Anne Boleyn (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 This is Sir William Kingston, your Grace, Constable of the Tower.
I will leave you in his care.
Follow me, Madam.
Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne.
I'll leave you.
The lady's things? They will be brought up before nightfall.
Keep a full report.
Elizabeth! Your Grace.
Your Grace.
Your Grace.
You were shouting.
Where have they taken my daughter? Back to Hatfield, I would guess.
The blue gown will do for today.
These ladies are here to wait on you during your stay.
Where are my own Ladies? There's no need for jewellery.
I need to use the privy.
Go ahead.
We won't watch.
I should like to be alone.
We are not to leave you.
Now go ahead.
I thank thee and praise thee, God, my saviour.
I will yield praises unto thee for thou art my defender and helper.
Thou hast preserved my body from destruction.
Will someone be joining me? I always honour my more distinguished residents by dining with them.
That will not be necessary.
I have no appetite.
You'll find no sympathy for fussiness here, Madam.
Fetch Cromwell to me.
Tell him I'll not touch your food until I have news of my daughter.
You'd do better to show me some respect .
Won't you dress me, Aunt? That's what she's here for.
I do not want a stranger.
Let her do it.
Is someone there? Get some rest, Your Grace.
Was that Cromwell? Tell him I must speak with him.
It's nearly morning.
I'm not tired.
If it's nearly morning, then I shall rise.
Perhaps you should rest your eyes.
There must be something.
What? Dead man's shoes.
If only I could see him.
If only I could tell him straight.
He will come for me.
He promised.
What is it? What have I done? Will you sit with me? What have you done with Elizabeth? Is she safe? Eat first.
Then we'll talk.
I was worried.
I would hate to lose you without seeing justice being done.
What justice can I have when I don't know what I'm accused of? The charge is treason.
I've been told that much.
And adultery.
Of course.
Which innocents have you decided to condemn alongside me? Norris has been arrested.
As have Sirs William Brereton and Francis Weston.
I haven't spoken to Brereton or Weston in months.
And Mr Mark Smeaton.
Who's that? Your musician.
The lute player? You must really be desperate, Cromwell.
He has confessed.
What inventive tortures did you come up with to extract that lie from the poor boy's mouth? And then there's your brother, of course.
What of my brother? You cannot seriously be suggesting He's been arrested? He has.
Get out.
That is really good.
I am done here.
Fetch me my fucking husband! Fetch me my husband! Fetch me my fucking husband! Fetch me my fucking husband! Please, please Please get me my husband.
Get my husband.
Why won't he come? Why won't he come? Get my fucking husband! Please get my husband.
She has gone mad.
She's only a woman.
The fit will pass, then there'll be no more trouble from her.
Your Grace.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
The King allowed you to come? Perhaps he is softening.
How is my daughter? How is Elizabeth? She's safe.
They've taken her to Hatfield.
She's being treated well, I'm told.
She mustn't come here.
I'll not have her see me a prisoner.
She will have to wait until I'm out.
It will not be long.
Do not say too much in front of my mother.
I'm afraid she has forgotten her loyalties.
Breakfast, madam.
Thank you, sir.
And will you be joining me this morning? I have other residents to attend to.
Of course.
For dinner, then? I have news of your trial.
It is to be held on the 15th.
But that's two days from now.
And the other men? Well, we should have a verdict by this evening.
I'll leave you.
Your Grace, we must prepare.
We have little time.
There's nothing to be done.
We must summon a lawyer - someone to argue your case.
That luxury is not permitted to those accused of treason.
We will write your defence ourselves.
I don't need to write it down.
God will guide my speech when the time comes.
For now, we can only wait.
It's my wife's favourite.
All guilty, I'm afraid.
Norris too? Their sentence? I think you know it.
Execution before the week is out.
I hope they will be forgiven.
If they make their peace with God, forgiveness will be theirs.
I meant those that condemn them.
I have treated you badly.
I used you, and you have shown me nothing but loyalty and kindness.
I would be a better friend to you, given my time again.
I'll do it.
Ready, Your Grace? Lords of the Realm.
Your presence is requested here on this day to try the case of Anne, Queen of England.
It is the Crown's dread proposition that you, wife of Henry the King, are guilty of adultery .
that so despising of your marriage, you have traitorously procured numerous concubines and lovers, that you have followed your carnal lusts and betrayed your holy matrimonial vows.
How do you plead? Not guilty.
You stand here accused of treason.
That with your lovers, you conspired and encouraged the death of the King, your husband.
How do you plead? Not guilty.
And it is the proposition of the Crown that you, on several occasions, incited your own natural brother to violate you .
seducing him with your tongue in his mouth, and his in yours.
Whereby he, rejecting the commands of God and all human laws, carnally knew you, the Queen, his own sister.
How do you plead? Not guilty.
Is it true, madam, that you were in Greenwich on the 20th of May 1534? That is two years ago, Mr Cromwell.
That is correct.
I do not recall where I was.
You do not, or you cannot? Whichever you prefer.
Well, perhaps you do not because you know it will place you with your lover, Mark Smeaton.
Or perhaps you cannot because the memory causes you shame.
I have never known any man apart from my husband.
Where were you on the sixth and twelfth of October, 1533? Is it true, madam, that you were in Westminster? That on the sixth of October, you solicited Sir Henry Norris, and then on the twelfth .
you seduced him into intercourse? I was in Greenwich.
Suddenly the Queen's memory returns! I was in Greenwich recovering from the birth of my child.
These are just a few of the innumerable times we know you betrayed the King with his most trusted friend.
I have never betrayed my husband.
You have never encouraged Norris to supplant him? Baiting him with thoughts of "dead man's shoes"? I should like to call a witness.
Lady Rochford.
How would you describe the nature of your husband's relationship to the Queen? Close, sir.
They are brother and sister, are they not? One might expect a closeness.
But it's unnatural, their bond.
He would more often be in her chamber than he would be in mine.
Is that all? No.
I saw him kiss her.
I have one more witness.
Lady Worcester.
You served as one of the Queen's Ladies of the Chamber, did you not? And in this position, you were close to the Queen? I know this is difficult .
and we appreciate your condition .
so I will read aloud from your statement, and you can confirm whether or not it is accurate.
"The Queen's household was one of sin and depravity.
"My mistress actively encouraged the taking of lovers, "of which she had many herself.
"She enjoyed corrupting the innocent, "and even endeavoured to make me her brother's concubine ".
an offence I only narrowly escaped.
" Is your statement accurate, Lady Worcester? You will have to speak, madam.
Thank you, Lady Worcester.
The Jury will now retire to discuss a verdict.
Is there anything you wish to say, your Grace, before they do so? Yes, sir.
I should like to speak.
My lords.
I must plead not guilty to the crimes of which you accuse me.
I may seem a .
difficult wife.
I have been ambitious.
I have dreamt of flying .
when people told me I should be happy with the nest.
Some may think me vain .
but I believed I was capable of great things.
But through all this, I have remained loyal and faithful to my husband.
This God knows .
and he will be my only judge when my day comes.
My life is in your hands.
You'll not have my spirit.
Has the Jury reached a verdict? This court finds the Queen guilty of all charges.
The crown shall be given up to us forthwith, and you will be discharged of all titles with immediate effect.
Do you understand what I am saying to you? You have been found guilty of plotting the death of our Sovereign.
I hereby pronounce that you should be burnt here in the grounds of the Tower, or you shall have your head severed from your body, whichever the King's pleasure will dictate.
Increase my faith that I be not thrust down, and drowned with this affliction.
Merciful and gentle Father, my mercy is above all thy works.
For Christ's sake have mercy upon me.
Strengthen and stabilise my soul.
With faith in Christ.
And comfort me with the comforts of the Holy Ghost.
Your Grace? With the comforts of the Holy Ghost.
You have a visitor.
Archbishop Cranmer.
How is my husband? He iskeeping himself distracted.
Resisting the temptation to descend into despair.
I am here at his request.
Has he a message for me? Hedesires an annulment.
An annulment? He wants you to admit the illegitimacy of your marriage and approve the dissolution of your union.
On what grounds? Your sister.
His pre-existing relationship with Mary renders your marriage illegal.
He is charging that you knowingly entered into it on false grounds.
Why does he wish to degrade me further? Will you consider it? He wants to remove Elizabeth from the Succession.
He's clearing the way for his future spawn! He is hoping we can come to some sort of agreement.
No! Your Grace I will not sabotage my daughter's future to please her faithless father! Your Grace.
I think you should hear his offer.
There is a nunnery, in France.
It has been carefully picked.
Me, in a nunnery? My husband has a cruel sense of humour.
I believe you could live peacefully there.
And what of Elizabeth? The King has promised she'll be provided for.
It is the only way to guarantee her safety.
There is no greater gift than life, Anne.
It would be asin to reject it.
God could not accept you into paradise if you chose death.
There is .
no pain on Earth .
that could match the fires of hell.
Why do I feel like I'm selling my soul? At least my daughter will be safe.
My death could not protect her.
Your Grace.
Madam, come with me.
You must be quick.
I am not dressed.
What is this, Kingston? Your brother is to be executed in the morning.
Is it done? How, was he? Strong.
Was it quick? Was it quick? It took the executioner three strokes before they declared him dead.
Madam, I have been instructed to give you notice.
A scaffold is being constructed.
What do you mean? The Queen has been pardoned.
Cranmer said so himself.
The execution has been scheduled.
That's not possible.
Cromwell, tell him it's not possible.
I'm sorry, madam.
I spoke with the King himself.
Do you feel proud, Cromwell, of your achievement? Well, why not? Thiswill be your legacy.
Not my death .
but my everlasting memory.
When people speak your name, they will think of mine, and the lengths you went to sully it.
You will never be rid of me.
When? 9am.
Tomorrow, madam.
Then I shall see my brother sooner than I thought.
Almighty God, we ask in all respects to bless .
and accept this gift, that it may become to us the body of thy most dearly beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Hail for evermore, most Holy flesh of Christ, before and above all things the greatest sweetness.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
May the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ be profitable to you, a sinner, for an eternal remedy unto everlasting life.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Give this to my daughter.
Tell her not to let them use fear as their tool.
Tell her it's hers to harness and control.
Fear can be fuel, if you know how to use it.
Fear of being unloved, fear of being unknown.
Too cautious, too tentative, too small, tooquiet.
Let your fear drive you to be bigger, louder.
Be the most fierce and passionate.
Fly close to the sun.
Feel its warmth.
I will be with you every day it shines, and even on the days it does not.
Je demande pardon a Votre Majeste.
Je vous la cede de bon coeur.
May I ask Your Majesty to kneel.
May God have mercy on my soul.
Jesus have mercy on my soul.
To God I commend my soul.

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