Annika (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Mum? What time is it?
It's early.
I have to work, go back to sleep,
if you can.
Love you.
I could hear you laughing.
Well, it was funny.
Did we get away with it?
It's too soon to say.
Do you think she knew?
I guess we'll find out.
I'm gonna need that cup
back because, it's my favorite
Well, you can see why.
Well- do you want to arrange that now?
I mean, that would make it
a straight-up, premeditated
- A date.
- Yeah.
We could square up to it-
it's a grown-up thing to do.
What do you think?
OK, but first let's have
a really, really serious
think about the benefits
of sneaking around.
So the classic Dionysian
festival would happen in spring
when the wine had become fermented,
and it was warm enough to wear
a toga, or whatever.
It would last for days.
There'd be animal sacrifices,
and wild dancing, gallons of booze.
An-an orgy behind every Acropolis.
I mean, as a god he's got a
lot going for him. Dionysus.
But all that divine ecstasy
could quickly switch to brutal rage,
and partygoers might find themselves
strangled, or torn
limb from limb.
Or just chucked in the Clyde
like this one.
The victim is Paul Kilbride, 55.
Self-made property developer,
celebrating his wedding anniversary.
His body was spotted floating
in the river around 1:20am.
From the lacerations
around his wrists and ankles
it doesn't look like he came
off the boat accidentally.
Right. So who's that?
His wife. Her best friend's with her.
Everybody else has been bused
to the Center to be interviewed.
Not even a death sobered them up.
See, I don't mind that
because you get different sorts
of answers when they're drunk.
Hi -
I mean, it's like a Dionysian blessing.
We'll be back shortly, Mrs. Kilbride.
So this is the possible crime scene.
Catering staff were in
and out of here all night
except for a period of about an hour
when the door was
locked from the inside.
- Huh.
- Which coincides with the time
Paul was seen coming below
deck around half-past midnight.
Looks like someone wanted
to make life difficult for forensics.
- Yeah.
- Mmm-hmm.
And that window's the likely exit point.
Right: let's, let's have a look.
What've we got?
Uh, blood; here.
Oh, hello.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Some water.
Champagne, from the shock.
That's fine.
Is there anybody who might've
wanted to harm your husband, Mrs Kilbride?
Everybody here was a friend.
The neighbor wasn't very friendly.
He punched Paul in the face.
Who was that?
Agamemnon Yiannopoulos: Mem.
He's aways behaved like a real gentleman.
Except tonight.
There's no record of Mr
Yiannopoulos being kicked off the boat.
Well he must've snuck off.
I woulda, if I whacked the host.
Auntie Gaynor.
My son's gonna drive us home.
I take it we're free to go?
Uh huh.
So looks like the
neighbor also owns a farm.
Well I've wanted to murder
most of my neighbors.
- His car's here.
- Hmm.
His quad bike isn't.
- Huh.
- Looks like he's continued the party.
Hey Charlie-boy, yeah?
You want to play with me?
If you've come to stop me,
you're wasting your time!
- No, I've come to talk, Mem!
- Send us backup immediately.
Are you friends of that rat?
No; no.
I'm a police officer.
I'm here about Paul Kilbride.
A street thief has more
integrity than that man!
I would have made a lot of money
from my turbines.
And he, well he stopped you?
When your neighbor, he
comes to you and he says
"don't put up the turbines on your land,"
"it's going to be a lot of trouble,"
"it's going to be an eyesore,"
you listen to him.
Well, he, he, he put up his own!
Waited for me to be out of the
country for a couple of months.
I was burying my mother.
My mother! My mother!
Mem! Mem, don't-don't
make things worse for yourself!
He stole my deal!
If he deserved what you did to him,
you can tell us all about
it back at the station.
I didn't even manage to
wipe the smirk off his face.
Yeah, he wasn't smirking when they
zipped up the body bag.
Ah. Okay.
Paul's dead, Mem.
Ahh okay.
So Mem didn't do it.
He'll be in court tomorrow
on firearm charges,
but he has an alibi for the murder.
He didn't want to
wait for the scheduled stop
after they pulled him off Paul, so
Mem disembarked via the water.
- He jumped off the boat?
- Mm-hmm.
Impulsive guy.
Luckily for him he was
caught on quayside CCTV
emerging from the
Clyde a good half an hour
before Paul went below deck.
Meanwhile, the boat's
CCTV is proving less fruitful.
The camera was
deliberately pushed away.
Well, somebody
didn't want to be seen.
And forensics have confirmed Paul's blood at the storage room,
but they're not hopeful of recovering
any usable DNA,
as well as the water on the floor,
it was a thoroughfare of catering stuff.
What about the pendant?
It's a St. Christopher,
patron saint of, well, everything:
sailors, soldiers, bookbinders.
There's pictures
online of Paul wearing it.
Ripped off during the attack?
I'd say so.
That's him
and his wife, Gaynor.
Paul's body seems to have been
caught up in tidal currents,
suggesting he came off the boat here,
just westward of the tidal weir.
The boat went on to
make a scheduled stop
half an hour later, here.
Convenient moment for
a murderer to make an exit.
Yeah, but only two
people signed off the boat
when it docked. Paul's godson
Gio MacGowan, and
someone called Veer,
who's not on the guest list.
They got off at Mavisbank Pier.
Why would a murderer sign out?
Peer pressure.
Oh, I don't
know if this is anything, but
Paul's offices were robbed
three days ago.
Well let's ask his wife
about that.
And someone should pay a visit to Gio,
because he was his mum's lift home,
so it's weird he left early.
And then let's find this other
guy, oh, who, who signed out.
Veer; Veer.
Yep; sure.
I know that meeting a guy
called 'Mem' will have given you
some kind of Ancient Greek kicks,
you were shot at today,
are you all right?
I have, er,
access to a therapist.
Oh, okay, so that's back on, is it?
Mm hmm,
but it's high security clearance.
So Morgan doesn't know.
I don't think so. Probably not.
I mean, she might have guessed.
Who knows?
He's not like this as well, is he?
Little bit.
I think you find it more straight forward
when someone has a shotgun on you.
So, Aeschylus
wrote Agamemnon
in honor of Dionysus,
as it happens.
It's about a king who
murders his daughter.
Not that he meant to.
He was due to sail an army to Troy
but the goddess Artemis
wouldn't let the wind blow,
so his ships were just,
stuck in the ocean.
Gave his daughter as a sacrifice
so the wind would blow,
and he could go off and enjoy himself
and in my view that's
very bad parenting.
So I've thought about this, um,
'sneaking around' thing now
and I think it should probably stop.
Mem was having fun.
I wasn't.
I tried to tell her I was leaving,
but couldn't find her.
When did you last see Paul?
Don't remember.
Early on?
Would you be happier for us
to take your statement at the station?
Aye, that'd be great.
You'll want to take your jacket.
It's supposed to protect
the wearer.
St. Christopher bore the weight of
the Christ child across the river
though it nearly crushed him.
So Paul was wearing
the pendant that night?
He never took it off.
His father gave it to him.
Do you know anything about
the break-in at Paul's office
a few days ago?
Paul said he knew
who took the money.
I was hoping I'd find you resting.
Don't fuss, Carmela.
Paul didn't tell the police
he suspected anybody.
He didn't want anybody getting
into trouble.
I think it was somebody
he knew, and liked.
Did he tell you who?
Got that sedative for you.
Well perhaps we could finish
our inquiries first.
I thought it could be Doug McRae.
He and Paul were at loggerheads
over a bit of business.
Doug McRae's on the
list of guests at the party.
If Paul excluded anybody he'd ever had
a business dispute with,
we'd have had no guests.
Where was this taken?
The boat we were on for the party.
You shoulda seen the leaky-ass
bucket that Paul bought.
We were amazed what the boys
had achieved, weren't we?
We had a guest who signed themself on
and off the boat
with the name 'Veer.'
Do you know who that
might have been?
I think you should go now.
You might want to think about
what's helping your friend
right now, and what isn't.
I lost my husband
less than a year ago to cancer.
This woman was a rock for me then,
so you'll understand why it's
my job to protect her now.
I do. We'll continue this later
Why would I steal money
from my own godfather?
Because he's loaded,
whereas you're still living
at home with your mum.
I there at home when my dad got ill.
The money you saw is my savings
to buy my own place.
Oh you're cash-in-hand, then?
And you just happen to be counting
through the day after your
godfather was murdered?
They said to get my affairs in order.
Did you argue with Paul? Is that
why you stole the money?
We barely speak to each other.
What, not even that night?
There were a lot of guests.
But you weren't just any guest,
your parents are best friends.
Paul wasn't a friend.
He made out to be.
How come?
I just wanted off that
shitty boat.
So I left, okay?
You all right Mr. MacGowan?
All right, we're suspending
the interview at 1300 hours,
He's going to get the medic.
Relax, Gio.
It's OK.
Your mom's on a call.
Can you get this to Erin?
I'd take it myself, but
I don't know how to get in
touch with her without this.
Why do you have my sister's
phone in the first place?
She left it at mine this morning.
Mum doesn't know she stayed over, so
I suppose my parents don't either.
Thanks, for making me an accomplice.
So, don't arrest yourself.
Morgan! Something happen?
I was missing you.
Aww, that's nice.
I've just had to release a
suspect who we've somehow
made breathless with
our lack of evidence.
- OK, well you're busy, so-
- No no, that's fine, come on.
We'll have a chat.
I'm seeing Jake.
Sort of; casually.
- Oh.
- Yeah, after we, uh, bumped into each other
at that exhibition.
It wasn't entirely my fault,
cos you left us alone, in fact.
So in, anyway-
That's not fair. Um,
it's me. Not you.
Anyway, uh, he,
he came over, last night.
Last night?
I know. Sneaking
around behind your back
is, uh
It's not, that bad.
Jake says there are all sorts
of implications
because he was your therapist.
For one week.
It's no big deal.
So maybe we could
invite him around for dinner
OK, big moment.
Too big? Is that too big?
It's too big isn't it?
Big moment for your cooking.
Yeah, you're right.
I haven't cooked, really,
since the mid-90s.
When you last had a boyfriend.
Oh, it's so painful, here.
It's accurate.
It's very very harsh.
We need to
see who Paul met up with
over the last few days.
He had a relatively quiet week,
couple of site visits.
And Gio MacGowan?
Why were they meeting?
I think it was a social thing because Paul's wife
was there too.
Though, Paul was in a
stinking mood that afternoon.
Did he and Gio have a disagreement?
Actually I think he was grumpy
because Gaynor started talking about
- changing the party venue.
- How come?
Don't know.
Paul talked her down,
I'd've been raging
if he hadn't.
I had to organize
the whole thing.
Did Paul tell
you who he suspected of
committing the break-in?
He didn't suspect anyone,
it was just a random theft.
Sorry about all this,
Paul just didn't see mess.
I clean it every Monday, and
by Friday it's like this again.
Do you know Doug McRae?
I mean, a bit; to say Hi to.
Was there some sort of
dispute between them?
I don't think so.
Does this have all of Paul's
past contracts stored on it?
Last 5 years.
All right, we're gonna need
to take it.
'Course, let me just unlock it for you.
Was this card here last week?
- It's a lawyer's card.
- No.
It's not from these.
It's all yours.
Thank you.
Thanks for your help, Louise.
I think I may have
tracked down Veer.
One of the waiters from the
catering company called,
and some kid sent a replacement.
What do we know about him?
Catere said he was a bit of a weirdo.
They're looking for him.
OK. So people on the boat
who we're interested in.
Replacement waiter.
Veer, missing.
Doug McRae, supposedly in dispute
with Paul, although
there's nothing about him on
his laptop.
Oh. So, is Doug the mug?
Has anyone spoken to him?
He hasn't been home
since the night of the party,
the neighbor says
that's not unusual for him.
- The secretary said she knew him.
- We're looking into that.
And should we be speaking
again to Gio MacGowan?
He implied he barely saw Paul
but he was at his offices
3 days before he was killed.
Carmela would have us believe
that they're all one big family
but that's clearly not how Gio sees it.
Pretty neat stuff here.
Well maybe their relationship shifted
after Gio's dad died,
so let's take a look at that.
And what about the lawyer's card?
It's a personal injury firm.
There's a partial number on the card,
so we're cross-referencing Glasgow firms.
Maybe someone got hurt,
on one of Paul's renovation contracts.
Or the lawyer had a premonition
that Paul would be involved
in an accident and
it wasn't his fault.
What've you got?
A post mortem.
Cause of death:
cardiac arrest.
He didn't drown?
But they did find some
water in the lungs
that wasn't water from the Clyde.
Black fibers, found in his mouth,
throat and lungs
from a cloth held over his mouth,
lacerations on his arms and legs,
consistent with him being restrained.
Bottles of water at the crime scene.
Was he waterboarded?
I'm gonna get a stapler.
Don't feel you have to
look after me.
I'll stay as long as you want.
Waterboarding is calculated and precise,
but this one looks kind of amateur.
I'm guessing they used a couple of
cable ties to keep him under control.
Plus, he died of a heart attack during it,
so they might not even have meant
to kill him.
Do you think they were after information,
and it went wrong?
The Inquisition was the
first to used waterboarding.
They weren't interested in information,
just an admission of guilt.
So you think Paul had
something to confess?
Mmm, haven't we all?
My wee sister stayed over at yours
the other night.
I mean, they were
pretty cozy at the time, but
Which time?
When they came over to mine.
But I did know they'd
started seeing each other.
So I-
I wonder if they saw, er
But I mean, I was also-
Er, okay.
Well that was lovely. Very subtle.
Thank you.
Really delicate flavors.
- Again, thank you.
- Very light.
- Understated.
- OK, I get it.
You're competing for
the best way of saying 'bland.'
- Very good.
- He did really well, I've had
- years of practice.
- Well that was really good, honestly.
Thank you.
- Did you say there was ice cream?
- There is.
- Did you make it?
- I did not.
What a shame.
May I use the bathroom?
First on the left.
Is this OK for you, Morgan?
He's funnier than he was
in the therapy room.
So I invited him 'round
in the spirit of openness.
You okay?
I'm making a pitch for
the 'spirit of openness' here,
and I'm inviting you to be similarly
I think he really likes you.
Don't change the subject,
I've opened myself up here.
- it's a cupboard.
- What?
First on the left; it's a cupboard.
Hang on.
- You can go in the Loch if you want.
- Don't go in the Loch! Hello?
We've got the
waiter's address
Send me a text, I'll meet you there.
Slight change of plan, uh, I'm really sorry.
That's fine.
Second on the left;
spirit of openness.
I didn't work on the boat that night.
I had a stomach bug I
couldn't shake, is why
I offered the shift to Veer.
Do you have an address for him?
Oh, he's my flatmate!
He's no left the flat since-
This is the police.
You need to open this door.
Want me to force it?
Uh; yeah.
Well there's no lock in it.
He knew we were coming.
He put up his own camera
to watch the CCTV on the street.
I think it would make sense if you
do as many mushrooms as he does.
Check out the
position of the street camera.
Shunted, like the boat's CCTV.
So what state was he in, when
he came back that night?
I stayed out of his way,
he can be pretty scary
when he's high,
which recently is
all the time.
You might want to
take a look at this:
Veer's internet search history.
Do you want me to explain the rules
again to you fully?
Just be clear when we're starting.
Can't say 'yes' or 'no,'
and we're starting now:
are you a therapist with
a specialism in Childhood Trauma?
Ye- you bet.
Well you don't have to sound
so cheerful about it!
Are all the questions
going to be this personal?
You'll have to see.
- Have you been married before?
- Once, is that a problem?
Not necessarily.
- Were you mean to her?
- We're still friends,
have you been married before?
- I'm 15!
- Because I think you're hiding something
from your mum.
- Hey, no followups.
- Is my mum your girlfriend?
I'd like her to be.
Even though you've tasted her cooking?
You ate more than me,
and you stuck around.
Do you worry about
dating a detective?
I thought you said "no followups."
- She went to work during dinner.
- She's got an important job.
Are you OK with us being together?
I'm fine.
Is it important what I think?
Very important. To both of us.
I miss talking to you, actually.
Well it's not the same now:
us talking here, and us
talking in my office.
Feels the same.
I like it.
But it can't be the same, Morgan.
Not if I'm with your mother;
you understand that?
I said 'yes'!
You cooked a what?
It's a kind of Greek stew.
Did you say what it was out loud?
No, I only read the recipe, and
I was rushed.
I hadn't really thought
what it sounded like.
I mean they covered it really well,
but it was literally all anyone could
think about while they ate it.
Meal seemed to on for hours.
I wonder if was worse than
doing Beef Stifado.
God, then.
So, Veer's left us high and dry.
Except he's the one that's high, seems
he's hooked on hallucinogenic drugs,
flatmate's gonna call
us at the first sight of him.
Think he's our killer?
I think he's taken so many mushrooms
he doesn't seem in control
of his actions.
Are you on your boat?
Uh huh.
I left Jake having ice cream
with my daughter.
Free therapy; clever.
Doug McRae was in dispute with Paul,
he was refusing to pay
for shoddy work.
His files were deleted
from his laptop
the day we requisitioned it,
I think we should pay the
secretary a visit.
What did you cook for dinner?
Egg and chips.
- Did you eat all the ice cream?
- We saved you some.
- Has Morgan gone up to her room?
- Mm-hmm, an hour ago.
Did you think it would be OK if we-?
Oh right, OK. Um-
yeah, sorry for running out;
I should have said that first-
No, it isn't that.
- Morgan and I had fun.
- Uh-huh.
She's delighted to have her
old therapist back.
Well, the first time talking out of
your office was going to be weird.
Yeah, true.
And it probably doesn't help that she's
not yet connected with her new therapist,
- it's just a question of-
- Timing.
I know.
So Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter
because he need a sailing wind,
but if he'd just waited
it would have come, and
he could have had it all.
So we wait til the wind blows,
like Agamemnon should have done.
The usual trick here is you
send me home with some stew.
So you have to come back to return my, uh
I already miss those times.
Tupperware Times, best times.
How long did you agree to wait?
Didn't put a time scale on it.
I'm sure you'll manage,
there's lots of distractions.
- You didn't kiss him.
- How do you know?
- Then why aren't you with him?
- Well maybe I will, be now he's free.
S'not here.
Is that-?
Doug McRae.
OK, I'm going to badge it.
Do you want to do the Greek stew gag
or shall I?
What, Stifado or Kokkinisto?
- I'd go Stifado.
- Yeah?
So you stole money
from Paul's safe,
gave it to Doug,
staged a break-in,
and then deleted all Doug's files
to cover it up.
It's not stealing when it's
money Doug was owed.
Except you kept an extra grand
for yourself.
I work hard for Paul.
Oh. A bonus.
Did Paul see it that way
when he confronted you?
He liked having one over me,
it made him feel powerful.
Did he try to sleep with you, Louise?
Paul loved his wife,
it was his only redeeming feature.
And even if he had tried,
I'm not that tacky.
All right.
This is a photograph of you
on the night he was killed.
Can you describe your outfit
for the tape?
- It's a black maxi dress.
- Mmm.
Black fibers were found in
Paul's mouth and lungs;
and your dress was described
as "torn" by the end of the evening.
Did you hold it over his mouth
as you poured water down his throat?
I could never do that.
It would've been easy to
cable-tie his ankles,
the wrists as part of
this abduction.
The you'd be free to
teach him a lesson.
Until his heart gave out.
We know that you were below deck
at the time Paul died.
I wasn't anywhere near him.
I can prove it,
and the reason my dress was ripped.
let me have my phone.
We know the time stamp;
there's Louise and Doug,
you don't need to watch to the end.
Is there a name for people who go
at it as much as this much in public?
Ah, yeah, I believe
they call them 'young.'
Veer's shown up at his flat, and he's
kickin' off about the change of locks.
I'll come with ya.
Syd, you open this door!
You open this door, Syd!
You open this door!
This is MY home!
You made me do that shit!
Why can't you just
leave me alone, eh?
I don't think you're
gonna get in that way.
Mind your own business.
This is my business, mate.
I'm a police officer.
You, you should arrest Syd,
for locking me out of my home!
Let's clear this up at the station,
and maybe I will.
I just want a quiet life.
- Severe watched?
- I hear you, mate, I do.
Just come on, we'll talk it through,
and I'll get somebody to
look at that hand, hmm?
Come on, your almost there.
S'all right.
That's it.
No, we just wanna talk! Veer! STOP!
Still watching me-
OK, OK, it's all right.
Christ. Take a breath.
So, the medics won't be finished with
Veer anytime soon.
It's not just his hand that's messed up,
he's taken a lot of drugs.
So he admitted moving the
CCTV camera on the boat?
Yeah, he's done it all over Glasgow,
he thinks he's being watched.
He denies killing Paul, but
to be honest he has no motive.
Well, we're digging into Paul's past
to see who might.
Lots of small scale stuff, and
the odd unpleasant eviction, but
nothing to warrant a waterboarding.
Paul's pendant is engraved.
- The one found at the scene wasn't.
- Really?
So who's pendant do we have?
Gaynor said Paul's pendant
was given to him by his father.
Maybe Paul did the same for
his godson, Gio.
And the registrar emailed this morning,
with Gio's father's death certificate.
It's a form of cancer
called mesothelioma.
That's a nasty one, that's caused by
inhaling asbestos, I think.
How long does it take to develop?
Could be decades.
Mesothelioma leads to an excess
of liquid in the pleura,
which can make a sufferer feel
like they are drowning.
So pretty much how it might
feel to be waterboarded.
I need to talk to Gaynor,
and I need you to be elsewhere.
Carmela, can we have a
wee chat, is that all right?
Thanks, Michael.
Why did you tell us this was Paul's?
There's no engraving.
- I didn't notice.
- But you did, you checked the back.
Who does it belong to?
It's Gio's
Paul always meant to have it
engraved for him,
but never got around to it.
Where's Paul's St. Christopher?
Bottom of the Clyde.
Did Gio's dad help renovate
Paul's boat for the Millennium?
Was that where he was exposed
to the asbestos
that caused his cancer?
Carmela and I wondered,
but the men always denied it.
What about Gio,
did he think helping Paul with the boat
was the reason his dad died?
I know it was.
But, dad didn't help
Paul strip the boat,
dad did all of it.
Paul stayed well clear.
Everyone insisted the cancer
wasn't caused by that boat.
Dad couldn't accept his best friend
would put him in danger.
I'm sorry Auntie Gaynor,
but it's true.
I can't
There's a box in the other room.
I'll go.
I need a minute.
You were angry with Paul.
He took your dad from you.
He took more than my dad from me.
You stripped the boat too?
No; Gio was at school.
I was suspended, for fighting.
Dad said he would keep it secret
if I worked hard enough helping him.
But you're not
It was just the asthma flaring up is all.
I was diagnosed last week,
with mesothelioma.
My wee boy.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want you to
fuss over me,
the way you did with dad.
You confronted Paul in his office.
I thought he'd be devastated,
but he was only worried
whether I'd sue.
I didn't want his money.
I just wanted the lawyer
to find out if Paul knowingly
put me and my dad in danger.
You wanted a confession.
I didn't kill him.
Your St. Christopher was found in
the room where Paul was murdered.
Gaynor's identified it as
the one Paul gave you.
I had thrown it at him,
at his office,
when I told him I was dying.
Auntie Gaynor knows that,
she was there.
Mrs. Kilbride?
You were pictured wearing
a black scarf that night,
but you weren't wearing
it when I met you.
I lent it to Gaynor.
She's gone.
I know where you'll find her.
After sacrificing
his daughter, and winning the war,
Agamemnon stepped off
that boat to a hero's return,
all organized by his wife.
She greeted him in front of the crowds
with smiles and sweetness,
took him inside,
laid on a spread,
waited until he was in the bath,
then strangled him
and stabbed him.
Never underestimate a wife's
capacity for revenge.
Can't see
any sight of her.
Could she come here?
She tried to change the venue,
when she found out about Gio.
How can you have a party on a boat
that killed Gio's dad
and now him?
She wants this boat
under the water.
I'll check downstairs.
Stay back!
I know you hate this boat,
and all it means.
But don't do this to yourself,
- or me.
- Then get off the boat.
Did you get your confession?
Did he know the boat was dangerous?
Yes, he knew, of course he did!
You didn't mean to kill him.
OK? When his heart gave
out you had to improvise,
you're improvising now!
I loved Paul so much,
when he bought Gio
the St. Christopher.
I put it 'round his neck,
so the weight of what he'd done
to that child would crush him.
Tell Carmela I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, I've got you.
You're back early.
You been smoking?
No. Michael has.
I'm about to go out, actually.
Tell me, don't tell me,
it's fine.
There's a school thing.
Or it's an Erin thing.
I get it;
some things are simpler
when they're secret.
So what happened with Jake?
We've decided to take it slow.
Cos of me?
Cos of us.
Go on.
And enjoy your time with Erin.
You'll need those if
you're coming with her.
I mean, the
wind's blowing a bit, isn't it?
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