Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e02 Episode Script

What Remains

What's that?
Your copies of Smurf's will.

- You should read it.

- What the hell is this?
Who the hell is Pamela Johnson?
I have the current address for Pam,
phone number, police records.

- Did I pass?
- You did.

They told me I was gonna
go to jail for 20 years.

This detective shows up,
and he starts asking questions
about you and your brothers.

So what's the plan? Indonesia?
Great surfing, no extradition treaty.

Is that our only choice?
You'll be dealing with me now.

Your uncles know you
planning on running things?
- They will.

- All right.

How's the kid?
I think he's yours.

I'll make sure that everything's
ready for you both
when you come back to the house.

How come you didn't
tell me you saw Angela
when I was looking for her yesterday?
I know that you care about her.

But this is what she does.

She gets sober and then
she falls right back in.

Just like my mom.

What do you want to do about her ashes?
She bought us those burial plots
where she moved Julia.

We'll also be there.

Just seems kind of boring for Smurf.

I don't think all this
moving around is good.

- Why?
- I think Andrew needs more.

- What?
- More something.

Your brother's gonna be just fine.

Should probably leave in 15 minutes.

How'd you find this woman?
She found us.

She was Smurf's estate attorney.

Are you going to change?
You can handle it without me.

You're good at this shit, right?
Well, we should all be there.

Who is that?
Yeah, hi, it's Ken Roberts
checking back.

Is Angela Kane here?
Is this Pope?
She doesn't live here anymore.

I'm her parole officer,
and it's been two weeks
since she's checked in.

I'm gonna have to report
her as non-compliant
and issue a warrant for her
arrest if she doesn't show up.

I'm sorry.
I can't help you.

He's been showing up?
Few times.

Does she have a key to the house?
All right, we should change the locks.

I can call the locksmith,
maybe the guy
I'll do it.

All right.

This is the last of it.

All right, Tim gets 10% of the house,
plus whatever gets put in here.

How much do you think we'll raise?
Oh, a couple grand, maybe.

Man, if we send Tim outta
here with a couple grand,
I doubt he's gonna spend it on teeth.

I'm outta here.

I'll be back after this lawyer thing.

Hey, how's Adrian?
It's been a while since I've seen him.

He's good.
He's on a boating trip, so
No free drinks today, all right?
People around here, they think
I'm rolling in cash or something.


None of us know who
this Pamela Johnson is.

I know you're disappointed by the way
your mother chose to
structure her estate,
but she had the right
to distribute her assets
however she wanted.

She was ill.

Can we contest based on the fact
that she was on a lot of painkillers
- and medication?
- Ms.
Cody had me draw this up
four weeks ago.

She was lucid and very clear
on how she wanted her
estate distributed.

So we have no grounds to contest?
You'd have to prove she
wasn't in her right mind
at the time she signed the document.

She couldn't have been.

I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do.

Hey, this ain't right.

Can we talk to this Pamela Johnson
and try and work something out with her?
I've been in touch with her attorney.

She seems very satisfied
by the results of the will.

Yeah, I bet she is.

What if she didn't show up
to the probate hearing?
She has a family.

The estate would transfer to them.

And the bank accounts and the
rental income on the properties?
All frozen until the estate is settled.

So, when do we have to
move out of the house?
Probate takes between
four and six months.

Yeah, but it could be faster.

It could.
Depends on Ms.

She owns everything.

See anything you like?
Not sure.

I've been saying it for weeks.

The Summer Olympics should be bringing
more revenue to South LA,
but all it is bringing is more police.

- Change that back.

- I could throw my lipstick ♪
- I want to listen to music, Aunt Birdie.

- And bracelets like gravel ♪
And move to Alabama ♪
Give that to me, before
you stab your sister.

Then I died a thousand times ♪
He won't stab me.

Well, maybe not on purpose.

I mean, I like this one.

Do you have any nicer boxes?
It's for my mother.

- Pam!
- Shit!
Julia, in the back seat! Now!
He hung me with the endless rope ♪
Get down.
Settle down.

Come on, come on, come on, come on!
Why would she do that to us, man?
I mean, why would she do any
of the shit she did to us?
The question is what can we do next?
What about those bullshit
properties she gave us?
We could sell those,
keep us going for a while.

No, we can't.

But why not, man? I got a kid to feed.

Because we need those properties
to launder money from future jobs.

We got to keep the books straight.

Maybe we should have asked
one of Pope's cousins
where they stashed that gold
before we capped 'em all.

Yeah, well, hindsight.

That list of Smurf's assets,
the one the lawyer gave us,
all the stuff that we got to
turn over to Pamela Johnson
there's a lot that wasn't on that list.

You just have all that
inventoried in your head?
I'm just saying there's a
lot we can sell to get by.

You met with this lawyer before?
I met her for the first time
today, same as you.

I mean, she called to set
the meeting, but that's it.

Whatever you say, J.

What a shit show, man.

Piece of shit!
Hey, Craig.

That baby is too cute.

Thank you.

Just stopping by for a visit?
Nah, I got some Silicon Valley
douchebags down at the marina
willing to pay San Francisco
prices, and I'm all out.

- Hmm.

- Renn's a life saver.


I just put him down.


You dealing out of the house?
It was Tonya.
She had an emergency.

Oh, cocaine emergency?
I hope everyone's okay.

We talked about this.

It was a one-off.

Some tech guys are having
a marathon poker game
on their yacht.
Ran out
of what Tonya had.

So I did her a favor.

Yeah, well, next time,
- do her a favor somewhere
- Hey.

where my kid isn't sleeping
- in the room next door, okay?
- Calm down.
Oh, your kid?
Just no more favors, all right?
She cleaned me out.

Five grand.

Their boat's called Byte Here and Now.



Last time.

There you go, pal.

Is that what I think it is?
We need to lay her to rest.

Okay, all right.
Meet me in my office.

Back in a second.

What's the rush?
She's gone,
- and we need to face it.

- I've been facing it.

We were at the lawyer's office
this morning.
Where were you?
I was busy.

Smurf wrote that new will up
a couple weeks ago, okay?
She's doing this shit to
us on purpose, man.

Now, we can focus on
giving her a loving burial
as soon as we figure out a way to
keep ourselves from going homeless.


Hey, what's his problem?
Same shit as always.
What's up?
Yo, was he carrying Smurf's ashes?
Can you help me with
some kegs in the back?

I got something for us now.

- Right now?
- Yeah.

This shit is just getting
I can't.

Well, get Tommy to cover for you.

It'll only take an hour.
Two, tops.

Can you cover me right now? Sorry, man.

Let's go.

You said you were gonna pawn
something, not rip the guy off.

I don't get it.
We used to
do this shit all the time.

And that's how I ended up in jail.

I was gonna cut you in.

It's not about that.

My kids need their mother.

Phoenix took it hard when I went away.

And I still got to get my baby
girl back from foster care.

I got lucky when I got
that plea deal last time.

If I go back in, I do real time.


So, what are we gonna do?
Work at Denny's?
I'm just pressing pause for a minute.

Trying some new shit.
Been networking.

What are you gonna do for money?
Make some.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna live in your car
and rip off corner stores
till those babies grow
up or you get caught?
What's your plan?
You were my plan.

Better come up with
another because I'm out.

I don't have anything
going on right now.

That's not why I called.

We need a fence.

I thought you might know someone.

Things a little tight?
I just need a name.

What happened to Gia?
She's not sure the Codys can
survive in a post-Smurf world?
You know why Smurf was so successful?
Because she had a network.

Right now I just need a fence.

I know somebody.

I can make an introduction.

Thank you.

My end's 5%.

Per transaction.

Okay, I'll talk to my uncles.

Of course you will.

Let me know what they decide.

Did you know about all the
shit Smurf had off the books?
So, why does J know about it?
What are we looking for? Here and Now?
Byte Here and Now.

Hate these assholes already.

- Call.

- Call what?
Call your sister a whore?
Show me your cards, dickhead.

Dude, show.
He called.

What do you care? You're out, man.

Yo, you! Up! Now! Inside.

- Get up.

- Right there! Down! Knees!
- Okay, okay!
- You on this boat by yourself?
- It's just us.

- Hands.

Get on your knees.
Right there.

Get on your knees.


Ow! Relax.

Hey, we need another phone.

Where's the other phone?
Back-right pocket.




- These are ones.

- What?
They're just ones!
All right, where's the bank?
There isn't one.

Oh, you guys are real
high-stake players, huh?
Well, each single represents
10k, dumbass.

- Jack.

- What?
This should be an ad for Bitcoin, man.

The pot's too big for cash.

- We settle with cryptocurrency.

- All right, gimme your watch.

It's plastic!
What were you expecting? A Rolex?
My dad wears a Rolex.

- What century are you guys living in?
- Hey, shut the hell up!
Shut up!
Man, you guys suck at being rich.

- Man!
- What are they doing?
We should get one of these.

Yeah, gotta give it a
better name, though.

Go and untie the Jet Skis.

On it.

What the hell, man?!
Hey, you're not gonna
just leave us out here.

At least untie us first.

Mayday, Mayday.

This is the Byte Here and Now.

We're three miles out from the harbor.

We're having engine problems.

And we just ran out of cocaine.

Ah, asshole!

- Satch around?
- Hey, Satch!
Put more on the other side.

It's been a long time, la'u.

What can I do for you?
I'm looking to trade this in.

You got all the papers on it?
It was Smurf's.

What you looking to get for it?
What do you got?
That's the only one I'd
mess with, if I were you.

She's been looked after.


I'll grab the keys.

- A lot of hassle for 300 bucks.

- Whatever, man.

We got a couple of Jet
Skis out of the deal.

Be worth a few grand.

Yo, are you crashing here?
Yeah, I've been busy.

Got a business to run.

All right, man, well, look.

I'm gonna grab a beer.

Where are you going all dressed up?
I've got a thing.

I want to go.

- It's work.
Not play.

- No, I don't care.

I need to get out of this house.

It's not really your crowd.

I can hang with anybody.

Well, who's gonna watch the kids?
- Phoenix can do it.

- Are you gonna pay him?

Well, you can't go looking like that.

Like what?
Like what?
Hush, baby, hush ♪
Don't you say a word ♪
Thanks for throwing
the fundraiser, dude.

You missed some.

- Dude, thanks.

- Of course.

You want me to keep
that some place safe?

I'm gonna have teeth, man.

Bite into an apple.

- Rip into some corn.

- Uh-huh.

Yeah, you'll look good, bud.

What's up?

- For your teeth.

- Thanks, dude.

I think I found us a fence.

Through Frankie.

She wants 5% every transaction.

It's the only action we got right now.


You want me to tell Craig?
No, I'll tell him.

- Want a drink?
- Yeah.

- Hello.

- Hello?
Can I help you?
My mother passed away,
and she, uh, purchased
some b-burial plots here.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

- She was cremated?
- Yeah.
She was cremated,
but she wanted to be buried here,
next to my sister, her daughter.

Oh, that's fine, but I'm actually
closing up right now.

Call me tomorrow morning, and
I will get this started for you.

What? No.
No, no, no.

- It has to be done now.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- That's That's not possible.

- Today.

See, burials don't
don't work like that.

We need to set an appointment.

But she already bought the plot.

But there's a little
bit more to it than that.

I need a permit from the
state for disposition.

- No.

- And all my workers
- have already gone home.

- I need to get this done now.

Call me tomorrow morning, first thing,
and I will expedite the process
for you as much as I can.

I'll be in tomorrow at 9:00.

Is this place always this
weird or is it just today?
You know who I am.

I got to say, that Adrian
is a good-looking guy.

Those eyes?
You could spot them anywhere,
like an airport security camera.

Crazy resolution on those things.

Is there something I can help you with?
I didn't care about you.

Or your white-trash surf family.

But I do now.

Old galvanized pipes, both
bathrooms and a kitchen.

That's why you got rust in your water.

I can give you $5,000.

$5,000 won't cover it.

I only use copper pipe.
That cheap shit
is why you got the problems you got now.

$5,000's all I've got.

I can do it for $6,000, but you're
gonna have some walls to repair
when I'm done.


All right, we'll start demo tomorrow.

You must be the boss.

You sound like the boss.

You got some place we could talk?
Follow me.

You ever nail Mia back here?
What do you want to talk about?
You still working?
- Yeah.

- Good.

I got something.

I would've never brought it to Smurf.

But she ain't around no more,
so what the hell, right?
Single-engine plane.

Went down in the mountains
with some shit in it.

That pilot got his ass busted up.

He had to walk out, wanted to disappear.

I helped him.

He gave me this.

What's this?

Sends a GPS signal.

So what's in this plane? Drugs?
Like I said, I would've never
brought this to Smurf.

How much is in the plane?
Well, you only use a plane
to move real weight, J.

Why won't you do it?
You guys are all outdoorsy.

You like rock climbing and
ropes and all that shit, right?
It's gonna be a couple days
before whoever owns
it starts to miss it.

It's finders keepers, J.

Go get it.


That's premium shit, right?
Straight from Colombia.

"Scarface" got everybody
thinking the best shit is Cuban,
but it's not.

- It's Colombian.

- Oh, yeah?
What else you got?

That right there is an original Emhurst.

Got it just before he hit last year.

Could fetch twice what I paid now.

This was a gift from Billy Dee.

He got way into this
cat's work for a minute.

I just like it 'cause it's tall.

Like me.

That rug?

Seven grand just to
ship it in from Peru.

- Wow.

- Yeah.

Got even better stuff to show you.

Come on.


Maybe later.

I bet you think that body's
gonna open up doors
the rest of your life, huh?
Little miss attitude.

But I've seen 'em like you before.

In control.

Nobody gonna tell you shit.

Get away with it too 'cause
you got exactly what they want.

Well, smoke 'em while
you got 'em, sugar.

'Cause ain't nobody gonna put up with it
once your shit starts looking tired.

Marcus, you're boring me.

How about now? Hmm?
Is somebody gonna do something?
Marcus is always pulling out that
damn gun when he gets high.

What do you do with that?
It's a gun, sweetheart.

Shoot people with it.

Have you ever shot anyone?
What do you think?
All right, go ahead.
Do it then.

Come on, come on,
come on, pull the trigger!
Come on, big man!
Shut up.

- Do it then.

- I will.

- Relax.

- Pull the trigger.

- Janine.
- No, pull the trigger!
- Pull it! Come on!
- You want to play with me?
- You want to play with me?!
- Pull the trigger!
- Get this crazy bitch out of my house!
- Pull the fucking trigger!
Okay, okay, okay.


You know what? Just
Just in case you ever do want
to shoot someone, real,
in the future, you might
want to click the safety off.




How was Tim's thing?
It was okay.

How was Nick?
Well, when he wasn't
shitting all over the place,
he was trying to chew my tits off
every time I tried to feed him.

- My nipples are sore.

- Oh.

Yeah, I would've come home sooner,
but, um, I had to help
Deran with some shit.

Of course you did.

Oh, just nice of you to stop by.

I still believe that Ben and I
have the strongest relationship.

I'm doing the best I can.

What happened with your mom's will?
You don't want to know.

Yeah, I do.

My bad.

It's okay.

Adrian Dolan looks like he might be
your 2019 champion.

I think we have to wait and
see what the final scores are
over at the judges table,
but the eye test says
he had the best run
and the best heat every time out there.

I mean, he crushed it.

Savvy wave collection, not to mention
some elite-level recognition
out there on the paddle
Where's Deran?
He was just pulling in behind me.

Look, man, if you're gonna
invite us here this late,
least you can do is make us some coffee.


Where's Pope?
Haven't seen him since this morning.

So what's up? What's the urgency?
Pete Trujillo has a job for us.

There's a clock on it.

Smurf trusted him.

What's the job?
Smuggler's plane came down in
the San Bernardino Mountains.

Pete helped the guy out.

Guy gave him the location.

What's in it? Drugs?

Why doesn't Pete just do it himself?
It's too tough to get to.

How tough?
Ropes, climbing gear.

There's no way that Pete
and his gangbangers
are rappelling down mountainsides.

Who else is looking for it?
For the next couple of days, just us.

That's why we need to act quick.

We need to start first
thing tomorrow morning.

Well, we'll run it by Pope.

If he's into it, I'm into it.

- All right.

- Yeah, me too.

- Bro.

- Yo.

What the hell are you doing?
Renn and Nick are asleep.

- Let's surf.

- What?
Let's go surfing.

Are you kidding?
The pier lights are on.

Bro, it's cold outside and the
pier lights aren't for shit.

Come on!
We could duct-tape these
to the front of the boards.

All right.

All right, I'm coming.

Just lay off the horn.

Why aren't you asleep?
I was watching TV.


You smell good, Aunt Birdie.

Thank you.
That's my perfume.

If you want pancakes tomorrow,
you need to find a place to lay down.

Come here, baby.

It's okay.
I'll take care of your mama.


Can we just, mm, drop
it for today, please?

It was important that I come off
as a legit professional tonight.


I was there for business.


Now they think I'm as crazy as you.

Tell me.

Why do you even care what they think?
What's going on with you?
- Mm.

- Hmm?
You roll up here with two kids,
looking like you need a meal yourself.

No money, no crew.

Out here just wilding.

What the hell is going on?

I don't know.

Well, your two kids need
you to figure it out.

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