Anne (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Struggling Against the Perception of Facts

And when my big sister, Susan, was proposed to, he said: "Father has given me the farm in my own name.
What do you say, darling pet, if we get hitched this fall?" Have you ever heard such a thing?! That's it? Anne, he called her "darling pet.
" That proposal is about as amorous as Mr.
Phillips doing a roll call.
And Jane says Prissy's convinced it'll happen any day now.
Prissy, you leave me breathless! Marry me, or I shall die choking on my love for you to the end! My brother has guaranteed me a position on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
And upon our relocation, he's promised introductions to the city's social elite.
Will you have me, my dearest Ruby? No.
I plan to have several beaus and be proposed to several times just to drive Gilbert Blythe mad before I accept his offer.
Your turn, Anne.
For you I will build a castle, with each brick forged in my heart with the fire of my transcendent love.
Will you accept this exquisite diamond ring? My life will only be complete if you consent to our marriage.
I vow to be a distinguished and and and worthy husband.
Oh, Good Lord, man, stand up at once.
Sh-she will want for nothing.
Prissy? What say you? Yes! Thank you, Father.
When you go to school and leave me here whole day with no one to talk to, I keep myself busy.
If you cook and the food ain't have no taste, I chew and swallow.
I've carried this pain, quiet, into the cold Canadian spring.
You know me, Blythe.
I don't like to complain.
So when I say lesser men would've cracked by now - Then? - Exactly.
I'm ready.
Close the door.
- Uh, no.
- You're right.
Give it a good slam.
I only wanna do this once.
This is a very bad idea.
Go see a doctor.
For a toothache? Just be my friend.
The onliest one I have in this vast, lonely country.
Nothing like a little peace and quiet.
Whatever are you doing in there? - It's a surprise! For your trip! - I don't like surprises.
That's my issue with this whole business.
It's the not knowing I find disconcerting.
That's why you're going to the oculist.
To know! All will be revealed.
Then again, I'm afraid of that too.
So your eyesight isn't what it used to be.
It happens to people your age.
My age? Some of us manage to retain more of our girlish youth.
Now, hurry it up.
We're taking the train today, not a week from now.
Finished! No peeking.
What am I forgetting? What am I forgetting? Oh, Anne upstairs in the cedar trunk in my closet, - please fetch my good shawl.
- Will do! Senility: the partner of failed vision.
I'm trying to remember why I invited you along.
Oh, that's right, I didn't.
Consider me a burr in your sock.
Anne! Uh coming! I can't wait to get away from it all.
Can you imagine? Tonight I'm gonna be eating a meal that I didn't cook.
Oh! The mind reels.
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh.
Uh, and Marilla? May I use the curry that Sebastian gave you for the dinner I'm planning to cook tonight? You may cook on top of the stove only.
- You're not to use the oven.
Understood? - Mm-hmm.
I want Green Gables standing when I come back tomorrow.
Curry? Ha! Let's hope Matthew is standing when we return.
- What now? - Oh, let's be away! Let's be away! Come along now, Charlottetown awaits.
- Don't be late for school.
- I won't.
- And don't burn down the house.
- I won't.
And don't get up to any mischief! Bye! Diana, you're such a dear.
Thank you.
Now I have everything I'll need for the perfect wedding.
Prissy, do you have a bridal veil? I'm going to be wearing my mother's.
It's a tradition in our family.
You should keep this sixpence and hand it down to your daughters.
What are we buying? Diana got a genuine sixpence for Prissy, all the way from London.
I wrote to my cousin two months ago, as soon as I heard about the engagement.
- I'm just glad it got here in time.
- Something old, something new.
Something borrowed, something blue.
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.
Sounds painful.
Sounds like a magic spell for happiness.
You need to be more careful, bud.
Is it healing alright? It's getting there.
- I've just come for some firewood.
- Well, hurry up, then.
- Ugh.
- I'm sorry.
I'll get it.
You disgust me.
Be on your way.
Good morning, sir.
Tooth trouble.
Actually, it's gum trouble causing the tooth trouble.
I was hoping for some coconut water.
My mum used to give it to me as a kind of healing.
Maybe a trade ship came in with some huang lian? It's Chinese.
I have no idea what you're saying.
You don't like me.
But I see you like money.
- Just sell me some salt to gargle with.
- We're all out.
Sometimes I find bigotry very inconvenient.
You won't find care anywhere around here.
You should be with your own kind in the Bog.
The what? Don't play dumb.
You know what I'm talking about.
The slum for people like you outside Charlottetown.
People like me? This true? Get out of my shop, go back to where you belong with the other delinquents and indigents.
Go! I was just leaving.
You have no idea how happy you've made me.
The area equals one half times the sum of both bases, multiplied by the height.
Simple enough.
The student who finishes last will wish he had stayed home from school today.
- Sebastian! - Good morning.
Pardon me.
I need to have a word with Gilbert, please.
I'd thank you to stay in the cloakroom.
Sebastian, what are you doing here? You look terrible.
You're not welcome here.
He tried to kill me at the Christmas Pantomime.
If there's any threat in this classroom, it's you, Billy Andrews.
Return to your lesson.
You never told me about the Bog.
Can I get my own doctor there? Uh, just sit down before you fall down.
Oh Oh.
I didn't think you'd want to go there.
You have a fever, Bash.
No doctors 'round here for me.
That's what the man said.
That is just I know a doctor in Charlottetown.
I'll take you to him right now.
I want to go to the Bog.
Bash, the Bog is just not a place for you.
It's sad and unlawful and full of poverty and People who resemble me.
I'm sorry.
I'll take you.
But first let me bring you to a doctor that I know can help you.
No time to waste.
Thomas and I had a sleeper compartment on our honeymoon.
Not that there was much sleeping.
So what you're really saying is CP Railways is prejudiced? I'm saying there's no place on this train for your guest.
Isn't that right, Isaac? On this train, we put the coloreds to work.
We might find space enough for him in the back with the cargo.
I am a passenger.
I'm not going to any back.
This man my guest.
I paid for his ticket and mine.
Is that true? Sir, unless this train is legally segregated, we will be taking our legally purchased seats! - Sounds like quite a fuss.
- Why, that's Gilbert and Bash.
and let us pass.
Oh Gilbert.
I wondered where you'd got to.
I have seats saved for you.
This way.
Last call for Charlottetown! Boarding, Charlottetown! Good morning, Mrs.
Oh, hello, Gilbert.
And, um, uh, and Oh, heavens, Sebastian, what ails you? Poor manners and a sore tooth.
Many thanks, Miss Marilla.
Sebastian, I must speak.
I insulted you when we first met, assuming you were the help.
Avonlea has never been home to a Uh You are the first Well All that to say you must come to tea someday soon.
You too, Gilbert.
Thank you.
I appreciate the apology, and the invitation.
I haven't been on a train since my father and I traveled west.
Was it difficult? Traveling with John in such poor health? He loved every minute of it.
I'm taking Bash to his doctor, actually.
I guess Anne didn't tell you, but I-I'm looking to pursue a career in medicine.
My, won't that be wonderful.
Finally, a doctor in Avonlea.
Your father would be very proud.
He'd be glad I'm back home, anyway.
Me? I'm not so sure.
Returning to a one-room schoolhouse with an apathetic teacher might not have been my smartest move.
Phillips will be moving on after the wedding.
I hope whoever they get next will actually be interested in teaching.
Ah, yes, my surprise.
I forgot all about it.
It's pretty.
That must be from Anne.
I wonder which aspiration, from her many passions, Anne will choose when the time comes.
- - Anne Shirley-Cuthbert is a passionate individual, alright.
Oh, thank you.
The trousseau of an unmarried woman, is it an exquisitely preserved memento of her youth, or a tragical reminder of a life she'll never know? Tell us when you're an old maid.
Do orphans even have trousseaus? - Anne has parents now, Josie.
- Not by blood.
My actual mother started mine when I was born, just like my grandmother did for her.
When I lost mine in the fire, I But Gran and Mother and I have been sewing nonstop to restore it.
- I'll help you, Anne.
- We all will.
Off the top of my head, I'd love to acquire the collected works of the Bronte sisters and Shakespeare and Mary Shelley No, Anne, it must be things like petticoats and linens.
I've already monogrammed several kerchiefs with the initials G.
Such antiquated rules.
What if I don't want to acquire those things? Can't I choose what I want to enter into my new life with? A bride has a trousseau so that she can have pretty things and be a beautiful wife to her husband, Anne.
You can't change that.
Sorry to intrude, my lovebird.
Don't think I'll stop calling you that, even after we're married.
Although I'll love calling you husband, too.
I promise to find a way to balance college and marriage.
You won't be neglected.
Sweet Prissy.
I've been thinking about it these past two months.
And after we're married, I'm gonna need your full devotion as my wife.
We can't social-climb if you're locked away at school.
It's a wife's duty.
Isn't it? Of course.
Why does he get to decide? Hey! You have no right! Stop! What is this? Just give it back.
Andrews, that's enough! To whom does this belong? It's mine, sir.
Then your parents can pay for a new window.
That's not fair! Billy threw it at him! I'm speaking to Mr.
Mackenzie! Well? Why don't you tell the truth for once? I was just doing what you told me to.
I was giving it back.
My parents can't afford that.
Then we'll have to punish you in some other way.
- Open your hand.
- I didn't do anything wrong.
You are the most disruptive student in this classroom.
That is your perception, but it is not fact.
If you want to hate someone you should look in the mirror.
Open your hand.
F C Z P? Your eyesight's not as strong as I would like.
Due to age, I hope.
And I do read and sew a lot by firelight.
I'm concerned about your headaches and the vision impairment you described.
It's possible that eye strain could be the cause, so I'm gonna give you some reading glasses to try.
And I want you to amend your diet before I see you again.
- See me again? - In three months.
In the meantime, eat foods that promote eye health lots of fish, carrots and be sure you have good light to read by.
Is there something else that may be the cause? Something worse? I'm not going to make a formal diagnosis right now.
Just follow my instructions and I'll see you soon.
Gilbert Blythe! - It's been awhile.
- It has.
I was very sorry to hear about your father.
- Who do you have with you? - This is my friend, Sebastian.
- It's an emergency.
- Yes, yes, I can see that.
It's Blythe that needs help.
Cure him of thinking he knows what's good for everybody else.
That's a sentiment I've heard in this office before.
Open up, let me see it.
It's criminal.
Blame him.
I was coerced.
My judgment was impaired by my need for silence.
You have a fever from the infection.
I can give you something for both.
You're going to have to have some sutures.
Sorry to be rude, but I can't stay.
They must have doctors who can help me in the Bog.
The only person who can help you in the Bog is a barber who pulls teeth with rusty tongs.
Blythe, new plan.
I'll get fixed up here and then we go to the Bog.
Blythe? I came as soon as we were dismissed.
Not that anyone did any schoolwork after you left.
Phillips shut himself away in the supply room.
He wouldn't even open the door to Prissy.
I'm never going back.
Why do you think Mr.
Phillips hates you so? He wanted to hurt me today because he couldn't punish himself.
For being like me.
Like you? I'm the same as Josephine Barry.
But with boys.
Thank you for sharing that with me.
I think Mr.
Phillips is too, but he doesn't want to be.
So he's marrying Prissy Life is very complicated.
Then again, it's very simple.
Love who you love and be with them.
- It's against the law to be like me.
- The law is wrong.
I've just had the most brilliant idea.
If the time comes and we haven't found our romantical kindred spirits, I propose that we propose to each other.
You'll be an artist, in all the ways of your choosing, and I'll be I'll be something that thrills me, too.
A union of equals.
Individuals together.
Free spirits living our true lives.
Oh! I'm not convinced medicine is for you, Blythe.
- What happened? - You fainted.
You want to be a doctor, eh? - You sure? It's never pretty.
- Yeah.
He has a knack for it.
Most of the time.
Well, this is exciting news.
Nowadays his nose is always in a book.
Ready, Blythe? Dr.
Ward? Do you need an apprentice? Maybe I could help around here every now and again and, in exchange, you could help me craft my study plan? I promise I won't keep fainting.
It would be my privilege to mentor you.
I've been thinking I might like to share my practice someday.
Let's go to the Bog.
I've never seen anyone in such a hurry to get to a slum.
I imagine it's a beautiful place where black people dance beautifully in the snow.
He's fine.
Just a little laudanum.
What do I owe you, Doctor? No charge, if Gilbert will clean up around here.
I've got some time before my next patient if you'd like to start our discussion too.
Could you meet me back here in an hour? You can come and fetch me.
If you can find me.
I'm going to blend in.
Ah, this little vacation is absolutely invigorating.
Reading glasses.
Are you relieved? A certain optimist I know was worried about much worse.
- You were right: I'm just an old woman.
- Buck up.
We're the ones chasing old age, not the other way around.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Rachel Lynde! Did you wink? - Go on, try it.
- Absolutely not! Keeps you young.
All this after ten children.
Marilla, isn't that your brooch? Oh.
How could I have allowed our family heirlooms to end up in such a place? Now, now, you did what was needed to pay the bank.
That's Matthew's pocket watch.
It belonged to Michael before him.
Our family legacies scattered on the wind.
I don't have much, but maybe I don't mind a simple supper.
Anne said the pawnbroker's a powerful negotiator.
There's still some fight in these old girls yet.
- Let's go in.
- You first.
Hello there.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
If it isn't the man from the train.
So your guest ditched you? - Where you from? - Trinidad.
I worked a steamship to get here.
I mean where do you live when you're not slumming down here with us in the muck? Avonlea.
Farming community.
Hear it's pretty up there.
Must be nice.
I was rounding off a 72-hour shift when you got all uppity.
Boss rode me till the end like a mule.
Sounds like you had it bad before I stepped foot on that train.
Pushing me to the back wasn't bound to help you.
Boy it's alright for you to be those people's pet, but you don't know your place, and that's dangerous.
What I can't understand, boy, is someone who was born free, but still likes the taste of the boss man's boot enough to lick it when he doesn't have to.
A steamer's just a floating train! You licked your share of boots to survive! Now, I coulda hit you in the mouth.
Laundry's a few streets that way.
They'll take care of you.
It's so beautiful.
- Why are you crying? - Oh, Prissy, I I had such hopes for you.
More so than for myself.
I wanted you to live a full life.
But I'm getting married.
And giving up college.
You were supposed to start a new tradition of educated wives who think for themselves.
I can still go someday.
I'm sure I will.
Of course I will.
Prissy, it's not too late.
I'm not a child.
I know what I want! There's a good-looking man outside! Oh, yeah? Then why's he making us wait? He's smart.
If a bunch of women were talking about me, I wouldn't come in without an invitation.
Afternoon, ladies.
- I have to be honest - I hope so.
The last man who tried to rob us left here with less than he came in with.
My situation might be a bit of a challenge.
Well, bring your challenge inside and close the door.
Ooh, hot in here! Feels just like a perfect Carnival Monday.
If I didn't have to smell him, I could listen to him talk all day.
Lucky you got a warm place to be in in this bone-chilling winter.
I'm lucky? Yes? I'm lucky to be working here all day, hunched over this tub, cleaning dirt and worse out of peoples' foul-smelling underthings? Now that you put it like that Nickel per item, press and starch included.
I hope you don't mind me sayin' so, Miss, but you're very pretty.
- Like a Julie mango shining in the sun.
- Mm-hmm.
I do mind.
Why is it that men think women are waiting around to be complimented? I'm working.
I used to be good at this.
Good at what? Dropping off your laundry? Talking to ladies.
Must be out of practice.
Must be.
March in here with your mango this, lucky that? I'm sorry, for a moment you made me forget all my troubles.
Well let's have your things.
Come on now.
You don't have anything Jocelyn hasn't seen before.
I don't mind seeing it again.
- Wool pants?! - I'm not so good with the cold.
Give 'em up.
Oh, Lord! I've been looking all over for you.
What happened? Why are you standing half-naked in a room full of women? Fortune finally smiled on me.
Ladies, this is my friend and business partner, Gilbert Blythe.
Forgive me.
Pardon me.
- And you are? - Name is Sebastian.
You can call me Bash, Bastian, Trini.
Whatever you like.
Turns out there's no train until tomorrow, so we'll need to find a hotel.
Can you recommend one? Caters to black folks? Good luck.
I know someone who has a room.
She lets it out to people in need.
These were never claimed.
I wonder why not.
Best I can offer.
What is this someone's name who takes in wayward travelers? Mary.
Remember when I wanted to be a bride but not a wife? You said that the day we met.
I think I need to re-imagine the whole marriage/wedding thing.
How so? It isn't about just one brief, shining moment in white, or saying I do.
And I'm not gonna give myself over to someone and be a prettyish piece of property without a voice or ambition.
We will be equals and partners, not just husband and wife.
And neither one should have to abandon their heart's desire.
I've come up with a new name for both parties, together, because I believe that they should be named the same.
Well let's hear it.
Life mate.
Ah, that's a new one for the dictionary! Instead of a marriage, I shall call it a love bond.
- And any two people can have one.
- Yeah? Think it's ready? I think Marilla might be cross.
She forbade any proximity to the oven.
Well, you're no longer in proximity to the oven.
- Whoo! - I am! Ahem.
- Mm.
- Whoa! Oh, it smells divine! Stand back.
It's a hot supper brought to you with very little disobedience coming through.
Ah To life mates.
I'll drink to that.
Mm! I take you, matched to my intellect, proponent of my happiness, friend of my heart, to be my life mate.
Let us dance together as equal partners through the years.
How are you two? Not still hungry? Oh.
Or fragrant.
Bless you for drawing him a bath.
Yes, bless you, Mary.
You're an angel.
I brought your receipt.
You gave me too much.
I was hoping for some breakfast? I do know how to cook, don't I? Good night, then.
"Bless you, my angel.
" Tease all you like.
I don't shy away from the truth of how I feel like some fellows I know.
Ah I don't think I'll sleep much.
Too much has happened today.
I know exactly what you mean.
I only meant to try it on.
I was curious about your trousseau.
But I-I'm sure it can be mended.
Marilla, it was a terrible accident, but I did a wicked thing, and I'm ready to receive your severe yet just punishment.
I'm very proud of you for coming to me straightaway with the truth.
This veil was to be mine and then my daughter's.
It belongs to you now, Anne.
Most everything in that trunk should be yours.
What did the oculist say? Oh.
With any luck, I'll get to see you as a bride one day.
I have something else for you.
Your brooch! You reclaimed it.
I am bequeathing it to you.
This too will be yours someday.
And later, it will be your gift to bestow on someone you love.
I don't know which I love more, the word "bequeath" or the brooch.
Oh, is it time for tea? Why don't you see for yourself? I never thought I'd see this again.
That pawnbroker was a nasty bit of business.
It paid to bring Anne home.
And that's what counts.
What do you mean? Didn't Anne sell it with all our things? I sold it.
For train fare to fetch Anne after the misunderstanding.
And I'd do it again.
Something old Something new Something borrowed? Something blue? And a silver sixpence In my shoe.
Prissy, I can only hope that one day, eventually, this union between you and Mr.
Phillips will grow into one where you can both fulfill your heart's desires.
Oh, well, I-I only meant that even if your marriage isn't all romantical, you can still have the most marvelous life in Toronto, and perhaps one day, you can go back to school.
- We'll leave you to it.
- I'll see you out.
Do you remember how quickly we sped through our wedding vows? Mm-hmm.
They stood between us and our honeymoon.
- I never spoke so fast in my life.
- Shhh.
This is such a pretty little venue.
Minnie May, stop that at once! Prissy? Prissy? Prissy?