Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s06e06 Episode Script

Diamonds Are Forever

- I want to rip off your brother.
- And you want my help?
- You know who Brock Fellows is?
- The singer?
He's throwing a birthday party
for his girlfriend in two weeks.
- How much total?
- Maybe 750K.
I'm flying blind into this house,
and I need to know that
you have my back outside.
What are you talking about, man?
- No permits, huh?
- No.
If I can be here, I can make sure
everything proceeds safely.
Okay. Fine.
You wanna try a game?
Hey, Smurf.
I thought we sold those to Gia.
Baz saved one for me.
It wasn't up to him.
We just bought the
place down the street.
It used to be, uh, Sun of a Beach.
They told us about the supply issues.
Yeah, it's hard to open up a business
down here in Oceanside.
We want to work out a deal.
And this Uncle Pope is Andrew Cody?
Yeah. I think he was the last person
to see Catherine Belen alive.
Yeah? How long have
you been sleeping here?
- Just a few days.
- Come with me.
- Don't go in the house.
- Hey, thanks.
For everything.
Just stay in here.
I heated up some leftovers.
We're good. We're actually
just heading out.
Where you going?
I'm meeting my friend Jake at Tower.
Yeah, she's giving me a ride.
What's wrong with your car, baby?
Well, nothing. Just that, you know
Tower Records is right next to Goodwill.
I'm gonna check out their racks.
Do you wanna come?
Don't you think you have enough plaid?
Guess that's a no.
Just keep your eye on the road, okay?
No distractions.
Thanks so much for the concern, Smurf.
Yo, what up, Pope?
You wanted to see me?
I'm gonna be out for a couple days.
I need you to keep an eye out, lock up.
'Preciate it.
You seen that kid Taylor?
The one with the, uh, jacked up arm?
Nah, not for a few days.
You built "Field of Dreams," bro.
They keep coming.
That's all I mean, man.
What's up with you?
You're a cop and I'm a snitch.
You didn't tell me who Pope
is, who that family is.
Who do you think they are?
That's people you don't screw with.
Nothing is gonna happen to you.
It's got a bunch of pics and
video of the Cody house.
It's got the gate code and where
the cameras are and everything.
And the electrical box?
Yeah, it's next to the laundry.
It's all in the pictures.
This is great, Taylor.
Anything else?
I heard Pope's gone for a day or so.
Maybe the other guy, too.
That's why I had to leave.
Good work.
Now get out.
- Everything good?
- Yeah.
Looks like Eddie's bringing about
a dozen pieces, maybe more.
He's bringing Lex.
One of our better security guys.
Stays glued to Eddie. Keep an eye.
I'll pass it on. Is there anything else?
How are you guys gonna get him out?
We have our ways.
I'll see you tonight.
The hell is that?
Green juice and creatine.
You good for later?
Yeah, so I think we should both go in.
You gotta find the pieces
and then switch them out.
- It's too much for one person.
- The jeweler will make you, man.
All right, well, then
just get Pope to do it.
Just do your job.
Man, we don't know if
this guy is gonna crack
- and tell his brother.
- Well, he won't.
Yeah, but we don't know that, man.
We could be walking into something,
- and if there's two of us
- Look, I-I got it, okay? I got it.
Just make sure I have enough time.
Yeah, well, probably gonna
get about three minutes.
- I'm gonna need more than that.
- All right, well, then five.
That it?
I'll see you later.
This tastes like shit.
I tell Deran it tastes like ass.
He says nobody comes here for coffee.
Yeah, nobody comes here for
the fish and chips, either,
but there is a 30% margin on the food.
Coffee's, like, 75%.
Just make a little effort.
I'll pick up some decent beans.
- What's up?
- Craig.
You talk to Pope?
I don't think he cares, but I will.
Clark and Drew are gonna be here soon.
All right, good. Well,
we gotta make it quick.
- We only have a couple hours.
- It won't take long.
Passive cash is good for us.
I'll handle the negotiation.
It'll be worth our while.
Morning, gentlemen.
Morning. Come on in.
At 4814, we know that one
hand washes the other,
but you guys own the soap.
4814 Diner. That's the name.
We were gonna call it 24-7,
but there's two of us, so
We good on that 3%?
We were thinking more like 5%.
That's steep.
It's a bargain for consultants
with our level of expertise.
- Consultants?
- Mm-hmm.
You'll pay a consulting fee
to a company we own.
You can write it off as
a business expense.
And what do we get for
your consulting services?
Piece of mind and local goodwill.
It's a little more than a piss
in a tequila bottle kinda deal.
We were stretching to make 3% work.
Do you guys know what new
restaurant margins are like?
Yeah, you're right. 6%.
- W-We came here in good faith
- 7%.
- Look, I'm sure we can work something out.
- Maybe 8%?
Shut up, Drew. 5% sounds great.
Oh, uh, your bar, 1547,
will be hosting The Strand
Surf Competition every year.
I've never heard of that.
Yeah, well, that's 'cause
you guys just started it,
so congratulations.
Are we good?
It's a stupid name. The point
is we're making money.
It's clean and legit.
- Okay.
- I just figured you'd wanna know.
Jackhammer's in the truck?
Yeah. Shovels. Pipe cutters. We're good.
Snake for inside?
I filled up the water tank, too.
Tested the flow earlier. It's good.
Should have given Deran one of these.
He's the one inside.
Nah, his'll get checked.
The way we're going in,
ours won't.
Not bad.
Are you kidding? I was great.
I was referring to myself.
See, back of a van
takes skill, dexterity.
Oh, my God.
I can't really work my
magic with all this space.
I did okay considering.
I'm sorry I didn't get a shittier room.
Thanks for ponying up for it.
I need a favor.
I have to get onto Camp
Pendleton. For work.
What does this have to do with me?
Well, you surf there.
How do you get past
the restricted access?
- I can't, Smurf.
- Why?
I don't wanna mess up my thing.
Waves on the base kick ass.
I mean, what's in it for me?
Hey, whoa. Baby, where you going?
I thought we had an understanding.
Hey, look, hold on.
I let you come back
after you disappeared to Panama to surf.
El Salvador.
I woulda stayed if it
wasn't for the civil war.
After you kidnapped my son.
Ah. Our Our son.
Took him to Nevada, for God's sakes.
Crime of passion.
You don't wanna be a dad, Billy.
And you know what?
Deran's better off without you.
But you don't get to say no to me.
Wait, S-S-Smurf.
Bye, Billy.
- 'Sup, man?
- Back for more fun?
- Yeah, what'd I miss?
- YouTuber.
Pancake Greg.
Guy made 2 mil last year
filming himself making pancakes.
We're out here trying to make
a buck getting this picture.
Which one of us is the moron?
All right.
Oh, who's this?
Uh, it's the DJ with the beard,
on the commercials.
- Get out of my way.
- Get back.
- Back up.
- I get him?
Hey, you pushed me out of my spot.
It's a sidewalk, bro. What
are you gonna do about it?
Learn the rules, before
I have to teach you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.
Let's relax.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm the, uh, fire inspector.
They They know I'm coming.
Thank you.
What were you talking about earlier?
You really think we could be legit?
You mean like suits and shit?
No. No, we'd still do what we
do, just in a different way.
But why?
'Cause I think we're gonna have to.
Organisms that don't adapt to
their environment don't survive.
Just look at the Amazon.
I changed my bio ♪
It says "Father," don't say "Daddy" ♪
All my friends will
tip their caddies ♪
Whenever we finish up 18 holes ♪
Game night is lit now ♪
Let's make an addition here.
Let me get that invisible set.
Watch this.
She look more like a icicle.
You see that?
Oh, man, she gleamin', Ed.
I'm freezing, boy.
Shit is icy, man.
Everything okay?
Just, uh, admiring the,
uh, Christmas theme.
Uh, if you could please
not say "Christmas."
Brock's an atheist and
he'll lose his shit.
There's trees.
Yeah, it's an ice party.
You know, like, diamonds, ice.
The trees are just winter.
It's hella good background
for the stuff Brock's
filming for his TikTok.
Or "TikBrock," as he calls it.
So, do you need to, like,
inspect anything, or
- No, I'm I'm good. I mean
- Okay.
Yeah, I'm a fly on the wall
until I see a problem.
Okay. Great.
Sleepin' with my wife and
my dog named Ménage ♪
Got a career, baby, not a lil' job ♪
I say, "Get on your knees,"
I'm just talkin' 'bout God ♪
My wallet too fat with my back ♪
It's ready.
That married chick
you get rid of her yet?
From the law office.
No. Pass me that.
Make sure it's tight.
She know you're dirt?
No. I don't talk to anyone
about what we do.
- Ever.
- That's good.
Thinking about calling this
chick I ran into the other day.
I used to know her.
From church.
You think I should call her?
I don't know, dude. Maybe.
Turn on the water.
Okay, stand in front.
No, facing me.
What are you doing?
Step back. All the way to the edge.
Come on. Further.
Now lean your head back, all the way,
so you can see the horizon.
I got you.
Hey, trust me.
See? It feels free.
Just let go and you won't even
know that you're on the edge.
It's the only way to be.
Baz! That is not funny!
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Mm. Mnh-mnh.
Why? Come on.
I want to. Um
I just I haven't
That's fine.
But I'm driving back 'cause you
almost killed us coming here.
You think it's pumping enough?
Yeah, it's been long enough.
Shut it off.
You should just call her.
Your friend you were asking me about.
That's my answer.
Give it three more minutes,
then pull the hose.
Uh, you got a J box overheating,
so we're probably gonna have
to cut some of these lights.
Well, Brock'll be making
his grand entrance soon.
So, can we please wait?
I mean, I can wait, but
as soon as he gets here,
I gotta handle it,
otherwise there's gonna be
way too much amperage.
Shit's coming up through the toilet!
Literal shit!
So, we're just waiting on the big guy?
Little guy. Little guy.
But, uh, rumor is he's showing
up in a metallic blue McLaren.
Shit sounds stupid.
Well, don't tell him that.
Liable to spit on you.
- Kid's got a bit of a temper.
- Oh, yeah?
Yeah, we've had our run-ins, you know?
We have an unspoken
agreement these days.
What? He's paid you guys off?
No Debbie. No Tiana.
As long as we don't do anything
on his drunk mom Debbie
or the stripper in Des Moines
who, uh, had his kid last year.
So, look, man, what if we,
um, sneak in behind the car,
right when it goes in?
Get some shots of him getting out?
Felix will probably kick your ass.
We were re-routing some pipes,
and I made a mistake.
I'm guessing you got a problem in there.
Judging from the screams
in the bathroom, yeah.
Jesus, Leon. The toilet is
Mount Vesuvius-ing feces,
Brock's on his way, and
you're stopping him?
- Doin' my job, Hannah.
- Oh, come on.
- You gotta take it all out.
- You serious? Is he serious?
- I don't know.
- Paparazzi do crazy things.
- Could be a camera in there.
- He's not a paparazzo.
I got a schedule, man.
I'm doing you guys a favor.
- I can go if you want.
- Leon.
Brock will be pissed if we
don't fix the bathroom.
I gotta snake it. We should be fine.
- Okay.
- Just gotta snake it.
- Go.
- Thank you.
- Okay. This way.
- Thank you.
Watch your step.
You looking for me?
Yeah. I need you. Tonight.
Meeting a contact about our next job.
- It's important.
- What's the job?
Knocking off shipments
to the PX at Pendleton.
But we need ID to get on the base.
- You look like a soldier.
- What's the haul?
You know, if it's electronics,
I can get my guy
Okay. Easy, tiger. One step at a time.
I'll leave you the address.
What album did you buy?
Yesterday. Julia drove
you to the record store
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh
Black Flag.
And it's a CD.
You know, nobody buys
"albums" anymore, Smurf.
It's family all around
ain't no strangers in here ♪
I be paid up ♪
Too much flavor ♪
All clear. Sorry for the inconvenience.
No. It's fine. Just, um
Ye Bye.
Let's send in the cleaners.
Ladies and gentlemen, if I could
please have everyone head out front.
Our host will be arriving.
Wow, she wearin' that crown ♪
Here we go, people. Let's go. Come on.
Sounds like pretty boy's coming soon.
Hey. Back up.
Yo, Tiana spent the night at
my place last night, man.
You want to tell her to
come pick up her shit?
- Get a life, asshole.
- Get a life?
- Back up.
- Get a car, man.
Back up. Let him through.
Dude, why'd you say that?
Relax. Hey, just keep
him busy, all right?
I'll split the money with you 50-50.
Hey, back up.
Yo, help me with this. We gotta hurry.
Damn it. Won't slide in.
It's not fitting. Get the saw.
- Ugh!
- Oh, shit!
Damn it.
Hey, we're all witnesses!
He sped up to hit the guy!
What the hell is wrong with you, man?
What? You can't take a joke?
Yo, stop looking for a payday,
you punk piece of shit.
- And get your ass off my property.
- Maybe he's really hurt, babe.
Oh, yeah, he's gonna be hurting
- when he pays for my windshield.
- Are you okay?
Do you know how much that's gonna cost?
Did he really just hit that dude?
Get up.
- He could be in shock.
- I can't, man. My leg.
- Oh, you can't?
- Yeah. My leg.
Hey, don't worry about him.
We'll take care of this.
Okay? Just get inside.
Why do they insist on
screwing with Brock's chi?
'Cause they're haters, baby.
C'mon, buddy. You really hurt?
Yeah, man. My neck, head,
my leg, everything.
Hey, touch me and I'll sue all of you.
- You really want to do this? Huh?
- Yeah.
Well, until you call an ambulance,
I'm not leaving. All right?
We're gonna need an ambulance
in the main driveway.
Let me show you something.
This is the pièce de résistance.
The most expensive one here.
May I?
Wear it.
I guarantee you won't
be able to take it off.
Dude, we're out of time.
Try it now.
Almost there. It's almost there.
Copy that.
Ambulance is on the way.
All right.
Come on. Slither on up.
Yeah, look. His leg is healed.
I told you not to touch me!
You better go. You better go.
If you ever come back here,
you're a dead man.
Save me now ♪
I really need you to save me now ♪
I really need you ♪
Uh, excuse me. I'm Eric Barnes.
I'm the fire safety officer.
Uh, we're working on
this lighting issue,
but I know Mr. Pham wanted
a photo of the piece
on the wall in the, uh, better lighting.
Is that okay if I take that
from you real quick?
Sure, no problem.
Thank you.
Yo. Yo, yo, yo, what the hell are you
What are you doing, man?
- I was, uh, gonna put it on the
- No, no. Don't touch that shit.
And don't touch my girl.
Who the hell are you?
He's the fire inspector, Brock.
Hence the uniform. So relax.
- He didn't know.
- Know what?
Well, since Fire Marshal Bill
over here decided to ruin it,
I'll just tell you.
I had Eddie make this
piece just for you.
I love it.
It's like a quarter mil
in diamonds, baby.
It's Craig. He's out.
Where the hell is it?
Deran would've texted if he was out.
That's them.
Screen caught it.
Oh, God.
Let's go.
It'll look good on you.
Thank you.
Deran's out.
Let's go.
Hey. You want a water or something?
I'm okay. Thanks.
- Did you get 'em to sleep?
- Barely.
You know, Craig and Daren were trying
to beat the shit out
of each other again.
What's this?
It's this new show where they
all live in a house together
and they film everything that they do.
- What the hell for?
- Shut up. It's good.
Why don't you, uh, you know,
go get us a pizza or something?
You can drive my car.
- You serious?
- Yeah.
Mushroom and pepperoni. Please.
Waiting for you to call me up ♪
- Thank you.
- And tell me I'm not alone ♪
You just made his night.
I'm waiting by the phone ♪
Waiting for you to call me
up and tell me I'm not alone ♪
Come on.
I want somebody to shove me ♪
I want somebody to shove ♪
I still get paid if your
guy doesn't show.
I'm not giving you a dime. Billy will.
This is your thing.
Corporal Kenny won't issue day passes
to surf if he doesn't get paid.
Sure won't.
What's that delinquent stray
you clothe and feed anyway?
Do I detect jealousy?
He's 18, Billy.
But this isn't like him.
Something's up.
Well, why don't I just
take the damn picture?
What's the difference?
Just give him a few more minutes.
- That cool?
- Very.
- You good?
- Yeah.
- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- You sure?
- Yeah. It's just, um
Yeah, I'm fine.
We're gonna do kind of well on these.
- Even without the last one.
- Yeah.
That's a good deal.
Had the goddamn thing in my hand.
Shoulda just beaten
the shit out of that kid
and taken off with it.
Yeah. We would've had another 100 grand.
Told you there should
have been two of us.
But, no, you said you had it, right?
When the job is burned, it's burned.
We get out of there. You remember that?
Yeah, I do. You were
a selfish asshole then
when you should've burned
the skate shop job,
hanging Renn out to dry,
and you're a selfish asshole now.
Doing this shit yourself
and costing us money.
- It's the same shit.
- All right, relax.
We did good. Together.
Yeah. With that restaurant deal,
- we're sweet.
- Wait. What restaurant deal?
- You didn't tell him about
- I tried to tell to you
No, man. Y'know what?
It's all good, bro. It's all good.
Don't act like you give
a shit all of a sudden.
What, do you got, like, a
convenience store to rob?
This guy's been pulling
jobs with a biker gang.
You know what, man? You need to
check your leader of the pack bullshit
you're playing now.
Maybe you should stop
complaining like a little bitch.
Yeah? Well, then stand up.
If I'm being such a bitch,
why don't you stand up?
Yeah, well, who's the bitch now?
Just let 'em go.
Where the hell were you?
Pendleton, I.D.?
Oh, shit.
- "Oh, shit"?
- I'm sorry.
I-I I got sidetracked
watching TV and
I blanked.
Don't you ever let it happen again.
- Hey. What's up?
- Hey.
What are you doing?
Looks like you could use one of these.
It went well.
One hiccup.
We didn't get the girlfriend's piece.
But you can weigh it.
If there's a problem, you let us know.
- It's good.
- Everything went perfectly.
Your brother even picked up the fakes.
He didn't bat an eye.
You should be happy. You did a good job.
Lose my number.
I thought this would
feel good. It doesn't.
Hey, Amy. It's me. Pope.
I mean uh, Andrew.
It's Andrew, and, uh
Anyways, it was really nice
running into you the other day.
And I was wondering if
maybe you wanted to, like
see each other again or whatever,
you know, c-catch up.
Or something.
Who was that?
You need ice?
You all right?
You gonna stay the night here?
Nah. I'm gonna go home.
You got any food or anything?
Got some Chinese.
You guys straight now?
I don't know.
You two have been fighting
since you were 6.
Was there a blackout?
I don't know. Maybe.
You all right?
Yeah. It's just
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