Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e09 Episode Script

Let it Ride

Is there a file on Smurf, on my family?
- I want to see it.

- You doing a job was a one-time thing.

- Why?
- I didn't want you there.

You got to get to the 5, head north
toward the Canadian border.

I got you your kid back.

You can be together,
but you've got to go.

- Yeah, but Okay.

- Now!
Parker Freeman, from Sun of a Beach.

I just want my shit back.

And maybe I'll start with this.

- Get out of my bar.

- But if things were to change,
how long would it take
to divide everything up?
You know, I said move the
coke, not move it to Pete's.

You should have told us about the DEA.

We're not here because of me.

We're here because you
didn't have the balls
to shoot your boyfriend.

I'll pay you back, plus 20.

Got you now, huh?
Hey, you're good at looking
after your brother, right?
- Yeah.

- Manny just left them?
I'd hate to be his ass
when you see him again.

My clients don't appreciate
coming down here to pick up.

Is he asleep?
He better be.

Uh, you got a postcard.

There's no message.

Who's it from?
Oh, it's a friend.

I helped her and her kid move.

Is that for the finish line?

Condo sold.

Oculto Partners, LLC?
The corporation I used to buy it.

You know Oculto means hidden, right?
Yeah, I know.

Well, that's good.
That means
we're, uh, set for a bit, yeah?
Yeah, it'll take a couple days to clear,
but then I can pull 10
grand for each of us.

The rest I want to run
through the buildings
and the bowling alley.

You want to know which
buildings I'm gonna use?
No, not really.

What's Pope doing?
Think he's cleaning out some old stuff.

Just do what works, man.
Keep me posted.

Um, Smurf's method for
washing our earnings
the properties, the rentals
it's inefficient.

We need to keep money
coming in to pay the rent,
but we can only clean so
much without violating
banking regulations or
risking tax evasion charges.

Yeah, that's why Smurf
had us all on allowance.

She would stash
cash all over the place
before she could run it through
without raising suspicion.

But there is another way of doing things
that gives us a bit more flexibility.

We just need to talk
to an attorney first.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

What are you doing?
You throwing everything away?
Smurf chose it.

I hate it.

I hate being late.

Come on.
Let's go.

- Talk about this later.

- All right.

I'm getting better at this.

What? Making pancakes?

- Right?
- Yeah.

Can you make pie?
How'd we go from making pancakes to pie?
I dunno, can't be that hard.

Anyway, this is for you.

Nice stack.
Where'd you get it?
Just collected some rents.

It's, um, Hamburger Hill today.

Thought maybe we could take Nick.

The skate race?

What time?

No puedo, amor.

We have a doctor's appointment.


- Wait, another one?
- Yeah.

- You can't move it?
- No, we gotta stay on schedule.

- All right, well, next year, then.

- Claro.

Hey, can you also ask the doctor
when I can take him in the ocean?

I got him.

He's late again.

- He'll be here.

- Are you sure?
Yeah, we talked about it yesterday.

I think we should just do it together.

- It's an easy job.

- It's easy for three people.

I need help lifting the safe,
- and you got to drive.

- Yeah, right, right, right!
I don't get why you guys
don't come together.

You're sleeping on his couch.

- He didn't come home last night.

- What?!
I don't know.


All right, well
what about you?
Are you talking to Cheryl,
trying to get back into the house?
I'm not sure I want back in the house.

Why? Aren't you sad?
She's your wife.

You don't have to spend
every night at Manny's house.

I'm serious.



What's going on? I thought
this thing was happening.

- We hit a snag.

- Hit a snag?
No, no.
Y-You said this
was gonna be simple.

- Linda, it is gonna be simple.

- I put my ass on the line.

- Can we do it next weekend?
- No, no, today was the day.

All of the boys just
rotated out of Pendleton.

Okay, well, if we're gonna do
this, we have to do it right.

So, can you wait?
Long as I get my cut.

You'll get your cut.

I got you, okay? Here.

Keep it.

Just give me a call when
you think the time's right.

How the kids liking Sunnyview?
It's school.

I use it like daycare.

Baz always wants to skip,
but child services are always popping in
since their bitch of a grandma
called them on me.

Free lunch, though.

There is that.

All right.
I'll be in touch.

- Look at these pieces of shit.

- Who?
These assholes that opened up
that new bar down the street.

Yeah, well, Rob looks stoked.

So stoked, bro.
Free shirt?
Can't go wrong.

Libations? Jesus.

Free stuff.

How about a, uh, one
one of those beers?
Give the guy a beer.

Oh, you're just swimming
in freebies today, bud.

It's a good day.

No, you're not wearing this garbage.

Well, thanks for the beer.

Sorry, man.

- Nice setup.

- Thanks.

Hey, remember when Pope used to skate?
Yeah, he just used to
roll back and forth
on that one ramp all day and night.

No one could skate till he was done.

Till someone called the cops.

And then Smurf signed him
up for boxing lessons.

Hey, who's starting them at the top?
Here we go.

It's a 500-foot drop in
less than half a mile,
ladies and gentlemen.

First one down the hill gets
a new deck and trucks.

Last year, we had four broken ankles,
a shoulder dislocation,
and a herniated disc.

Open your beers!
Yo, homey.

Awards ceremony tonight.

Sun of a Beach.

Free beers.

Yeah, serious.
Yo, what
happened to you up there?
Small, right?
You guys should come by the bar tonight.

Doing a little awards
party for the race today.

Carnitas from Carlos' and drinks on me.

Uh, that's all right.
I'm vegan.

Extra large?
Yo, man, this race has been going on
since I was in kindergarten.

You assholes just show up
out of nowhere with T-shirts?
Just trying to support
the community, man.

Oh, yeah? Where you from?

This look like L.
to you?
Can you give me a, uh, medium instead?
Think I'm gonna use it
to wipe my ass later.

Hello, Mr.

License, registration,
insurance, please.

Give me a sec.

Who the hell's that?
You don't remember him?

He was the one that took
you to the hospital.

He's the cop I've been talking to.

I got your family's police files.

5102 South Nevada.

Anytime from 2:00.
You got
'em for about six hours.

You have a nice day.

So, what's up with your place, man?
- Huh? What?
- Your house.

- What about it?
- Well, you're not using it.

I figured, you know,
we could do a trade.

You take Baz's and
Renn and I take yours.

We need more space with Nick,
and you've got more room at yours.

I'm not interested.

Bro, Baz's is on the Strand, man.

It's way better for a single guy.

Can you help me out with this?
I got to meet J in an hour.

All right?
What do you think's gonna
be in those police files?
I don't know.

Yo, I bet they're gonna
have shit on Smurf
that goes way back to when,
like, dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

- I guess we'll see soon enough.

- Mm-hmm.

Yo, why's this, uh, place so empty?
'Cause it's, uh, 1:00 in the afternoon.

Yo, is it those L.
People still going to that place?
Seriously, man?
They got an all-day happy hour going.

It's putting me out of business.

No, no, we got to do something.

- Like what?
- I-I don't know.
What are they doing at this thing later?
Carlos is serving carnitas.

Well, then someone needs
to go and talk to Carlos.


- Can't see shit.

- Yeah, well, he's here.

His car's outside.

You don't have a key?

Oh, Jesus.


- Are you hit?
- Aah, stop!
Can you breathe? Come here.

Sit up.
Let's sit you up.

- Come on.

- Oh, shit.

Jesus Christ, man.
Talk to me.

What happened? Who did it?

Who's Pete?
- Will you get some ice, please?
- No.
Tell me who Pete is.

Or I can.

Who's Pete?
Does he owe somebody money?
Because that's what happens
when you owe somebody money.

- It doesn't matter right now.

- Yeah, it does matter, Jake,
'cause he screwed our job, okay?
You're gonna tell me who Pete is.

Jesus Christ, Janine.

Are you kidding me, Jake?
This is gambling, isn't it?
That's why you're late for shit.

That's why you're missing jobs.

Are you calling your bookie
off of my phone in my house,
when you're supposed
to be watching my kid?!
- Chill out!
- Shut up, Jake!
Clean yourself up.

How's your ribs? Anything broke?
Uh, I'm fine.
Just my face.

- Yeah, you look better.

- How much are you in for?
How much?
- Janine
- Manny!
How much are you in for?
10 grand.

Ah, shit.

You know where to find him?
Are you gonna make me ask around?
Janine, just give it a second, okay?
We're not gonna leave
him here like this.

Pete did.

Come on.

God damn it.

'Sup, Carlos?
Hey, man.
What's up?
- Looks good.

- Thanks.

Yeah, I heard you're serving
over at Sun of a Beach tonight.

Yeah, they're having that thing.

So, bring all your shit
over to the Drop instead.

They already paid me.

Yeah, Deran'll pay you.
Get paid twice.

And tell whoever else
they roped into this thing
same goes for them, too.

All right.
Renn gonna be there?

- Why?
- Just looking to re-up.

No, she's done with that, man.

'Cause I just scored
off of her last week.

Sorry, man.
I didn't
think it was a big deal.

Nah, it's not.

Just make sure everyone's at
Deran's tonight, all right?
All right.

This is it?

5102 South Nevada.

Doesn't look like we need a key.


Cops, probably.

They use places like this for drills.

There was one near my
mom's old apartment.

- Did he say where they'd be?
- No.

Oh, they're in here.

What is it?
It's Baz's murder file.

What are you gonna do, Janine?
Just stay here.

Listen to me.
Pete's no joke.

Are you gonna at least tell me the plan?
What about the kids?
Bree's gonna watch them all day.

- Janine.

- Just drive.

You know, that Detective Pearce
was all over our asses,
and I don't see shit on him in here.

Pearce was state.

The Oceanside guys are Barker and Andre.

What about that DEA guy, Livengood?
I don't see him in here, either,
except for a couple,
uh, courtesy heads-up
on surveillance.
That's it.

Yeah, but he's still out there.

What's up, Craig?
Nothing, man.
I just got
some shit on my mind.

You're the one that wanted
to go over all of this.

Yeah, I know.

Okay, well, just take a seat, please.

All that standing up, it's annoying.


These are yours.
Take a look at them.

Oh, shit from juvie.

Cody known associates.

Pete Trujillo, Tina Trujillo.

Billy's on here.

Another guy named Jake Dunmore.

You know, that guy Jake
was at Smurf's memorial.

Yo, put that Baz shit away.

What's the matter with you?
I don't want to see that shit.

All right, guys, come on.

Let's just chill for a second.

This cop wants to be on the payroll.

What do we think? Hmm?
He came through with this.

We haven't got much else.

What do you know about him?
There's not much to know.

I asked around.
Nothing weird came up.

- I-I don't like cops.

- Yeah.

- No shit.

- How much?
Smurf used to pay cops a
couple grand here and there.

Why not?
Him giving us a heads-up on stuff,
it's probably worth the risk, huh?
Yeah, pay him.

Messing with the
Trujillos is a bad idea.

Stay in the car, then.


Which one of you is Pete?
Think you're in the wrong place, mija.

- Sears is up the road.

- Oh, I know where I am.

You're Manny's friend.
How's he doing?
Somebody tuned him up pretty good.

I'll talk to you.

But Manny's friend stays right here.

That's fine by me.

Shoot this asshole if he
does anything stupid.


- So, you Manny's chick or something?
- No.

Didn't think so.

Too pretty.

Well, look at you.

That's 10 grand.

So, if Manny's not your vato
why you paying for him?
- Are we good?
- For now.

But if Manny wants to
play, he's got to pay.

And we both know he's gonna
be underwater with me
in three weeks tops.

Gonna keep footin' his bill for him?
He's not coming back.

She'd give your [SPEAKING SPANISH.]

a run for her money,
que no, mijo?
Destructor de bolas.

Hey, mija, mija.

You got all this money,
talking about keeping grown men in line.

What the hell is it that you do?
I look for opportunities.

I like you.

You sell anything here aside from cars?
What do you need?
What can you get?
Yo, Renn.


The files are back where we found them.


One grand a month.

I'm worth more than that.

That's twice what Barker got.

That's a pretty low bar,
don't you think?

I know more than what's in those files.

Like what?
Like the DEA's up your ass.

DEA doesn't have shit on us.

Well, I'd call aiding and abetting
a fugitive something,
but hey tomato, tomahto.

One of you is sending
money to Indonesia.

Livengood's using it as probable
cause, shopping judges.

Maybe he gets lucky, maybe not.

But you'd want to know before
he drops a warrant, right?
Two grand.

One five.

There's a thousand there.

We'll get you the rest.

Do that.

And stop sending money.

You're sending money to Adrian?
No, I'm not.

Who, then?
I'll take care of it.

So, did Nick actually have a
doctor's appointment today,
or is that just filled with cash?
You're dealing again?
- Yeah.

- In Oceanside?
- Well, that's where I live, isn't it?
- After I asked you not to?
- I knew you'd be a dick about it.

- What'd you do with all the cash
- I gave you this morning?
- Diapers! Food!
- Oh, any drugs?
- That's not even what this is about!
Anything else you doing?
- What is this about?
- This is about me making my own money!
Well, then go get a real
job like real people.

Oh, like you?
- You don't even know what that is.

- I do this
- so that you don't have to do this!
- Oh, whatever!
You've always known who I am!

But I didn't know you'd
also be a shitty mother.

'Cause Smurf was such a great one.

- Don't you bring her into this.

- Oh, really?
- I finally understand her
- Where the hell you going?
Get out of my way.


I told my CHIPS buddy that
we used to shoot hoops, okay?
So how about you shake
my hand and I sit down?
- You following me?
- I'm just hungry.

Well, chili verde plate.

Trust me.

- Why you want to do this?
- Excuse me?
Why do you want to work with my family?
Public service is overrated
and underpaid.

There's easier ways to make money.

Working security at Coachella
when I'm off-duty is
not really my thing.

Anyway, you look good.

You were pretty out of it
when we found you wandering
around that trailer park.

I'm good now.

Okay, great.

So, do we have a problem?
I'm telling you.

Chili verde plate.

I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Come on in.

Thank you for seeing me on a Saturday.

Yeah, it's easier than trying
a time during the week.

Um, this is for you.

Thank you.

So, you decided to make a break for it?
It's a retainer.
For future
services for our family.

We also need the name
of a criminal attorney.

Someone with federal experience.

It's just a precaution.

You want some?
No, thank you.

So, future services?
We want to expand our family business,
and we need someone who can help us
when we need to be creative.

- Creative?
- Yeah.

And you know Smurf's estate
better than anyone, so
I'm a legit attorney.

So, you're telling me
that everything you do for
your grandma is on the books?
- She keeps me out of it.

- I don't believe you.

Yeah, well, that's my grandma.

She raised me.

But you, I don't know.

'Cause a little while ago,
you were asking me how
to carve up family assets
so you can get out.

So, what's changed?
We worked it out.

Is that Is that what
happened to your face?
Are you always this inquisitive
with your clients?
Eh, just the criminals.

- It's a joke.

- Are you interested?
You were experiencing a bit of
a cash flow problem before.

You gonna be able to keep paying me?
- That won't be a problem.

- Okay.

Well, I got one more question for you.

Do you ever smile?
When can you get us the names
of a few criminal attorneys?
Um I just got to make a
few calls, find a good fit.

So, yeah.
I'll reach
out to you next week.


What are you doing here?
- We need to talk.

- No.

Say what you need to say.

You sending money to Adrian?
How did you find out?
The DEA agent that was
trying to put Adrian in jail.

What did you tell him?

But he's gonna connect the
dots back to you at some point.

The guy I use is untraceable.

There's, like, this whole system.

What guy?
Guy over at the liquor store on Ditmar.

Jesus, Jess, the liquor store? Come on.

I give him cash,
his connection in Jakarta
gives Adrian the money.

There's no trace.

The guy in Jakarta doesn't
even know my name.

Anybody's name.

Well, the DEA knows you're
sending money, so you gotta stop.

And abandon him, like you?
What was your plan, by the way?
Have Adrian learn Indonesian?
Teach surf lessons?
Shape boards for tourists?
Start running drugs again?
I gave him plenty of money
to get set up down there.

Yeah, and then what?
I don't know.

This isn't my fault.

Your brother got into all that drug
trafficking bullshit on his own.


Just stop sending money, okay?
That a threat?

But not from me.
From the DEA.

They're gonna charge you
and then put you in jail.

Adrian loved you.

He believed in you.

That's over now.


What's up?
I, uh, heard you making
some noise earlier.

I got some new stuff.

Yeah, it looks good in here.

You doing some demo work?
Oh, the bathroom.

I'm gonna take all that
old Smurf shit out.

Only take a couple days.

Look, I'm sorry you had to
come back to all this shit.

What do you mean?
The DEA.

It's my fault.

I should have done what needed
to be done with Adrian.

I know that.

That's bullshit.

Come on.

That's not you.


I gotta go to the bar, but, you know,
if you want to come by later
for a drink or something
Nah, I'm gonna get some sleep.

All right.

Hey, man, take those shirts off.

Both of you.

Sorry, dude.
I forgot.

They were giving out
Yeah, I know, man.
Just put that
shit on the table, all right?

This it?
There's a bunch of people in the back.

Find us a cop?
Want to say that a little louder
so everybody can hear you, man?
Oh, please, man.
No one gives a shit.

What's going on?
Well, Renn left and took Nick.

Yeah, we had a fight.

What about?
It doesn't matter, man.

- Well, she'll come back.

- Yeah, I don't know.

No, you guys have a kid together.

She'll come back.

Yeah, but you didn't see
the look on her face.

Well, look who showed up.

Nice party.

You stole my food vendor guy.

The carnitas are a hit.

Yeah, come on, L.

For the community, right?
I wasn't sure if you wanted
that pile of shirts over there,
but, uh, if not, we're gonna
use them as bar rags.

What's your deal, man?
Can't handle the competition?
We know he can't.

That's why he never went pro.

I get it.
That's what all these broken
boards are about, right?
It's a metaphor.

How you like that metaphor, bitch?
Oh, good.
You're awake.

Hey, baby.

How you feeling?
Like shit.

We brought chicken.

And medicine.

What do you think?
Can you eat something?
- Did you guys see Pete?
- Uh-huh.

W-What'd he say?
He's not gonna bother you anymore.

She paid him.

Come here.

Thank you.

Oh, you don't have to thank me, baby.

We look out for each other.

You can pay me back later.

- Here we go, guys.

- Thanks, bud.

Great party, man.

No, no, no.
Don't worry
about it.
We'll get that.

We'll clean up later.
You can go home.

Catch you, guys.

- Yeah, man.

- Yep.
See you tomorrow.

My hand.
Ugh, this sucks, man.

That's 'cause you're
finally sobering up.

How about you, uh, pour
us a couple more shots?
- Jesus.

- Way ahead of you.

Hey, you missed it, bud.

I found us an attorney.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.


Cheers, fellas.

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