Annika (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

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[sombre piano music]
[keys clatter, radio beep]
[Male voice] 'This
is the Clyde Coastguard.'
'I've got a body tangled in a
'Something sticking in him.'
[male breathes quickly]
'Quick as you can'.
I draw a line between us.
Shadows placed inside.
This light, will shine
unbroken tonight.
Call me Annika.
Captain Ahab spends
a year hunting Moby Dick.
And it's a pretty challenging
year by anyone's standards.
Typhoons hit the boat
lightning strikes the mast
and I'm pretty sure
he loses a false leg.
And also most of his crew,
including his first mate,
Actually, can I get a coffee?
When Ahab finally sites the
he launches his harpoon
but it flips his tail
and smashes his boat to pieces.
Ahab gets the line
caught around his neck,
and, well, he's dragged into the
water where we basically drowns.
And that's him gone.
It's a terrible voyage.
Everyone goes mad
and no one even knows
if the whale dies or not.
[sombre music builds]
One thing I do know.
This great white whale
definitely did.
DS McAndrews.
[McAndrews] So well done
for getting DI.
A bit flowery, but otherwise
it's a very moving sentiment.
Coastguard call it in?
Yeah, he's pretty shaken up.
So, do we all get these jackets
No, this might be yours,
actually it's pretty roomy.
So did you do it?
That's what you're leading
with, is it?
Sometimes you get lucky
with an early confession.
[McAndrews] You haven't
Yes, I have.
Get him to the morgue.
See you tomorrow.
Throw a vine, to the darkness. ♪
Cover your shadows, placed
inside. ♪
This light, will shine
unbroken tonight. ♪
[vocalizing continues]
This is how I went to school.
Look how popular it made me.
[Morgan Strandhed]
You haven't got any friends.
Yeah, but not because of the
[Morgan] The new school
is not even on the river.
I have to walk
the rest of the way.
[Annika] Well, then
you can describe this bit
the wind in your hair,
the spray in your face.
[Morgan] Everyone will think
I've been arrested.
[Annika] I've got to say,
Morgan, I'm not ruling that out.
[Sombre fingerstyle guitar
[DCI Diane Oban]
Want me to bring your team in?
Uh, no.
I'll do it out there.
I don't want them to think I'm a
for having
a big private office, y'know.
I wanna be a team player.
This is your office, isn't it?
[sombre piano music]
[door closing shut]
Morning, everyone.
I'm DI Annika Strandhed.
I know you went expecting
to start for another week
but an early morning body
waits for no man.
So let's take it as red
we've done the name games
and the trust exercises
and make a start.
Just through here
Oh. Oh, body sensor.
[light guitar music]
[DC Blair Ferguson] From
documentation on the body.
the victim is Arthur Hendry,
the owner of
[Annika] Oh, hiya.
DS Clarke is it?
[DS Tyrone Clarke] Tyrone.
Did they send you the notes?
I read them in the cab,
I can jump in if you want?
From documentation
on the body,
the victim is Arthur Hendry,
owner of Aquatic Watch.
A wee boat business
where folk can photograph whales,
dolphins and, I don't know, mermaids.
Reported missing by his wife
[Annika] Okay, thank you,
Oh, come on.
Pathology have sent us an
estimate of between 20 and 2200 hours
for time of death.
He was already dead
when he was dumped in the water.
We'll be breaking the news
to the relatives after this
so I don't know if you wanna
Yeah, yeah, just,
holidays over.
Cause of death, erm
well, a massive harpoon to the
Michael's our search diver and
almost immediately spotted
the harpoon might be a factor.
Call that an instinct.
Okay, we'll need a search area
for where the body was dumped
factor in the storm earlier that
Was a bastard, wasn't it?
I lost a weather balloon.
You have your own weather
Not anymore.
So it's a new unit.
I should have got cupcakes
but I've got some, er,
salted liquorice from Norway.
It's an acquired taste.
I'll leave it here, er, and
you can just help yourselves.
We're sent on a leadership
course before taking this job.
I went on a mini-break
to Madrid instead.
I regret that now.
[Man] Get yourself home, Finlay.
[vocalizing continues]
[Finlay] Can I use your phone?
[phone rings]
[phone ringing continues]
[Annika] Could you tell us when
you last saw your husband, Isla?
[Isla Hendry] Here.
At this time yesterday.
And then where did he go?
We don't know.
But you were all supposed
to meet later for dinner
at the Green Garden.
For his birthday.
Would he have gone into work?
[Trish Hendry] No I don'’t
think so.
We've no bookings, the
casuals have gone for the season.
[Danny Hendry]
Finlay'’s the only one left.
[Tyrone] Who'’s Finlay?
Cousin. Looks after the
Was your father in any
Did he have any recent run-ins
or ?
- [Danny sobbing]
- [Isla] Oh do we have to do this now?
Come here.
[Annika] I, I know it's a shock,
we'll give you some space.
But, I'm afraid we have
to identify the body.
I'll do it.
So I don'’t know if you're an expert
on the history of harpoons, but I am.
Or rather Google is.
And I can tell you that they
date back to Palaeolithic times.
And there's a reference
to them in the Bible
and of course Hermon Melville
had a lot to say about them
in Moby Dick.
And me too, as it happens,
because I think
death by harpoon suggests
someone is trying to get a point across.
Okay fine.
There are quite a few injuries.
I'm afraid you have to say it.
It's Arthur.
We'’ll arrange for you to have
it back.
We fished all our lives.
Oh, Christ what a life.
Then we saw this boat for sale
painted it,
did trips for the tourists
made a real go of it.
We wanted to retire.
Pass something decent on to the
That was the dream anyway.
[Boy] That swear'st grace
o'erboard, no oath on shore?
Hast thou no mouth by land?
What is the news?
[Teacher] Okay.
And then Morgan is it?
You say '‘the best news
is that we've safely found
our king and company'’.
The best news
is that we've safely found
our king and company.
Okay. Bit flat
but you're new,
we'’ll get you there by tomorrow.
So then you exit and Prospero
What's this?
[McAndrews] Tyrone
came looking for Finlay
and thinks he's got the crime
[Ferguson] The body being
dumped here would fit with the storm.
the tidal flow and where
we pulled him out the water.
Okay. I don'’t need
to be the first you call
but I definitely need to be
in the top three.
[Tyrone] Did you see the open
It wasn't forced so it must've been
opened by someone with a key.
My money'’s on Finlay.
Well, or any of the Hendrys.
Nah, they were at the
Green Garden, alibis check out.
There was a booking for four,
only three show up
Arthur was the no-show cos
he was getting himself killed
in his own boat yard.
You can't make Finlay a
suspect cos you found his prints
he - he works here.
Sure. Let me show you.
[Annika] Wrapping this up
doesn'’t mean you get to go back
to Malaga or wherever you were.
- [Tyrone] Biarritz.
- [Annika] Oh. Nice.
So I think that Finlay
was doing maintenance
when Arthur comes in
and there's a confrontation.
The conflicts in family businesses
are always about power or money.
[Annika] Yeah.
I just don'’t get the impression
there's much of either in this company.
Well then maybe he was upset
about not being invited to dinner.
Either way, his temper
gets the better of him
and there's a struggle,
there's smashed glass, a kicked
in seat.
[Annika] Boot prints?
[Tyrone] No the storm
eliminated anything useful.
But Finlay grabs a spear gun
fires it, pins the victim to the
Hm. Just because
he wasn't invited to dinner?
[Tyrone] The puncture mark on the boat
matches the harpoon wound in the body
and we found a trace of blood
in the cabin.
I think we've got the scene.
Hm. Okay. I buy it.
Why did you transfer?
You could've gone up the ranks
of border command.
Well arresting traffickers
gets a bit samey.
Plus I heard about you.
What did you hear?
Well your conviction rate was
so high
because of how you looked
at an investigation.
And how am I looking at this
Well why use a harpoon?
And why was there one
on a sightseeing boat anyway?
Well apparently
you get the same conviction rate
if you just stick a pin
in the crime board.
Isn't that Finlay?
[Tyrone] Coming back to clean
up I bet.
Hey, er,
hey can we have a word Finlay?
[sombre music builds intensity]
- [McAndrews] Hey!
- [Ferguson] Oi!
[guitar strumming with
- Is he armed?
- [McAndrews] Maybe.
Maybe? How, how is that
I didn'’t see.
- [Annika] There. Stop!
- [Ferguson] Oi you!
[guitar and percussion continue]
[Annika] Where is he?
The unit'’s first arrest.
Ah, let'’s hope
they all come shrink wrapped.
Interview with Finlay Morris,
time of day as stamped.
Enjoying yourself?
What, chatting with you
when I should be having dinner
with my daughter?
What do you think?
Want me to comment on your
You entered the Aquatic
Watch yard at 1500 hours
upon seeing our officials
securing the site
you ran from the scene.
Thought you might be Sheriff
- We identified as police.
- Eventually.
Were you surprised
to see forensics at your yard?
It's not my yard.
Oh so is that it?
You put in all the work
you're family
and yet Arthur treats you
as the odd job man?
I loved him.
He was better
than all of them put together.
So a father figure was he?
And what if he was?
Some people hate their
Well I hated mine.
And Arthur took me in.
Thanks for the sympathy.
Where were you on Friday
Like I told you, I was at the
Yeah. Only two miles from the
I couldn'’t walk. Ask the
[Solicitor] If you have enough evidence
to charge my client for an offence
then now will be the time to do
otherwise we won't
be making any further comment.
Except to say
it's been a bloody pleasure.
Are we done?
[introspective music]
[keys jangling]
Hey. Sorry! Still up?
Oo! Oh!
Jees, you scared the life out of
How was school?
Oh and you cooked. Eggs.
Might save it til the morning.
Don'’t bother.
I'm sorry Morgan.
I want to go back to my old
Well, that'’s not an option is
You don'’t even answer my
[Annika sighs]
Well there
there was like a chase
and an interview with a suspect
and a crime scene
and I forgot the cupcakes
and, you know what,
nothing. I'm - I'm sorry.
Too late.
Hey, maybe
you're having trouble fitting in
because you're so chippy!
[footsteps on stairs]
Okay so I am now going to
er, my mothering strategy.
[phone ringing]
Shame cos it was rock solid.
- Michael?
- [McAndrews] Finlay's in surgery.
He's been the victim of a hit
and run.
Finlay went to the hotel
after the interview
he was run over in a road
behind the hotel
died about ten minutes ago.
We had to let him go.
Okay. Erm, you catch up
with the CSOs at the hotel
- Any witnesses?
- Not yet.
Is that your daughter?
Yeah I'd introduce you but
We've just had our
only suspect killed.
You get home.
[Dusanka] Do you have a
patient named Finlay Morris here?
[Nurse] I'm sorry, I can't
help you.
Were you asking about Finlay
Is he awake?
He's dead.
Look, I'm - I'm gonna make you
talk to me anyway.
How about a hot drink?
[coins jingle]
If you're caught up in
something, I can help you
[Dusanka] He wanted some pills
to calm him down, he was scared.
D'you want to talk about that?
So Finlay was on his way to get
some tranquilisers when he was hit
his friend said he was anxious
about something he'd seen.
Did she say what?
[Annika on phone] No.
But then he was knocked over
so perhaps he was right to be
- [Ferguson] Hm.
- [Annika] Do the Hendrys know?
[Ferguson] Family Liaison
was there first thing.
We've been told about Finlay.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Mum says I'm not very good
at processing things.
It's a hard thing to process.
The death of your dad
and now your cousin.
Was Finlay scared about
something or
someone in particular?
He didn'’t really talk to me
Would he have said anything
to your mum or your sister?
They'’re inside if you wanna
Who'’s this?
Found him on the road. He
can't fly.
Could you help me with him?
Well you know, you could er,
take him to a vet, they know
I can't drive.
Maybe an Uber?
So a friend saw Finlay
shout at the driver of the car
something about not keeping
quiet anymore.
She couldn'’t see the driver
Then he was run over
by a green four by four.
Sounds like
he might'’ve witnessed the murder
wanted something for it and then
someone decided to shut him up.
Finlay also owned a green four
by four.
CCTV'’s got it driving a few streets
away half an hour after the accident.
When Finlay was in hospital.
So, either it was
coincidentally stolen
or the driver run him over
with his own truck.
Good. Let's find it.
And we've isolated
an unknown DNA at the yard.
Could be something.
- [Ferguson] Could be our killer.
- [Annika] Mm.
Well that'’s the best we've got
so far.
You said he had something
from the pub manager?
Yeah, he said
he let Finlay use the phone
the morning after the murder.
The number he called was
registered to a Mandy Howson.
I've got her home and work
Well you do one, I'll do the
Play nicely.
What's that?
- It's a pigeon.
- Right.
[pigeon coos]
- A word.
- Terrific.
So obviously we're all thrilled
about the body count doubling
anyone near to being arrested?
We're a new unit.
Well you know Michael,
they're not completely new.
I remember him being a lot
Yeah that'’s what happens.
I used to be hilarious.
I've arranged for a press
conference today
clear it up Annika,
was this not day one
of that leadership course?
Er, yeah. Day two.
I thought we were getting
a press officer?
Yeah, well look
let'’s just try to get through it
I've got my daughter'’s play in -
well, pretty much now.
[Annika clears her throat]
Er, okay ladies and gentlemen
you'’ve read the statement
about the deaths of Arthur Hendry
and Finlay Morris.
Er, we're treating both deaths
as suspicious
and I would urge anyone
with any information
to contact the Marine Homicide
DS McAndrews will give
you the contact numbers.
He'’ll give you them in due
[Journalist] Were both murders
at the boat yard?
That information
hasn'’t been made public.
The hit and run
was outside the Foxglove Hotel.
Two people in the same family,
could it be a serial killer?
We're steering clear
of speculation thanks.
Yeah. Er, especially erm,
stuff like that.
[mic feedback]
But you haven'’t ruled it out?
Rest assured we're
working hard to solve this case.
In the meantime, try to avoid
releasing unauthorised information
it doesn'’t help us or the
Just trying to do my job here.
As are we all. We're done.
Thanks for coming.
Specially you.
You're a real treat.
Who the hell is she?
Why didn'’t you wrestle her to
the ground?
- You know, we used to be better at this?
- I went for your job.
What, leading the unit?
I've lived in this city most
of my life
I don'’t know how many bodies
I've pulled out of its waters
that job is mine Annika.
[sombre music]
[arrow thunks loudly]
[Mandy Howson] That'’s the
standard we're aiming at, okay?
Mandy Howson?
What's this about?
The murders of Arthur Hendry
and Finlay Morris.
No. No you don'’t.
They'’ve got nothing to do with
- How about you come with me Mandy?
- Stay where you are.
Everyone leave.
Look, I'm just here cos Finlay
called you.
Get away from me, I'm not
[Boy] That swear'st grace
not oath on shore?
Hast thou no mouth by land?
What is the news?
It's you.
So when did Tyrone last check
[Ferguson on phone] Half an hour
ago. Haven'’t heard from him since.
Okay. Blair, look I - I've
gotta go
I'm at my daughter'’s play.
Well you - you track him down
and then leave me a message.
- [Morgan] What are you doing back here?
- Couldn'’t get a seat.
You look - transformed.
Don'’t want to go on.
[Boy] That swear'st grace
not oath on shore?
Hast thou no mouth by land?
What is the news?
The best news
is that we have safely found
our king and company.
The best news is that I
get taken in a crappy boat
to a crappy school
to be in a totally crappy play.
[audience murmuring]
[glass smashing]
[fire alarm sounds]
[Morgan] Why would you do
They're unlikely to follow us
on water.
I meant hit the alarm.
So, you're not tonight'’s
talking point
Why would you say that on stage,
more to the point?
You told me
to give out boat information.
Okay look it's fine
if drama'’s not your bag
we'’ll find you a different club
how about gymnastics?
Could sign you up tomorrow.
Can't I find my own thing?
I would - I would be delighted
if you did.
Take you to anything. Seriously.
- At any time.
- In this boat?
- Or - or in the car.
- The car'’s even worse.
Look that car is - is
a 900 turbo classic from 1993
which is the er, same year
that REM had a number one with-
[Ferguson on phone]
Tyrone'’s being held hostage
- at the sports centre.
- Why have you given me this?
Is this pigeon my new support
I'm at the scene with an AR
Oh my god.
[suspenseful music]
Her name is Mandy Howson she's
armed and in the room with Tyrone.
She'’ll only talk to the boss.
It's an overrated role.
[Annika sighs]
My name'’s Annika.
Can you let me know
if my officer'’s all right?
He's stressing me out.
I'm gonna come in.
I'm quite stressy too
but then I've - I've just been
watching a teenager in The Tempest.
How'’s it going?
I'’ve got nothing to do with
So why are you pointing that
at my officer?
- He was trying to arrest me.
- Just wanted to ask some questions.
How about we swap him out,
you'll still have me and we can chat?
You were talking about Finlay.
We used to work together
at the boatyard.
He called me all the time
I can't help that.
He was freaked out about
something, said he only trusted me.
The last couple of days there
were loads.
[phone beeps]
[Finlay on recording]
Mandy, I need to see you.
Something bad happened.
And I don'’t know what to do.
Pick up Mandy.
I swear to god, it's got out of
I'm not safe anymore.
[Annika] What got out of hand?
I don'’t know do I?
Did you call him back?
No. I need to move on
and I can't when he keeps
Move on from what?
You ever been blamed
for someone'’s death?
Have you got any idea what
that'’s like?
Okay, I - okay, look
you'’ve threatened an officer,
you know I have to bring you in.
But we'’ll look after you, you won't be
charged with anything you didn'’t do.
I promise.
I am a really good Detective.
I always get to the truth.
Well, mostly.
[Tyrone] Cross checking Mandy'’s
DNA with the unknown at the crime scene.
[Annika] You sound sure it's
Well she did just hold
me hostage for an hour
that'’s not nothing.
She's being processed by the
duty officer.
Well Finlay'’s messages sounded
like he really wanted Mandy'’s help.
Alright, I'll lead the
interview with her.
She said that she'’d been
blamed for someone'’s death.
Okay, that too then.
Are you okay?
I mean if you need to er, talk
to someone.
I've had worse. See you in the
[keys tapping]
Ha, okay, there you are. Where
are you?
Morgan'’s dad isn't involved.
It's a choice I made.
Could've done with the help
when she was a baby.
Didn'’t realise that even at 15
it'’d be handy just to, I dunno,
have someone saving me a seat
at the school play.
Or even just to tell me where
she bloody is from time to time.
You know.
The pigeon went crazy in the
house, I didn'’t know what to do.
Oh, it's alright.
- The vet'’s setting his wing.
- Okay but can you answer your mobile?
[dog barking]
I got worried on my own.
New house. You'll get used to
Why don'’t you bring anyone
You know, like boyfriends.
Cos, I don'’t go
to exciting social groups
like gymnastics club.
Don'’t joke. Is it because of
No. God, why would you think
I can be crazy too.
[Vet] Excuse me.
How much!
[Tyrone] So how come Finlay
could afford a four by four?
[Mandy] He did illegal hunting
trips with Arthur on the side
That'’s why they have a harpoon
on the boat, and it's another reason
I didn'’t wanna talk to him.
Or any of them.
That and the drowning.
You were employed by the Hendrys
when the drowning happened, yeah?
It was three years ago.
Aquatic Watch was called Ocean
Life then.
I was just a guide,
it was a holiday job.
This one Saturday we had
terrible weather
shouldn'’t have been out at all
and Danny Hendry was
driving the boat really erratically
hitting all the big waves side
A 19 year old girl, Blanche,
went overboard.
Blanche Sutherland.
She was just a student.
Her mum and dad were onboard too
Still remember them screaming.
They couldn'’t swim but the dad
Robert nearly jumped in anyway
I had to hold them back.
I got blamed to protect the
Even though it was Danny'’s
I was nearly prosecuted,
I lost everything.
I'm only just surviving.
So, you can see why, you know
You pointed a crossbow at my
Thought I was being blamed
for another death.
Wish the Sutherlands
never stepped foot on that boat.
I think they wish the same.
[pigeon cooing]
Anything from Mandy'’s
Well she definitely hates the
They sacked her when a customer
she says it wasn't her fault.
But she's not a suspect.
She was at home during both
we've got the footage
from her block'’s video doorbell
This is the family of the
drowned girl, the Sutherlands.
They never got over it
I mean the insurance paid a
decent settlement to the Sutherlands
Ocean Life were fined,
and rebranded as Aquatic Watch
but they'’ve struggled.
Still struggling.
Online complaints about an old boat,
grumpy guides, no whales. Pretty grim.
And I think it's worth a -
a trip to the Sutherlands,
the company lost their daughter.
Would they wait three years
to get back at 'em?
It's how long Captain Ahab
stayed mad,
and thus for you Michael
No, I enjoyed it.
Still got your albatross.
Not for long. Has no
one touched any of these?
Hey, you seen Danny Hendry?
[Woman] I think they're all
That one of his rescues?
Well it started as one of his.
Quite intense, really.
You known the family long?
I know Trish from school.
- She gets a bit frustrated with him.
- In what way?
Brother, sister stuff.
Last one was a few days ago when
she couldn'’t go to her dad'’s party
think the rest of them
gave her a hard time.
She didn'’t go to the
Want me to say you called?
You weren'’t at the Green Garden
the night of your father'’s death.
I never said I was.
Your mother did
when she reported him missing.
Why would she lie?
Look I wasn't there
because I was meeting a guy
who might buy the business
You can check.
He's got some charter boats at
the docks
She protects us.
She must've said I was there
out of instinct.
I don'’t need it but she does it
anyway, makes things worse.
How many boats do you have?
Just that one for the tours.
but Danny'’s got a little sail
Haven'’t seen it for a few days, he
might'’ve moored it somewhere else.
[Annika] Oh.
[phone ringing]
Just a second Tyrone.
We've also released Arthur'’s
his er, wallet, his wedding
If you wanna let your mum know.
Say again?
[Tyrone on phone]
I'm at the Sutherland'’s,
there's no answer
but the door was open.
- It's pretty creepy.
- Uh-huh.
Okay, Tyrone, please don'’t make
me come out with an armed unit again.
Ah, thought you enjoyed it.
Hold on. There's some sort of
shrine to the Sutherland'’s daughter.
[distant thud]
Her husband Robert'’s been
missing since the night of the murder.
- Mm
- They'’d gone in to town
and seen Arthur Hendry
came home, Robert got drunk,
and he went out in a rage.
Could've gone to the boatyard.
What did they do to her?
She's dehydrated. He was her
[Annika sighs]
Hi, er, I need an alert out
for Robert Sutherland
we're sending you an image
and description now
and er, could you also
put me through to the lab.
[lips smacking]
[Teacher] That'’s it, again,
Come on you lot.
[Student] Can you do that?
Yeah, definitely. It's all
that I do.
This is my dad'’s idea.
He thinks I've got bad posture.
My dad doesn'’t even know
what kind of posture I've got.
Or anything about me actually.
[Teacher] Come on girls.
Gotta say, that was the
best school play I've ever seen.
- [Both laugh]
- [Whistle]
[Ferguson] We've got his phone
pinging off a mast nearby
on the night of the murder, then
So, he kills Arthur,
he takes Danny'’s boat
and then escapes to sea.
Anything from the coastguard
on the boat yet?
[Ferguson] Coastguard is
searching now.
You were right. Sutherland'’s
DNA is at the crime scene.
So, he was definitely there.
But we haven'’t got it yet.
We've got motive, we've got a suspect
who'’s done a runner, and we've got DNA.
What else do we need?
Three people were at the
restaurant for Arthur Hendry'’s birthday
and we thought Arthur was the missing
one because, well, he was being murdered.
But it was Trish who didn'’t
So what does that mean?
You don'’t escape by sea
if you can't swim.
It's not Sutherland on that
I think it's Arthur Hendry.
So, if Arthur'’s alive,
who the hell'’s in the morgue?
I got the lab to cross check the
DNA with the body in the morgue too.
And it's Sutherland?
The Hendrys did a switch.
I'll get their location.
All Isla had to do was lie
when she ID'’d the body
it's probably a spur of the
moment thing but it's not a bad plan.
So, which one of them
put the harpoon in Sutherland?
I take a bet on it being the one
they'’ve been protecting all these years.
Boss, the Hendry house is empty
and their boat'’s missing from the yard.
[music builds]
How did you work out the
If you fish for mackerel
you don'’t wear a wedding ring.
- That'’s it?
- Yeah.
Sure you know where he is?
He set the coordinates,
he'’ll be exhausted.
[Danny] Go any faster?
They're nearly on us?
[Isla] Going as fast as I can.
[music intensifies]
Let'’s not do this on the boat.
We know what happened Danny
You killed Robert Sutherland.
[Danny] He came down the yard
he's shouting about his
There was a fight.
He was yelling at me.
And I tried to get off the boat
but he didn'’t let me off.
So - so, I grabbed the spear gun
he tried to take it off me.
And it went off.
It was an accident.
If it was then you'’ll get
your chance to explain.
But I have explained.
The whales are close.
You can almost feel them
coming up to the surface.
Just to breathe.
That'’s all they're doing.
But it gets hard to breathe
up here sometimes doesn'’t it?
You know, son, it's okay,
we'’ll go back.
- You shouldn'’t have tried to help.
- [McAndrews] Okay Danny, let'’s go.
Danny! Danny!
Suspect overboard, alert the
[splashing sounds]
- The coastguard'’s spotted the boat.
- Where?
Halfway to bloody Norway.
Sorry, not bloody.
[distant bell chimes]
I hit a fire alarm yesterday
my daughter was on stage
she said something that
would've made her life difficult
and so I got the whole school
Didn'’t even think twice about
That'’s how I tried to help.
I don'’t need to hear about
your day.
Danny shot Robert Sutherland.
You put Arthur'’s stuff on him,
dumped him in the water.
And you think that'’s the same
as hitting a fire alarm?
Yeah. A bit. No one saw me
Finlay saw you.
So you ran him over. In his own
It just all spiralled.
There was a moment when I was
at school
I was 16, and - and my mum
and dad were going back to Norway
I said I couldn't come.
I wanted to stay and be a
I blurted it out,
I think I even surprised myself.
Anyway, they went back on their
And er
I got free of the life they
wanted for me.
Not everyone'’s so lucky.
[sombre music]
I didn'’t check the restaurant
That'’s on me.
We all miss something.
Me next probably,
don'’t beat yourself up about it.
Unless that'’s your thing.
Maybe it is.
Your kids are how old now?
- Eight, ten and twelve.
- Oh wow, you
you had a - a routine?
Is that on her birthday or
Got a new weather balloon.
Launch it from the roof
headquarters. Wanna come Mike?
- [Takeaway server] In the same box?
- Yes please, thanks.
Captain Ahab
only slept with his wife once,
before he went back to the
That one time gave him a child
which he never saw.
It's not clear how Mrs Ahab
dealt with being a single parent.
Perhaps she put the kid in drama
thinking it'’d help her
and just made everything worse.
[Takeaway server] There you
- Everybody hurts.
- Bit dramatic.
No, I mean that was number one
in 1993.
[road traffic]
Me bringing people home,
is this about having a dad?
It's about having a life.
This is what I want for you
Difference is, I met a girl
- Oh, like a, what a girl
- whoa, what, at gymnastics?
- Near gymnastics.
- I knew it.
You didn'’t know it.
You're a terrible detective I
don'’t know how you got that job.
Because I am a woman of
enormous insight
and - and -
and great powers of perception.
- Oo.
- Oo.
[Morgan] The pigeon seems a lot
[percussive music]
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