Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

Broke from the Box

1 - - SMURF: Watch your back in there, baby.
Manny's crew have always been a bunch of real scumbags.
My beer.
Uh, signed KTM hat.
Your brother said that his fell apart, so - You wanna get drunk with me? - Yeah.
[BOTH GRUNTING, MOANING] I dust a little H onto a joint to calm down.
[CELLPHONE RINGING] NICKY: I had sex with someone last night.
She stares deeply Locked inside me Burnin' brightly One they know that I cannot take Waitin' for it all to begin Every night now, they'll win Come and meet my black hole Got a big black hole Got a big black hole I've got a big black hole I've got a big black, big black hole Got a big black hole inside of me [J SNORES] [SIGHS] Hey.
How long have you been awake? Um, I don't know.
A while.
Can we talk, please? I messed up.
I'm sorry.
I know it's been hard for you ever since Smurf's been in jail.
And, you know, you've had to keep things going, and I know I haven't been helping much.
[SNIFFLES] But, uh it's been ha It's been hard for me, too.
You know, I, uh I, uh, called my dad and said I wanted to come to Guam.
You know what he said? He said I could come back for Christmas for a week.
[SIGHS] Your dad's an asshole.
Look, I-I do want you here.
Go back to sleep.
I'm gonna go for a run.
[SIGHS] Hey.
Um is it is it okay if we sleep inside? It's just It's really cold out at night, and there's lots of empty rooms.
We could pay you.
I'll have to ask Smurf.
Wait! Wait.
I can get you more.
I'll let you know.
You're just moving it around.
I'm not hungry.
You said you'd eat it if I cooked it.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'll heat it up for you later.
What are we gonna do today? Your teacher sent homework packets.
Do those.
It's math.
It's fractions.
Do you know how to do fractions? Nope.
What are you gonna do? What am I gonna do? I have to find you a doctor.
Why? I'm not sick.
Not that kind of doctor.
It's the kind of doctor that you talk to.
There are some doctors you go to when you're feeling mad or sad.
They talk to you.
Why? Because it's supposed to help you not feel mad or sad anymore.
Have you ever been to that kind of doctor before? Yeah.
I have.
Did it help? Um No.
Not really.
But your school is not gonna let you go back there unless you You talk to a doctor.
So that's what you're gonna do.
[SIGHS] [ PEOPLE SPEAKING SPANISH ON TELEVISION] GARCIA: That kid looks like she ate another kid.
We playing cards or talking shit? Got somewhere to be? You got any pictures of your boys, Smurf? Heard they're fine.
Oh, come on.
Not even hanging over your bed? [LAUGHS] Not even over my bed.
Oh, yeah? Why's that? 'Cause I wouldn't want this shithole to start feeling like home.
You just broke 60 days.
No bail.
That usually ain't good.
I prefer to think on the positive side.
You're looking tired.
You staying up all night thinking positive? Might want to get comfortable.
Garcia you talk too much.
I was just cleaning the pool.
Getting a little funky.
Why do you use a cotton ball? Filters it.
So you don't shoot any rocks.
I've seen people use cigarette butts, tampons.
Nasty shit.
[GRUNTS] Isn't it easier to just smoke it? [EXHALES DEEPLY] Mm.
Kid anything that feels this good you gotta earn.
Like the world just got a fresh coat of paint.
Don't get any ideas, okay? Last thing I need is little J coming after me 'cause you decided to run off and join the circus.
I don't like needles.
Nobody does.
[BLOWS] Ooh.
[SEAGULLS CALLING] [WAVES LAPPING] What are you doing here? Enjoying the morning.
You got home late last night.
Yeah, I had an errand to run.
Errand boy.
Smurf whistles, and you got to come running.
You know, I don't think we should hook up anymore.
"Hook up"? Is that what you call it? How's Nicky? She was pretty messed up yesterday.
She's fine.
Leave Nicky out of this, all right? Saw her doing smack with that burnout at your house.
That shit creeps up on you, you know? Think it's cool to keep her around all that? If you got something to say, you should just say it.
She doesn't belong there.
The only reason she's here is you.
So, you want her around, and that's cool.
So whatever happens to her is on you.
Seriously with the hat, man? I texted him and said, "We're surfing.
" He said he was down.
There are rules to this shit, man.
You don't just bring a three-pack.
It's two guys max.
We used to flip on people for that "bring your own crowd" bullshit.
It's Clark Lincoln, man.
He said he was meeting us there, so it doesn't count.
I don't care.
Of course it counts.
You know, there are also rules about being a whiny little bitch, too, you know.
It's just the hat.
What are you talking about? It looks good.
[ENGINE SHUTS OFF] Sick hat, buddy.
See? "Sick hat.
" What's up, dude? How's it lookin'? Super consistent.
Tide's going low for a couple more hours.
Thought you were just a motocross guy.
How long you been surfing? Five, six years now, maybe.
Plus, you know, I needed a hobby that didn't put me in the hospital every time I ate shit.
Plus, you know, it keeps me healthy.
[PROJOTA'S "ANTES DO MEU FIM" PLAYS] I'm gonna go change.
[MUSIC STOPS] You gotta be kidding me.
What, they couldn't get the other five in the van? Jesus.
Now you're worried about the rules? [Z'AFRICA BRASIL'S "A COR QUE FALTA NA BANDEIRA BRASILEIRA" PLAYS] What the hell, man? Is that the only way you kooks can catch waves? You bring five guys with you? You got a problem, friend? I'm not your friend.
Get the hell outta here.
Or what? This isn't gonna end up the way you think it is, bro, all right? You sure? [SPEAKS PORTUGUESE] So? Good news first The evidentiary hearing has been set for Friday at 8:00 A.
, and based on everything they turned over to us in discovery, we're in good shape.
The only physical evidence linking you to Mr.
Cano is the ballistics report, and the coroner's report confirms that the bullet fired from your weapon was postmortem.
Grisly, yes, but not murder.
What's the bad news? Um [CLEARS THROAT] There was, um, a piece of evidence submitted after discovery.
Now, the ADA's office is trying to hold the specifics until the hearing, but I told them that that was unacceptable Cut the bullshit.
They have a witness.
Who? I'm going to get a cup of coffee.
[DOOR OPENS] - [DOOR CLOSES] - Go easy on him, Janine.
He's trying to preserve his ability to argue this case! What the hell is that supposed to mean?! I need you to tell me right now if there is anyone the ADA could have found to testify that you paid for or arranged Javier Cano's murder.
It's a yes-or-no question.
Hey, I'm sorry about all that shit out there.
It happens.
I gotta get going.
My shift starts in an hour.
I'll see you soon.
Honor, bro, seriously.
Peace, man.
[QUIETLY] Yo, uh don't trip out and call me crazy, but, um I think Linc might be gay.
Wait, is he gay? You, uh Geez, if I knew you wanted to bang him, I probably wouldn't have made a move.
You're banging Clark Lincoln? Shh! Bro! [SNICKERS] Hey, Clem? Who are these assholes? They showed up a few weeks ago, starting trouble in the water, at the bars.
They put a bouncer from Brew House in the hospital.
One of them slapped Charlie Walker's kid at the pier the other day.
Wait, Charlie's kid from the juice bar? He's like 13.
Charlie's kid's a pussy.
He's homeschooled.
Yeah, at least he's from here.
These guys just roll into town and think they own the place.
- [ENGINE STARTS] - Pretty much.
Eh, well, I guess someone's gonna have to step up and mind the store.
I thought that was your job.
This town's gone soft, man.
[CAR DOOR CLOSES] - Check this out.
What's up, D? Too early for a beer? Oh.
Look at you, Mr.
Not now, Billy.
I get it.
[INHALES DEEPLY] Hey, uh, where'd you get all these boards, man? Customers.
They're cool.
I dig 'em.
I had this magic seven-six back in the day, man Lost it in the rip at Sunset.
God damn.
I wish I still had that baby.
Yeah, why? So you could hang it up on my wall? Hey, dude, I get it.
You're busy.
No prob.
No, you know what, you just don't have to keep coming in here and playing the whole dad card.
It's fine.
We're good, all right? Dude, I'm not playing the dad card.
I just thought, you know, you might be interested in this little side project thing I got going on.
[LID POPS] No, I'm not interested.
Oh, I think you're gonna be interested.
Four-man job, payoff is 60 to 80 grand, ballpark Maybe more All cash.
God, shut up.
You're so full of shit.
[SCOFFS] All right.
Humor me.
You like the idea, you can do whatever you want.
You can bring your brothers in or you can leave your brothers out.
That's up to you Your call.
[SIGHS] What's your cut? Equal split.
What's the job? Let's go for a ride.
Come on.
Where have you been? I had business with a tenant.
Were you able to handle things? Yeah.
Deran helped.
Do you remember the party I took you to out in the desert with all my old friends? Do you think you would remember how to get back there? Yeah, I think so.
I need you to find some people.
That's the first place I would look.
Who? Shit.
I need you to find them.
Tell me what they're up to.
Are they working? Anybody locked up? Whatever.
What if they're not there? Then you keep looking.
What are you asking me to do? What I tell you to do.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] I'll try.
You'll try?! When your mother ended up the way she did, who'd you call, J? Hmm? Who'd you call? I called you, Smurf.
That's right.
You called me.
And I took you out of that shithole apartment.
I gave you a beautiful home.
I gave you a family.
I g I gave you a life.
Now you find them.
I'm not asking.
Are we clear? Are we clear? Yes.
How many do you think they have in there? 100,000 plants easy.
I got pulled out of 7th-grade English class in handcuffs for selling dime bags.
Now this shit's legal.
I know.
It's the Goddamn golden goose, kid.
State lets you grow it and sell it, Feds tell the banks they can't hold the money.
Yeah, Baz always wanted to hit a dispensary.
I always thought it was too risky.
[SCOFFS] Dude, everybody hits dispensaries, okay? These guys, they sell to 50 dispensaries at once.
All right? All cash transactions.
How do they move it? Vans.
Vans? Mm-hmm.
Armored? I don't know.
Well, they're guarded, right? Yeah.
So vans, probably armored, with security.
How would you do it? [SCOFFS] You hit the vans, obviously.
- Okay, you hit the vans.
- Mm-hmm.
And how do you hit the van? Do you run it off the road? Do you point a gun in someone's face? How? All of the above.
[CHUCKLES] What? What happens when they start shooting at you? - You shoot back.
- Shoot back? Shoot first if you have to.
What? What, you think I haven't done big jobs before? What the hell do you know? [SCOFFS] About you? Nothing.
Like you care.
[EXHALES SLOWLY] How do you know about the take? I worked here for a couple weeks, and I got booted for sampling product.
You said this guy's a pretty big deal.
Does he have any other operations? Eh, maybe two, three.
It's a good idea, man.
It's a good idea.
- Hey.
[DOOR CLOSES] What happened? [CHUCKLING] Oh.
Uh, my board hit me.
Your board hit you? [BLENDER WHIRRING] Five guys come out, start burning me at the pier.
I say something.
I got punched like six times, held underwater until I passed out.
Well, did you say you were from here? That you knew us? Dude, I passed out.
[SLAMS COUNTER] All right.
Are you gonna kick their asses or what? You need to go back to regular school, man.
Quit this job and work in construction or a gas station or something! [DOOR OPENS] - Is the chocolate good? - Yeah.
You don't seem happy.
WILLIAMS: Mornin', Pope.
Cody? I'm Melanie Southards with the Department of Child and Family Services.
Nice to meet you.
And you must be Lena.
It's very nice to meet you.
It's my favorite, too.
Lena, I need to talk with your uncle.
Would it be okay if you waited for us inside? Uh, yeah.
Cody, I'm following up on some concerns Lena's school had regarding her situation at home.
Her situation? My understanding is that she's been suspended from school for behavioral issues that may be connected to some recent personal trauma.
I understand Lena's father passed away recently.
Yeah, he did.
I'm so sorry.
And he was? He was my brother.
Blood relative? No, but, uh And Lena's mother, Catherine? She's no longer present in the home.
Is that correct, as well? No.
She's not.
This is Lena's primary residence? No drugs, firearms in the home? No.
May I go inside and talk with Lena alone? Of course.
You live here now? Yeah.
Lena likes it here.
It's not the address we have on file.
Hey, did you, uh, did you talk to Smurf? Um, yeah, but I don't know how much it is.
I didn't have time to count it.
Oh, and I have this.
It's a real diamond.
So, uh, which room can we have? I'll clear some space in Deran's old room.
NICKY: Oh, hey, I cleaned the pool.
What's wrong? Hey, talk to me.
Do you remember when we used to go down to the beach by San Elijo? Used to make fires, drink beers, until the rangers chased us out? You remember? [BOTH CHUCKLE] Dina was right.
She said I should never have called Smurf when my mom died.
Hey, what were you supposed to do? You were alone.
You had nowhere else to go.
She took you in.
She takes everybody in.
And then she expects you to spend the rest of your life paying her back.
Hey, what's going on? I went to see Smurf today.
She wants me to go to the desert to find Javi's guys.
No, no, no, no, no.
Y-You can't.
- Y-You c You can't go near them.
- I have no choice.
I have to do it.
We could leave.
It's not that simple.
Why not? We could go right now to the bank, take what's left of Smurf's accounts.
You could go to college, I could work.
We could do it.
I can't.
You think they would care? They don't want you here any more than they want me.
We can.
Okay? [EXCESSUM'S "GOD FORBID" PLAYS] [MUSIC STOPS, ENGINE SHUTS OFF] Long time no see, my friend.
You're Brazilian, right? Uh-huh.
Who's this crew driving this van around with the Brazilian flag on it? I'm hearing shit.
They come by to have boards fixed.
But I don't like these guys, okay? Rich kids, no respect.
So that's it? Rich kids? Listen, Craig.
These guys they are soldados, right? Traficantes.
They have a steady coke connection from Brazil.
They show up where they think nobody's looking, take over.
So they think that nobody's looking? Is that it? Why am I just finding out about this now, Mauricio? People hear about Baz dying, Smurf in jail.
Think maybe the Codys have enough problems.
You look like shit.
What do you want, Garcia? Tina bounced.
Didn't know if you heard.
Transferred her to the sheriff's station for her court date.
Witness never showed.
Is that the luckiest bitch you ever met or what? What are you gonna do? People come in, people get out.
Got to stay positive, right? [LAUGHS] Shit.
You should've seen your face.
You were scared as hell.
Tina told me to make sure you're safe.
As long as your boy keeps paying.
He will.
Unless you don't want me looking after you.
You know, since I talk so much.
Just walk straight.
Make it easy.
Tina kinda liked you.
I don't.
POPE: Hey.
What did that lady Melanie talk to you about today? School, my friends.
Did she ask about me? No.
I don't remember.
[SIGHS] You know when you talk to people like that, you just got to say you're really happy.
You say you're happy and everything's okay.
When you talk to the doctor, tell him the same thing.
Why? Because people like that seem nice.
They seem like they want to help you, but they don't.
So when you see her again, what are you gonna say? I'm happy.
Everything is okay.
What do you want for dinner? Spaghetti.
All right.
[GROANS SOFTLY] We got a problem.
We've been lax on a few things Things that are gonna come back and bite us in the ass.
Lax on what? Town shit.
Stuff that we're supposed to be taking care of but we're not.
Now, you've been doing good on that money shit, man, but public relations has suffered.
I mean, look at everything we do around here.
Throw parties, loan money, sponsor beach cleanups, make sure the kids get decent boards to ride.
Come on.
You think we're renting out those apartments for next to nothing out of the goodness of our hearts? No.
We live here, and people know what we do.
[MID-TEMPO MUSIC PLAYS IN DISTANCE] Are you trying to get me shut down? Get her out of here.
Hey, Lena, how about you have Kai make you a sandwich, okay? It's okay.
Go ahead.
What's up? We need to make a run on some guys tonight Tune 'em up, send a message.
Tonight? Word around town is that we're having some problems, that the Codys are distracted, weak.
That makes us a target.
Now, if we can't police Oceanside ourselves and stop other crews from coming in, that brings heat on us.
So yeah tonight.
You cased the place? - Uh-huh.
- How many? Five, maybe six.
"Maybe"? Well, we got four.
As long as we surprise 'em, we should be good.
No, you got three.
I got to take care of Lena.
I'll drive, but that's it.
All right, so it's three against five.
We go in strong, all right? Relax, bro.
You're gonna love it.
Why can't I come with you? You just can't.
So you're just gonna leave me here all alone? Aren't Billy and Frankie here? Well, they went to go get tacos.
They'll be back soon.
What are we still doing here, J? This is bullshit.
We talked about this.
Yes, and I told you it's not that simple.
So, what, you're just gonna do everything that they tell you to do? You're just gonna be their bitch? Look, it's not my fault your family doesn't want you around, Nicky.
Jesus, can you blame them? [BREATHES DEEPLY] I'll be back soon.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] ["CARNIVAL" PLAYS] [KNOCK ON DOOR] CRAIG: On your knees, assholes! - Let's go! - Come on! Come on down.
Don't move.
- On your knees! - Get down.
Hands behind your back, come on! - Secure? - Yeah.
We'll go check upstairs.
All right.
You're dead.
You hear me? All of you.
- Oh, yeah? - [GRUNTS] Are they almost done, Uncle Pope? I have to pee.
Go check it out, go check it out! [BOTH GRUNTING] Aah! - Let's go! - J, what's going on? Come on! [LAUGHS] Oh, yeah.
Okay, let's go! - What you got? - Whoo! There we go.
Look at this! - I like that.
- Not bad.
Not bad.
Whoo! Stay out of Oceanside.
[SONG ENDS] [JOYWAVE'S "IT'S A TRIP!" PLAYS] Floatin' little second hands laugh like jokers Keepin' me from thinkin' straight, I've lost composure When you've gotten what you want Maybe I should start over There's nothing left to want Up and at 'em again You don't know what you want Yeah, I'm thinking it over [GUNSHOT] [GASPING] DERAN: [LAUGHS] That guy in the closet was like a Goddamn spider monkey or something.
Sounds like J saved your ass again.
Right? Little psycho.
Just hope it wasn't his jerking-off arm.
I had him.
Nah, you did good.
Hell yeah, you did.
We all did good.
But don't you see? This is what it's all about.
Us having each other's backs and handling our own shit.
I might have something for us If you guys are down.
What is it? It's a weed farm.
It's all cash.
Could be big.
Let's do it.
That's what I'm talking about.
Soon as I move this, I'll get us all some walking-around money.
Yeah, right, you Goddamn degenerate.
[LAUGHTER] Holy shit! What happened? [NICKY GROANS] [GROGGILY] The gun went off.
The gun went off.
[BREATHING RAGGEDLY] Stay with me, Nicky! Stay with me! It's okay! I'm so sorry.
I really messed up.
You just have to promise me that you won't let me die.
Okay? Just don't Don't let me die.
I love you, okay? Just [GRUNTS] Can you J? Can you Can you come back? [TIRES SQUEAL] J?