Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s04e12 Episode Script


1 Smurf knows that you talked to the cops.
If you stay here, you will be killed.
My brother's kind of strange.
What's the hole out in the field? - A bunker.
- Jed's stockpiling gold.
What's back there, baby? I have a job for us.
And this time, I will be joining you.
You boys have been having all the fun for way too long.
Smurf up? She left with some people from La Jolla last night.
- Where is it? - What? You're done with that shit.
You think I wanted this to happen? J took me to Kalani's for lunch - 'Sup, Pope? - I'm looking for Angela.
Have you seen her? Yesterday.
She was with Julia's kid.
You didn't forget about seeing Angela.
- You just keep lying to me, J.
- Pope, it's When Smurf's gone, so are you.
Back, back! [GUNSHOTS.]
- MANNY: Colin? Hey! - [HORN HONKING.]
- Colin? - He's dead, Janine.
She stares deeply Locked inside me Burnin' brightly One they know that I cannot take Waitin' for it all to begin Every night now, they'll win Come and meet my black hole Got a big black hole Got a big black hole I've got a big black hole I've got a big black, big black hole Got a big black hole inside of me Got a [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
LANEY: You should go back to the house, eat something.
I'm not hungry.
You gonna have a boy or a girl? I don't know.
You never asked? I haven't seen a doctor.
Denial I guess.
Pretty hard to deny now.
It's getting dark.
You want to get inside, coyotes will be out soon.
Hmm, mm Hmm, mm Because I rode up to the edge Because the life I lived was dead Because I could not find the words I could not hold it in my head I make my bed beside the road My body glows inside the smoke And I'm waving off I carry a diamond blade, I'm moving on All defenses down, and when I walk I carry a diamond blade when you said serve you I will not [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
What time'd you get home? Late.
You don't want to try and get some more sleep? - [WATER TRICKLES.]
- No, I got to get back to work.
- This Smurf thing? - Hmm? - This Smurf thing? Yeah.
You manage to get some sleep? Some.
Yeah, I tried to be quiet when I came in last night.
Oh, believe me, it's not you I'm worried about keeping me up.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Careful today.
I gotta get ready gotta go.
I made a coffee cake yesterday, I could heat some up for you if you're hungry.
No, thanks.
You think Smurf's even gonna show for this thing? She said she'd be here, she'll be here.
You don't have to go.
Yeah, we do.
ADRIAN: So, what's the plan? Indonesia? Great surfing, no extradition treaty.
Is that our only choice? There's Syria or Angola.
What about the house, we just walk away, leave food in the fridge and the lights on? We'll talk about all that shit when I get back from this thing.
Are you sure about this one? No.
- I need a car.
- What? You buried mine.
Does that car work? Thought you'd want to stick around, what with the baby coming and all.
That and being wracked with guilt about my brother's death.
Nah, I'm gonna hit the road.
I don't like staying in one place too long.
So, how much you want for it? How much you got? What? I'm Colin's next of kin, whatever him and you stole got him killed, figure his share should be coming to me.
Uh I think Colin would want that money to go to his unborn child, don't you? You're probably right.
Car needs some work.
How about 10 grand? [SCOFFS.]
I-I can give you $500 for it.
Eight grand.
$500 is my best and last.
Otherwise I can head down to that road, show some leg, stick my thumb out.
I'm sure some local redneck will slow down for a pregnant girl.
All right, now that you're family and I'm gonna be an uncle.
I'll even tune it up for you, make sure it's running right.
It should be ready tomorrow.
Oh, for 500 bucks, make sure it has a full tank of gas.
She's back? Yep.
She say where the hell she's been? No.
So we're still on for this thing? Well, it seems like it.
- Jesus.
- How's she look? She looks like Smurf.
You ready? I'm ready.
J, drive the truck.
We'll follow you guys.
Hey, get out.
I'm driving.
SMURF: You think Craig will figure out how to be a good dad? How would I know? Never had a dad, good or otherwise.
Neither did Craig.
There must be a book.
They've got a book for everything nowadays.
That's what you'll do.
Buy him a book.
What did they name it? Um, Nick.
Nick right.
What kind of name is Nick? Why Nick? I have no idea.
Renn's idea.
Adrian has been talking to the police.
He's been talking for a while.
About what? About us.
Does Deran know? Deran knows.
J, I don't think Deran is strong enough to handle this.
Do you, baby? How much longer till you get through? About an hour or so.
Everybody clear on the plan? Let's go.
See you on the other side.
Come to bed, honey, it's late.
POPE: How do you know these people? SMURF: Through friends.
Friends? It was a long time ago.
Why didn't we just tunnel in and steal the gold? It's be hours and days before they'd be likely to figure out they've been robbed.
They have security cameras inside.
All we need to do is keep them occupied and away from the bunker.
Do that by starting a fire in one of these fields, dry enough to burn.
These people are Preppers, paranoid.
First sign of something weird happens, what do you think they do? They go make sure their bunker is safe.
Turn here.
How are we supposed to let them know we're here? They know we're here.
We there? [PANTING.]
Yeah, man.
J: What's going on? We're here.
Text Smurf.
They're at the bunker.
Pull over under that tree.
What is this place? Smurf? Your father's buried here.
What? Right in front of that tree.
Andrew, this is your Uncle Jed.
And that's your cousin, Odin.
CRAIG: Clear.
Go get the torch.
POPE: What are we doing here, Smurf? What the hell are you up to? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH.]
Took me a minute, but I found them.
This is gotta be '70, right? After Dad left for Fresno, looking for work.
Your grandfather was a roughneck working drilling rigs, when he was sober enough to stand up.
Never could hold a job very long, always wound up punching the boss or something worse.
You never showed him pictures of Colin? I didn't have any to show.
I got out of here pretty fast, you remember, Jed? [SIGHS.]
Where's Jeremy and David, Jed? I'd like Andrew to meet his other two cousins.
They're out working the fence that's down.
Tree branch broke off in the Santa Ana last night.
They'll be back soon.
This is your dad before he left for Vietnam.
I've got his medals around here somewhere.
Goddamn hero.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Shit.
Iodine? That's good.
Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
It's in better shape than I remembered.
I don't think $500's gonna do it.
A deal's a deal.
Yeah, really? Who told you that? Did you put gas in it? I tell you what Why don't you and me just have ourselves some fun instead.
Maybe I'll give you the car for free.
I'm eight months pregnant.
Yeah, you still got a mouth.
And then I get to leave with the car? Yeah.
You like that? [SCREAMS.]
Shit! Bitch! [GRUNTS.]
You asshole! Oh, shit! [BABY CRIES.]
Jed! Son of a bitch! [BOTH SHOUTING.]
Jed, leave her alone! [GRUNTS.]
Stop! Jed, please stop it! [SCREAMS.]
Oh, God.
You were born right here, you and your sister.
Odin, too, and both his brothers.
How is your sister? Smurf never tells me a damn thing.
She's dead.
Sorry to hear that.
That's a damn tragedy.
Sure is.
- FDA pushing opioids so politicians can line their pockets with drug company money - - and keep the citizenry addicted, docile like sheep, under control.
You need to make a call? It's the pool guy fixing the heater.
Still fiddling while Rome burns, huh, Smurf? Let's get down to business now.
Yeah, sure.
What do you need? Two ARs.
Extra mags and ammo to go with.
Hollow points? Some.
And standard loads.
- Mix it up.
- It ain't gonna be cheap.
Not gonna be a problem.
Should we go look at the merchandise? How about that? Let's get down to the bunker.
What the hell are you doing? - Let's go.
- Are you kidding me, bro? We can take this out of the desert and tear shit up.
What the hell? Hey, Jed? - [GUNSHOT.]
- Shit! Dad! A deal's a deal.
MAN: Odin, get over here.
Come out, boys, let's do this! - Come on! - [GUNFIRE.]
What was that? That's gunfire, man.
Let's go, let's go.
Yo, wrap this up! Let's go! [GUNFIRE.]
Smurf! [GROANS.]
Okay, wait no! Where are you taking me? No! Andrew, no! Don't leave! No! You son of a bitch! What's going on Nothing, man.
What is that? The truck, truck.
Back up.
- It's Pope.
- Back up.
- It's Pope! - What? Pope.
What happened? Shit, man, what happened? Are you hit? What happened?! - [GROANS.]
- She okay? What happened? What happened? What happened? Get off of me! You idiot! Can't you ever get anything right?! Smurf, you're bleeding.
I know I'm bleeding! I'm supposed to be dead! And you it up! You're in shock.
You get in the truck.
Don't you touch me! Don't you dare.
Keep your hands off of me, every one of you.
Deran, baby, give me your gun.
Give me your gun, Deran.
Smurf, come on.
- Give it to me.
- Smurf Now, Deran.
Give Pope your gun.
What? No.
- Do it, Craig.
- No.
Do it for me, my baby.
- Smurf - Do it for your mother.
- Put the gun down.
- Give Pope your gun.
Give me your damn gun! - Give it to me.
- I'm not gonna give you the Come on.
You happy? Shoot me, Andrew.
Oh, shit.
Shoot me! No.
Andrew, don't you get it? I'm already dead! It's over.
And you're gonna make sure I don't die in some filthy hospital bed, weak and helpless.
Shoot me, Andrew! I'm begging you! - [SCREAMS.]
- Breathe.
Breathe, honey, a deep breath in, a deep breath in.
You can do it.
- Breathe.
- There we go.
Yeah, okay.
You just got to push.
- Push, sweetheart.
Come on, baby.
Do it.
There we go.
That's great, great, great.
Push, push, push, push, push! - Push harder.
- It's out.
- [CRIES.]
It's a girl.
A beautiful little girl.
You died out there with me, you know that? Don't you believe for one second - that I won't pull this trigger.
- You wanted me to die? You can't survive without me! None of you can! [BABY CRIES.]
Ow! Ow! Ow! Why? What's happening? I don't think you're done, honey.
What? There's another baby coming.
You're all weak! I'm strong! I had to be strong for all of you! One more push, one more push.
It's out.
It's out, honey.
- It's out.
It's a boy.
It's a boy.
shoot me, Andrew.
- No.
- He's been born with teeth.
It means he'll be fierce, a warrior.
Kill me.
Jesus Christ, Smurf! [CRIES.]
Shoot me, you goddamn pussy! Shoot me! Smurf, come on.
She's gonna do it, Pope! - Smurf! Christ! - Kill me, you goddamn Smurf! [GUNSHOT.]
J: Someone could've heard the gunshots.
Gotta get out of here before the cops come.
We need to call the doctor that you use.
- What's his name? - Why? We can't take her to the mortuary like this, they'll call the cops.
She needs to have died in her own bed from the cancer.
And we need a doctor to sign the death certificate that says so.
I'll call him.
Where's your truck? - Pope.
- What? Where's your truck? Did you leave it out there? I was in a gunfight.
I barely got out of there alive.
Follow you home How could I ever live without you? Whatcha doing out here? [SNIFFLES.]
Follow you home Until the witch grey I could never let you go And you're free Craig? And you're free Just follow you home It's getting cold.
Doctor get here yet? No.
What? The doctor.
The truck.
They need you, they know that now.
The Preppers will come for us eventually, truck or no truck.
Was it bad? You gonna be okay? Yeah.
I'll be fine.
And you're free And you're free Just watch you go out Only you Hey.
You okay? We're getting the hell out of here, and we're never coming back.
LANEY: Have you decided what to name them yet? [SNIFFS.]
Well, I knew I was gonna have a girl, so we already had a name picked out for her.
That's a beautiful name.
But this one, the boy, I don't know.
Colin liked Andrew.
After some hockey player.
Andrew? Mm-hmm.
Sure, that's a nice name.
You can call him Andy.
Do you like it, Andrew? Hmm? And you're free And you're free Follow you home How could I ever live without you? Follow you home