Anne Boleyn (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 How did you sleep, Your Grace? It's a beautiful day.
A walk, perhaps.
She thinks she's better than us.
Perhaps his attention is elsewhere.
God will never give them a son.
Are you sure you won't play, Your Grace? Madge is also worthy opponent and there is no satisfaction an easy win.
At last, Elizabeth has lost, she will soon be forgotten.
The promises given in bed mean nothing in the cold light of day.
The marriage is condemned.
God will never gift them a son.
It is unclean.
She is ruined now.
She'll never be holy again.
He promised her everything How could she do that? God did not look well on her.
Nothing but a common whore.
She won't conceive again.
Her body is ruined.
Witchcraft, that's what it is.
God will not look favourably.
It was deformed Perhaps his attention is elsewhere.
Witchcraft is alive and well in the king's household.
She's possessed.
My Lady .
you are looking well.
I come from the king.
He will be happy to know you areimproving.
He doesn't come himself? He's kept busy in Westminster.
He has not been himself since you were taken ill.
I would treat him delicately on his return.
None of your tempers.
You don't want to drive him into softer embraces.
How is your daughter enjoying married life, Uncle? Very well.
To be married to the king's son is an honour .
even if he is illegitimate.
It is One which I encouraged, if you remember.
I do.
I hear marriage has not yet been consummated.
Unconsummated marriages are precarious, as you know.
I would hate for anyone to try and separate them.
I care very much for my cousin.
Family bonds are so important.
Wouldn't you agree, Uncle? .
I would.
Off who trot back to Westminster, then.
The king will be anxious to hear from you.
We'll show this is a good idea.
If Christ, Our Lord was happy to wash the feet of the poor .
so am I, dear brother.
The people need to see that I am back to my duties, and if the king is to hear of my recovery, all the better.
Whore! Get off! Get off me.
Get off! Get her out.
She's a whore.
She killed our true queen.
Pay for your sins Time to depart, Your Grace.
Let's get you out of here before they nail you to a cross, dear sister.
Make sure her body is strapped up on the tower for all to see.
Tell the stable to prepare my horse.
We're going to Hatfield.
No, we have to go back to the palace.
The public has turned against me and Elizabeth might be in danger.
I need to know that she's safe.
Look how you've grown, brave girl.
That's right.
Come on.
Sh! She hardly knows me.
I could have brought her to court.
I would have welcomed the chance to see my own daughter.
I would be much obliged if you would find me a place at the palace, Your Grace.
After everything Madge has done for you, everything we have done .
it would be a comfort to us both.
I wasn't aware that fucking a king was such a chore.
Your eyes and ears are needed here.
Is that the Spanish ambassador? Tell them to approach.
He would welcome him in Spain The offer is open, always.
What does Chapuys want with Mary? And here comes Shelton.
Her Grace wishes to speak with you.
Fetch the ambassador back here at once.
He's denying a direct request from the queen.
He will not come.
He sees no queen here.
You forget who you're talking to.
It's all right, George.
The girl is grieving.
Loss makes people forget themselves.
You have no love for me, that much is clear, but perhaps you will show a little more respect to Elizabeth.
You are a member of her household after all.
You know nothing of respect.
You jumped into your lady's marital bed and then danced around into her death.
You think I don't have correspondents at court? I have more friends than you know.
Cromwell himself sent me this.
It belonged to my mother.
Although you would know that, of course, having served her so many years.
Come, George, we should be getting back.
The king never likes to be without me for long.
I'd like the princess to spend some extended time at court.
I'll send Madge to fetch her.
That way we can both see our daughters.
Give Cromwell my thanks for his efforts, won't you? He tells me he's working hard with Chapuys to secure my succession.
The throne will be mine if you're as barren as they say.
dispatched immediately.
Don't return until you have an answer.
Care to expand the little menage a trois that is developing between you, Mary and Chapuys? Your Grace.
I have just returned from a Hatfield, where the Spanish ambassador seems to be getting awfully cosy with Henry's bastard.
Have you been making back-door deals with Spain? The king has instructed me to negotiate new trade deals with the ambassador.
There is nothing "back door" about it.
Henry has requested this? The economic potential is huge, you know that.
It is prudent for us to seek a new relationship with Spain.
And the question of Mary's succession.
What of it? Don't play innocent, Cromwell.
Have you offered to restore Mary in exchange for an alliance? I've merely asked the ambassador for his terms, I've promised nothing.
I'm warning you, Cromwell, do not touch Elizabeth's birthright.
No-one will bargain away her claim to the throne.
It's just me.
Come on.
Your Grace? You are exhausted.
I insist.
My sister and I used to sleep in a bed together every night when we were girls.
We have shared much in our lifetime.
I'm with child.
I wanted to tell you sooner, but then after everything with your .
I couldn't bear.
That's wonderful news.
I'm happy for you.
It's not my husband's.
Then I'm sorry .
for you both.
Surely something can be done.
I love him.
You will have your baby, but it will not be George's.
The scandal would be too great.
George must be without reproach, we must all be.
I do not want it, if it cannot be his.
Never wash away a child, Lizzie.
Tomorrow, you will reunite with your husband, tell him your good news.
He will know it isn't his.
We have I will love the baby as if it were a Boleyn.
I promise you will be looked after.
Sleep now.
And I want to make sure you include a Whatever for? He feels neglect could lead to unrest.
I'll discuss it with him.
You've been avoiding me.
Whose idea was this? Leave.
You don't fear me, surely? I am sorry about our baby.
But you know I will never cower before you.
I don't know how to beg for your love.
You never had to.
Do I now? What would you give to be free of it all for a day? Free of what? The impossible balancing act, the constant politics.
It never stops.
We're in need of new friends, Anne.
With France promising to ransack Europe, I'm sure Spain is hungry for our friendship.
I've instructed Cromwell to begin negotiations with the ambassador.
So I've heard.
I'm only surprised that we've had to bend so low.
What do you mean? From what I hear, Chapuys is confident that Mary's legitimacy will be recognised in return for an alliance.
I assumed you knew.
I did not.
I thought I thought perhaps you wanted to punish me.
The emperor's arrogance is infuriating.
He expects me to hand them my crown on the head of that Spanish BASTARD! We need to strengthen our position.
The ambassador has shown repeated contempt for our marriage.
He must be made to recognise me as queen.
I'll discuss it with Cromwell.
You think he's behind this.
He wouldn't dare.
Perhaps we need to plan a little get-together with Chapuys and Cromwell.
You will read them like a book if you have them in front of you.
It's nice out.
Let's go for a walk.
Maybe we can be nobody's for a little while.
Come on.
Who do you think will win? put a wager on Norris Did I Princess Elizabeth with Madge this morning? Yes, I sent for her.
Thought she might like to watch the joust.
You spoil heryou do.
On the contrary, I learned much in my girlhood from being around powerful leaders.
It's never too early to begin her education.
Our daughter is lucky to have an exceptional king for a father.
Who better to teach her to become an exceptional woman? I'm not sure court can cope with another Boleyn woman.
I've just come from the Chapuys' chambers, You Highness.
Quelle surprise.
He says he would be honoured to have the opportunity to speak with you concerning the emperor's terms.
Tell the ambassador I'll see him after mass.
Bring him to the gallery.
Your Highness.
Well, if it isn't the elusive Spanish ambassador? I have been so looking forward to meeting you.
As have I, Your Grace.
Madam, I did not expect you.
I've given her permission.
I thank Your Highness for taking the time.
The emperor has been anxious that you reconcile your two great powers.
I'm sure he has.
Tell me, Chapuys, what does this alliance look like for Charles? Now that his dear auntie's there, I'd imagine he's feeling a touch more friendly.
The emperor is willing to recognise the legitimacy of your marriage to the Marquess of Pembroke.
She's not been the Marquess for some three years, Ambassador.
Anne is my wife and the Queen of England .
whether Charles chooses to recognise it or not.
Nevertheless, Spain's acknowledgement of your marriage could be indispensable if the Pope publishes his attack on your throne.
The emperor does not ask much in return.
He humbly requests that you cease any active support of France And remain a friend to Spain throughout their conflict .
and that Spain's recognition of the queen is matched by your own recognition of your first daughter, the Princess Mary.
Mary is well looked after, but she is as illegitimate as I was led to believe She will never succeed to the throne.
Don't look at him, look at me.
I'm the king.
The line of succession is not up for negotiation.
The chief minister has greatly outstepped his authority, if he's led you to believe otherwise.
Your Majesty, it might Do not speak to me like I'm a child, Cromwell.
You forget your place.
And if needs be, I will remind you of it.
I will retire.
I can see you're more than able to reach an agreement without my assistance.
Cromwell I'm planning a little soiree this evening in anticipation of our imperial friendship.
I trust you will be there to raise a glass? I think I will spend the night at my house in Stepney.
We've worked the poor creature to the bone.
Take all the time you need.
Rest assured, I will take special care of the ambassador until you return.
He will hardly think to miss you.
Very well.
Take that.
Could I take the next dance? No, thank you, sir.
Are you sure? I couldn't tempt you? Very well.
Any more wine for anyone? Excuse me.
from the king Give My Lord thanks to such a precious gift .
but tell him I cannot take it.
There is no treasure in this world that I value more than my honour.
Tell His Highness that if he would favour me with a gift in the future, there is none that I wish more than a respectable and advantageous marriage.
But don't be such a fool, Jane.
Your jealous fantasies are getting out of control.
It was only an observation.
It's a poisonous lie.
I'm just saying what I saw.
Didn't mean anything by it.
What's going on? Lady Rochford's had a little too much wine, I think.
No warring, please, George.
We'll have only laughter and lovemaking this evening.
Tell that to my wife.
Get her on her back, she'd still be as sour as you see her now.
Norris, perhaps you can show my brother how best to speak to a woman.
Jane, perhaps, is your type? I couldn't possibly.
And why is that? Well, there's one beauty here that surpasses them all.
I would never insult one of your ladies by paying them compliments that were dreamt up for another.
So now we get to the heart of the problem.
I had often wondered why you haunted my chambers, yet never left with a bride.
Perhaps you look for dead man's shoes, Mr Norris, for if anything were to come to the king but good, I think you would look to have me.
I can assure you, madam, nothing could be further from the truth.
If I ever had any such thought, I would that my head were taken from my shoulders.
I will leave you.
It is late.
I've ridden since I was a boy your age, to be honest.
Come on.
Have you seen the king this morning? He left early on a hunt.
You did not wish to join him? I wasn't invited.
I believe last night's festivities are beginning to catch up with me.
My words last night were in jest, you know that? Of course.
We mustn't let the king be infected with idle gossip.
You know how words can be twisted by twisted people.
Your Grace.
My husband will not admit me into his presence, and with the baby growing, I dare not spend too much time with George.
Although it pains me to be apart from him.
Has he spoken to you to at all? I'd do anything to bring up my child with his true father.
I can give you money.
Pardon, madam? I can lend you whatever sum you need, you can go to the country, bring up your child in peace.
I do not want your money.
You must not wish for what cannot be, Lizzie.
It does not bring you happiness.
I thank you for your wisdom, madam, but perhaps you should look to your own marriage before advising me on mine.
This very evening, the king has requested Ms Seymour be moved to new lodgings.
They are directly connected to the King's own bed chamber .
so I am told.
Anne, what are you doing? You smell of her.
What are you talking about? Jane.
You have her smell all over you.
Like melted butter.
You are disgusting! Have you lost your mind? Maybe so! You have given me to it.
I've done nothing! You know I cannot stand it! I am not like the others.
I will not allow it.
You are mine! How dare you come in here raging like a mad woman after I'm told of your own scandalous behaviour?! I have only ever been a good partner to you.
You are not my partner.
I plucked you from obscurity.
You are nothing! You lied to me.
You promised me influence and opportunity.
You promised me a different sort of marriage.
You promised me sons! Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
You're pathetic.
Perfect match for the little mouse.
Lady Shelton? What are you doing here? Well, that's a fine welcome.
We all just do as we're told.
At the Queen's beck and call, night and day.
You may go.
I'd like to be alone.
Not those.
Anne, the jouster will be starting soon.
Shall we have some music? Your lute player's not at court, madam.
Who gave him leave? Anne, you should be joining the King.
You play beautifully, Lady Worcester.
Why don't you strum us a tune? Or perhaps you are too heavy with child to have a little fun.
Yeah, that's right.
I forgot.
Sensitive subject.
That was unnecessary.
Let's go down.
It's over, Your Grace.
What do you mean? The joust.
The King left quite unexpectedly.
You're too late, madam.
He's gone.
You are nothing! I plucked you from obscurity! Perhaps you should look to your own marriage before advising me on mine.
You promised me sons! You don't want to drive him into softer embraces.
I can assure you She killed our true queen! .
nothing could be further from the truth.
And bewitched into his current marriage.
Your influence lies in your belly, not your brain.
A woman of your age, two miscarriages in a row.
Your Grace .
you're bleeding.
So I am.
A message, ma'am.
You've been sent for, Your Grace.
My husband? Your uncle.
Madge, Lizzie, you will join me.
I shall accompany you, madam.
Very well.
Be careful, Your Grace.
It is cold out.
Uncle .
what could be so important that you should pull me from my ladies? Your Grace, we have a warrant for your arrest.
You stand accused of treason.
You must accompany us to the tower.
Am I to be allowed a trial? You will.
And the world will know my innocence in due course.
Lead on, uncle, or not to keep them waiting.

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