! - Bowie, we wouldn't ask you to do this, except what she took, it's irreplaceable.
You said it was a Tibetan prayer box? It was what was inside.
The wristbands we wore in the hospital when I was born.
Mine's like this big.
You saved them all these years? I wish I had shown them to you in case we don't get them back.
We'll get them back.
Don't worry.
Beautiful pancakes Made just by me Tasty and fluffy Which rhymes with Buffy (SNICKERS) You like that? I got more.
Hey! Where'd everybody go? Ow.
Hot, hot, hot! Hot! Oh, come on.
That was some quality batter patter.
You could laugh a griddle.
You know, I'm actually glad you're not talking to me.
The silence is peaceful.
Say something.
Say anything! I don't want the silence! I can't handle the silence! Since second grade, all that I've ever been to you is a good and supportive friend! Is this really how you want to treat me? Right before you leave for good? Dude, stop yelling! I can't help it! She won't talk to me! She refuses to talk to me! Well, Buffy, talk to him.
- See? - You can't fight! You have to stop fighting! - (BEEPING) - Now the pancakes are burning! Oh, no.
No, I think I think it's happening.
- What's happening? - Jonah? I'm having another panic attack.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) A panic attack? Since when? The first time at your Bar Mitzvah.
How many have you had? Just two.
This wasn't one.
This was just panic.
But your dad told me that they can happen at any time, and even if I'm not having one, I'm still scared I might.
It's called "anxiety about anxiety.
" Why didn't you tell us? It's embarrassing.
It's just a physical reaction to stress.
That shouldn't be embarrassing.
But it is.
Remember when we made that school orientation video? And you got all sweaty? "Sweaty?" I was a human water fountain.
According to my dad, that was a panic attack.
Yeah, I guess it was.
So, I went down to the swings to calm down.
That's where you found me.
With TJ.
That was the first time we ever really talked.
He was the last person I ever thought you'd be friends with.
I know.
Weird, right? But you know what's weirder? He wants to be friends with me.
Who knows why? I know why.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
You can be friends with anyone you want.
I want to be friends with you.
I always want to be friends with you.
This is so beautiful.
But pancakes.
(ALL LAUGH) ANDI: This thing with Miranda it's not gonna last.
She's not Bowie's type.
I don't know.
I really liked her when I first met her.
Yeah, well, I didn't.
I get the feeling she's really pushy.
Like me spending the day with Morgan was obviously her idea, but she made Bowie pretend like it was all very spontaneous.
It did kinda backfire.
This could get them out of Bowie's life.
That would be amazing.
(KNOCKING) - Hey! - You're back! Did you find the wristbands? Come outside for a second.
Hey, Bex.
Hey, Miranda.
This is so awkward.
I hope we can move past this.
That would be the ideal location.
Past this.
Morgan, is there something you want to say to Andi? I'm sorry.
It's okay, Morgan.
I'm not mad.
I just want the wristbands back.
Can I have them please? I'm sorry you lost them, but I didn't take them.
- But - That was very nice, Morgi.
Now, Andi.
Do you want to apologize to Morgan? - What?! - Excuse me? You wrongly accused my daughter! I'm not wrong.
- She did it.
- No, I didn't! My child doesn't lie.
Well, mine doesn't either.
I can't believe I ever thought we could be friends! Time out, time out! Everybody, just time out while I go in there and take a quick look around.
- That okay with you? - It's not in there.
I just want to see for myself.
- I'll help you look.
- Right behind you.
- You have it.
- No, I don't.
You're a really good liar.
I'll give you that.
You have it.
No, I don't.
BOWIE: Found it! - You did? - Is this it? Where was it? A box of paper cranes.
Must've somehow fell in there.
I looked in there.
Now is there something you want to say to Morgan? Sorry.
No hard feelings, I hope.
Me, too.
You good? Okay.
I'm I'm gonna take them home.
I know that she took this box.
But she was standing right next to me when Bowie found it.
Do you think I was wrong this entire time? Do you? No.
Then, neither do I.
I just wish that Bowie believed me.
Everything will be alright Me, too.
Next on Andi Mack It's the perfect accessory for the other thing I got for you.
The Fringe! - Do you have an appointment? - No.
Is there a problem? I hope you have a really good lawyer for when I sue you.
- Andi! - Walker? Andi has two guys.
Count 'em! Two! I don't think Andi likes me anymore.
I think you gotta do something big! - Like what? - Write her a song.
Perform a song for Andi at the open mic we're having here tomorrow night.
JONAH: You do remember I have panic attacks, right? Oh, boy.