Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e01 Episode Script

Red Handed

We don't want any trouble.

Hey, take it easy, man.

Just take it easy.


- Back, back! Inside.


- MANNY: Hey! Colin!

JANINE: Colin?
He's dead, Janine.
He's dead.

How long have you known that
Adrian's been talking to the feds?
Handle it.
Or I'll have
to turn it over to Pope.

Listen to me.
If you stay,
you will never be safe!
I love you, too, you know?
But you're the worst thing
that ever happened to me.

These people are Preppers, paranoid.

I have a job for us.

It's quick, nothing fancy,
big score.

What is this place?
SMURF: Your father's buried here.

Right in front of that tree.

This is your Uncle Jed.

And that's your cousin, Odin.

- Jed!

Come out, boys, let's do this!

Shoot me, Andrew.

- No.

- She's gonna do it, Pope!
- Smurf! Christ!
- She's gonna do it!
- Smurf! Christ!
- Pull the trigger!

Those homeschool Prepper freaks
are gonna figure out where we live.

They gonna come after us?

She stares deeply ♪
Locked inside me ♪
Burnin' brightly ♪
One they know that I cannot take ♪
Waitin' for it all to begin ♪
Every night now, they'll win ♪
Come and meet my black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black, big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
Inside of me ♪
Got a ♪


Renn, hey.

- Hey, you got to get up.

- What? I just got to sleep.

- Come on.
We gotta go.
Get up.

- Shh, shh.

What's going on?
Yo, is this thing good to go?
What's going on?
There's been some blowback
from the last job.

- [SIGHS.]
- Yeah.

What kind of blowback?
Smurf knew the guy that she ripped off.

I guess it was Pope's uncle.


Talk to me.

Pope and Smurf were
gonna distract the guy
while we stole his shit.

She hauled off.

Shot him in the head.


Pope had to drag her out
of there, left his truck.

And you're just telling me this now?
Pope's cousins have been
calling Smurf's phone, okay?
They know we live in Oceanside.

MAN: Good morning, Oceanside.

We have some three-to
five-foot-plus waves
coming in today, some overhead swells
that are up a little bit from yesterday.

Primary spout


- J: Anything?
- No.

They call again?

What time does the mail place open?

We need to get this out of the house,
keep it stashed as leverage.

You see anything on your way in?

What's the plan?

We give it back.


This is a million dollars.

In gold.

Yeah, Pope's right.

With the kind of firepower up
on that Prepper compound,
you think we can all go up against that?
Okay, fine.
Well, then we take off
and just wait for it to blow over.

Smurf killed their father,
and we stole their gold.

This is never gonna blow over, Craig.

The only way to keep this
gold is to kill them all.

We're not doing that.

They're my cousins.

You just met them.

They're blood.

We're giving it back.

This is all Smurf.

I need a small vacation ♪
But it don't look like rain ♪
- Hey, watch it, kid!
- Don't touch me!
- I didn't touch you.

- You pushed me!
- I didn't do any
- Mommy!
- Hey!
- Leave her alone.

And I need you more than want you ♪
And I want you for all time ♪
And the Wichita lineman ♪

This ain't a library.

- Oh, it's not?
- You gonna buy that or what?
- Is still on the line ♪
- No, no.

You have a good day.

Come on.

Damn, kids.


Let me have it, baby.

When I looked out the window ♪
- On the hardship that had struck ♪
- So, what are we thinking?
The plague claimed man and son ♪
That only happened one time.

It just means that it can happen again.

You know, before you guys were born,
I got one with a lottery ticket in it.

Well, you know what I got
for that lottery ticket?
That was with Daddy, right?
Come on down ♪
Come on down ♪
We'll make the stand ♪
Yeah, baby.

Bum-ba-da-dum ba-dum ♪
Can we go someplace with a pool?!
- Yes, we can!
- Yes!
What about you, baby?
You want to swim, too?
Don't say I didn't warn you ♪
- This prophecy's coming true ♪
- Hey, monkey.

The cavalry is thundering ♪
Do you want to get
burgers for dinner?
Come on down and meet your maker ♪
Could I get a kids' meal?

- Come on down and make the stand ♪
- Yes!

- Come on down, come on down ♪
- [HOWLS.]

- Come on ♪

- And we'll make the stand ♪

Come on down and meet your maker ♪
Come on down and make the stand ♪
This really the best plan?

Truck I left at the compound
is registered to this place.

It's all they have besides
Smurf's phone number.

Just feels lame sitting around.

You know Smurf wanted
us to have that gold.

Smurf didn't go there for the gold.

Look, I'm just saying
if we have the gold,
that we should just use it.

Place should be open by now.

All right.




POPE: How many were there?

Waiting for me.

Y-You guys know I got you, right?

But they were packing.

Big-ass guns.

I thought I was dead.

What did they want?

Mail out of the box,
plus the address we had on file.

The address to our house?
No, the other place.

The The apartment.

Whoa, what apartment?

For Smurf.

POPE: What are you talking about?
It's right here.

3435 the Strand.
Apartment 3D.

What the hell is that?
- Do you know it?
- No, I don't.

Let's go there.
Let's go.

Get yourself to urgent care, man.

That's the last of it, yeah?

I can't believe we're
still doing Smurf's shit.

Smurf said Adrian was
talking to the cops.

She told you that?
- Yeah.

- And ?

I'm wondering if there's anything
we need to do about it.

"Anything we need to do about it.

I handled it.


It's handled.



The cousins are in Oceanside.

Sucker punch is in your heart ♪
Life is reason, light is clue ♪
My shape is shapeless in your suit ♪

How's that different than a cigarette?
It's just different.

But how?
Why don't you swim?

A simple sun is slowly sinking ♪
- Roman shoes and pretty hats ♪
- They're curious at that age.


Glitter bombs that beat the beat ♪

You comb the night
'cause you're a cruiser ♪
- And ya ya never get enough ♪
- Hey.
Come here.

Will you help me?
Thank you.

And takin' off the heat ♪
When you're on the moonlight run ♪

JULIA: Stop!
Don't do that! I told you stop!
- Don't! Don't!
- Is that your kid?
- Come on!
- Yeah.

Please, stop!
They're just playing.

I told you stop!
Don't do that! Stop!

Stop! Stop!

Hey! Will you stop him?
They're just playing, right?

MAN: Hey, cut it out, guys!
- Hey, knock it off!
- Hey!
Will you get him off my son?!

- JULIA: Andrew, don't do that!
- Stop! Stop!
Let go! Break it up! Let him go!
- Let him go!
- Get off!
- Andrew.

- MAN: Let go!
Are you okay?

You okay, buddy? You okay?

You okay?
What is wrong with you?!
I'm calling the cops on you.

And your little freak! Do you hear me?
Do you?!
Pack it up.

What's up? What are we doing here?
Turns out that Smurf owns one
of the apartments up there.

- You know about this, J?
- No.

Come on.
Over here.

Who's that out front?
That's Odin.

Where's the rest of them?
Up in the apartment.

One of them just had a
smoke up on the balcony.

Left the sliding door open.

How do you want to do this?

- You got a $20?
- I got a $5.

Yeah, that'll work.

You gotta think,
with all this shit here,
she's probably still in town.

No food!

Hey! What's the matter with you?!
Piece of shit.
You piece of shit.

Get outta here.
Get outta here.

What's up, cuz?

Yo! Hey! Got something!

All right.

Goddamn it, man.

Five different passports.

This bitch could be anywhere.

Look at that.

That's him, right?


- Hey.

- Hey, Dave, get the tools.

- MAN: Hide.

- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

ODIN: Mikey.

Hey, man, I told you
to stay with the truck.

I need to take a piss.

I told you not to drink
all that Gatorade.

Come on, let me in.
You can watch
the damn truck from the window.

Doesn't feel right, man.

Don't open that door, Mikey.

- Come on, man.
- Don't do it.

Get back down there and let
us know if anyone's coming.

Morning, fellas.

- Put your guns down!
- Hey!
Put 'em down!
Keep your eyes on them! You hear me?
Odin, are you alone?
What do you think, dipshit?
Tell him we want to talk.

Says they want to talk.

Yeah, listen, everybody be cool, okay?
Just relax.
I'm gonna open the door.

- ODIN: All right.

- Very slowly, all right?

- Stay back.
Stay back!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Move in slowly!
We're backing up.

Get in.
Come on, come on, come on.

- All right.

- Get in.
Now, shut up.

- Shut up.

- ODIN: Take it easy.

- Shut up!
- Take it easy.

- Don't tell me to Shut up!
- Take it
So, where's your bitch of a mother?
Shut the hell up, man!
Where the hell is she?!
You said you wanted to talk.
So, talk.

What is it?
We're gonna give you your gold back.

- Just like that?
- We give you your gold back.

You leave town.
And we're done.

Our father is dead!
- Where the hell is your mother?

I shot her.

- And who are you?
- I'm her grandson.

She had cancer.
She wanted to die.

I don't believe any of you.

I want to see a body.

There is no body.

We cremated her.

And we want to give you back the gold.

So enough of the bullshit already.

It was just a job that went bad.

We did not know Smurf
was gonna shoot your dad.

She was settling old scores.

It wasn't about you.
It wasn't about us.

Whatever happened between your father
and our mother is done.

- All right, I'm putting it down.

- What are you doing?
- What are you doing, man? Come on.

- I'm putting the weapon down.

- Aw, come on, man.
This is bullshit.

- Hey, Jeremy.

We came for the gold.

We came for the gold, right?

- Right?
- Right.

Where is it?
It's in a storage unit nearby.

We'll get it, and we'll bring it back.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll go.

I'll go.
This is better.

Everything's good.

Just be cool, all right?

Are the police really coming?
Of course not, baby.

Then why do we have to leave?
'Cause you never wait
around for trouble,
even if you don't think
it's gonna happen.

Right, Andrew?
Why is everybody looking at us?
'Cause we're special.

MAN: Um, they're pretty good.

So, what kind of name is Smurf?
DAVID: It's a cartoon, right?
With blue midgets?

And you all called her that?

- Who's that?
- This is Mom.

So, you shoot their mother,
and you're still breathing?

They're back.

You know, your dad's buried in
a field near our house, right?

My old man used to tell us about him.

I never met him.

He was dead before I
was even born, but
I don't know, maybe you
should come by sometime,
pay your respects.

You got it?
Like, all of it?
Let's go.
Get in the car.




So, that's it?
It's done.

All right.



Yeah, Smurf knew how
to make good lasagna.


You think she wrote the recipes down?
Why? You want to start cooking?
I don't know, I just thought
Nick might want to know
how his grandma's lasagna tastes.

His grandma?

What do you want to do about her ashes?
She bought us those burial plots
where she moved Julia.

Probably wants to be there.

Aren't you supposed to put
the whole body in cemeteries?
You can bury ashes in
a cemetery, too, bud.

It just seems kind
of boring for Smurf.

Terry McGillis rolled up his dad's ashes
into a fatty and smoked him.

- That's bullshit.

- True story.

Said he started hallucinating and shit.


What's that?
Your copies of Smurf's will.

Where'd you get these?
Angela signed for them
when they were delivered.

She gave them to me.

You just opened them?
No, she did.

Pope know about this?
Yeah, I told him.

You should read it.


JULIA: Mommy, are we going?
- Watch! Aah!

Hey, Andrew, give me your shirt.


Wait in the car.


MAN: Oh, geez!
Oh! Help!

What the hell is this?
Who the hell is Pamela Johnson?
Yeah, I know.
She's one of Smurf's old pals.

The will says she gets
almost everything.

I'll check the breaker.







- Aah!
- Come on!

They got night vision.

Odin, perimeter.

Mike, take the back.

Dave, you're with me.

- DERAN: You all right?
- Yeah.

Got shit in my eye.








- Aah!





I'm all right.
It's just my shoulder.



- Okay.


Goddamn it!



Ohh, yo.

- He's alive, man.

- Just go.

- Bro.

- Keep moving.
Just go.


Aah! [SIGHS.]


Aah! Ha!
CRAIG: Sirens.

Deran's gonna have to deal
with the cops.
Let's go.

Aaaaah! [GROANS.]

Keep going.
Keep going.



- Hands.

- Whoa.

You guys here about the lights?
- No.

- Oh.

Any idea when we're gonna
get power back on?
A few of your neighbors called.

Said they heard gunshots.

Yeah, we were playing
this shooting game.

Had the volume up really loud.

These neighbors complain
about it all the time, so
You were playing in the dark?
No, this just happened.

What happened to your gate here?
That was a drunk driver
a couple of days ago.

All right, so, we're gonna
need to check it out, okay?
You got a warrant?
We have probable cause
with the gunshots, yeah.

Oh, I told you we were
playing video games.


Go call it in.

Tell the others to stand down.

Go on.

Stand down.
All units, down.

You're lucky I got here first.

There's three more cars behind that one.

- Give me a minute.

- Yeah.

- J: Are we good?
- Yeah, man, we're great.

- I'll see you there.

- Yeah.

This shit never happened
when Smurf was alive.

Better tighten up.

Let's go.






Are we doing this?
Grab his leg.

All right.



I'll meet you back at the house.

- Pope.

- You take care of the truck.

- I'll meet you at the house.

- Pope.

I'll meet you at the house!
What are you waiting for?!




Take your baby by the hand ♪

And make her do a high handstand ♪

And take your baby by the heel ♪

And do the next thing that you feel ♪

We were so in phase ♪

In our dance hall days ♪
We were cool ♪
Why do you get it if
you don't want the toy?

He likes to open the box.

Could believe, do ♪
And share in what was true ♪
Oh, I said ♪

Get up!

- Come on, now.

- You shut up.

Shut up.



It was Jeremy's idea.

I didn't want that to happen.

Shut up!

- Dig.

- Come on.

Hey, baby, baby, baby, boo.

When are we gonna get there?
Why? Are you tired?
I don't think all this
moving around is good.

'Cause of what happened today?
I just think Andrew needs more
- What?
- I don't know.

Just more something.

Hey, have some of this.

You worry too much, baby.

Your brother's gonna be just fine.




Pope, listen to me.

- I will show you where the gold is.

- Quiet.

I'll take you right there.

You can You can have all of it.

Turn around!

Face that way.
Get on your knees.

Take out the trash, Andrew.

That's what you do.

She'd do it.

She'd make me do it.


Get up.

I said get up!


I said go.

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