Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s06e02 Episode Script


Hey, what's up, Trey?
I got a bunch of assholes
renting a house next to me.

People come from out of
town, they move here,
and just make life shitty
for the rest of us.

If I even see either of you
in Oceanside again,
we're gonna have some
real issues, all right?
Why didn't you come help me
pull up the tiles at the bar?
Trying to avoid bars right now.

Still doing the sober thing, huh?
Still doing the sober thing.

- What were you doing this morning?
- I was at the lot.

It's not much use to
us just sitting there.

I think it's my lot, and I'm
gonna do with it what I want
when I want.

He attacked two people
with a skateboard,
- sent one to the hospital.

- He was protecting himself
- and his sister.

- The school thinks they were involved
in the theft of computers.

I think what happened
here over the weekend
is a symptom of a larger
problem with Julia.

Oh, my God!
Julia! You know, I went
to your school today.

- You're getting expelled.

- What?
There just wasn't anything I could do.

Party favors are up, ladies.

- Bro.

- Bro!
Bro, relax, man.
I remember
where you hid the key.

Yo, you know how lucky you
are I didn't have a gun on me?
It's your lucky day, not mine, brother.

Oh? Why's that?
Maya, Sandy.


This is my boy Craig I
was tellin' you 'bout.

- Hi.

- Hi.

Thanks for letting us use your shower.


Bro, I'm gonna need you to leave.

I figured if I brought some friends,
you'd change your mind.

Yeah, but I told you I cleaned up.

Nice tats.

Dude, one day of fun
ain't gonna kill you.

You know, you're kind
of embarrassing me.

Well, then you leave
and they stay.

You leave and they stay.

Bro, are you serious?

All right, so what were
your names again?
- Joshua Cody?
- Yeah.

This is Lana from Niemann,
Livingston, and Kohl.

I'm returning your call regarding
scheduling an initial consultation.

That's right uh,
thanks for calling me back.

Of course would you be available
to come in sometime today?
- I would.

- Great.

Hold for a second while
I pull up my calendar.


- You have fun out there?
- Yeah, it was great.

It's pretty impressive.

I'm a little rusty.

Can still make some turns on it, though.

Yeah, I wasn't talking
about the surfing.


So, fourth date.

Gotta ask
how does the owner of a dive
bar afford a place like this?
Frozen taquitos.

Water down the booze.

Got it, got it.

We're gonna keep doing the
whole sexy/mysterious thing.

If you want me to, sure.

Oh, yeah, here, let me
help you with that.

Can't really help myself.

Anybody home?!
- Hey!
- Oh, shit.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Hey, sorry.
Okay if I come down?
Yeah, yeah.

I went by the bar,
but it was closed, and, uh,
I'm heading down to Baja Malibu
for a couple of days,
I wanted to drop this off
before I left.

For me?
'76 Lightning Bolt.

First board I ever made
for Hawaiian waves.

Fully restored.

You shitting me?
- No.
It's yours.

- Oh, my God, man.
Thank you.

That one you can hang on the wall.

Hell yeah, I will.
Beautiful, man.

Holy shit.

It's good to have somebody
looking out for us locals again
with your mom gone.


Thank you.

- Thank you, Trey.

- Thank you.

- Hey, have a good one.

- You too.

- Put it up tonight.

- Yeah!
Yes, sir!
What happened with your mom?

Excuse me.
I'm looking
for the property owner?
That's me.

Oh, okay.

Marc Landreau, Coastal Visions Realty.

Mind if I take a look around?
It's not for sale, so
- Well, it's listed, so
- What?
Most of my clients are
investment groups.

They do a lot of cash deals.

There's got to be a mistake.

I-I have the listing right here.

That's my phone.

- It has Josh Cody as the listing agent.

It's not for sale!
It's not for sale! Okay.


Can't do 'em every time yet.

Hey, hang out with me today.

- I need to find a job.

- I can't.

I got to go meet some
lawyer Smurf found.

- Are you worried?
- About what?
Juvie, Andrew.

Smurf said she's gonna fix it.

And you believe her?
Andrew, you're supposed
to be getting ready.

You know I don't like to be late.

And don't ride that goddamn
thing near my car!
Oh, Julia.

You're staying home today, baby.

I need you to watch Craig and Deran.

- Baz can watch them.
I have plans.

- Mnh-mnh.

Baz is actually doing
something for me today.


Guess that's all any
of us get to do, huh.

Just try not to be high all day
with your face in a book, baby.

Put that stupid thing away
and go get cleaned up.

You got 10 minutes.

Thanks for having my back.

Jesus, Andrew.

The hell do you think you're doin'?
- What are you talkin' about?
- I'm talkin' about my lot.

My lot! You're sellin' my lot
out from underneath me?!
- No.
- Bullshit!
It's listed! It's my lot!
- Pope, relax.

- You listed my lot!
Relax, relax.
I just wanted to see what comps
we could get for the area,
see what it's worth to us on the market.

That's all.
That's all.

Look, I can't sell shit until
you sign off on it first.

All right? It's not goin'
anywhere, it's yours.

- You take it down.

- Fine.

- Today.

- Yes.

Jesus Christ, man.

I just wanted to see what you
were doin' out there, man.

I It's been three months.

Look, I want to text everyone
for a meeting today.

I want to go over the businesses,
jobs, properties, everything.

I wanna keep everything out in the open.

Take the listing down.

Move your truck.

- To your right, to your right.

- All right.

Line it up with this tap.
This one.

Just take your time.

- It's not heavy at all.

- Drop this shit, I'm gonna kill you.

- Here.
Boom, perfect.

- Right there?
- Yep.

- I would never drop this.

- Yo.

- What's up, man?
Check out this new addition.

'76 Bolt.
Believe this shit?
Can we talk?

I need a favor.


Will you swap houses with me?
- What?
- Yeah, will you swap houses with me?
I mean, that place is
perfect for you, man.

You got the waves outside, it's
Yeah, I got waves out in
front of my house, too.

Yeah, man, but I I can't stay there.

All right? It's like a conveyor
belt of women and coke, and
I don't know.
If I do,
I just feel like I'm gonna go
back into the partying and
I don't know.
Board up the windows.

Get new locks on the door.

What do you want me to do?
- Bro, I'm being serious.

- Yeah, me too, man.

I don't want to move out of my house.

I need this.

Uh, no.

You know what? Thanks for nothing, man.

It's always the same.

You're not asking me for a ride.

I don't want to help.
It's great.

You're asking me to
move out of my house.

- Janine Cody?
- That's right.

- Morgan Wilson.

- Pleasure.

You must be Andrew.

Nice to meet you.

Come on back.

Have a seat.

Oh, uh
Pardon me.
Let me get
that out of the way.

So, the charge is juvenile
assault and battery.

Usually not a big deal
for a first offense,
but it was on state property,
and it was against a state employee.

To complicate things,
there was a burglary
and theft at the school that day.

Which Andrew had nothing to do with.

- And he was defending his sister.

- I'm sure.

But any half-decent juvenile
prosecutor will bring it up.

It's important to demonstrate
good-faith efforts
to address Andrew's behavior
prior to your hearing.

I suggest making an
appointment for Andrew
to speak to a psychiatrist.

Andrew, why don't you wait outside?
Thank you, baby.

I have no problem with what my son did.

I came here because you
come highly recommended.

By whom?
Angel Cordero.

How is Angel?
He's free as a bird, thanks to you.

I'll tell him you asked.

So what I'm looking for
is the Angel Cordero package.

Not the "concerned mother, trying
to save her wayward son" package.

That package costs more.


Are you hungry?
Want to go get a burger?
Don't you want to know how it went?
Am I gonna have to
talk to a psychiatrist?

It's okay.

I mean, if I have to,
it's better than juvie.

Do you want to?
No, but the lawyer said
Forget what she said.

You don't talk to anybody ever.

I know.

- Where you been?
- Working.

On what?
Let's get this shit over
I got stuff to do.

- Should we go sit down?
- No, let's get it over with.


All right, sales on
Smurf's properties, uh,
her apartments, they're almost done.

Just a couple stragglers in a few
places that we got to kick out.

Then all we'll have left are
the houses and Pope's lot.

We're also sitting on a ton
of money, but it's all dirty.

I can wash some of it
through the property sales,
but the rest is gonna have to go
through the, uh, existing businesses
until we get new ones.

I also want to hire a new attorney.

We need to start fresh,
cut whatever ties with
anyone we had before.

Okay, why do we need to
have a lawyer on retainer?
I mean, everything you've been
doing yourself has been fine.

Because we are moving
a lot of money around.

There are tax implications.

Also, I want to set things
up so whatever we earn,
we share equally, and we're protected
if something were to go
wrong on one of our jobs.

Anything the lawyer recommends,
I'll bring to all of us.

We'll talk about it, discuss it.

- We'll decide together.

- Fine.
We done?
- Where you going?
- Work.

Gotta go and sign some dead
people up for gym memberships.

I gotta go, too.

Look, J, I need you to pay
this by the end of the week.

What is it?
18 grand?
- Pope, I thought we agreed
- Just pay it.

I, uh I can't pay for
this with clean cash.

I mean, paying it's a red flag as it is.

Place is in Escondido
maybe we can go grab a blank invoice,
write in $1,000 instead of
$18,000 or something.
Hit me up when you're done with
the lawyer shit, all right?

You vouched for me with Pope and Craig.

Appreciate that.

I'm gonna handle all of this.

Just need a bit of time and
someone I can count on.

I got you.
Just don't mess it up.

My name's Josh Cody.

I have an appointment.

- Someone will be right with you.

- Great.

Mr Cody?
- Hi.

- Hi.
Penny Dean.

- Josh Cody.
Nice to meet you.

- Likewise.

So, you're here for an
initial consultation
regarding some estate planning?
Um, yeah, that's right.


I'm sorry.
You're an attorney?
Why do you ask?
I handle a lot of our initial
consultations, Mr Cody.

The partners here
trust me so can you.

Sorry did you get my
message about that thing?
It's time sensitive.

Yes, I responded.

- I didn't see it.

- It's there.

Sorry about that.

My job is to talk to potential clients
about their situation
and desired outcome
to make sure they're fit
with the right attorney
one who can work an e-mail.

Fair enough.
So, some family members and I inherited
a small portfolio of properties.

We're selling most of them
and buying small businesses,
a couple of which we've already got,
but we're looking to consolidate
things as we buy more.

All the businesses in California?
San Diego North County mostly.

Not interested in the real-estate game?
No, I have an investment
strategy worked out.

And, uh, the total
dollar value of the assets?

$5 million, ballpark.


Uh, there'll be some
forms you have to sign,
fee engagement, letter of intent.

I'll, uh I'll get them
- and be right back.

- Thank you.

And I'm sorry about the attorney thing.

I'll get those forms.

Unplug it and plug it back in.

I did that.

Can you do it again, please?
I left the sales rep a message,
but I haven't heard back yet.

You know, I don't even understand
why the hell we have these things.

It's California, you can
just go for a run outside.

People use them.

Yeah, well, people are idiots.

Hi! Welcome.

You ready to change your life today?
Who bike is that?
- Mine.
- I'll call the rep again.

Know those things'll kill you, right?
Yo', man, I'm busy.
What's up?
Hey, that's a nice bike, man.

- Who built it?
- A friend.

Oh, is that right? He from around here?
No, Oceanside.

Friend does nice work.

Got to use better fuel in it, though.

She runs just fine, man.

Got a lot of buildup in the exhaust.

Hey, look, man, I got a
shop down the street.

Six mechanics, two full-time welders,
all custom fabrication.

- Bikes only.

- Bikes only?
Bikes only.

- This your spot?
- Yeah.

She's all mine.

- Hey, not bad.

- Yeah, appreciate that.

Hey, look, bring your bike by sometime.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You got a minute, take a listen now.

Yeah, all right.

All right.

Bike's great.
Fuel's shitty.


You need to be running top-tier in this.

- Yeah? What do you ride?
- Right now?
- Heh Custom Springer.

- Custom Springer?
How much you put into that?
- 80 to 100 grand.

- That's a lot.

Got clean six years ago.

Couldn't believe how much money I had.

Yeah, man, I just got clean, too.

Only been a few months,
though, but, uh
that shit's hard, man, you know?
Think about how much you miss it,
all the fun you had, you go right back.

You got to find ways
to scratch that itch.

- Mm.

- Know what I'm saying?
Yeah, man.

Hey, uh why don't we go for a ride?
I'll take this, feel her out,
you take the Springer.

You're gonna let me ride your custom?
- Unless you don't want to?
- No, man, I'm in.

- Hey, if you're good, I'm good.

- Let's go.

Hey, asshole!
- You piece of shit!
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
- You stealing from me?
- Sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- I'm gonna kill you!
- I'm sorry, man! I'm outta work!
I'm outta work, man!
Please, I'm outta work!
Nobody will hire me if I ain't
got tools, man! Please!
I'm a carpenter, bro!
Come on.

You're a carpenter?

- You know how to use those tools?
- Yeah!
That's why I was takin' 'em, man, yeah.

All right, you got a choice.

I kick your ass and you leave,
or you stay and help me out.

But you you already
kicked my ass, man.

Okay, okay! Okay, okay!
I'll help you! I'll help you!
Please, please, please.

All right, I'll help you, man.

Let's go.

How'd the meeting with the lawyer go?

Yeah, I should check out a
couple more, due diligence.


It's pretty quiet, huh?
Yeah, there's probably only one
or two people workin' in there
at a time.

Should be pretty easy.

You get in there, you
make a distraction,
I'll find an invoice.

Sounds good.

Is that the owner?
I don't know.
Looks like it.

Why? Do you know him?
Yeah, uh
Let's come back later.

Dude, no, we're here.

Let's just do this.

No, no, come on.
I'll handle it later.

You win.

Well, I had the better bike.

No, bro, you can ride.

Straight up.

Yeah, well, I like to go fast.

Guess that explains all the blow.

Same here.

Now it's just bikes and women.

And whatever other
trouble I can get into.

You know, when I got clean,
I went nuts.

Looking for any kind of thrill.

Me and this guy, just sober,
we, uh we hit the cellphone place.

It was a strip mall
right off the freeway.

In and out.

Wait a couple of minutes
before closing, boom.

It was dumb.

But it scratched that itch.

All right, man, well, look,
let's, uh, switch bikes,
get some food, and head back.

- I'm with that.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- All right.

Pull it apart and do it again.

What? How come?
Because none of it is flush.

You got goddamn shiners.

We're framing, bro.

We're not building a piano.

Pull it apart and do it right.

Do it right?
You got nothing laid out, bro.

What the hell are we
even working on, man?
You know what?
Kick my ass, whatever, man.

I'm over this shit.

You want me to work? You got to pay me.

Well, you ain't worth much.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

Well, let me see hold
one end of the board
and cut the other end.

Fine 12 bucks an hour.

Dudes at Home Depot are
gonna charge you $20, bro.

Yep, 'cause they can
nail shit together flush.

- $18.

- $15.

Oh, you wanted to work.

This is work, man.

Plus, you're using my goddamn tools.

All right, $15.
end of day, though,
and I don't come in before 8:30.

We start at 8:00.

Now pull it apart!
Take off that stupid wool cap!
It's 90 degrees! It makes
me sick to my stomach!
Cody, I'm so sorry.

- It's not a problem.

- Just here and here,
both copies, please.

And, uh, here you go.

I could've come back, you know.

No, it was my fault.

Besides, the office was closing.

This was on my way home.

I'm embarrassed.

I-I've never missed a signature before.

Would you like to take a seat?
The least I could offer
you is a is a drink.

I mean, if if you're not in a hurry.

Uh, no.

It's just You know what?
Yeah, sure.
What the hell?
Could my friend get a drink, please?
Yeah, sure.
What can I get you?
Uh, how's your margarita?
- Big.

- Perfect.

- Long day?
- Yeah, they all are.


So, um, did you grow up around here?
No, Texas.

My husband's active
duty out of Pendleton.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't see your ring.

It's kind of hard to miss.

- It's nice.

- It's just a CZ.

My husband wanted me to
wear something bigger
when he was away.

He's deployed.

That must be stressful.

Force readiness training, so no combat,
but, yeah, stressful.

Thank you.

You miss him?

If this is uncomfortable for
you, we can skip the drinks,
stick to the paperwork.

Oh, no.
I'm allowed to have friends.

Well to new friends.


Man, can you believe Smurf?
We're all expelled from school,
Andrew's got 60 hours
of community service,
and now she's throwing herself a party.

Yeah, well, the party's for Andrew.

'Cause he loves parties.

Hey, it's better than juvie.


I'm sick of her shit.

Well, it's probably good
for Andrew, though, right?
- What?
- Come on.

You know how he gets.

No, tell me how does he get?
Hey, I'm just saying, maybe Smurf
is trying to look out for him.


So you're both sucked
in by her bullshit.

You know, she took me
in off the street, right?
And I'm sorry for being grateful.

Fine, okay? One more, huh?
Mellow you out.

Oh, man.

So, you gonna get naked
in the pool again?
Yeah, not happening.

Well, maybe if I get
you wet first, you will.

Baz! Stop it, you perv.

Come on.

Smurf said to clean the
place up for the party.


Really? You're gonna
sit there and watch me?
No, I'm gonna sit here
do acid, and watch you.

We're closed.
Open tomorrow at 7:00.

I said we're closed.

- You remember me?
- No.
Should I?
You're Brian, right?
You, uh, run the amateur surf
competitions around here?

Why? Were you a competitor?
Maybe you remember my mom.

Yeah, there weren't a lot
of them handing you cash
so their kid would lose heats.


You're Smurf's kid.

- Danny, right?
- No, Deran.


Uh, how's your mom doing?
She's dead.

Ah, Jesus!
What was it, a hundred? Two hundred?
Is that what it was worth to you?
Look, it was a long time
I was scared of her, man.

Now you can be scared of me.

So, tell me somethin'.

How long you been a cop?
- That's what you think?
- That's what I think.

So you been looking at me
sideways this whole time.

You got a piece in there?

I'll grab the kitchen, crowd control
you get the cash.

Four minutes, in and out.

You're full of shit.

Kind of backed me into it, Robin.

Hey! Get down! All you get
your asses down! Hey!
Go to the cash register! Get that money!
All right, everybody stay calm!
I don't want to hurt nobody.

Cash and valuables on the table now!
But I can't say that for
my buddy right there.

- Let's move cash!
- Grab the wallets!
And send all these nice
people to the DMV?
Nah, man, that'd be the real crime.

- Look at that my boy's a sweetheart.

- Be ready! Let's go!
- Cash! Let's have it out!
- Let's go!
Let's go!
Hurry that shit up!
I guess we done then.

Take it easy, baby!
Check it out.
What do you think?
Yeah, looks good.

Nice board.

Yeah, it's a '76 Lightning
You heard of that?
Uh, no.

Well, google it.

Where'd you get it?
A buddy of mine I did a favor for.

There you go.

A thousand bucks, itemized.

Think you can cover that?

Thank you.

That's great.
Good job.

- I'm worried about Pope, man.

- Why? What's going on?
I've pitched him businesses.

He doesn't even want to talk about it.

Wouldn't have to do shit.

I'd do all the work for him.

Then what's he need 18
grand worth of lumber for?
No idea.

You know, when Smurf was still alive,
she used to cover all this
shit, day in and day out.

- I mean, you saw it.

- Mm.

Think the guy could use
a little bit of a break.

Think you can cover him for a bit?
Yeah, I can figure something out.

- How's Craig?
- He's good.

He's grumpy.

He seems pretty organized.

Yeah, he came in here earlier.

Wanted to switch houses with me.

- Why?
- I don't know.

I guess he thinks it'll help
him stay sober or some shit.

Sober or not, though, Renn's
not gonna let him keep that kid.


Yeah, Nick.

Give him a couple months,
he'll be back in here,
hitting the bottle, promise you that.

Thought he was doing pretty good.

I liked him better high.

Oh, baby.

Baby, baby, baby, Baz
was looking for you.

He wasn't looking that hard.

He's just enjoying himself.

You should, too.

Where's Julia?
Around here somewhere.

Relax! Have some fun!

Figured it was you.

Baz and Smurf are busy,
and nobody else knows
where the key is.

- What are you doing?
- Frying.

Avoiding all human contact.

How's the party?
- Baz is having fun.

- Of course he is.

Did you break your board?
I know you hate her, but
sh-she takes care of us.

God, you sound like Baz.

You know why I think she
doesn't like you skating?
Because it makes you happy.

All she cares about is herself
and this house.
Nothing else.

There's nothing wrong with you.

Hey, look at me.

There's nothing wrong with you.

Okay? Nothing.

I love you.

Hey! There's a fire!
- There's a fire in there!
- What?
Oh, shit! I got it.

Don't kick it towards the car!
- We need some air in here.

- Hey, it's okay.

Thank you.
Guys, everybody out.

You know, e-everyone out.

Party's over.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on! Out! Out!
Get Get No.
Come on.

Go inside.

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