Andi Mack (2017) s02e21 Episode Script

Buffy In A Bottle

1 ANDI: Previously, on Andi Mack - Your mother bought The Fringe? - You didn't know? I wanted to discuss the plan with you first, and then I thought, we could tell him together.
What plan? To remodel The Fringe.
Make you the go-to makeup artist.
I love that plan! I kissed Jonah.
- Bye-bye, Walker.
- Yeah.
You two had so much in common.
Now I'm more confused than ever.
ANDI: This is our last day together.
I wish I could take this moment and put it in a time capsule.
- That's a great idea.
- I wasn't serious.
Andi and Cyrus are collecting mementos for a time capsule.
BUFFY: I specifically told them I didn't want one.
PAT: Sounds like a lovely way to say goodbye.
If I have to say goodbye to them I'll cry.
(WHISPERS) Come on.
I don't want their last image of me to be me falling apart.
JONAH: She left already.
She never wanted to say goodbye, so she didn't.
Any plans for the weekend? Nah, not really.
You? - I'll probably go to the flea market.
- Sounds fun.
What about you, Buffy? Time Capsule Buffy is too quiet.
Do you ever forget and turn your head and think, she's gonna be sitting there? Sometimes I do see her sitting there.
I miss her so much.
I just wish she'd return one of my 57 voice mails.
Or at least change her outgoing message to, "It's gonna be okay, Andi.
" At least Time Capsule Buffy will never leave us without saying goodbye.
Because if you do, we are going to track you down and bury you.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) I'm standing on the edge And everything I kno-o-ow Has blown away Life is upside down But any way it go-o-oes I'll work it out Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Here we go One, two, three! I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't no map to follow But I'm with you all the way - I'm ready for tomorrow - Hey! - Tomorrow starts today - Hey! - There ain't no map to follow - Hey! But I'm with you all the way Hey! All the way You okay? Yeah.
Well no.
I invited Walker over to tell him he can't come over anymore.
(GASPS) So you've decided.
You're with Jonah.
Of course.
I mean, Walker's cute, and funny, and artistic.
Anyway, yes, I'm with Jonah, and I'm telling Walker.
Wow, you're really brave to do this in person.
You're a class act, Andi Mack.
Yeah, well, I've been ignoring all of his calls and texts.
The right thing to do is at least tell him why.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) Unless hiding behind the couch until he goes away is still an option? Go on.
You got this.
(SIGHS) - Hey, Andi.
- Hey! - Come on in.
- Hi.
I'm Walker.
We kind of met at the bar mitzvah.
Ah, yes.
The famous Walker.
Sketcher of portraits, painter of murals.
Father of dragons.
(LAUGHING) (CLEARS THROAT) Ah, well, I'll get out of your way.
If anybody needs me, I'll be eating chips in the bathtub.
Small apartment.
I like it.
It's got style.
I made something for you.
You did? Walker these are incredible.
But but I can't accept them.
They're not your size? No, they're perfect.
It's just I have a boyfriend.
I didn't at the bar mitzvah, but now I do, and it's complicated, but the point is, I shouldn't be going on any more walks with you, or accepting any gifts.
Or, probably, even talking on the phone.
But I hope we can still be friends? Yeah, maybe we'll run into each other at another bar mitzvah.
(SIGHS) - I'm sorry.
- Hey, don't be.
Whoever he is, he's a lucky guy.
You're being so nice.
Would you please stop being so nice? It's not nice.
Look, I'm glad you told me.
But can you do me a favor and just keep the shoes anyway? Walker If you don't keep them, I'll probably just toss 'em.
Please? Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(SIGHS) Oh, good, you're here.
Come on, I've already got some ideas I want to show you.
This was supposed to be a brainstorming meeting.
Did you start storming without me? Once we decided to redesign The Fringe, the ideas, they just kept coming.
Okay, if we're gonna work together, we need ground rules.
Like what? Like I need to feel I can speak up, if I don't like your ideas.
Why wouldn't you like my ideas? I have experience in interior design, you know.
Standing in people's living rooms and criticizing the furniture is not interior design.
Well, at least I've been criticizing furniture longer than you've been a cosmetologist.
And we're already fighting.
How is this gonna work? I don't want to fight.
Me neither.
So what do you think about this for the walls? I think I like it.
Why do you sound so surprised? I think it's because I'm really, really surprised.
You and CeCe, I take it it went well? You know, we never really got the hang of the mother-daughter relationship.
But our business relationship works like gangbusters.
Those shoes look like they were made for you.
Too bad I can't wear them outside this room.
Why not? Because I don't want to take the chance that Jonah would see them.
He'd ask me where I got them, and I wouldn't want to lie.
Isn't there someplace you can wear them where he wouldn't see them? Like where? The bottom of a well? All his places are my places.
What if Jonah did see them? Would he even know where they came from? I can't take that chance.
You know, in the fourth grade, this boy who liked me gave me a hat he found in the street.
These are better.
You are Radiant with color Dress it up, Mix it up Make it more beautiful Work it out, Come on now Bring it to the light Shine it up, Make it new Show this world what you can do You make me feel so alive CYRUS: What are those? My feet.
On your feet? Walker made them for me.
- Oh? - They don't mean anything.
If they don't mean anything, why do you have to tell me they don't mean anything? (WHISPERS) Psychology.
I don't wanna talk about this.
Why don't we talk about something you don't wanna talk about? Like PE? Just for once, why couldn't they choose a unit for the common man? Like thumb wrestling or bumper lane bowling or square dancing? Why can't it ever be square dancing? Never mind, I guess you do wanna talk about it.
Is gymnastics really that bad? It is if you can't do a somersault.
It's the first thing they always ask me to do, and it's all downhill from there, literally.
In sixth grade, they tried rolling me down a ramp of mats.
It didn't work.
I don't even remember learning to do a somersault.
It was just, like, I always knew how.
See that? That's your somersault privilege showing.
Wow, someone's somer-salty today.
JONAH: Hey, Cyrus! Hey, Andiman! Jonah! Hey! I thought you had ultimate practice today.
That's tomorrow.
Like your sneaks.
You make those? No.
They were a gift.
From a friend.
Pretty nice gift.
Who's the friend? Well (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) - Um - It's okay.
I know who the friend is.
Would you look at that? Saxophones.
Jonah wait.
You know who made these? Yeah, that guy Walker.
So you do know.
They look a lot like that painting you guys made.
You saw that? When did you see it? - When did you paint it? - He really is just a friend.
You know what? I'm not in the mood to buy guitar strings today.
He really isn't even a friend anymore.
I told him I couldn't see him again.
Jonah knows you're his girlfriend, right? - Of course he knows.
- You told him? I kissed him.
Yeah, but a kiss can mean a lot of different things.
Take it from the guy who kissed Iris.
You're right.
I'll tell him.
When? When he's speaking to me again.
I say we put the shelves here.
(GASPS) Do you want an island? - My own island? - We can get you an island.
I'm getting an island! Call the contractor and make sure he's on board with all this.
On it.
Hi, Bill, Celia and I just wanted to run a few things by you.
- (PHONE BEEPING) - Oh Oh, it's Andi.
(SIGHS) Not now.
Sorry, where was I? (PHONE RINGING) It's Andi again.
Um, just Okay.
Hey, Bill, it's Celia.
Andi, hi.
Is this important? ANDI: Yes.
Jonah saw me wearing Walker's shoes, - and now he's very upset.
- Oh, no, that's awful.
Hey, Bex, do you want to explain your idea about the workstation to the contractor? Yeah, be right there.
Do you mind if we talk about this a little later? I'm kind of in the middle of something? - Okay.
- Great, thanks.
Love you, bye.
I'm back.
Did you ask about reworking the entrance? - No.
- Okay.
Bill, hi.
Have you talked to Jonah yet? Nope.
He's been avoiding me.
Jonah, Jonah, Jonah.
Avoidance is not the way to deal with your problems.
Says the guy who ditched PE today.
I just couldn't face somersaults, okay? Don't give me that look.
I know it was wrong.
If Real Buffy were her, she'd tell you not to give up.
If Real Buffy were here, I'd be afraid to give up.
Do you think it's worth trying to ask Real Buffy? Why not? People win the lottery, get struck by lightning.
Maybe it won't go straight to voice mail.
You know what to do.
- (BEEPS) - Straight to voice mail.
Who's your friend? Uh, it's kind of a long story.
It's Buffy.
It's how we pretend she's still around.
Got it.
I didn't recognize her.
(WHINING) Go away, TJ! Oh, now I see the resemblance.
Can I sit? I think she'd be okay with it.
I'm not sure I'm okay with it.
You were awful to her.
And even though she's gone she's still here in spirit.
(SIGHS) Buffy I know I should've done this to you in person, but I was a jerk, like big-time.
And I'm sorry.
You didn't deserve that.
So, what were you guys talking about? Ah, you know, the weather, current events, price of hot lunch.
So you let me sit down, but you won't even talk to me? I'm sorry, it's private.
I'm having a physical issue.
No, stop imagining horrible things.
I I can't do a somersault, okay? In fact, there's a whole list of easy things that I can't do.
- (LAUGHS) - He's serious.
There is a list.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Just sent it to you.
Listen, Underdog, if you can't do a somersault, I can help you with that.
(DOOR BELLS TINKLE) (QUIETLY) Andi, there he is.
Go talk to him about, you know.
- Here? Now? - Go talk to him.
Oh, hey.
Can we sit? Sure.
I wanted to talk to you about yesterday.
We really don't have to.
But we do, because I realize that you probably don't know something that I thought you did.
So I wanted to tell you officially NATALIE: Hey, Andi! You remember my friend Natalie? How could I forget? You eating lunch with us? Oh, I would, but I already have a table over there.
Cool, we'll just come and sit with you guys.
You coming? (SIGHS) This is happening? I actually, should get going.
- Really? - Really? I just remembered I have to be not here.
(DOOR BELLS TINKLE) I should probably head out too.
I have to go to work.
You want to come with me? Yes! Please! (DOOR BELLS TINKLE) - Sorry about that.
- That's okay.
Why are we sitting with a trash can? You work at a gym? You should've told me.
I hate gyms.
You'll like this one.
This is where you're gonna learn to do a somersault.
Says the athlete with boundless confidence.
You don't know what it's like to be a kugel of a man.
(CHILDREN CHATTERING) Are you strong enough? Can you make the cut? Can we cross the finish line Make it out in time - KIDS (CHANTING): Cyrus! Cyrus! - Can we pull it off? Cyrus! Cyrus! Can we save the day? Cyrus! Cyrus! When we start to recognize (CHEERING) We start to realize - We can do anything! - (CHEERING) We can be anyone Just close your eyes and try To see Believe Believe It's beautiful, isn't it? I can hardly believe it's all coming together.
It's amazing what you can do with a clean slate, huh? It really is.
It needs a name.
Oh, that's too hard.
I don't wanna do this right now.
Let's just live on cloud nine.
Maybe we can call it that! Cloud Nine! Mm, I said I don't wanna do this right now.
- (DOOR SLAMS) - Mom, I need to talk to you.
What do you think of the name Cloud Nine? I think I don't understand why it's not Cloud Ten? Cloud Ten! - I love it! - (SCREAMS) Mom! I need to talk to you.
It's about Jonah.
(PHONE RINGS) Hey, what happened? He isn't speaking to me, and I don't know what to do.
I need one of you tricks.
You know, like the coin toss, or an "act as if" to fix things.
So go! Well, those aren't tricks, and you don't need a trick.
Just go up to him and say what you wanna say.
I tried, but then Natalie showed up.
Ugh! Hey, Bex.
It's the contractor.
He's at the hardware store.
Did we make a decision? Yes, the, uh, square handles.
- Which ones? - Um, this'll take five minutes.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I called earlier? My name's Rebecca Mack.
Uh-huh, I think I talked to Sherry? I'm livin' in a dream it seems But you are not around And I look high and low and everywhere In between You're nowhere to be found And I feel so empty A sadness I don't think that I can bear Will you walk with me there Ooh (HUMS) Hey.
- What time is it? - Morning.
- We never talked.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
But I brought you a toaster pastry peace offering.
I really needed to talk to you.
So let's talk.
I don't wanna talk now.
I wanted to talk last night.
Now I'm too mad at you to talk.
I'm sorry.
This project is really complicated.
I've never done anything like it before.
I'm really happy for you.
Andi, the entire time I've been here, you're the only thing I had going on in my life.
Now I have one other thing.
I wish it weren't so time-consuming, but it is.
So, you take care of your project, and I will take care of myself.
Could you please cut me a break? You know you're always gonna be the most important thing in the world to me.
But that's not what I feel like right now.
I'm gonna go.
Can we talk later? Yeah, sure.
(SLAMS DOOR) (SIGHS) (LINE RINGING) (VOICE MAIL) It's Buffy! You know what to do.
- (BEEPS) - Hi.
It's me.
I miss you so much right now.
I would do anything to talk to you.
Am I ever gonna hear your voice again? You know you are not alone Wanna let you know Everybody hurts sometimes Hearts are made of glass, but the hurt won't last It'll be all right Sometimes we're strong One sec.
I'm listening to a message from my best friend.
I'll catch you when you fall (SCREAMING) (LAUGHING) You know, you can call me Whenever you feel down and too lonely You need a friend, someone who will come through Every time You know, you can call me JONAH: Next on Andi Mack - Yah! - (LAUGHS) - Can I open it? - Yeah, of course.
It's stuck.
(GRUNTS) BEX: That is on there good.
- What are you doin' here? - Obviously, I had to be here when you tried out for the ultimate elite team.
Are you nervous? That's not a team.
That's a platoon! - We should get going.
- Okay, I'm almost done.
What are you making? A bracelet for Jonah.
Andi has something she'd like to tell Jonah.
Did you really have to? You clearly weren't going to.