Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e03 Episode Script


- Pete Trujillo has a job for us.

What's the job?
Smuggler's plane came down in
the San Bernardino Mountains.

- What's in it? Drugs?
- Money.

Why doesn't Pete just do it himself?
It's too tough to get to.

Ropes, climbing gear.

It's 20 miles away from
easy vehicle access.


I don't get it.
We used to
do this shit all the time.

And that's how I ended up in jail.

What are you gonna do for money?
Trying some new shit, been networking.

What else you got?
Even my ashtrays are pure silver.

That Adrian is a good-looking guy.

You could spot them anywhere,
like an airport security camera.

I didn't care about you.

I do now.

- Pull the trigger.

- Relax.
- You want to play with me?
- Pull it! Go on!
- You want to play with me?!
- Pull the trigger!
- Get this crazy bitch out of my house!
- Pull the fucking trigger!
- We can't just leave her out here.

- What are we supposed to do?
Get out.

DERAN: Where's Pope?
So we need to figure out what
to do with Smurf's ashes.

Do we have any idea what set him off?

She stares deeply ♪
Locked inside me ♪
Burnin' brightly ♪
One they know that I cannot take ♪
Waitin' for it all to begin ♪
Every night now, they'll win ♪
Come and meet my black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black, big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole inside of me ♪
Got a ♪

LOUIS: Did you get any of those
little chorizos at the store?
- BLAKE: Yep.

- Yes!

Didn't mean to wake you.

Just need to get the blanket.

Got it in Taos on our honeymoon.

I was getting up.

BLAKE: We're heading back to
our place to get some chow.

You want to come with?

That was fun.

We should get together again soon.


Well, um, till next time.


SECRETARY: Fleischer, Hartman,
and Jones, attorneys at law.

Gloria Hartman, please.

And who may I say is calling?
J Cody.
I want to talk about
my grandmother's estate.

Please hold.


Yeah, got them from in front
of that fancy new spin studio
on Mission the one with
the huge climbing wall.

People ride their bikes
to a cycling class?
All I know is they use shitty locks.

All right, $150 each.

GLORIA: Hello, J.
What can I do for you?
Hey, I wanted to see if
Pamela Johnson got in touch.

No, haven't heard a peep.

Why not?
It's a process.



RENN: You got an eye problem?
I can't help it.

Your boobs look amazing right now.



Babies get first dibs on boobs.

- Mm-hmm.

- Mm-hmm.




Hey, man.
Is Renn here?
- Get the hell off my porch.

- Hey, it's Renn's porch, too, right?
- She's not here.

- Her car's here.


- Oh, she in there with the baby?
Yo, you need Renn, call her.

Don't show up here again.

- Chill out, man.

- Go!
Yo, it's bad enough that you got
- that dipshit Tonya coming around.

- Shh!
But Z.
The guy's a walking arrest warrant.


Craig, I just got Nick
to start latching.

You said that Tonya was a one-off.

So you want me doing this,
what, on a corner somewhere?
What, Z.
, seriously?
- Out.

- What?



Boy, didn't I take that
knife from you once?
Unh-unh! Unh-unh!
That is your lunch
you're poking holes in.


Are you hearing this?
Lunch, knife.

Hey, do you have a hair dryer?
Where are you going?

Out where?
I got a lead on a job.

Julia, take your brother
into my bedroom.

Aunt Birdie's got some new
makeup in there you can try.

Come on, Andrew.


A job, huh?
Uh I'm just checking
a few things out.

If anything pans out, I'll let you know.

You get picked, I am not
taking care of your kids.

I'm calling Family Services.

Pam, do you think maybe you
could lend me a couple bucks
just for bus fare?
My car finally bit the dust.
- Thank you.

- [SIGHS.]

- Bye.

- Bye.


Hey, man, I found your toothbrush
next to the prep sink.

Figured you probably didn't
want the health department
writing you up again.


You doing all right, man?


Uh, I'm gonna go grab that keg.


DERAN: You look like shit.

So what's up?
You cool about this Trujillo job?
I mean, what, they'll send a
couple low-level douchebags
to go and look around.

They don't find anything,
then, oh, well.

Cost of doing business.

We're stealing cash from a cartel.

I just don't want to end up headless,
hanging from a bridge somewhere.

They don't do that shit up here, man.

You know what a cartel actually is?
Just baggage handlers and
middle managers, man.

Like a Best Buy.

Corporation, basically.

Yeah, well, corporations
don't like people
stealing money from them.

They figure their losses
into their business models.

- Their business models?
- Hmm.

Yo, if anything's off,
we just walk away.



It's been a while.

You look good.

You too.

What's this?
MANNY: Jake got married.

- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

Who's the lucky lady?

What do you want?

A horse.
So what?
It's a unicorn.

And it's worth $7,000.

- You can get more of these?
- Yep.

And some gold and some
cash, other valuables.

Smash and grab? What?
No guns.
It's just a quick in and out.

You sure?
Oh, you need to check with your wife?

So you get to carry the drone,
and I'm supposed to carry all this crap?
We can drop the gear and
free-climb if you want.

- Where were you last night?
- Out.

Out where?
You told me to get you
a ride, I got you a ride.

CRAIG: Where the hell have you been?
Looking for an ATM.

You know that Union
76 card got declined.

This estate bullshit
is a pain in the ass.

And all the damn cards
are in Smurf's name.

Yo, is this a 23-inch frame?
They're all either
22- or 23-inch frames.

I raised the seat post
as high as it'll go,
but the handlebars won't budge.

- You'll be fine, man.

- Just ride it like a BMX.

For 20 miles?
You're always bragging about stamina.

Why don't you prove it?
All right, hey, let's just
take the dirt bikes, okay?
You want to lower a
dirt bike off a cliff?
It's a nice ride.


Stole it about an hour ago
off a lot on the 600 block of Tremont.

It was parked between two pickup trucks,
a blue Ford, black Dodge.

All right, so we ride in about 20 miles,
rappel down to the plane,
grab the shit, and get out.

- Simple.

- Simple.

We could be out there all day
looking for this thing, no?
We have the transponder.

And you're sure the owners of the plane
are at least a day behind us?
Yeah, according to Pete.

And if anybody does show up,
we're just three guys
mountain-biking for the day.





Living room's around there.

There's shiny shit on
the tables, everything.

You have three minutes.



- Yeah.

- Yeah.

All right, let's go.

You good?

See you on the other side.

Lo siento.

I'm sorry.

Marcus said I could sleep in.

Uh, sí.
Está bien.

- Hey!
- What?
There's another maid.

What the hell?
Go, go.

Ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah ♪
Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
Ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah ♪

Ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah ♪
Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
CRAIG: I thought you said it
wasn't too uphill this way.

Yeah, it's less uphill
than the other route.

You're getting soft, big man.

You can always use your granny gear.


Come on, we got to climb.


He's killing the bunny.

JANINE: It's all right, baby.

One of them has to die so
the other one can live.

That sucked.


J: I think that's it.

- Looks like the tip of a wing.

- No, it's too small.

It's the right distance and direction.

Get a little closer.


Yeah, that's it.
That's it.

All right.

Yeah, I'm good.
Keep going.


When you're ready, Craig.

DERAN: Shit.
Pete say anything
about a dead guy?
CRAIG: Looks like the
animals got to him.


All right, come on.

Let's get the shit out.

Got a crowbar?

Let's go.

Oh, shit.

Yeah, that ain't cash, J.

Can't even fit all of it into
the backpacks, man.

All this shit.

You said it was cash.

You know about this?

J: That drone isn't mine.


DERAN: Jesus.
What are you doing, man?
You're not gonna be able to
hit that shit from right here.

God damn it.

- All right, just pack this shit up.


- Let's get out of here.

- Oh, shit.

Get down.



No, man, they can't get down
here from up there, no way.

They're gonna find another way down.

Let's get out of here.

Go, go, go.


I'm at the rendezvous point.
What's up?
CRAIG: Dudes on ATVs coming for us.

Definitely not friendly.

Do you know how many?
But they're looking
for a way off the ridge.

They'll probably head
back to the highway
to catch the fire road.

I'm on it.





I got one.

Other one's headed for you.

CRAIG: Just meet us at the rendezvous.

There's one coming down the fire road!

Yo, hold up.

Hold up.
Hold up.

I must have hit a rock or something.

Yeah, you got a snakebite.

You're not gonna make
it more than 50 yards.


Get down.

You good?
Cover me.
I'll fix it.



We're seeing the shots
before we hear them.

Means he's a ways out,
probably 500 yards.

CRAIG: There's no way he
can hit us from that far.

He can if he's a good shot.

Guy's a low-level sicario,
not a special forces sniper.

J, hurry up.

I think he stopped.


Come on, J.
He's on the move again.

He's gonna try to outflank us.

Okay, we're good.
Let's go.

DERAN: God damn it!
J: We can do this.

Once we're down there, we're home free.

Come on.

Oh, shit.

Oh, God damn it.




- Gonna go?
- Yeah.

Like dropping in on a halfpipe.

Yo! I like this bike.

Come on.


We good?
- Let's go.

- Yeah.


MANNY: I've got a fence
who will do us a solid deal.

- We can go now.

- I got to split,
but how about I take the cash
and you guys take the jewels and shit?
- What?
- If someone says,
"Yeah, I saw a pretty white
girl with all your shit,"
what can I say, I'm
pretty hard to forget.

You're pretty easy to forget.

JAKE: The jewels and shit are
worth more than the cash anyway.

It works out better for us.

Yeah, you'll get more than
6 grand for all this crap.

- Whoa, leave the gun.

- Oh, no, I earned this.

Okay, later.

Uh, we can give you a ride.

- Uh, no, thanks.

- Well, just, hey.

How are you doing?
I'm fine.

A-Are the kids okay?
They're kids.

You just look tired.

Well, you look stupid, but
at least I can take a nap.

You look great.
I mean,
you always look great.

Do you need anything?
Not anymore.

What'd you think, we were
just gonna grab this shit
- and not know what it was?
- I knew you'd figure it out.

I thought it was worth the risk.

You thought it was worth the risk.

You know how hard it's gonna
be to move this stuff?
It's not gonna be hard.

I made a deal with Pete.

- Wait, you what?
- Pete's gonna move it.

It's all worked out.

What else are you hiding from us, J?
He has bowling alley.

J's got a bowling alley
and a laundromat
and a condo.

He bought it all with money
he stole from Smurf.

You own a bowling alley?
It'll help us clean money.

So will the laundromat.

And the condo?
It's a good investment.

You stole from us.

I stole from Smurf.

It's the same thing, J.

Look, I did this to help us.


- Are you okay with this shit?
- No.

The score will bring us a lot of money.

Pete'll move it.
It's not our problem.

The DEA agent who busted Adrian
stopped by my bar looking for me.

What, is he tailing you?
No, he just showed up.

And now we have all
this coke in the house.

Well, what's he want?
He wants me to tell him where Adrian is.


Well, look.

We're not handling the coke.

So you just play it cool.

Then this DEA guy will just fade away.

I was gonna tell them
about the properties
when the time was right.

When your mom died
like, what did you do?

Came here.

I'm not talking about that.

What are you talking about?

I don't know.

That's not how you play it.



Hi, babies.

Did you get a job?
The job wasn't right, baby.

I'll keep looking.

- I heard something interesting.

- Yeah?
My friend's house in
Baldwin Hills got robbed.

Wow, that's crazy.

PAM: Let's go.


How stupid are you?
Why are you so mad about this?
Come on, I mean, the house
was just sitting there
with nothing but a couple
maids looking after it.

What did they think was gonna happen?
Do you know how long it took me
to get inside that man's house?
No, but it
took me 30 seconds.

You're not getting it.

I'm not doing this pissant
bullshit the rest of my life.

I've been down that road.

You can run with whatever
wild and crazy idea
just pops up in your head,
- but I'm trying to build something.

- Hey, Pam, look around.

Everything's gone to shit!
There is nothing left to build.

- I want my cut.

- What?
Finder's fee.

You found that house
because I took you to it.

I want my cut.

- Okay.

- Mm-hmm.


Now pack your shit and get out!



Evening, barkeep.

Yes, we tracked you down.

We have a very particular set of skills.

What can I get you guys?
Some more of what we had last night.

So a couple beers?
Gin and tonics.

Uh, spoiler alert You are a good lay.


- Amazing.

- Thank you.

Got to go to the kitchen.

Okay, uh, we're coming on strong.

It's just that
I mean, come on, admit it.

That was great last night.



- [CLINK.]

- What the hell did you do to Z.
CRAIG: What?
He's been telling people
you picked him up
and slammed him onto the sidewalk.


I barely touched him.

Well, now my other clients
are afraid to come here.


You can't mess up my business, Craig.

Well, then don't do your
business in my house.

Our house.
Fine, whatever.

Don't do your business here.

- Where, then?
- Look.

We have no idea who
could be watching us.

And if I get busted, that's one thing.

And it sucks, but a boy can get
by when his dad's in the joint.

That's not true if you get busted.


I won't deal from the house.

You need to quit.


And do what?
I don't know.

I don't know.

But I've got you.

I take care of myself.

How'd you get that
back from Aunt Birdie?
Don't call her that.

He'll stop when it hurts.


All right.


JANINE: Hi, Jake.

You guys all set?
Well, you can ride in the back,
but you got to jump really high, okay?
That's a good jump.

There you go.


So where to?

JAKE: Oceanside?

Why there?
Can we just go?

Oceanside it is.


You good, bud?


Mystery ♪
- Stirred something ♪
- Unh.

Inside of me ♪
You want that, don't you, slut?


You're gonna watch.

I said you're gonna stand over
there and you're gonna watch.

Let's Blake.
Let's go, Blake.





It went good.

I knew you boys were up for
that mountaineering shit.

- I'll bring it by tomorrow.

- The hell you will.

Told you I'd move it, not hold it.

That's too risky.

How long to move it?
Just got to find one buyer.

- Wholesale.

- Yeah, wholesale.

What you think, I got guys
slinging on the corner?
I own a garage, J.

Good job.



J: Natalie, hey.

Long time no see.

What are you doing?
Oh, just hanging out.

This is J.

Smartest guy in the whole world.

I'll be right back.

So, have you heard from Nicky lately?
No, not in a while.

She got married.

She's out in Barstow now.

There's a base there.

A base?
She married a marine.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news.

You look like you could use a friend.


I think
I think I screwed up.


Get out.

I said get out.


Fire in a body ♪
Fire in a heart ♪
As we go together ♪
As we come apart ♪
I'll never know ♪
Every shape you can take ♪
Oh, I'll never know ♪
Every shape you can take ♪

I'll never know ♪
Every shape you can take ♪
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