Anne Boleyn (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 It's no good.
Your daughter is not for smiling.
A perfect little monarch in the making.
You doubt our daughter has what it takes? Our boy will be a great ruler.
One for the history books.
He is our blood combined.
The sky itself will not limit him.
You were enjoying my brother's company this evening, Lady Worcester.
I always enjoy his company.
He is the only man at court I can stand for longer than 20 minutes.
Excluding my husband, of course.
Just be sure Jane doesn't get any ideas into her head.
She's a spiteful little bitch sometimes.
I don't mean you, my little mouse.
The other Jane.
Everyone knows you couldn't hurt a fly.
Yes, my dear sister-in-law holds a loose tongue in her head.
And she is fiercely protective of my brother.
I hate this game.
Jane, your go.
Have you visited the King recently, Madge? I have not been called for.
Did you upset him? He's very proud, you know.
I have done nothing but what you have asked of me.
Perhaps his attention is elsewhere.
That hurts.
Your Grace.
Lady Rochford, your timing is impeccable.
I was just telling Miss Seymour here about your .
enviable conversation skills.
The French Ambassador has sent you a gift, in anticipation of your son's arrival, and a show of King Francis's continuing support.
Very fine.
Find a place for it in my chamber.
I'm too tired to talk la politique francaise tonight.
I'll thank him tomorrow.
You had the winning hand all along.
I didn't understand the game.
Well, then, you really mustn't play.
The monasteries have become corrupted? "Hotbeds of vice" were Cromwell's words.
Cromwell is a brilliant accountant, but he isn't a visionary like you.
This could be our chance to create a legacy.
Something our people will remember.
Cromwellwon't be happy.
We will have to train him better.
Even the tamest of lapdogs can bite if left unschooled.
Well, he's not the only one whose bite is to be feared.
And yet you remain such a gentle master.
One would think you enjoy being bitten.
Did you have a chance to speak with the King regarding the monasteries? I'm putting together a detailed plan to put before Parliament, but an expedient approval from the King would be appreciated by all.
He has been rather preoccupied of late.
Your Grace? Yes, yes, Cromwell, I spoke to him.
Very good.
I myself have some proposals for the extra revenue.
I am sure you do.
She's a beauty.
Those damn birds! One of them lurks beneath my bedchamber shrieking every night.
I swear it's taunting me.
I'm sure there isn't a creature in England that would dare do that.
They should be shot.
Be reasonable, Anne.
I want them removed or I will hunt them down myself.
As you wish.
If you're accompanying Elizabeth to Hatfield this morning perhaps I will join you.
You must try to avoid anything too energetic for now, Your Grace.
Must I? A woman of your age.
Two miscarriages in a row I am not so great an age! I'm only trying to help.
Tell methe bastard is she behaving herself? Mary's the same as ever.
Consistently ungrateful for all the luxuries afforded to her.
Any visitors? None.
But she did receive a parcel last weekcontaining a generous sum.
I couldn't read the note.
It had a Royal Seal.
My husband? I wouldn't like to say.
You may pass my deepest sympathies to Mary on your return to Hatfield.
Tell her that if she wishes to come to court, we would welcome her.
I would happily be both her Queen and a second mother.
If Henry were to hear of this kindness, it would .
be no bad thing.
Here, sister.
It arrived late last night off the boat from Antwerp.
I had the pastor bring it straight to you.
The first full English language Bible.
Now everyone can read the word of God in their own tongue.
Thanks to you.
Mistress Seymour.
Come here, would you? Read something for us.
A Psalm, perhaps.
This one.
"Give ear to my prayer, O God.
"And hide yourself not from my plea for mercy.
"I am restless because of the noise of the enemy.
"My heart is in anguish within me.
"The terrors of death have fallen upon me.
" Well, carry on.
You read very well.
"For it is not an enemy who taunts me.
"Then I could bear it.
"But it is you ".
my equal, my companion ".
my faithful friend.
" I didn't understand the King.
I didn't understand the King.
You should know that The Dissolution Act has been provisionally approved by Parliament.
We now just await the King's seal before we can commence.
We'll start by disbanding the smaller monasteries with incomes of less than £200 a year Did you hear that? Your Grace? The peacock.
I didn't hear a thing.
Are you quite well? I am.
I have reviewed your proposals for the redistribution of monastery funds and I'm afraid I cannot support you in your plans.
They are based solely on a greedy design to line the King's coffers.
That money belongs to the church.
The King is the church.
Surely you cannot argue with that.
The money should be used at least in part for charitable endeavours.
Don't tell me you've developed a conscience now.
I have received many petitions over the past month.
From remarkable thinkers with inspiring visions of how to put this income to good use educating a new generation.
True reform.
Remarkable thinkers and inspiring visions will not save the King from financial ruin.
Your plan is transparently self-serving.
I have the backing of Parliament.
But you need the King's, do you not? And without my support you, you can forget about his.
Maybe for now.
But make no mistake, your influence lies in your belly, not your brain.
"True reform.
" Jane.
Take a walk with me.
Do you ride, Jane? Yes, Your Grace.
I am an exceptionally accomplished rider.
I know it well, madam.
Perhaps we shall take a horse out together one day.
Please keep up, Jane.
I wanted to take a moment to talk with you woman to woman.
I feel like I am uniquely placed to .
understand what you might feel right now.
I know what it's like, to have all their eyes on you, and yet never truly feel seen.
They make you feel like a piece of meat.
Sometimes you can spot the deer from here.
Are you in love, Jane? No.
You're lucky.
It's difficult to love a man.
Especially when he's your husband.
Remember who you are.
Don't betray yourself and you won't live to regret.
I can see the appeal.
Your Grace .
I do wish to marry one day.
But when I do, it will not be for love.
As I perceive little good to come from that.
What will you marry for, in that case? Security.
I see I have nothing to worry about.
For you'll never find security in the King's bed.
Come on.
Your Grace, come quickly! He fell from his horse during the joust.
How bad, is it? He suffered a severe blow to the head, he has not yet regained consciousness.
Clear the room for Queen Anne.
Boleyn will never be accepted as Regent.
The public despise her.
Even so, we must leave nothing to chance.
We should send for Mary.
She would have full Spanish support.
Your Grace.
The wolves are already circling.
This is no place for the Spanish Ambassador.
Get rid of him.
It's unbearable in here.
Whispering shadows.
Clammy handshakes.
It's exactly what people feared.
With no credible heir, the country will descend into chaos if the King were to Were to what? Anne, we should consider our options.
As long as you have a Tudor prince in your belly we should be fine, but your position is vulnerable.
And there are those that may wish to dethrone you.
There'd be civil war.
I think it best if we move the Queen to a quieter location.
Further from the city.
Our enemies would be gleeful.
I'm thinking of her safety.
Stop it.
All of you.
We must put eyes on Chapuys.
I want his mail intercepted.
He's the Ambassador to Spain.
We cannot And I think it's time we sent Seymour away on another diplomatic mission.
Leave Seymour to me.
In the meantime, it would be wise to make a friend of Chapuys, rather than an enemy.
Stop all mail going to Hatfield.
Under no circumstances is Mary to visit the King.
I'll not allow her to play the concerned daughter now.
no signs of pustulation.
Keep a close eye on his breathing.
Your Grace.
Your Grace.
Get in.
Come on, get in there.
It is good to see you up again.
And with an appetite.
You are improving.
My leg will never be the same.
You don't know that.
Did you order your horse to be killed? She threw me.
I have no use for an animal that won't obey me.
She was a fine creature.
Is everything all right? I'm perfectly fine.
Stop fussing.
Shall I come to your chambers later? Now what'd be the point? Until our boy is born, you have but one job.
Concentrate on that if you're so concerned with being a good wife.
Cromwell's taking advantage of Henry's mood to exclude me.
Holding secret meetings with my husband.
They're hardly secret, Anne.
He's the King's closest adviser.
Apart from you, of course.
Are you sure you should be worrying about Cromwell right now? You're entering a precarious time.
Especially after what happened with the last one.
Has she visited his chamber? Who? You know very well who.
Not yet.
Although not, I'm told, for lack of invitation.
She refuses him? That's what I hear.
You're not supposed to be here.
Can't a woman enjoy her husband? No, no, no, no.
We can't.
We can't.
The baby.
There are other ways we can enjoy each other.
Smeaton, let's have some music, boy.
Lord Rochford.
Who do you seek? Myself, your wife, or another? Always you, dear sister.
Good answer.
How is the King this morning? I've not yet seen him.
I daren't ask.
What's the joke? I hear the King's in a bad way this morning.
Where did you hear that? He's in a fury, apparently.
No-one can shake it from him.
You're mistaken.
Well, we all knows he's been unpredictable since his fall.
Now I know one shouldn't believe idle gossip, but I am told.
No, no, no, perhaps I shouldn't say.
Finish what you've started, Jane.
You're clearly giddy with it.
Well, apparently, he was walking with your uncle and complaining of being Now what were his words? "Seduced" and "bewitched" into his current marriage.
All nonsense, I'm sure.
There was even talk of "sorcery".
Can you imagine? Anne! You meddling fool.
Why must you open your mouth? Um, sorry, excuse me.
Your Grace.
MOVE! I think it best that you return to your chambers, Anne.
Address me properly when you speak to me, Uncle.
Your Grace.
And perhaps the next time you decide to have a little tete-a-tete with my husband, you may find the time to talk to me, before gossiping to my brother's wife.
Now get out of my way.
My Lord Your Grace.
Your Grace.
Let me look.
Something's wrong.
Madge! Madge, send for the midwife! Pass the bowl.
Keep pushing.
Pass me the blade.
I'm in.
Keep pushing.
That's it.
Bring him over here.
My baby.
Bring him back to me.
I heard I heard him.
I heard him crying.
I heard I heard him crying.
Body was so tiny.
Bones that could break.
A little boy.
That's good.
She'll bear another.
I don't know, George.
Another loss may break her.
She must.
Your Grace! My son.
Bring him to me.
Bring me my son, George.
I heard him cry.
I heard him I heard him cry I won't leave you.
I won't.
I won't leave you.
Your Grace, beautiful creature.
Your Grace.
Help me dress.
You should rest.
Make yourself useful or get out of my room! Tighter.
Anne, you should be in bed.
And allow that whore to take my place whilst I lie on my back? Henry will not abandon you.
Are you blind? He's with her now, surrounded by my supposed friends.
Tighter! There's no time, Anne.
He's preparing to leave for Westminster as we speak.
If he's headed to Parliament, even more reason for me to see him before he leaves.
Cromwell will have infected his mind with his plans.
Your Grace, please, listen to your brother.
Where is my husband?! I asked you a question! Henry! Won't you say goodbye to your wife? Someone fetch a doctor! It's alright, George.
No physician can save me now.

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