Anne (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

What We Have Been Makes Us What We Are

- [BACKFIRING] - [NEIGHING] - [MARILLA] My heavens! - [ANNE] My heavens! - What was that? - Who was that?! She was wearing pants! - What do you mean, pants? - Pants! - [EXCLAIMING] - [BACKFIRING] Oh.
No, no, no, no, no.
[GRUNTING] Pedaling it is.
Oh! Come on! Argh! Of all days.
Oh, I can't believe this.
Argh! I'm so sorry I'm late.
I'm Muriel.
Muriel Stacy.
Good day, Miss Stacy.
I'm Mrs.
Harmon Andrews.
I'm afraid I lost track of the time.
I was decorating my new home you can use potatoes for so many things, it boggles the mind, it really does and then my tardiness was compounded when my motorbike broke down on the way.
And all of this to say: please forgive my appearance and my hopefully excusable delay.
Let's hope that's all we have to forgive.
First thing we'd climb a tree And maybe then we'd talk Or sit silently And listen to our thoughts With illusions of someday Casting a golden light No dress rehearsal This is our life You are ahead by a century You are ahead by a century [DIANA] And Mother was talking to Mrs.
Pye and she said the PMSC felt that Miss Stacy is probably unsuitable.
[ANNE] But she rides a motorbike! Miss Stacy seems modern and thrilling! I heard she's a spinster.
I heard she's from the mainland.
Why would an unmarried woman from the big city come here? There's a scandal somewhere, you'll see.
- Mother hated Miss Stacy on sight.
- So did mine.
Here's a recipe for disaster: show up an hour late Dressed like a man To tea with the Progressive Mothers.
She may as well have hung a noose around her neck.
Don't disparage her when you don't even know her.
I think she sounds spectacular.
I'm going to help pave the way for Miss Stacy.
I know just how it is to be new and judged harshly.
That fox is gonna be dead meat.
- I think I'll make it into a hat.
- Fox? What fox? The one with the dark tail that's been stealing chickens.
Well, there's no fox here so how's about you put the gun away.
I'd like to live to meet the new teacher.
I just laid the world at your feet, didn't I? - [LAUGHTER] - Good morning, everyone! [ALL] Good morning! - Here you go, little lady.
- My name is Miss Stacy.
Please take that gun outside.
The classroom is no place for a weapon.
I was just about to do that.
Miss Stacy is my new ideal! What a pretty room! So many windows.
I love to see green! She seems to be a kindred spirit! [SQUEALING] Alright, let's get to know each other.
Please stand up.
She's not wearing a corset.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my goodness.
Now, please move all the desks to the side and take a seat on the floor.
The floor?! We're going to form a circle and make introductions.
Ah! [SQUEALING] [BACKGROUND CHATTER] [ANNE] Diana, I feel so uplifted! School is finally going to be everything I dreamed it would be! [LAUGHING] [WHINNYING] - [CLUCKING] - Straight up.
Careful now.
There you go.
Lift up the end.
Well, that should keep the chickens safe.
I hope we're the ones who catch the fox.
I'll tell you what: I'll give you a share if we do.
That pelt should fetch a nice price.
[PANTING] Argh! [SIGHING] [GROANING] [BIRDS CAWING] And you'll say two words that represent you, using the first letters of your given name and surname.
I'll start.
Muriel Stacy.
- Mischievous.
- [LAUGHTER] Scholastic.
Those would be my descriptors if we had the same initials.
- Let's start with - It's like we were separated at birth.
Ruby Gillis.
- Romantic - Ooh - Girl?! - [LAUGHTER] - Ruby Gillis.
- Well done.
- Ruby has a crush on - Gilbert Blythe? Oh, um Uh Global - He traveled the world for a year.
- And bookish.
Everyone thinks he's the smartest student.
- Priscilla Andrews.
- But I won the spelling bee.
Pragmatic - Actualized.
- She left our former teacher at the altar.
Perhaps you'd like to share your comment with the class? Oh, well, it's no secret that Prissy was affianced to our former teacher, but justifiably fled the wedding.
I'll be happy to fill you in about everyone in Avonlea, because I was an outsider once, too, and I know how hard No need to provide me with gossip.
I don't condone it.
Oh, but nothing I said is a secret.
If someone needs me to know something, they'll tell me.
Why don't you take your turn? What's your name? Anne Anne Shirley-Cuthbert.
Uh uh - Anne - [MURMURINGS] I'm sure you'll think of some later.
Why don't you see me after class? Moody Spurgeon? - Ooh! - I need your help! Rachel! Whatever's the matter? I've heard some shocking rumors about our new teacher! Rumors.
I thought something terrible had happened.
- It has! - I'll put up some tea.
As a member of the board of trustees, I was against hiring a female teacher.
I said it was a dangerous innovation, but I was backed into a corner, and now all this.
All what? The Progressive Mothers are all in a dither, that's what.
I mean to find out the what and the why of it today! You're coming with me.
Rachel, I'll not be a party to whatever plan you have hatched.
You have a child in that school, I don't.
Whatever is happening there is happening to Anne.
So you are in a position to ask this woman pressing questions from a place of motherly concern.
You really think there's cause to worry? If she's capable of corrupting the young minds of Avonlea, then yes.
We will stop by right after school.
We'll take that loaf.
To be neighborly.
[SCREAMING, PANTING] [GRUMBLING] - [LAUGHTER] - [INDISTINCT CHATTER] So I'm hoping you wouldn't mind tutoring me.
I'm worried I'm behind and I'm very serious about medicine as my vocation.
My husband accelerated his studies and got early entrance into college.
Husband?! I'm widowed, actually.
Oh, how tragical.
Anyway, with hard work, it's possible you could finish school early and be pre-med next year.
I'll do whatever it takes! Let's meet before class in the mornings and get you started.
Thank you.
Thank you so much! If Gilbert is accelerating in his studies, I'd like to, too.
I have ever so many vocations in mind.
Oh! The list is endless, really.
- Let's put our heads together - About that After school every day works for me.
Let's start now! - [LAUGHING] - It's Anne, isn't it? With an E.
Oh, I've thought of ever so many words that represent me since this morning.
I was planning on having a word with you about telling tales out of school.
But we're in school and I was only trying to help But I see I should include respecting others' privacy as well.
I'd like you to write an essay on the perils of gossip and why it's important to have empathy for others.
It doesn't have to be long, but it has to be meaningful.
Appalling! Stupid! Clueless! Anne Shirley-Cuthbert! - You're being too hard on yourself.
- I hate myself! I made a terrible impression on beautiful Miss Stacy.
- That's true, but it's nothing - Everything I said came out wrong! - That's true too, but it's always - Stop agreeing with me, Diana! You can fix this, Anne.
I'm sure any essay you write will be brilliant and resolve things.
Gilbert will not outpace me either, just because he already knows his stupid vocation! You heard it here, Diana: I am going to write the best essay in the world! The world! [PANTING] - [GROANING] - Whoa.
Argh! Why can't I do anything right today?! Sorry.
Have you seen my fox? I have not seen a fox, yours or otherwise.
Wait, you have a fox? Can you think about an opener for an essay on the perils of gossip?! Uh, will you please slow down? Will you please come back to school?! I need your support! I'm not coming back.
Life's too short.
I'm not accepted there, and you know that.
Trust me, the new teacher won't let anyone bully you, I'm sure of it.
She's a champion of good.
Ah! Anne, this is what I'm going to do with my life.
So I'm doing it.
I can't think of what to write! What am I going to do?! I have to impress her! She has to like me! Maybe you just need a change of perspective.
To clear your head and save my art's life? Sorry.
Do you have a special place we could go that might inspire? Get the ideas flowing? Somewhere with a bit more scope? - [COLE] Come to me, Muse!!! - [ANNE LAUGHING] You're crazy! Yes! Try it! Come to me, Muse! Come to me, Muse! [LAUGHING] [COLE] Louder! - [BOTH] Come to me, Muse! - [ANNE LAUGHING] [KNOCKING] Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, Miss Stacy.
I'm Rachel Lynde, and this is my good friend, Marilla Cuthbert.
Is everything alright? You seem to be in quite a state of disrepair.
I'm often in this state.
[CHUCKLING] We brought you some bread as a housewarming.
How kind.
I'd invite you in, but We'd love to visit for a minute.
Thank you.
How nice.
Marilla has a child in your class, so we felt it was important Sorry about the mess.
I'm trying to diagnose the problem.
With what exactly? Oh, this is a motorized bicycle.
I so enjoy tinkering with mechanical things and figuring out what makes them tick.
Confessedly, even though I desire a peaceful country life, which is why I accepted this position, I do still love to race around freely, wind in my hair.
Yes, you are rather unrestrained.
I've never believed in corsets.
Since I have a skeleton that holds everything up, I've never felt the need.
And trousers are quite liberating.
I assume you're not affianced or married.
Feel free to assume.
Have you determined that you're going to be an old maid, then? I didn't realize one had to decide.
If you're not careful, the matter will be decided for you.
Poor Marilla here knows all too well the unfulfilled life of an unmarried woman.
Word to the wise: you're not doing yourself any favors with all this this untidy whizzing about.
Marilla, you should offer some advice.
On how to be a spinster, or how not to be one? Regardless, that kind of behavior may fly in the big city, but not here.
- Folks will get the wrong impression.
- I expect some already have.
- Which child is yours? - Oh, she's not mine exactly, but we think of her as so.
My brother and I adopted her.
Neither of them ever married.
- Her name is Anne.
- With an E.
I know just who she is.
The board of trustees, of which I am a founding member, hopes that your questionable standards will make an abrupt turn for the better.
If they do, I'm sure you'll be the first to know.
We ask that you remain conservative, virtuous and restrained in front of the children.
Otherwise, I can't imagine you'll be the proper educator for the youth of Avonlea.
- I see.
- I'm glad you do.
Gossip lies eight times no, nine times and tells a half-truth the tenth.
- [CLUCKING] - That's not bad.
Matthew! You set a trap?! It's alright.
It's just a fox.
No! He's my friend! Please, Matthew, please take the trap away! I couldn't bear it if something happened to him! Sorry, Anne, we have to protect what's ours.
That is the way of things.
I hope your friend Mr.
Fox has got the good sense to stay away.
[SIGHING] [RUSTLING] Run! Run! Oh, good, you're not there.
I could use some help with the fence this morning before you go.
I can't.
Miss Stacy's expecting me early.
I can't believe I could actually be in college next year.
What do you mean, next year? Well, I told you last night, I'm accelerating my studies.
Yeah, but leaving next year, that was never the plan.
I have a chance, finally, to get something that I want.
Why wouldn't I take it? I came here so we could work this land together for two years until it comes back to life and I've learned farming and then you'll go.
Plan's changed.
This is my future.
Your future.
What about mine? You don't even consult me? - I thought we were in this together.
- We are.
I don't know what I'm doing, Blythe! This is a farm, not a ship! You have time to get up to speed.
While I'm alone and you're at school every minute?! - We can get you help.
- Nobody wants to know me, let alone work for me! How do I do all this by myself?! You'll figure it out! I gotta go! And Rachel was extremely insulting.
She crossed a line with me.
Sorry to hear it.
[SNEEZING AND COUGHING] Why aren't you dressed? I'm afraid I can't go to school today.
I'm much too unwell.
[COUGHING] - You don't have a fever.
- Oh, woe is me! How I wish I didn't have to miss school.
[SNEEZING] What have you got all over your fingers? - Is that soot? - [WATER POURING] - Uh I-I - You smell like smoke.
Anne Shirley-Cuthbert, tell the truth.
If my fox wasn't in danger, none of this would've happened! None of what? Lucky it was only your essay was burned and not all of Green Gables.
I can't go to school today! I just can't! Miss Stacy will never believe me and I've already made the worst impression! I'll go along with you to explain things.
This is a right queer tale for sure and certain.
Thank you, Marilla.
Would you mind extolling all of my virtues as well so that she'll like me better? Get yourself ready now.
[GROANING] You and me, we're going to get to know each other.
It's going to be fine.
Oh, yes.
[HORSE SNORTING] I think this is right.
Hey, hey, hey.
Show mercy.
- [HORSE SNORTING] - Alright.
Alright, then.
That wasn't so bad.
Hey, hey! Ah ! Whoa! Hey, hey! - Jerry! Jerry, come here! - What? Could you do me a favor? Would you mind maybe jamming the trap? You know, rigging it so it won't work? - Why would I do that? - To save my fox! But Mr.
Cuthbert said he'll split the profit with me! What?! When I leaned back into the window, I hit my head, then my essay fell and the oil lamp fell, and suddenly the pages were ablaze! I had the great idea to stomp on it with my shoes and it went out.
And then I realized that the essay I'd poured my heart into was ruined.
So I was hoping maybe I could just tell you about it after school? Just the two of us.
It just seems a shame to have to write it again when it was perfect just as it was.
I felt ever so inspired after the lesson.
I learned a lot.
I'm sorry, but you're going to have to complete the assignment, Anne.
I'll see to it that she does.
Adversity can be a blessing.
- I hope you weren't eavesdropping.
- I'm trying to study.
I'm going to need Miss Stacy's help with my vocation soon, too.
Do whatever you want.
What's happened to the desks, if I may ask? I call it a forum for hands-on learning.
What is your problem? How is your vocation mine? It's not.
So sorry to interrupt.
Please carry on with your goals! Would you care to stay and observe? Why, thank you.
I believe I would.
Alright, class, let's begin.
Gilbert? Please.
Science changes the world for the better.
Does anyone know what electricity is? - Light.
- Yes.
And? - A form of energy.
- Electricity is indeed a form of energy.
- I was going to say that.
- If you've ever watched a thunderstorm, with mighty lightning bolts darting down from the sky, that's electricity.
Powerful stuff.
A bolt of lightning is a sudden, massive surge of electricity between the sky and the ground beneath.
Electrical currents live inside atoms.
And atoms are small particles that make up all matter.
They're so small that it takes billions and billions of them just to make something useful like a nail.
[LAUGHTER] All objects that take up space and have mass are called matter.
And everything around you is made up of matter.
- Chocolate cake is made up of matter.
- [LAUGHTER] These walls, the school is made up of matter.
You are made up of matter.
Now, today, without a standard power source, like they have in the big cities, we are going to make our own electric current in order to illuminate - a light bulb.
- Whoa.
- [SOFT EXCLAMATIONS] - How many of you have ever seen one? - In New York, actually.
- In Charlottetown.
Uh, my aunt Josephine has electricity.
Well, with a light bulb, scientists have found a way to send electric currents atoms carrying energy into a container full of gas a different type of atom and when those two types of atoms meet, they exchange their energy and make [BOTH] Light! [STACY] So, here in Avonlea, with a little ingenuity and some Prince Edward Island potatoes, we have electricity.
Ahem-hem-hem-hem! Why, hello! Ahem.
Good timing.
We were just brightening our day.
Won't you join us? - Miss Stacy's wonderful.
- Yes.
- [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - Does it taste like chocolate? - Moody, no! - Don't! - Ah! - [ALL GASPING] - Moody, no.
- [EXCLAMATIONS] Moody! - Everyone stand still right where you are.
- My child, my child! Please stay back.
Thank you.
Let's keep our heads.
Logic dictates there are no shards under your feet, and I'd like to keep it that way.
I'll fetch a broom.
- [WOMAN GIGGLING] - Sebastian? [BASH] Mary.
What are you doing here? I don't know.
Let's get you away from here.
What if that glass had cut your face? Mother, please, it was my fault! You should've been sitting, safe and sound, at a desk! We expect this classroom to be orderly and calm, and we expect you to conform to the curriculum.
Science is part of the course of study.
That wasn't science, that was prestidigitation.
[MARILLA] Oh, for heaven's sake.
It was an excellent lesson.
We want our children to learn, safely, what is required to prepare them for higher education.
Not the circus.
Pardon me.
Miss Stacy is a dedicated, capable teacher.
I hope to be exactly like her someday.
She is a smart, lovely career woman who is a superior educator despite overcoming a tragical romance.
Good thing you'll be writing that essay on gossip again.
The Progressive Mothers lobbied hard for the first female teacher in Avonlea.
Please don't squander the opportunity.
You have to talk to him.
Tell Gilbert how you feel.
You had an agreement and he broke it.
I don't want to stand in his way.
He's following his dream.
Even at the expense of yours? Everything is different from how I thought it would be.
I thought farming was finally the life for me, but now I don't know Being outside, working with your hands, where everything you do every day counts for something.
Sounds like a life to me.
What I do know is that I'm not going backwards.
I'm done on the ships.
After ten years, I really hoped to stay in one place.
Ten years? But you're so young.
Old on the inside.
Is there any work here in the Bog? If you're willing to take it.
Why wouldn't I take it? Colored folks do the jobs white folks won't.
So if you're willing to fetch and tote and scrub and haul, you'll be all set.
Could I buy my own land here? Homestead? That's a big dream, a wonderful dream I understand it but you gotta understand dreams don't come true in the Bog.
Maybe they do.
It's getting late.
Would you like to come for supper? There's nothing more I've ever wanted in this world.
This day went differently than I'd imagined.
- May we walk you partway home? - You're very kind.
Personally, I like not having to read books every day.
Was that meant to be consoling? Leave the fox alone, Billy! He's an innocent creature! - He's my new hat! - [LAUGHTER] May I meet you at home, Marilla? I need to make a stop.
You've got an essay to write.
Before dark.
It's a matter of some urgency regarding my fox.
Oh, yes, your friend the fox, foe of homework.
It won't take long.
You could come with me.
Just promise that you'll never tell a soul about what you're going to see.
Please pretend none of this exists.
[MARILLA] Anne Shirley-Cuthbert.
Is that your lunch you're leaving on the ground? My fox must be hungry.
That's the only reason he's stealing chickens.
I have to feed him to protect him.
This is extraordinary.
You've created an enchanted kingdom here.
Oh, it gives me such a thrill that you perceive it so! I devote myself to my education here, just so you know.
I created a story club, and we write and critique each other's work.
This place provides so much scope for the imagination, don't you agree? Who made these sculptures? [ANNE] Cole.
Aren't they magnificent? Cole is my friend and a brilliant artist.
He's really honing his talents now he refuses to go to school.
Why isn't he in school? He's been bullied.
Oh! Is it gossip if I tell you that? But I'd dearly love to tell you, because I'm sure you could help.
If I really need to know and if I could help him, you should tell me.
Gossip is another thing entirely.
Why don't we all go in? [ANNE GIGGLING] Won't you please sit down? If you wouldn't mind pinky swearing.
We hereby swear to protect the sanctity of this sacred space.
I swear.
[BOTH] I swear.
Bash! Just wait till you see what I got you for supper.
Thought you could teach me to make Crab Callaloo.
A little taste of home.
You think you're in heaven? No.
Feels more like home.
[ANIMAL SNIFFING] [WOLVES HOWLING] Come out, come out, wherever you are! [LAUGHTER] Anybody home? [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHING] [LAUGHTER] [BOY] Whoo! Easy, Tina.
- [STACY PANTING] - Morning.
- Have far to go? - I'm not sure.
I'm headed to the Mackenzie farm? That's still a fair ways on foot.
I'm happy to drop you off, if you like.
Oh, I'd be much obliged.
I don't have much time before school.
You must be the infamous Miss Stacy.
I'm Harmon Andrews.
Let's just say I've heard of you.
[SMACKING LIPS] Come on, Tina.
[SMACKING LIPS] [WHINNYING] [HORSE CHUFFING] [CLUCKING] - Ah! - [FURIOUS CLUCKING] [SCREAMING] Are you alright?! [HENS CLUCKING] Why won't you listen to me?! - Anne.
Anne! - Leave her be.
Think of something else.
Sometimes you just have to use your imagination.
And I learned that your son has faced difficulties at school.
Difficulties? - He's smart enough.
- It seems he's been bullied.
So I thought we might discuss it all together.
- Maybe I can help.
- Bullied.
[STACY] Yes.
It-it's my understanding that it might be because Cole stands out from the rest of the children.
- What did he have to say about all this? - Say about it? Yes.
When you talked to him.
I-I haven't met him yet.
Apparently, he hasn't been to school for quite some time? He goes every day with his books.
Every morning.
Cole?! - Cole, come here! - [BABY FUSSING] I'm sorry, I We've made sacrifices to allow him schooling.
If he's not going, we need him here, working the farm.
- Cole! - [BABY CRYING] Ready for school? - Just about to set off.
- I saw your sculptures, Cole.
You're a gifted artist.
Seems you've yet to meet the new teacher.
[BABY CRYING] Seems you've been lying to us.
Cole! Cole, come back here right now! Cole! You sold me out! I trusted you! - What are you talking about? - You brought the teacher here! You told her about me! Are you that desperate to be liked?! She told my parents I'm not in school! - I was trying to help.
- Well, you ruined my life! They'll never let me leave the farm now, not even for school! It's over! I have nothing! Who would do this? Do you know who did this? - No.
- Who else did you show?! No one! I don't I don't know.
Cole! Where are you going?! Now, I don't know whose it was.
Definitely no one in here.
All those books and sculptures.
I took out one I shot every one.
I missed probably one shot.
Miss Stacy? Everything alright? Mm-hmm.