Angelyne (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Tease

♪ In the end, I'm not sure it matters so much, because either way, she's still uniquely, defiantly Angelyne.
And that's why we love her.
And that's why we love her.
And that's why we love her.
And that's why we love her.
And that's why we love her.
That's why we love her.
My name is Max Allen, and I made a documentary about Angelyne in 2012.
Well, I shot one anyway.
It did not go well.
♪ I wasn't the first person to make a documentary on Angelyne, and I clearly wasn't the last good luck with that but as far as I know, the only one who actually managed to complete a documentary on Angelyne was this weird, short, black-and-white one made in the mid-'90s.
I joined the fan club in April '88.
Sweden is the second country where she's big in Europe.
Uh, last Christmas, she sent me a piece of her hair together with a signed photograph that I put inside of a frame.
- You can find it online still.
- It's on YouTube.
A lot of people have tried to capture Angelyne on film, and they've failed.
Max, he's just one of many who tried.
Look, look, it takes takes a lot of heat to create a gem.
Not everyone can handle that, right? [IMITATES HEAT HISSING.]
It can burn you up.
Thanks for coming today.
I know the theater isn't the most traditional setting for an arbitration, but I'm not a judge.
This is not a court proceeding.
The goal here is to cut down on the he said, she said and get to the truth so you can both move forward.
Plus, there's a performance of "A Lie of the Mind" tonight, so we gotta be out of here by 6:00.
All right.
We're here because both parties claim the other violated the terms of what they agreed to when they set out to make this student film.
- It was never a student film.
- Wasn't it? Now, that's a good example of what led us here.
Well, I had just graduated from USC, and my parents weren't exactly thrilled with my job prospects.
So I needed a project that could prove to them I could really do this, and I thought, "Hey, I'll make a real documentary about Angelyne.
" I couldn't believe that there wasn't one already.
She was still at it.
She's still at it now.
- So I have a white T-shirt.
- I have a black T-shirt.
She peaked in the '80s; and the '90s hit, and she was doing the same exact thing.
The '90s were go, go, go.
There was another wall.
All of the art shows.
I got the key to West Hollywood.
I had my own magazine, "Hot Pink," self-published.
I had more billboards in the '90s than ever, and that's including the one that blew up.
There's nothing more powerful than being on fire.
In 2003, I even ran for governor of California.
It was a crazy time.
I'm in love, I'm in love ♪ I'm in love with a strict machine ♪ Meanwhile, Paris Hilton was out there making millions doing Angelyne 2.
0, and this was before the Kardashians and their billions.
The world was going digital, but Angelyne, she stayed analog.
Then in the aughts, even her billboards dried up.
I don't really care if there are billboards of me because I know who I am.
And I like the mystery of being this pink thing on top of the world in a cloud.
And that's where she was at when I met her.
I just called her up, met her in her office to discuss the terms.
I had no interest in looking into anything that she wasn't comfortable with me looking into.
I just told her to show me whatever she wanted to show me.
This was Sunset and Fairfax, Pico and La Brea.
I hope your camera is calibrated for pink.
You'll want to get these, hmm? Whoa.
It's so smart that you put the year first.
Uh, I'm a little OCDC.
Oh, sorry.
I just I would love to get going on all these.
We are in the process of digitizing the archives.
It's a big to-do.
There's always something going on around here.
Oh, is that Harold Wallach? On the phone, you mentioned me sitting down and talking with him? I can arrange that.
No, no, no.
You cannot film that.
- It's in a closet.
- Cool.
That's the dress from "Earth Girls Are Easy," right? 1988? Bonhams is sending somebody to pick it up.
It's gonna be in an exhibit of Hollywood memorabilia.
Bonhams' auction house? - You're selling it? - Mm-hmm.
It must be hard to part with.
Have you heard of symbiosis, Max? - Yeah.
- It means a harmony in the universe, a mutually propitious working together.
Like, if somebody throws their garbage away and another person comes along and uses it for something else.
Or in the deep sea, when a crab carries a sea urchin on its back, The crab gets to hide from predators, and the sea urchin gets a free ride.
Well, your stuff is certainly not garbage.
- Who said garbage? - [DOOR CREAKS.]
What is he doing? I didn't say garbage.
- No, I just - I meant that they're iconic.
You're iconic.
- You are very smart, Maxi.
You can talk to Rick about getting access to the archives when he's back from vacation.
Some might say vacation, some might say taking a break.
It's very tough in Hollywood.
It's very easy to get in trouble.
I just decided to go home and take a rest.
That's what I was doing when Max approached Angelyne about doing a documentary.
I should have been there.
When is Rick coming back? 'Cause I would love to start talking with him.
In the meantime, I've made you a list of people who are ready to rock and roll.
- Ken Berger? - My dentist.
Ariel? My astrologist.
Very important.
I should have her do your chart.
Oh, excuse you.
Where are you going? Mm-mm, mm-mm, you cannot be filming in there.
- That's a bathroom.
- No, it's okay.
We'll shoot a bunch of footage, and then we'll edit it down.
I'm trying to show you what I mean to people, to this city.
The essence.
The inspiration.
That is the story.
That's all the me you need to see.
- Ooh.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but I mean, eventually, I do get to interview you, though, right? After we discuss compensation.
What? Actors and writers get paid for their talent, right? Right.
The people that you're interviewing are essentially your actors.
Don't they deserve a little gratuity? And as for me, I am the writer.
I write my reality every day.
Yes, I know - And you are the filmmaker.
- [SIGHS.]
- Right.
- Right.
See? We're in sync already.
This is the story that is going to launch the rocket ship of your destiny as the great filmmaker that you are, just like the billboard launched mine.
Say it.
Say what? I am a great I am Be the thing, Maximillian.
If you are a filmmaker, then say you are.
If you say you are, then you are.
Who is to say you're not? Go ahead.
Oh, you're waiting for me to Mm-hmm.
I'm waiting.
- Okay.
- I'm still waiting.
- Waiting.
- I'm a great filmmaker.
I'm a great filmmaker.
Yes, you are.
There you go.
I guess I could ask my parents for more money.
In hindsight, the photo should have been a warning.
All of those men had left her.
Rick seemed to be on permanent vacation.
Harold hadn't worked there since the '90s.
She wouldn't talk about Freddy.
They were all gone.
Freddy, um Freddy took my first billboard photos.
Freddy stayed by my side.
He truly believed in me and my career.
He knew I was only here to do good in the world.
What would you do to make Hollywood better? The only thing I can think of to make Hollywood better is for people to get along and to be peaceful and love one another.
I know it sounds silly, but when people love each other, they can overcome anything, even an act of God.
That's cool.
Get up and walk to the ocean.
I don't like to say somebody died.
I like to say they graduated.
I miss him very much, but I feel he's all around.
Hold on.
She told me that she likes working with young people because she can control them.
And I was fine with that in the beginning, but I was depending on her to be an active participant.
I didn't realize that every time with her was a brand-new negotiation or everything from the past just never happened.
So when she wouldn't let me talk to anyone important, I had no choice but to do my own research, and she didn't like that.
♪ Huh.
Oh, please, Mr.
I didn't mean to fall asleep in your big, cozy bed.
I was so tired.
What are you going to do to me? I'm going to eat you! Oh, brother.
Don't you just wanna fuck instead? [TRIUMPHANT MUSIC.]
That's not me.
What? That's your voice and your face.
Max, the internet is a dark and scary place, okay? Full of life-threatening misinformation and fakery.
It was posted by the Angelyne fan club.
Yes, and sometimes people see what they want to see.
You can't be so gullible.
Well, if it's not you, we should email them and have them take it down.
Oh, let let's leave it up for now.
I don't even know why you were looking at this.
Are you looking into things you should not be looking into? - What? No, it just - it comes up when I Google you.
Then don't Google me.
It's a documentary.
She's a person that everybody reacts to in one way or another.
She draws people.
She attracts people.
Hello? He said you haven't called him yet.
I I'm sorry? Roger at Chevrolet.
Are you asleep? It's 4:00 in the morning.
That's not a strange thing to be doing right now.
Do you not wanna make this movie anymore? No.
No, no, no.
I just Did you need something? I had a strange dream.
- So you called me? - Mm-hmm.
I knew you would understand.
You're very intuitive.
What was the dream about? I was wandering through an Egyptian pyramid made by aliens holding a flaming torch, and all the drawings looked like me but not like me, you know? Do you believe in aliens? Rick saw a flying saucer once.
You could ask him about it? Yeah, I I will if I ever get the chance to talk to him.
Maximillian, you have exclusive rights to this documentary.
No one has ever done that before, you know? You have to be patient.
Um, can I ask you something? Mm-hmm.
So when this project's over and you're no longer in the physical world You mean when I'm dead? Ooh.
Yes, when that happens.
- Max, you can't even say it? - Okay, fine.
- When you're dead - Yeah? What do you want this film to say about you? That when I died, my spirit opened a portal of white light and formed a path for it to escape the awful pain of life.
That's what I want it to say ABOUT ME: that I escaped.
Even when I was here.
And that I helped others escape too.
Max, can I trust you? Can you trust me? [UNSETTLING MUSIC.]
♪ Always.
Then I'll let you talk to Rick.
Sweet dreams, gods and fairies.
Yes! I always knew he was a fucking liar, and I never say that word.
I finally got my first real interview.
Rick, her right-hand man.
There had to be a story there.
I just had to drive all the way to Idaho to get it.
Jean Harlow had it.
Marilyn had it.
Carrie Grant had it.
And Angelyne, she has it, you know? It's a special something that it sets them apart.
It makes them different from everyone else, you know what I mean? Like, you and I, we don't have it.
Yeah, but those people all had Right, we don't have it.
I mean, she taught me things you just can't learn on a job.
Wait, you don't consider working for Angelyne a job? No, it's so much more than that.
I mean, sometimes it is work.
But, uh, no, we're more like family.
It's there are some people in this world that you can count on no matter what, people who are never gonna betray your secrets.
I said they're never gonna betray your secrets! Okay.
Yes, it's me.
Oh, she wants to talk to you.
Angelyne? Maxi, have you started filming Rick's interview yet? - No, I'm just - Oh, good.
Because you need to give Rick $300 for his time.
And he owed 200 from back in March, but you could write that on a separate check and I'll pay you back.
And Maxi, I've decided to give you access to my full archives.
The interviews, the footage, everything.
Maybe you can help re-edit some of the stuff Rick put together? - Say that last part out loud.
- Huh? The part about re-editing Rick's footage.
Say that back to me.
Re-editing Rick's footage.
Good boy.
We'll talk about it when you get back.
When is that exactly? I'm not sure.
I just Hel hello? She's giving you access to my footage? I guess.
Hey, do you think she ever turns it off? You know, like, when she's home alone, she's not always dressed up like like Angelyne, right? Who else would she be dressed like? She is Angelyne.
Honestly, I don't even understand that question.
- Come on.
- Rick, can I - Come on.
I think I drove all the way to Idaho just to deliver a message.
But next, she made it seem like I was finally gonna meet Harold, so I went along with it.
I've a to-go order for Angelyne? Yes.
You're the new one.
New one? No, I am not an assistant.
I'm actually a filmmaker.
I'm doing a documentary on Angelyne.
Oh, she even has you wearing one of her little T-shirts.
That's so cute.
Come on.
Harold can't see you today.
What? Why? Because he lives in a very exclusive place for ultra-phenomenal people, and they are very particular about his time.
What kind of place? It's just a place that he's at during the day, and in the evenings.
So it's like a retirement home for old people? No, it's nothing like that.
Well, can I see him another time? - Maybe.
- Because I've been doing all this research to prepare, so maybe I could just go You need to accept what I tell you and not concern yourself with things that are outside of your whatever.
If I want you to find something out, I will tell you that thing, and then you won't have to go looking for that thing because it'll be right there.
Why can't you just admit that he's in a home? - Because it's not true.
- Oh, my God.
I can't even talk to you! I think you should be a good boy and go interview my optometrist tomorrow instead.
I told him you were coming.
- It's all set up.
- No.
Give him a kiss for me, will you? And $300.
I said Nobody says no to me.
You wanna fight? I'm feisty.
I like to fight.
So I told her no.
And that was it.
I was done.
I said no! You can't bring that negativity into my spaceship.
It can't exist in my airspace.
There's no oxygen for it here.
I was done.
I wasn't gonna let her control me anymore.
But the truth is, I needed her.
It was a documentary about Angelyne.
What was I supposed to do? Hey, Angelyne.
It's me.
Listen, about earlier, I think I think I might have overreacted a little bit, so give me a call back, okay? Angelyne, it's Maximillian again.
Look, I'm I'm sorry.
I I messed up, okay? Let's talk about this.
Call me back.
Hey, it's Max.
Listen, I wanna keep going.
But it's not a bottomless well, okay? Call me back.
So I sent a check to your optometrist, you know, in good faith against a future interview.
Call me back.
I just write people off who say no to me.
But he came crawling back.
So I took pity on him.
After the eighth message, she finally picked up.
She suggested that we meet up to work it out, and I foolishly thought everything was gonna be okay.
Uh, what are you doing here? Well, like I said, there are people in this world you can count on, and then there are other people.
I don't have all day, Max.
Oh, um, right.
Well, like I said in the voicemails, I'm really sorry.
- I don't believe in sorry.
- Sorry doesn't mean anything.
Look, we have both invested a lot in this project, and I think that we should figure out a way to finish it.
I don't know, Max.
I'm starting to have real concern that you have what it takes to finish this.
I think you're plagued by self-doubt, and I don't like doubters.
But I am willing to give you - one more chance - [SIGHS.]
To screw it up or get it right.
Uh, what is this? I've made you a list of stipulations and financial assurances to show me you are taking this project seriously and help me feel safe.
Um, the purchase of one original painting.
- 2 grand? - Mm-hmm.
You want me to buy another painting? You can choose whichever you like.
5 grand to interview Rick? I already interviewed him.
I interviewed you.
You didn't ask any good questions.
You have 24 hours.
So I told her I would think about it.
I just wanted to finish my movie.
Hey, this is Max.
Leave a message after the beep.
Max, I haven't heard anything from you.
You're lollygagging.
What's it going to be? Are you in or out? [BEEP.]
Max, you are holding up production.
This is exactly what I was afraid of, okay? Come on, man.
Maxi? [BEEP.]
This is my third message, and three's a charm.
If you don't answer me in one hour, I am going to charge you an extra $100 for being unprofessional and treating this project like it's a hobby, okay? And I don't want to be part of a hobby.
And that's a cut.
Thank you so much.
That was very helpful.
I loved hearing your stories.
Listen, Maxi, my lawyer is suggesting that there be some kind of a time restraint or constraint or some kind of "-straint" on this thing.
I mean, he says you could take forever to make this movie, but you are only allowed to bother me for 12 months after we sign this thing.
Otherwise, you could just carry on just needing me forever.
I told him that you have my best interest at heart, which is shocking, but I know it's true.
- Harold? - Yeah.
- Hi.
I'm ready.
- Hi.
Thank you.
Come on.
She promised me Harold.
I just fulfilled that promise myself.
She was only gone 20 minutes 10 minutes there, 10 minutes back so I visited every retirement home within a 10-minute radius of that Denny's until I found the one that Harold was living at.
And then, I volunteered there for three months until our paths crossed.
And that's when I met Harold.
- So, Harold.
- Ooh.
- I'm Max.
- Ooh.
- Hi, Max.
- Hi.
So you can talk about whatever you like, or I can ask you questions, help us get started.
I have one for you.
How old are you? - I'm 23.
- 23.
You're young.
See, I'm 86, but I still think I'm young.
That's my problem.
Hey, Harold, you and I actually have a common friend.
Well, most of my friends are dead, so It's Angelyne.
That's our common friend.
- Ooh? - Mm-hmm.
How is Angelyne? You know, I actually haven't talked to her in a while.
I should probably give her a call.
What about you? When was the last time that you saw Angelyne? [JAZZ MUSIC.]
♪ Excuse me, you can't go in there.
His family has explicitly stated he's not to leave the premises.
Come on.
Let's zoom.
Angelyne has a force that brings about miracles.
We can't just leave.
Says who? Beneath the stars ♪ All right.
You don't need that thing.
Hold on to me.
Wanna go for a ride? If you give her something, something will come to you that's good.
This this never fails.
My heart will dance ♪ Of course, eventually, I wanted to retire, and she Eh, she took it well.
Harold? - Where is he? - Shit.
- Hmm? - I don't know.
He was here, but he might be making some calls right now.
Um, can I get you something? Hi, I was just Who is Doug? Uh, Doug is a lovely man.
He's lovely.
He called to say he's excited to work with me.
He is excited, yeah.
You're passing me off? Passing you no, no.
Oh, so so he's not taking over the printing? - Well, yes.
- And the billboards? Well, yes.
Everything, in fact.
But that is why he is so excited.
I mean, who wouldn't be? Me! I am not excited.
Angelyne all right.
Come on.
No, that's not funny.
That's not funny.
Angelyne! Angelyne! So I found a guy, a printer I know up in Reno.
I introduced him, kinda like her band manager did it with me.
Her band manager? You mean Cory, right? Oh, was that his name? I can't I did his band the posters but then he disappeared.
Sure, sure.
And what What happened with them? With her and Cory? Well, you'd have to ask him that.
♪ Hey.
Did anybody follow you? I don't think so.
No, I wasn't followed.
You can't be too careful.
You're looking for Angelyne, somebody's looking for me.
We're all out there, looking.
Good news, though, I found her.
It wasn't hard.
She drives a fucking pink Corvette, man.
No, no, no, I'm not looking for Angelyne.
I'm looking for information on Angelyne, who she is really.
Well, that part's a bit trickier, 'cause Angelyne with a Y, Angeline with an I, Angel Lynne, Angel Allyn, Goldman, Simms.
There's eight names, six civil cases, four social security numbers, and two driver's licenses.
It's all right there in the report, but there's nothing on her before 1978.
Okay, okay.
What about the guy that I mentioned, Cory Hunt? Is there anything on him in here? - The boyfriend? - Yeah.
Not much.
Well, can you find him for me? Sure, for an additional fee.
Okay, fine.
Cory, then.
I'll just keep looking into Angelyne myself.
Why would he request my driving record? This is an invasion of privacy, right? - Can we call the police? - I got his voicemail.
Hey, why would you request Angelyne's driving records? You need help, Max.
You're sick! Please call me back.
This is Rick Krauss.
He tried to steal my identity.
I can't make a documentary without information.
♪ Found Cory Hunt.
Wasn't hard.
He still plays in a bunch of bands under that name.
Bad news is, he's in upstate New York.
How long has she been out there? About an hour.
You should get some rest.
You don't look so hot.
- I wasn't sleeping.
- I lost a bunch of weight.
I know I should have quit but instead, I flew to New York to see Cory.
♪ Wild thing ♪ ♪ You make my heart sing ♪ I had a billboard for this song.
- Cool.
- You make everything sexy ♪ So that's how we left it: me in the hospital, and her just walking away.
Of course, I still talk to her.
Our paths are connected, man.
That will never change.
And what about before all of that? Prior to 1978? That didn't matter.
There are all these stories, and they don't add up.
She never had a mother.
Her mother was her best friend.
She was raised by maids and nannies.
She was an only child.
She had an older sister.
She grew up in Idaho.
She grew up in Ohio.
She grew up in Iowa.
She was beamed down from a fucking spaceship.
I mean, is any of it true? All right.
Well, she does have a sister.
- She does? - Yeah.
While I'm far away from you, my baby ♪ She's never gonna talk to you.
Hey, man.
Look at you, man.
Are you listening to me? You gotta stop this shit, man.
Let it go.
Believe me.
I've been where you are.
Because it's hard for me, my baby ♪ Listen, Max, I have spoken to some people that you've interviewed, and I know you've been asking inappropriate questions.
I'm willing to give you one more chance, but it's going to be $5,000 Each night before you go to bed, my baby ♪ Whisper a little prayer for me, my baby ♪ And tell - [GRUNTING.]
All the stars above - [CHUCKLING.]
Leah's name was the key.
Of course, Cory was right.
She wasn't gonna talk to me, but I didn't need her to.
Facts don't lie.
Documents don't lie.
♪ Hey, man, right here, you should probably put in some supportive graphics to explain on this, 'cause it's actually pretty complicated how I figured it all out.
All the information was public.
I just had to know where to look.
I searched for the name "Leah," plus every last name that I'd previously come across, and that led me to her father, Eli Goldman.
And that's when I found Rachel and everything that came along with it.
I found where she lived as a kid in Los Angeles.
I found her schools and her high school yearbooks.
So many photographs of the way that she used to look.
I went through county records, and I found overdue bills and lawsuits.
I went all the way to Poland, where she was born, okay? I found it all.
In the end, I'm not sure it matters so much, because either way, she is still uniquely, defiantly Angelyne.
And that's why we love her.
♪ I wanted her to know that I did it.
That I found out who she really was.
That there was nothing she could hide from me.
I wanted all of the pieces of the puzzle.
I guess I felt like she owed me that.
- She owed you? - Yeah.
After everything I spent, Angelyne was extorting money from me the whole time just to keep the project moving.
Extorting? Please.
Let me show you what I mean.
♪ This individual is clearly obsessed with me.
Who buys this much stuff unless they're obsessed? I can't afford to start over with another subject.
I need to be able to tell this story.
My story.
At this point, I know so much about you, I might know you better than you know yourself.
- Hey, let's lower our voice - No, it's true.
I try to see the best in people.
I try to inspire them.
Some people just don't have what it takes.
It's sad, really.
I guess I was wrong.
You are not a filmmaker.
Maybe it's time we took a break.
I think I can put an end to this, if you'll let me.
Just ask her some simple questions, establish a baseline fact.
She won't answer them.
She won't tell the truth, Max.
She will lie.
And all we have to do is catch her in a lie, any lie, and everything she says from that point on is suspect.
We both know she will lie about this.
Do it.
Angelyne, I [CLEARS THROAT.]
I just want to go back and establish a few things for the record, just to just to clear it up.
I thought he knew everything about me.
Well, he certainly found out quite a lot.
But well, this is a birth certificate for a person named Rachel Goldman, born in Poland, hmm? Now, Rachel Goldman was the daughter of Eli and Rivka Goldman, who met during World War II in the Chmielnik ghetto before being sent to a series of concentration camps, first together to Skarzysko, and then separately to Buchenwald, Birkenau, Flossenburg, and Dachau.
After the war, the two reunited in the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons camp.
They were married.
The Goldmans had two children in Poland before settling outside of Tel Aviv, where they lived until Rachel was nine years old and her sister, Leah, was seven.
The family then left for America, aboard a cruise ship called the S.
Upon arriving in the U.
via New York, the family settled in California.
And then, when Rachel was only 14, her mother died.
And by 17, she was married to a man named Danny Katz, but less than a year later, they divorced.
And then, Rachel Goldman disappeared until 2016, when Rachel Goldman legally changed her name to Angelyne L'Lyne, stating, "This is my stage name that I use and have used since 1978.
" It's your name.
So I'll ask you, for the record, are you Rachel Goldman? [FAINT LAUGHTER.]
Please, answer the question truthfully.
You have to maintain your credibility or we'll lose.
Angelyne, please answer the question.
Just tell the truth for once.
Answer the question, and it all goes away.
She actually told the truth.
I couldn't believe it.
I never said any such thing.
That did not happen.
The man's a proven liar.
He can't help himself.
♪ Okay, so months later, the arbitrator emailed me and he said that she didn't technically do anything wrong, I didn't technically do anything wrong, but we should get back together if anyone technically does anything wrong.
But it's not like it's not like I can't work on the film.
I mean, I can finish it if I want to, or I can do something else with it.
I can, and I might.
I just have to I have to work on it with her.
I suppose, technically, this individual can continue to work on his documentary if I agree to participate, which I didn't.
And I don't.
And I won't, so Look, I really want him to be able to make whatever story he's trying to make, I do, as long as it doesn't interfere with the story you're trying to tell or with the story I'm trying to tell, which is my story.
So that was the end of it: that legally, technically, there is no end.
Hello? Angelyne? Jeff Glasner, "The Hollywood Reporter.
" It's been a while.
How are you? [CLEARS THROAT.]
How did you get this number? I'm calling because we're gonna run another story on you.
The title is "Angelyne's Real Identity is Finally Solved.
" Would you like to comment? [GASPS.]

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