Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s06e05 Episode Script


This diamond guy paid 80 grand
for those, just like that.
The brother knew that the shit was cut.
There's something off
between the two of them.
I think we could use it. Hey, Arthur.
I wanna rip off your brother.
Do you know who Brock Fellows is?
He's throwing a birthday party
for his girlfriend in two weeks,
and he's renting a few of
Eddie's favorite pieces.
I've been doing some research.
I think we should look
into setting up a trust.
Sitting on money is wasting money.
I didn't ask for you to be
assigned to my cold-case unit.
Me neither. So, what do you got?
Tell me what you remember
about that last day, Lena.
You saw your mom and
dad together, right?
Uncle Pope was there, too.
Everything okay?
- Some business shit.
- There's other ways of making a living.
All I'm saying is, it don't
have to be with your family.
I've got a lead on a job,
and I want all of us to do it.
- What is it?
- The rectory.
- No.
- We need the money.
Just let me skate!
You pick up the board and
swing it, or you get out.
- You want some?!
- Bro, chill.
How much longer I gotta do this?
As long as I need you to.
There's one.
No. It's got to be red.
We don't have enough time
to paint the whole thing.
Yeah, that's 'cause Logan's slow.
We should have used Mark.
Yeah, well, Mark married some rich girl.
He lives in Del Mar now.
You all right?
Some shit with Craig.
He's got some sponsor down in
Escondido, some biker dude.
It seems like it's working.
Yeah, well, when he left the
family meeting the other day,
he told me he was going to the gym,
but I found him at the garage.
Didn't exactly look like an AA meeting.
Is it something we're gonna
have to worry about?
Vince, grab the door.
Yo, I thought you said
they were at the bar.
Hey! You broke into
the wrong rig, asshole.
- Let's go.
- Son of a
Hey! Who are you?
He still owes me $40.
Take it and go.
Let's move! Let's go!
Hey, yo, we good.
- We good?
- Yeah.
Stay there.
Your breakfast is getting cold, baby.
You can't go on a job
with an empty stomach.
I'm not hungry.
I know you think I don't understand.
But you meeting this priest
was a good thing.
I didn't know where we were
gonna find our next job.
And then he just magically appeared.
Isn't there something
for that in the Bible?
Fate? Destiny?
It's not fate.
Oh, you call it whatever you want.
It's meant to be.
Hey. Ready?
Of course he is.
The service gets out at noon, right?
- I've already been late to work.
- So?
So, if you want everything
ready for your meeting today,
then you're gonna want
me in the office on time.
If you wanted more time with me,
you should have texted before 2:00 am.
Are you mad that I did?
- This place is nice.
- Thanks.
You, uh, still making payments on it?
No. My grandma paid
it off a long time ago.
Good for her.
I'd kill for a house like this.
You'll get one.
Just give your parking lot a few years.
Mm. I should get home.
Go change, skip the walk
of shame this time.
I'll see you later, okay?
All right.
All right, guys.
Whoa, watch out, man!
Hey, out of the drive path.
You know the rules.
- Boy. What's up?
- Eh, don't sweat it, Felix.
Thinks he's still a cop.
Yeah, what'd you do to your hand?
Eh, it's nothing, man.
I saw you around, uh,
yesterday. You new?
Yeah. Just giving it a shot.
I need a quick buck, you know?
All right.
All right. Let's get something.
- All right, guys.
- Ooh!
No, it's nothing.
Been this party bullshit for days.
Yeah, man, it looks like
it's gonna be a big deal.
Hey, shades, off the property.
How many times I need to say it, huh?
Look, man, has anyone, um
anyone ever just snuck in,
try to get a shot inside?
Not me, but this one guy,
uh, snuck in on the back
of the landscaping truck last year.
- Uh-huh.
- He made it past the gate.
And? What happened? Did they
call the cops? What happened?
Uh, you think Brock wants,
uh, LAPD showing up?
Felix talked to him.
Never saw him again.
Oh, damn.
- They look great.
- Yeah.
Arthur even got the weight right.
I mean, CZ's are heavier than diamonds.
He must've shaved the backings.
I'm telling you, man.
He knows what he's doing.
- Those new?
- Mm-hmm.
So, it looks like LA sanitation
redid all the plumbing
in Brock's neighborhood.
I guess celebrities can't go
with a backed-up toilet.
You gonna answer it?
I'm gonna answer it later.
Hey, dude, be careful.
- It's not even real.
- Just Just be put it down, please.
Just I got it.
You got that iron?
Uh, yeah, it's there.
You don't own an iron?
No, I don't own an iron.
Just let me do it.
- Just give it to me.
- What?
Burn the house down with that thing.
Check this out.
Found some cash in a bible.
- Damn.
- What?
Who knew, preacher man's a Zeppelin fan.
Is that even allowed?
Hey, be careful!
Hey, grab the crowbar.
Oh, shit.
- What are you doing?!
- Run!
What are you doing?!
Get in the car!
- What the hell happened?
- Come on. Just drive!
- Are you okay?
- God damn it, Andrew!
Who was that guy?
Thank you.
We're ready for you.
We're just waiting on my uncle.
He's running a little late.
Raj has back-to-back meetings today,
so if you want to reschedule ?
We just need a few more minutes.
What? It's five minutes, man. Relax.
- This everyone?
- Yeah.
Big day.
Nice to finally meet everyone.
All right, if you want to
open up to page two,
you'll find your investment allocation
as I discussed with Josh here.
Yeah, we're all invested equally
in the funds we agreed on.
So, uh
Did you read it?
I skimmed it.
We, uh, had our in-house notary
fill out her side of things.
I have the paperwork right here.
Or at least I should. Pen?
Didn't I ask for the notary paperwork?
It's on the left.
Ah, okay.
Are you guys thirsty?
Get these guys some waters.
The family corporation
will be the trustee,
so any changes need everyone's approval.
What? So we need to go
through all this shit again
any time we want to make another change?
That's the deal. Unless
you want to pay me again.
When will the, uh, distributions
start showing up in our accounts?
It should take a week for
everything to process.
After that, you'll each receive
direct deposit quarterly dividends.
- How much?
- It's up to you.
If your properties continue earning
at the level they're at now,
you are golden.
Everything go okay at
the house this morning?
Yeah, security's still on
the same shift rotation.
Saw the caterer, florist.
And another lighting truck.
Damn, that's the third one.
They're still gonna be doing
the film shoot there?
What happened to your hand?
What happened to your face? We done?
These two, huh?
All right, give me a sec.
You smoke?
Is Raj always that much of a dick?
He shouldn't treat you like that.
Yeah. He shouldn't.
Is everything okay?
Noah's back.
He got special leave and decided to,
uh, surprise me for a few days.
Thank God I made it home before
he got there this morning.
- Do you think he knows?
- No.
I think I need to take a step
back from whatever this is.
I knew that you were married.
I'm gonna get someone else to
take care of your legal shit here.
Don't call me.
- What was that?
- Nothing.
It doesn't look like nothing.
She's married. She's got
a ring around her finger.
- It's just not a good idea.
- I can handle it.
Well, things go wrong, her
husband could come after you.
It could be trouble
for the whole family.
He's not gonna find out.
You don't know that.
There's other women out there.
Let's go. I gotta get this septic truck.
Safe's in the car.
Any problems?
Nope. Went off easy.
Hey, Craig, Deran, it's time
to get dressed for dinner.
He's almost been under for a minute.
Come on.
You want pie or not?
There's pie.
You ready to tell me what the
hell happened back there?
You said we'd be clear for two hours.
I'd never seen that guy before.
You know, if you can't
handle this kiddy shit,
she won't let us do real jobs.
I don't care.
You know, she was never
gonna let you stay
in that Bible study, right?
He didn't deserve it.
A lot of people get dealt
crap they don't deserve.
Doesn't make it right.
Oh, you spend two weeks hanging
with those church freaks,
and now you think you know what's right?
Come on, boys.
Come and eat.
- You must be hungry.
- Yeah.
Caught in the act. It stinks.
Hey, sorry. I thought I
could get you a clean one,
but my boss made me do this site today.
Ah, you're all good.
Still good to give it back
on, uh, Saturday?
It's my next shift.
You got it.
So, how you been, man?
I saw they tore down
your mom's old place.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, it'll probably be, you
know, million dollar condos
by next week.
Good. Place was a shithole anyway.
Thanks for this.
Hey, you know, if you're
having septic issues,
I can get you a deal.
Nah, I'm all good.
I just need it for a couple of days.
No, there's a first-aid kit by the ramp.
What? Yeah, no
Okay, just just wrap
wrap it in something.
I'm on my way.
God damn it.
- Who're you?
- Detective Thompson.
Nice to meet you.
Well, I don't talk to cops, so
Sure you do, Vin.
As long as Phil doesn't find out
you rolled on him, you're good.
All that shit was supposed
to be confidential.
I know, right? Please.
What do you want?
What do you remember about Andrew Cody?
From what I understand,
you two were very close.
As close as you can
get to a guy like that.
You were the only cellmate that
lasted more than a week with him.
So, did he ever mention a woman
named Catherine Belen?
Yeah, he never stopped
talking about her.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, he said she was his wife.
Found out she wasn't his,
that she was his brother's.
Didn't seem to know the difference.
Couldn't wait to get
out, get back to her.
Ah, shit.
- Look, I-I told him not to call you.
- I'm not liable for this shit, man.
I'm not gonna sue anyone.
I'm not gonna sue anyone.
Let me see it.
Holy shit.
What happened?
Caught it on some the coping
hanging off the end of the ramp.
- I told you to take care of that!
- Look, it's fine. I'll just
You shouldn't be up on the coping!
You can't even drop in yet!
I'll just take some Advil or some shit.
Don't move.
- You're moving!
- That freaking hurts!
Let's go.
Wait, where?
The hospital. Come on.
Bro, I don't have money for the ER, man.
I'll take care of it.
I don't think I'll ever get
used to this view, man.
What's going on, man?
What's this for?
Bonus for the other night.
How's your hand?
It'll be fine.
We did all right.
A couple grand each.
That's nothing, man.
Payday for a little fun.
Well, it wasn't fun, though, was it?
It was stupid.
What, do you want to go to jail
for ripping off some trucker guy?
- Ain't that the point?
- What?
Would you still be stealing shit
if there was no chance
of you getting caught?
The point is to keep the chances
as close to zero as possible, man,
not daring the cops to show up.
Look, I appreciate the gesture and all,
but whatever you're planning
next, you can count me out.
Hi. I'm, uh, looking for the
owner of the property.
A, uh, Brock Fellows?
- Is he here?
- And you are?
Uh, I'm Eric Barnes. I'm with the LAFD.
Uh, is it okay if I speak
with him a sec?
Cellphone stays outside.
It's, uh It's a work phone.
I kinda need it.
No phone, no entry.
Okay. Well, try a no entry, no party.
Unless you could, uh, show me the
permits to this event right now.
I'm gonna need you at the gate, Hannah.
So, what's going on?
So, we received a complaint,
uh, about some code violations
for an event at this property.
Violation? Wait, for what?
So, some neighbors said they saw a
couple generators being unloaded,
and those Fresnels
not exactly decorative.
You guys doing a film shoot around here?
Uh, I don't see what
that has to do with you.
Well, it does if you don't
have your permits.
We've never needed permits before.
Well, you have. You just, uh
Well, you were lucky enough
to not, uh, get a visit
from someone like me.
- So
- Well
- No permits, huh?
- No.
All right.
Uh, when is this party happening?
It's Friday.
Yeah, no, you're gonna have
to push it at least a week.
- We can't.
- Maybe two weeks.
- I mean, we we we
- Just until all the filing gets done, so
- We We really can't.
- Here's what I can do.
I can get the, uh, process started
as soon as possible, okay?
There's, uh You got no service here?
Well, it's a jammer. There's
high traffic with all the prep,
and Brock's a very private person.
- Right. Okay.
- Look, we can't cancel.
Okay, let me see what I can do.
Uh, I still have to cite you for
the, uh, permit violation, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- I can't change that. But maybe
let me check my schedule,
a-and if I can be here the day of,
I can make sure everything
proceeds safely.
- Okay, how's that?
- You mean during the party?
Yes. I will have to be here.
It's the only way this
is gonna happen, so
Okay, fine.
But do you do you have to wear that?
We're gonna go to Old Man's.
Build a bonfire.
Take tequila shots.
Eh, Andrew's not interested
in our sinful ways.
We're living with Pope Andrew now.
Come on. It'd be good
to get out of here.
- That's it?
- Bring it here, baby.
Come on.
It's leather.
That's nice.
Well, you're the religious one now.
What do you think we can get for it?
I think he needs stitches.
Okay. What's your name?
Uh, Taylor.
And ID, please.
I don't have one.
- Okay. Are you insured?
- I'll pay for it.
Fill out what you can here,
and we'll take you back
as soon as we can.
Shit. Hey, let's go, let's go.
- Ah. What? Why?
- Just come on.
- What about my arm?
- There's other hospitals.
- Andrew? Andrew?
- Let's go.
- What?
- Hey.
Hi, Amy.
I'm gonna finish this.
Who's that?
He's just a kid from my skate park.
Your skate park?
Yeah, I felt like building
something, s-so I did,
and then these kids just
all started showing up.
It's just a few ramps.
I mean, it's it's not a big deal.
That's great.
Are you sick?
Oh. Uh, no.
Uh, another waitress I worked
with sliced her hand,
and I was the only one driving
who had a car, so
Taylor, we can see you now.
And she'll take your payment
details when you're ready.
That's a good thing you're
doing, with that kid.
I don't know about that.
Got a pretty big hole in his arm.
- Amy, we can go.
- Okay.
Um, it was good to see you, Andrew.
Yeah, you, too.
What's up?
Uh, just here to grab my Thunderbolt.
Oh, yeah?
Well, it's not here.
It's at my house.
Why? You been using it?
No. Just been sitting there for the
past six months collecting dust.
Thought you forgot about it.
Yep. Well, I didn't.
You gonna tell me what really
happened to your hand?
Why do you give a shit?
Well, because we're heading into a job,
and you've been acting
all shady and shit.
I just I want to know
what's going on.
So, what? Now, you wanna
be my babysitter and shit?
No. I-I-I'm flying blind
into this house,
and I need to know that you have
my back outside. That's all.
- What are you talking about, man?
- Look, even if I get into this house
with the phone, they can
jam the signal, okay?
The timing has got to be just right.
You know, they've already
got a shit-ton of paparazzi
and a tour bus that goes
by there every 10 minutes.
- So?
- So, you get made,
we're all already in about 100 pictures
that the paparazzi have
taken of us outside.
That's what you're worried about.
All right.
What? You screening my calls now?
Sorry. I should've gotten back to you.
Well, I just figured I'd
make sure you were alive
before I went back to LA.
Yeah, well, we've been swamped.
Well, I upgraded to
a corner suite, so
At least you could have called.
I'm sorry.
Are you?
- We've just been real busy.
- Mm.
Is that it?
Is it a job?
Um, no. I, um I've
been seeing someone,
and I guess I should have
told you that, right?
But I didn't mean for it to turn
into anything, but it has.
So, it's real, huh?
Does she even know what you do?
What do you mean?
I don't know. What version
of you is she getting?
What, the clean-cut college boy?
Or maybe just a-a hint of the
underprivileged kid sob story?
- I don't I don't know which one.
- All right, all right.
You don't know me.
Yeah. That much is clear.
I got a feeling ♪
Yo, we don't open up
for another half hour.
Oh, we're not here to drink.
We just bought the
place down the street.
It used to be, uh, Sun of a Beach.
Parker was desperate to unload it.
Oh, my God.
He told us about the supply issues,
broken windows, said somebody
pissed in his tequila bottles?
Yeah, it's hard to open up a
business down here in Oceanside.
We want to work out a deal.
To get off on the right foot.
We cut you in, we don't
have to worry about any
Three percent.
It won't be much at first,
but the first place we
opened back in the OC,
we pulled in a few hundred
grand in our second year.
Okay. Well, take a few
days to think it over.
You know where to find us.
Somebody broke into the rectory.
Was it you?
Gah! Andrew!
Jesus forgives you.
- No!
- Andrew. Andrew.
Jesus forgives you.
Jesus forgives you.
Jesus forgives you!
- Yo.
- Hey.
- Can I get a beer?
- Yeah.
How'd it go with the assistant?
It went well. I'm in.
I got something I gotta
talk to you about.
What's up?
There's some new owners that took over
and bought, uh, Sun of a Beach.
They, uh, came by here,
trying to cut me in
as long as we don't give them any shit.
They want to pay us to leave them alone?
Something like that, yeah.
- Well, how much did they offer?
- Three percent.
We should be able to get that up.
You sure you really want to keep dealing
with all this LA bar bullshit?
Doesn't matter. It's all bullshit.
The point is they came to us first.
- That's what we want.
- Yeah,
and what if this shit kills my business?
What's your margin right now? 4%? 5%?
Something like that, yeah.
Get your cut up to 5,
and you're covered.
All right. Yeah. I'll set
up a meeting with them.
- Thought you were going home.
- Yeah, I-I'm sorry.
My mom she ditched the
hotel room a couple days ago,
and she's probably somewhere
with her asshole boyfriend.
Yeah? How long have
you been sleeping here?
Just a few days.
If the meth heads think
they can sleep here,
they're gonna turn
this place into a camp.
All right. I'll just
I'll move. Sorry.
Yeah? Where are you gonna go?
I don't know. I'll just find
a place on the beach.
Come with me.
- Hey, brother.
- What's up?
- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah, man. Any time.
Thought I'd give you a chance
to ride it out of here yourself.
I knew if I didn't build you
one, you'd take mine.
No way.
Yo, and this is for me?
Yeah, man.
A little something. Paint, chrome.
Tuned it up for you.
Yo, man, if this is a-a
bonus or something,
- I already told you, I can't
- No.
Well, I mean, I guess it is a bonus
for giving me the kick
in the ass I needed.
I been running shit
like when I was using.
Got used to the chaos.
Yeah, man, it's 'cause the
chaos is addictive as shit.
I can't go back to jail again, man.
Look, let me tell you a secret.
You don't want to go to jail?
Then just quit doing the dumb shit, man.
It's easy as that.
All right.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. I hear ya.
Hey, let's get this bitch down, man.
- You try it out.
- Hell yeah, man.
Imagine soaking yourself
in one of our four seats on
while staring out into
the turquoise blue waters.
At the Bad Luck's Resort and Spa,
you'll discover relaxing
I told you not to come.
I wanted to see you.
You can't be here.
Do you want me to leave?
Do you want me to leave?
Pump's broken, but you
can blow it up with this.
All right.
Don't go in the house.
Do you want me to make you a sandwich?
Yeah, that'd be cool.
Hey, thanks.
For everything.
Just stay in here.
What happened, baby?
What did you do?
I went to the church.
Let me see.
He's probably already called the cops.
He won't.
You sure about that?
Come on.
It wasn't even a good score.
It was good enough.
They're not what you say they are.
Look how awful they made you feel.
Never feel bad about who you are.
Not with me.
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