Annika (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

No pictures of Freud.
Have I told you about the origins
of psychotherapy?
This isn't a test.
No, of course, of course.
This is your time
to explore your story
with a neutral professional.
And you can talk about anything,
you know, even our relationship.
This is it's it's your session.
Morgan, hi. And Annika.
The mother. Guilty.
It's always about the mother,
isn't it?
Well, and guilt as well, probably.
At least now you can put a a face
to the source of the trauma.
It's not always about the mother.
Would you like to come through?
Go and have fun.
Make me sound good.
I mean, sometimes it is the mother.
In Ibsen's An Enemy of the People,
there's this medic, Dr Stockman,
who works at a health spa
in a little coastal town in Norway.
When some of the visitors start
getting sick,
the doctor identifies
the cause as infusoria, it's a
kind of microscopic creature,
that's got into the pipes.
As soon as he tries to alert
the authorities his life
pretty much unravels,
his family suffers,
and everyone wishes it hadn't
been a righteous doctor
who'd found something nasty
in the water supply.
So, let's see how this plays out,
cos we've certainly found
something nasty in this one.
it looks like he put up a fight.
How long's he been out the water?
About an hour. There were no
- Any ID?
- Only thing on him.
Let's see
if we can find out who he is.
The person who called
this in mentioned a boat
but there's no sign of it.
I'll check the hire places,
couple around the loch.
It's a reservoir.
And this is where he works.
OK, I know where this is going.
So, there's a film of
Enemy Of The People,
if you're short of time,
Steve McQueen plays the doctor.
- Speak in Norwegian?
- And Jaws. Jaws is based on it too.
Do you think he was
killed by a shark?
Yeah, let's definitely start
that rumour.
Working assumption,
the victim is Murdo Stirling,
no nominal record and no-one
has reported him missing.
Likely time of death between
three and four this morning.
Yeah, the pathologist's initial take
is that it was a forced drowning,
and then the body was
hacked up shortly afterwards.
Wounds consistent with
a propeller of an outboard motor.
- Call came in at 4:15. You got it?
- Mm-hm.
Police emergency.
There's a bloke in the water,
west side of the lake. He's pretty
cut up. OK, you need to get
someone out here, OK? He's a mess.
Well, he's stressed, clearly.
Could be that he's just seen a dead
body, or that he was involved?
Yeah, but would he have called
if he was?
Uniform are making local inquiries
to see if we can find him.
OK, well, listen
for a New Zealand accent.
What about the boat?
They found it on the other
side of the loch.
Forensics are probably going to be
a bust cos it's a hire boat
but the owner's making his way over
to check the records.
Thanks, Tyrone.
So, what was he doing there?
Was it a night-time fishing trip?
Was it related to work?
Natural Water's a charity,
they do awareness campaigns
and more political stuff about
how we treat our natural resource.
It falls from the sky ♪
Belongs to you,
it's natural water. ♪
- What was that?
- It's their slogan.
I feel they might make everyone
sing it each morning before work.
Murdo was their Chemical Analyst.
The friendly science guy
telling us that
if we knew what was in the tap water
we wouldn't let our kids drink it.
How's that friendly?
Mine drink it, they seem all right.
They've got officers in each
of the nations, and they're looking
to expand overseas, so,
they're pretty well funded.
Well, whatever he was doing there
he wasn't on his own.
So, let's check with his work,
find out if they sent him,
and get a next of kin.
And, Blair, I could hear something
in the background of that call,
like a drilling?
I can try and isolate it.
I think we need a company song
that we can sing before work.
Yeah, that's a hard no, Blair.
Any of your kids been in therapy?
Course not! Course not.
Didn't mean it like that,
I just mean mine seem fine.
Because of your excellent parenting
and, by implication,
- my terrible one.
- How do you jump to that?
Well, surely they'll have to talk
to someone at some point,
like a, a GP or a dinner lady.
Think they just talk
to their friends.
Does Morgan have any friends?
Bloody hell, Michael,
twist the knife.
Can I help? Ah, here
to see the boss.
That's Mel Hetherington, she's
just in the middle of something.
- And you are?
- Heidi.
Can I ask what this is about?
No, just point the way
for now, Heidi.
Does this fall from the sky
and belong to us, too?
Just move your left foot
a little bit.
And what does
the Marine Homicide Unit do?
- What do you think?
- I think we're done.
- Right, should I come back tomorrow?
- We're done, full stop.
Because I'm booked for another week.
Out the room, Stuart.
Making a promo,
he's been at it for bloody weeks.
Well, who's died?
Well, we believe it to be
your employee, Murdo Stirling.
He was drowned in Loch Katrine
in the early hours of this morning.
Who did it?
Oh, that's another role
of the Marine Homicide Unit.
I'm sorry.
You put up a front to lead and
I know I can sound a bit brusque.
When did you last see Murdo?
Three, four days ago.
And how was he?
Anything on his mind?
Any personal issues?
I don't know much about his personal
life but he seemed fine.
And was he at the loch for work?
He was having a few days' leave.
I don't know why he was there.
Your company has a colourful way
of presenting information.
Would that have made him enemies?
Oh, we do awareness campaigns about
agricultural polluters, the plastics
industry, chemical spills, as well
as looking into treatment plants.
So, yes, I'm sure
he made some enemies along the way.
- We all have.
- Any recent threats?
Usual rubbish on social media.
But I post mainly, not so much him.
- Why you?
- I'm a woman.
Where's his desk?
We'll need to get
into his computer.
And also his HR file.
Heidi on the desk can sort that out.
Please, pass on my sympathies
to his family.
Natural Water will organise
a tribute,
maybe a little remembrance pond.
Shouldn't we be making the tea?
Yeah, I think he wanted a minute.
I don't know how you like it.
I'm sure it's fine. Thanks.
- Busy?
- I'm winding down.
I was never going to pass
the business on.
Your son not into motorbikes?
No, he liked them for a while.
- Was it quick?
- Oh, I think so.
- Well, you find the bastard who did it.
- We will.
Any reason your son might've
been at the loch? Any significance?
- Fishing. I don't know.
- Did he have a partner?
Aye, there was someone
staying at his place I think,
a Siobhan
I cannae remember her second name.
Murdo wrote the word "Ma" in his
diary on the date he was killed.
- Was he seeing his mum?
- I wouldn't think so.
- She died years ago.
- Right. Sorry.
- But you don't have to drink that if you don't want.
- Great.
We need you to identify
the body, Mr Stirling.
Oh, man.
I didn't close up last night.
I don't know where he's put
the forms.
The victim was using your credit
card machine at 9:33.
I can't find a record
for Murdo Stirling at all.
Did he come in with anyone else?
Like I said, I wasn't here.
- And where the hell have you been?
- Sorry, Mitch, I lost track of time.
- I'll go sort out today's boats.
- Hey!
We're going to be massively early.
Yeah, it shows that you're you're
keen to grow as a person.
- How is he?
- Jake?
Is that what you call him?
Not like Dr Siegfried, or whatever?
No, it's not Victorian Scotland.
Is he funny? Is he is he married?
I think I saw a picture of his wife
in the waiting room, actually.
- OK, I get it.
- What?
How about you wait until my
assessment's over
before the two of
you go on a mini break together?
No, I wasn't saying that.
Why would you think
I was saying that?
Like, no way was I saying that.
Take this. Don't want you drinking
tap water for a bit.
What's wrong with the tap water?
Tell Jake the boat's called Mimir,
after the Norse God renowned for his
knowledge, wisdom and brilliance.
Just like its owner.
So, there are a ton of important
women in psychotherapy,
your Anna Freuds, your
Melanie Kleins, your Susie Orbachs.
And I was hoping for one of those
so Morgan could work through
whatever she needs to and might put
a decent spin on me, frankly.
I'm thinking with Jake, you know,
she's going to get into
tricky, like,
father transference stuff,
which I'm sure he's
equipped to deal with
but I don't
know how helpful that is right now.
Anyway, it's her choice.
But if they both,
like, mutually decide
after this assessment period
that it's best to,
you know, switch therapists
then, you know,
I will fully support them.
I needed to drop
Morgan off at the things,
she doesn't need it, but
it's the only time I get to talk to her.
No, I get it.
My mum used to drive me to police
college every day and I was 22.
Oh, see!
And you turned out OK.
She keeps asking why I'm not
Chief Constable yet.
Sets the bar nice and low, then.
Oh, you have no idea.
Nathan's in the interview room.
Yeah, so, you tackled him
into the water.
Yeah, why do you say it like that?
No, it's just I've been tempted to
write that in an arrest report too.
So, why did you run?
I haven't slept. OK? I feel sick.
If it was an accident, just say,
and we can deal with it.
My visa's expired.
But you don't run
cos of an expired visa.
I gave the guy some weed.
OK? I saw him about midnight
with his boat still tied up,
he said he was meeting someone.
- Who?
- I don't know.
Not someone he liked, by the way
he said it.
He was pretty gloomy so I rolled him
up one and left him to it.
In the morning, I went on the loch
to smoke and my boat went over him.
He was just floating in the water.
- Did you see anyone else out there?
- No.
Gone to shore and called it in.
Did the weed kill him?
Did my boat? No, neither helped.
Your boss couldn't find
any bookings.
Well, it's definitely there.
OK? S Campbell.
Credit card had the same name.
Declined, though.
Maxed out or the machine was routed.
Look, it's been a rough
couple of days,
if you really want to deport me,
I'm OK with it.
Mimir means "the rememberer"
and he was so smart
he was the adviser to all
the other Norse gods.
That's one I don't know.
Though he can't have been
that smart.
He got his head chopped off.
So, why do you think your mum
liked the name, then?
Maybe she doesn't
know about the head thing.
But you do.
Are you worried something bad
will happen to your mother?
Have you told her?
She loves her job.
She loves you, too.
Don't want her to have to choose.
In case she doesn't choose you?
And also in case she does and she
has to give up being a detective.
Lose lose.
Well, perhaps it's not
about the choice,
perhaps it's about talking to her.
I'm talking to you instead.
Yes, you are.
Can you think of a moment
in your childhood
when you didn't feel like this,
when you felt safe?
Take your time.
Here, have some water.
So, Murdo had S Campbell's
card but we don't know
if he stole it or who S Campbell is.
Got a request in for
the card details.
Should have it soon.
We've looked in to Murdo's finances
and they're a roller-coaster.
Loads going in, loads going out.
Mostly on indulgent stuff.
And his current account,
aside from his salary,
he had 50 grand added to it
in the last week.
Who gave him that?
A blandly anonymous company.
Somebody's working really hard
to conceal where the money's from.
And then he's killed soon after.
Yep. I'll keep digging.
In the building's car park,
he had a flashy car, too.
Until someone wrote
"bastard" across it.
Mind you, that could've been anyone.
Who's the partner?
The phone I found
belongs to a Siobhan Kelly.
And if she's the one who smashed the
car up, she is seriously pissed off.
Well, we know Murdo was meeting
someone he didn't like.
I guess she'd qualify after
a bad break-up.
Anything to help us
with the MA in his diary?
Massive arsehole?
Well, he's certainly
starting to look that way.
Marijuana Anonymous.
Make-up artist.
OK, that's fine, let's follow
the money, see where that gets us.
How are you getting on with that sound?
It's a wee bit clearer.
Could be a chainsaw?
Mm, I guess.
Who's cutting down trees
at 4am though?
Morgan messages you?
Er, since the Bute case,
she's sent me some messages
and the odd picture of herself.
What kind of pictures?
Just friendly.
Bit flirty, I guess.
- But nothing to worry about.
- OK.
Is that another one?
No, just something about
her therapy.
Evidently with the Blair thing,
what I need to do is
approach it sensibly, right,
get it out in the open,
talk it through, like a grown-up.
Thing is I've got Ibsen in my head
and when Dr Stockman does the same,
he gets fired from his job,
his daughter gets fired,
his kids get suspended from school
and he gets like bricks
chucked through his windows.
All of them.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Siobhan's address.
Yes, of course.
- Do you want me to come with you?
- I'll take Michael.
So, I'm thinking I'll just ignore
the whole thing
cos that's also an option.
So, I've had, what, eight cars
in the same amount of time.
It was a graduation present.
Oh, I'd get it if you were
graduated in Miami, but not in Fife.
Oh, Scotland seemed warm
to my folks.
Oh, come on, it still runs.
Don't give me a hard time about it.
Are you OK?
I want to ask you something
but I think you might be judgy.
I'm not judgy.
Some people's families are a mess
and just because yours isn't,
- it can make you a little bit
- What?
Oh, hi.
Is your mum there?
Not saying anything.
We're looking for Siobhan Kelly.
Daddy's just going to speak to some
friends outside.
You look after your brother.
Do you want to get out of the office?
What have you got?
Well, the credit card of S Campbell
is registered at Murdo's address,
it's one of five cards
registered to that address,
- all with different names.
- Hm, bit of fraud now, is it?
One of those names is Heidi's.
- Natural Water Heidi?
- Her debts are deep
and now she's got
the Sheriff's Officers after her.
So, whatever he did with that card,
he's screwing her over.
Well, that'd make me murderous.
Siobhan was screwing Murdo
for a couple of months,
and he called me out the blue.
Told me what they'd been doing.
Said it'd run its course.
Can only keep it fresh for
so long before it gets boring. Jesus.
- Did you smash his car up?
- What? No.
Kicked Siobhan out though.
While the kids were at school.
- Do you know where she went?
- I haven't seen her for three days.
Where have you been
the last three days?
Here, for god's sakes.
Trying to explain to an eight year
old and a six-year-old
why their mother isn't home.
Would she have gone to stay
with relatives?
She left in a state.
Christ knows what she'd been doing.
"Closed out of respect
for Murdo Stirling."
Door's been forced.
Reasonable cause.
Just to let you know, I've also been
working on some lyrics
for our company song.
His line is that
he was just getting his camera back.
- Did he take anything else?
- Nothing on him.
But we don't know what else
he did in there.
You OK to start the interview?
I need to sort out Morgan.
They're just selfies.
Jokey more than anything.
- I can show you, if you like.
- I meant sort out her dinner.
Stuart's been filming for weeks,
get the footage off him.
Weirdly quiet dinner.
Are you ill?
I know this is private, erm
You want to talk about the session?
Actually, it was more Blair.
Jake wanted me to talk
about a moment in my childhood
where I felt safe.
I couldn't think of anything.
There were lots of times
when you were safe.
When I felt safe. Different thing.
- I keep you safe.
- You told me not to drink the water.
Well, that's an example of me
keeping you safe.
Sounds a bit paranoid.
Who's that?
This is what I mean.
I won't follow.
Damn it.
Sounds beautiful, Morfar.
I think the next
holidays are Easter.
Wait, are you talking to my dad?
He's asking when I can play out.
I was in the middle
of a conversation!
You talk to me
before you organise a holiday.
Jake said I should reach out to
other family members.
Well, Jake doesn't know what your
grandparents are like
Maybe he does. Maybe he gets that I
need different things.
- Different from what?
- You. Half the session was about you.
Can I have my phone back, please?
- Campbell?
- Aye.
Do you want a lift to therapy?
So you can tell me off
when I get back?
No, because we paid for a week.
OK, it's not because of the money,
I think it's important
you see it through and I promise
I'll keep my mouth shut.
Siobhan's husband called.
His wife's taken
the kids out of school.
The Head called him to check
because she was overheard talking
to them about going on a plane.
She's booked a hotel next
to the airport.
She there now?
Just checked in. You having a party?
- There's Heidi.
- Yeah, I think you're right.
Uniform got her alibi but they're
leaving Murdo's fraud
- for us to break to her.
- Nice of them.
Did you get the camera boy's
video footage?
About 80 hours of it.
We're working through it.
You and me together in all
and every weather ♪
Trying to deliver ♪
A cold-blooded killer. ♪
That's the world's creepiest
company song, Blair.
Murdo liked stealing people's wives.
Think the kid's his?
Let's find out.
Heidi Greenshields?
I worked for him for three years.
One utter bastard.
I should've guessed.
I bet he got in to my computer.
Well, if it's any consolation,
you weren't the only one.
That's why we're here.
Then I bet he'll
have done it to them all
with a smile on his face,
and more, probably.
What a monster.
- So, is this little one
- What, Murdo's? God no.
No, his dad's serving overseas.
Did you look after
the diaries at Natural Water?
For the senior team.
Was everyone around three days ago?
Oh, we were all in,
except for Murdo and Mel.
She blocked out two days.
I remember because, well,
with both of them gone,
it was just really, really nice.
Does the name S Campbell
mean anything to you?
So, Siobhan's car was
caught by CCTV
near Callander the day
after the murder.
Callander's pretty near
Loch Katrine.
She has an early flight tomorrow.
Tickets for Oslo.
You're kidding me?
Just talk about that salty
liquorice that you all eat,
that should put her off going.
Yeah, you and me both know that'll
be her number one motivation.
Siobhan, it's Annika. I'm a police
officer, can I come in?
Ah. Hello, again.
Is your mummy there?
You winning? Good lad.
- She's in the bathroom.
- OK.
Siobhan, I'm going to come in
unless you tell me you're all right.
The medics are coming.
OK. Hey, let's go.
Come on, come on.
- What have you taken?
- Valium.
And I went in to the mini fridge.
OK. Come on.
Siobhan, I'm investigating the death
of Murdo Stirling.
He drowned in Loch Katrine
three nights ago.
Do you know anything about that?
It's got to be a woman who did it,
Anyone who'd anything to do with him
must've thought about killing him
sooner or later.
- And you?
- Oh, God.
No, I was just having a bit of fun.
I I paid for the trips, the
dinners, when I suggested he might
pitch in for some of this, he went
cold and called my bloody husband.
Who would do that?
He trashed his stupid car.
Been on a friend's floor since.
We'll need to check that, Siobhan.
When you catch her
I'm visiting her in jail.
And bringing her a bloody cake.
I knew the name rang a bell.
Sandy Campbell.
Came in for a visit four weeks ago,
marked as unscheduled.
Here's the visitors' log
and the number is
I can get an address from that.
Can you get me a copy of his work
diary for the last year?
Dad's on his way. Poor kids.
Poor all of them.
They found S Campbell.
Heidi at Natural Water had a lead.
OK, so, I've got
Wait, there's two things.
First, Morgan's been sending
pictures of herself to Blair.
- What kind of pictures?
- I dunno, I haven't seen them.
Well, you need to do that.
Well, you asked her if she
had friends and now she's
- Friends at school, I meant.
- Yeah. So, what do I do?
Tell her to stop
and block her phone.
Oh, she already thinks
I don't trust her.
Fine, then, let her keep sending
secret photos of herself
- to one of your investigators.
- Oh, God.
What's the second thing?
I've got a crush on her therapist.
- Hi, we're here to see S Campbell.
- In regards to what?
Murdo Stirling.
Some police here, Sandy. Want to
talk to you about your father.
Ah, father.
- That your Saab out there?
- No.
- It's mine.
- The 93, is it?
Got that need-to-know
feature on the dash.
Cuts out distractions.
They have them in aircraft cockpits.
- Oh, really?
- Aye.
So, maybe don't be
so quick to deny you own it.
Ah, you don't know
what you've done for me, Sandy.
What's this about?
Murdo Stirling was found dead
at Loch Katrine two days ago.
He was drowned. Deliberately.
I can't say I'm surprised.
I'm guessing you didn't have much
to do with him, then?
He left after Sandy was born.
He would turn up the odd Christmas
but not for years now.
Does he not pay maintenance?
He was doing the bloody opposite.
Sandy's got compensation money
from the hospital,
held in Trust.
Murdo's been draining it.
Called on him about four weeks ago
to ask for it back.
Wouldn't see us. How are you
getting things paid for?
Calling in favours.
People rally round.
Murdo tried to hire a boat
using a credit card under Sandy's
name on the night he was murdered.
Of course he did.
Where were you two nights ago?
Argh Argh, argh, argh.
Do you want some help?
No. No you're OK
Yeah. I was laughing.
No, you weren't, you bugger.
We were at the football
two nights ago.
That's what we were doing,
weren't we, mum?
Bad result.
Like getting hit over the head with
a spade every week.
Yeah, it's fine, we'll check.
Er, thanks for your time.
Any chance I can have
the credit card?
Nice try.
We're 60% water.
And in our lifetime, each of us
will drink about 60,000
litres of it,
and, so, the small amounts of
nitrate in there scale up to
You vicious bastard.
Seriously. Christ, Murdo!
- Shall I cut?
- No, keep rolling, this'll be fun.
Yes, stop the damn camera.
Swear to God, have you any idea what
this'll do to the company?!
Got a fair idea, like.
Sam, nice and quick one,
has anything come across your desk
recently about Natural Water?
The mum was a wee bit hazy
about the match, don't you think?
Yeah. Check with the ground,
see if they did go,
and, if she didn't kill Murdo,
she's shown a lot of restraint.
Is Blair talking to the press?
This is Sam. I know her from school.
And I know her
from a press conference.
Glad I was memorable.
Wasn't the word I was thinking of.
What have you got?
The news outlet
I work for paid Murdo 50 grand.
- What for?
- He had a Natural Water story.
It was supposed to come out today
but it's been held back.
I imagine Mel's legal team have been
trying to prevent publication.
What's the story?
I'm not senior enough, sounded
career-ending, though,
but of course now
we've lost the source.
Which Mel will be hoping fatally
damages the story.
- I mean, it gives her a big bloody reason to
- Blair.
Would you give us a minute?
Sure. I'll go and police.
- What do you want?
- Nothing.
So, this is a free tip-off?
I hope you think I've been useful.
I guess we'll see.
Blair will show you out.
You going to bring Mel in?
You need a press officer.
You back, Mum?
Murdo was paid a significant sum
by a news organisation to supply
information incriminating
to Natural Water.
The credibility of that story
is undermined by his death
and the person best placed
to gain by it is you.
I reject the phrase "best placed".
We've got you arguing
with Murdo on tape.
And we've got a gap in your diary
at the time of his death.
What did he have on you, Mel?
Natural Water is funded by that
water brand you're drinking.
Turned out every time we talked
about what comes out of your tap,
the bottled water
industry benefitted.
So, they offered us research money.
Our goals were aligned
so we took their money.
You've still got something to say.
Just now it looks like you're
lobbying for a commercial company.
You make pragmatic choices.
I've got a lot of salaries to pay.
So, you kill the source
of that story.
I was at Spritz three nights ago,
they're based in Aberdeen.
Letting them know
the story might come out
and they should prepare a response.
Their response was to cut all ties.
They'll have records of my visit.
Sorry, boss, you've got a visitor.
She said that she'd finished with
therapy so why did she call you?
Because she was feeling anxious,
didn't know who else to call.
Well, you must think I'm awful.
She wanted me to go over,
but of course I can't do that.
- Oh, I'm I'm so sorry about this.
- Don't apologise.
She knew I was going to be late.
Then I think she's making a point.
What's your system?
Er, it's historical dates and
this one's the Fire of London.
No, that's the French Revolution.
1789 is the French Revolution.
- I'll call Michael.
- Don't you trust me?
I get three goes and then
we get locked in a panic room.
I mean, I lobbied for 1397 which
was the year Norway entered
into a union with Denmark.
I wouldn't have got that.
So, what point is
my daughter making?
She's allowing in some difficult
emotions, and,
because they're difficult, she's
taking them out on you.
Why isn't she taking it out on you?
I mean, isn't that what you're for?
Well, up to a point.
But also she might be worried
about a union between
Norway and Denmark.
In the scenario where I'm Denmark.
- Right, and I'm erm
- Yeah.
- Yeah, obviously, I am.
- Which she might find conflicting.
Might or definitely?
She definitely might.
Erm, and, erm
is such a union, erm
Do you think we'll get to
a point where we can talk normally?
God, I hope so.
Er, thank you for coming.
She not giving you a lift?
- Doesn't look like it.
- OK.
- I get it now.
- I don't suppose
There's a bus stop round the corner.
At the end of the Ibsen play,
the doctor says,
"The strongest man in the world
is he who stands alone,"
and his daughter
grasps his hands, lovingly,
and with admiration,
and says, "Father."
I mean, it's easy to write
that stuff, isn't it?
I don't think you should be
mad at grandad.
I spoke to him after and he said
he was sorry he upset you.
- He was just trying to do the right thing.
- Wait.
Rewind. What did you just say?
Grandad's just trying to do
the right thing.
Hear it?
A motorbike.
Mm. That's what the drilling was.
OK, so, Morgan needs a mother,
therapist and possibly
a grandparent but I'm on the fence
about that, but definitely a friend.
And, you know, she'll get
a a proper one soon
but, in the meantime,
it seems it's you.
- So, please, be kind to her.
- Of course.
What did you find?
Well, his mum died six months ago,
he took some compassionate leave,
it's marked up in his work diary.
Her name was Katrine.
So, she was named after the loch.
That's the significance.
And the only one Murdo shared
with his father.
Who told her she died years ago.
- MA was ma after all.
- Yeah.
Although make-up artist
was strong, too.
We don't know she wasn't one.
He loves them so he helps them.
Even if his son never did.
So, there really was something nasty
in the water.
I just need to have a quick word
with your grandad.
What do you want?
I don't think you planned it, Rab.
Planned what?
What you did to your son.
On the boat.
I think he said something
and you snapped.
He left them.
And he hurt them.
And then he robbed them,
Sandy's money.
I asked him to give it back,
for his mother's sake,
we were spreading her ashes.
I promised her we'd do it together,
and I would talk to him.
What did he say?
He said he needed compensating, too!
And I knew he would
keep on doing it over and over!
Let's just wait in here.
- No, I can't.
- No, it's fine, honestly.
I held his head under.
And he was drunk and stoned
but he
He was just a wee boy, for a moment.
And he was struggling.
I felt
Oh, what a thing to do!
What a thing against nature.
Your own blood.
You need to say goodbye to them.
He was already dead to us, Grandpa.
I know. As soon as I did it, I knew.
So, Ibsen got his house servant
pregnant, did you know that?
She had a son and apparently he
never made any attempt to see him.
- You've read it.
- Read it aloud to the kids.
Are you keying up a joke about
how it got them to sleep?
Never, I respect your culture.
Anyway, my eldest went to
a counsellor at the school
for anxiety, I'd forgotten
all about it.
Just trying to remember
if I slept with the shrink or not.
OK, that's very good.
I haven't, and I won't.
Yes, you will.
You're walking home.
So, is the water safe to drink
or isn't it?
Mm, drink as much as you like,
best water in the world.
Hi, Morgan.
Final session.
- Hello, Miss Strandhed.
- Mr Strathearn.
Oh, God.
OK, well, thanks for
what you've done for Morgan.
It was a pleasure.
I'll send my assessment
after the session.
What, about this whole experience?
Right, you can
have that now, thumbs up.
I see why you get paid big bucks.
I've been reading up about the
unification of Norway and Denmark,
described by historians
as 400 years of darkness.
Yeah, there was the odd year that
would've been fun, though, right?
- Perhaps I should
- Yeah.
I mean, that wasn't a no, was it?
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