Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e12 Episode Script

Loose Ends

- What's going on?
- Renn left and took Nick.

No, you guys have a kid
She'll come back.

Yeah, but you didn't see
the look on her face.


- Will he find it?
- No.

And he won't.
I got rid of it.

- Well, Pete flushed the coke.

- What?
Yeah, that's what happens
when the DEA shows up.

- What's up, Ralphie?
- You got heat on you, dude.

Came from Pete.
he says we're supposed to stay
away from the Codys for a while.


- What's going on?
- Liquor board
they just showed up and
started taking all the booze.

Livengood got the old liquor board
to come by and shut me down.

Janine, you want to come inside
- and talk?
- Yeah.

- Look away!
- You bi
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.

POPE: What about Chadwick?
J: The shooting shouldn't
be tied to us or the bar.

Then we tell Chadwick we
don't need him anymore.

There's no upside in offing a cop, Pope.

Sometimes things have to be done.

FRANKIE: I got a guy.

These guys take money in
and they give it out.
If he can
move a quarter of a million
on any given day,
he's got to be keeping
more than that somewhere.


- It's huge.

- Let's get to work.

She stares deeply ♪
Locked inside me ♪
Burnin' brightly ♪
One they know that I cannot take ♪
Waitin' for it all to begin ♪
Every night now, they'll win ♪
Come and meet my black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black hole ♪
I've got a big black, big black hole ♪
Got a big black hole inside of me ♪
Got a ♪




- Hey.

- Hi.

Can I come in?
Uh, yeah, sure.



You going somewhere?
Yeah, I got to, uh, help
Deran with some shit.

- FRANKIE: The job?
- Uh, yeah.

Yeah, about that.
The, uh
the guy's bank isn't at that union hall.

It's at the port.

- What?
- Yeah, San Pedro.

They moved your 30 grand.

Isn't that a problem?
I mean, we're still in it.

We just need a new plan.

But you're working on it?

hey, I-I gotta go.

Um wait.

I might have to take
you up on that offer.

To stay.

Yeah, sure.


- Your coffee.

- No, I'm good.
I'm up.

WOMAN: Available units,
tribal police request assistance
with a reported suspicious vehicle
gray 2016 Toyota Prius,
- California plates
- That's Livengood's car, isn't it?
- Yeah.

- 591.

- MAN: 10-4.
Vehicle 27 responding.


- Quiet!
- WOMAN: Units be advised
investigation is now being
reported as a possible homicide.

- Requesting medical support.

- They got his hand.

MAN: 10-4.
Vehicle 27 en
ETA 15 minutes.

They'll wait for a medical examiner
and then send it out to local cops.

Chadwick still trying to reach you?
- Yeah.

- Guy wants his money.

Yeah, well, he's just
gonna have to wait.

Gotta them off until they find the body,
'til it gets on the news.

- And how long's that gonna take?
- It's gonna be quick.

DEA agent dead in Mexico?
- It's gonna go everywhere.

- They find him?
Where you been?
Frankie came by.
her the money moved.

She's nervous and she
wants to get going.

Well, she can wait.
This thing
is gonna be a bitch to scout.

Well, we can't just sit on it, man.

Sooner or later, the guy's
gonna find that tracker.

We don't even know if this job's doable.

Yeah, it's the port of
Los Angeles.
It's big.

So you gonna tell Frankie, then?
All right, calm down.
Me and
J will go take another look.

- Stall her for now.

- We'll go talk to Chadwick,
buy us some time.

- Gimme the keys to the Scout.

- What? Why?
Because I said so.

You should get a car.

Let's go.


I had to get them breakfast.

It's done.

Manny's dumping the truck now.

Thank you.

What about Bree?
Bree's solid.

She's not gonna talk to
the cops about anything.


The kids okay?

We should hit his place.

- What?
- His bar.

There's got to be a lot of stuff
in there, like money, guns.

I want it.

That's a really bad idea.

Look, let's just keep our heads down
and lay low for a little
We'll be all right.

I'm going.

You can come or not.
Eh, your choice.


- What's this?
- We're opening up.

We can't sell that.

Eh, we're giving it away
to private parties,
so the liquor board can't say shit.

- We're giving away beers?
- Yeah.

Carlos is gonna come by and make tacos.

He'll sell 'em for a buck each.

I'll settle up with him
at the end of the day.

What's going on, man? Just tell me.

Just sell the tacos.

And if anybody comes by
asking questions, text me.

Don't tell them anything.

I don't know anything.

There you go.

Hey, man, look.
I need to
I need to make a stop.

At a friend's.

What friend?
Look, man, I need I need
some pick-me-up, okay?
Renn still not back?

Won't even text me a picture of my kid.

If they find out you're using,
they won't let you see Nick at all.

The hell are you even
talking about, man?
It's one stop.

Can you even go one day
without using that shit?
I just choose not to.

- Yeah, right.

- What are you doing?
Trying to prove a point here?
Or are you trying to be an asshole?

Yeah, figures.


- Morning.


It's taken care of.


Now we're gonna need a few
days to get the cash together.

You came to find me without my money?

You got until the end
of the day tomorrow.

You okay?
There's an alley,
behind the Seabreeze
Apartments on Colorado.

I'll text you a time.

You bring my money.

You know, I've been thinking, too.

Getting rid of a fed
it's gonna cost you more.

You brought him to talk to
us, and then you shot him.

- That's it.

- We had a deal.

It's two grand on top
of the original five,
and 250 more a month.

The feds are off you now.

You guys are clear to earn.



Let's go.

Come on.

Come on.






Come on.
Take a look around, kids.

See something you like, take it.

Go with your brother.


Like a fly to a spider,
you're under the spell ♪
If a game and the liar ♪
For those who toll the bell ♪

You're more than just a name ♪
You're fighting for the right ♪
- Like a moth to a flame ♪

JAKE: I'm gonna get a beer.

You're restless and wild
and walkin' the line ♪
You're not just another pretty face ♪
Need an answer fast and
you're runnin' out of time ♪
And the night goes on for days ♪
Young and wasted ♪
Ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah ♪
There's a safe!

Help me look for it.

You been branded by the iron ♪
You been cut by the knife ♪
There's a monkey on your back ♪
Runnin' up and down your spine ♪
This is junk.

46 17 70.

MANNY: Holy shit.

That's what I'm talking about.



Hey, baby girl.

Can we go?

We sure can.

We're all done here.

Wait, you didn't find
anything you wanted?

What are we doing here?
I'm getting a car.

Oh, I get it.

So you can make your stop, but I can't?
Go home, man.

Or be a pussy and go score some blow.

Whatever, man.


I thought I told you not
to come by here anymore.


Pope, please!
Get out of here.

You tell Pete Trujillo
if he's got something
he wants to say to me
or my family, then he
knows where to find us.

- Do you hear me?!
- Just calm down.

Give me your keys.

I want your car keys!

Give me the title.

- What?
- The title to your car.

I'll tell Pete, okay?
It It's in the glove box.

Let's go.
Go get it.

Open it.

All right, now sign it.

Sign it.
Sign the shit.

Let's go.

Six grand.


Okay, just I got a load in the trunk.

A load of what?



J: Transponder says the bank's
in one of those containers.

My guess is that's Wyatt's office.

DERAN: Yeah, so he's a supervisor.

He oversees the walking
bosses, the supercargoes.

He likes to have his bank where
he can keep an eye on it.

Yeah, and let's port
security do the rest.

Only accesses his bank when he
needs to pull money.
I mean
He's not an idiot.

These containers look
easy to break into.

Unless it's the middle one.

- Which it probably is.

- Yeah.

Well, we can always cut our
way in, too, if we need to.

Yeah, well, that's a lot of equipment.

Yeah, and we have to get it through
security and onto the port.

Yeah, and get out.

I don't know, man.

Well, let's stick around, see what
the place looks like after dark.


Come on, man, pick up.


It's Craig.
Text me.


God damn it.


All right, man.






- Can I come in?
- Yeah, sure.

Everything worked out with
my friend in Costa Rica.

He got the 30 grand.


So, when do we go?
Well, Deran and J are
up north checking on it,
- but, uh
- But what?
When are they gonna be back?
I don't know.
They're checking on it.

They're not just knocking
off a 7-Eleven, are they?
Have you seen the port
security? It's crazy.

I told you this was my last chance.

Look, relax, all right?
They're working on it.


I need you right.

I am right.

Really? When was the
last time you slept?






Mommy killed that man.

We're not supposed to talk about that.

Do you think something
is wrong with her?


God damn it! Quit throwing shit!




See? I told you.

Jesus, they're not kidding.

Lights everywhere.

Security checks on the way in and out.

They figure if something's coming,
it's coming in the dark.


So, we got to do this during
regular working hours?

Yeah, in broad daylight.

Someone sees something,
they make a call,
and they lock the whole place down.

We could look into getting out by boat.

There's plenty of pier heads,
jetties, places to hide.

There's also a lot of places
to get backed into a corner, too.

I don't know.
I think there's
easier scores than this one.

I figure this guy can dish out
250 grand per transaction.

He He's not gonna wait for an
exchange to come the other way
before he makes his second
deal, or his third.

I think there's about three-quarters
of a million dollars
sitting in there.

Nothing to move, nothing
to hold, nothing to fence.

Do you think Smurf would have done it?
It's a lot of money.
I don't know.

So, what do you want to do with this?
Are you serious?
This is like a phone book
of all the criminals
and crooked assholes
in San Diego County.

So? You gonna call them,
tell them you killed Max
and you're in charge now?
Yeah, they might not be too happy
that their partner's gone.

Their partner?
This guy was shaking them down,
just like he was doing to us.

- That's how things work.

- So, we do it different.


If we need something from
someone, we cut them in.

If someone brings us a job,
we give them a piece.

We could build a network.

- Us?
- Yeah.

You got other crews
knocking down your door
- with work?
- Enough.

Go home, Janine.

Excuse me?
Your kids watched you shoot a man.

- My kids are fine.

- They're not.

Yeah, they are.

It's a shame Colin's not here.

Maybe he could talk some sense into you.

JANINE: Really is a shame.

Since he's been gone,
I've been stuck with a shitty gambler
and a part-time carpenter with no balls.

You guys make me sick.



What, Ralphie sold you his car?
He got a good deal.

Yeah, but he loves this thing.

Did you talk to Deran and J?
No, I didn't.

Give us a second.


Take it easy, man.

It's her score.
She brought it to us.

You been watching the news?

Cops found Livengood.

What, all of him?
So far, it's going down the way J said.

They're blaming it on the cartels.



Does that mean we can
talk to Chadwick now?
What is it?
What are you on? Oxy? You taking pills?
Yeah, man, 'cause it's gonna
help me get off the other shit.

It's not that big a deal.

You're out of your mind.

Everybody's sick of it.

Yo, this job is only happening
because of me.

I was the one who brought Frankie in,
so I would say that I'm doing just fine.

Doesn't look like it.

- Oh, yeah?
- You're not handling anything,
and Smurf isn't here
to clean up your shit.

You're lucky that Renn took Nick away.

Kid shouldn't see his father like this.

Thank you.

I don't even recognize
Oceanside anymore.

Seems to be doing pretty well to me.

That's 'cause this town's filling
up with a bunch of idiots.

If you can't beat them,
might as well make money
off of them, right?
What, you want to rob a yoga studio?
I just mean Smurf's way
of washing money
the apartments, the houses
it's slow.

You got a better way to go about it?
Cash businesses.

Cars, jewelry stores.

We get windfall from a big job,
we just say we had a good month.

Instead of a property, we find
a banker, like a loan guy.

Bowling alley's already set up.

We could find a business
for Pope, for Craig.


- What is it?
- It's the cops.

- They're at the bar.

- [SIGHS.]
God damn it.

Want me to wait?
No, but if you get a phone call
and you don't recognize
the number, pick it up,
'cause it's probably gonna
be me making my one call.

I know how to talk to cops.

- Deran Cody?
- Yeah.

Agent Perkins.

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This is Agent Gonsalves.

Mind if we ask you some questions?

Did you know an Agent Dennis Livengood?
With the Drug Enforcement
Unfortunately, yeah.

- Why?
- He was found dead yesterday.

Oh, Jesus.

How were you and Agent
Livengood acquainted?
Uh, acquainted? [SIGHS.]

He was trying to put
my roommate in jail.

Any idea why?
Mm, well, he was a DEA agent,
so I'm guessing drugs?
- Where's your friend now?
- Roommate.

Uh, he took off.
He skipped town.

Guy still owes me a bunch of rent.

Agent Livengood ever come in here?
Yeah, he he'd come in here,
like, once a week,
acting like an asshole,
making people feel uncomfortable.

You know, basic harassment.

Guy got my liquor license revoked.

I'm selling tacos trying to make
payroll until the hearing.

- Why do you think he did that?
- I don't know.

Maybe he was pissed that he
couldn't bust my roommate,
or maybe he's just a dick.

- Was a dick.

- Yeah.

Give us a second, Mr.


One of us will be in touch,
but if you remember anything
you think might be helpful


J: It's doable.
a lot to figure out.

Yeah, security's crazy, obviously.

We're gonna have to memorize
guard shifts, patrol routes.

We're gonna have to do
it all during the day.


You okay?

FRANKIE: How much time?
- J: Two weeks.
Maybe more.

- More?
Yeah, look, once we're on the
port, it's federal jurisdiction.

We get caught, we're
looking at 20 years.

We can't rush this thing.

- Yeah.

- Good.

We'll get to work.


We got other business
we got to take care of.

And it's, uh, it's not about the job.


Guess I'll go for a swim.


Pay attention.

J: Okay, so, Livengood's on the news.

DEA agent, border-city field office.

Everyone's assuming he
was killed on the job.

Feds came by my bar.

Started asking questions.

I think they're going
through the motions.

They don't really know anything.

And Chadwick?
He's heard by now.

So, I say we, uh, we meet him today,
like we planned, we pay him,
and we cut him loose.

What are paying Chadwick for again?
J's plan worked.
He can't do shit.

He's a cop.
We got him
backed into a corner.

- He needs a reason to walk away.

- Really?
Because we just got rid of a cop.

None of us pulled the
trigger on Livengood.

That was Chadwick, all right?

We pay him.


I'll do it.
He came to me first.

I'm coming with you.



Set it down.

All right, let me explain this to you.

- Okay, so Max he came over
- Shut up.

No, but seriously, there
are some things that you
- I mean
- I said shut up!
Sit down.

Max is dead.

What was he running through your place?
What was he running through your place?

Some Some drugs.

That's it?
He liked to know, um
who was s-seeing
which girls and what
they were into.
He got
- He got his favors that way.

- What was his end?

Do you know that what you did
could have got me and my kids killed?
I'm sorry.

I'm gonna need you
to do things for me
from time to time.

Is that gonna be a problem?


- N-No.

- Good.


What happened to Max?
Does it matter?
You're back.

Yeah, I figured I'd help
you clean up a little bit.


We lost money.

They drank more than they ate.

Yeah, well, it wasn't
really about the money.

Look, I know things have been a
little crazy around here lately,
and I
I appreciate you rolling with it.

No worries.

The liquor board hearing's next week.

Everything should be
back to normal by then.

You got something to say to me?
Those feds was that about Adrian?
So, where is he?
People still asking?
I'm asking.

Adrian got popped muling for Jack.

And the feds offered him a
deal to roll on my family.

Smurf found out about it.

So Adrian had to leave town for good.

He's not dead.

All right?
He's probably catching
great waves by now.

Which is a lot more than
I can say for most people
who've crossed Smurf.

You can close up on your own, right?




Wake up.

10 more minutes.

Get up.
Start talking.
I need to
know what the hell is going on.

This job is everything to me.

If If you shit the bed
on this, I'm I'm done.


Look, we, uh
we had some heat on us, and
- Oh.

- now it's handled.

God damn it.

Just relax.
still gonna do the job.

Was it handled before I put up my money?
Look, if you want to pull out
and piss away all your money, fine.

I don't really give a shit.


That's the problem.

You don't give a shit about anything.

I know you're having
a hard time right now
and things aren't working
out well for you.

Oh, things aren't working well for me?
You think I need you to tell me that?

I mean, do you have any
idea the amount of shit
that I'm dealing with right now?
I do.

But do yourself a favor
and quit pretending you're
still just having fun.


Smells like cat piss in this alley.

Cats are barely domesticated.

Did you know that?

It's true.

They're one generation from being feral.

You could dump a litter of
kittens in a place like this.

They'd survive.

They'd reproduce.

You can't really tame them.

Here we go.

Well, well.

Aren't we the overachievers?
All you had to do was get rid of a body.

Not start an international

It's all in there.
Plus four grand.

What's that for?
We're done.

So, that's what your
little stunt was about?
We have other ways of cutting ties.

But I don't think you'd like them.

- You're making a mistake.

- No, you are.

You thought you could
tie us to a murder,
- maybe even a body.

- You think I still can't?
The Livengood story's out there, man.

You want to get in the
middle of it, go ahead.

But I don't think you're that stupid.


- 'Sup, man?
- I saw you texted me.

I been calling.
You didn't pick up.

Yeah, my bad.
Just, uh,
it's been a crazy day.

No worries.

Wanna get real high?
I got that flake from Peru.

Yeah, um, look, man, I appreciate
you coming through and all,
but, you know, I'm beat.

I'm just gonna hit the hay.

Quit playing, bro.

Come on.
Let's get down.

Yeah, man.
I'm I'm
I'm not playing, you know?
Dude, one bump one
bump, you're flying.

I don't want it, okay?
- We're We're good.

- Well, just take it
- and then hit me back later.

- I don't want it.

I just need you I need you to go.

- You know where I'm at.

- Yep.


Where you going?
I'm sick of sharing a
bathroom with Pope.

You know, I think we
should talk to the guys
about the businesses,
see what they think.

Yeah, you think Pope wants
to be a business owner?
As long as he doesn't have to
deal with the general public.

- Is that him?
- Yeah.

- Wyatt Cole.

Still feeling good about it?
You said Smurf would've walked away.

I said she might.

We need a win.

Yeah, I know.

Let's do it.

Are you guys camping?

Is Bree inside?
She's watching TV.




Did you miss me?
What happened to Andrew?
He burned himself.


You shouldn't let him have a lighter.

I don't think he's gonna do it again.

He will.

He's a boy.

Let me take care of your brother, okay?

What are you doing?
You know, you got to keep them
clean down here by the ocean.

All that salt in the air.

When's the last time you cleaned yours?
I haven't.

My mom didn't like guns.

Never had any in the house.

You did good, man.


Everything went just
like you said it would.

Yeah, we got lucky.


No, it was smart.

Just like Baz.

You gotta make your own luck.

Where you going?
It's, uh It's garbage day tomorrow.

I was gonna take the
can down to the street.

I'll take it out for you.

Pete never flushed the coke.

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