Annika (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

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[ANNIKA]'I don't know about
you, but a high point at school
'was learning about
the Scandinavian sagas,
'and there was one in particular,
'where a man foraging in
the woods discovers a cabin,
'where 12 women are at work at a loom.
'And it's not of those
charming wood looms,
'it's this gruesome thing
'made out of men's
heads and human entrails.
'And the women start singing a song,
'where they choose who is to be slain
'at the upcoming battle.'
Any souls onboard?
'And at the end, they get
on their horses and fly away.'
These women were known as Valkyries.
Now, I haven't seen a loom
or heard anyone singing,
but someone made a choice about
whether the person on this boat
should live or die.
And I only get called
out for the second thing.
[MUSIC]"Bringing Murder to the
Land" by Anton Newcombe / Dot Allison
It's been carved.
Looks like schist rock.
I think it looks pretty good!
It'll be a gag like
that that got him stabbed.
Do you want me to sail this back?
No, I'll do it. You get a team ready.
Throw a vine, to the darkness ♪
Cover your shadows,
placed inside ♪
This light, will shine
Unbroken tonight.
The hand sanitiser
contains isopropyl alcohol.
I'm not asking you about that.
It's an antiseptic and works
by killing microbial cells.
It was used as early as the 1300s.
There's vodka in the water bottle.
Also an antiseptic.
"Alright, how are you doing?
Check in the berth.
I think a panel has
been replaced weirdly.
And, erm, your daughter's
school's been calling the station.
Excellent. I imagine she's
won a prize of some sort.
This is my chance to lobby for the
inclusion of the Norwegian sagas
as part of the curriculum.
DI Strandhed.
She's done what?
Are you alright?
Erm, yeah, yeah, he's
fine to keep working.
Light duties for him, OK?
He prefers being busy.
What about the crime scene?
We've got a team down there,
salvaging and reconstructing.
So then, have Michael oversee it.
Say it suits his skillset.
- OK.
- It's a management word.
Yeah, I understand it.
So give it a go, and if
you want anymore, just ask.
I've got loads more.
The device was meant to
go off at sea, Annika.
It could've been a lot worse.
I know, I know. At least
now, we've got a chance of
..piecing it together.
I meant, for you.
Have you spoken to your daughter?
She She's having
some problems at school,
but, yes, I've spoken to her.
Good. It's important
she knows you're alright.
- Mm-hm.
- As does the team.
I know.
Oh, you mean, I should
go and talk to them?
- Yep.
- OK, thanks, Diane.
Am I Am I OK
I just called you Diane.
It's fine. It's my name.
Sharks don't really have noses.
They've got these olfactory lamellae
which interact with organic
molecules in the water
and alert them to prey.
I'm just saying, a bunch of
sharks are coming down the Clyde
cos you blew up a corpse. Smelled
it from Greenland, apparently.
OK, everyone seems to have
processed things, alright.
So the victim was Ronnie Kidd.
He's 28 years old.
He was an art teacher at St
Blane's Academy on the Isle of Bute.
And the Valkyrie has a
mooring spot in Bute Harbour.
Good chance that's where it set off.
And we have these things.
The, erm, carvings,
they look Viking to me.
And I'm not just saying
that to feel at home.
The killer also brought explosives,
so it was clearly premeditated.
My guess is, he took the
boat's dinghy back to shore.
You stick a wee responder on
an IED, call it up on a mobile
and bang. That's what I'd do.
The panel on the
berth, you mentioned.
Yeah, yeah. I mean,
we've certainly the crime scene. It's just,
you know, in a billion pieces.
Yeah, it's gonna take
some reconstructing.
So I'll need you head that up, and the rest of us
will go over to Bute early tomorrow
..and we'll pick it up from there.
Whoa, you're keeping me behind?
It suits your skillset.
It does what?
Thanks, everyone.
Hey! That was a joke, by the way,
the shark thing.
I hope I didn't
No, it's good. Listen do you scare a kid off booze?
I'm being parented with a
website about liver damage?
Yes, because no -one believes
you use vodka as a mouthwash.
- Do you count your units?
- We're not talking about me.
We're not talking about me either.
- Not properly.
- Sorry, what did you say?
It won't happen again. Happy?
Who the hell is selling you vodka?
Cos I can get an
officer down there to
Ah, right. Yeah.
So am I allowed to go upstairs,
or do I have an AA meeting somewhere?
Why are YOU being snippy with ME?
I could sail a boat before I could walk.
Actually, that's ridiculous.
I could probably
..draw a picture of a
boat before I could walk.
Either way, it was early.
And the first time I saw
a dead body was out to sea.
Floating upwards, with a lifejacket on.
I thought he was swimming, but
when I shouted, he didn't answer.
..I tied a rope to him and
towed him back to shore.
Never found out what happened to him.
I was 13.
So the body could have been mine
..floating in the sea today,
so if anyone's bloody drinking,
it's it's me.
Oh, Christ!
She could've put a mixer in it.
Did Oban agree to your daughter coming?
I don't have any choice.
She's been suspended.
Can you hang out with her?
She's not talking to me.
We're being met by
Sergeant Tam Glenn.
He's set up an incident room for us.
Oh, he's found us a blackboard, has he?
Play nice, will you?
We're guests.
Oh, hello!
Article here about Bute
being the jurisdiction
of the Norse king, Ketill Flatnose,
which I will read aloud to you.
How come Michael
gets to stay in Glasgow?
"By the year 800, a new force had
appeared on the Scottish scene,
"giving concern, especially
to the southwest of Scotland.
"These were the Norsemen, or Vikings."
[DC FERGUSON] The baker
onboard the Titanic
was a guy called Charles Joughin.
He survived two hours in the
Atlantic before being rescued.
You wanna know how he did it?
He drunk a pint of whisky
and kept warm and alive long
enough to shout for help.
Why would you tell me this?
Cos if we sink, it'll be the drunk
one who'll have to do the shouting.
I'm not drunk.
Then I guess we'll both drown.
- Tam.
- Hey.
Did you get your daughter settled in?
Yes. Yes, thanks for having us.
Oh, no bother. It
takes it off my desk.
Ha! How long have you got?
- Two months.
- Congratulations.
Aye. Just trying not to
get blown up before then.
You'd rather go out
on a parking ticket?
Well, erm, yes and no.
Do you have a car that
I can use while I'm here?
Do you use it for catching sheep?
Well, I've been briefed
on the case, boss,
and I don't think a sheep did it.
OK. The victim, Ronnie Kidd.
He worked at the academy, here,
and he lived in the
north of the town, here.
And his boat was moored here,
just down from the harbour.
CCTV on the mooring?
Oh, it doesn't cover that far.
Next of kin is a brother, Grant,
and he worked at the quarry.
We told him yesterday.
Did you tell Ronnie's employer, too?
Not yet.
Well, anyone else know?
I guess, the person that killed him.
Ronnie's boat was found
ten miles up the firth,
so I've been looking
at how far it drifted.
The coastguard could brief you.
It's OK, I worked it out.
So I modelled the tides,
and I'm 84% certain
that the Valkyrie left
Bute on Friday night.
A motorised dinghy
is missing from it.
We assume the killer took
it to get back to the shore.
We'll get looking.
Need anything else from me?
There'll be times when I try
to bum a cigarette off you.
It'll be hard to resist because
I'm a rank, but stay strong.
- Right you are.
- Otherwise, that's it.
Thank you, Sergeant.
A pleasure.
He's pretty relaxed.
It's not his murder.
We'll need to talk to Ronnie's
brother, at his quarry.
I'll take that one.
Did you already do a schist rock joke?
It's like you don't know me.
Tyrone, take a look over Ronnie's house.
I'll go to his school. And, Blair're not intimidating
anyone with your 84%.
Walking the shop floor?
You know me, I'm a
woman of the people.
How you getting on?
Yeah. Retrieved the
knife that killed him.
One of the few things
that isn't in pieces.
And does it give us anything?
It's an outdoor survival knife,
sold in only one place on Bute.
Or it was bought online,
like everything else.
- Yeah.
- And how are you?
Well, I feel a wee
bit out of the loop.
I asked Annika to keep you back.
Oh, "skillset" was yours, was it?
You're welcome.
She didn't give you up.
That's because she's
learning how to lead a team.
You, especially.
You know, my family
pretended to be disappointed
when I didn't get the job.
But they were secretly relieved?
Took me out to dinner.
Never seen them in a better mood.
I bet.
Not gonna be easy for Annika.
Well, thanks for the chat.
You did very well,
talking up to management.
Must have been intimidating.
I'll add it to my skillset.
See? You're a natural.
You'll get your shot, Michael.
- Just not now.
- Not now.
[KARINA] How did he die?
At present, the death is
Do you need a minute?
I'm OK.
How was he, as a teacher?
Good. Well prepped.
When did you last see him?
End of school on Friday.
I called him on Monday, then again
this morning when he didn't appear.
And did you notice
any change of behaviour?
Was he worried about anything?
Not that I can recall, no.
Well, if you think of anything later
that might be useful,
just give me a call.
Nice school you've got. I
imagine the students are happy.
- Sorry?
- Any drug or alcohol problems?
What do you mean?
Doesn't matter.
Tomorrow, we're releasing a statement
about Ronnie's death,
so you might wanna say
something in assembly.
Just an idea.
[MALE WORKER] Oi! Clear!
My ear feels weird.
You'll have burst an eardrum.
Bloody crazy. Who are you?
Police. I need to ask you some
questions about your brother.
And if you could answer
a bit louder than normal,
that'd be great.
Let me get you looked over first.
I mean, I can see how it'd play out.
I ask Morgan if a change of
school would help settle her,
one that does kayaking and
and the Nordic sagas.
And then, she asks if it's the place
where the art teacher was murdered.
It's a tough one to gloss over.
Looks like the head was
thinking the same thing,
or she was thinking where to get
a supply teacher at short notice.
Yeah, go on. Have a good day.
This is me and Morgan, right here.
Shameful late drop-off?
She was seeing her therapist.
Ten years at the school gates and
I'm yet to nail the mum banter.
DI Strandhed.
[DS CLARKE] So, Ronnie's house
showed signs of a break-in.
Back door was forced.
Yes, Blair's fine,
thanks for asking[!]
I talked to Ronnie's neighbour.
She reckons it was Grant who broke
in, must've been on Friday night.
Did she see him do it?
Well, no, but he's done it before.
She's seen a lot of drunken fights
spill out onto the street, apparently.
I am so sorry.
Really wanna rewind this investigation.
Hey, I feel getting blown up
is a Marine Homicide thing now.
We should get badges,
like the Girl Guides do.
Where's Grant?
He's the one who saved me
from much worse, actually.
Big slab of a man.
- Did you talk to him?
- No, I think he's in the office.
Sure there's paperwork cos of this.
Hearty soup, that's what you need.
Thanks, Mum[!]
[PER GUNDERSON] You having
tea? Two teas, please.
I'm Morgan.
Do you want cake?
Just the tea.
So that's my name.
Are you Scandinavian?
I noticed the scarf.
My mum made me learn those
letters when I was, like, 5.
My godmother made it.
Can I have a sip of your drink?
I've got a cold sore.
I'd still like some.
Have this.
It's cold out there.
I slept at Ronnie's Friday
night. Couldn't drive home.
Had a skinful.
And why did you break in?
Well, he wasn't there, was he?
Now we know why.
Did you stay all night?
Once I'm out, I'm spark out.
It's not the first time
you've smashed the place
up, though, is it, Grant?
I've seen your PCs.
Just brother stuff.
He was found with some
stones from your quarry.
It's only rubble.
Well, not to him. He carved them.
I don't know about that.
Have a look.
These little figures. What's that about?
Maybe they're burial stones,
given he ended up in the Clyde.
What you doing about that?
His body was the
first thing we retrieved.
- So I should bloody hope.
- And he was only there
because his boat exploded.
And then, one of our officers
got caught in another
explosion, at your quarry.
So you see why we're talking
to you, don't you Grant?
They're a bit small
for burial stones.
I'd say they're more
like Nordic love tokens.
What do you think?
I don't think anything.
It can't all have been arguing.
You must have talked to each other.
Not about stuff like that.
Stuff like what?
Kind of naive, these carvings,
almost childlike.
Ronnie had a thing for girls.
At his school?
He was seeing one who was 15.
Said society had a
cultural hang-up about it.
- Did you?
- What do you think?
It turns my stomach.
She called round mine,
looking for him yesterday.
I told her he died.
She got very upset.
So it was serious?
In his head, who knows?
But, yeah, definitely in hers.
What was the girl's name?
Race you to the top.
Hey love you.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
Nothing's beautiful.
What?! No, no, Sigi
What do you do? Seriously.
I mean, on this spot, 900
years ago, a 15-year-old Viking
was considered an adult.
Fighting in battle, drinking
fermented mead, or whatever,
and getting dashed on the rocks.
And now look at us.
We've not moved on at all.
Hey, hey. You OK?
It's my fault. I just need
to meet someone and they die.
She isn't dead, and this hasn't
got anything to do with you.
How come you're out here?
I wanted a walk.
Did you drink all of this?
- Not all of it.
- This was at the base of the climb.
You OK, Morgan?
I feel sick.
Here, eat this.
That'll soak it up.
- Thanks.
- Where did you get that scarf?
It's Sigi's. The girl who fell.
I met her at the
cafe. See? I'm cursed.
Do you need me to contact anyone else?
Sigi's mother?
No, her mother was the
other time I was here.
- Cancer ward, though.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
What happened yesterday, Per?
Well, she
She asked to go for a climb.
We hadn't been getting
on lately, so I was glad.
I like it when we do things together.
We found a carved stone
at the spot you climbed from.
Etchings engraved in it.
That art teacher.
Filling her head with
Sigi said they were in love.
When did you find out?
Friday morning.
She left her phone on the table
and it buzzed with a message from him.
I feel sick thinking about it.
Why didn't you go to the police?
Cos I went to the school,
to get him fired.
I talked to the head.
She said she would talk
to him, to make him leave.
Talk to him. Should have gutted him!
Per, Ronnie Kidd is dead.
We found his body on his boat.
Friday night.
Did you know anything about that?
- No.
- You said you wanted to gut
I said, someone should!
Didn't say I did.
- It's OK, Per.
- No.
My daughter is in surgery.
He's saying I'm a murderer.
I wouldn't blame you.
Look, on Friday, I was at home,
then at the school and then back home.
Sigi found out he was dead yesterday.
That is why she wanted to fall.
[SIGHS] Sorry.
I got a rush of blood.
Did you get anything out of that?
I got that the
headteacher's been lying to us.
What did he say at the end?
"I am broken."
Poor girl.
She was also being
groomed by Ronnie Kidd.
Which you knew about,
and didn't tell us.
Her father made an
allegation on Friday.
So I called Ronnie in.
Told him he had to resign or
we'd take the matter further.
He refused?
He was even righteous about it.
Said they were in love, stupid man.
I had hoped that, when he
didn't turn up on Monday,
he'd just left to save
the school the shame.
Would you send your daughter here,
if you knew that one of the
teachers liked underage girls?
Depends if the school
dealt with it properly.
Well, someone dealt with it.
Where were you on Friday night?
I was at home.
I went to bed early, with a
brandy, after an awful day.
And how was Sigi's
father when you saw him?
He struggled to control
his temper, but why should he?
If someone had abused my daughter
I can come in.
Look, you need rest, and
..entirely unrelated,
Morgan needs a babysitter.
Have you had the
fiskesuppe? I left some out.
- Yep, all gone.
- Morgan eat it?
Couldn't get enough of it.
Hey, do you need me for this?
Mm, we're starting, sorry.
OK, so, on Friday, Per Gunderson
finds out that his daughter's
being groomed by Ronnie Kidd.
He visits Karina, who tells
Ronnie to resign, but he refuses.
The next time he's seen is
on his boat on the Clyde,
with rocks in his pockets
and a knife in his chest.
It's a survival knife.
That place on Bute
hasn't sold any recently,
but you can get them anywhere.
Sometimes used by climbers.
Sigi's, or her dad's, probably.
Could Sigi not have
been on the boat, too?
Then, maybe Dad turns up and
finds them there on the Friday
and just snaps.
Per used his bank card on the
high street at 6 that evening.
So he didn't go straight
home, like he said?
Right, but what about
activity on Grant's card?
I mean, the man breaks into Ronnie's
house at three in the morning
and doesn't remember anything else.
He could've killed Ronnie on the boat,
set it drifting and
made it back by then.
Yeah, I hear you, Tyrone
Well, who else here blows things up?
I I think Grant's in play. Just
bring Per in for me first, will you?
Michael, can you try and
inspire the forensics team?
Oh, is that cos you need
some specific evidence?
Yeah. Blair
I can see takeout boxes.
[MORGAN] It's not funny.
Bad things happen to people I like.
No, they don't.
I called Mum and her boat blew up.
The school called her.
Because of me.
I think you're stretching it.
I met Sigi and she fell.
I talked to you on the ferry,
and you nearly blew up too.
That's true.
It was fun and games
when it was other people,
but now it's me, I think we
should burn you at the stake.
So what's with the vodka?
I sit next to a girl
with a nut allergy.
I heard it could disinfect the mouth
in case I accidentally ate something
and gave her anaphylaxis.
And then I kind of
liked how it made me feel.
How do I delete a check-in?
I don't want people to know
I've been to that rock now.
Give it over.
Actually, that's a good
point, Little Miss Voodoo.
Are you working now?
Talk to your mum.
She's trying to mother you,
and because you don't let her,
she's mothering me.
And that's weird.
If Per Gunderson was in a Nordic saga honour would mean
he'd have to kill Ronnie.
And then all of Ronnie's relatives,
and then relatives of relatives.
And then, burn down the
school and then the town.
Then he might have to
kill his daughter, too.
I mean, he hasn't gone that far.
I imagine he's feeling
some of the same things
Per Gunderson interview?
Whoa! Hold up.
And you are?
Liz Dunbar, his lawyer.
Erm, and I am a detective inspector
and you can't be in here.
Then can you direct me to
the interview room, please?
With pleasure.
Nice shoes.
I've already talked to you.
Why am I in an interview room?
It's OK, Per. We're just
We're just trying to clear this
whole thing up, for everyone's sake.
My client is understandably upset,
but of course, we are here to cooperate.
And it would be helpful if
we didn't speak in Norwegian.
Well identified.
As you know, we're investigating
the murder of Ronnie Kidd,
who we believe was murdered on his
boat, at some point on Friday night.
Well, that's an awfully
big window, don't you think?
Which is why we're interested
in your movements that night.
Well, give us an exact
time of the alleged offence
and we will give you an exact alibi.
Until then, I advise you not to comment.
No comment.
As you told us yourself, Ronnie
Kidd was grooming your daughter.
And there were a number of
stones found around his body,
similar to the one found
next to your daughter
at the base of the climb.
Look, what we're
really looking for here
is not a reminder of a
very traumatic incident,
but a direct question we can
answer, or some actual evidence
that my client's involved
in Mr Kidd's death.
We have a strong motive.
Oh, well done[!]
Do you have the boat?
Erm, yes, um
The boat suffered some damage.
Erm but we
We have the body.
Erm, and the knife that killed him.
It's an outdoor
knife, a climber's knife.
And it's being examined for DNA.
Have you ever been
on Ronnie Kidd's boat?
You took some money
out on the high street
at 6.00pm that evening, didn't you?
I went to see Liz about
the situation at the school,
and then I went home.
Well, I've certainly enjoyed
our chat about cash machines,
but in the meantime, if you
find some DNA on the boat
matching my client's, please
don't hesitate to get in touch
and we can have a proper conversation.
But I feel like this is
a proper conversation, Liz.
I'm glad you're
getting something from it,
but it is late and my client
needs to get back to the hospital,
so if that's all?
Y Yes, that's all.
Erm, thank you for coming.
Thank you. Per?
If I get into trouble,
will you get her in for me?
I mean, she's right about the DNA.
Oh, it's Blair.
Fancy a drink?
So, according to her social media,
Sigi checked in around
9.00pm on Friday night, here.
She wouldn't get
served, though, would she?
You say that, Tyrone, but I've
discovered that kids are wily,
and very much have a Viking
attitude as to when you're an adult.
- Got any mead?
- What?
Never mind. Do you remember seeing
..this girl on Friday night?
Mm, no. It was busy, though.
You can ask your man. He was here.
OK, one -nil to you.
What happened on Friday, Grant?
I saw him pull up with
Sigi and I went out to him.
He said it was time
for them to stop hiding.
I told him beasts get arrested
and he should go home, on his own.
Did you get into a fight?
He couldn't see it. He
couldn't understand it.
Did you take the
fight back to his boat?
No. I walked off.
Got a bottle from the
offie, drank it in the park.
The guy there, he'll remember me.
He said he missed me cos
..I'd been two weeks dry up till then.
Too pished to go home, so
Why would Ronnie bring Sigi here?
Was it his regular?
Knew his audience?
Do you remember seeing her?
One of the teachers, she was sat
by a bunch of them by the window.
[ANNIKA] Obstruction. Erm,
perverting the course of justice.
I'm just making a list of
current chargeable offences.
I can get into how much jail time
each one brings, if you like.
Or you could just start
telling us the truth.
I saw Ronnie scuffling
with his brother outside,
so I went to talk to him.
And Sigi was there.
I was so bloody furious,
after that morning.
I was a bit drunk,
so I went out to tell him
how much damage he was doing.
- To you?
- Yes, to me.
To To the school, to Sigi.
Look, I'm glad Ronnie's dead.
I hate to say it, but I am.
You do so much for those children.
And there's so much
expectation and responsibility,
and it's hard to get right, and
then a member of your own team
I saw how it would've
looked if I screamed at him,
so I went home, like I told you.
Did you go out again?
Whose is that?
It belongs to my wife, Liz.
Looks like the runic
alphabet Sigi had on her scarf.
Liz sometimes made scarves for Sigi.
She's her godmother.
Per's lawyer is Sigi's godmother?
- Yeah.
- Where is she now?
She's at the office.
She was called into work.
You're gonna see Liz,
just to confirm that I
was here on Friday night?
She won't be able
to, will she, Karina?
Because she was out herself.
She was working then,
too, I'm sure of it.
You keep telling yourself that.
She was too good at the
interview, way too invested.
So she was using it
to see how much we knew.
Yeah, she couldn't
cut it short fast enough,
as soon as we mentioned
we had the boat and knife.
We haven't got
anything off either yet.
There'll be something.
It wasn't a sniper
shot from a mile away.
She shoved that knife
in, it wasn't gentle.
That's why she needed the boat to sink.
I'll get Tam over here. We
should bring Karina in, too.
Her phone is switched off
and I can't track her car,
'but there have been
three calls from her office
'in the last two hours. Stand by.'
Tam's on his way to Liz's house.
He'll get DNA while he's there.
You could probably get it from
the scarf Morgan's been wearing.
Liz made it.
So, in addition to
the boat exploding,
you're daughter's been
wearing the suspect's clothes?
Well, don't put it like that.
OK, the calls from Liz's
office were to a company called
A-Plus Travel Solutions.
'For anyone with the right budget,
'they do logistics for
whatever trip you want.'
Well, if she's running,
she's running properly.
That's the thing about Valkyries
..they don't run.
'They fly.'
When a dispute arose
in first-century Bute,
the rights and wrongs of the
matter were debated by lawyers
They had lawyers
in first -century Bute?
They'd have dealt with small matters,
like, you know, burning down a hut
or stealing an elk, or something.
But sometimes it would be a blood feud.
And then, a lawyer might
pick who lived and who died.
Lawyers were the real Valkyries,
not the crazy ones with the looms.
Although, as it happens,
this one did have a loom too.
- Blair, you still on the line?
- 'Aye.
'Been enjoying the stuff about
elks, or whatever it was.'
I need you to do something.
I'm going.
You You don't get to decide that.
I have decided.
Alright, but don't make
the pilot an accessory.
He has deniability.
He's been paid and he doesn't
like chatting when he's flying.
Well, I think he's clearly
missing out on a good story.
I still don't think you're
making the right choice.
There is the law, and
there is doing what is right.
And I chose that.
Yeah, that's the debate you
have on day one of law school, Liz.
You're better than that.
Look at what he did to Sigi.
What he did to Karina and her school.
He had a chance to disappear,
and he didn't take it.
That's the other mess. Karina's
spent two days lying to the police.
Obstruction, that's
all you've got on her.
Well, now she's lost her lawyer.
The boat didn't sink in time.
It's been unravelling since then.
Well, let justice be done,
though the world may perish.
What are you gonna
do, jump on the wing?
It was weird not
putting the cuffs on.
Are you thinking about
that law quote she gave you?
No, Casablanca.
I wanna say that thing
about being mates.
- "Beautiful friendship."
- That's the one.
Which one of us is Bogart?
I'm Bogart. Of course I'm Bogart.
What What's the matter with you?
Liz Dunbar was detained
as she landed in Ireland.
Annika sent a local officer
over there to process her.
The team will be back tomorrow.
And was the retrieval
of the knife significant?
Not at all.
Maybe it'll have its
moment when it gets to court.
It's fine, honestly.
She missed you up there, Michael.
I missed her too, actually.
Felt a bit weird not being on
the ground over there, you know?
Well, I don't know
if she definitely missed you,
I haven't spoken to her yet.
- What?
- But she probably did.
- OK, I'm going back to my desk now.
- Do you want me to tell her
- that you missed
- No!
Get her the evidence she needs.
And get her some of those
horrible sweeties that she likes.
[MORGAN] Have you got any whisky?
For Sigi?
No, I think the chocolates are better.
Do you mean for you?
Cos it it doesn't fix things.
It just It pushes it down the track.
Blair told me a baker
on the Titanic drank some
and it kept him alive
when the boat sank.
Do you worry about sinking boats?
I worry about
everything, all the time.
Would it be helpful
to talk to someone?
You know, to it through?
I could talk to
Sigi, when she's better.
I think she's got
enough on her plate.
..I was thinking of
..a professional.
That would be good.
OK, then.
I'll sort it out.
And you owe me a scarf.
Yeah, I'll knit you one.
Yeah, cos you've
got so much free time!
I can make time. I can
work a bit from home. I can
order a loom.
Please, don't order a loom.
Well done on the case.
You're a good mum.
I mean, she escaped on a plane
- She didn't escape.
- She flew off!
I'm going to the vending machine.
She flew to a different country!
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