Angel Beats! (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Day Game

1 She wants to replace Iwasawa? Not a chance I'm Yui! Pleased to meet ya! Who is that? Haven't you been listening? She's a candidate for the GirlDeMo lead vocals position.
Listen, Girls Dead Monster is a rock band, you know.
Do you want to turn it into an idol unit or something? No, I really can sing! Listen and judge for yourself! She looks the part, at least.
Mazui presents mezamete wa kurikaesu nemuri asa wa 目覚めては繰り返す 眠い朝は I open my eyes again, to a sleepy morning eri no tai wo kitsuku shime 襟のタイをきつく締め I tighten the tie around my neck When I pass through the door of the classroom kyoushitsu no doa kuguru to 教室のドア潜ると ほんの少し胸を張って歩き出せる I puff my chest out with a little bit of pride honno sukoshi mune wo hatte arukidaseru そんな日常に吹き抜ける風 A wind that blows past everyday life sonna nichijou ni fukinukeru kaze I thought I heard it kikoeta ki ga shita 聞こえた気がした kanjita ki ga shitanda 感じた気がしたんだ I thought I felt it 震え出す 今この胸で furuedasu ima kono mune de It started to shake within my chest もう来る気がした mou kuru ki ga shita I felt it would come now 幾億の星がæˆãˆåŽ»ã£ã¦ãã®ã‚’ iku oku no hoshi ga kie satteku no wo I watched countless stars as they vanished 見送った 手を振った 良かったねと miokutta te wo futta yokatta ne to I waved goodbye, "I'm glad" Yay! Everyone! Thank you for coming today! Is this part of her performance? Is this that "death metal" stuff? Crazy baby.
G-Gonna die No, looks like it was an accident.
She is one hell of a tomboy.
The complete opposite of the cool beauty aura that Iwasawa had.
I don't know if she's fit to be the lead vocalist of Girls Dead Monster Should we look for someone else? Yeah, let's do that.
Hey! I sang fine, right? As an Iwasawa fan, I can sing all her songs! Your singing had no appeal.
Not at all.
Hey!! Don't cut off a budding young flower with vague comments like that! Is that how seniors should behave? Such a noisy girl Well she has the motivation.
What should we do? She has passion, at least.
I think she's just trying to be trendy.
We'll leave it to the other band members to decide.
Really? Yay! I get to play with Hisako-san on guitar! I can't get enough of her murderous riffs! I want to know what goes through her head! Cut.
Did I say something bad? We won't be able to pull off any big operations during the ball game tournament with the band in this state.
Ball game tournament? They have those here? Of course.
This is a normal school, after all.
Will we just be spectators then? We'll be participating, of course.
Won't we disappear if we do that? We'll be participating illegally, of course.
This is the plan everyone.
Go and gather people to make teams.
Any team which performs worse than the regular students will be subject to a punishment more fearsome than death.
Stop ignoring me! Isn't she just desperate for action since we can't do anything right now? It's part of our duties to stay in shape.
This is just a test.
Otonashi I need you.
Are you No!! I'm talking about the team! Let's form a team, Otonashi! It'll be bad if we lose.
Yurippe is serious about this stuff.
Do you have other members in mind? Leave it to me.
I practically live on my popularity! I'll form the strongest team! You've already joined Takamatsu's team? Yeah.
I don't get it! Academy Dining Hall Why didn't you wait for me? I don't get why you think I'd wait for you.
And I'm sure Takamatsu's team will be better than yours anyway.
That hurts, she's really athletic.
That's some popularity alright.
No choice then.
It's a little unfair, but let's ask the leader-like Matsushita.
I'm sure he's already joined a team.
He'd wait for us.
After all, he's a real friend.
That's embarrassing Actually I've already joined Takeyama's team.
What?! Gymnasium - Rear There wasn't any reason not to.
Wait a second! Why? I believed in you, of all people! Well, he said that from now on he'd give me any meat udon meal tickets he picks up.
Meat Just now this guy was all like, "He's a real friend! So embarrassing! Haha!" about you.
Don't tell him! Dammit! We'll ask TK next.
Come on, TK! By the way, why's he called "TK"? That's what he calls himself.
No one knows what his real name is.
He's a complete mystery.
But I trust that guy too.
God damn! Now you're starting to sound like him.
Teacher's Block - Rear Oh yeah, I didn't catch which ball game we're playing Baseball.
So we need seven more people No way that's happening.
You seem to be in need of help! Oh, it's Miss Screaming Death Metal Vocalist.
Do I look like I'd put on a performance like that?! You really do.
So, what do you want? You're short on members, right? I could be useful to your team! Useful? Wait, if she gets hit by the ball, it's a dead ball.
Then the other team's pitcher gets thrown out So we just need her to get hit! Alright, you're in! Your line of reasoning just now is melting and dripping out of your nose! I'm your senior, you know! Oh I'm sorry.
I meant to say, it would seem that the contents of your brain have melted and is dripping out your nose.
Like hell it is! That hurts, senpai I'm in pain too! But she looks like the athletic type.
What are you talking about, Otonashi? I don't want to even imagine this girl with a screw loose as one of us! That hurts You say that, but the people you've asked so far have all refused to join.
Right, right! I saw that! So let Yui-nyan♡ join your team! Say that again? Yui-nyan! ♡ That's what pisses me off the most about you! Give give give! Let's go already.
Shiinacchi! Where are you? Come out! Gymnasium Storeroom Shiinacchi! What do you want? We were looking for you.
You're good at athletics, right? I've never been tested.
You're definitely good! Let's play some baseball! Ever since that day I've been here pondering how I lost out to that new member there.
You mean the Guild Descent Operation? It's definitely unbelievable how Otonashi was the only one of us left.
I was just lucky that time.
I should have surpassed you in every way, at all aspects of that operation Probably.
If there were one thing I was lacking, it would be concentration.
No, I'm pretty sure you're way better at that too.
Even since that day, I've kept this broom balanced on my fingertip.
She's an idiot, right? She's an idiot, but she's useful.
This is a good opportunity.
Let's go, kid.
What kind of match is it going to be with you holding that broom? Baseball, of course! But have your match at the proper place.
Don't fight one on one here! Fine.
I don't have to balance a broom, right? Of course not.
I will demonstrate to you how strong my concentration is.
Alright, that's decided then! Our idiot count increased! So we have four people now We've got no choice.
I guess we'll go ask that guy.
Nobody would invite him.
Below Contact Bridge 2 - Riverbank He's a simplistic guy who'll only take orders from Yurippe.
So basically, he's an idiot too? He may be an idiot but we can use him! And look, nobody can swing a stick around better than him.
So you've come at last.
It's time to settle this once and for all! But before that we'll do a warm up! Let's show everyone who has the better baseball skills between you and him! Why? You won't get Yurippe's attention by just being strong, you know.
What an idiot.
He has no idea he's being used.
Study Block A - Roof Pretty much all the Battlefront members are already on a team.
We still need another five.
What are you going to do? Can't you put that broom down? It looks like a joke even when you're talking seriously.
That'll only happen if my concentration breaks.
How about this then! What? What are you doing? Come on, don't fight.
Hinata, say somethi— Hinata? Hinata! What's wrong? It's nothing.
I got lost in my thoughts for a bit.
I see, no choice then.
Guess we'll go ask the ordinary students.
Oh! Oh! I have friends I can ask! Friends? We're um I guess we're Yui-nyan-san's fans Or maybe groupies I've been steadily building up a repertoire of modest street performances.
Classroom Block C - Corridor So they're all just trying to be trendy? Are they going to be useful at all? So, we still only have eight people.
No choice then.
We'll just go with what we have.
It's going to be guerrilla participation anyway.
We'll be fine if we leave out center and have right and left cover the middle ground.
Are you sure that's okay? First ball sports arena - Baseball field Home run! Wow! Way to go TK! It's a total mystery what you were doing before you died! Don't stop dancing! Second ball sports arena - Grounds Woah! He just got us a point! Anti-Angel Operations Headquarters A good start to our guerrilla operation.
Now then, how might Angel be feeling about this? Wow! All of the other Battlefront teams made it through the first round! Let's get this over with then.
Again? The team that advances will be the one that beats us.
Rock-paper-scissors for who goes first.
The number of teams just keeps on increasing Come on, we're also students here! Hey, say something! Give us everything you got, losers! What'll you do if they do give us everything?! My joints are leaving their sockets! I won't be able to hit a home run! No one was expecting you to in the first place! If we lose here, we're getting a punishment game.
We need to give it everything we got.
You're up first.
Me? No, me! Wait, wait.
I'm second, Shiina's third, and fourth is you.
If you don't get a cleanup hit, you lose, got it? Fine with me.
That's simple enough.
7 points higher and it's a called game.
Let's get it over with before Angel gets here.
Alright, let's go! Fight! Y-Yeah Y-Yeah A staggering lack of unity Play ball! So we're going for a called game? That means I'll have to get out there as first batter.
Alright! Is that all you've got?! What did you say? That's more like it! That's not how you play baseball! Out! What idiots.
Enough playing around.
Are you ready? For what? Bring it! Home run! No way So Why am I the pitcher? Noda hit a home run, so you need to hold them at 0 to stay in this! Who are we playing against again? Bring it! Strike! Is that all you've got?! You little That's more like it! What?! I said stop playing by yourselves! Even death can't cure idiocy.
Out! Wow, what an idiot.
The Hinata Team has won in the third inning by called game.
Good, the Battlefront teams are all winning.
Everyone's trying their hardest so they don't have to do a punishment game more fearsome than death.
Excellent! Those subject to Yurippe's punishment games are known to be driven to madness or personality changes.
That's right.
Wait, what kind of punishment game is that?! I've never had one myself.
I've never given one out that ba— Looks like we got her to show herself.
We don't have any weapons, just bats and gloves.
What kind of peaceful resolution are you going to offer us? This'll be good.
Your team is not registered for participation in this tournament.
It's fine, isn't it? At least we're participating, right? I'm the student council vice-president, Naoi.
We have created a student council team.
We will remove your teams with our own team.
So your members are all in the baseball club? There's no way we can win this.
Note: She's trying to say "keep your necks clean" = "be prepared for an ass whoopin" Keep your heads clean for us, losers! That's two strikes for you now! Any more trash talking and you're cut! Keeping your head clean is basic hygiene! That hurts! The Takeyama team is out.
The Takamatsu team lost by called game.
That's unfair! So we only have one team left Which one is it? Hinata-san's team.
I thought we were going to win against Angel fair and square, too! What a bunch of useless idiots.
It's our turn at last.
We now begin the final match of the tournament! Not cute at all.
At least say something to us Play ball! Home run! Way to go! Time out! This is bad.
It's really hard to hold off these baseball club regulars.
And our outfield is crap, too.
I had an extra meal ticket, so I gave it to him.
It was you? Alright, that's good! He doesn't forget his debts over food! Now our outfield and back are perfect! Give, give! Dammit I'm going to kill you! Oh.
Way to go, Matsushita 5th Dan! This is starting to feel less like a baseball team and more like an acrobatics one Out! Three outs, change up! Alright! We're changing pitchers.
If they keep this up we'll win! Not bad at all, guys! Fair and square! Has there ever been a time when things have gone this far outside Angel's plans? Serves you right! Yurippe-san, you sound like a villain.
We have a chance at winning this The final match, one point difference.
Two outs, runners on second and third Time out! This is bad.
I don't think I can hold them off.
Well, we can change the pitch— What's wrong, Hinata? Nothing, it's just that this is a lot like something that happened when I was alive, a long time ago.
It was a really important match.
Are you shaking? Am I? That's weird.
What happened? I don't know.
I don't remember clearly.
I was in the baseball club, and we were aiming for Koushien.
It was ridiculously hot, and my mouth tasted like dirt.
I remember that.
It was the finals of the regional tournament.
Last inning, two outs, runners on second and third.
It was a simple fly ball to second.
Everyone knew where it was going to land.
But Did I catch it or miss it? I don't remember that moment at all.
Well, if I'd caught it there's no way I'd forget, right? I'm sure I missed it.
I have nothing to say to him.
He ruined all of our efforts over the last three years.
What a bad luck charm.
Don't say too much.
He hasn't even moved since we got back.
I wish he'd get his act together again.
I'm worried about him.
I'll ask senpai what to do.
I heard what happened.
What a bummer.
Must be harsh for you.
What you need right now is this, right? It's all good.
Don't think too hard about it.
Just try it out.
It'll calm your nerves.
Will you disappear? If we win this match Will you disappear? No way.
What's that all of a sudden? Like I'd disappear.
Finish it, Otonashi! No way Fly ball to second? Same as back then Hinata! If I catch this, will it all be over? That'd be the best feeling Don't catch it Hinata! I I I don't want you to disappear! You let your guard down! You've put me in an inverted swastika hold one too many times, you damn Home in! You little At a time like this What the hell are you doing?! Sorry! Sorry! I know what I did wrong! I don't care! Home in! Game set! Damn you! I'll never forgive you for this! Die! Just die! You two Just disappear please.
I've always walked alone いつも一人で歩いてた itsumo hitori de aruiteta When I turn around, everyone's far behind 振り返ると 皆は遠く furikaeru to minna wa tooku Even so, I kept walking sore demo atashi wa aruita それでも あたしは歩いた それが強さだった That was what strength was sore ga tsuyosa datta "I'm not afraid of anything anymore", mou nani mo kowakunai もう何も怖くない そう呟いてみせる sou tsubuyaitemiseru I try to whisper to myself Everyone becomes alone someday いつか人は一人になって itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake They live on only in memories 思い出の中に生きてくだけ kodoku sae aishi waratterareru you ni So I can laugh with my heart, even in this loneliness 孤独さえ 愛し笑ってられるように atashi wa tatakaunda I will fight あたしは戦うんだ I will show no tears æ™ãªã‚“て見せないんだ namida nante misenainda The test is starting.
It DID come! I call for their retirement! What were you doing? The plan is almost perfect.
What do we fight against? Kyaa! You're the best! This is the last song Iwasawa left behind.
I only fall in love seriously! That's comical What's that!!!! About the physics test I even stole that simplest of joys