Andi Mack (2017) s02e20 Episode Script

For The Last Time

1 BUFFY: Previously on Andi Mack You bought The Fringe? I told you to take action and you didn't.
Mom! I don't think Andi likes me anymore.
I think you gotta do something big.
- Like what? - Like write her a song.
I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about Jonah.
And now I have to figure out how I feel about Walker, too? When Andi hears this song for the first time, you should be on stage.
Right? Everyone looks exponentially cooler on stage.
The only thing I wish for Is being around you It's the world's saddest countdown.
And at the end, we launch Buffy.
ANDI: Which is why we need to make every last day epic.
CYRUS: It doesn't matter what we do.
As long as we're together.
Which will only be for another week.
Guys can we please not make a big deal out of today? (SLURPING) Come on! Don't be like this! How should we be? This is our last day together.
Just be cool! Don't be all, like uncool.
- Mm.
- Can't do it.
Do you realize that we're eating baby taters together for the last time? Look, just don't say it like that.
Say it like (BLUESY) For the last time! Mm-mm.
You're the king of Tater Theater.
This should be a piece of cake.
And, you, sit up, shoulders back.
All together now.
- For the last - (FLATLY) For the last time (SNICKERS) That was pathetic! - Again! - (STRAW TAPPING) ALL: For the last time Almost.
This next one is it.
I can feel it.
ALL: For the last time (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) I'm standing on the edge And everything I kno-o-ow Has blown away Life is upside down But any way it go-o-oes I'll work it out Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Here we go One, two, three! I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't no map to follow But I'm with you all the way - I'm ready for tomorrow - Hey! - Tomorrow starts today - Hey! - There ain't no map to follow - Hey! But I'm with you all the way Hey! All the way Every time I use the sink, the pipes underneath go (ROARING) (CHUCKLES) Give it to me straight.
Sewer monster, right? Most likely loose pipes, but I'll take a look.
(GROANS) How've you been? We haven't seen you around the house much.
Things have been pretty busy at work lately.
I've actually picked up some new cosmetology clients.
"Booking faces" is what they call it in The Biz.
- Cool.
- Isn't it? I made it up.
(HAM LAUGHS) But I'm also really mad at Mom for buying The Fringe.
Can you believe I'm working for her now? - No.
- It's like she wants to control every aspect of my life.
She's like a macro-micromanager.
Uh, run that by me again.
It's like someone involved in the details but in a big way.
Before that.
Your mother bought The Fringe? You didn't know? I do now.
And then she says to the doctor, "Save the bone! I'll make soup with it!" (LAUGHTER) And that was Cyrus Goodman telling the story of his Bubbe's hip replacement! ALL: For the last time (LAUGHING) Okay, my turn.
I have a boy situation.
ALL: For the last time To recap: I kissed Jonah.
Bye-bye, Walker.
You two had so much in common.
So what? Did he write her a song? Would Jonah have written her that song if she hadn't met Walker? Now I'm more confused than ever.
BUFFY AND CYRUS: Just another service we provide.
Is there time for a final performance of Tater Theater? CYRUS: Oh.
It's the final baby tater.
Now we get to fight for it! For the last This is a sacred baby tater.
There will be no fighting over this baby tater.
And once we walk out that door (RINGING) Ask not for whom the bell tolls.
Guys! What happened? We were doing so good.
Buffy, I'm sorry.
But I I can't do this anymore.
We have said "For the last time" for the last time.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) - Is your dad still here? - No, he left a while ago.
Well, where is he? I've been trying to get ahold of him.
Oh, he's not microchipped? What if he gets out of the yard? Please don't ridicule the relationship I have with your father.
We're very close.
Oh, are you? Then why didn't you tell Dad you bought The Fringe? Oh, no.
Did you tell him? Yes.
We're very close.
So that's why I haven't heard from him.
He's mad at me! Well, maybe if you'd talked to him first.
I know I would have appreciated the heads up.
Well, if no one likes this idea, maybe I should call it off? Can you do that? I have a three-day out.
I just have to text the broker.
Text the broker! - That's what you want? - Yes! Do it! (SIGHS) Hitting send.
It's done.
Thank you, Mom.
You know, I wasn't hiding anything from your Dad.
I wanted to discuss the plan with you first, and then I thought, we could tell him together.
- What plan? - To remodel The Fringe, turn it into a boutique salon, make you the go-to makeup artist in all of the South Hills.
That was the plan? I love that plan! Well, it doesn't exist.
You just told me to call it off.
Because I didn't know that was the plan! Do you think I would want to invest my retirement savings in whoopee cushions and Silly String? I was investing in you, Bex.
Not The Fringe.
You were? Call it back on! Oh! But this time, you have to tell Dad.
Right! I keep forgetting that part.
It's like a solar eclipse.
You can't look directly at it.
You know the deal.
We don't say goodbye.
'Cause it's not the moon, it's just Phoenix.
We'll talk! - FaceChat.
- Visit.
The distance doesn't matter.
We'll never be far away.
I gotta go.
- Oh, yeah.
- Okay, then.
I love you guys.
I wish I could take this moment and put it in a time capsule.
That's a great idea! That is a phenomenal idea! That's the single best idea anyone of us has ever had! I missed it.
Me too.
Time capsule.
Let's make a time capsule.
Oh! That is a great idea! I wasn't serious.
I don't want a time capsule.
Why not? Because what I want is a normal day, remember? We agreed? Actually, we did not agree.
We tried because we knew it was what you wanted, but this just isn't a normal day.
Just as ours is not a normal friendship, it's special.
It should be in the Friendship Hall of Fame.
I still have a lot to pack.
My mom wants to leave first thing in the morning.
It doesn't have to be a big deal! We just gather up some photos and a few mementos We already have our first one.
The final baby tater.
And then we bury it! And pledge to meet in 20 years.
I can't wait that long! Make it ten.
Whatever you want.
It's your time capsule.
I just said I don't want it.
I don't want a ceremony.
I don't want to dig a hole in the ground for one cold, baby tater.
All I wanted was a normal day.
And now, it's starting to feel like my funeral.
Which I will not be going to.
What was that? I think that was goodbye.
I just don't want that to be the last conversation we have before she leaves.
I'm sure she doesn't want that either.
I can't stop thinking that tomorrow morning, when I get up, Buffy will be gone.
It must be even harder for her.
At least you get to stay.
She has to leave.
Listen to you.
What'd I say? You're so in touch with your feelings.
I guess now that you're a songwriter.
- (ANDI CHUCKLES) - Hardly.
Modest, too.
I wish Buffy was hearing this.
Why? Doesn't Buffy like me? Of course she likes you.
I just meant that this is a fun conversation that she would enjoy if it wasn't so sad.
I think you should do that time capsule.
She was very clear about that.
She was the first girl to play basketball at Jefferson Middle School.
She made history.
She's gonna want that jersey someday.
You're probably right, but she doesn't want a time capsule.
She said it'd be like going to her own funeral.
What if you don't bury it? That's kind of the point.
I thought the point was to show Buffy how much she means to you.
So, we just go, "Here! We made you a time capsule"? "And we didn't bury it, so you can open it at any time.
" What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing.
(CHUCKLES) Psst! Like your hat.
Please keep it down.
Buffy can't know we're here.
Covert operation.
I'm the eyes for this mission.
Andi will fill you in.
I so regret giving you those binoculars for your seventh birthday.
Buffy doesn't wanna say goodbye, but we need to.
So, we're making her It's not really a time capsule.
It's more of a timeless capsule.
Which she can open whenever she wants.
These are some things we'd like to put in it.
"Flat iron?" Buffy never uses a flat iron.
She used it once.
- "Prison jumpsuit?" - (CYRUS AND ANDI GIGGLE) Clearly I've missed some major stuff in my daughter's life.
What do I do if I find any of these things? Text us from a burner phone using the code phrase, "I don't recommend the eggplant.
" Or you can just leave it in a box by your front door.
Copy that.
- It's like you want to get caught.
- (SIGHS) CELIA: He's not upstairs.
- It's not hide-and-seek, Mom.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Oh! Is that him? - Oh! No.
Words with Buddies.
Well, turn off your notifications.
We're in crisis mode! Are you taking your turn? I have an X.
(DOOR CLOSES) Hey, guys.
I need a time capsule.
Oh, sure.
You can have my spare one.
Why don't you text Pops? Pops is really good with stuff like that.
And Pops always returns her texts.
Yeah, uh, text him and ask where you can find a time capsule.
She just said that.
Yeah, and it's a very good idea.
Tell him you need it right away.
It's an emergency.
I do need it right away.
This is an emergency.
- Yeah! Just like that.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - (ANDI SCOFFS) - Is that him? No.
" Good one, Mom.
(CHUCKLES) He's cute.
What's his name? (CHUCKLES) Marty from the Party.
That's what I used to call him.
Was he your boyfriend? (SIGHS) No, not really.
We don't talk anymore, so he probably doesn't even know that I'm leaving.
Which is a shame, because he'd love to know that I'm leaving.
What about Cyrus? Ever go out with him? Pretty much every day.
I'd like to hold on to these.
I'd rather keep all my pictures together.
You're being weird.
No, I'm not.
Said the robot.
- (LAUGHING) - What is going on? How is it that I can command 50 members of a platoon, but when it comes to keeping secrets from my daughter, I am powerless? Secrets? (SIGHS) I can't.
I can't ruin it.
I think you kinda already have.
Andi and Cyrus are collecting mementos for a time capsule.
(SIGHS) I specifically told them I didn't want one.
Hey! They actually put a lot of thought into it.
It sounds like a lovely way to say goodbye.
I can't say goodbye.
Why not? Because I can't remember my life before I met Andi and Cyrus.
We were seven, so there's not a lot to remember.
But now I can't imagine my life without them.
They're a part of me.
And we're an ecosystem.
Is this making any sense? Yes.
If I have to say goodbye to them, I'll cry, I know I will.
And what's wrong with that? I don't want their last image of me to be me falling apart.
I wish I was as strong as you.
I thought I could be but I'm not.
I'm not as strong as you think I am.
You don't even cry.
I certainly do.
I've never seen you.
Every time I'm deployed, I hold it together just barely long enough to say goodbye.
But once I leave the room, the second I know you can't see me (WHISPERS) I cry.
Oh, boy, do I cry.
I didn't know that.
I'll show you my tears if you show me yours.
I've been grandparent-trapped.
They used me as bait.
Is this what you need? It's perfect.
Thanks, Pops.
You two are shameless.
Hey, you got a time capsule out of it.
I'm not buying The Fringe.
I called off the deal.
I saw her do it.
I'm sorry.
You can't do this again, Celia.
From now on, you gotta talk to me first.
I will.
I promise.
Oh! On that note Um, here, have a seat.
You can say no.
Yeah, like I've ever been able to.
What do you got? You actually made the T-shirts.
I said I would.
Also I think this is my best poster.
What about the megaphones? Right here.
What do you got? Oh.
The school dress code she helped change.
A picture from Costume Day in sixth grade.
We were vampire dinosaurs.
First of their kind.
You made a belt out of our social experiment wristbands.
No time capsule would be complete without an Andi Mack craft.
- What's this? - It's from Marty.
- Really? - Shoelaces.
"Okay! So you were faster.
"From your virtual boyfriend, AKA Marty from the Party AKA 11.
" How's it going? Really well.
Can I put something in? Of course.
Buffy, season three.
Why season three? They day I helped her with her hair, she told me it was her favorite season.
Plus, it's the one with Faith.
And now, for the pièce de résistance.
(HUMMING REVERENT MUSIC) (HUMMING CONTINUES) (HUMMING ENDS) - I thought Jonah was bringing something.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) That's probably him now.
Hope I'm not late.
I just wanted to get everyone on the team to sign this.
Wow! Do you see this? You got TJ! Everyone's really going to miss Buffy.
Even her nemesis.
He's her Faith! Mom! Don't spoil season three! Sorry.
This is an epic time capsule.
Buffy's gonna love it.
Pat didn't leave us a box.
Doesn't matter.
We still got a lot of great stuff.
Come on.
ANDI: Pat's listening for us.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Does it matter if Buffy answers the door? It's still a surprise.
Good point.
Buffy! - Buffy! - Buffy! Do you think she's still mad at us? - Buffy! Please! - Open the door! - Buffy! - Guys.
She left already.
She's not leaving till the morning.
She can't just be gone.
She never wanted to say goodbye.
So she didn't.
For the last time Tried to see you Once more For the last time Tried to see you Once more BEX: Next on Andi Mack - Walker.
- Hey, Andi.
- I made something for you.
- These are incredible.
It's just, I have a boyfriend.
Do me a favor and just keep the shoes anyway.
- I like your sneaks.
- They were a gift from a friend.
It's okay.
I know who the friend is.
Jonah, wait.
At least Time Capsule Buffy would never leave us without saying goodbye.
I miss her so much.
ANDI: I just wish she'd return one of my 57 voice mails.
Am I ever gonna hear your voice again?