Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s06e03 Episode Script

Pressure and Time

I worked with your mother for 30 years.
We were like family.
You burned the bridges, not us.
What's up, bro? What's up?
- You guys are too loud.
- You kidding me, dude?
If I see either of you
in Oceanside again,
we're gonna have some
real issues, all right?
It's good to have somebody
looking out for us locals again.
- Got clean six years ago.
- Yeah, man, I just got clean, too.
Only been a few months, though,
but that shit's hard, man.
Hey, hang out with me today.
I need to find a job.
I can't. I got to go meet
some lawyer Smurf found.
Man, can you believe Smurf?
Andrew's got 60 hours
of community service.
Hey, it's better than juvie.
I'm worried about Pope.
What's he need 18 grand
worth of lumber for?
No idea.
I spoke to your vice principal.
- And?
- You're getting expelled.
How's community service going?
It's not so bad.
Really? It's not so bad?
Aren't you picking up dog
shit and candy wrappers?
Better than juvie.
You don't get caught, you
won't have to do either.
Morning, baby.
More eggs coming up in a minute.
I'm okay. I'll grab something
at the food court.
Job at the mall.
- I want to make my own money.
- Waste of your talents.
- Your talent, not mine.
- Our talents.
I'm gonna save up for a car.
- Great.
- Then I can go wherever I want.
You do that.
I think it's good she's got a job.
Eat your breakfast.
Why is the gate unlocked?
I thought I locked it, man.
- You thought you locked it?
- Yeah.
- Get out.
- Why? I'm not hurting anyone.
- Asshole.
- Get out!
- Hey!
- Get out! You get out!
Get out!
What's your problem, man?
It's a ramp. They're skaters.
Goddamn it.
Cleaning crew from one of
the buildings on Whaley.
I guess one of the tenants won't leave.
Why are they texting you?
That's Craig's building.
Craig's not picking up, I guess.
Didn't he offer everyone
5 grand to move out?
I guess somebody really likes
living in that shithole.
He's good. Let him in.
Take a seat.
So, how did we do?
That was a decent haul.
I got rid of that jewelry real fast.
Seems like Gia had some good stuff.
Any pushback?
Mm, not so much pushback.
I'm not gonna be able to
move these rocks, though.
- What's wrong with them?
- Well, there's nothing wrong with them.
I mean, they're excellent, right?
That's your problem.
See, blue diamonds,
I show them to anybody,
they're gonna recognize them.
And then they're gonna know I'm
working with the guys who hit Gia
and then whoever Gia was fencing for
Let's just say he's gonna come looking.
What about a diamond wholesaler?
Someone up in L.A. or San Francisco?
- What? A legitimate dealer?
- Yeah.
Come on. All they have
to do is check them
against the stolen gem database.
Look, once upon a time,
these things belonged
to some upstanding citizen
somewhere, right?
No doubt they reported them missing.
Why don't you guys just
sit on them for a while?
Or throw them in the ocean.
It's your choice.
Thank you.
Are we really gonna sit on these things?
- No.
- Okay.
Shit. All right.
I should probably deal
with this building shit
before the cleaning service
give up and leave.
Hi. Welcome.
Let us know if you need anything.
You got any mascara that
won't give me pinkeye?
Oh, we don't sell mascara.
Oh. Um, then can you
just find me some shoes
that don't look like a pair of potatoes?
This is new.
It's an ink tag.
Try to take it off, and it'll
spill ink all over the clothes.
Why are you here?
Seriously, Julia? This place?
Everyone's nice.
Minimum wage.
But I get a 50-cent
raise in three months.
Well, 40 hours a week, full-time,
take out social security and taxes
you might be able to
afford a used Pinto
in about a year.
I have to start somewhere.
At least I'm working.
Working to save up to buy
a car to drive to work.
It's a death spiral.
What? So, everyone is
supposed to be like you?
Never work, but somehow
always have tons of money?
Excuse me. I've always worked.
You know, when I was your age,
I was selling untaxed vodka
out of the back of a van.
I made 400 bucks in one afternoon.
You think you'll make that much
in a month working here?
Let's go.
- Oh. Ohh!
- Ooh!
- That makes that my money.
- All right.
Taking Vince's money, huh?
Why? Should I be showing him some mercy?
No. Make it hurt.
All right.
Well, look, I'm gonna give you a
chance to win back your money.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right, man. Rack 'em up.
I'm gonna get some chicken wings.
All right.
Bring back some club sodas, too.
- You Thompson?
- Yeah.
Captain Torrez. That's
your desk right there.
You like bullshit?
No, I don't.
Good. Then no bullshit.
I didn't ask for you to be
assigned to my cold-case unit.
Me, neither.
So, what do you got?
Bartender robbed and shot
before the bar opened.
No one saw it.
Two guys killed in a drive-by.
Witness said the shooter drove
a black car, possibly gray,
maybe four doors, maybe two.
Female body found buried
out in the mountains.
Violent COD.
Coroner said she'd been in
the ground a couple of years.
Catherine Belen. Last known
address was in Oceanside.
Uh-huh. Bunch of known
associates who are scumbags.
Okay, this one.
You got one job to get
me some clearances.
And by the book, all right?
I don't need the D.A. up my
ass over bad police work.
Got it.
"Yes, sir."
I gotta pee.
I'm gonna eat.
You work this shift a lot?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Come back around.
Yeah, maybe I will.
Had to order wings my own damn self.
That girl it was amazing.
- Who? Gianna?
- Mm.
Yeah. That was That's her name?
- Yeah.
- Gianna.
- Great woman.
- She's great.
- Great woman.
- Mm-hmm.
- Great ass.
- Fine ass.
Great mom.
Wait, you know her from outside the bar?
Yeah, she's my ex-wife.
- What?!
- Don't trip, man.
Me and her are on good terms.
I just think she took a liking to you
because you emptied my wallet.
Bro, I just banged your ex-wife,
and you seriously don't give a shit?
Ex, man.
Look, she got a life, I got mine.
I mean, technically, we co-parent.
She does most of the "co."
The trick is making them symmetrical.
Just take off as little as possible.
0.15 carats should do it.
As long as no one can see it.
One time, your mom brought
me a single sapphire earring.
I broke it down, sold it as a pair.
Probably only bought her
a day and a half of dope.
Nice stones.
If I had the cash, I'd buy 'em myself.
Uh, you might wanna try Garden Grove.
I thought that was all
mom-and-pop places.
Ah, shit, not anymore.
Those moms and pops had kids,
and those kids like high-end stuff.
Ever heard of Eddie Pham?
Start there. I bet he'd love these.
All right. Thank you.
This is what all the lumber was for.
- Yeah.
- Looks great.
When's it gonna be done?
I don't know. What's up?
Got a little favor to ask you.
A little apartment thing.
One of Craig's places.
He's not picking up his phone.
I don't know where he's at.
Think you can help me out?
I'm working.
What, are you you on a deadline?
Come on, man. It'll just
be a couple hours max.
I can't do it by myself. Come on.
Don't let anybody ride this.
Can I help you?
The door was unlocked.
Well, we're always open.
What's your name?
I'm a priest, not a cop.
Hi, Andrew. I'm Father Kirby.
So, what's the deal with the nails?
You mean the crucifixion?
Did they really do that?
Well, the Romans normally
tied people to the cross,
so the nails are for more pain.
He died for our sins.
My sins, your sins.
There's a reason you
came through that door.
I mean, come on.
You're not mowing the lawn
of the county for fun.
Do you want to tell me what
happened that got you here?
Craig's booting all the
tenants out of this place?
Yeah, it was J's idea.
He offered this dickhead money to move?
I don't know. Path of least resistance?
Throw him off the balcony.
No resistance there.
Yeah, no, we're not doing that.
Did you go by and see
if he was at his gym?
No, he wasn't.
Quinn, open up, man.
- Just a minute!
- What's the gym like?
Treadmills and shit.
Yo! Open up, man.
Let's go!
I ain't leaving!
Cops are gonna show up here if
we don't do anything about this.
Let them shoot him. That'd be an option.
No. They're gonna want to
investigate the shooting,
and then they're gonna ask questions
about the ownership of the building.
- We're not doing that.
- I been here 20 years!
Ain't bothered nobody!
Smurf shoulda done background
checks on her goddamn tenants,
- I'll tell you that much.
- I ain't leaving!
You're gonna have to come kill me today!
Come get me!
Come evict me, son of a bitches!
What are you gonna do?
Count to 10. Throw this.
- What?
- Seriously. Yeah.
Start now.
- I ain't leaving!
- You serious?
- All right.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna go. Ready?
- Okay.
I ain't going back!
- 20 years I've been here!
- 10 9
Me and my ducks! I ain't
done nothing to nobody!
8 Goddamn it.
- 6
- I ain't going nowhere!
20 years!
Don't come mess with me today!
Get up!
Get inside.
Get inside. Come on.
Get inside. Come on.
Not your day.
You got a minute?
What's up, primo?
Look, can we just do this over here?
I mean, how long are
you gonna live here for?
None of your business.
- Renn, we should be together.
- Oh, don't do this again.
Look, can we just go talk
about this over here, huh?
- Stop, Craig.
- Look, listen.
I don't want to co-parent. Okay?
So, why don't you just come
home and parent with me,
and we can figure out
It's just easier.
I said no.
It's gonna be easier if
we try to figure this out.
- Come on. Let's go.
- I said no, Craig.
- What's your problem, bro?
- Hey! Hey!
- Out! I said out!
- Let's go.
So, that's it? I get sober for
you, and this is what I get?
- Oh, for me?
- Yeah, for you!
And for Nick! Because
someone in this family
needs to pull their shit together, Renn!
- Your shit together?
- Yeah, you!
- You're high now!
- I'm not high!
High or sober, you're
still being an asshole!
Renn, I'm still getting my
day next week with Nick!
Do you hear me?
Goddamn it.
Shiny, shiny.
Three grand.
They're worth way more than that.
Here's the problem.
Those diamonds are nice.
Like, uh, color and clarity's top grade.
I inherited them from my grandmother.
Oh, from Grandma?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I hope that's true,
'cause if there's anything
off with these rocks,
this gnome right here,
he gonna catch it.
He's the best gemologist
there is, bar none.
Nguoi lun!
Look, if you're not interested,
I can go. I swear, no problem.
They're good.
Well, if the troll says they're
good, then they're good.
That's great.
The hell was that shit, man?
You pull a shotgun for this place?!
It's my home.
Yeah, well, not anymore.
20 years. My place.
Me and my ducks.
Smurf gave me this place.
She said, "Kill the rats."
Y-You know how many rats I
done killed for Smurf? Huh?
Hey, you can get a cat
to do the same shit.
I kept my mouth shut to stuff I saw.
Y-Your mom even knew that.
Yeah, well, it doesn't matter now,
'cause you got to get the
hell out of here, okay?
I don't know what to
tell you. I'm sorry.
You gotta pack your shit up and go.
I was in Afghanistan only 48 hours
when an IED messed up my head.
VA didn't do shit.
But Smurf gave me this place.
- I'm not asking, man.
- You got my gun. Kill me.
You kill me. I slept on the beach,
on the street, behind a dumpster.
I ain't going back.
I ain't going back!
If we put this guy out, he's
gonna be dead in a week.
Okay, but he put a
12-gauge on both of us.
- You wanna play Salvation Army right now?
- Shit gets complicated, Deran.
You know that.
Smurf took this guy in.
Smurf ain't here.
What's he supposed to do?
All right, listen.
Pack your shit, take
your ducks and shit.
I think I know a place where
you can stay, all right?
You are wasting your time.
We already know who
killed Catherine Belen.
- Hmm?
- Baby-daddy.
Baz Blackwell.
So, why isn't the case closed?
Well, 'cause he's dead, too.
What are you gonna do?
What if it wasn't Blackwell?
What if the guy that buried
her is still walking around?
Uh, well, we've worked it.
Yeah. I keep seeing the names
"Pierce" and "Chadwick."
Where are they?
Pierce retired, Chadwick moved East.
The Codys tend to have
that effect on people.
The Codys.
Right. Andrew, Craig, Deran, and
Joshua J their nephew.
- And Andrew goes by Pope.
- Why?
Who the hell knows? Not
because he went to seminary.
Hey, get the Cody files.
I need to see everything
you have on them.
On its way.
Wait, Catherine Belen
was a criminal informant?
Yeah, against Blackwell.
That's why we know he did it.
A C.I. dies, and Oceanside
P.D. lets the case go cold?
Again, Baz Blackwell is extremely dead.
And who killed him?
Probably his mother. She's dead, too.
Cody files.
Have fun.
Have a nice day.
Hey. Don't come back.
What's this?
Told you I'd find a spot for you.
- Oh. Hey, man.
- Hey.
How's the new board working out for you?
Oh, it's great. Thanks.
Hey, uh, you still got that
spare room in the back?
Yeah, sure. I just, uh
I use it for storage.
Well, I got somebody that needs it.
He'll help you clear it out.
What's wrong with him?
Nothing. He just needs a place to stay.
Why are we here? I have to go back.
Drink your milkshake.
I'm gonna get fired.
Jobs like that don't fire people.
Do you know him?
He's a
car broker.
Car broker. Right.
You wanna take it for a spin?
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, you wanna buy a car, right?
Aren't you gonna do any research?
Okay, Grandma.
Come on. Give it some juice.
Oh, you got it, baby. You got it!
Jesus! You almost killed me!
Get a haircut.
Oh, my God!
That's my girl.
Do you like it?
Does it get your approval?
Are you kidding?
Very much so. This I can't even
This car's amazing.
You want it?
You're messing with me.
Wait, seriously?
You want it, it's yours.
Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Thank you so much!
It's my pleasure.
There's one thing.
This car is 110% stolen.
- I don't know, Smurf.
- Oh, cut the shit, baby.
You knew this car was hot
as soon as it pulled up,
and you still got in.
I don't have time for an ethics debate.
You could be cruising with your
friends down the strand tonight.
Or I can drop you off
back at your mall job.
Well, the dedicated gym owner arrives.
Not in the mood.
There you go.
Get you a Shirley Temple,
too, if you want.
Hey. Diamonds sold.
Maybe we should hit Gia again.
There's something bigger.
This diamond guy, he boasted the
whole time about his famous clients.
Paid 80 grand for those, just like that.
- Whoa.
- So he's just sitting on cash?
I don't know, but he
doesn't just sell jewelry.
He makes it, too. A lot of it.
Pulled pork.
LeRon down the street made it.
The red sauce is sweet,
orange sauce is hot.
Thanks, Tommy.
You got a problem?
Another one.
Get this man a beer.
Stopped by the gym this morning.
Can I at least take a piss?
I heard you got a new friend Vince.
'Cause, uh, you know, while
you and Vince were hanging out,
me and Pope were nearly
getting our heads blown off
taking care of your shit.
What shit?
The building on Whaley, man.
It was supposed to be empty.
Oh, my God. It felt like
It felt like we were just floating.
She really thought that
you were gonna kill her.
- I thought so, too!
- Really.
You know, the funny thing is
it's it's actually really
hard to kill a person.
I'm too much with
myself, I wanna be ♪
But it is really easy
to make someone think that
you're gonna kill them.
I wanna be someone else ♪
I'm too much with myself ♪
So we take off out Fiona's door ♪
Walk until it's light outside ♪
Hey, baby.
Like before when
we were on the phone ♪
You forgot to pick me up.
I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry.
How'd you get home?
Father Kirby dropped me off.
Father Fa Father Kirby?
Father Kirby.
- Oh.
- You're awesome.
Andrew! Andrew!
Hey. Hey.
Hey. Hey. Andrew!
Leave me alone.
I'm sorry we forgot you.
It doesn't matter.
I can pick you up from now on.
You have a car?
Yeah. Red one in the driveway.
Kinda hard to miss.
That's yours?
I can drive you wherever you want.
From Smurf.
You're such a buzzkill.
Come on. Don't be holier-than-thou.
Smurf's a bitch, but at
least I got a car out of it.
Good for you.
What's up, man? You seen Vince?
- In the back.
- Yeah?
There he is.
What's going on, man?
Those are some red eyes, bro.
Yeah, I messed up, man.
Busted my ass to stay clean,
and I just pissed it away in 10 minutes.
Yeah, it's not a straight path.
People like me drunk and high.
My ex, my brothers.
It started with my mom.
I got what you need.
It better not be your ex, man.
Much louder than her, baby.
Much louder than her.
Look at this dude, man.
Every piece he makes goes
for like five figures,
six figures. Look.
Yeah. He's probably got
top-notch security, too.
What's the building like?
- He got a production facility?
- I don't know. It didn't show up.
'Cause, I mean, the last thing
we need is to hit a place
and the stash is in a production
facility a mile away.
We need to get in there and look at it.
Probably got steel doors with guys
like this dude guarding them.
I mean, if every room is like that,
there's no way we're gonna
be able to get in there.
I don't know, man.
I-I think there's a way.
His brother.
He treats the guy like shit, man.
Called him all kinds of names
while I was in there.
Doesn't even put a picture
of him on the website,
and he's the expert.
Yeah, but you think that'd
be enough to flip him?
I don't know, but the brother
knew that the shit was cut.
He told me never to come back,
but he still let his brother buy it.
There's something off
between the two of them.
I think we could use it.
You really think one brother
would turn on another like that?
Yeah, if we play it right.
Follow me.
See for yourself.
Mini gun. Machined it myself.
If you don't fill the hours with booze,
you gotta try new hobbies.
It works?
Try it out.
Hell yeah, man. I'm I'm in.
Put a few tracer rounds
in it for effect.
They burn hot.
- Nah, man. I'm good.
- No, no, no, no.
You gonna need these. Trust me.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Hit that red switch.
Let her rip.
- Hey!
- Yeah!
I told you it would be
something mean, man!
What's this?
You know, I went to church once.
The priest tried to give me wine.
I know that that happens
at church sometimes,
but not at 10:00 at night.
Poor people putting their money
on plates being passed around.
That's what church is, baby.
It's perverts and suckers.
The priest was nice.
You know
sometimes, people will tell
you what you want to hear.
You don't need church.
You just need your family.
I tried, bro.
Cracking skulls ain't my thing.
A lot of people made up
their mind about this.
But maybe you haven't.
I know I haven't made up my mind.
So, if you want to talk, I'll listen.
Tell me what you remember
about that last day, Lena.
You saw your mom and
dad together, right?
Was there anyone else there?
Uncle Pope was there, too.
Uncle Pope?
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