Angel Beats! (2010) s01e13 Episode Script


1 — 3 days later — Where am I? Medical Building (Closed) - Infirmary The infirmary.
The infirmary? Why are you still here? Don't overdo it.
It's okay, Kanade-chan.
Well, you went through a lot didn't you? I'm surprised you survived as a leader with that performance of yours.
Even you guys? What are you doing here? The shadows are all gone, right? There shouldn't be anything more in your way Yeah, we know.
Then But you're still here, right? You're still here.
Me? I see How do I put it What? I'm just guessing, but maybe Yuri got over her troubles.
Really, Yuri? Eh? Well that's Alright, I'll make her talk with my hypno— Stop that!! The fact that she got so angry must mean we're right on.
No, that's not it! I'm the leader! It'd be a joke if my problems could be solved so easily! Then, my hypnotism will— So I got over them! Something wrong with that?! Ah, she admitted it You're such a bully, Kanade-chan You're just not honest with yourself.
You can talk But I'm kind of happy.
What about? That you called me Yuri.
Why? Doesn't that make us friends? Friends You're right.
Then I guess our preparations didn't go to waste! Yeah.
Preparations? Is something happening? Kanade said there was something she wanted to do before the end.
She said she hasn't done it before.
What? Where's everyone else? They all left.
I see, that's good.
Thanks to everyone helping out.
We definitely had a tough time though.
It was but light work for God.
But I've realized that at the end of the day, everyone had fun living here.
I think that's thanks to you, Yurippe.
Really? Oh, and Takamatsu managed to leave too! He somehow regained his senses even after becoming an NPC.
Oh, really? You don't seem surprised.
Didn't you say there was no way to return once you became an NPC? It would seem that it was set up so that strong enough feelings could bring you back.
What's that song again? You were humming it earlier when we were working too.
What was it You know, it's that one The last song Iwasawa sang.
"My Song".
Oh yeah, that one.
The one that was broadcast over the entire school? Honestly It's a good song, isn't it? Yeah! The gymnasium? Yeah.
Sign: Afterlife Battlefront Graduation Ceremony We made it together, and the letters were written by Kanade.
I see So Kanade-chan hasn't graduated before? I was thinking it might be interesting.
It's totally not.
You looked like you enjoyed writing the banner though.
Most of the girls cry.
This is why girls are just so How about we start then? Right now? Why else did you change into uniform? Well, I thought maybe I'll really vanish, and I'm not sure I'm prepared What, and you called yourself a leader? What's your problem?! You actually seem to be a lot less leader-like after everyone vanished.
R-Really? There's definitely something different about her How? I wonder Kind of more girl-like? Should I be happy about that? Or angry? After the fighting finished, you really became quite the innocent little girl.
You have quite a cute side, Yurippe! Yuri's quite funny, isn't she? Alright, let's start! We hereby begin! The Graduation Ceremony for those who fought in the Afterlife Battlefront will be held now! We'll start with the chorus of our battle anthem.
Battle anthem? What's that? The Afterlife Battlefront's anthem.
It's like a replacement for a school anthem.
I don't remember having anyone compose something like that! This is also Kanade's work.
You made it? Wait, you aren't even a Battlefront member to start with! It's fine! Here are the lyrics.
What about the melody? All school anthems sound pretty much the same.
It'll be fine if we just sing whatever.
Alright One, two! From the dead world in the sky We bring you a familiar number Eat some before you die Mapo tofu! Oh, mapo tofu! Mapo tofu! What the hell is this song?! Someone should have checked it! I actually sang this!! Well, Kanade did her best to write it seriously.
We shouldn't complain.
Right? Seriously? She put "a familiar number" right here But, how should I put it I get the feeling Kanade put a lot of effort into it.
What part? From the start till the end.
I guess so.
Good job, Kanade-chan! Yeah.
What's next? Next up Graduating class diploma presentation! Do we have those? We made them.
Again, mostly Kanade's work.
Do we have a Principal to present them? That would be me! That's right! I lost at rock-paper-scissors! Got a problem with that?! That role suits you well.
Why am I always getting stuck with these jobs? Alright, let's start! Graduating class diploma presentation! First, Tachibana Kanade.
Next, Nakamura Yuri.
That looks good on you.
Shut up.
Graduation Diploma - Nakamura Yuri For demonstrating the greatest dedication for the good of all.
- Afterlife Battlefront Idiot.
Next, Naoi Ayato.
Praise me.
What? Geez Thank you for your services.
Otonashi Yuzuru.
Take that off.
Hinata Hideki.
Huh? Here! Oh, what? Geez Thanks.
Same here, thanks for everything.
Address from the representative of the graduating class! Looking back, we've been through quite a lot.
The first person I met in this school was Nakamura Yuri-san.
The first thing she told me was that I was dead.
And then she said that the people living here in the afterlife were unable to accept their deaths, and that they were rebelling against God.
I also fought alongside them.
But after I regained my memories, I was able to accept my life.
Those memories were irreplaceable.
I wanted everyone to experience that feeling.
They had rebelled for so long, so it was truly a difficult task.
But they were able to help one another, and believe.
This Battlefront, founded by Nakamura Yuri, was a group that was capable of such.
Turning that strength into courage, they began to accept their lives.
In the end, they all faced forward and departed.
And the five of us remaining will graduate today.
Even if we forget the faces of our friends, we will never forget the bonds that were carved into our souls.
I am truly blessed to have been able to spend this time with you all.
Thank you so much.
Representative of the graduating class, Otonashi Yuzuru! All rise! Rendition of "Aogeba Toutoshi"! As we look with reverence upon our debt to you, teacher Even in this garden of learning, how quickly these few years have passed As we think upon them, these years and months have flown by all too soon For now, let us part And so— You were late, scum! What?! It's you who was way too early! It's because you were too late! We were in time, right? You're completely different when you're talking to Otonashi! One, two! And so, farewell.
Ceremony closure! We bring the Afterlife Battlefront graduation ceremony to an end here.
Graduates, dismissed! I don't want to see any womanly tears.
I'll take my leave first.
Now look who's crying.
Otonashi-san If I hadn't met you, I would never have found peace I I won't hesitate any more.
Thank you so much! Yeah.
Just go.
Thank you so much So he's gone Now then, who wants to cry next? I won't cry.
I'm sorry I fought you all this time.
I wonder why I couldn't be your friend sooner I'm really sorry.
I was the eldest, so I was always looking after my sisters and brother for my parents.
I could have showed you so many things I mean, you look like you don't get out much, so I was really worried about you.
We could have done so many things We could have had so much fun I wish I wish we had more time But now it's time to part Goodbye, Kanade-chan.
I'm off then.
Thanks, Yuri.
I owe you a bunch.
Good work, leader! Yep.
Let's meet again somewhere! I guess it's my turn now, if we go in order.
No, I can go.
What are you talking about? Don't go off and leave Kanade-chan behind.
I'll go.
I see Yeah, I'm off.
Thanks for everything.
Without you, this wouldn't have been possible, and we wouldn't have been able to finish things like this.
You have my gratitude.
It was just chance.
If you think about it, I wasn't supposed to have come here.
What do you mean? I was able to find fulfillment in life at the end.
But I lost that memory, and mistakenly wandered into this world.
After remembering that, I knew what it was like to lead a full life even though I was in this world.
Is that how it was? You really are a special person, aren't you? So like I said, it was just chance that I was able to help everyone.
I see.
Well, that's enough talk.
I'm off then.
If you find Yui, say hi to her for me.
Definitely! I saved up plenty of luck, after all.
I'll use it all up! Alright! See ya, buddy! So what did you think of the graduation ceremony? Was it fun? Yeah, lots of fun.
But the last part is sad.
It's the start of a journey though.
Everyone's begun a new life.
That's a good thing, right? I suppose.
Hey, want to go outside? I just want to feel the wind a bit.
Hey, Kanade Want to stay here? I kind of just realized it You know There are others like Yuri and Hinata and the rest, who couldn't find peace in life and will find there way here, right? I suppose And they might end up staying here, like Yuri, and be sad and keep suffering, and keep resisting life.
I suppose But if we stay here, we can teach them, like we did this time about how good it is to be alive, and help them graduate.
Maybe I came here to play that role So won't you stay with me? If you stayed here, I wouldn't be lonely, even in this world.
I might have said it before, but I want to be with you.
I want to walk forward together with you.
Because, I I really love you.
I love you.
Why aren't you saying anything? I don't want to.
Why not? Because if I tell you my feelings, I'll disappear.
Why? Because I came here to say thank you to you.
What do you mean? I was able to stay alive because of your heart.
Even now, your heart is beating in my chest.
My one regret was being unable to say thank you to the person who saved my life.
I wanted to tell you so badly that I got lost and wandered here.
No way But how did you know it was me? I realized it the first time I stabbed you.
You didn't have a heart.
But just from that You regained your memories when you were sleeping on my chest.
Your body recognized the sound of its own heartbeat.
No way Please, Yuzuru Say what you said earlier once more.
No I can't! You'll You'll disappear! Yuzuru! Please! I just can't do it! Yuzuru! Let me believe what you've always believed! That living is wonderful! Yuzuru Kanade I love you.
Let's be together forever Thank you, Yuzuru Stay with me forever! Thank you I love you Kanade! Thank you so much Kanade! Thank you for loving me.
Please don't disappear! Kanade! Kanade!! This gift of life you gave me Thank you so much.
Kanade!! The twists and turns of time will change 巡って流れて 時は移ろいで megutte nagarete toki wa utsuroide mou nani ga atta ka omoidasenai kedo I don’t remember what happened anymore もうなにがあったか 思い出せないけど 目を閉じてみれば 皆の笑い声 But when I close my eyes, I hear everyone’s laughing voices me wo tojitemireba minna no warai koe なぜかそれが今 一番の宝物 Somehow right now, that’s my greatest treasure nazeka sore ga ima ichiban no takaramono