Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e10 Episode Script


- One grand a month.

- I'm worth more than that.

One of you is sending
money to Indonesia.

Livengood's using it as probable cause.

You want to know before
he drops a warrant, right?
Renn left and took Nick.

- She'll come back.

- Yeah.
I don't know.

You didn't see the look on her face.

You sending money to Adrian?
- The guy I use is untraceable.

- What guy?
Guy over at the liquor store on Ditmar.

I give him cash.

His connection in Jakarta
gives Adrian the money.

There's no trace.

- I'm Billy, by the way.

- Nice to meet you, Billy.

Taking it for a run down
to Mexico next week.

- You should come.

- I can't.

I've had a few things go sideways.

I'm down a few contacts,
and it's harder to make
things happen that way.

J's the one who approached
me about the fence.

So why are you here?
MAX: You're gonna kick
me 30% of your take
between Pendleton and National City.



Get out.

Please don't do this.


Hey! You can't leave me out here!
Parker Freeman from Sun of a Beach.

I think there may have been some
confusion with my liquor order.

I just want my shit back.



Trying to pull some shit on me?
- You were trying to set me up!
- Wait a minute.

I don't know what you're talking
Who showed up?

The only thing these guys seemed
to care about was Deran.

She stares deeply ♪
Locked inside me ♪
Burnin' brightly ♪
One they know that I cannot take ♪
Waitin' for it all to begin ♪
Every night now, they'll win ♪
Come and meet my black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black, big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole inside of me ♪
Got a ♪
How's the hand?
Better than their faces.

Got an idea for a job.

Oh, yeah?
You, uh, you know
what a hawala is?

So, say you want to send money
to another country, right?
No record.
You pay this guy, the hawala.

He's got another guy
in the other country
basically sitting on cash.

He sends that guy a text with
a code word, and then
The person you're sending the money to
shows up with the code
word and collects the cash.

It's like an underground
Western Union.


Jess, Adrian's sister, she was
using one to send him money.

Is she still doing it?


So, what's the job?
We rip off this hawala?
Uh, we'll talk about it later.

I got some bullshit I got
to deal with at the bar.

Is there anything I can check out?
Uh, yeah.
There's a guy that works
out of the Aero Mart on Ditmar.

Maybe you can go over there
and check out the security.

All right.

All right.
I'll see you later.

Saw a girl in Tampa ♪
I asked her for a date ♪
She said, "Baby, I'm a sailor ♪
This thing better wait" ♪
I said, "I don't believe you ♪
"Would you show me some proof?" ♪

She showed me her tattoo ♪
Truck's on fire!
Then I knew that that's the truth ♪
Your truck is on fire!
- Eye for an eye ♪
- That's the truth ♪
And a tooth for a tooth ♪
- Pulled out a .
44 ♪
- That's the truth ♪
Now I know that that's the truth ♪
That's the truth ♪
- That's the truth ♪
- That's the truth ♪

What the hell?
Don't turn around.

- Aw, God damn it.

- Yeah.
You get it.

Let's take a walk.


Nice and easy.

All right.
Keep it up.

Say hi to my friends.


Nice truck.

What do you got, big guy?
There it is.

- Cute gun, Sally.

- Take his glasses off.

I can't see without my glasses.

No shit?
Cross your legs
- and make yourself comfortable.

- Whoo! Bingo, baby.

You goddamn druggie
freak sons of bitches.

Here we go.

Top-of-the-line VCR, baby.

- Yeah.

- She can do it all night long ♪
She's a bad girl ♪
She's a bad girl ♪


Rendezvous back at your place?
- Yeah.

- Uh, I can't.

I got to meet Cheryl.

Uh, Cheryl kicked you out, Jake.

We're meeting up to talk.

Hey, it's fine.
Leave him alone.

You can help me in the
morning, can't you, Manny?
No problem.

Hey, yo.
This place is freakin' dope.

Hey, why doesn't your brother live here?
Broken heart.


- So why are you here?
You heard from Renn?
Not even a text.

What'd you do?
What'd I do?
You must have
done something, right?
It'll suck if your kid has to
grow up with a stepdad.

Ain't gonna be a stepdad, man.

Mine kicked me out after he caught
me going through his stash.

Thanks for letting us crash here, dude.

Well, you want to stay,
how about you just stop
talking? All right?
J: What's up?
I got to get rid of this truck.

It's got to be worth at
least 40 grand, right?
I can't sell it.

Some shit went down in the desert.

What about the engine?
I don't want to take any chances.

Do you want me to take care of this?
No, I got it.

All right.


What's up, amigos?
I got VCRs, still in the box.

How much?

Hey, that's half off retail.

Hey, you got any of that,
um, that X-rated stuff?
Hell yeah.

Buy a machine, I'll throw in a tape.


Come on, man.
You're killin' me.

All right.
Come on.

All right.

See my pretty girl over there?
She'll take care of you.

Here you go.

"Jailhouse Moms" for you.

And for you
let's go with "Rhonda
Goes to Vegas.
That one has a decent story.

- Thanks.

- All right.
Have fun, boys.

Well, that's it for this place.

I don't know where else
in Irvine to hit up.

It's fine.
We're done.

I'm gonna keep this one for the kids.

That's a pricey gift.

Yeah, but worth every
penny if it shuts them up.


Here you go.

- It's all there.

- I know it is.

You gonna take Jake his
cut, give it to his wife?
No need.

He'll come sniffin' around
as soon as Cheryl kicks him out again.

- See you later.

- All right.





- What's going on?
- Liquor board?
They just showed up and
started taking all the booze.

Excuse me.
What's the deal here?
- You the owner?
- Yeah.
I am.

We got orders to confiscate
your inventory.

- And why is that?
- It's all in there.

What are you talking about?
This doesn't tell me shit.

Hold on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You got to let me read this first, man.

Hey, you interfere,
you're getting arrested.

That's bullshit! I'm up to
date on all my permits.

Take it up with the board.

It's those assholes from Sun of
a Beach down the street, huh?
All the information on your
hearing date is in the summons.


They can just shut you down like this?
It's the liquor board.

They're low-rent.

You give 'em $10, they'll
suck off their own fathers.

Receipt for your inventory.

You're shut down till the hearing.

Have a nice day.



- Hi.
I'd, uh, like to send some money.

- No problem.

We do Western Union and money orders.

Actually, I'm looking for something
a little more, uh, informal.

I think you have the wrong address.

Y-You've been helping out my sister.

Uh, she comes in here and sends
money to our brother in Indonesia.

I just want to send him some, too.

Uh, my my sister's
name is is Jess,
and our brother's name is Adrian.

We don't do names.

I told your sister that,
and now I'm telling you.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Um, what's your rate?
Five percent.

- For sending or receiving?
- Both.

Um, well, I'm selling my car,
so I'll have 20 grand next week.

Too much.

Uh, 10?
$1,000 max.

I'll pay you a higher rate,
make it worth your time.

Look, I handle old ladies in New Delhi
getting grocery money from their sons.

Or people like your sister,
sending 500 bucks at a time.

My friend we're in the Aero Mart.



Candace! Open up!
Look, I know she's in there!
- She's not here.

- Oh, bullshit.

I'm telling you.
Not here.

- Then where is she?
- She called me,
said she was going someplace
to get her thoughts together.

Which is where?!
Somewhere away from you.

Look, he's my son,
and I have a right to know where he is.

You got to look around.
Now leave.

Tell me where he is.

You're high right now.

This is why I wanted the baby with me.

Oh, so that's what this
is about, isn't it?
This is about my daughter
coming to her senses
and getting away from you.



- Pope.

- What's up, Ralphie?
I need to lose this truck.

Sorry, man.
Can't help this time.

What's up?
Can't do business with you.

To be honest, can't even
talk to you or your brothers.

Why is that?
Tell me.
You got heat on you, dude.


Came from Pete.
The DEA.

He says we're supposed to stay
away from the Codys for a while.

Take the truck, Ralphie.

Get off my lot.







And so it went ♪
The children lost their minds ♪
Beggin' for forgiveness ♪
Was such a waste of time ♪
And the bullets start to fly ♪
And the bough's about to break ♪
When you hear them cry ♪
It's too much for me to take ♪
They said the world
does not belong to you ♪
You are not the king ♪
I am not the fool ♪
They said the world
does not belong to you ♪
It don't belong to you ♪
It belongs to me ♪


They said the world
does not belong to you ♪
It belongs to me ♪

Hey, Max.
Got your cut.


I boosted a bunch of tools from a Sears,
and I stuck up the night
manager of a video arcade.

What about those video machines
that you were slinging out of your car?
That was in Irvine.

What? That's outside of your turf.

My what?
You said to me Pendleton
to National City.

Irvine's outside of that.

And what do I look like to you,
a goddamn Thomas Guide?
You live in Oceanside.
You pay me tax.

Get me the rest of it.


BILLY: You like living
dangerously, blondie?
Long time no see.

I've been, uh, down
in Mexico on business.

- How you been?
- Busy.

So it seems.

You know, you're going at Max all wrong.

There's an art to handling hard cases.

- You can't be so mouthy.

- Oh.

You're telling me not to be so mouthy?
Mouthy is one of
my areas of expertise.

Oh, Jesus.

You know what?
It just so happens that I might
be in need of a man's services.

I got my van over in Lot C.


Come home with me.



My name is Deran Cody.

You guys shut me down today.

Didn't give me any citation
or warning or nothing.

Did you pay the renewal
on your liquor license?
Guys just came in and
started taking all my shit.

The board can suspend
your license at any time
if you break the rules.

Well, I'm not breaking any rules.

This isn't about breaking rules.

- This is about some assholes
- Language.

that opened up a
bar down the street.

They're too pussy to do
anything about it to my face,
so now they they're
making up some bullshit.

They come to you, and you
guys are helping them out.

My name's right there.

- Hold on.
I'll find it.

- This is what they do.

They come down from L.
they open up these bullshit businesses,
they kick out the locals, and
then all the rent prices go up.

- I'm sick of it.
It's bullshit!
- We got a problem out here?
No, there's no problem.

If I tell the hearing judge
that you came down here
- threatening people
- I'm not threatening anybody.

WOMAN: Here it is.
Notice of suspension.

Complaint initiated as a result
of a pending investigation.

Department referral by Agent Livengood.

Damn, son.

Looks like you done pissed
off the wrong people.


They raided my bar.

- They?
- Liquor board.

All right.
What, do I look like
I work for the liquor board now?
The DEA asked them to do it.

The agent in charge is Livengood.

Look, aren't you supposed to give
us a heads-up on this kind of shit?
- Isn't that what we're paying you for?
- Yeah.

That didn't come through us.

If I'd have known,
I would've told you.

You said Livengood?
Livengood's a fed.
They don't
have to go through us.

All right.
So how do
I get him off my back?

Were you doing anything through your bar
that could hang you up, like taxes
- or underage drinking, anything?
- No.

- Nope.
Everything's legit.

- All right.

Well, if he keeps coming up empty,
it's gonna get harder for him
to get inspectors and
the courts to cooperate.

- So he'll move on eventually.

- No.
N-Not eventually.

I-I need to work, okay?
I can't work with this guy on my ass.

You've got to do something about this.

- What you want me to do?
- I don't know.
Cop shit.

There's a liaison.

It's a guy who coordinates
between the feds
and Oceanside PD.

I can tell him I heard a rumor
the DEA's pulling some cowboy shit.

He's not gonna like a fed
closing down a local business
without going through him.

And that's it? That'll do it?
I mean, it's gonna
rein him in a little bit.

But really, if I were you,
I'd think about giving
the DEA what they want.

If I were you,
I'd do your goddamn job
if you want to keep getting paid.



Pete around?
- No.


- No?
- No.

When will he be back?
I don't know.
What do you need?
Well, I need to talk to Pete.

About what?
About shutting his mouth!
You want to get back in that
truck and drive away, cabrón.

I'm gonna keep coming back
here till he talks to me.

Yeah? Well, Pete doesn't
have shit to say to you.

Nobody does.
Nobody does.

You tell Pete if he hurts
my family's business,
I'll hurt his.




Got to admit,
this isn't what I thought you
were inviting me over here for.

Well, maybe you ought
to use your big head
more than your little head.

What's your name again?
Local entrepreneur.

Does that mean you hook up VCRs?
I, uh, got my fingers in a lot of pies.

But this this video stuff
is child's play to me.

I helped install the A.
at Bob Guccione's crash pad
in the Hollywood Hills.

Views from downtown to the ocean.

Gold curtains.


You know what?
You kids want to run down
to the vending machine,
get us some snacks while I work on this?


Here you go.

Get that regular popcorn, though.

None of that cheddar shit, right?
And some Bonkers!
- Get me some Bonkers.

- ANDREW: Okay.

Look, sorry about the cash.

I paid my mom's rent today.

- Forgot to swing by the bank afterw
- All right.
Shut up.

Take those ridiculous pants off.

Where's Craig?
Texted him.

Renn took off.

With the baby?
It's pretty messed up,
taking a kid from his dad.

Well, we don't know
what's really going on.

J: What's going on at your bar?
I went over there earlier looking
for you, and it was closed.

Livengood, uh
he got the old liquor board to
come by and shut me down.

POPE: DEA guy?
I guess the, uh, feds didn't
even go through the Oceanside PD.

They just went straight to the board.

It's gonna be hard to pull a
job with the DEA watching us.

I know.

You check out the liquor store?
There's not much there.

You're thinking about
robbing a liquor store?
The owner's a hawala.

A what?
He runs an illegal international
money service.

You see anything?
A bunch of Indian housewives
and old Mexican construction workers.

And then I talked to the guy.

He's sitting on a few grand max.


- God damn it.


What's up?
Where you been?
Some motorcycle cop chased
me through a parking garage.


It's fine.
He crashed.
are you guys talking about?
Just talking about robbing a hawala.

J: What if you need to move
large amounts of money
without anyone knowing?
Maybe a rich guy in China or Russia
wants to buy a house in
or finance a yacht,
skip paying his taxes.
What do they do?
You're thinking there's another guy
that does what your
liquor store guy does,
but it's bigger.


So, how do we find him?
We ask Frankie.

You still talking to her?

When was the last
time you guys spoke?
You want to buy a stolen painting
or a stolen Rolls-Royce, you need cash.

Frankie's gonna know a guy like that.

So you want me to ask Frankie
whether we can burn another
one of her contacts?

POPE: You all right, man?
Renn took off?
You told him?
You know, maybe you should go home
and just, you know, sleep it off.

Well, I can't
do that, man, all right?
There's too much baby
shit everywhere and
Where you been sleeping
the past three days?
Your place.

You don't have a key to my place.

Well, man, you know,
I was mostly outside.

- So it's not that big a deal.

- What do you mean, "mostly"?
Well, had to go in
and take a piss, so
How would you get into
the house to do that?
I busted a window, man.
All right?
So you broke into my house.

- Bro, it's not that big a deal, okay?
- Okay.

- I'll fix it, all right?
- It's all right.
All right.

- I'll take care of it.

- God.

You know, she's gone, taken my son.

And you're here just getting pissed
about your goddamn window?
What's going on?
Ralphie said no.

- What?
- He wouldn't take the truck.

Says we got heat.

Pete Trujillo.


What are we gonna do about that?
I'm not sure yet.

We should try to figure out
that money-transfer thing.

- Your hawala?
- Mm.

What's your plan with the truck?
Tomorrow's recycling.

Scavengers will be out later.

Good idea.


You'll get me in
trouble with my landlady.

Why'd you move again?
I'm downsizing.

I mean, no shit.

Looks more like you're hiding.


You smell like a cat litter box.

How long have you been up?
Couple of days.

Well, you called.
you're here.
What's up?
I don't know.
Just, um, thought
maybe we could have some fun.

All right.

Come here.

Oh, now you're talking.

You look tired.

I just want Nick back.

Who's Nick?
My son.

You have a kid?
It's complicated.

Or maybe it's not.
I don't know.

She took him.

I'm not even sure she wants
to be with me anymore.

Well dream about Nick.

MAX: Hey.

What you doing? Y'all getting
some some sodas?
All right.
Why don't you let
Uncle Max treat? Here you go.

My mom already gave us money.

She did?
Wow! That's, uh, interesting.

I didn't think your mom had much money.

Your mom owes Uncle Max money,
but she's not taking
Uncle Max very seriously.

So I thought maybe I should
come and talk with you kids.

Now, I know that may
sound a little funny,
but sometimes kids
just understand things
better than the grown-ups do, you know?
How old are you, honey?


You're a tough guy, huh? All right.

All right.
I'll tell you what.

Go tell your mom
that Max said time's up.

- Got metal.

- MAN: Sí.


Hola, señores.

Know what drives me crazy?
Unforeseen obstacles.

You know?
You just want to get on with
things life, work, family.

Then some jackasses get in your way
and try to stop you.

What, like when you're driving
and an animal runs into the road?
You swerve, maybe you spin out,
maybe you drive off the road and crash.

'Cause if you go straight,
you hit the animal.

Lot of blood.

But you keep going.
Something like that?

So if an animal gets in our way
we just run it over, right?





- I thought you were sleeping.

Well, I was.

But now I'm awake.

It's only been a couple of hours.

That's all I need.

You need a week.

So, have you heard of these guys
where you got to move money
from one country like China
to buy paintings or
Rolls-Royces or
You want to buy a Rolls-Royce?

I just want to know how
to get money from China
so that I can buy a Rolls-Royce.

You know, move money
without people knowing.

Like, uh, javelinas?
You're talking about a hawala.


So, you know any?
And I mean big ones who are
sitting on a lot of cash.

What you're talking about
It's dangerous.



What the hell, man?
Everybody out of here.
Oh, hey, man.
Uh, you want to play?
- No.

- Craig said it was cool.

Craig's an idiot.

Get out of here.
Everybody leave.

- Hey, can you drive us home?
- No!
Go back to school or something! Go!
God damn it.



Hello? Who's this?
I talked to our friend.

I think I found a solution.

Yeah? And what's that?
Look, I'm gonna need to
present it to all the Codys.

In person, okay?
'Cause your brother shows
up here saying one thing,
and then your nephew shows
up saying another thing.

I got to know everyone's on board.

Uh, okay.

Um my bar, 10:00 a.

tomorrow morning.

In two hours.

What do you mean, two hours?
Things are already in motion.

So just call your brothers and J.

Two hours.


It's all set.

They'll all be there.

Sure we need all of them?
You want to put pressure on one Cody,
you got to get the other Codys to do it.

And you think they will.

I've been working these guys.

They only care about themselves.

None of them are going
to jail for Adrian Dolan.

I promise you that.

See you in two hours.

Your body is so soft supple.

Like a Like a cheetah.

I mean, no spots, but so smooth.

Shut up.



Oh, shit.

- No.
No, not yet.

- Mom?
Get dressed.

- Shh!
- Come on.


You expect me to put
my pants on with this?

Where are the snacks?
What happened? Hey.
Tell me.

- The scary man.

- What happened?
He wanted to buy us soda.

What else? Come here.

What else?
He said you owed him money.

Anything else?
He said if you don't pay him his money,
he's gonna take us to live with him.


All right.
Don't worry about it.

You're here now.
You're safe.


Listen to me.

- Wipe away your tears.


You look like a drowned rat.

Got the TV hooked up.

Go play with Mr.

- He's nice.

- Yeah.

Let's go watch some Muppets.


Andrew, stop!

Listen to me.

You know that feeling that you
have in your chest right now?
Like a ball of fire
burning in your belly?
I have it, too.

Don't worry.

That man is never gonna bother us again.


What, they took the kegs, too?
They took everything.

You get any sleep?
I took a power nap.

So, what's Chadwick got?
I don't know.
He just said
for us all to meet here.

Well, I spoke to Frankie.

She said she might know a
couple of those hawala dudes.


I didn't think you heard
anything we said.

Well, you thought wrong.


What the hell is this about?
Well, this is your last chance
to save your pathetic ass.

My friend here says that we should talk.

6 million.

That's how much my
investigation's cost so far.

Plus three years of my life.

You took that from me.

No, we didn't take shit from you.

Adrian Dolan was the
key witness in my op.

And I want him back.


Can't help you there.

You can.
And you will.

Or you'll be the one doing the time.

If you had anything on us,
we'd be in custody already.

What I have is a local cop
that you dumbasses
thought you could turn.

What I have is a
federal-state relationship,
which means I have an
endless ocean of shit
that I can dump on your heads.

I made a phone call.

Your bar got raided.

Another call next week, it's your house.

And your dead mother's house.

And your dead brother's house.

And your bowling alley.


Aw, you guys ain't seen nothing yet.

Liquor board, Oceanside
PD, state cops
I work with 'em all.

And I will bring every
one of them down on you
until the end of time.


Don't look at him.

Look at me.

'Cause I'm the one who's gonna be
in your nightmares every night.

I'm the one who's gonna
be haunting your


Dude never shuts up!
Honest truth
I didn't know he was pulling
that liquor-board shit.

But that's when it hit me.

He was never gonna stop.

I mean, he he would've
gotten all the local agencies,
IRS, immigration.

This guy was seriously pissed
about that Adrian business.

That's the problem with
these true-believer types.

They're just a bit much.

God damn it, man.

You asked me to do something, so I did.

Not Not this.

I had to get him out here somehow,
so I told him I've been working you guys
and, uh that I wanted to be a fed.

You should've seen his face.

I mean, he practically
came in his skivvies.

I think I've, uh, proven
my usefulness to you guys.

This kind of service
comes at a higher price.

Five grand.

Two grand a month going forward.


Oh, his car's outside.

We drove separately.

I saw him put his keys in his pocket.

And the gun's a burner.

But, um, I think I'll keep it safe.

Just in case.

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