Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s04e13 Episode Script


1 Adrian has been talking to the police about us.
I don't think Deran is strong enough to handle this.
So what's the plan? Indonesia? Great surfing, no extradition treaty.
Her name is Gia the fence.
I'll let her know you're coming today.
I have a job for us.
It's quick, nothing fancy, big score.
Hey, Jed.
- Come out, boys! Let's do this! [GUNSHOTS.]
Smurf! Shoot me, Andrew.
- No.
- I'm already dead! She's gonna do it, Pope! - Smurf! Christ! - She's gonna do it! - Smurf! - Pull the trigger! [GUNSHOT.]
Why don't you and me just have ourselves some fun Ugh! No! [GRUNTING.]
Jed, leave her alone! [GRUNTING.]
Have you decided what to name them yet? Julia.
But this one Colin liked Andrew.
She stares deeply Locked inside me Burnin' brightly One they know that I cannot take Waiting for it all to begin Every night now, they'll win Come and meet my black hole Got a big black hole Got a big black hole I've got a big black hole I've got a big black, big black hole Got a big black hole inside of me Where's my money? I had cash in my bag and a gun.
Where'd he put it? I brought you breakfast.
I'm not hungry.
You can always come and eat with us, you know? I wanna leave.
Jed wants you to stay.
Are you gonna help him keep me prisoner? Are you gonna slide my food under the door? It's what Colin would've wanted.
Colin hated his brother.
He'd want me as far away from here as I could get.
I'll come back and get your plate when you're done.
Smurf's dead.
I know.
We're sitting on a lot of gold.
We need to fence it.
I'm not taking on any new business right now.
We're not new business.
My relationship was with Smurf, not you.
What does that mean? Means Smurf leaves a big void.
Someone's gonna fill it.
I'll wait to see who.
So you're just gonna leave money on the table? I trusted Smurf.
I don't know you.
This is a relationship business.
Smurf made the deals, handled the money.
You boys were only muscle.
Those homeschool prepper freaks are gonna figure out where we live.
They gonna come after us? Maybe.
See if the old guy's dead? He's dead.
So Uh, we need to have a funeral or a memorial or something.
What? All eyes are on us right now.
We're still the Codys.
Everyone needs to know that we're strong, with or without Smurf.
We need to let people know that we're here and that we're in business.
No funeral.
We're sitting on a million dollars worth of gold, and we have nobody to move it.
I just spoke with Gia.
She's not interested.
We'll find another fence.
- We done? - We're done.
Lose the glasses.
You're not John Gotti.
Make sure you drill Adrian on the new name.
In case they ask.
"Thanks"? That's it? What? Am I ever gonna see you again? I'm gonna get us set up down there, and then, I don't know.
Man, I got a baby, man.
- I need you.
- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.
- You don't.
You got something that's yours now.
You and Renn are great together, okay? Listen to me.
You're gonna be a great father, okay? I don't doubt that for a second.
Dude, we can finally do things our way.
The way that we've always talked about doing.
What do you want me to do, man? What do you What am I supposed to do? I can't let Adrian go to prison.
I just I can't.
I gotta go.
At least we have to have a memorial We never discussed bringing Gia in.
Smurf connected me with Gia before.
Yeah, I know, J.
You've always got an angle.
You've always got an angle.
You want to be one of us so bad.
You think you can run the family? You think you can be Smurf? You're a leech, J.
None of us trust you.
You've been lying to us since the day you showed up.
You've got 24 hours.
Pack your shit and get out.
Get out of my house.
He wants you to pick him up.
Come here, honey.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
You're okay.
You're okay, Andy.
You gotta hold 'em.
Let them smell you.
First couple days are important.
Yeah, I hold them.
Can't believe she can sleep through all that.
He's feisty, isn't he? Looks pissed off.
Don't you, Andrew? [ANDREW WHIMPERS.]
Jed keeps the car keys in the gun safe.
He thinks I don't know the combination.
He's in town.
What's he gonna do to you? [KEYS RATTLE.]
You should come with us.
What about my cash and my gun? You need to go.
Thanks a lot, asshole.
Screw you! Piece of shit! MAN: Yeah? Try showing up for a shift once in a while.
What, do you work here now? [SCOFFS.]
Not anymore.
What do you want? Huh? Mike's out.
What? Mike is out.
He's looking for you.
They were leaning on me.
I was dope sick, and I think you're a piece of shit who's earned what's coming to you.
But I don't want my baby's father back in prison, so you stay the hell away from him.
I'm with Andrew Cody now, so tell him that.
Smurf's dead.
Cody don't mean shit anymore.
Can I help you? Yeah, I have envelopes for Deran, Craig, - and Julia Cody.
- Julia? Yeah.
That's me.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, uh What you doing? It's getting good out there.
Did you get the diapers? [BAG UNZIPS.]
I wasn't born, I was detached What's all that shit doing outside? Oh, it's for Smurf.
Sorry, dude.
I didn't even know your mom was sick.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Yo, hey.
Uh, some guy in the office, waiting for you.
What do you mean, there's somebody in the office? Who's in the office? I dunno.
Is it a cop? Doesn't look like a cop.
Hey, man.
Excuse me.
Pope? Yeah? I brought your boys a lasagna.
I'm so sorry about your mom.
She was a great woman.
She was so kind and thoughtful.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? Marjorie.
Smurf and I have been friends for years.
Uh, I've never heard of you.
She helped me out with my rent.
That's just the kind of person she was.
So generous.
And what were you doing for her? This, that.
She always had it to me on the first of the month.
We'll get you your money.
Thank you, dear.
You boys take care of yourselves.
Oh, hey, uh We We're throwing a party this afternoon.
A memorial.
Sort of a send-off for Smurf.
You should come by.
Tell whoever you want.
I'll make some calls.
I brought the, uh the money I owe you.
Most of it.
Well some of it.
And I'll have the rest in, uh a couple weeks.
What are you talking about? - The money I borrowed.
- You borrowed? Okay.
Don't be like that.
All right? I'm trying to get sober now.
Believe me, stealing from my own kid, that was my rock bottom.
Sure it wasn't the time when you kidnapped me and then you sold me back to Smurf for a bag of smack? Is that what she told you? All right.
I'm assuming you found out Smurf died.
That's probably why you're here.
What do you need, a place to stay? - What is it? - No.
- No.
- Out of my chair.
I'm guaranteeing you, within two weeks or less, I'll have the rest.
Listen, man I'm all you got now.
And vice versa.
I'm doing this, you know? I'm I'm gonna get clean and sober, I'm gonna stay that way, and I'm gonna be here.
You know? I'm gonna be around.
For real.
Yeah, well, you got shitty timing 'cause I'm out of here.
I can come back tomorrow.
I don't care.
I mean, to me, whenever you want to sit down.
No, no.
You missed your shot.
I'm not gonna be here tomorrow or the day after that, week after that.
Where you going? Taking a trip, or ? Get out of my bar, Billy.
You can tell me where I said get the hell out of my bar.
I like the status quo You work here or something? Are you following me? I'm your guardian angel, J.
What do you want? Smurf's dead.
What now? Pope kicked me out.
He thinks I got you high.
I wonder where he got that idea from.
Who's Pamela Johnson? I-I don't know.
Why? Really? Okay.
That's Smurf's will.
She sent three copies to the house this morning.
One each to Deran, Craig, and Julia.
My mom? She gives Deran and Craig just enough to get by.
Same for Julia, which I assume will go to you.
Everything else goes to some woman named Pamela.
Even the house.
What about Pope? Gets a small trust fund.
Deran is his trustee in case Pope survived her.
Has he seen this? No.
What's in it for you? I'll be with Pope.
You're stronger with them.
So am I.
Hey, Pam.
I had the babies.
- Babies? - Mm-hmm.
Boy and a girl.
They're cute.
What do you want? You said we should work together.
Here I am.
Uh, those kids don't look like they are more than a couple days old.
Should you even be walking around? I'm fine.
Where's Colin? Dead.
I'm sorry.
And what about the others? Uh, yeah.
I can't go back there.
I'm looking for work.
You just had twins.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
We'll talk in a couple weeks.
What am I supposed to eat till then? [SIGHS.]
Is that enough to get you to wherever Jake is holed up? Whatever you did, Jake'll take you back.
I'm gonna pay you back.
It's a gift.
I don't like to owe people.
Um Do you have a gun I can borrow? [LAUGHS.]
Hey, Jake! Jesus, Janine! Is Manny in there? No, he's shacked up with some chick in Bakersfield.
It's just me.
Will you put the gun down now, please? It was hard to find you.
- I've been bouncing around.
- Yeah.
Well, we've been sleeping on the beach a few nights.
"We"? Andrew and Julia.
I had twins.
No shit.
Where are they? [BABIES FUSSING.]
Well, you comin' in or you want to keep sleeping on a beach? BILLY: There was this lifeguard down at Cassidy Beach back in the day Good-lookin' guy.
Borrowed some money from Smurf.
She told him to pay up.
And, uh I guess he thought she was full of shit.
God, remember how sexy she was back in those days? Uh-huh.
Yeah, I think the guy's name was Jimmy.
Yeah, I think it was Jimmy.
She wakes me up, she's like, "Listen, we gotta go talk to Jimmy.
" So I'm figuring I got to whack the guy around, impress the shit out of Smurf, she'll be grateful.
Win-win for me.
We're walking up on the guy.
She grabs the guy by the hair, drags him down to the water, sticks a gun in his mouth.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
And I'm going, "Smurf, baby, it's 800 bucks.
" She goes, "It's not about the money.
It's about the principle.
" Yeah.
Her reputation.
- Right? - Yeah.
What do you think's gonna happen to those boys? Oh, I don't know, man.
I don't know.
You have no idea the shit that went down in that house.
She really She messed those kids up.
You know? Not my kid.
My kid's great.
I got the good one.
Yeah, my kid's, you know, good-lookin', smart He owns his own bar.
I mean, he figured shit out, you know? [CHUCKLES.]
You ever meet Craig? Smurf told me if I ever went near him, she'd kill me.
I believed her.
He's big and dumb.
- No offense.
I mean, he's a good guy.
You know? Got a good heart.
He's funny.
You'd like him.
You gonna tell him who you are? - Hey, Craig.
- Hey.
Sorry for your loss.
Break my back I got a ravenous lover in repose Take it back Hey, yo, man.
What's up? Sorry about your mom.
She's the best.
We only hooked up that one time, but it was a good memory, you know? All right, man, well, thanks for coming.
- Sorry, Craig.
- Yeah.
Nice turnout.
CRAIG: Who the hell are all these people? You see those guys? That group? - Uh-huh.
- Cops.
Was she paying them, too? Either that, or they're here to rub our faces in it.
You wanna go ask them? Yeah, well, see that burnout over there? He just told me how much he enjoyed banging Smurf.
Yeah, seems like a lot of people loved her.
Holy shit.
What? Pope.
What the hell are you doing here? Hey, man, sorry about your mom.
Hey, man.
- Come here! - Come on.
What? Nothing.
- Okay.
Oh, really? - You got 10 seconds 10 seconds to get out of here before I shoot you.
I just came from seeing Deran.
All right? And I wanted to come see you.
- What? - I I recognize now and this is not easy for me to say when you have a gun in my face.
You know, I c-could've done some things differently, okay? So, you know, I'm sorry for some of the shit that I did to you when you were a kid.
Some? Some of the shit you did to me when I was a kid? Some of it you had comin', let's face it.
What is this shit? What, are you making amends or some bullshit? Yeah.
I am.
I'm three months sober.
So, yeah.
Let's just put the gun away, dude.
I'm not You're not gonna shoot me at your mom's memorial.
Come on.
Okay? Listen, man I think I did a lot of that stuff to you when you were a kid I did it 'cause I was jealous, you know? You were the love of her life.
She hated me.
She didn't hate you.
What are you talking about? She worshipped the ground you walked on.
You came from Colin.
Okay? He died.
He didn't get a chance to disappoint her like the rest of us.
You know? I heard Colin was a crazy son of a bitch.
Sounds about right.
Deran know you were coming over here? Yeah, I went over there to talk to him, but he didn't he didn't feel like talking, which is a bummer.
But, you know, he was too busy packing or leaving or something.
What? Maybe he's just taking his boyfriend up to Palm Springs for the weekend, but Leaving? That's what it looked like.
Are you going over there? - [ENGINE STARTS.]
- I'll come with you.
Nice talking to you.
What're you doing here? You knew Adrian was talking to the cops, didn't you? You've been protecting him.
I know it.
Well, it's not true.
Well, I didn't think so.
Then Billy shows up.
He says you're leaving town.
So it starts to make sense.
The Colby shit.
They got him on a drug charge, okay? They threatened him with 20 years.
And they offered him immunity, and he didn't take it, okay? So you're skipping town with him? What do you want me to do? He can't go to He can't go to prison, man.
No, he can't.
I'm getting him out of town tonight.
I'm gonna get him set up down there, and I'll be back in a couple weeks, all right? No, you won't.
You've been trying to get away from us since you were a kid.
I get it.
If I could start over again, a chance to be normal, I'd do it, too.
But I am who I am.
But you I'll miss you.
JAKE: You're Craig, right? Yeah.
Who are you? I'm Jake.
Old friend of Smurf's.
Well, thanks for coming.
I wanted to meet you.
The myth, the legend.
She talked about you a lot.
She was real proud of you.
Yeah? What'd she say? That you don't take any shit.
No surprise.
When was the last time you saw her? Not too long ago.
Where'd you know her from? We hung around together for a little while, did some work together.
I don't know if I'd call us a couple, but, uh we had our moments.
What happened to your leg? Smurf shot me in the kneecap.
Thought I stole from her.
- Well, did you? - Well, it's it's complicated.
So you're the Jake that stole the 300K from her? So you have heard of me.
It was a misunderstanding.
But that was Smurf, right? Shoot first then never ask questions, never apologize.
All right, man, well I gotta go home.
What's the rush? Well, I just had a baby.
Boy, girl? Boy.
I like it.
Yeah, all right, man, well grab a beer.
Make yourself at home.
Pamela Johnson.
Hasn't lived at that address you gave me since '85.
I did find her in New Mexico.
She did some time for armed robbery in '83, couple of months in '91.
She's 65 years old, two kids, boy and a girl, Phoenix and Robin.
Birds, I guess? Phoenix has done some time.
Robin's clean, owns a couple of office buildings up in San Francisco.
I have the current address for Pam, phone number, police records, couple of photographs.
Thank you.
So, did I pass? You did.
When she was arrested in '83, it was for a string of robberies she was doing with a partner.
Detectives were impressed with the level of planning.
Her partner was a white woman.
Think that might've been Smurf? Could be.
Next thing I know, she's got the gun, right? And she sticks it in the guy's mouth.
Now, the guy is you know, he's shaking, he's crying.
He's gonna piss himself.
She gets this look on her face swear to God, I never even saw it in bed.
That's how orgasmic she was about the situation, right? Hey.
You hiding? I don't like parties.
When is everybody gonna leave? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
So, is this your room now? No.
You should take it.
You deserve it.
You need to get that? No, it's J.
He wants me to meet him at some bowling alley.
Maybe you should.
My brother's out of prison.
Mike? You remember Mike, right? Mm-hmm.
We were pulling robberies together a couple years ago.
Convenience stores, shaking down dealers.
Got really dark.
They offered me a reduced sentence if I turned on him, so I took it.
But now he's back on the street, and he's saying that he's going to kill me when he finds me.
And he doesn't give a shit that I'm with you because, you know "Smurf's dead.
" He's talking shit, doesn't even care.
You know, Mike's my brother, but he is not my family.
Julia was my family.
J is J, too.
You know, he's a liar, and he you know, he's he's broken in a lot of ways that aren't his fault but he's your family, too.
Here he comes.
I can't.
I can't go.
It's my family.
Then I'll stay.
I'll do the time.
You can't stay.
I'm staying.
Listen to me.
If you stay here [SIGHS.]
the police are gonna make your life a living hell in prison.
You're gonna en You're gonna end up in a cell with murderers and and rapists, and I can't You're not gonna want to, but eventually, you're gonna tell them what you know.
Don't tell me what I'll do.
Listen to me.
If you stay, you will never be safe! You will never be safe.
And I'm not I'm gonna have to find out that some guard finds you with your skull cracked open in the shower, and I'm not gonna know if it was an accident or if it was my brothers, man! I cannot protect you! You said you love me.
Did you mean it? Yes.
Then come.
Come with me, Deran.
So that's it? I love you, too, you know? I have since we were kids.
And I probably always will.
But you're the worst thing that ever happened to me.
What is this place? I bought it.
With the money I stole from Smurf when I was her power of attorney.
I also bought a house, a laundromat and stole enough money to run for when things with Smurf blew up.
This is her will.
She cut us out.
She left everything to a woman named Pamela Johnson, who I've never heard of.
Do you know her? No.
I have a phone number for Pamela.
You can call her and give her everything that we've worked for, or we can destroy the will, get a lawyer to make a new one, back-date it to a couple of weeks ago, and play dumb when Pamela comes looking for it.
I can help you run this business because Smurf taught me how.
What are you still doing here? Adrian? So, that's it.
That's her.
Can't believe she fits in there.
What do you want to do with the ashes? Pope? I don't know.
She didn't always know how to show it, but she loved us.
All of us.
We've got some business to take care of.
We need to let people know we're still here.
What's with him? [CRYING CONTINUES.]
I'm gonna take a freight train Down to the station I don't care where it goes Gonna climb me a mountain Gonna climb a mountain The highest mountain Jump off Nobody's gonna know What that woman, Lord She been doin' to me Can't you see? Hey, Mike.
You got some balls, Angie.
I'll give you that.
Yeah, I hear you been talking shit.
What're you gonna do with that? What do you think, huh? I'm with the Codys now.
Yeah, well, Smurf's dead.
Codys don't mean shit anymore.
Is that right? Say it again, mother [MATH CLUB REMIX VERSION.]
Can't you see Oh, can't you see What that woman, she been doin' to me Oh, Lord Can't you see Oh, can't you see What that woman been doin' to me She a bad chick Super bad chick But she savage, erratic She doin' damage and wreaking havoc I thought I wanted it, but can't nobody have it Tried to say goodbye and I got radio static I guess that's just how it is And that's the best I'mma get So I'mma leave and I'mma ride till I forget where I am I gotta go, I gotta get out I'm drowning, gotta swim out We had a little flame, she went and put the cigarette out Bag in tow, I'm just headin' down the road Where it goes I ain't gotta know I had to persuade myself to save myself Been stuck in a bad dream, had to wake myself, man She a wild one Still enticing
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