Annika (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

This arrived. Can I open it?
Not till your birthday.
Are you pining for Jake? What? No.
This is my face
for profound thought.
Often results in poetry, actually.
Here's hoping. Mm.
Plus, a case came in last night.
If I split up with Erin I'd
definitely be pining. It's an old
Norse word meaning suffering,
torment and agonising pain.
And I'm sure it's that kind of
sparkly chat that keeps it fresh.
Get in the car,
I'll give you a lift.
There was a detective called Annika
Whose daughter
was always ahead of her
She called her a word,
the origin heard
From the Encyclopaedia Britannica.
See? I was thinking of poetry.
Bringing Murder To The Land
by Anton Newcombe & Dot Allison
In Twelfth Night, Viola sails
into a storm so violent
that her brother, who's clinging
to a mast, is swept out to sea.
Viola herself washes up alive
on the shore,
but she has to ask
one of her fellow survivors,
"What country, friend, is this?"
In our case it's Scotland,
on the Glasgow Docks.
And this Viola was dead long before
she could even ask the question.
Thank you.
Discovered by the captain
of a tug boat.
He stopped it drifting further.
So we just have a name, right?
Viola McCaskill.
Yeah. And this is who she's got
as her next of kin.
Oh, no.
Is this is where you tell me
to make friends with Jesus?
No. Can I come in for a minute?
You do this kind of thing
every morning? Aye.
I keep it simple in the week.
I need to talk to you
about the victim last night.
Hang on a sec.
Mum says stop fiddling with
the taps. She's in the shower.
Hi. Hi. Bye. Bye.
She's the youngest one.
I forget her name.
Viola McCaskill was pulled
out of the water at the docks.
Oh, no.
What happened to her?
Had a big cut on her head.
She's got your brother
down as next of kin.
He'll be ripped up.
I'm really sorry.
She was so perfect for him,
kept him level.
That's her on the board
there with Adie.
Can I go over there with you?
I'll just be there as a brother.
Be a good one, though.
Erm Right, I'll get my
Why didn't you tell me
you'd broken up?
Ah, you'd have taken me hiking
or something.
Did she give a reason?
Ah, she decided that
it'd run its course.
Had she started seeing someone else?
I dunno. Jeez, Mike, kick a man.
You know I have to ask this.
I was here last night,
I was asleep on the sofa.
You didn't leave the house at all?
The pub's just up the road.
I don't go every night. Mm.
You used to be
the last one standing.
Yeah, till a fight broke out.
Wait, that was me back in the day,
I-I'm no' that guy now.
No-one's saying you are.
Well, what was that, then?
Well, it's what gets brought up
when a woman is murdered.
Can I have a word, Michael?
So you'll need to step off the case.
You know him as well, why don't you
step off the case? Oh, see?
You're already letting it get in th
way. Letting what get in the way?
He couldn't have put
a cut in her like that.
OK, he's an ex-partner,
his alibi's weak,
and we'll need to look at him, and
I don't want you anywhere near that.
Or me, while I'm doing it.
I can tell when you're lying
and there's no way you were
on that sofa last night.
Viola McCaskill. 42 years old.
The cut to her head killed her,
caused by a large blade,
either a hatchet or a cleaver.
She was in the water
for about two hours
so she'd have been killed at
around 8:00pm. Possibly earlier.
SOCO can't find any evidence
she was killed at the water's edge
so they're searching the wider area.
What else do we know about her?
Born and bred in Glasgow.
She's got a sister overseas. She was
a nurse until about two years ago
when she started up
her own business.
It's a wee upcycling vintage shop.
After she split with Adie,
she moved in to the flat above.
And we've got a report of a domesti
disturbance about three weeks ago,
a neighbour heard Adie trying to
get in to the flat.
No action was taken, just words,
but not very nice ones.
He didn't mention that.
He works at the docks,
he'd know all the blind spots.
And he's got a PC for assault.
Michael must be
tearing his hair out.
I've asked him to step down
for a day or so.
He can still work cases but don't
get him involved with this one.
Let's just follow the evidence.
So, docks for you, I'll see
if SOCO are any further
with finding the crime scene
and we'll take Viola's shop.
It's on St Jude's Street,
patron saint of lost causes.
Well, she did hook up with Adie.
The theory is the body was brought
here in a car. Body in a boot?
Looks that way. Tore a bit of her
dress as she was taken out.
No sign of her shoe.
Got a wheel locking nut as well.
From a VW or a Vauxhall.
You've got locking nut patterns
in your head? Doesn't everybody?
Got to go. Michael's calling.
Yeah. Hey, careful with that.
I know.
Michael? Adie's offered up an alibi.
Can I pass it on to you?
That was quick. I just rang you.
Annoying little break-in.
Not sure we need detectives.
Hardly anything missing.
How did they get in?
Forced the door at the side.
I think a medal might've gone.
Viola could tell you.
I'm just part-time.
I've called her twice.
What's your name? Kate.
Got to say, this is the most
excitement I've had in this shop.
Viola's dead, Kate.
Oh, my God, likekilled?
Did you see her yesterday?
God, I hope it wasn't her ex.
Why do you say that?
Only time she got me to lock
the door was when he turned up.
Some people don't know
when it's over, do they? No.
No, they They don't.
Might have the scene.
It's outside the back door.
Could you dig out a bit more
information on that medal?
Yeah. Sure. Erm
Splashes of blood.
Maybe she disturbed the burglar.
8:00pm's kind of early
for a break-in.
Yeah, but it's pretty quiet here,
though. Mm.
And not much blood
for a machete attack.
Unless he got her away quickly.
I'll get SOCO out.
Just try and get her laptop, too.
Sorry, could you keep back?
Erm, the medal was a Military Cross,
Second World War.
Viola bought it in a house clearanc
but owner wasn't happy about it.
Mm-hm. Have you got a name there?
Erm, Gurpreet Mattu.
Excuse me.
Yeah. Gurpreet Mattu? Through there.
Stop! Police!
Why do they run?
He's heading for the car park.
That way, you go that way.
Hey, OK, OK. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy.
I'm not giving up the medal,
so I need you to leave.
Likedrive away and I'll get down.
That's how we're doing this.
Well, that's excellent.
Oh, so high. Oh.
Yeah. I'm listening.
Go ahead.
It was my grandad's medal.
He went into a home and it got
caught up in a house clearance.
That woman said she'd paid for it
and would only hand it over
if I bought it off her.
So I took it.
Call it theft if you want.
But I don't see it like that.
OK, that woman
..was murdered
the night you broke in.
Yeah, well, I don't
Hey, I don't know
anything about that.
There was blood at the scene. Yeah.
Well, it's mine.
I cut my hand smashing the glass.
And you've also got
a lot of cleavers in your kitchen.
I went over at midnight. I was
in and out. I didn't see her.
I didn't hurt anyone.
So, uhwhy don't, er
Let's get down.
Both of us, yeah, to, to, um sea level and, erm, we
you know, we can just talk about it.
Nah. Nah.
What was it for? The medal.
He went back for an officer.
Carried him off the field even
though he never knew if the body
on his back was alive or not. Ah.
Explosions everywhere.
Kept him sheltered
till help arrived.
That's very brave.
You don't want a tourist
buying that. Hm?
I'm coming voluntarily. Oh
I'm not having anyone
accuse me of murder. Mm-hm.
Come on, mate.
Ahjust give me a sec.
I'll take you back with us.
I'm coming.
Are you Taylor Mathie?
Pick up the pace, you wasters!
I'm not seeing any sweat!
Michael said you'd be shouting at
kids. Rapunzel sent you, did he?
Just wants to know if you were
with Adie McAndrews last night.
Has he got himself
into some trouble?
It's a simple yes or no
question, Taylor.
Is that why Mikey's not here
flashing his badge himself?
His wee brother's been
a naughty boy?
Adie said he was working
from about seven? Took some coke.
Well, doesn't Adie say a lot.
Is it true? No.
Haven't seen him for months.
You're right,
that was a simple question.
So now I've got two different
stories about last night.
I was with my mother.
You can check.
She's got shingles. Poor dear.
Are we done?
OK. Time up! That was pathetic!
I feel bad, I mean, not like it was
the Empire State Building.
It's an evolved navigation instinct.
Yeah, it's where your brain
exaggerates height
to minimise the risk
of a dangerous fall.
It's self-preservation, you should
feel glad you've got it. So I'm
I'm going to need you constantly
available to put that kind of spin
on my neuroses.
The restaurant manager says your man
Gurpreet was in the kitchen
till midnight, which checks out,
but he had a break around six-ish.
For how long? An hour.
It could just about work
with the timeline.
We'll see if his blood matches
the blood found at the shop.
If the only blood is his then we
still haven't got the crime scene.
Er, did you get anywhere
at the docks?
Wheel nut along with the track
suggest it's a Vauxhall
that drove the body there.
Adie's the registered owner of one,
but he offered up his old mate
Taylor Mathie as an alibi.
Did you get that from Michael?
Yes, but it's no help. Taylor
was with her mother all night.
Mother confirms. So either
they're lying or Adie's lying.
Well, he's already lied to us once.
Anything on the victim's computer?
She was lively on social media,
and doing some online dating.
Quite active. Playing a few
at the same time. Men and women.
Well, Adie would've struggled with
that if he knew she was moving on.
But he said he didn't know.
Which might be another lie.
Let's bring him in.
And how's Michael about it?
Split in two. Well, he likes
thingsclearly defined.
You seen his house?
It's like a magazine feature
for stable families.
That's what he needs.
How are you handling it?
All right, I think.
Cos when a case gets close
and you're the one leading,
sometimes your legs go.
Has that ever happened to you?
But I just bottled it up
and pushed harder.
Have you got someone to talk to?
Yeah Yeah, don't worry.
We think he's jumped ship.
His flat's empty
and his car's not there.
What, you think Adie's here?
Do you want to search the place?
Don't be like that.
Taylor didn't give him an alibi.
She's a liar, she always lies
and she'll have got her mum
to do the same thing.
You need to know how to talk to her.
She does know and we're checking,
but if Adie calls then
I've left him 20 messages.
What do you want from me?
OK, keep your hair on, Rapunzel.
Sorry I snapped at you, mate.
Who told you about that? Hm.
About Rapunzel? Mm.
Got it from Taylor.
That cannot get out. OK?
Then let's see how nice you are
to us.
We'll see ourselves out.
And we didn't get any eggs,
I notice.
# Hurra for deg som fyller ditt ar!
Ja, deg vil vi gratulere! ♪
OK, remember that time
I let you sing it to the end
and you burst into tears?
Yeah, it's an emotional moment,
and this one's more than ever.
16! Brink of adulthood.
I know. I can join the Army.
Yeah, it doesn't necessarily
mean you have to.
And I can fly a glider.
I can change my name and I can get
a passport without your consent.
Yeah, I think you might be 15,
actually. Just let me check.
That's lovely.
And some money? Mm-hm.
Thanks, Mum.
Sorry. Bank transfers
make me really emotional. Oh, I bet.
So I'm picking up the cake today
and we'll open gifts later
Meantime, we can enjoy
delicious eggs on crackers.
Actually, I was going to meet Erin
later. Do you mind?
God, no, not at all.
So we're still
looking for Adie's car
and we're tracking his credit card
but nothing yet.
Look at old contacts,
and places he knows.
He acts emotionally so he won't hav
a thought-out plan.
And Gurpreet's in the clear.
There's only traces of his blood at
the shop and he spent his hour off
seeing his grandfather. So we
still don't have the crime scene?
OK, the tech guys have dug out
a dating site chat between
Viola and a woman called Leila.
The victim arranged to meet her
at 8:00pm at Finn's Bar
the night she was murdered.
She has a connection
with this place.
OK. Tyronelet's get some ink.
Just coming to see you.
I'll be there in a sec. Feel free
to play the Nordic folk tapes.
I will definitely do that.
You bearing up?
Aye, thanks, mate.
So Adie's hiding cos he's scared.
Straight in.
Straight in with a thing
we can't talk about.
I'm just trying to help you here.
Do you know where he is?
Well, I'd tell you if I did.
So how are you helping?
All you've done is send us
to his football mate who
Who's just made it even worse.
Oh, come on, you know Adie.
You've drunk with him,
you've done bloody karaoke with him.
Mm, well, that's a different
criminal investigation.
It's a murder charge he's facing,
you just dance away with it
No, I do not dance away from things,
they dance away from me. I'm trying
to keep our family together which
might seem an alien concept to you.
I'm trying to be a good detective
which might also be, oh,
an alien concept to you.
Oh, so have you found the killer?
No, because someone keeps
getting in my bloody way!
Right, well not any more. Go on.
Go on, catch the killer with
the complete works of Chaucer
or whatever it is this time.
We need Adie to come in.
Do you know, andand it's
Twelfth Night this time.
It's really loud.
Have you got any?
I've got this.
It looks like a leaf.
Yeah. Is it for luck?
Well, if it is,
I want my money back.
You don't need luck anyway. Just
need the right people around you.
Including Michael.
Mm. You heard that, did you?
I don't like it when
Mum and Dad fight.
It's all right. It's not your fault.
Then is this a good time to tell you
I broke your tape player?
Wait, what, really?
Are you Leila?
Oh, hell. Not again.
So you came?
You on your own or have you got
snipers on the rooftops?
Well, I'll know how many showed up
by the number of red dots
I can see on your head.
Look, I shouted at Annika today
defending you
and I didn't have anything.
No evidence, no argument,
just that you were my brother.
Wasn't that enough?
Well, for me, once maybe.
But for a murder enquiry, no chance.
Taylor never backed you up.
Aye, I know. The weasel.
Whatever happened to loyalty? It
gets stretched to the limit, Adie.
Well? Why didn't she?
You don't want to tell me, fine.
But tell my team.
Cos you're in
a whole load of trouble.
And if you didn't do it they'll
need to clear it up. I can't.
I mean, meeting by Mum's bench
was a pretty low move.
So what is your name, then,
if it's not Leila? Freddie.
And I've never been
on a dating site. It's a scam.
I told your cyber boys about it,
what, six months ago,
but it was a dead end.
How did you know it was happening?
Poor bugger who got fleeced did wha
you did and image searched me.
Told me I'd ruined their life.
Taking money, arranging meetings
and bailing on them.
I thought it'd stopped.
Guess it's back on.
Why do you think you got picked?
Look at me.
I mean, you would, wouldn't you?
So where were you two nights ago?
I wasn't even in Scotland.
Got a client down in London,
work on her every week.
I don't know Viola, was it,
the victim? Never met her.
OK. Well, we'll leave you alone.
Hope you stop her this time.
We've got the murder scene.
Finn's Bar. Forensics are on site.
Someone was waiting for her
or had followed her.
Picked their spot well. No CCTV
but we've got two on the approach.
Not far from Adie's house.
And handy for the docks.
If he pops up on those cameras
that's him done.
What about Leila,
the victim's fake date?
Well, Cybercrime
had a few possibles,
but with this recent activity
they think it might be this woman.
She stays on dating sites
for a few weeks,
switches to private messages
and then disappears.
From the site's archive we know
that she'd initiated contact
with these people.
A cab driver in Australia, mother
in South Africa, a banker in the US.
All English speaking
so she can call them.
There's also this guy in Glasgow,
he's got a place by the river.
Lee Tanner.
And, of course, there's Viola.
Also Glasgow.
Yeah, well, she's dead,
so do we know if the others are OK?
We'll check the overseas ones
but it's worth starting with him.
Look, you get on to the CCTV
at the crime scene, I'll visit Lee.
Hm, via the bakery.
Is she getting us pastries?
Morgan's birthday cake. Oh.
DS Clarke.
Thank you.
Adie's just walked in.
So, meanwhile, in Illyria,
Viola pretends to be a boy
so she can get close to a duke
who's in love with another woman
who then falls in love
with Viola's twin brother,
because, well, he looks like the boy
his sister is pretending to be.
I mean, it's supposed to be funny
and I think at some point
I would find it funny.
Just not today.
Hi. DI Strandhed.
Happy to find you alive.
Can I have a word?
She was killed near your house.
Dumped near your workplace.
You did a runner and you can't
account for any of it.
I was with Taylor, like I said.
Taylor denies it.
Aye, well, she'll get
what's coming to her.
What, you going to dump her in the
dock, too? I didn't mean that.
Didn't you? You've got a temper.
Done time for it.
Just need the right trigger. Yeah.
And Viola leaving you
and dating someone else would be it.
We've got SOCO all over Finn's Bar.
We've got the locking nut
from the docks which fits the wheel
on your car, and we've got forensics
looking in your boot.
They won't find anything.
And I've got to say,
all the other stuff is pretty
bloody circumstantial an' all.
Which is what you should be saying.
Are we done here?
Cos I shouldn't have come in.
You came in because you did
something that night.
I don't think it was
killing your ex-partner.
Your loyalty's are split, we get it.
We're just saying, Adie,
you don't have to be accountable
for anything you didn't do.
So what do you do here?
Repairs. Trade a bit of metal.
There's a lot of salvage in at the
moment. Even things like that?
Decommissioned. I use it as a
paperweight. What's this about?
Leila. Is she all right?
Has something happened?
She's not real, Lee. I'm sorry.
What do you mean?
She's a fraudster.
Her profile picture is actually
of a tattooist in the city.
Of course she's real.
We talk, we talk about everything.
It's a romance fraud.
She has a few people on the go,
including a woman who was murdered
two nights ago.
I'm here because we need help
finding her, Lee.
I know this is hard.
Have you given her money?
How much?
Well, she needed it.
How much, Lee?
Six, maybe seven grand.
So maybe we could take those
payment details?
How did she communicate with you?
Through the dating site.
And we spoke, too, how could we do
that if she's not real? Have you
met her? We were arranging to meet.
But she's got responsibilities,
she's looking after her mother. She
agrees to meet lots of people, Lee.
She never shows.
We were arranging it today.
Would Would you be willing
to take that call?
We could track where she is.
You've got authorisation
for that trace Annika wanted. Great.
Leila calls Lee through the dating
site so it'll be an IP Address
but that's enough
to trace her location. Mm-hm.
What about the Adie interview?
Oh, him and Taylor were off their
heads and drove to an off-licence
where Taylor pulled out a knife
and robbed the place.
I mean, it took Adie by surprise bu
he didn't stop it from happening
and he drove 'em home.
He'll get done for that
but he's clear for murder.
So, does it mean this trace
is our only lead?
At the moment, yes, she is.
Let's hope it's a good one.
Standing by, boss.
It's called aa petard
in Shakespeare. Interesting word.
Comes from the, erm, Latin,
meaning to break wind.
May have got that wrong.
Are you talking to me? No, no, I'm
commenting on Lee's paperweight.
It's her. Oh, thank God for that.
So you wait till I give the signal.
Ready on this end. OK.
Hi, Leila.
Hey, that's a relief, I was worried
my big man wasn't going to pick up.
Why, wouldn't I? Cos I always worry
that you might get bored of me.
Especially after the mess-up
the other day.
I sorted that, I told you.
Oh, you're such a rock, Lee.
I don't know what I'd do
without you.
Have you fixed that hull
you were working on? Today.
So maybe we can meet up?
I would love that. When?
I really want to do it this week,
but Mum's taken another turn.
I need some home care
to make it happen.
You OK, Lee?
I know it's been difficult.
How about I try and get some help
then it will ease the pressure here
and I can see you?
What kind of help?
Well, there's an agency
who can come in and do care
and some cleaning,
but it's quite expensive.
I'll need to find another grand.
And you want me to help?
I know it sounds expensive
Address coming through.
I see it now. Mm-hm.
You want the best for us,
right, Lee? Got it.
No. I want you to die in a ditch!
Oh, for f Urgh!
OK, Lee Look what she did to me!
You did really well.
Sick mother, for Christ's sake!
What was the mess up that you?
Things I did for us, for her!
OK, I-I know, I know.
And none of it was real!
Blair, are you still there?
What's going on?
Listen, I'm going to need
Call her back.
There's no answer.
I'll get Force Control
to co-ordinate the response.
Is Mum about?
What's happened?
Get Michael back.
Can anyone hear me?
Oh, it's Yeah, it's a car. Yeah.
It's just a car.
It's It's my car, in fact. Uh
Heeeeeey. Shut up! Just shut up!
I'm not stupid.
I know you're not.
So what's going on?
OK, I'm going to tell you
what we do know
because we don't know it all yet.
Your mum is with a suspect
and we lost communication with her.
We're trying to find her.
A murder suspect?
Yeah, but we've got officers at the
scene, we've got Force Control
sending up helicopters.
I've just been briefed. Are you OK?
Just sit tight, we'll find her.
Can I grab you?
I'll be back to sit tight with you.
OK, what have we got?
So Lee's our killer.
We've got his dating profile,
I managed to pull his messages
to Leila, and found
that she made a mistake.
She sent him a message
that was meant for Viola
who wanted to meet her in a bar.
Now, she had no intention of going,
that's not how it works,
but Lee sees the message
and he kicks off.
Leila explains it to Lee by saying
that Viola's hassling her
and that she wishes she was gone.
Lee takes her for her word
and intercepts Viola at the bar?
Kills her,
tells Leila that he's sorted it
and they smooth it over online, then
Annika rocks up a few days after
and tells him
that his lover isn't real.
So what's he doing now? He will hav
flipped like he did last time.
Taken Annika and gone after Leila
now he knows where she is.
The units are on their way.
Officer in the boot!
No-one can hear ya!
It's very difficult
to talk like this, Lee.
Everything that happened
was her fault, it's not mine!
There's, uh There's this duke
in Twelfth Night
who threatens to kill his love
Shut uprather than Shut up!
..let her be with someone else.
People should just be
who they say they are.
Yeah, but he doesn't
in the end, though.
You don't have to, either.
Don't tell me what I have to do!
Team to Control. Team to Control.
Lee got here before us.
Worst comes to worst,
Morgan's dad
..will have to look after her.
Or rather,
he'll have to become aware of her
and then look after her.
He'll be fine.
Once he gets over the shock.
It's my daughter's birthday today,
Lee. 16.
She's got a lot on her plate
but she's a lovely girl.
Got some chocolate cake
so, you know, just help yourself.
Yeah, sorry, thethe tape player
might be broken.
We've got officers with the body.
But we missed Lee.
Confirm murder weapon
is still at the scene.
The helicopter's in the air,
Force Control will confirm
but it looks like the car's on
the coast road. I'll take the RIB.
We're in the vicinity
of the coast road.
He's already killed twice,
he's raging and he's got a grenade.
God knows what else.
But you were about to say
something positive, right?
There's the bit at the end
of Twelfth Night
whereit all works out, you know?
Car approaching dock area.
All units, suspect spotted
heading towards the dry dock.
We're on his tail.
Everyone gets what they want
and it's's happy ever after.
All units, cordon in progress,
suspect approaching.
No, no, no!
Driver failed to stop. Car now
approaching dock at high speed.
Getting a bit frantic,
isn't it, Lee?
How about we calm it down?
Stop talking! You're always talking!
Why do you have to talk all the
Advise all units, DI Strandhed
is in the boot of the car.
Officer in the boot.
DI Strandhed has been located
in the vehicle.
My name's Michael.
I'm not armed.
I'm just going to approach, OK?
Stay where you are.
Just relax. It's fine.
OK, why don't we
Why don't we put that down?
Every day I ask myself,
shall I pull out this pin today?
You've got to have a good
reason not to. I did for a bit.
I get it. I do.
No, you don't.
You all couldn't wait to tell me.
Come in to my place,
laughing about it.
I promise you, no-one was laughing.
Especially not the officer
that's in the boot of the car.
So why don't you just let her go
..and you and I can talk?
So that's it, is it?
It's her you care about?
Yeah. I do.
We all do.
So if we see her walk away, there'l
be a lot of happy people out here.
Nah. I'm doing you a favour, mate.
Thanks, mate.
Oh, you can't have a drink.
Er, not with concussion, apparently.
Look, go home, if you want to,
it's been
You don't have to stay.
Rather be here.
My family will ask me how my day's
been and I want to put that off
a bit.
Just letting Erin know
everything's OK.
And it is. It is.
So let's get a table.
I've sorted out a cake for her.
It would've been easier for you
if my brother had done it.
Mm. I'm glad he didn't, though.
I'm sorry I got into a fight
with you about it.
Well, we've fought before.
We knew how to get past it.
But we can't get past it that way
now, though, can we?
No, best not.
Scariest thing in that boot?
Thinking she'd be alone.
Does she ever talk to her dad?
Pork pie. Nice. Take it to her. OK.
Hey, happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
OK, one try.
Happy birthday. Cheers. Cheers.
Although she's talking to him now.
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