Annika (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I believe engineers have
identified six different types of bridge.
There's a 'beam' bridge,
which is, well it's
just a slab of concrete,
or even a log across a stream.
There's, uh, an 'arch' bridge,
like the Rialto in Venice. Very nice.
There's a 'suspension' bridge,
like the Golden Gate
in San Francisco.
three other types of bridge.
What they all have
in common, though,
is that their purpose
is to cross a divide of some sort.
And on the whole they can be very successful.
But that's assuming that the two sides
are happy about being connected.
Sometimes all you do is let the enemy across.
Cara Gibson,
Lived on the Byrestock Rd, Hillhead.
Where's her coat? It's freezing.
come off during a struggle.
SOCOs found hair and
blood on the bridge.
Some footprints, they
might be able to make a cast.
I guess the killer just
knocked her unconscious
and threw her into the river.
Nice suit.
I'd heard you retired.
Promoted, actually.
DS. Marine Homicide
The divers found
this near the, er, victim.
Different pace for you, eh?
Thanks for the extra prints on this,
good to see you Ash.
Cara Gibson,
feel like I know that name.
She's a
writer, TV personality.
Big on social media and all that.
Also a popular TV columnist.
Not that popular.
I'm not critcizing,
but you share a hobby
with naval prisoners of war.
It's not a hobby.
Hold that.
What is it?
A wrought-iron truss.
What bridge is it?
Menai Bridge.
Built by Thomas Telford.
He was an only child and
his mum was a single parent.
And I see why he is a genius.
He left home at 16
and never went back.
Yeah, well.
So I was thinking, it's been
ages since we hung out.
Me with work, you with
You know, the things you do.
Why don't we go out?
Somewhere fun.
And when you say "fun"?
I mean an exhibition on
bridges, at the aquarium.
You're doing a late event.
- For the extra adrenalin?
- Yeah, exactly.
- Tomorrow?
- After therapy?
How is the new therapist?
She seemed nice.
Very smiley. And she,
obviously, you know.
Jake likes her-
I mean, not that I've spoken to him.
Might've been 15 Telford
left home, maybe even 14.
Cara Gibson. She was a Writing
From Life lecturer at Glasgow University,
but better known for her bestsellers.
Pretty broad subjects:
Welfare, culture, the
music industry, modeling.
I read Workshy back in the day.
Well, the first few pages.
It's a fun read if you hate the poor.
Well, calling people lazy and
responsible for their own situations
gave her a pretty good media career,
lots of talk radio, panel shows.
She even fronted a
short-lived TV show,
where people in poverty
were given a makeover
to try and pass them
off as aristocracy.
Why was she back at University
getting paid by the hour to teach?
She just stopped writing.
Guess she made some enemies.
Well she definitely made one.
- Have we found her mobile?
- No.
It wasn't in her bag, but we've
requested the phone records.
And we have her bank statements.
The usual stuff, mostly,
but she had been having lunch at
The Menagerie for the last few days.
Evelyn Bailie sings there.
She's one of the stars
featured in Sour Note,
the band exposé one.
They were terrible, and I know,
cos my daughters liked them.
When she got done
for drugs, it was a relief,
house has been quiet.
After the book came out, Evelyn
was booted out of the band.
So there's a possibility that Cara was
trying to make contact with this, singer.
Why though? If she ruined her career.
- Family call. Can I?
- Sure
- Hi.
- OK, let's pull together CCTV from
the bridge, and sort
an appeal for witnesses.
We'll go to her University digs.
And why don't you treat yourself
to lunch at The Menagerie?
Oh, really?
No. No, not really.
Think Morgan could study in Glasgow?
I mean it's on the doorstep.
She's already got the accent.
She want to?
She could be encouraged to.
- Is she going to open days?
- Not yet.
Well then the world's her
oyster then. England, Europe,
- Well that's a bit
- The States.
- Well there's a massive ocean
- And Australia!
Australia's got some great universities.
What are you trying to do to me?
Graham Kennedy?
Might be.
Hmm. I like to smile in these, uh?
Did you know her?
Cara and I worked at the university together.
She was a force of nature.
A good friend.
I get why people do it, but
they're just going to
rot there, aren't they?
Huh. Hmm.
I mean you could
find a vase, correct?
When did you last see Cara?
A few days back,
she locked herself out.
Was there any indication there
might have been something wrong?
I'm the maintenance guy.
They're the ones who notice the most.
Well I don't. Just in and out.
Why don't you try him?
Fraser Clanahan, her co-writer.
He teaches at the Kelvinbridge campus.
Sorted her out with this cushy number.
Uni pays half the rent.
Thought you didn't know much.
She meets a lot of colleagues.
Drinks too much. You
know, stuff gets damaged.
Then how do you know
where she keeps her booze?
She doesn't have a wine cellar.
I can't find a laptop,
and she must have one.
That everything then?
One-two, one two?
I will be with you ♪
Evelyn Bailie?
Oh. And now I miss my grand dad.
Only he calls me that.
It's "Evie B."
Need to talk to ya about Cara Gibson.
Couldn't believe it when I heard.
I'm gonna post a tribute on TikTok.
Well that's pretty generous,
given what she did to you.
Look, I was going to
leave the band anyway,
work on my solo material.
Got a new track dropping next
week, if you're interested.
Yeah. Cara came
here last week for lunch.
3-4 days in a row.
What'd she want?
To interview me.
She was writing another book.
- What about?
- Dunno.
Her big comeback?
I stopped listening when
she said I wouldn't get paid.
I'm not giving away content for free.
She screwed your career.
Where were you last night
between 10 and 11 pm?
Working man's club.
Tough gig.
Play there, you
can play anywhere.
There is one thing.
Maybe something. Or nothing.
Cara got all angsty about the book,
said she didn't want
to write it, but had to.
What was going to be in it?
Just, when it came out,
she said her life would
either start getting better,
or get a whole lot worse.
I'm wasted in this job.
I remember once, being in a cab,
going over the Forth bridge,
and the driver was telling me
the bridge existed in a neverending
struggle between tension and compression:
two sides, constantly
pulling away from each other.
And if the engineers didn't manage the
demands of these two opposing sides,
the bridge would buckle,
or collapse completely.
I mean, I was trying to kiss
someone in the back seat at the time,
so I may have missed some of the
physics, but I remember thinking that
in keeping a stable structure together,
some tension is clearly important.
Just not too much.
Your co-writer Cara
was pretty controversial.
Can you think of anyone
who might have bore a grudge?
Half the stuff she said was just for clicks.
She had a big heart.
And what about
Maggie Fisher,
one of the residents
mentioned in Workshy?
Cara had highlighted her name.
She was from the Braybank tower blocks,
hated us telling the truth about the place.
Crime, people abusing
government benefits.
She thought we had an agenda.
But we both grew up in places like that.
Parents down the boozer,
not one book in the house.
You and Cara took out a
restraining order against her.
She must have crossed the line.
Harrassment, nasties in the post.
But nothing for years.
From Michael.
Cara was writing another book.
News to me.
But I haven't seen Cara recenty, she, er
dropped out of our pub quiz team.
Do you know why?
It's nice that you're loyal.
Cara was doing the 12 steps, she
didn't want to hang around pubs.
Do you know why she might've
been at the Kingly Bridge last night?
And where were you
between 10 and 11 pm?
A university event- the hall, here.
Just got the Vice Chancellor's
job; had to show my face.
I'll ping over the details.
Not bad for a boy who grew
up in a house with no books.
I guess as well as
being addicted to alcohol,
Cara might've been a
bit addicted to attention.
Do you think the new book
was a way of getting some back?
Could be.
I'm thinking we should take
another look at Graham Kennedy,
he wasn't being up front with us.
- Can we put more resources on him?
- Love to, but I'm getting pressure
from Oban about my budget.
Can we keep it in the team?
So, that uniformed officer at the bridge:
Yeah, bad evidence handling.
Yeah, I wasn't thinking of that.
She knew me from Border Command,
- its'all good.
- Yeah,
but Marine Homicide's a new unit,
people are still getting
their heads around it.
I'm fine.
I'm going to grab a
coffee, d'you want one?
Yeah, thanks.
Hey brother,
thought I'd find you here.
Ahhh. Did I forget a wedding?
You forget all of 'em.
Catch anything?
Aye, a brute.
I let it go- you just missed it.
What sorta jacket?
My new unit.
Happy for ya.
Annika's my boss.
What a kick in the balls.
You get any chat about a woman
coming off the Kingly Bridge?
Aside from her dying?
But I suppose you want
me to ask around for ya.
I appreciate it.
Stop. I'm welling up.
- It's in the oven.
- What is?
A takeaway.
How is the new therapist?
She looked at the clock.
Probably didn't want
the session to run over.
When would you look at the clock?
When I am really interested in
what someone is saying to me.
Okay, fine.
What do you want to do?
Call Jake, see if he can
recommend someone else.
Okay, sure.
I'll have to look up his number though,
cos I deleted it.
'Course you did.
I'll get the plates.
Oh, look.
There it is.
Well that's why I, er,
yeah, that's a surprise.
I'll, um
It's here, and, Morgan asked, and I'll-
Is Morgan doing anything later?
My wee sister's staying
with me for a couple of days.
Same age.
Yeah, we're actually going to
an exhibition on bridges.
Morgan is really-
I'll ask.
The last time Erin stayed with me,
I took her to the Secret Bunker.
- The nuclear shelter?
- Yeah.
She thought I was taking her out
to a nightclub.
The only one there with glitter on her face.
OK, so Forensics came back.
The hair and blood found
at the scene matches Cara's.
Red fibers were also recovered,
most likely from a carpet.
Further results from the post mortem:
blood alcohol levels were sky-high,
point-1-5 percent, so she
would have been visibly drunk,
throwing up.
What made her fall off the wagon?
From her singer, we know
she was writing another book,
and that she was worried about it.
She might've been writing it on a laptop
Which is missing from her flat.
Her last couple books created a stink,
probably bracing herself for the next one.
What do we know about the
woman with the restraining order?
Maggie Fisher? Currently
fitted with an ankle tag
for serious assault and breach,
and the signal was lost just
before 10 pm the night of the murder.
Yeah, I maybe shoulda
said that right at the top.
I mean, before the thing about
your sister staying over?
Which happens in the chat on the way out.
Exactly. Yeah, I mean, it's fine
though, 'cos we've got it all covered.
Thanks for coming with me.
Not even sure I'm doing the right thing.
She was our friend, we
have to do what we can.
It's better than doing nothing.
Well, Maggie's ankle tag
is loud and clear today.
Cold day in hell before I
cry over that two-faced cow.
We found a copy of
Workshy open on Cara's desk,
and she'd circled your name.
Any ideas why?
Don't know, don't care!
She called me last week,
I deleted the voicemail.
You got a tux?
- Sorry?
- Old folks poker night,
this is the closest they'll get to a casino,
you'd look good at the tables.
And since you're so
interested in my red carpet.
You sounded angry
that Cara had called you.
We're all just thieves
and scroungers, right?
No one's put money in this place
for years,
we were supposed to get a skate park,
and that never happened.
Now they're tearing the
whole place down, and
dumping us in crappy
houses miles away.
You've got a record for assault, don't ya?
Somebody says something
to my daughter, and I pop.
I jumped in to protect her,
that's all that was.
And on the night of the murder?
Where were ya?
Cos I'm rethinking that
casino gig I was giving ya.
So your ankle tag's working again.
You went off grid around
the time Cara was killed.
It was faulty! I've reported it.
So where were ya?
At home. Tucked up in bed
with Eddie Baines, all night long.
And he'll confirm that, will he?
Aye, if he's got his breath back.
What do you know
about this guy, hmm?
Oh, Graham.
Clever laddie.
Went to Uni.
Probably a lawyer by now.
Yeah. He's not.
It's gonna be okay.
Ming Mei Zhao?
DC Ferguson. How can I help you?
I'm a friend of Cara Gibson.
I think I know who murdered her.
Better come through, then.
I'm working on my PhD,
but I need extra money,
so I cover shifts at a taxi firm.
Cara called for a cab that night.
It was about 10:15.
Pick up was from her apartment,
to the university.
She must have been going to her office.
Bit late to be working.
How it is. She'd never get
everything done otherwise.
How was she?
Did Cara say anything?
Why she was going out?
Who she was seeing?
What was the driver's name?
Lachie Nevin.
I try to avoid sending him
to pick up women clients,
he gives me bad vibes.
But last night,
we were so busy;
he didn't call in to confirm
the drop off, for ages.
And I started to wonder.
You've got driver records, right?
Looking for Lachie Nevin.
Aye, that's him.
Stop, police!
I said stop!
Important to look both ways, Lachie!
More on Graham Kennedy.
He was studyinglaw at Strathclyde,
dropped out when he was accused
of stealing from student dorms.
Whole thing dealt with in-house.
Any connection with Cara back then?
No, but he grew up in Braybank,
the community that Cara
slayed, and he has keys to her flat.
Think we should talk to him again.
Yeah sure, but
check out Maggie's alibi first,
and get those carpet fibers to the lab.
Oh hello.
I've got to, just- er,
deal with something.
I'll be two secs.
Ah, sod it.
So, I had a dream
about a bridge last night.
What does that mean?
Did it break?
It totally collapsed, and then
it got washed away by the river.
Okay, well, it could signify
inner conflict, intimations of doom,
immiment catastrophe?
What if I said I had a dream about a cat?
- Well then your're fine.
- Then that's what happened.
Some therapists Morgan might prefer.
- Thanks.
- How is she?
Fine. She's just,er, doing a
school project. She's making a
- A bridge.
- Yeah, but y'see, I
I want to say 'cat' now.
You know, if she's interested
she might want to check out the
The exhibition!
- I saw that.
- Well it relates.
And we will be going
- at some point very soon.
- Well me too.
I love bridges.
Lots of- nice- um
- Exactly.
- So have fun, whenever you
- manage to get there.
- You too.
And thanks for dropping this off.
- No problem, I was passing.
- We're on the river.
Yeah, I was swimming past.
He's very funny.
- Graham Kennedy.
- You again.
I enjoyed it so much last time.
I'm glad you got something
out of it. What do you want?
I need to know your whereabouts
between 2200 and 2300 hours
two days ago.
Why am I suddenly in the frame?
Just routine.
Asking everyone are you?
Plus, you didn't mention
you were from Braybank.
So you're going to try and pin her murder
on the black guy from Braybank?
Not pinning anything
It's a homicide investigation.
You actually think you're
one of them, don't you?
Part of the team?
You're not.
Everyone's colorblind until
you put your foot wrong.
I've looked at the report.
I know you got a raw deal
when you were a student,
accused of stealing.
They didn't understand
how 'a kid from Braybank'
could afford a fancy mobile.
But my mom worked 3 jobs.
Nursing. Cleaning.
- Her motto was "If you don't work"
- "You don't eat"?
Where's your family from?
You know what I mean.
Must've stung when Cara
showed up though, right?
Nice flat.
Friends in high places pulling the strings,
- plus she wrote that book about Braybank.
- I didn't kill her!
She wasn't worth doing time for.
Did you sleep with her?
Have a nice day.
Cara's laptop's missing.
It's one
just like that,
in fact.
Oh, well she gave it to me.
You said you barely knew each
other, so why would she do that?
So. I'm going to take this laptop, and you,
in for questioning.
Don't you need two police
officers to detain a suspect?
Some of that law stuff stuck, then.
No comment.
No need for the heavy mob.
We know you picked up
Cara Gibson shortly after 22:15
to go to the university.
I'm a cabbie, aren't I?
There's no record of her
arriving there, so as it stands
you're the last person to see her alive.
And the last person is
always the one who did it.
She asked me to stop
the cab, said she felt sick.
Wasn't having her
spewing her guts
over the seats, so I kicked her out.
What she did after
that, I don't know,
or care.
vulnerable woman, roaming the streets.
So where did you kick her out?
I can't remember. I don't know,
had another fare. Airport.
So if it's that simple, why did you run?
Cos when I'd seen
that she'd died I knew
that someone'd be
pointing the finger at me.
And I was bang on.
When you picked her up
she was wearing this coat,
- now it's missing.
- I've already got a jacket,
which is a wee bit scuffed,
cos I got hurt by a car,
now what you
gonna do about that?
We've got you for 12 hours
Lachie, we can do what we like.
Including having
a wee dig into your past.
what about you have another shot, and
remember where you dropped Cara off?
Starting to come back to me now.
- What about that?
- Hmm.
It was a pub.
Riverview Inn, near the Kingly Bridge.
Did she go in?
But it's a decent place,
they don't serve drunks.
The cabbie says Cara
left her coat in the taxi.
He tossed it the next
day on the way to work.
Phone was in the pocket.
That explains why
they couldn't find it.
He says he dropped it off around 22:30,
and picked up the next
fare a few minutes after.
I'll get the
car's GPS information,
- checking the dash cam.
- Mmm hmm.
And you'll go to the pub, right?
Well, someone's got to do it.
The bloke Maggie was with
confirms she never left the flat.
So we've got nothing.
We've got Cara's laptop.
Graham Kennedy had
it stashed in his van.
- Oh. You, er, went to see him alone?
- Yeah,
he's in an interview.
I really think he's our guy,
- and once we go through Cara's file,
- And because we've got this.
He's going into
the Uni gym at 22:30
So not enough time
to get to the bridge and kill Cara.
But he still had her laptop.
Have Tech work on it overnight,
we might get something off it.
You want to come to an
exhibition on bridges? Cheer you up.
I'll push on with this laptop.
- Do you want to come?
- No I don't.
You were headhunted Tyrone.
I hear there are
grown men in Border Command
who are still
inconsolable that you left,
you don't need to
keep proving yourself.
Just trying to be a good cop.
You don't wanna
just be a good cop,
You wanna leap tall buildings,
and solve crimes
with your X-ray vision.
I've got to represent.
When do you get to ease off?
When I retire.
Or when I get the X-ray vision thing.
What about that?
Morgan, hey it's Jake!
- Why are you shouting?
- I don't know. Help me.
Hi again; Morgan.
Have you got a secret way
of looking at the clock?
I don't think so.
Wait. What? Where are you going?
Blair's here.
We haven't gone around the exhibition yet!
Pick me up some leaflets!
But you need to come! You'll reminisce
about this beautiful evening
we shared as mother and daughter!
Well we could still go in.
But you've just been in.
Well yeah, but, er, now
there's another exhibit
"The Life Cycle of Freshwater Fish."
- Freshwater what?
- Fish.
- Which I didn't get to see.
- Well it sounds fascinating.
Well I don't know
enough about them.
Me neither.
We've released the cabbie.
Oh, okay.
Dash cam proves he dropped
Cara off at the pub,
uniform also found a coat
where he said he threw it.
And what are you doing?
I'm on Tech Support for
this laptop that Tyrone found.
Mmm. And is my daughter behaving?
Morgan's fine.
Can I hear whale music?
Right, so let's watch that.
Right, I've got work.
I'll see you guys in the morning?
I can see your wee bottles.
But just those, okay?
A real downside, having
detectives in the family.
That's the truest thing
anyone's ever said to me.
So you stood your mom up tonight?
She'll be OK.
My old therapist's the
stand-in, so they can
talk through any issue
I brought up with him.
You saw a therapist?
You're so deep.
I love that.
You've not seen one yourself?
Nah. I'm really happy. And shallow.
I'd love to be that.
Stick around. It'll rub off.
Well, I might just do that.
- Well, I am well and truly 'informed.'
- Me too.
Some great stuff about
the fish's digestive system.
Do you want to grab
a coffee, for the drive home?
Um, actually I came in that.
Of course! The famous Memir,
Norse god who had
his head chopped off.
Well yeah, but
before that he did lots of
good stuff. Drank a lot of mead.
You sail?
Er, well, I used to, but
there was this time
on the sea, with my dad:
the wind got up, the waves got big,
we got disorientated. My dad
starts to panic,
and I'm just a kid. I've
never seen him like this.
And it took all our effort just to
get the pedalo back to the beach.
Oh you sod.
Yeah, they still talk about that in Corfu.
- Well, that's me
- Beautiful.
Mmm. Sturdy. Solid.
Holds her own in a storm.
- And in terms of knots per hour-
- Annika?
- Mmm-hmm?
- My place or yours?
Oh. Wow. Well that's-
Fish gag.
Oh, 'place'! Oh, sorry!
Yeah, sorry. Oh, that is excellent.
Oh, well, in that case.
I mean, give
me a pun and I'm anyone's.
So, was I wearing a
stab vest last night?
For a bit.
We should have left
half an hour ago; uh.
Perhaps we could eat
something on the way?
Yeah, we'll pick something up.
Really quickly- you can
say Yes or No to this-
So, to be clear:
- I was asking if-
- Yes.
Cos it's really hard to get
the dry cleaning picked up.
You going to school?
I'd better.
Aren't ya?
I guess. I'll try and do
my homework on the bus.
- Try doing it on a boat!
- Yeah?
But then you get to say a
shark ate your homework.
My sister bringing over is the best
thing she's ever done for me.
You're so sweet.
I mean, last time she took
me to a nuclear bunker,
so competition is not high.
- I'll message you.
- You better.
Have you been up all night?
- Have you?
- No.
So. Moving on:
Well, I went to the Riverview Inn,
the landlord doesn't have CCTV so
there's nothing on Cara.
But the place was closed
that night, the barman let her in
to use the phone, the
records are on their way.
We recovered some
data from Cara's laptop,
and we found a partial manuscript
and took shifts going
through it. Turns out.
- it's more of a memoir.
- A lot of stuff about her problems
with addiction. A bit about Betty
Bit of self-pity and all
the crap things she's done,
but the biggest crappy thing
is her books.
She admits to Workshy being a con.
She said she picked
up on the national mood,
so she twisted words and stories
so that Braybank fit the stereotype.
Where did she get her
stories in the first place though?
- A lot of it from Maggie.
- Who she paid.
Cara may have been writing it
to get her career on track, but
she's got no qualms about
throwing Maggie under the bus
along the way.
OK, let's pay her a visit.
I've nae got time to
talk to youse today,
we've got a protest march.
Ah. Still fighting for the community.
Too right!
If we don't look after
each other, who will?
But you helped Cara trash it.
She done that all on her own.
But she used stories that you gave her.
I thought she was my friend.
You don't
pay friends for stories.
It wasn't about the money.
She seemed interested in US.
I didn't expect she would
make us look like scum.
And then she informs you
she's putting you in her new book,
but if it got out, your
standing in the community,
- you would be-
- I didn't kill her!
I spoke to her once, a week ago.
Told her I'd get
battered if that new book came-
A man with a lot to lose.
We're on our way.
A bridge
is just this beautiful idea,
isn't it?
And they're often
beautiful in themselves,
but so hard to build.
You need loads of experts,
and getting the keystone
in the middle right,
is a delicate and difficult moment.
But the main problem with
them is quite a lot of the time
when you say you're
building a bridge,
you're actually
burning it to the ground.
I've got the location.
Why are
we going here exactly?
To visit someone who
calls himself a bridge builder.
It doesn't look promising now, but
within 5 years you'll
be looking at a new
Engineering Department.
Art, tub, and social space,
with accommodation and retail.
Our vision, which I will
shape as Vice Chancellor,
is of a connected campus.
Doctor Clanahan?
Can we have a word?
If you make an appointment, I
can give you all the time you need.
Oh no, that's fine we'll just
shout out our questions from here!
One of our colleagues,
sadly, passed away.
We're doing our best to
find out what happened.
You opening a clown university?
What do you want?
Cara was doing a big expose about
the first book you wrote together.
She was an alcoholic.
She never remembered anything.
Oh, seems pretty
lucid from what I've read.
And the place we wrote about
in the book, exists.
But not at Braybank.
And Cara was going to talk about it.
Really loudly, and really
publicly, and really damagingly,
and it's your book too.
You'd lose your big lecture fee,
your entire home, and
whatever the hell this is.
How about you tell
us your whereabouts?
I was busy, at the event, until 11.
You received a call from
the Riverview Inn at 22:28,
the pub near the bridge.
Check my phone, it'll prove I
never left the conference center.
Your phone never left.
That'll be the conference
center with all those
red carpets.
Brand new.
Fibers on your shoes,
fibers on your coat.
I've got it.
This is DI Strandhed,
all units to the Fun Fair
on Bishop St, please.
you OK?
Did he have to fight that hard?
Well, yeah. If you think you're
going to lose everything, you fight.
I'd fight.
I'd fight you.
Less punchy, more
bitey maybe, but-
It's mainly
just sugar though, isn't it?
I think it's exclusively sugar.
It was invented by a
dentist though, so, you know,
it's all right with him.
And this is for?
Ah. Uh, it's a thank you.
You don't have to thank us.
I don't have to, no, but it's
an homage to the arrest site.
OK, I'll take one. Thanks.
We can try to arrange to arrest
people other places though,
right, if this is going to be a thing?
- Like the pub.
- Or the zoo?
We could all get penguins.
I haven't thought this through.
- Want some?
- Isn't it pure sugar?
How was your night?
How was yours?
Mine too.
Learned a lot about dorsal fins.
I see I missed out.
- Should we talk about your bridge?
- Yeah.
So, Thomas Telford travelled the world,
and his bridges and his roads, and
are everywhere.
But he always came home.
No he didn't.
No, he didn't. Not really.
But he should have done.
Because it's very important to
keep in contact with your mother.
And stay open and talking.
- I'm just gonna
- Yeah, me too.
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