Annika (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

All units, suspect spotted
heading towards the dry dock.
DI Strandhed has been
located in the vehicle.
My name's Michael.
I'm not armed, I'm just
gonna approach, okay?
It's her you care about.
Yeah, I do.
The scariest thing in that boot
was wondering what
would happen to Morgan,
thinking she'd be alone.
Did she ever talk to her dad?
Pork pie. Nice.
- Take it to him.
- Okay.
Okay, one try.
Although she's talking to him now.
There's a collection of old
Scottish songs called Child Ballads.
Not because they're about children,
but because they were collected
by someone called Mr. Child.
There's hundreds of them.
But one is about a Norwegian woman
who sleeps with a man
who turns into a seal
whenever he's in water.
It's probably a metaphor.
At least you'd hope so, because
she has a baby with him.
Doesn't work out, of course.
I mean, he's a seal.
But when he finds out he has a child,
he steals it from the mother
and goes away to sea,
where they both end up getting shot.
I guess that one is about children.
But it's also about fateful parenting,
which is very much my world.
The Silkie of Sule Skerry,
it's called and up until now,
whenever I sang it,
the mother kept the child a secret.
In Norway land ♪
There lived a maid ♪
Are you in pain?
No, no. A little bit, maybe.
Do you need me?
A phone has just been dropped at
the HQ with a murder recorded on it.
- Oh, come on.
- I know.
You gonna be okay?
I mean, that's a huge question.
- I'll drop Morgan off.
- No, no, I'll do it.
My wife can swing by and take
her to school if you'd like.
Great. Excellent.
Anything else on the phone?
No, that's it.
It's a burner. Not registered to anyone.
And it was left by this person.
She ran off straight after.
Freaked out by what she'd seen?
Or by what she'd done.
You two having any luck yet?
She's been in and out of
street cameras since then.
Still looking.
Geotagging was off, but the
timestamp marks the death
at 11, two nights ago.
- What's that I can hear?
- It's a buoy.
Those deep water ones in Dunoon Govan,
near the Erskine Bridge.
That's if it is indeed the Clive.
Well, let's get a dive
team out to all of them.
- Can I put Blu Tack on these screens?
- No.
Got you a car.
- You got her?
- I'll run the plates when you get them.
She's on a white moped, headed
north towards George Square.
We can cut her off.
Did you think you were
going to strike her?
Did you bust?
Circle round. She may be hurt.
It's a ballsy move, going
into oncoming traffic.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, I meant the kid.
So I think this is a bad idea.
Yeah, well, it's not a
replica of my vintage
No, not the car. You working.
Oh, best thing.
For sure. Definitely.
You haven't slept.
Nor have the others.
Yeah, and that's when a
team takes too many risks.
- Do the hot debrief, will you?
- The what?
It's like a regular
debrief, only a bit
- Hotter?
- Quicker.
Be good to capture
anything we learn from
My car exploding.
Try to do it in person, but
you're on a case, so start it online.
You can follow up with a
psychologist if you want.
I think I'll be fine.
OK, so all the pool cars
are out. This is mine.
- Only thing available at short notice.
- Oh, God.
- No, you don't have to
- It's voice activated, so
maybe you can talk to the car if
you don't want the psychologist.
Uh, hi.
I I'm Annika.
Hi. I'm hoping you're Morgan.
What's the code word?
What? Oh, sorry, I didn't
Michael never said anything about that.
Look, 'cos you could have
kidnapped all those others.
Ah Yep, fair point.
OK, let me give him a call.
I guess they seem happy enough.
Astrid, right? Michael's wife?
Yep. Sorry, I totally should
have kicked off with that.
Oh, it's fine. My mum
did a background check.
OK, then.
So Aisha Dunn, 17, had
the moped six months.
This is her mum's house.
So what's the hot debrief, then?
Should I wear my trunks?
If you like. I think it checks
if we're in shock or not.
I don't think I'm in shock.
Well, not yet.
I don't know where she is.
The phone has a pretty
disturbing video on it.
Well, then, that's why she handed it in.
Why would she do that if she
had something to do with it?
OK, but if she didn't,
then we need to know who
she got that phone from.
I have just got in from a night shift.
Can we do this later?
Got to say, I wanted a moped at her age.
Didn't get one.
My dad thought the Norwegian
Sea on a tiny skiff was fine,
- apparently, but none of the
- She bought it with her own money.
I believe it.
- You must trust her.
- Well, her? Yes.
But what I do know about mopeds
is you don't take a spill
without getting a few scratches.
She's fine.
Glad to hear it.
That her bedroom?
I'm with the Marine Homicide Unit.
You been here all night?
Come here.
Do you want to call
one of the others? There.
We got the body and a witness.
How soon can you get here?
Might need a minute.
I got vertigo in a cable car
on holiday with my daughter.
She got me this podcast.
Didn't listen to it.
It was supposed to
address my fear of
you know.
- Talking to young people?
- No. Heights.
Well, they're thinking about it.
- How old is she?
- Your age.
Bit younger.
Don't think she could give
two officers the slip, so
respect for that.
Is that all for me?
Yes, because we care about you.
Or you want to lock me up?
It's a bad look, Aisha.
Having a phone with a dead person on it.
Especially if you filmed it.
I stole the phone.
Some guy in a suit was looking
at it and knocked into my mopeds.
Kicked it.
Then, when he walked on,
I buzzed past and took it.
Do you remember anything else
about him, apart from the suit?
Asian, old.
English, I think.
He'd come from the station, so
I think he was on his
way home from work.
Ah. How old is old, like 70?
Sort of your age.
Is that the trip where they make
you climb inside the body of a bear?
I think that's a film.
OK, so you need to sit your
mum down and explain to her
that signing you up to this
kind of thing doesn't build kids.
It turns them on each other.
It's Squid Game, basically.
So, do you want me to
cross out your name as well?
Give me that pen.
Yeah, your mum would
definitely love that.
Dean Malone.
Right now, all we know is
that he lived in Partick
and that he nearly completed
his coffee loyalty card.
Well, there's a lesson. Have no regrets.
Pathologist thinks he was
knocked out from behind
before being dragged into the water.
And this cap may have
come off in a struggle,
and if we're lucky, it's the attackers'.
Yeah, 'cos we've had so
much of that recently.
Well, we're still here, aren't we?
She saw a man holding someone
thrashing about under the water,
then he ran off towards Thornwood.
Dark coat, shaven head,
big though. Solid.
Is that all she got?
Poor kid kept hidden.
Didn't want to be next, probably.
I'll get a statement and call social.
Have we got any more about the phone?
Digital forensics are
getting the SIM cloned,
but it was bought from
a wee shack in Cessnock.
I don't suppose they
remembered who bought it?
Just someone.
There you go. Case closed.
Is it worth taking Aisha to
the train station tomorrow?
Try and point out who she took it from.
I mean, if he's a commuter
OK. Good.
Are you OK?
Sorry, we're dealing
with another case so soon.
Did you do it?
Really didn't have time.
Then there's no need to apologise.
The victim worked for Red Line
Cruises as an entertainment manager.
It's plenty to cap.
He was sacked for gross
misconduct three weeks ago.
How gross is gross?
Well, I don't know where
they set the bar on cruises.
Ah, right.
They won't have been fed.
Poor wee mate.
So, listen, I don't know if
telling you this is a good idea,
but I've been thinking that if
something bad was to happen to me
- Is this still about Morgan?
- Well, you were asking
- if she'd be OK on her own.
- No, no, I get it.
Astrid doesn't like us flying
together in case the plane goes down.
We haven't been on a
mini-break for a decade.
Well, that's obviously its own
tragedy, but there are two of you.
Ah, not your folks then?
Um They live on a glacier.
That nurturing, and Morgan
doesn't speak Norwegian,
and I'd rather she just stayed.
You OK?
I think I might have
given the fish weed.
I'm sure it's fine.
Sorry, go on.
I might try this another time.
The block opposite has a doorbell cam.
Get that checked, will you? I'll
find a bowl.
Still got the old magic?
Well, it's got the old something.
Well, getting it was your idea.
You wanted a carbon-neutral holiday.
It wasn't that carbon-neutral.
It caught fire.
That's true, but
that's because I haven't
mastered bushcraft, whereas you
Will be taking out my own
appendix with a penknife.
OK, that wasn't on
the list of activities.
- Cozy.
- Mm.
You'll be off before me.
Michael's daughters are nice.
Yeah, they
definitely are.
They were singing in the
car. It was really sweet.
I might take up some
babysitting for them.
Well, you know, it's a busy year.
You've got
exams and homework and
penknives to sterilise.
Actually, the school tripped me's
parent helpers and I signed you up.
You did what?
Well, where else am I gonna ask?
What's this?
It's a guppy.
I said puppy how many times?
I think it might be stoned.
Michael's probably gonna
ask why I waited 16 years
to tell him he's Morgan's father.
I mean, it's a fair question.
And it's possible he'll react
the same way as the seal and
disappear to sea.
But this is also about
backup for Morgan.
In case I get
blown up or
fall off scaffold or whatever.
And I'm not expecting him to jump
straight into any actual parenting.
He doesn't have to
teach her the flute or take her
to the rope museum or anything.
I just need him to keep Morgan safe.
Because she can't live on a glacier.
I might be flexible
about the rope museum.
The reason you're here is
because you fired Dean Malone.
And now he's dead.
Well, OK.
Technically, I was the
one who did the firing,
but I had nothing
against him personally.
- Hardly knew him.
- Why was he let go?
He picked up recreational
drugs at various ports,
supplied them to passengers.
He made an attempt to justify it, said,
look at the rebookings.
Then he tried to wriggle
out of it altogether,
- implicated another staff member.
- Who was that?
The pool lifeguard, Richie McEvoy.
He had to go too.
Wasn't that happy about it.
You or him?
Well, both.
Richie thought he'd been stitched
up and I had a recruitment problem.
Still have.
Have you got an address
for this lifeguard?
Richie McEvoy?
Wait here a second.
So, here's my thing.
- Uh-huh?
- I am a wee bit pregnant.
- Well, you know, completely pregnant.
- How long?
A couple of months.
Well, wait.
- You rescued me from the
- I know.
- You chased a motorbike.
- Well, I didn't know then.
And it was a moped.
I love you.
All right?
It's excellent.
So that's
You know? Secondly,
I don't think you should use a taser.
- I think it might
- Slap the baby?
I don't know if that's a
thing, but, um, thirdly,
it's possible that I'm
still concussed, so
I'm going to be really
emotional about this.
Well, you're
You're doing great so far.
Good luck at the train station.
I'll knit it something.
Please don't knit it anything.
What if he sees me?
You're quite safe.
There's lots of us here.
So, listen.
- I'm going for Inspector.
- Yeah?
Because you know we've already got one.
Yeah, of course. I'll be
looking for a transfer.
What do you think?
It's what you want, mate.
Just think it's a bit of a lottery.
I mean, you wouldn't want
to find yourself somewhere
- where there's nothing at.
- Yeah.
Well, it might not happen anyway.
No-one gets it the first time.
She did.
- Anything?
- Just a false alarm so far.
We're OK, Aisha.
Well, our career paths have been sorted,
so that's a big relief.
You sure?
Definitely. Over there, it's him.
Wait with her.
Sorry for the drama, but we
think we've recovered your phone.
You're very welcome.
Rihan Harijan.
20 years an insurance broker.
Lives in Shorelands, no nominal record.
Nothing stands out.
Except a phone with a murder on it.
Except that.
Kind of fragile. You sure
Aisha got the right person?
- You don't believe her?
- Well, sometimes kids lie.
It's not impossible. Mine do.
Especially when they're in trouble.
Well, mine doesn't, so let's
just have that for balance.
I'm just saying that maybe you're
putting a lot of faith in a teenager
because you got one.
I mean, he leaves me a
lot of open goals, right?
Something else come in?
You were right about the doorbell cam.
We got this from Dean's
neighbour the day he was killed.
Dean leaves his flat at lunchtime.
And we see this.
And if we zoom in on the cap
It's the same one from the crime scene.
- Who is it?
- We think it's Richie McAvoy.
He's an ex-lifeguard
with Redline Cruises,
who the victim got sacked.
He can't get work in cruises now,
so he cleans pools for a living.
I'd say he's still ripped up about it.
So he follows Dean from his house,
whacks him and drags him into the river.
Why would he film it?
Onboard entertainment.
So is this from the woman in the tent?
It's the best she could do.
It doesn't look like the lifeguard.
Doesn't look like our
insurance guy either.
All right, go and talk to him.
Drive carefully.
Fine, none of the suspects
look like the photo fit,
but my guy kicked a kid's moped, so
I'm talking to him.
That wasn't the Royal We.
It's unacceptable that
he's been exposed to this.
He's already seen it.
It was on a phone which was
taken from him yesterday morning.
I haven't been mugged.
I'd reported it.
I've still got my phone.
It's got football videos on it.
Some people look away at least.
It's a terrible thing to see,
especially if they know the person.
Oh, I don't know him.
And it's not my phone.
Has my client's DNA on it?
We're waiting on the labo.
Then we're looking forward to that.
Because as far as I can tell,
it's just the work of some mugger.
Oh, she's a credible witness.
But that guy was killed
two nights ago, you said.
Well, I was at the
cinema with my sister.
What film did you see?
Oh, it was in French.
I think it had the
word Rose in the title.
- Or Dog, maybe.
- Sounds great.
- Yeah, it was.
- Yeah, and his sister will confirm.
I don't know why we're still here.
Because he ran when he saw us.
I dodged my fear.
It was dumb. It was dumb. I'm sorry.
I work in insurance.
It's not exactly thrilling.
The barriers are mainly open, anyways.
It just gives me a bit of a kick.
I'll put my hands up
to that, but not this.
Well, we've got your wallet,
and we found train tickets in it.
Can they do that?
So why don't you tell
us why you really ran?
So do you want to stay in the car, then?
Because we're about to go and
interview a murder suspect.
Do you want to stay in the car?
Well, no, but then I'm, you know
No, what were you gonna say?
I'm happy for you,
and I wish you all
possible joy in the world.
Well, I think it's too
soon to release him.
He's got no connection to
the victim and a decent alibi.
We've got nothing to hold him on.
Except he lied about the train ticket,
he ran when he saw us, and,
you know, he couldn't remember
the name of the film he saw.
Well, it's French. That's not a crime.
Let's at least check his alibi, OK?
Because let me tell you, there
are hundreds of old ballads
about slippery creatures like that.
Oh, yeah? Any of them about
insurance brokers with burner phones?
OK, but in the one I'm thinking of,
the mother clearly
doesn't trust the seal,
because he's often just an
ordinary man when it suits him.
And that's pretty slippery.
So much so, in fact,
that even when he dies,
she demands some kind of proof.
Yeah, that's definitely me.
I was just catching
him up before going out.
- Where?
- A couple of bars on Bath Street.
- I thought you hated him.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I did. For a bit.
But then he had all this
regret, wanted to make it right,
made a real effort.
Gets you in the end.
Yeah, I liked him.
Yeah, poor bugger.
We found this at the crime scene.
He borrowed it off me.
There's a bar where
the Red Line guys go.
You get a discount with a cap.
You didn't go too?
We started at lunchtime.
I couldn't keep up.
I left him pished and
mouthy at a taxi rank.
- Which one?
- Gregor Street.
Morgan asked for a codename.
To be picked up?
And now she's given all my kids one.
Wait, Morgan's at your house?
Yeah. They're all making
aubergine parmigiana.
And that's definitely food, is it?
- We'll save you some if you like.
- Excellent. Delicious.
Sorry. Had to step up
Dwayne in the weights room.
He's torn a bicep. You were
asking about the cinema?
Yeah, with your brother.
Yeah, it was the Regis.
He called up last minute.
This French thing.
He paid, actually, which was weird.
Perhaps he needed proof he was there.
I can't think why.
Lasted hours. Struck
to home past midnight.
Did you stop on the way back?
No, we took a taxi.
Hang on.
Do you recognise this person?
Friend of your brother's, maybe?
He doesn't really have any friends.
To be honest, he doesn't
like people that much.
I mean, they can be annoying,
but for him it's more like
they're the reason he
hasn't progressed in his life
as much as he should.
He might have a point. All his
managers are younger than him.
Eats him up.
Do you worry about him?
Here you go. That's the journey.
Who gives two stars?
Well, Rihan.
It's how he gets his little
retributions on the world.
Is he OK? What's he done?
He's being questioned about a murder.
So it would be good to know a
bit more about these little
This is at 17:10.
There's our insurance guy at the cab.
And there's our victim,
Dean, in the cab.
We have two cameras covering this area.
Hm. OK.
Here's the second camera angle.
Pretty brutal queue jumping.
I mean, that'd have me raging.
Keep it running.
Run the driver's plates.
For the first time,
we've got a good match.
Cab's registered to a Jaden Stanton.
Done time for assault.
Last known address in Cessnock.
Where the burners are from.
Explains why our insurance
guy's got a solid alibi.
His cabbie did the killing for him.
So who's the hit?
There's the cloned burner phone.
Where's my payment?
I hired a cleaner once.
Even hired a tree surgeon.
But a hit man?
That's madness.
Well, we've got CCTV
footage of you getting hit
by the murder victim Dean Malone,
and then we see you getting into
a cab driven by Jaden Stanton.
A violent man who beats
up people for money.
You give him a monologue
about how the victim's
just like all those other
young, got-to-be men,
doing better than you,
- shoving past you
- Humiliating you.
So you follow the victim to the bar,
where you're told to
get yourself an alibi.
Meanwhile, your cabbie waits outside.
He kills the victim on his way home
and films it on a burner phone as proof.
We've got AMP out of his
car near your house at 11.
That's him dropping the phone off.
And then today he sends
you a text by name,
threatening to put you in
a ditch if he isn't paid.
Does that sound like your tree surgeon?
I regretted it. It's all right.
I regretted it straight away.
What's gonna happen to me?
Well, for starters,
you're going to help us catch him.
So the hitman still doesn't
know we've got the phone?
No. So we'll have Michael
and Tyrone on this spot.
I'm here with Blair.
Rihan on the bench.
And armed support on
our rib is here and here.
Think you'll keep it together?
Do you want me to do it another way?
You haven't done the
hot debrief, Annika.
Haven't even opened the link.
Well, you know, your car's
being really supportive.
OK, so I'm not going to force it
on you if you don't want it, but
you're stressed about something
and my car isn't that qualified.
This looks fine, by the way.
OK, so it turns out that my
worry's about telling Michael
that he does indeed
have a teenager.
Look an awful lot to the
outside world, like
post-traumatic stress disorder.
The one in your ear's for Rihan,
your regular radio for us.
Rihan? Can you hear me?
Whose money is this?
So, as soon as you see
Jaden and he's seen you,
then put the bag in the bin to your left
and walk back where you came from, OK?
Yeah, you told me already.
Well, I'm telling you again.
And try to be as normal as possible.
That's gonna be the biggest challenge.
DS Clark and McAndrews in position.
Yeah, us two.
You know what? We should have
arranged to meet him at a restaurant
and then we could have done the
joke about a disappointed steakhouse.
with gags like that, you'll
sail through the interview.
I don't know how the
boss feels about it.
She plays it close.
She'll be fine.
- She's an open book.
- Wait, hold up.
Stand by.
White male approaching.
Dark coat, blue scarf.
No-one move until I give the signal.
Rihan? Male approaching, on your left.
I don't know. It might be.
We're going to need clear
yes or nos here, Rihan.
He's got too much of his face covered.
No, no, it's not him.
That's a negative.
Don't stand up like that, Rihan.
He's late. I think he's on to us.
Text him again. Ask where he is.
So, is the father happy?
I'm gonna tell him tonight.
Well, I hope that goes
as it should.
Will he be armed?
You'll be fine.
There are officers nearby.
Look, that jogger's one of ours.
You don't talk to him.
Got a boat making an approach.
OK, move in.
Rihan, we think this is the one.
He's behind you, to the right.
That's him.
OK, you know what to do. Stay calm.
Bag in the bin and walk away, Rihan.
You're doing great.
Am I going to prison after this?
Let's just focus on what
you're doing right now, OK?
Is that my money?
Bag first. Rihan.
He trashed his phone.
Go on the target.
Halt, police!
Halt, police!
Halt, police!
Stay down! Stay down!
You OK?
Who's armed with a flare gun?
Well, I look forward
to the next hot debrief.
Er, yep, he's having a go, too.
Oh! Got him.
Might need a medical team.
It's not even real money, Rihan.
It's nice about Blair.
The first one's kind of special.
They are.
I'm going to tell you
a thing about, er
a Norwegian woman and a seal,
and you're not going to know
where I'm going with it,
- but bear with me.
- This is not the Silkie of Sule Skerry, is it?
Because that is one weird ballad.
Well, there are weird elements
to it, but at the heart of it
Please don't tell me that
it helped you solve the case,
because I'm pretty sure
we didn't arrest a seal.
Oh, please let me do this.
You're going to sing it to me?
Whatever gets me through, frankly.
Come sing it inside.
The girls will get their recorders out.
Here you go, girls. Here we are.
- Wow!
- Hey!
Look at that!
I'm lending it to Morgan
for her bushcraft trip.
Oh, yeah, you don't need to do that.
No, no, it's fine. It's too small
for us anyway with three kids.
Well, you know, I was
hoping the parent helpers
would be given a cabin
or a yurt or something.
I'll cross you off the list.
Thank God for that.
You would have sung campfire songs.
She's going to sing right now, in fact.
Ha-ha-ha! Wow.
I agree. I am going to get you a drink.
Oh, that's really kind, but
I think we should probably
Thanks for the
blifts, Astrid,
and for the Mediterranean food.
Sorry to run. We've got
stuff. But it was lovely to,
you know, meet the whole
Car, open the doors.
Car, open doors, car.
The Norwegian maid loses her child
to a seal and a bullet,
and that's tragic.
But she might also have
lost her child to a seal
who has other daughters to play with
and a wife who makes delicious
things out of aubergines.
Mum! You forgot the tent.
And that ballad, in my view,
would be equally tragic.
Thanks for nothing.
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