Anne (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper

1 Oh Marilla, I'd die and go to heaven if you were to relent and permit me to go to Aunt Josephine's party.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've said no.
I don't want you becoming overexcited and taking sick.
Excitement isn't dangerous, Mari Anne, please, we've been over this.
Girls your age shouldn't be going out into society.
You're far too young to be socializing with adults.
I've never been to a party before.
There will be plenty of time for that in your long life.
Headache? You haven't had one in quite a spell.
Don't mention it to Anne.
It'll pass soon, like the others.
I have a strong work ethic, sir, and I've chosen my vocation.
Medical school, sir.
I know it's for me.
So I was hoping you could offer me some extra help outside of class, so that I can catch up, make up for the time that I missed.
It could also be an opportunity to prove wrong all those who think you don't care all that much about your teaching.
I'm only asking for a small portion of your time, sir.
Is that all? My time? Tell me, should your father simply give his crops away because someone wants them? Feels he deserves them? Hmm? Hmm? He should not.
Time is money, Mr.
My father's dead, sir.
Well the metaphor still plays.
Where were you? I waited.
Father has a cold.
We're not going to Aunt Josephine's party either.
What? But Alright, bright little minds, open your readers.
Let's pick up from where we last left off.
Isn't it the point of life to seek what excites you? I mean, what happens? Does one smile to death? My parents and I have never even been invited before! But God forbid Father had gone out with the world's tiniest sniffle! It's absurd that ladies aren't allowed to travel without a male companion! Agreed.
And did I mention, Aunt Josephine is having a world-renowned pianist perform? - What?! - A world Ugh! Cole, what are you do ? What are you doing?! - Cole! - Oh! I - Goodness me! - What are you doing? - Leave it! - No! Just wait! I said leave it! Cole, why would you do such a thing? It should've been better by now.
It will be.
You just need time I got my splint off weeks ago, Anne.
It's just not the same.
I can't draw anymore! - Cole.
It's - Cole, please.
- Just - Cole Just just wait! Cole! Cole, you can't just walk away from your art I don't want to talk about it.
Just Could this day be any colder to match our wintry moods? That's precisely why Aunt Josephine has her party.
A summer-themed soiree to chase away the winter gloom.
Oh, could it be more perfect? It's what we all need.
Cole especially.
Cole is a man Cole is a man! Diana, what if we could convince your parents to let Cole accompany us to Charlottetown?! Marilla would have to relent! How can she say a party isn't for children if you're both going?! Cole is very tall.
Cole, isn't it just the thing you need in your time of deep sadness? To attend a party in a room filled with strangers? A change of scenery.
Take your mind off My folks would never let me miss a Saturday on the farm.
If I can come up with a plan will you do it? Alright.
The Pen of Duplicity.
Perfect tool for concocting a most perfect lie.
A fib.
For a good cause.
Study your lines carefully.
We only have one chance.
Seeing as Cole has to run an errand for his parents in Charlottetown It makes him the perfect chaperone And why is it the Barrys need my son to go all the way to Charlottetown? Uh, we're short-staffed at the moment, so I sugg Seeing as Cole has to run an errand for his parents in It makes him the perfect chaperone to accompany us to the party.
- He'll be compensated, of course.
- Of course.
- You've done errands for your parents? - Yes, ma'am.
Nothing feels better than a job well done.
So you're quite a responsible boy? And you think this errand could lead to regular paying work? And now, with Cole and Diana allowed to go, as their parents feel a piano concert will be most educational we were hoping you would reconsider.
I'll leave it to you, Michael.
I'll allow it.
We're going! We're going! - We're going! - We're going! Come! Help me pack! I couldn't bear it if my puff sleeves were crushed for the party! Seeing as how you're feeling poorly, I reckon that was the right decision.
- Give you a bit of time to - I'm fine.
It's nothing.
Thank the stars Miss Jeannie gave it back! Can you imagine if I'd nothing to wear? - I don't own party clothes.
- It won't matter.
Maybe you'll feel like getting up tomorrow, Mother.
Rest now.
I already can't wait to tell you all about it! I-I left you something so you don't forget me.
I love you! Anne! Let's go! Welcome, my lovelies.
This will be the scene of the crime.
Oh, goodness me.
Oh! Oh, I've dreamed about parties before, and while I do believe I have quite a capable imagination it's never conjured up anything like this.
I'm exceptionally excited to hear Cécile Chaminade play.
Miss Barry spares no expense to get people through the bleak winter.
Oh! How wonderful! I can't take credit for Gertrude's idea.
This was her night.
I couldn't bring myself to have this party last year without her.
Well, time marches on, doesn't it? How did you find yourself roped into this fiasco? Cole was our hero.
Without him, we wouldn't have been permitted to come.
- The artist in you must love all this - Anne.
- It's still who you are.
- Not anymore.
I'm happy to be here, even so.
Let's get you some supper.
And then, off to bed.
- Tomorrow is a big day.
- Come on, Cole.
Of all the parties I've been to, I'm sure this one will be my favorite.
Yes, come in.
Oh, is something the matter, child? Um I've never been to a party before, and I was wondering if you would please tell me what to expect, and how I should behave and how how should I be? You should expect a riotous good time.
And you need not be anyone, but simply yourself.
Oh, but I have such a history of doing just that and getting it all wrong and not fitting in, and it seems I'm not like everyone else Then you've come to the correct party.
Jane Eyre! I remember, you were reading that last year.
Oh, may I borrow it? I suppose Gertrude wouldn't mind.
Those were her books.
They sit just where she left them.
That's what you meant by in your way, you were married.
I've never read chapter 10.
It's felt like a hole in my soul.
Must have been one of her favorite parts.
She could quote many passages from many authors.
She was a kindred spirit.
She'd always recite something at this party.
I'd be honored if you would, on her behalf.
Something you both share a love for? Oh, good.
There you go, dear.
Diana, come with me.
- How have you been, darling?! - Oh, I'm so excited for you.
Cécile wants to meet.
Cécile, it was breathtaking.
Invigorating from start to finish.
I am so thrilled you are pleased, Miss Barry.
Josephine, please.
And this is my niece, Diana.
I'm delighted to make your acquaintance, Miss Chaminade.
Magnificent! I'm delighted as well! - Diana is a budding pianist.
- Ah.
Give her a little glimpse into your life, won't you? I see the world, sharing my compositions everywhere I go.
It is an incredible life, if you don't mind hard work and travel.
Is it something that you aspire to, Diana? - Aspire to? - With your music.
A career, dear.
Your piano.
Well no.
I suppose I could keep it up on a recreational basis.
If it were agreeable to my husband.
Look around, dear.
Despite what you've been told, your life doesn't have to be an exact replica of your parents'.
- True! - Marriage is wonderful, if love is why you marry.
But perhaps you'd like something more than simply keeping a house.
I-I You must play something for us, ma chérie.
Oh, no, I-I'm not Excuse me.
Uh lovely to meet you.
Excuse me.
Oh! Excuse me.
Oh! Uh, I'm-I'm so sorry.
I love your pixie haircut.
Style, not sincerity! Thank you.
Well what do we have here? A farm boy! You must be a farm boy.
- A sad farm boy.
- Dressed in brown.
Sometimes I think I'd like to pack it all in and be a farmer.
The simple life.
The day starts when the sun comes up and ends when it goes down.
- Then why are you so sad, farm boy? - I It must be the brown.
You, young sir, are not at all dressed for a summer soiree.
- Oh.
- Ah.
Voila! Diana, isn't this just the most amazing group of people? - I don't know what to think.
- Me neither! I suppose I should go practice.
Excuse me.
Ex-excuse me.
Ex-excuse me! Could you help an old blossom out and get me a drink? I seem to be stuck down here.
Oh, why, certainly.
I guess I went a little overboard.
Oh, no, you've made my day.
I've been conversing with flowers my whole life, and it's the first time that one has spoken aloud.
Happy I could be of some service.
Oh Good evening.
I'm thrilled to be among your lovely faces but we feel the absence of one.
What a face it was.
I still recall it, peering over my shoulder, reading over my shoulder, no care for decorum.
That's how we met.
A bookshop in Paris.
A woman introduces herself as Gertrude and tells me I do not want to purchase the book I'm perusing, as it's impossibly bleak and, in the end, the protagonist is murdered! Well I spent my next decades hiding what I was reading, as she couldn't help but spoil the ending of every novel or night at the theatre.
She also attempted to bleed me dry, spending all my money on the arts.
And look what I'm left with.
Nothing but a room full of the most wonderful friends.
To Gertrude.
May she be reading over our shoulders for eternity.
To the most wonderful couple.
My romantic ideal.
- Gertie and Jo.
- Hear, hear! - Thank you.
- Gertie and Jo.
And now, to give a recitation in Gertrude's stead, I invite the always surprising, bright-eyed, big-brained Anne Shirley-Cuthbert.
Anne fits right in, doesn't she? "Now I remember that the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, awaited those who had the courage to go forth into its expanse, to seek real knowledge of life amidst its perils.
" - Oh.
- No.
- Excuse me.
- No, no.
Gertrude loved my tears.
She felt so openly.
Put me to shame.
I was raised to keep everything buttoned up inside.
But she had this extraordinary range of emotions.
Life had so many colors through her eyes.
It painted my world forever.
She was the first person with whom I didn't have to hide.
That sounds - like a miracle.
- Mm I wish I had met your Gertrude.
This was one of her favorites.
Would you like to dance Miss Josephine.
And I suspect I would.
- Shall we? - Yes.
Marilla can we get you into bed? I'm just fine, thank you.
Have you had anything to eat? No.
No? I'll fetch you something.
Don't go to the trouble.
No, no, no.
No trouble.
Marilla?! Are you alright?! Oh Are you hurt? No.
No, no, no, don't make a fuss.
- Oh.
- No, no, let me help you.
Mother? Open, please.
Please, Mother? Please? - Why won't she get out of bed? - She can't help it.
She misses Michael.
But it's been a year.
Doesn't she love us too? Of course.
How could she not? Go on downstairs and be of use.
Go on downstairs now.
What if something is truly wrong? - You've had these headaches before.
- It's different this time.
How so? Is it worse? Shall I fetch a doctor? It's different, because before, if-if I went blind, or-or wound up an invalid, it wouldn't have mattered.
Now there's Anne to think of.
You listen now.
You're having some pain, but you'll get better.
You always do.
This isn't what put Mother in the bed, even though she complained of it.
Hers was melancholia and I couldn't bear it if I can't.
I won't be a burden to Anne.
Rest now.
This'll pass.
It will.
Isn't it just the most remarkable of evenings? What do you suppose that woman in the hat meant when she said that Aunt Josephine and Gertrude were her romantic ideal? Oh, well, they were in love! Isn't it ever so sad to see what Aunt Josephine lost, but it's lovely to see what a life they had together? No.
I've known Aunt Josephine and Aunt Gertrude my whole life.
They they can't have They weren't.
Oh, how wonderful! I don't know what you do to keep popping this button off.
Matthew! Both hands.
Now eat quickly or we'll be late.
- I can't go if I don't have a shirt.
- I said I'd fix it and I will! I don't have time to argue! I need to bring Mother her tray.
Matthew! I just scrubbed the floor! How many times must I tell you to change your boots outside? Marilla? Tell me what you think of this? It makes me feel not so alone.
Like whoever made it truly understands sorrow.
- I suppose I do.
- This is yours?! It's wonderful! The gracefulness of the composition and Well, if our young farm boy isn't an artist.
I broke it.
I can't control the pencil.
I can't draw the way I used to.
- It was - It was everything to you.
That's the sublime thing about art.
One gets to take moments of hardship and heartbreak, and channel them into something that makes a sad boy feel less alone at a party.
Art, the ability to make it, gives meaning to sadness in a way that many aren't able to experience.
Cole! Have you seen Diana? We were dancing and she disappeared.
What I'm saying is, there is no straight path in art or life.
Sometimes there's no path at all and one must break down walls and machete their way through the woods to get where they need to go.
Oh, my.
Have you ever heard a thing said for the first time, yet it made such magnificent sense, it's as if you'd been waiting to hear it all your life? Anne, is it? Yes.
With an E.
You have a beautiful connection to words.
Know that.
Do something with it.
Go where your passion leads you.
Try clay, Cole the artist.
It'll strengthen your wrist.
And who knows, you may fall in love.
Your art isn't lost.
It never will be.
I'm going to trade my puff sleeves for a top hat.
Or maybe I'll wear them together! Because maybe that is me.
I think it might be.
Oh, and Diana, Cécile Chaminade, did she inspire you to play and play and play some more? Aunt Josephine kept her lifestyle a secret.
My parents certainly don't know.
That must mean it's wrong.
"To my Gertrude.
Someone will remember us, I say, even in another time.
Forever you have my heart.
" Two women could never have children.
- It doesn't make sense.
- How can you say that, when such beautiful words were written from one to another? It's unnatural, Anne! If your aunt lived her life feeling something was wrong with her, that she was broken, defective, or unnatural then one day, she met someone that made her realize that wasn't true, there was nothing wrong with her, and she was fine shouldn't we be happy for her? I think it's spectacular.
There's so much more possibility.
You look lighter.
I had a lovely time at the party last night.
As did I.
I want to thank you for allowing me to, uh to remember with you last night.
Diana and her parents didn't know about the way things were between you and Gertrude.
You must have known, them coming here, they'd find out They will think of it what they will.
Doesn't it just take the ending of someone's life to teach you that life is short and you only have one? Hmm.
I think I'm like you and Gertrude.
You have a life of such joy before you.
Not without hardship.
Not without bumps in the road.
Be safe with those you trust.
But when you do find people to trust, the bond will be that much greater.
I'm quite touched by you choosing me as one.
Rollings? In case your parents ask about this "compensation.
" I couldn't.
I'll not hear protest.
Well thank you Now, let's rouse those girls, or you'll miss your train! No, no, that's just, um that's just sugar.
Egg, egg.
I, uh, I couldn't remember what you took.
- I didn't ask you to bring - Oh, for goodness sake, Marilla! Ju-just let me help you! You just can't lie up here thinking terrible thoughts and not let me try to do anything for you! - I don't need - No, it's the least I can do! It's my fault, too! It wasn't just her! Uh, who? Mother! - You've lost me.
- That you were robbed of your life, your possibilities, it wasn't just by her, it was me.
I mean, I needed you.
And you had to stay here and take care of me.
Otherwise Otherwise nothing.
You think I feel an ounce of regret about that? It's been you and me, all these years.
She didn't choose what overtook her.
- She didn't choose to fight it.
- She'd lost a child! She had other children! No one can understand what that must've been like.
We all lost Michael.
And you lost Michael, and you got up every morning and you raised me.
And you will do that for Anne, because you are stronger than our mother.
I think sometimes if things had been different, if she'd forced herself, if she'd been able to I suppose I hardened some to cope.
And I suppose I I shut down, as well.
Look at us gabbing on.
I suppose a certain redhead might be, uh reversing some of those effects.
But listen now.
Whatever we're facing, we'll face it as a family the three of us.
Thank you! Farewell! I don't even know where to start! It went well, then? "Well" doesn't even begin to explain it! It was the most wonderful ti - Where's Marilla? - Oh, she's in bed.
She's under the weather.
Just a bit, I mean.
Not to worry.
I know she'd love to see you.
I won't disturb you, Marilla.
I just wanted to see you.
Come in.
It's only a headache.
- What happened? - Oh, a little mishap.
It's nothing.
Thank you for the portrait.
I still missed you very much, but it helped.
- You missed me? - I did.
Now tell me everything.
Was it an adventure? Perhaps you could speak it quietly? Oh.
Oh, Marilla, it was indeed a dream.
Everyone was so smart and interesting.
It felt as though you could be any way in the world, and there might be a place for you.
- That sounds lovely.
- Oh, you would adore it! Oh, and Oh.
Well, well.
Everyone wore them, from the most proper gentleman to well me.
Don't think you can take advantage of me in my weakened state.
Well, now I feel better already.
I think I learned some things about love, too.
It doesn't look the same for everyone.
It can come in so many forms.
And how can there be anything wrong with a life if it's spent with a person you love? Well, I don't think I can argue with that.
"I remembered that the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements awaited those who had the courage to go forth into its expanse to seek real knowledge of life amidst its perils.
" Isn't that the most perfectly inspiring composition of words? Aunt Josephine asked me to read it aloud at the party and I did! Well, I-I can't seem to tell you whether it was word perfect or not.
There's no shame in reading glasses, Marilla.
Straining the eyes can give you terrible headaches.
I suppose I'll have to see an oculist.
No jokes about my age, thank you very much.
And a word or phrase that makes specific the meaning of another word or phrase? Perhaps the good doctor can tell us the answer.
The answer is modifier, sir.
And I managed to learn that with no extra time from you.
- Bye, Anne.
- Bye, Ruby.
The good doctor? Someday, I hope I get there.
In the meantime, feels good to know what I want.
You'll get there, if you go where your passions lead you.
Gilbert may know just want he wants to be, but does he have a beautiful connection to words? I don't think so.
I thought you said that was the Pen of Duplicity.
Yes, but I think it's been properly exorcized.
- Hmm.
- Are you going to be a writer? Maybe.
Maybe I'll be a lot of things.
I now dub thee the Pen of Possibility.