Angel Beats! (2010) s01e12 Episode Script

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

1 Well then, let's get started.
Anti-Angel Operations Headquarters Hey hey, wait a second! Since when were you on our side? It's a bit late to be saying that.
I'm here to take your worthless place.
Have you forgotten? Hurry up and vanish like the miserable toilet paper you are.
What was that?! You know guys, Kanade is doing her best for us.
We're going to see all the Battlefront members with the time she's bought us.
Why are you all here? This is enough for us.
We've come to accept what you said.
It helped us come to a resolution.
That's the kind of group we are.
Though, we really knew it without being told.
Anyway, we don't even have a vocalist anymore.
There's no one to replace Iwasawa-san and Yui.
Though she seriously was terrible Every day was as fun as a cultural festival.
It's going to be tough convincing the others though.
If you're going to do this, finish the job.
If you don't, we'll have accepted this for no reason.
If this Battlefront that's lasted this long is going to disappear, I want this world, including you, to have fulfilled its purpose.
Then I can leave thinking everything ended well.
I just think if the short time we spent here was just for us to enjoy the youth we never had That alone would be enough.
What are you talking about? You're not making sense.
I guess so.
Well whatever happens, I'm not responsible.
We're going now, and that's all.
See ya, newbie.
We'll form a band in the next life too.
Yeah, I'm sure I'll be a fan again.
See ya.
Good work seeing off the last of the commoners.
Your character has definitely broken down! It has not broken down! How dare you say that to your God?! Stop messing around, we should go.
Why are there so many of them? What's going on? What happened to the NPCs? I don't see anyone but these things around here.
They don't know what we're trying to do, do they? Lowlifes.
Noda? Way to go, Noda! Are you here to fight with us? Don't be stupid! I only move to help Yurippe! I see So you're a pretty faithful guy too! Oyama! There's nothing special about me at all, but I thought maybe I could give God a surprise if I helped out here! Yeah, you show him! Don't be forgetting about me now.
Though, it doesn't seem like anyone would notice if I disappeared! In the end— Come on come on come on come on come on!! Knockin' on heaven's door.
That's a Bob Dylan song But it's perfect for this situation.
What does it mean? No idea! Looks like everyone's showing up What's wrong with this world? What on earth happened? More like, what happened to you? Who are you? I was training in the mountains for a while, but there wasn't much food.
Wait Matsushita 5th Dan?! Tasty candy! That's some crazy weight loss Are you alright? Yeah, actually I've never felt better! I feel like I could do the 100-man kumite right now! Isn't that karate? Well whatever, having you here helps us a lot.
We have to deal with this many opponents, after all Let's leave this place safely, everyone together.
Goodbye wild heaven.
Alright! Let's break through! Why the Guild? It is the perfect place to lie in hiding, but it's enemy ground.
Guild Accessway B2 It's our base! Of course they'd be here En masse too Damn, there's no end to them! First Contact Bridge Otonashi-san, look below! They keep multiplying Behind you! 100 men.
What? Assume your strength of force just grew by 100 men.
Don't you understand? I'll take over from here.
Go! Shiina Okay, I'll leave it to you.
Come with me Hinata! Where are you going? Otonashi-san! Guild Accessway B7 There seem to be more here, so I guess this is the right way? I'm running low I won't make it through all of that with just a handgun.
What should I do? Yurippe.
Chaa! Everyone in Guild knows the situation now.
They're all heading for ground level.
I see.
Take this.
Thank you! So our fight ends here? Yeah, it ends here.
I see.
In that case, Guild will disband too.
We were only able to keep going because of you guys carrying on the fight.
Thanks for everything.
If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have been able to do anything.
No, I'm just an old fool who happened to be around.
Bye then.
Time to go.
Academy Main Dining Hall - Interior Did I go too far? Old Guild Guess I'll take a short break.
Angel No, I wonder if Kanade-chan is doing well.
I should have come to understand her sooner.
We might have become friends, since we're both girls.
Even in this world, maybe I could have found clothes which suit her But in the end it's impossible.
I just can't forgive God.
So Dammit! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! And so Huh? this formula is very important, and Wasn't I thinking about something? What was it I'm erasing this part, okay? Eh? What's wrong, Nakamura? Can I erase this? Y-Yes, go ahead! Dammit! That was embarrassing! Hellooo, Yuri? What were you doing in the middle of class? Nothing really.
I was just thinking.
Thinking? So deeply that you stopped paying attention in class? Could it be love? Is it love?? Idiot.
I wish I had that sort of thing to daydream about.
I think you and Fujiwara-kun would go well together Are you listening, Yuri? Look! Fujiwara-kun's alone right now! Fujiwara-kun! Hey, don't!! Wait Who are you again? Huh? Hitomi Oh, Hitomi Yeah.
Have you lost it? Maybe Well then it must be Don't tell me I'm lovesick.
Correct! Just go back to your desk.
So, make sure you remember this part.
Nakamura, where are you looking? Hey, Yuri! Okay Nakamura, why don't you read the next page from the top then? What's wrong? This is like paradise.
What are you talking about? This is such a happy sight.
It's too dazzling for me.
This is how everyone spends their time It must be great.
I'm jealous.
If I disappear from here, can I start over? Will I be able to accept such an obvious happiness? Nakamura Yuri? If I lost my memories and changed my personality, I'm sure I could.
But what does it mean to be born again? I would no longer be living my life.
It would be someone else's.
I only have one chance to have my life, and it's right here.
It's the only one I have.
This is my life.
I can't give it to anyone else.
It can't be stolen.
I can't force it on anyone, or forget it, or make it disappear, or trample on it, or laugh it away, or beautify it.
I have no choice but to accept this one cruel, meaningless life! Do you understand, sensei? That's why I will fight.
I will continue fighting.
Because this kind of life is unacceptable! Give me your hand!! Oh hey! Yo! Looks like we made it in time.
Otonashi-kun? Hinata-kun? I'm here too, you know You brought me back? She heard your voice— no, your thoughts exploding, and then led us here.
Kanade-chan? I see Thanks to everyone, I guess I was saved.
But why are you guys here? We left it in the others' hands.
They decided to take over for us.
So you came here to save me? We came to fight with you.
Isn't that the same? Well yeah, I guess.
We just can't help worrying about you, Yurippe.
For the time being, why don't you fix your clothes? Alright, let's go! Okay Geez There she goes at her usual pace.
Guild Accessway B20 Hey Do you get the feeling they're protecting that area? What a coincidence, that's what I was thinking too.
But with that many, it would take a carpet bombing to— I'll go then.
Kanade-chan! How foolish That's suicide.
No, wait Alright! She has the offensive strength of a jet bomber? Let's go.
They're more of them already?! Go on ahead, Yuri.
We'll clean them up here.
Alright, I'm counting on you.
Leave it to us.
Second Computer Lab Now he's making fun of us.
But this time Just how many did he steal? No doubt about it You've done well to reach here.
Are you making fun of me? Going to the trouble of showing off that stupid room nameplate Well, this is a school.
You seem to have some messed up sense of value.
No, that's just the rules.
This world's God's— God whether he exists or not is a truly profound question.
It does interest me.
But I do not have the means to pursue the answer.
I only do what's been decided.
So you're programmed to do this.
It is as you say.
Who made you? There's probably no point in telling you his name.
It was a man from the long-dead past.
32% of 4GB used Folder scan Angel Player What is this program? As you're aware, it's a program that allows you to create and change materials in this world.
Why can it do that? Who knows? I didn't create it myself.
But you make weapons from dirt.
It's probably the same.
So in the end, you're bound by the same rules.
Did the creator of the program want to be God? Who knows? I have no idea.
I don't have time, so let's get right to the point.
Under what circumstances are you programmed to do this? I don't know what I'm programmed to do.
Then I'll ask a different way.
What happened to this world that caused you to act? Love manifested itself in this world.
What? Love? Yes, love.
That is what must not exist in this world.
I see That's right If anyone finds love, they should disappear instantly.
But if it manifests itself, then what would happen? If love manifests itself, this world can become an eternal paradise.
But that must never happen in this world, because everyone must graduate from this place.
So someone held that philosophy But on rare occasions, someone who lived a fulfilling life for the sake of others will wander in due to amnesia.
That's when this kind of bug occurs.
And that was the creator of Angel Player.
How surprising.
You are precisely right.
He saw the potential for this bug and patched it by turning the ones who experience it into NPCs with the shadows.
In other words, a reset.
Then what? You mean there are others like us among the NPCs? Yes, there is.
Just one.
How pitiful.
It's the programmer.
He has been waiting.
He found love, and waits for her who left this world alone.
But there's no chance of them meeting again The chances are astronomically small, but not zero.
But the time he spent waiting for her was just too long.
He couldn't remain sane.
That's why he wrote a program to turn himself into an NPC.
Or maybe he did that first.
And then he adapted it so that it wouldn't happen again.
That is a possibility.
Will there ever be a day when his life is fulfilled? Who knows? I don't know what's right or wrong anymore.
I don't know what's right or wrong either.
I only know that you have reached this place, and that you may be able to find that answer.
What do you mean? You can change the world based on your will.
What would I do after I change it? You can choose the path he didn't.
Are you saying I can be God? Basically, yes.
And I can make this world an eternal paradise? He rejected that, but I won't.
Well, I don't have the emotions to reject it.
God? Me, this world's God? Is something wrong? This world is in my hands.
I've done it I've fought all this time for this.
I could even defeat Angel.
With this system in my hands I'd be unstoppable.
There's no way I could do that.
I can't do something like that to Kanade-chan.
Because the reason I came this far I Oh? I detect love.
This is the first time I've sensed this much.
It's increasing at an alarming rate.
What is it? I came all this way to protect everyone.
Oh, so you're the source.
So, what do you intend to do? Shut down all these machines.
Right now.
Are you sure? Have you thought this through? You still have time.
Quite literally, all the time in the world.
Let me tell you something.
Humans don't have the patience to wait even ten minutes for something! And now it's over.
I'm sure I saved everyone.
Now they can leave this world in peace.
Either way, I'm a failure.
I ended up loving them just as much as I loved you.
I wanted to be a sister that loved only you, so much that you could be proud.
いつも一人で歩いてた itsumo hitori de aruiteta I've always walked alone What's this feeling? What's happened? 振り返ると 皆は遠く When I turn around, everyone's far behind furikaeru to minna wa tooku Everything that's kept me going is fading away And if it all fades away, I'll disappear.
それでも あたしは歩いた Even so, I kept walking sore demo atashi wa aruita Even though life took you away so unreasonably それが強さだった That was what strength was sore ga tsuyosa datta But the time I've spent with everyone is just irreplaceable.
"I'm not afraid of anything anymore", もう何も怖くない mou nani mo kowakunai And now I want to follow them sou tsubuyaitemiseru そう呟いてみせる I try to whisper to myself Thank you.
You've done enough.
You don't have to suffer by yourself anymore.
Thank you for thinking about us for so long, Onee-chan! いつか人は一人になって Everyone becomes alone someday itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake 思い出の中に生きてくだけ They live on only in memories So I can laugh with my heart, even in this loneliness kodoku sae aishi waratterareru you ni 孤独さえ 愛し笑ってられるように I will fight あたしは戦うんだ atashi wa tatakaunda æ™ãªã‚“て見せないんだ I will show no tears namida nante misenainda Being able to spend this time with you all I'm truly blessed.
Thank you so much.
Representative of the graduating class, Otonashi Yuzuru!