Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s06e01 Episode Script


- Thanks for meeting me.

- It's nice.
They like to play.

- Aah!
- Baz!
- So, future services?
- We need someone who can help us
when we need to be creative.

- Renn left and took Nick.

- Well, she'll come back.

Yeah, but you didn't see
the look on her face.

Look, man, I need a
I need some pick-me-up.

Can you even go one day
without using that shit?
Aah! Aah!
Look away!
I just spoke with Gia.

I'm not taking on any
new business right now.

We're not new business.

Our relationship was with Smurf.

You boys were only muscle.

You guys like this house?
I'm gonna get it for us.

- Would you like that?
- Yeah.

Kinda perfect for us.

You should sell Smurf's
apartments, buy businesses.

It'll allow us to push
more money through.

- I'm in.

- Yeah, me, too.

May we all get what we want
but never what we deserve.

There we go.

We got a female.

Late 20s.

Looks like she's been
buried a couple of years.

Let me see that.

- We got an ID.

- Catherine Belen.

Looks like she's from Oceanside.

Pledged your faith,
my heart embraced ♪
Struggle to renew ♪
Blurry mind, so hypnotized ♪
Fast enough ♪
Andrew! Andrew!
- I'm coming!
- Jesus, Baz.

This ain't no damn Sunday stroll.

Let's go! Get the back!
Yeah, that's good.



What are you doing here? It's Saturday.

SAT prep.

I-I forgot.

Why are you here?
Um, I-I left "A Separate
Peace" in my locker.

Yeah, well, paper's due Monday.

- Cutting it close, huh?
- I guess so.

Was that your twin brother?

Yeah, that was Andrew by the library.

No, Andrew I-I'm pretty sure
he's at home, so i-it can't be
What's going on here, Julia?
Goddamn it.

- Come with me.

- No, no
- Come with me.

- Let go!
Julia! A teacher stopped her.


- I gotta go get her.

- No, Andrew!
I'll be back, Baz.

- Get off!
- Come on.

- Let go!
- Let's go.

Get off me! My mom's gonna sue your ass.

Julia, go!
- Where's Andrew?
- He was right behind me.

I've been doing laps out here.

And he went looking for you.

Yeah, I know! He hit a teacher!
There he is.

- Andrew, run!
- Hurry up, Andrew!
Oh, my God.
I No, I have to!
I have to get him!
Andrew, stop!
Stop! Stop!
Get off of him! Let go! Let go of him!
- Andrew!
- Leave her alone! Stop!
Stop! Damn it!
Damn it!

You don't quit, do you?
Did I wake you?

What do you think about
setting up a bridge loan
- to buy another building?
- Come on.

Seriously? I just woke up.

I'm sorry.

It's just the apartment
buildings aren't selling.

I figured we could use the money
to start another business.

Oh, you are such a greedy bastard.

I swear.

Just trying to keep up momentum.

well, the loan, I guess it just
it just depends on revenue stream.

Yeah, but we could do a couple of jobs
- and figure it out.

- Okay, J,
I am not your attorney anymore.

I thought
I don't know, we were
trying something else.

So, no more advice?
I'm done talking.

- Hey.

- Hey.

I thought I'd make the
deposit before we open.


Are we gonna deposit $20,000 this week?

I don't want to draw too
much attention at the bank.

Gonna wait till spring break.

We'll be slammed.

We can start jacking up the
prices, start moving more.

All right?
Hey, what's up, Trey?

- How you doing?
- Oh, you know,
shit runs downhill.

Sure does.

You want a little top-off there?
Thank you, boss.

I, uh, heard you got paid 10K
by some asshole in Newport Beach
to shape him a balsa gun.

Probably get hung on
a wall, never even get wet.

That was a couple of
months back, though.

I haven't shaped anything
worth riding in a while.

Ah, come on.
I doubt that.

No, really.

I can't, uh, concentrate.

I got a bunch of assholes
renting a house next to me.

What do you call them?
Uh influencers.


Two dickhead brothers from Irvine.

Driving me crazy with their
online party video bullshit.

Oh, that sucks.
I'm sorry to hear that.

Yeah, it's just not right, you know?
People come from out of town,
they move here, and just make
life shitty for the rest of us.


Well, uh, can I get you anything?
A couple eggs? Some toast?
No, no, no.
Coffee top-off is just fine.

I just was rolling by,
thought I'd stop by, say hey.

Haven't seen you much since Smurf died.

All right.
Take it easy.

All right, Trey.
Take it easy, buddy.

- Take it easy, Tommy.

- See you, Trey.

See you later.

You gonna make that deposit or what?

You want a sandwich?

Do you prefer it diagonal or horizontal?
Whatever, man.
You choose.


What were you doing this morning?
I was at the lot.

Oh, yeah? You figured out what
you want to do with it yet?

Well, it's I guess it's only been
about three months, right?
So, it's not much use
to us just sitting there.

Not everything is about money, J.


No, I know.

But this is.

We need to look for another job, man.

Otherwise, we just keep taking
losses and racking up debt.

What do you think?
I think it's my lot, and I'm
gonna do with it what I want
when I want.


- J.

- Hmm?
Get square bologna next time
you do the shopping, please.

Here you are.


Thank you for looking after
them, Detective.
Let's go.

We're gonna have to hang on to Andrew.

He attacked two people
with his skateboard.

- Sent one to the hospital.

- He was protecting himself
and his sister.

The school thinks they were involved
in the theft of computers.

They weren't.

This isn't gonna work if
you make us look stupid.

Why don't you tell Lieutenant Mackey
that my attorney will be in touch
tomorrow to straighten this out,
but I'm taking my kids home.

Did you see that?
- Yeah, he just started paddling.

- Oh.

Just held him, he started paddling.

You know, I think he might
be ready to tandem.

- We'll see.

- What are you talking about?
Arlo took Kai out at six months.

Arlo's a lunatic.

Well, what do you think
about preschool, bud?
He doesn't need preschool yet.

Of course he does.

Well, social shit.
All that stuff.

He's with Enrique's kids all day.

He's social.

Look, how much longer are your
cousins gonna keep babysitting us?
I don't know.

It's been months, Renn.

What, you just never
gonna trust me again?
- ¿Qué pasa?
- Hay un problema.

Nunca lo consiguió.


Mírame, mijo.

You look good, primo.

- What are you benching? 250?
- Come on.

- What's going on?
- I gotta go to work.

- Wait, already?
- Craig.

- You can't just leave him with me?
- No, I can't, Craig.

- You know the deal.

- Come on.


I'll call you.

I appreciate the ambition, Baz,
- but your plan was stupid.

- Why?
We got away with it.

You do realize that computers
have serial numbers, right?
Yeah, so?
So, what's the point in stealing
something you can't fence?
Hey, you?
You just forgot about SAT prep or what?
You scout for these two?
You realize that I have to pull
every string that I've got
to keep Andrew out of juvie.

I never wanted to do
this in the first place.

I like school.

Are you blaming Baz?
'Cause no one forced you.

Seriously? Like both of you wouldn't
have given me shit if I bailed?
Now I'm gonna get expelled from school.

Hey, look, Smurf will talk
to the principal, right?

I'll take care of it.

I doubt it.

Zane is more honest than your cops.

You guys are unbelievable.


how do you feel about pot
roast for dinner to celebrate?
Celebrate what?
Me stealing a bunch of worthless shit?

Come here.

It's our anniversary.

Six years ago

You walked in that door
and I knew I had another son.


To you.

Hey, man, what's up?
Hey, what are you doing here, man?
Just thought I'd come
by and check it out.

What's that's mural gonna be?
That's gonna be the ambiance.

Just paid my guy 5K.
It's gonna be sick.

Did you get an invoice?
- Yeah, for 10 grand.

- Good.

What about a sign out front?
Help pull people in from the street.

Why would I want to do that?
Well, you gotta have as many people
coming through here as possible.

I got a legit list of 40 names.

Driver's licenses, addresses,
social security numbers.

I mean, gym memberships
are already at half capacity
- on the books.

- Where'd you get the names?
From the Giving Tree, man.

Why? What's it matter?
- I'm just saying, if anyone
- Look, man, I got it covered.

All right? I don't need you coming here
and checking in on me.
You got it?
Got it.
Good job.

Here you go, boss.

Hey, can you cut it with
the whole "boss" shit?
- Yeah.

- Just
- No problem.

- Thank you.


Did you you have Trey come by
and tell me about this influencer shit?
I didn't have to.

People are talking, you know?
What are they talking about?
I mean, if you and your brothers
aren't gonna handle shit like that,
who is?
You know?
That Pope? It's Gia.

What do you want?
Can we talk?
- Who was that?
- Gia.

Said she wants to talk.


I have not been here in ages.

What do you want?
Well, hello to you, too.

I've got something for you.
A job.

So, you don't trust us
enough to fence our shit,
but you want us to pull a job for you?
Look, I hear things.

You guys are doing okay.

Staying out of trouble.

So, if this goes well,
I'm willing to discuss
renewing our previous relationships.

What's the job?
I need you to clear a warehouse.

Of what?
There's a new chick in town.

Thinks she's hot shit because
she can tell the difference
between a Byzantine and a Roman coin.

So, you've got competition.


She's an amateur who fell
into some good pieces.

Not that she knows what to do with them.

- And you do?
- Got a buyer all lined up.

We'll think about it.


Don't think too long.


You really thinking
about working with her
after what she did to us?
It's a job.

How does it feel? ♪
How does it feel? ♪
You know what?
I-I need to go.
I'll call you back.

Yeah, we're interested.


All you need.

There a problem?
Are you still angry about
how we left things?
You gotta learn how to let shit go.

Are the plans in here?

What about security?
Same as me.

- You know the response time?
- Seven minutes.


All right.
We'll be in touch.

Private seller.
You like them?
Gia, I love them.

But I just don't have the
cash on hand right now.


How about a trade?
What do you have?

They're perfectly good
as long as no one wants
to use the warranty.

Smurf, what am I gonna do with those?
You'll figure it out.

For you.

Gia, Gia, Gia.

Julia's really grown up.

Remember 16?
I do.

Good luck.


Why didn't you come help me
pull up the tiles at the bar?
Trying to avoid bars right now.

Still doing
the sober thing, huh?
Still doing the sober thing.

- I know it's really hard for you to get.

- Right.

I just don't understand why you
can't come and help me out
and not have a drink.

Only see one camera.

Yeah, J said there's armed security.

It's got ADT,
seven-minute response time.

Probably got sensors on all
the windows and doors, too.

Why don't we just go
in through the roof?
We're in plain sight here, man.

There's a lot of people.

There's a lot of foot traffic.

Yeah, well, let's go a
couple of buildings over
and just head over from there.

They probably got sensors
on top of the roof, too.

We can't just drill
through the top of it.

It's gonna create a shitload of noise.

Man, it's only gonna take
a couple of minutes.

We just get something to cover the
It's not that big a deal.




Look, uh, hey, see if she starts now.

A-And, uh, let her run for a while,
and make sure she's not running hot.

- All right.

- Yeah.

Hey, you still mad?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come on.

Why don't you have a beer
with me? You know?
Think about something else, hmm?
Hey, Gia.
How you doing?

I need you to take the
computers to this address.

And next time, save
Smurf the grief, okay?
Think jewelry.

Going through the roof's gonna
be harder than we thought.

- Why?
- They retrofitted it three years ago.

Steel plating and beams throughout.

Well, then we just use
the plasma cutters.

That would probably
set the roof on fire.

I think I know what to do.

- Hmm?
- It's gonna be loud, though.

Well, how loud?
You know, like gunshots loud.

I can figure that out.

I'll get to work.

Yeah! What's up, Carcinogens?!
It's your boy, Carson!
God, I missed you!
What's up, bro? What's up? Yeah!
God, look at this.
You kidding me?
You guys ready to play? I know I am.

- Are you guys ready to play?!
- Yeah, boy!
Yeah! Let's go! Come on!
Pump it up! Yeah!
Who are these beautiful Oceanside girls
we got here tonight?
Oh, my gosh.
What a pick tonight.


Get in here.

Make me say, "Ooh" ♪
Ooh ♪
All right, all right.

What do we think, guys?
How many tries is it gonna take
Ashley here to get a mouthful?
I don't know.
Let's find out.

Come on.
Come on.

Everybody, cheer her on.

Let's go! Yeah, Ashley, Ashley.

- Go, girl, get in there.

- Oh, get in there.
Don't be afraid.

Oh, first try! What?!
Damn, you wanted to get
in there with me, huh?
Hey, we love our fans.

Make sure to check out the
merch, hit us up on Patreon,
all that good stuff.
You know the drill.

Oh, snap! You guys, we got
us another local in the house
trying to get in on these sweet
carcinogenic vibes, right?
What's up, brother?
You guys are too loud.

You gotta wrap this shit up.

Witness the Oceanside boomer.

He's younger than the usual boomer,
but often just as lame and boomer-y.

I'm just playing, bro.
It's all good.

We'll keep it down.

Get the hell out of here.
Come on.

Make me say, "Ooh" ♪
Ooh ♪
- Ashley, come on.

- What?
- Ashley, get up.

- What?
- Hey, hey, hey, babe.

- Come on.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, we're not done yet.

- Man.

Where are you going? We're not done yet.

- What?
- Man, just let this go.

- Everybody out.

- What
What is this shit?
Hey, Carcinogens, you wanna
see an O-side ass-kicking?
Whoo! Come on!
- Come off that.

- You kidding me, dude?
Yo, bro, I don't know
what your problem is.

Yo, hey Okay.

You guys gotta take this bullshit
somewhere else, all right?
If I see either of you
in Oceanside again,
we're gonna have some
real issues, all right?
You got it?
- You all good?
- Seven minutes.

Let's go.

Cody, have you considered
sending Andrew to a school
that's better suited
for his disposition?
Maybe one with a good ROTC program?
Are you saying that he's done here?

And what about Julia?
I think what happened
here over the weekend
is a symptom of a larger
problem with Julia.

- And that's ?
- She's not being challenged.

It's like something is holding her back.

Now, I think with a little encouragement
and more rigorous class schedule,
Julia could really begin to
start fulfilling her potential,
with the support of all of us here
and you at home.

Ready to go!
He said extend the perimeter.

I worked with your mother for 30 years.

We were like family.

You abandoned us as soon as she died.

She never would have let you do this.

Smurf would have done worse.

It was a business decision.

She would tell you never burn bridges.

My clients aren't gonna
be happy about this,
so you should watch your ass,
'cause I know you think you're the shit,
- but there is always someone bigger.

- Are you done?
Insurance will pay for the
buildings and the rugs.

The rest is your penance for
not being loyal to our family.

You burned the bridges, not us.

Miniature toy soldiers go for 325 bucks.

That's like $1,000 a shot, you know?
- Yo, take this out of my cut.

- Yeah, whatever.

We should put it all in a safe.

- That's a good idea.

- How much did they say this one was?

- Five grand.

- Five grand?
- It's ugly.

- Hey.

We all just need to slow down.

You got a light?
- Look at this guy.

- What?
When did you start smoking weed?
Look at this guy.

Since I got back from the desert.

I'm gonna get my cigarettes.

All right.

How did Gia take it?
She understood.

No, I've had enough, man.

'Cause of your mom?
'Cause I got some work to do later.

You know, your mom would have
loved what we did tonight.

She hated Gia.

Really? Why?
Too much like Smurf.

That's a good reason.

That's a very good reason.

Renn, I'm telling you
Goddamn it.
This is bullshit.

What happened?
She just canceled on me again this week.

It's a week.
You'll be fine.

Yeah, man, but it's another week
that I don't get to see him.

The kid's an infant.

He's not gonna remember shit all anyway.

And why the hell would I listen to you?
In fact, it's 'cause of you that
I can't see my goddamn kid
unless Renn decides that it's okay.

What are you talking about?
That we should have taken
him when I said we should.

You hear me?
What is this about?
Is this about the kid, even?
Or this is about the fact that
Renn's got you by the balls?
Whipped like a little bitch.

What are you doing?
It's hot.

You should come in.

I'll get my suit.

Ah, just come in.

It's no big deal.

Come on.
I've seen you naked before.



Oh, my God!
No! No!
You should put some clothes
on around your brothers.

You wanna join?

You look like a little drowned rat.

Why don't you go inside and dry off?
It's okay.
I have my shirt.

You know, I went to your school today.


I spoke to your vice principal.

- You're getting expelled.

- What?
I mean, I-I, uh I tried
to change her mind.

There just wasn't anything I could do.

Where are we gonna go to school?
We'll figure it out.

Don't stay up too late.

Good night, Andrew.

I'm going to bed.

- Oh, hey, Julia, Julia.

- Baz, stop.

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