Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e04 Episode Script


- J: Hello?
- KEN: Is Angela Kane here?
I'm her parole officer,
and it's been two weeks
since she's checked in.

What else are you hiding from us, J?
POPE: He has a bowling alley.

All that weight you're
holding at the house,
you should stash it here.

We can't hold onto the product anymore.

- It's gonna cost you.

- Frankie could help us
fence some of Smurf's shit.

Last time you stole my money,
it made me look like a moron.

Well, I'm sure we can
work something out.

POPE: I wake up somewhere.

I don't know how I got there.

I don't know how long it's
I get confused.


JANINE: I think I need to stay put.

This is home, right?
Your copies of Smurf's will.

Who the hell is Pamela Johnson?
Yeah, I know.
She's one of Smurf's old pals.

The will says she gets
almost everything.

Pamela Johnson?
We're not used to people
taking things from us.

We take things from other people.

You ain't gonna take a
goddamn thing from me.

But I might let you earn it.

She stares deeply ♪
Locked inside me ♪
Burnin' brightly ♪

One they know that I cannot take ♪
Waitin' for it all to begin ♪
Every night now, they'll win ♪

Come and meet my black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black, big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole inside of me ♪
Got a ♪

PASTOR: Christ came and died
so we could have new life.

So we don't carry the burden of our sin.

We could be washed clean of everything.

Made new.

JOHN: Pope?
Man, it's good to see you.

When'd you get out?
A few years ago.

It's been 18 months for me.

Submerging yourself in the water
is a declaration of an internal change.

Decide today for a new life.

- Are we ready?
- WOMAN: Yeah.

Then let's go.

Thinking about getting baptized today?
I don't know.

What brings you out here?
A lot of things.

I heard about Ang.

I know she used to run with your sister.

Did you know her well?
What about Angela?
She passed away, bro.

- It was a couple days ago.

- What?

What happened?
Hey, man, she's with our
Lord and Savior now.

What happened?!
They found her in that
old squat up on Central.

S-Someone beat her to death.

I heard Shane might have been there,
- but I don't know for sure.

- Sh
I thought he was doing 10 to 20.

Well, I guess he got out.


- Hey, I'm sorry, man.

- Is Shane staying with his sister?
Is he?!

Don't go there, man.
Go there.









PAMELA: It's Pamela Johnson.

I'd like to drop by the house today.

Uh, today?
I have business in La Jolla.

I'll have my family with me.

Uh, nah.

Today's not not good.

Make it good.


Uh, I don't even live there.

It's my, uh It's my
brother and my nephew.

Let them know I'll be
there around 11:00.

You still there?

- I'll bring lunch.


- Listen, I don't even
- [CLICK.]




Hello, baby.

Hi, big boy!
What you got there?

I thought you were supposed
to be back an hour ago.


I missed you.
Have you missed me?
Have you been sleeping for Daddy?
No, he hasn't.

Well, when was his last bottle?
Couple hours ago.
How was Reno?
Maya's fiancé is a 50-year-old
rich douchebag,
but some of her other friends are cool.

At least we stayed at
an insane place on the lake.

The guy's in real estate, so we
had a chef and a weed bar and
- Has he pooped yet?
- Yeah, twice.

First time was about five
seconds after I changed him.


You know, uh, Maya thinks
I'd be really good at
selling real estate.

Says her fiancé can set me up
with some broker he knows
down in San Diego.

You know, you're hot.

You know how to sell shit.

Be great for you.

Big difference between
selling condos and coke.

What, making a shit-ton of money
and not having to worry
about getting busted?
No, I'd just have to worry
about some rich banker
in Corona del Mar grabbing my ass,
- but, yeah.

- Holy shit.

The lady that Smurf gave all
our shit to is coming today.

Deran says we're supposed
to meet her at the house.

Yep, now.

I don't know how you do it.

You don't look at their face.

Just focus on their tits.


- Well, we gotta get out of here.

- PATRICK: Madigan watches the clock
like our check comes out of his pocket.

- [GASPS.]

- Sorry.

Sorry about that, sweetheart.

The whole world's out of sync ♪
It's okay, Andrew.
It was an accident.

Been running so hard ♪
When what I need is to unwind ♪
- The voice of reason ♪
- Damn it.

- Again.

- They stiff you?
Is one I left so far behind ♪
I waited so long ♪
If they've got enough
money to pay hookers,
they've got enough money to tip you.

He was talking about that at breakfast?
Cops? They'll talk about
anything, anywhere.


I do feel for Jerry, though.

Can't stop myself, outta control ♪
- This one?
- Yeah.

His wife just took off,
and his mom has cancer.

Hey, I'll cover them this time.

- No, no, it's oka
- Yeah.

- Unh-unh.

- You don't have to do that.

Just take it.

Thank you.

- DERAN: Is Pope here yet?
- No.

Put the guns in the safe.

Do you think she's gonna want
to walk through the house?
- I have no idea.

- This is bullshit.

She can't just call and show up.

Tenants are supposed to
have a 24-hours notice.

What are you talking about tenants?
Renters, whatever.
I don't know.

We agreed that we were gonna
go through the lawyers.

Yeah, well, I didn't want
to wait any longer.

You should have asked us
before you reached out to her.

And why is that?
'Cause you're the one that has
to make all the decisions now?
Is that it, J?
We have to make a deal, man.

What kind of deal?
Look, she wouldn't come
all the way down here
if she didn't want to
work something out.

What, one meeting and you
know her so well already?
You had one face-to-face,
but you have no idea
what she actually wants.

No, you know what I do know?
If this doesn't work out, we're
losing this goddamn house.

That's what I know, and your ass
is back out on the street again.

Well, where's Pope?
I don't know.
I called him.

He said he was coming.


That's her.

You're okay with this?

What, now you give a
shit about my opinion?


I'd like you meet
my son, Phoenix.

- What's up?
- My granddaughter, Lark.

Pleasure to meet you.

This is Deran Cody, Janine's son.

DERAN: This is my nephew
J and my brother Craig.

Pleased to meet you.

Julia's boy?
- That's right.

- How is she?
She's dead.

Sorry to hear that.

Where's Andrew?
He'll be here a little later.

Should we wait?
Probably not.

I brought lunch.

Why don't you boys help Phoenix
carry it into my house?

This is nice.

A lot different than
the last time I saw it.

Which is when?
Before you were born, baby.

I'm gonna take a quick look
around, if you don't mind.

Why don't you all get some
plates, set the table?
I brought barbecue.

Figured you boys were used to
eating out with your mother.

- Nah, Smurf always cooked.

- Huh.

When we were younger,
she couldn't boil water.


You gonna help?


You're Phoenix Johnson, the skater.


Used to have your deck
when I was in the 8th grade.

Used to hang out with Tony
Hawk and his crew, right?
If you still got the deck,
it's probably worth some money.

Nah, I broke it on a, uh,
12-stair rail when I was like 14.

Too bad.

What does your mom plan
to do with this place?
I don't know.

A mid-century modern like this in LA
She don't tell me shit.

would go for $4 million.

Is that your daughter?
My niece.
My sister's kid.

PAMELA: Always wanted
a sunken living room.

I'm gonna go show them around.

She had good taste.

Did well for herself.

Yeah, it's a little old-fashioned.

I would get rid of those
and open it up a little bit
for some more seating
and some big sofas.

PAMELA: Mm-hmm.

Think we like it the way it is.

Should we eat?
Think we should get around
to whatever the hell it
is you came here for.

Hope you like ribs.


It's Auntie Birdie.

Remember me?
You know her?
- I don't
- It was a long time ago.

It's good to see you.

Yeah, I remember.

I remember you.

Remember Phoenix?
He used to babysit you and Julia
when you were small.

What's up, man?

Why don't we eat?
Then we'll talk.





Do you think this is a good plan?
- Yes.

- JULIA: Can I help?
Sure, baby.
Come here.

If you hear "Jerry" or "Madigan,"
you put your hand up.

WOMAN: All officers
respond to 232 Ocean.

We need coverage on
Marker 6, Vandegrift Road.

What do we need a cop for,
- again, in the first place?
- Da-da-da.

MAN: 10-4, Car 52 responding.

- WOMAN: Thanks, Jerry.

- [GASPS.]
Yes, I heard!
- Can I help, too?
- Everyone helps, baby.

We're going to go for a ride.

I have jobs for both of you.

What do you say, Uncle Jake?
Are you gonna help us,
or are ya chickenshit?

- Bawk.


So, let's talk.

I have a proposal.

Your mother did very well for herself.

Her properties and her assets
are worth millions of dollars.

What's your proposal? [SIGHS.]

I'm prepared to let
you start earning back
your mother's estate.

There's a job I need done,
and knowing your mother,
I suspect you all have
the skills to do it.

What's the job? [SIGHS.]

There's an individual who has
something of great value to me,
and I want you to get it from him.

So, you want us to steal it?

What is it?
- It's a safe.

- And what's in it?
Something he would rather not part with.

- We need to know what's in it.


The less you know, the better.

No, we need to know what's in it,
- or we're not gonna do the job.

- That's your decision.

This is the opportunity I'm offering.

There won't be another.

You want this house?
Your mother's apartments?
Her investments?
- We can contest the will.

- You don't have much of a case.

Janine was of sound mind.

No, she wasn't.


Smurf had cancer.
She was very sick.

Lot of pain meds, drinking heavily
That doesn't make her incompetent.

- The law says otherwise.

- If you can prove it.

We were named in the will.

We have grounds to contest.

Why don't you just tell
us what's in the safe?

PAMELA: Excuse me.

I'm gonna use the ladies' room.

20 years ago, I was drunk.

Got into a fight, and, um
dude died.

Guy who owns the company
I skated for Marion
said he was gonna take care of it.

He did.

Kept the dude's shirt with
my blood on it and his.

Marion Wills?
- Demand Skate?
- Yeah.

So, what, he's trying to blackmail you?
My grandmother.

I didn't know about it till
about eight months ago.

Some of the homies heard,
uh, Marion bragging about it.

Your mother, she has plenty of people
to do this shit for you.

Why us?
She doesn't want it to
get out in our circle,
and it's hard to find people to trust.

What, you're saying you trust us?

I'm just saying that you're motivated.

We do this for you, we
get Smurf's estate back?
Yeah, it's a step in
the right direction.

You tried negotiating with Marion?
You even tried to get your shit back?
He doesn't even know that I know.

What else is in this safe?
Is there something that
we need to know about?
We have no idea.

We'll think about it.

If we go to court, you lose,
and my grandmother is
not a patient woman.

She won't ask again.



PAMELA: Andrew.

It's been a long time.

You still smell the same.

I was very sorry to hear about Julia.

What happened?
She OD'd.

Must've been hard on your mother.


To lose a child
My mother didn't give
a shit about any of us,
especially Julia.

- CRAIG: Where are you going?
- POPE: I got something to do.

You heard my proposal.

You've got 24 hours to decide
what you want to do.

Yes, and Phoenix will give
you all the details you need.

I want you out of this house
by the end of the week.

Your choice.

So, are we gonna do this?
Well, there's no guarantee
that we get the house back.

You heard her.
"It's a start.
And you heard the granddaughter.

There's no way we're gonna win in court.

We don't know that.

We should talk to the lawyer.

And what do you want to say to her?
That we had someone lie
on the death certificate
after you shot Smurf in the head?
I'm just saying that we don't
know this Pamela woman.

We could do this job, and then
she could call the cops on us.

And why would she do that?
The house is already hers.

I say we drive up there and scout it.

- When?
- Tomorrow.

I have to meet Frankie with the fence.

Me and J will do it.


This is how we get our shit back.

You might think I'm foolish ♪
Or maybe it's untrue ♪

You might think I'm crazy ♪
All I want is you ♪
All right.

Remember what you're supposed to say?
You might think it's hysterical ♪
What about you?
But I know when you're weak ♪
Let's go.

You think you're in the movies ♪
And everything's so deep ♪
- Hi.

- Hi, there.

- Do you have your ticket?
- Yes.

Sorry, hold on.

It's gotta be here somewhere.

You might think it's foolish ♪
Do you have the ticket?
No, darling, I gave it to you.

Hold on.

Definitely gotta be here somewhere.


All I want is you ♪
I think I lost it.

That's okay.
What's your room number?
We're just visiting my mother.

My grandma's in town!
The other guy parked us just over there.

Are we gonna miss the movie?
Uh, we might, baby,
if we can't get our car.

It's a red Firebird.


Go on.

Hey, thank you so much.
Thank you.

- Thanks, man.

- Oh, thank you.




Isn't that Pope?

Move, move!



Watch out! Get out of the way!
- Watch out! Hey!
- Hey!
MAN: Stop, man! What are you doing?!

Whoa! [GRUNTS.]

Shit! [GRUNTS.]

It wasn't me, I swear!
I didn't touch Angela! [GRUNTS.]


I didn't do anything, bro.

What's your deal?


Leave me alone!

I swear to God, dude, please.

- You were there!

Why didn't you help her?! Huh?!
Why didn't you stop her?!
Why didn't you help her?!

Why didn't you help her?!

Why didn't you help her?!
Why didn't you help her?!

- Why didn't you help her?
- Smurf.


We're good.

Marion's not around.

Rest easy, Nipsey Hussle, I get it ♪
For real, everything prolific ♪
I promise to take
what I done learned ♪
And turn it to a hunnid Milly ♪
Got my people on my
back so those I love ♪
DERAN: So, who's actually
allowed to skate here?
Invite only.

Shop's open to the public, though.

Offices are up there.

Get ready, get ready,
get ready, get ready ♪
Where's the safe?
Bolted to the floor near Marion's desk,
and that room locks from the inside.

No way you can get in
unless whoever's in there lets you in.

- Alarm systems?
- Nothing special.

Is this place ever empty?
That's the thing never is.

Wait, w-what do you mean, "never"?
It's a clubhouse, man.

Marion takes you in.

You sleep here, skate, smoke weed.

See that kid right there? He lives here.

Straight up.

I'm stronger than you think,
wise than you know ♪
All right, let's go take
a look out back.

Rebellious it won't
take Nat to turn her ♪
I'm kinda straight forward,
I don't leave to much to wonder ♪
You can try to control it, but ♪

- They do demo days here?
- Sure, every Saturday.

Bring in the DJ, boys skate.

They drop product, pack the place.

Line's out the door.

Anybody in the office?
Not usually.

Second floor's chained off.

Marion don't like random
people in and out of there.

Besides, he's too busy downstairs
being the man.

How come you know so
much about this place?
I work here.

You work for the guy who's
blackmailing your mom?


For all the bullshit
Marion saw something in me.

He helped raise me.

Just wanted to do the opposite
of anything my mom said
and I could skate.

Shit happens.

All right, well, we're gonna
need eyes over there,
in the unit next door.

Figure out who's working there,
what time they clock in,
what time they leave.

Yeah, I can do that.


We'll be in touch.

Do or don't you want me to love you? ♪


Are you having fun, baby?! Andrew!
- You're fine.

- She's scared.

She needs to toughen up.

Well, you may be a lover,
but you ain't no dancer ♪

- Look out ♪
Helter skelter ♪
Helter skelter ♪
It doesn't work if it's not tight.

- Aaah!
- Heads-up.

Owww ♪




Cops are coming.

That's okay, baby.
I see him.

Your mom's crazy.

I'm not bailing you out of
jail when this doesn't work.

Yeah, you are.

Okay, kids, don't say anything.

Let me do all the talking.

Hi, Officer.

How you doing today?
Ma'am, do you know how
fast you were going?
We were just having a little bit of fun.

You were doing 90.


I guess a lot of fun, then.

License and registration.

I don't have my registration.

It's borrowed from a friend.

- Who are you?
- That's my brother.

- I need your ID.

- Sure.

Um, it's just in the trunk.

Can I get out?
You're not gonna give me a ticket
in front of my kids, are you?
ID, please.



- Janine Cody.

- Mm-hmm.

And you're Jerry.

- Do I know you?
- No.

Maybe you should.

Are you sure there's no way
I can change your mind
about this, Officer?
Like what?

I figured this might help
seeing as your mother's sick and all.

How do you know about my mother?

I know a lot of things.

I know you're pulling doubles
to take care of her.

I know that this job
doesn't pay you enough.

Maybe we can take care of each other
now and in the future.

Hey, Frankie.

Pleasure to see you.
It's been a while.

Oh, I've been traveling.

And you are?
- Craig.

- He's a friend.

Please, sit.


So, how's Vladic, hmm?
He's been asking about you.

Oh, we haven't spoken.


So, what is it I can do
for you today, then?

I've got some jewelry.


Not normally my thing.

Yeah, me neither.
It's my mother's.

Remember that Stella piece
I brought you last year?
- Mm.

- That was him.

All right, give me three days,
- and I'll have a number for you.

- I appreciate that.

And I trust if things go well,
we can continue to do business.

Hopefully, on something, uh
a bit more substantial.

Well, I guess that depends
on how you do.


- Stay safe, okay?
- Right, yeah.
I will.

So, who's Vladic?
He's someone I'd prefer to avoid.

Why, 'cause you owe him
money or something?
Something like that.

And that's why you're squeezing us
for the extra 2% on this fence.

I've had a few things go
sideways since Rahul.

People talk.

I'm down a few contacts,
and it's harder to make
things happen that way.

That sucks.


J's the one who approached
me about the fence
so why are you here?



I'll be okay.

You sure?

But if you, you know, have anything
you want to throw my way

So, it's fairly straightforward.

We pull up the building plans,
take the next couple
weeks to look over it all.

Mm, should be pretty simple.

What, now you're thinking
this is a good idea?
Well, we've got bills to pay.

Electric, gas, cable, phones,
Smurf's credit cards.

Smurf's dead.
Screw the
credit card companies.

Just give them to Pamela Johnson.

You want to give her another thing
to point to if we go to court?
Look, man, we need to make some money.

All right?
I need to take a piss.

Sell your condo yet?
Listed, but no offers.

Well, how about you lower the price?

And take a loss?

Take a loss on money
that you stole from us.

The least you can do is put
it up on Airbnb or something.

Makes it harder to move.

Why don't you rent out your place?
You're still sleeping
in your bar, right?
Or take a loan out against the bar.

Take a loan out on the bar that
I paid for with my own money?
That I didn't steal?
How about you take a loan
out on that bowling alley?


So, what do you think?
It'll be easy.

All right, fine.

How'd it go with the fence?
Seems legit.

Just gave him the jewelry
we got from Smurf's place
on the Strand.

Just gonna take a few days.

How's Frankie?
She's fine.

Whatever, man.

I'm gonna go home to my kid.




RENN: Hey.


How'd it go?
Pamela Johnson wants us to do
a job for her late next week.

So that maybe we can get our stuff back.


What's the job?
She wants us to steal a safe
from a skate shop in LA.

- Sounds easy.

- Yeah.

So, it's kind of good news, then.

I guess.

- Nick asleep?
- Yep.

Kept us up all night,
so, of course, now he's exhausted.


Hey, uh, you gonna be
here for a little bit?
Yeah, why?
Just gotta make a run
and get some formula.

You got a boob right there.

I took a bump to stay up today,
and I ran out of frozen breast milk.


What's the problem?
He's not supposed to have formula.

Like, all the vitamins and
good shit for his brain
is better when it comes from you.

One or two bottles
won't kill him, Craig.


No, it's not even that, it's just
It's just what?
I just think that your priorities
are a little messed up right now.

What's that supposed to mean?


Look, it's been
Today kinda sucked, okay?

I'll just go and get the formula.

I want to go.

All right.

All right.




Where you been?
I'm leaving.

- What are you talking about?

I have to go.

We scouted the job that
Pamela wants us to do,
and we need you.

- Hey, stop.


What's going on with you?
What is this? Whose blood is this?

Whose blood is this?
I can't stay here.

Talk to me.
What's going on?
- Pope, talk to me.

- I'm forgetting things
where I am.

I'm waking up places.

I don't know how I got there.

I don't remember what happened.

- DERAN: Okay.

- I'm confused.

Okay, then, let's go to the doctor.

We'll talk to a doctor.

We'll see what they say.

They picked me up at some trailer park.


And I go back to get my truck,
and they said that I'm
I'm wandering around,
knocking on doors [SNIFFLES.]

looking for Julia.

I'm blacking out!
I'm looking for ghosts!
I'm hearing voices!
I'm hearing Smurf's voice in my head!
Everywhere I look, I see her everywhere!


I can't stay.


Listen to me.

If you want to go, you can
I get it, all right?
I mean, you know, you've
had our backs for so long.

Now we have yours, okay?
You just You just go
do what you need to do,
and then you come back, all right?
I don't think I can come back.



Hey, kids.

Come here.

All right.


These are for you.

- For what?
- It's your cut.

You helped on a job today.

When you help, you get paid.

Can we go to 7-Eleven?
Sure, you can! Go on, get.

Stay together!

You shouldn't be teaching them that.

Why not?
It's a family business.

It was risky.

Fortune favors the bold, Jake.



What are we doing?
What do you mean?
- You and me.


Why don't you ask your wife that?
You need to relax.

Here, have some of this.

You know
you can always go home, if you want.

- Hey, what's up?
- Pope left.

- What do you mean?
- He took off.

Said he needed some time.

Probably won't be back for a while.

What about the job?
We'll handle it.

Where you going?
I figure with Pope gone,
I should probably spend
some more time at home.

For what?

Keep an eye on things.

Your house You're just
gonna leave that empty?
Well, maybe I'll rent
it out, like you suggested.

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