Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e11 Episode Script

Trust the Process

You doing a job was a one-time thing.

This is about me making my own money!
Well, then go get a real
job like real people.

You've always known who I am!
But I didn't know you'd
also be a shitty mother.

Got an idea for a job.

- Uh, you know what a hawala is?
- No.

It's like an underground Western Union.

So, have you heard of these
guys where you got to,
you know, move money
without people knowing?
What you're talking
about It's dangerous.


Your mom owes Uncle Max money,
but she's not taking
Uncle Max very seriously.

So go tell your mom
that Max said time's up.

Don't worry.

That man is never gonna bother us again.

Excuse me.
What's the deal here?
- You the owner?
- Yeah.

We got orders to confiscate
your inventory.

What the hell is this about?
Well, this is your last chance
to save your pathetic ass.

I made a phone call.

Your bar got raided.

Another call next week, it's your house.

I'm the one who's gonna
be haunting your
Dude never shuts up!
The gun's a burner.

But, um, I think I'll keep it safe.

Just in case.

Jesus Christ.
I can't believe this.

We got to throw him in
a dumpster somewhere.

He has the Liquor Board
raid my place this morning,
and he's dead by tonight?
Feds are gonna be on my ass
before the sun comes up.

So then we bury him in the desert.

They'll never find him there.

Dead or missing, it doesn't
I'm gonna be cuffed
and interrogated at the Federal
Center by tomorrow morning.

Then just don't say shit.

- Chadwick's got the gun, man.

- Doesn't matter.

We have the bullet that killed him.

He can't connect that gun to anything
without admitting he was here.

What are you talking about?
There's blood and DNA
and shit all over the wall.

We bleach.
Get the mops.

You know what? Chadwick can make
up any bullshit story he wants.

He's a cop.
Anybody's gonna believe him.

Not gonna happen.

Pope, get his car.

We double wrap him.

And we bleach everything.

The walls, the floor,
the ceiling everything.

Let's go.

It's an older model.

It doesn't have government tags.

It's his personal car.

Hopefully no GPS.

His phone has GPS.
I have his phone.

Turn it off and give it to me.

Are there, uh Are there
cameras in the alleyway?
No, but there's cameras
at the restaurant
on the corner of Wisconsin
and Cleveland,
would've seen him coming in.

All right, so we need
to get rid of this car,
but we can't be seen driving it.

You want a truck?
Yeah, how fast can you do that?
This time of night? Pretty fast.

You got one of those American
doctors in Mexico?

We're gonna need him.

'Cause I never give
up and I never give in ♪
Oh, so strong ♪
Got the power when I turn it on ♪
Yeah, I'm gonna get my fill ♪
Nothing's gonna stop me
now and nothin' ever will ♪
I got the power ♪
I got the power ♪
We're good.

Get the trunk.

Oh, shit, his phone needs to be on.

And he needs to be using it.

That way he's still alive
when he leaves here.

I don't have his passcode.

We get his face out.

Let's use the face recognition.

Yeah, well, don't his eyes
need to be open for that?
All right, well, open his eyes, get
I don't think it works like that, ma
- Is that thumb recognition?
- Yeah, okay.

- Well, get his hand out.

- Use his hand.

Get his hand.

All right.

All right, I'll just keep it unlocked.

- Good.

- He's got mail.

All right, well, respond.

Something generic.

- Quickly.

- All right, here you go.

- All right, let's go.
Close it.

- All right,
meet back at the spot.

Yeah, yeah, stay off
Cleveland, all right?
The cameras cannot see
your car there, all right?
And burn that shirt.

It's got blood all over it.

- Yeah.

- We got this.
Let's go.

Machines are racing ♪
The body's aching ♪
The gas tops over ♪
A silent soldier ♪
We're always ready ♪
The system's steady ♪
Let's go ♪
Words are floating ♪
My mind's eroding ♪
There's no complaining ♪
Its always raining ♪
Oh, come on.

He's got everybody.

Let's go ♪
You got the money?
And two burners.

Phones off.

You can't trust the cops, man.

Shit happens, all right?
There's a spot in San
Ysidro off Exit 29.

Should be about an hour away.

What about Chadwick?
Well, if things go right,
the shooting shouldn't
be tied to us or the bar.

Then we tell Chadwick we
don't need him anymore.

There's no upside in offing a cop, Pope.

Sometimes things have to be done.

Doesn't matter who it is.

Chadwick's the only one
who knows anything, man.

He talks, he'd be hanging himself.

The guy's crazy.

Who knows what he's gonna say?
The feds are onto him, they're on to us.

He's the one that went
rogue and shot the dude.

J and Pope get this done,
and Chadwick walks as long
as he keeps his mouth shut.

Yeah, we'll see if J's plan works.

J's plan is gonna work,
man, okay? So just relax.

Don't tell me to relax, okay?
I'm the one tied to all this shit.

We were all there, man,
all right? All of us.

- It wasn't just you.

- Yeah, Livengood would still be alive
- if it weren't for me.

- We are a family, and we'll stick together,
so get that shit out of your head.

God damn it.

Any trouble crossing the border?
You got the money?
You have his car, too?
- It's in there.

- He's in the trunk.

Give me the keys.
Both vehicles.

We need to make it look drug-related,
uh, something on the border.

Street gang, cartel-affiliated,
that kind of thing.

Like a deal gone bad?
More like a hit.

- So who is it?
- Does that matter?

He's DEA.


No, no, no.
Wait, wait,
Wait, wait, wait.

- Hold up.

- Hey.

Nobody you do business
with wants 10 grand?
Nobody wants that kind of attention.

How about 20 grand?
Nobody? You sure about this?
Come on.

What's it gonna take?
And you're gonna have a
lot more driving to do.

There's a house in Otay Mesa
on this side of the border.

That's where they'll meet you.

Thanks for meeting me.

Yeah, well, it's nice.

They like to play together.

Baz is obsessed with those swings.

- Rah!
- Baz, Jesus Christ.

You're gonna break your neck.

Come on.

- Watch this, Baz.

- He's like a wild animal.


You got lucky that Andrew's so calm.

So, about Max.

Uh, he comes in around 4:00 most days.

He'll have a couple drinks,
then he picks a girl and
he goes to the VIP room.

You think you could get me
into one of those rooms?
- What do you mean?
- I mean have him come in,
let him have his drink,
and then you just tell him that Sinnamon
- or Jade or whoever
- No.

is waiting for him in the VIP room.

No, no, he chooses who he wants.

He'll like to be chosen.

Look, it's $1,500 up front for you.

No, I-I-I got a certain lane
that I try to stay in.

You know what I mean?
I'm just doing this to protect my kids.

That's all.
Same as anyone would do.

What's up?
Ah, J and Pope still not back?
They called last night.

It's gonna take a little longer.

What are you doing here?
Who's that?
Is that Frankie?
Yeah, I told her to come by.

She found a hawala.
I figured
you might want to hear.

It's gotta be today?
Hey, man, if you wanna sit around
and worry about shit that
we can't control, go ahead.

But I'm gonna try to bring
some more work in.


- Bad time?
- No.

What's up?
I got a guy.

Does money transfers for big
players from here to L.

Up to $250,000 each transaction.

Well, he's probably sitting
on a lot more than that.

How much more?
At least four or five times that.

These guys take money
in and they give it out.

If he can move a quarter of
a million on any given day,
he's gotta be keeping
more than that somewhere.

Yeah, a safe, building,

Be like robbing a bank.

Man, we just gotta find
out where his bank is.

If you want to find out
where he keeps his,
I can meet with him today.

We can check out the location.

You can follow me.

Today's not gonna work.

- Okay, when?
- We'll give you a call.

Hey, I'll talk to him.

I need this, too.

The sooner the better.

I guess this is it.


Anybody looking for our guy yet?
No, we're good.

All right, let's do this.

The doctor sent you?
Dios nos envió.

El doctor.

¿Dónde está él?
In the back.

He wants us to get it.

Look, I'm not gonna come
looking for you, Renn, okay?
I just want to know where
you are.
That's all.

Call me back.

Hey, if you don't wanna
check out this hawala,
I will.

I can't just stew in
this shit all day, man,
- okay?
- I'm in.

I'm in.

All right.

You know, if this shit with
Livengood goes sideways,
I think it'd be smart to have some cash
to get the hell out of here.

All right.
Let's do it.

Figure out the location
of Frankie's meet.

If it looks like a place where
they'd be holding the bank,
- then we hit it.

- All right, well, how do we find the bank
- in the building?
- Tracking device.

Put it in the cash that Frankie
gives them to launder.

If they hear a beeping
transmitter in the stack,
we're burned.

I know.

Give her a call.

Let's do this.

All right.

Su mano.

Córtale la mano.

They want us to cut off his hand.

Must be a calling card.

Sells the story.

Well, you better get on it.

What about the car?
Seven miles further down the road.

You'll be crossing into Indian lands.

Leave his car on the side.

Hand on the passenger seat.

Why there?
Well, they have their own police, right?
No DEA or FBI without their permission.

Their police will find it
when we tell 'em to.

Uno, dos, tres.

I guess they're gonna
drag him under the border.

Meeting's this afternoon.

That's as late as I could get.

Where's the location?
10th and Mesa two-story building.

How much you thinking about sending?

I worked it out with a friend
I trust in Costa Rica.

You have that?
We need to talk about something first.

- We'll figure out a finder's fee.

- No.

No fee.

I need to be cut in.

How much?

You know we're talking about
a million dollars in cash,
maybe even more, right?
This guy gets robbed,
he's gonna start looking
at new faces, mine first.

When that bridge burns,
I need to be gone.

For good.

The $30,000's damn near
all the money I have.

If the exchange goes bad, I get caught,
I'm out all my money.

It's a lot of risk.

We're risking our asses
actually doing the job.

Last I heard, prison isn't that great.

Fair compensation.

That's all I'm asking for.


All right, we'll, uh,
split it up equally.

How many?
With you, five.

And a melody ♪
Nothin' else mattered ♪
Just like the white winged dove ♪
Sings a song,
sounds like she's singin' ♪
Ooh, baby, ooh, said ooh ♪
Just like the white winged dove ♪
Sings a song,
sounds like she's singin' ♪
Said ooh, baby, ooh, said ooh ♪
The clouds never expect it ♪
When it rains ♪
But the sea ♪
Ever want something so bad ♪
You could taste it? ♪
Made the deadline and
you passed the test ♪
Sabotage seems safer than success ♪
Put it off until tomorrow ♪
I've heard it all before ♪
But it's one on one ♪
One on one ♪
It's you and me against the world ♪
It's one on one ♪
I need some time to think
the whole thing over ♪
You say you want to
save the world alone ♪
I want to taste and
test the waters with you ♪
It's not so easy when
you're on you own ♪
- You ready, baby?
- Yeah.

- Let's have some real fun.

- Mm-hmm.
You know it.


No excuses, I just want the truth ♪

Reputation is a fragile thing ♪
I know you know it ♪
Well, it's one on one ♪
One on one ♪
It's you and me against the world ♪
It's one on ♪
Everything I've got, down
to what can fit in a purse.

And you're gonna give it to
some rando in Costa Rica?
He's not a rando.

You're really gonna stay down there?
Dollar goes far in that
part of the world.

You'll get bored, come back.

No, I'm done.

I was looking for a way out,
and then you showed up.

Better safe, right?

It's his daughter.

He's supposed to be picking
her up from soccer practice.

He's late.

Is that the thing people
use to find their wallets?
Uh, this is, yeah, but this is LBS.

GPS can locate a building,
but if you want to know what
room inside that building,
the LBS can pinpoint a
location within 40 feet.

Here I was thinking
that J's the tech nerd.

I have a regular that comes into my bar
MacGyvering this kind
of shit all the time.

Sent me a couple YouTube clips,
and I figured the rest out on my own.

Where's Frankie?
Oh, she'll be back.

She's just getting changed.

Changed? Why's she getting changed?
Yeah, I don't know, man.

It's what she does.

You know, she's really gonna go
and do that Central America thing.

Yeah, well, could be us one day.

Hey, you heard from them?

You know, it's kind of our fault
what happened to Frankie.

With what Smurf did and all.

I tell you what, we're
definitely giving her
one hell of a going-away present.


Not bad, man.

Not bad? It's a goddamn work of art.

Thanks, baby.
Come see me again.

Any time.

And in his mind ♪
Sunglasses blind ♪
Losing track of time ♪
Pulling up to the home ♪
Rolling up a smoke ♪
He's left there alone ♪
Where's Linda?
I just saw her leaving
when I was coming in.

What the hell?
- You said he was gonna be here.

- He was.
He left.

You stole money from me.

- You understand that?
- I did what you asked me to do, Janine,
but he he he knew
something was up.

What did you tell him?
Look, I got kids to protect, too.

What did you tell him?
What is this place?

Buddy I used to hang with,
his dad got him in.

This is the one with the
tracking device in it.

It's tucked inside the band.

Should get plenty of intel inside.

You know, entrances, exits,
cameras, all that shit.

Yeah, we'll check the outside
while you're in there.



Yeah, if I had a million
dollars in a union hall,
I'd have security, too.

Welcome to Local 4904.

- You have an appointment?
- Yes.

- Who you here to see?
- The wizard.

Any weapons?

Tryin' to be respectful, Miss.

I got hams for hands.

Gotta leave that here.

You're good.

I'll let him know you're
Have a seat.


Sounds good.

Pope and J are on their way back.

They just got to dump the truck.

- Did it go well?
- I don't know.

Yeah, she's not moving.

She's still at the front.

I'm guessing the bank is
nowhere near the front door.

Okay, he'll see you.

Look, the freeway entrance
is only half a mile.

Two, three turns max.

We can be out of here fast.

I'm thinking we can make
a distraction up front.

- Get in through the back?
- Tactical gear?
Big guns.
Scare the shit out of them.

We need to figure out how big
this safe is we're talking about.

We should prepare for the worst.

Bring equipment.

I mean, hell, we could
hit this tomorrow, man.

She's on the move.

I know.
Old bald guy in
the back of a union hall.

Security looks like they're
gonna let you into Altamont.

I've learned not to judge
a book by its cover.

I've learned not to judge my clients.

Keeps me in business.


To Costa Rica.

No offense.

None taken.

My Costa Rica guy's in San Jose.

- Is that okay?
- Yeah.


Think of a password.
It can be anything.

I share it with my guy.

You share it with your recipient.

The code matches,
they pick up the money,
minus my 5%.

"Freedom" it is.

How soon?
Should be processed later this evening.


The lads will show you out.


Think maybe we should
pick up the pace a little?
We're far enough away.

You watch TV?
Uh, no, not really.

I watched a lot.

You know, when I was a kid.

Nature shows mostly.

They kind of calmed me down.

We were, uh never really kids.

Me and your mom.

But you were.
For a while, anyway.

You and me, we're not the same, J.

Not like that.

Hey, look, everybody.
Mommy's home.

- I didn't want to leave them.

- Oh, Bree, it's fine.

Cousin Max always shows up unannounced.

Really, it's fine.
Thank you, Bree.

Janine, you want to
come inside and talk?
Yeah, let's let's talk.

Uh, why don't you guys play outside?
No, no.

I-I think they should see this.

No, Max.


Come on.
We're just gonna talk.

All right, let's let's go in.

Let's watch some TV.

Watch TV.
Sit down.

Guys, sit down.

You want to try to tell me
why you were setting me up?
I just wanted to talk.

Lying is just gonna make this worse.

No, really, I-I-I've been
thinking about some stuff,
you know, high-level shit,
and, um, I wanted to talk about how
how we could make some more money.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Me and you?

- Yeah, doll?
- Yeah.

- Isn't so tough, right?
- Yeah.


- Lie to me again.

- Don't do this in front of my kids.

Lie to me again.
Come on.

One more's all I need.

Come on.


Gonna kill me?
Is that what you were gonna do? Huh?
Gonna try to kill me?
How's that feel?
What the hell is this?
That was really not smart.

- Want to see something?
- No.

Okay, not in front of my kids.
Ow! Ow! Ah!
What'd you do that for?
God, you little shit.

Ah! Ah!

You shot me?



Look away.

You bi
Hey, come here.

Come here.
Come here.

It's okay.
It's okay.

Oh, God.
It's okay.

His office was right about here.

There was an adjoining door.

Were those two dudes the
only security at the door?
Yeah, them and Wyatt were
the only three people
in the building as far as I could tell.

Okay, so they only do their business
- when the place is closed.

- Wyatt?
I spotted his business card on his desk.

He's not very discreet.

All right, so, we, uh, get to him first,
then he can bring us to the cash, yeah?
Yeah, sounds good.

Ah, the boys are back from war.


We're into the hawala thing.

Frankie found us a big
fish not far from here.


Well, I should go home.

We can finish up tomorrow.

It's her contacts, her cash.

Figure she's in on the job
with us if that's all right.

Yeah, all good.

We had to send the doc an
extra 15K, but it's handled.

They just need to find him now.

All right, got these.

You okay?
I changed the license plate to a dummy,
put bullshit papers in
the glove compartment.

We'll make sure that
nobody can find him.

Did, uh, the neighbors hear anything?
Bree's the closest.
I'll talk to her.

All right.

Let's go.

I should come.

Nah, stay with your kids.

Look, it was self-defense.

It's not like you planned it.

I can come back.

I'm fine.


Jesus Christ.

And then she's gone?
So she says.

It's a big haul.
A million or so.

Guy works out of a union building.

Not totally sure where the cash is,
but I figure we all go back,
take a look before we finalize a plan.

How do we find out where the money is?
I put a little mini GPS tracking device
in the cash that Frankie gave him.

- Oh, shit.

- What?
The money's not at the union
hall anymore.
It's on the move.

Says it's about 10 miles
from here, but it's moving.

Well, then wait for it to land.

No, no, we follow it.

Find out how it's being moved
and where it's going.

Andrew, hey, get ready for
the best chili you've ever had
in 10 minutes.

Are you okay?

That good, huh?
Did you close your eyes
when I asked you to?
- Why not?
- You didn't close yours.

He was a bad man, right?
Yeah, baby.

Yes, he was.

You did good.


Now, don't lose that.

How far behind it were we?
About a mile.

I think it turned down another road.

Is it still stopped?

It's been still for a minute now.

This way.


It's huge.

Can you tell where the
signal's coming from?
Yeah, south side of the port.

Dude's a longshoreman.

Makes sense.

These places are like Pendleton.


It's easier to break into Fort Knox.

Tons of security since 9/11.

Yeah, Customs, Coast Guard, cops.

Yeah, we'll figure it out.

We make a plan, and we follow it.

That's what we do.
Let's get to work.

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