Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Low Man

I just thought you might be interested in this little side project thing.
What's the job? It's the Goddamn golden goose, kid.
State lets you grow it and sell it.
Feds tell the banks they can't hold the money.
All cash transactions.
- Somebody put that there.
- Heroin.
You dried-up bitch! I'm gonna kill you! They have a witness.
I need you to tell me if there is anyone the ADA could have found to testify that you paid for or arranged Javier Cano's murder.
I need you to find some people.
Who? What are you asking me to do? What I tell you to do.
We could leave.
I can't.
You think they would care? Holy shit! What happened? J? J, can you come back? West on Sequoia.
Hasn't Little J been all over your ass about pulling jobs? Kinda disrespectful then not to show up when you're supposedly in charge of running things.
I'll talk to him about that.
Power of attorney to an 18-year-old? Smurf's got a sick sense of humor.
Who told you that? Right on Ocean.
J's not in charge of shit.
You're assuming that Smurf's getting out.
But what if she doesn't? J's holding all the cards.
He could freeze you guys out, walk away with everything.
Nah, he wouldn't walk away.
You're smart.
But when Smurf looks at you, she sees me.
Smurf doesn't think about you.
Then why don't you have power of attorney? Hmm? Who knows, man? Maybe he just overslept.
Crenshaw to Jefferson.
Write it down.
Or Nicky's bitching at him.
I mean, who told him it was a good idea to move your side-piece in with your girlfriend? Your phone, bro.
- - Damn it.
- Who was that? - I don't know.
It was blocked.
You know, we're moving pretty fast for something this complicated.
Deran's smart and all, but he ain't Baz.
We'll be fine as long as he doesn't let Billy get into his head.
He's a dope fiend.
He's not exactly Osama bin Laden.
He weasels his way in.
He's a prick.
Smurf slept with him once, and it took her six years to move him out of the house.
Where's her stuff? Where's her shit?! It's down there on the right.
Where? Here? Yeah.
I-Is she okay? No, she is not okay.
She lost a lot of blood.
Nicked the femoral artery.
She's fighting for her life in the ICU right now.
They found heroin and fentanyl in her system! Are you shooting her up? No.
No, no.
Well, where'd she get the gun? I don't know.
That is bullshit.
I don't know how it happened! Is it here, or did you get rid of it already?! You know, she's lying for you.
She's lying to the police.
She's lying to me.
Even now, she's trying to protect you.
The nurses found her outside bleeding out.
You're just a piece-of-shit kid from the projects living with his junkie mother! She felt sorry for you.
We all did.
But I should have known better.
As far as you're concerned, she's dead to you.
Do you understand me? You're the worst thing that's ever happened to her! You will never see her again! Is everything okay? Who the hell are you? Mia.
That's perfect.
You piece of shit.
Nicky got shot? What do you want? Just hadn't seen you in a couple days.
What do you want? J-Just leave, okay? Get out.
Get out! Any stops? Nope.
Weak points in the route? Nowhere gunfire wouldn't draw attention.
What about the grow house? They got a safe.
Security's tight, but we could get in.
One safe, one grow house? That's a quarter of the money we'd get if we hit the trucks.
Can we hit it during the last pickup? Security cameras covering the parking lot, every angle.
There's also armed security guards with the money from door to door.
We have to do it here.
We could run it a couple more times.
If they rotate the drivers, then maybe the routes change? We'd hit 'em somewhere isolated, you know? No.
It's solid.
J's not even here, man.
We can do this.
There's gonna be 60OK on that plane.
You sure you want to walk away from that? Pope? I'm in.
So, I'm gonna need you to talk to Jeff, get a truck, and get some legit paperwork, okay? I don't want to get stopped on the tarmac.
No problem.
And we're gonna need something with some, uh, 4-wheel drive by tonight.
- Nothing flashy.
- I can do that.
Me and J will handle getting the vests.
We don't need J.
I'm your fourth.
No, you're not.
You're too big to go in the box.
Hey, kid can't show up for the meeting, he shouldn't be involved in the job.
You don't get a say in this.
J's in.
You hear me? Christ.
Can I talk to you for a second? Can you give us a minute? Yeah.
I gotta go pick up Frankie, anyways.
Can I take the Scout? No.
Are you kidding me? Can I have some cabbage, please? I'll meet you back at the house.
He could barely walk through the door.
We can't cut him out of the job.
It's his job.
This idiot wants to run a-an armored truck off the road with a pistol.
- Are you saying something? - Yeah.
I'm saying it.
Why are we taking a junkie on the job? What do you want me to do, leave him alone at the house? Okay, look, I'll give him something small to do.
Keep him busy.
We can keep an eye on him.
Okay? Can we get back to work? Yeah.
- God.
- Okay.
We have two armored guards on the tarmac - God damn it.
- one in the plane.
I got to take this.
I'll I'll be back.
- What? - I've been calling you.
Yeah, I was gonna call you back.
I need you to come down here.
- Today.
- To Mexico? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I can't do that.
I am in the middle of something.
Maybe in a couple of days.
Pope, today.
It's about Baz.
I'll see what I can do.
I need you to get the car for me.
- I'm getting the truck.
- Get them both.
That was my parole officer.
I got to go take a piss test.
What, now? Well, I go when they call.
Yo, Deran's gonna be pissed.
So don't tell him.
Can you, uh Can you take Billy with you? Aw, come on, man.
I'm not doing Just let Deran handle the logistics.
I don't want Billy anywhere near him when I'm not around.
Do it.
You know, this is the most complicated job we've planned without Baz.
If we get caught, it's serious time, man.
Yeah, well, we're not gonna get caught.
Well, you're in charge, and, uh that means it's on you if it goes south.
Is this a pep talk or something? I mean, if you're you're running bullshit on the side or whatever, I want to know.
I'm not.
- No? - No.
What the hell is that dipshit Colby doing outside? I don't know.
Hey, I get to do what I want to do on my own time, okay? Yeah, you do.
You wanna steal cars with these assholes? That's fine.
I'll walk.
You and Baz used to pull shit all the time without asking me.
That was Baz, and I can't help you if you don't understand the difference.
I need you in on this job 100%.
I am.
Then get rid of Colby, or I'm out! Hey.
Craig and Pope have been in and out of here all morning.
What, are you casing my bar now? You guys up to something? Yeah.
They're helping me renovate the bathroom.
Come inside.
Have a drink.
It's on the house.
You said you had something for us.
- Mm.
- What is it? I scouted it.
It's weak.
It's too much of a risk.
I shouldn't have floated you something that wasn't ready.
Well, take me to scout it.
Maybe I can give you a different perspective.
I got something else for us.
Like what? Just other opportunities.
Well, you want people to work for you, you gotta give 'em work.
Unless you're back to being the Cody family bitch.
There's a fence over on Casitas.
He moves catalytic converters.
Yeah, meth heads bring him metal? Doesn't sound like much of a haul.
A single converter can go for like 600 bucks, man.
He moves hundreds of them.
It's all cash.
It's all stolen parts.
He's not gonna report any of it.
He's got a Doberman in the junkyard.
All we got to do is throw a steak over the fence and we're in.
How'd you hear about this? Baz used him when we were moving cars.
And now you want to rip him off? He was Baz's guy.
He's not mine.
I don't give a shit.
He's a dick.
And we'll case the place together.
If it's not right, it's not right.
We'll find something else.
We don't have to rush any of this, okay? Now come inside.
Have a drink.
Nah, man.
I got shit to do.
I'll be seeing you, all right? Yep.
Smurf needs to hear from you.
She's been in there a long time.
She's losing her resolve.
Smurf's been in jail before.
Yeah, when she was younger, but jail's no place for a grandmother.
I'm paying for her protection.
I'm taking care of the buildings, all like she asked.
Have you ever been in jail, J? No.
I don't think you'd like it.
Where were you this morning? Deran called you like six times.
Oh, shit.
I forgot.
He's pissed.
The DA is sniffing around, offering her deals.
It's not good for her to feel alone in there.
Do you understand, J? This affects you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
How does it affect you? We're going to trial.
Which means she's looking at years.
She wants to see Lena again.
Sit by a pool, enjoy a cocktail.
Look around.
She starts making deals, who do you think is the most expendable? Maybe it's you.
Make sure your lawyer brings you a dress or something.
You show up looking ratchet, Judge is gonna think you're guilty.
I'll keep that in mind.
What's that? What does it look like? I don't want it.
That bitch you framed got sent back to gen-pop.
She's talking mad shit about messing you up.
I have a court date tomorrow.
I get caught with that, I'm screwed.
You get caught alone with Mercedes, you're dead.
Tina told you to stay away from her.
You didn't listen.
Well, that's why I pay you to protect me.
About that I don't renegotiate, baby.
I made my deal with Pete.
Pete pays us to sit with you at lunch.
You want us to get between you and some bitch with a blade, it's gonna be more.
Keep her away from me.
Let me guess.
You're looking for J.
I think he just went to beg Deran for forgiveness.
You want some? I need your help.
With what? Oh.
Don't worry about her, man.
She's half-psychic, so keeping secrets is futile.
An errand.
For the job.
I get it.
Pope sent you to keep an eye on me, right? Well, I don't know what you did to him, but he's, uh He's not your biggest fan, so Let me ask you something.
Do you remember me from when you were little? No.
Not really.
He does.
Look, you gonna help me or what? I don't know, kid.
What do you think? Should we help the man? Sure.
We had a meeting.
Yeah, man.
I'm sorry.
Nicky's dad showed up, freaked out.
He's taking her back to Guam.
You guys break up? Yeah.
I think so.
You okay? Yeah.
Good, 'cause I can't have you distracted right now.
I'm fine.
You've been all over everybody about pulling a job, and now we have one.
I said I got it.
Okay, good.
We got to do this the hard way, so there's math and shit.
You coming? How are you? Oh, I'm fine.
Why am I here? There is an inmate we need to talk to, a guy from L.
, Hawaiian Gardens.
He got busted on a drug charge a couple weeks ago down here.
He heard about a murder in Oceanside.
Why is he here? Marco gets us in to see the guy.
Sorry to hear about your brother.
Let's go.
Leave your car here.
Come on.
You got a new cellmate.
Hey, Smurf.
There you go.
Range Rover.
Big threads.
That thing's way on the grid.
- All right.
- There she is.
What, we're starting a softball league? It's perfect.
It's old as shit.
We want old, before they installed GPS.
Lose the plates, no one's gonna come looking.
She's not just a pretty face.
What do you wanna bet the kook left the keys on the tire? He took the fob, left the wallet in the car.
50 bucks? You got it.
I win this every time.
No fob.
How much oxygen do you think we're gonna need? Catalina aluminum 80 is 30 pounds.
I think that's too heavy.
Um minis.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
We only need them to last for an hour, maybe two if we get delayed.
I think we have a couple lying around at the garage at Smurf's.
You're good with the jump, right? Yeah.
How often have you been, uh, going to visit Smurf? Yeah, I go sometimes.
I pay a little money each week to make sure she's protected in there.
She talk shit about me? She just asks me to do things for her.
Like what? I put money in her commissary, stuff like that.
How's she doing? How's she How's she seem? I don't know.
Can't really tell.
That's Smurf.
Do you think she'd ever talk to the cops? Apparently they've been on her about us, offering deals.
You kidding? The only person she would have rolled on is Baz, and he's gone.
All right, got an hour before this asshole figures out his credit cards are missing, so who wants tacos? Sounds good.
So, where'd you learn how to do that? When I was a kid, we lived in a van.
Yeah? My dad lost his keys a lot.
Must have been a lot.
Este es el tipo del que te estaba hablando.
Sit down.
Tell him what you told me.
Before I got picked up, people were talking about a lady, paid someone to pull a hit on her son.
Where? Oceanside.
Shot him in his driveway.
Gang-related? I don't think so.
A rich white lady.
Who was talking? The guys from 8th Street.
Guess one of theirs was the one who got paid.
Did he say why she wanted him dead? I heard he stole from her.
Heard you had a rough afternoon.
You moved my cellmate, didn't you? You replaced her with that little psychopath Alvarez.
I haven't worked Corrections since I was 25.
What, were you hoping she'd kill me? Oh, no.
You were hoping I'd kill her, and then you could get me on a real murder charge.
I'm just glad they were able to separate you two before something more permanent happened.
I can get somebody down here if you'd like, and you can make a report.
There's a lot of overcrowding in here.
The COs are thinking that maybe you two can work it out.
You move me out of here today.
And I'm not giving you 10 years.
I will give you three, max, minimum security Donovan, preferably, so I can see my granddaughter.
And what do I get? You get my boys.
You know he's talking about Smurf.
Why's he even talking to me? Just a good Samaritan? Anonymous tip out of the goodness of his heart? You said put feelers out, so I did.
I thought you'd want to know.
Maybe you paid him to say some bullshit so I'd stop thinking it was you.
Why would I kill Baz? Why would Smurf? That's her son.
No, he wasn't.
And she made sure he'd never forget it.
All Smurf cares about is her own money, and he took that from her.
Who does Smurf calls when she wants something taken care of? She calls me.
I didn't kill my brother.
Neither did I.
You're not the only one who misses Baz.
And you're not the only one who wants someone to pay for it.
I could get someone inside San Marcos.
You don't touch Smurf.
You hear me? She's your mother.
I get it.
But she killed Baz.
And you know it.
Supposed to be a nice south swell coming in this weekend.
We should hit Trestles or something.
I'm done embarrassing myself on a board.
You got a bike? Why? You want to show off? Absolutely.
I was telling my friend, Luke, about you, and, uh Oh, you're telling your friends about me? I'm honored.
Um He said something, and I figured I'd just ask you about it.
I don't want to make it weird or anything, but Well, you're kind of making it weird.
He said your mom's in prison? Uh, she's in jail, actually.
She hasn't made it to trial yet.
For murder? I'm sorry, man.
You don't talk about your mom, and I kind of figured she was dead.
Hey, I felt weird knowing that and not asking you.
Deran? - Hey.
- Hey.
Still can't get used to that hair.
- Hey, man.
I'm Adrian.
- Oh, hey.
- Yeah, this is - Clark Lincoln.
Oh, yeah.
I know who you are.
Adrian is a, uh is a surfer that I sponsor.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
Um I'm in town for a few days before South Africa, so maybe I'll see you around.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
What's all this stuff for? I talked to my girl at the hospital.
Nicky's out of surgery.
Looks like she'll still be able to walk.
Pete says payment's double this week.
Looks like Smurf's made some enemies in there.
She does that.
So, you got the money or what? I think Smurf should maybe start cleaning up her own mess.
What do you think? Are you thinking about making a move? I'm just tired, tired of being her errand boy.
Well, she's the boss, isn't she? Yeah, well Her lawyers think she might not get out.
What do you think? I think you should tell Pete that I don't have the money.
Take a day.
I'll cover for you.
If you're gonna do something you can't take back, just be sure.
What do you care? Kinda like you.
Don't want Pete to take a bat to that pretty little face.
You all right, man? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- You look a little antsy.
What? Why don't you go switch out those plates? That's not a bad idea.
See you in a bit.
You know, he shouldn't buy from down here.
Lace all their shit with fentanyl.
Billy can handle fentanyl.
Yeah? You into that shit, too? Why? Would it bother you? You seem like you like to party.
I don't do needles.
Tequila, Molly, coke.
That's more my speed.
You don't like fuzzy.
You like bright.
That makes sense.
So, you used to live in a van, huh? Family of gypsies? My dad was career military.
He had a wife, three kids, chocolate lab, picket fence, but he couldn't get comfortable.
So he hooked up with my mom at a bar, had me, and they ran off together.
Your sisters must have hated you.
I've never met them.
And what other people think of me is none of my business.
What's Billy want with my brother? Doesn't really seem like the dad who's looking to reconnect.
How would I know? Well you're with him, aren't you? You have an interesting aura.
Oh, yeah? And what's it say? It says "Don't look at me.
I'm the dumb one.
" It says you follow instead of lead.
Except sex.
That's your superpower, huh? You asking me if I'm any good? I know you are.
But you're hiding behind it.
Hiding from what? I don't know but I'm interested.
You have to be smart to be good at it.
Figure out what a person wants, give it to them.
Good sex is spiritual.
Gotta know what makes a person tick, what they're ashamed of, what they hate about themselves, what they wish other people could see.
All right, so what are you doing with Billy? The dude's a loser.
- Billy? - Yeah.
Billy's just my ride.
He's just your ride.
All right.
I didn't know you sponsored surfers.
I couldn't afford to stay on the tour, so I And we grew up together.
You grew up together? Yeah.
What? Well, I'm not an idiot.
It's cool.
Believe it or not, you're not the first person I've had sex with.
It was a long time ago.
Where have you been? I've been busy.
You see this? That's what happens when you don't answer my calls.
Did you visit our friends in Arizona? No.
When I tell you to do something, I am not asking.
Smurf, I'm the only reason that that black eye isn't an everyday occurrence.
Watch yourself.
I'm the only one that visits you, the only one that gives a shit that you're in here.
If I stop coming, you're gonna die in here.
What are you doing here? What did you do? I'm willing to take your terms to the DA, but three years isn't gonna cut it.
You plead to arranging the Javi Cano murder, you'll do 8 to 10 in Donovan, but I need real crimes on your boys.
You got some set of balls, Pearce.
I'll give you that.
8 to 10 is a steal, Janine.
Iwata wants to put you away for the rest of your life.
I think your witness testimony is bullshit.
There is no way you'd come in here offering me an eight-year vacation if you had anything real.
Is that a risk you want to take? My boys are pillars of their community.
Andrew did his time.
He's reformed.
Deran is a small-business owner.
Craig manages the family properties, and J J is just a kid.
I'll see you tomorrow in court.
What's up, man? - You good? - Yeah.
Got my paperwork? Thanks, man.
You guys running drugs or something? Nah.
Nothing like that.
It's around the corner.
Temp control's in the cab.
- Just change the plates.
- - Hey.
- Can I come in? Yeah.
I, uh I didn't realize you were in town.
Uh, yeah.
I just, uh I just flew in for a couple days.
Jess had the baby.
Oh, shit.
Really? You're an uncle.
The kid is so ugly.
It's crazy.
Made it to the, uh, quarters in Hossegor.
I know.
I saw.
You smoked Conner.
I bet he lost his shit.
Is Chad here, or No, he's gone for the weekend.
He let me stay in my old room.
Jet lag's a bitch.
I've been in like seven different time zones in the last three weeks.
Keeps me awake.
You want some? No.
I, uh I'm good.
I actually can't stay too long.
Uh You're a motocross fan now? Clark Lincoln, huh? I didn't know he was gay.
"This is, uh just a surfer that I sponsor.
" Shut up.
We always sucked at timing.
How's that going? I don't know.
It's We're having fun.
It's just It's fun, I guess.
But he started asking about Smurf.
What'd you tell him? That I barely talk to her.
Well, that's sort of true.
Yeah, I guess.
Let's go.
Where are my clothes? You have to talk to the desk.
Let's go.
Take a seat.
What time does the van come? Where are my clothes? I have court today.
I don't know anything about it.
Janine Cody? Take it.
Check it.
Signature? Congratulations.
You're going home.
Now, do me a favor and stay out of Pope's way, will you? You know, most people actually like me.
You're comfortable in the truck? No problem.
You sure about this? Yeah.
She'll be fine.
Just keep your mouth shut.
Get in, get out.
Text Billy when you're done, all right? - Sure.
- Let's do this.
- You good? - Yeah.
I just don't like taking risks with people I don't know.
Man, you told me to handle Billy, so I handled him.
Gonna be fine.
Just keep an eye on him in the car, and all she's got to do is drive.
We'll be good.
Iwata dropped the charges, huh? Man, that's gotta hurt.
Need a ride? Thank you.