Annika (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

You working on a new routine?
Uh, well
Can't do any worse than the last one.
Oh really? 'Cos I
heard you won an award.
Yeah, not the one anyone wants.
Worst ever Mike.
I see you're back. I
mean clearly you're back.
I thought you were taking two weeks.
I'm finding it hard to be at home.
So have you, um
Not yet.
- Well
- Look, I'm fine to work a job.
Well, this one is Fabian Hyde.
High profile for us.
Do you want to drive together?
- Then we'd have a chance to, you know
- Um
I've just found out that
I've got another daughter
when you used me as a punchline, so
I'll just drive myself,
if that's okay.
I mean, I thought he quit so
the fact he's even here is
good, right?
Robert Louis Stevenson was
interested in a lot of things:
travel, politics, brothels.
But what really interested
him was the idea that everyone
could be two different people
at the same time.
The duality of existence, basically,
because we've all got
different sides to us, right?
And so he wrote the Strange
Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
which is a story of
a double personality,
where a charming and respectable doctor
with a good job, lots of friends,
also exists
as a terrible monster
who ruins people's lives.
I don't know which one Michael
thinks he's working with today.
I thought only Bond villains
have aquariums in the basement.
Well, he was as rich as one of those.
Well, do I even need to say?
Let's treat this as
we would anyone else.
Okay, then.
Fabian Hyde, billionaire
green tech entrepreneur
who was discovered dead by his
house manager at 8:15 this morning.
No signs of forced entry to the house.
Well, palace,
but we've asked staff to check
whether anything's been stolen.
Is that a clock?
I guess it's a decoration or toy.
Why do sharks need to know the time?
So they can go back for second.
Uh, next of kin, a daughter, Catherine.
Uh, lives in the nearby village.
Does she know?
She knew ten minutes
before the press did.
Well, that's something I suppose.
We'll go and see her.
You two talk to the house manager.
- I can get a pool car if this is too
- Have you told Morgan?
When are you gonna do that?
Well, I haven't got any
gigs coming up, so
Okay, sorry, sorry, I
I don't know how to do this.
I manage his security and I'm
usually aware of his plans.
I don't understand why Fabian
was even here last night.
He's invested in a green startup.
So he should have been in Dundee.
- Why didn't he go?
- I have no idea.
So, does this control all
the security in the house?
Yep. I left it here when I finished work
and went to spin class
about 6 p.m., then home.
When I came in this
morning, the CCTV was out.
Could your boss have turned it off?
Can't think why he would have.
What about a glitch or an outage?
No, we've got a backup system.
Although it should have kicked in,
so, I'll have a look into why it didn't.
We'll do that.
You are out of orange
juice and bone broth.
Yeah, I've seen the shark tank, mate.
I think we're okay for bone broth.
We'll have to access the logs for
all the devices in the property.
- Including the fridge?
- Well, unless it's got an alibi.
We already have a courier.
Who's this guy?
That is Greg Connolly,
He's a chief exec of Docks and
Holdings, one of Fabian's companies.
Doesn't seem very happy.
Yeah, nor is Fabian.
I can't tell you about
Fabian's business relationships.
Okay, but once he's in,
the CCTV cuts out and the
whole place is a dead spot.
Like I said, I can't tell
you why that happened.
I convinced him to all
this tech to keep him safe.
I guess I was wrong.
The granddaughter's deaf, so
don't turn your back on her.
My dad was a visionary.
People admired that.
He saw the big picture.
Got impatient waiting for
the rest of us to catch up.
Well, that can make you unpopular.
Not him though.
He faced it.
Always address people's concerns.
Did he have a partner?
Divorced my mom when I
was a kid, never remarried.
So, it's just you and
your daughter here?
And Dylan.
Feels like part of the family.
You're going on a trip?
No, I am. A conference
on the environment.
Granddad was chaining me up.
I'm heading off to Brazil.
Or at least I was.
And do you work for your dad too?
No, I I had an allowance.
He's very generous like that.
I volunteer at a women's center.
I was there till 7, here
the rest of the night.
Can we take the address?
If that's
Yeah. Sure.
How about you two?
Here all night too.
Both of us, with my mom.
Then Dylan went to help out at
the chippy around 11 o'clock.
He works there. We're really busy.
Nothing wrong with working in a chippy.
It's not that.
So, what is it then?
He's just upset, poor lad.
Here you are.
This is where I volunteer.
I was told there was gonna be
a press conference about Dad.
- Will you be doing that?
- It'll be our media person.
Thought we were getting a media person.
He's a high-profile case. So,
it's better it's a senior officer.
So why aren't you doing it?
You don't got ice cream on you.
That's a good point actually.
How are we doing for witnesses?
A couple of sharks in
a fridge apparently.
But obviously, to the
press you'll say
Better things than that.
You see, we don't need a media person.
There'll be a big press showing
not just the local ones.
Pretty much all of them.
Think he even saw Le Monde.
- You want Michael up there with you?
- Uh
I don't think he'd enjoy
seeing me at the microphone.
Uh, thank you all for coming today.
Bonjour, willkommen, etc.
As you're aware the body
of a 60-year-old male
was discovered on the grounds of
the Hyde estate early this morning.
Next of kin has been informed,
so I can confirm that the
deceased is Fabian Hyde.
Obviously, we're
following a range of leads.
Maybe we should leave it on.
Be interesting to know
what these leads are.
Did we get anything of the
security system at Fabian's house?
The firewalls are insane
but we've managed to retrieve the logs
and it looks like someone
switched off the security manually.
What? From inside the house?
The CEO bangs on the door, goes inside
and then eight minutes
later, it goes off.
And do we know why he
was banging on the door?
I reckon it has
something to do with this.
After the failure of Fabian
Hyde to secure the firm's future,
I've been forced to close Docks
and Holdings with immediate effect.
I am of course devastated
for the staff and their families.
Looks legit.
Although there are a
lot of fakes out there.
Chose social media to announce it.
Posted from his work after Fabian died.
Okay, well, let's see if
this is one of the leads
- that she says we have.
- Mm-hmm.
Workers have got Twitter then.
This isn't looking good.
Urgent assistance acquired at
Docks and Holdings recycling plant.
Bishop Briggs, we're under
attack from protesters.
Get off the car!
He's in there.
Get back.
My God.
Maybe next time, pick a different way
to tell them they're out of a job.
I wanted them to know
it was Fabian who did it.
He failed to build a lasting
legacy for this community.
Had no right.
Is that why you went
to see him last night?
And he was alive when I left.
You can check the CCTV.
The security feed packed in
while you were in the house.
Did you turn it off?
I wouldn't know how.
It was nothing but a shouting match.
- You say it was just shouting.
- Of course it was.
I've got a family to look after.
I wouldn't do time for a man like Hyde.
I said my piece and left.
I was in a state, got home around 11.
What do want from me?
How about some DNA for starters.
Thanks for saving me by the way.
I didn't say that before.
Well, we haven't saved you yet.
Credakaka is this kind of spice cake.
It's flavored with
cinnamon and cardamom.
Doesn't have icing on
it traditionally, but
no one complains if it does.
And I reckon I could bake it.
I reckon I could open a tea
room on the edge of a fjord.
And the cake would be
what people came for.
Plus the view.
And that would be the
other version of me,
not the monster that Michael sees,
Mrs. Credakaka would have let him know
he was the dad straight away.
She'd have cut him a big slice
and told him all about it and
it would have been fine.
As opposed to what's happening now.
The CEO has agreed to
give us a DNA sample.
Oh. Good. Um
That's something.
You okay?
About, um
Nearly getting hit by
a digger, I mean, not
Rethinking the last 16 years?
Uh, well
- Yeah.
- Does Morgan want to know?
When she does, she'll ask me,
that's the deal we've always had.
Well, that could be years.
I don't know what to say to you.
Well, I'm getting used to
that and in the meantime,
I feel like I'm lying all the time.
I mean I came here, didn't I?
To this city, this unit, with him in it.
Must have known it would lead to this.
Must have wanted it on some level.
It's why people always return
to the scene of the crime.
- So, sixteen is a pretty big deal.
- Yeah, I know.
- I can vote. So, democracy is safe.
Well, I vote you have a party.
I thought about it, but my
dad's gonna spoke at me place.
He'd be cool about it, but,
you know.
- My place then?
- I get it.
So you can invite Aaron?
Uh, I'm the daughter of
a detective, remember?
Okay, look, if my birthday's an excuse
to keep your love life going, fine.
Let's have it at yours.
Well, then we're even.
I saved your life, Femi.
I'm gonna be pulling
this stuff for years.
I'm looking at the posting
on Street View, Mom.
Yeah, it looks like
the place we grew up in.
Yeah, which was about the time I
thought of joining the police, wasn't it?
Be the first detective on a skateboard.
Okay, I gotta go, speak soon.
- What's that?
- Pickle juice. Want some?
Ah, na, na.
I had no idea the was
still out there to be honest.
What have you got there?
Oh, no, nothing. It's not the case.
- Morning.
- Morning.
You want us to wait for Michael?
No, that's fine.
So, we know the victim's security
was turned off manually at the house.
But even if it was the CEO,
the GPS and his bashed-up Jeep shows him
driving around at the
time of the murder.
Which we think was 22:11
when the victim's smartwatch
stopped registering his heartbeat.
Same time as the clock in the tank.
Well, that would fit. Postmortem
says the cause of death
was drowning preceded by blunt
force of trauma to the head.
- Hit by the clock?
- Time flies.
There's no signs of a
struggle at the scene though,
which suggests that he knew them.
Well, he's landlord to half the village.
Yeah, well, there's a petition going
around 'cause he's putting the rent up.
According to one person,
he wants the locals out
so he can begin fracking.
Which is a bit off-brand.
The petition's been
organised by the local chippy,
which is owned by Dylan's family.
He definitely seemed
uncomfortable when we saw him.
Yeah, and I got something
on the granddaughter, Grace.
Blair, could you pull her social media?
- Who's that with him?
- This is Ross Kincaid.
He assaulted the victim a few months
ago and the charges were dropped.
Which none of the family mentioned.
He's got a hardware store in town.
Okay, well, then it's visit there
or a visit to the chippy.
Yeah, I shouldn't have given a choice.
Thanks for not telling them.
Well, I'm gonna tell my family
before my team, aren't I?
S sure
but then you'd hope
a bunch of detectives
could work it out on their own.
Well, I didn't.
So when did that happen?
You planning on giving
them that level of data?
No, no, it's just just for me.
That training weekend
search and seizure.
- Is it too soon to make a joke about
- Yeah.
So was it in that nature theatre?
or on the boat?
Yeah, yeah the boat.
That's a lot of signatures.
It's a really big deal for the village.
Some of these businesses
have been going for decades,
including this one.
They're all okay now that
the guy's dead, though, right?
Don't know about that.
What's it like going out with
a billionaire's granddaughter?
Grace is brilliant.
Stuck with the wrong family.
You'd thought she might try and
help you stop the rents going up?
Doesn't work that way. Wouldn't
put that pressure on her.
Tried with her mum, got nowhere.
Her mum refused to lobby for you?
She's a coward.
Said it was just business.
Well, it's my family's business, too.
And are your folks here?
No, at the wholesalers.
And on the night itself?
They've got nothing
to do with him dying.
They're just glad he did.
They were here working.
Let's have a look, then.
Grace is my daughter.
Catherine and I have been
together since school.
She never mentioned you.
Well, that's because of Fabian.
I'm not good enough for
his family, apparently.
And what did he do about that?
Well, he banned me from entering
Catherine's house 'cause he owns it.
Even for Grace's birthday.
That's when he tried to
charge me with assault.
Look, all I wanted was to
give Grace a birthday present.
He ordered me to leave.
Turned away from me like
that. So I grabbed him.
But I forced him to look me
in the eye, and he wouldn't.
I'd never hit anyone before.
I don't think he'd
been hit before, either.
He dropped the charges.
Catherine must have
talked him out of it.
He made it worse for us, though.
He tried to cut me
off from both of them.
Your daughter's old enough
to make her own choices.
Sure, until he announces he
wants her to take over his empire.
Travelling the world,
- never seeing me.
- Why did you put up with it?
Ask Catherine.
Look, I know this looks bad for me,
but I was at the Rangers
game when he died,
and then I was down the pub.
I got the bus home.
Okay, well, we'll check
all that, but thanks for
Fabian thought I wasn't father
material, but what the hell did he know?
What does anyone know?
So the parents are clear.
Do you want to go through the
rest of the names on this petition?
So you've been offered a new job.
Well, did you get that from the call?
Are you going to accept?
Well, my mum's pleased.
You're saying you're going to
trade that for me and my chips?
Oh, what is on this?
Juice from the pickled eggs.
Yeah, I chose a bad example.
What's this?
It's from you.
Oh, man.
The little cases, the muggings,
the burglaries hold very
little interest for me.
It's the high profile stuff
that properly grabbed me.
The billionaires, the glamour cases.
That's what makes a career.
Is she saying this?
Well, her lips are moving.
It's why I love you guys so much.
So someone used a
variational auto encoder
to create a deep fake image of you.
I don't understand
what you said but fine.
It was leaked across
social media by someone
who hacked into police accounts.
Can't think why, though.
Is it connected to the case?
Could be.
The victim's house
manager was pretty tech-y.
Why would she do that?
Trip us up. I mean, it's tripping me up.
Have you brought her in?
She hasn't been home
since we spoke to her.
She was in the house.
Could have turned the cameras off.
- We've got an officer outside her flat.
- And an APW out?
Yes, she hasn't left the country.
Although I'm certainly
thinking about it.
Okay, it's weird, I get that.
But try to block it out if you can.
You know I'd never say
stuff like that, right?
Not in public, no.
So, digital forensics have
gotten into the victim's laptop,
and he made a series of payments
to January, his house manager.
Thousands at a time, with no
pattern to the transfers either.
- So she could have been on the take.
- Yeah, or blackmailing him.
He sent her two grand at 20:10
on the night he was killed.
Which is when he was
arguing with his CEO.
So it's a weird time to transfer funds.
I've tracked down the deepfaker IP.
Signal keeps moving.
Probably using a laptop
or a mobile phone.
It's now at the Barrowlands.
So there's been the suggestion
that this other version of me
was a bit more
- Confident?
- Assured?
Just saying, if this happened to you,
we'd be going in with attack dogs
and maybe even the army, you know.
Call the army if you want.
- Are we sure we're in the right place?
- 100%.
I've geolocated the device.
- Try the basement.
- Where the market is.
Sometimes a little
A little.
The Scooby Doo gang are
getting on a bit, aren't they?
Backseat Velma.
So what's this one having Fabian say?
Whatever I like.
We'll take you in before the
real Annika orders a drone strike.
Aye right.
Well, if you think
I'm worried about that
or a night in the cells, hon, I'm not.
Badge of honour.
There's something pretty badass
about having your own deep fake.
I mean, she didn't
even have me say it was
a twinkle in my eye, you know?
Can she make you say yes to
your daughter having a party?
I don't mind if there's
a twinkle or not.
What kind of party?
Well, it's basically afternoon tea
for Femi's birthday and
Erin said she'd come.
Oh, nice.
Yeah, it's tough when
you're in different cities.
Um, Friday.
It'll only be a few of us
Perhaps I can interest you in
some credakaka for the party?
Yeah, I think I'll ask
fake mum to make it.
Yeah, fair point.
Okay, fine for the party.
Not fine to keep sharing that video.
Oh. Sorry.
So much for that idea.
Robert Louis Stevenson had
twelve rules to live by.
They're mostly pretty obvious.
Don't take yourself too seriously.
Get some hobbies,
keep your mind busy.
There's also one about not
holding post mortems, but
I don't think he meant that literally.
At least it'd be difficult in my case.
But he also urges us
not to dwell on imaginary things
because they're harder
to bear than real things.
Which is all very well
but he didn't have an
imaginary version of himself
popping up online and
being a bit of a
well, cow.
What use is a deep fake of
Fabian Hyde now he's dead?
You think I did him in?
Did you?
But his time was going to come.
And what makes you say that?
Always does for a fool like that.
Nobody's going to be
shedding tears about it.
Well, his family are.
And what about all
the families he ruined?
Oh, you think he was
trying to save the planet?
His business tore up poor
communities. He was a monster.
Where were you two nights ago?
Volunteering at Langview College.
Keeping safe online.
I know, fun detail.
I've got 15 eyewitnesses
who will vouch for me,
oh, and the security guard
practically kicked me out.
So, he's another one.
What about this woman?
Do you know her?
His house manager. January Deacon.
No good cheekbones, though.
All this has done is create a
colossal waste of time for us.
Hit a nerve though.
Was that the point?
You don't know me.
Don't take it personally.
I just wanted you lot to pay attention.
Where are the press
conferences for the robberies?
Or the pickpockets or the vandalism?
If one of my students
gets their purse stolen,
- they don't eat for a week.
- Yeah, I'm a murder detective.
Those other crimes are being dealt with.
Right but not by you.
You just want to solve the death
of the richest guy in Scotland.
Not all our cases are like that.
They're the only ones I hear about.
Well, then you haven't
been paying attention.
I didn't do your eyes justice.
I'll get it right next time.
We got a ping on the
house manager's passport.
Ferryport and Cairnryan 2 hours away.
Ah. Okay, send Michael and Tyrone.
Anything back on the
clock from the shark tank?
I'm waiting for DNA
as we are with the water
bottle that we found.
But we do have the
parcel that was delivered
the day Fabian was killed,
it was in a safe at his house.
Just a couple of contracts, but
then we also found this in there.
Vibrant bit of hate mail.
Don't know why he put it in the safe.
Because he knew who wrote it?
Perhaps someone did return
to the scene of the crime.
It's a copy of a letter
we found in his safe.
Postmark means it could
be anyone in the village.
Dylan's mum started a
petition against the fracking
and she was quite outspoken.
Why are you blaming on Dylan's mum?
Sorry, but she was making
his life very difficult.
That's your handwriting.
Why would she come here if
she didn't already know that?
Same as the sticky note.
I was home the night
my father was killed.
I didn't leave the house.
He did go out. I saw you sneak off.
I was meeting my mum.
She's overseas.
She came back looking for a handout.
I was just dealing with
another family disappointment.
- So, I'm a disappointment, am I?
- I didn't mean that. I just
I didn't want you to know.
Cutting my dad out my life
so you can live in this
house with a big allowance?
You're the one who's a disappointment.
You should have the guts
to say that to his face.
I'm sorry you had to see that.
Is she right?
He thought he was protecting me.
Guess it was love in a way.
Perhaps that's why I
let it go on that long.
,don't you?
Well, someone had enough.
There we go.
Could you close these gates?
And lock them.
Nah, she can't make it now.
Help me!
- Go on then Velma, get up there.
- It's caught into me.
We know that the crypto payments to
you were made from Fabian's laptop,
from inside his study.
And funnily enough,
a lot of the payments
were made while he was
away on business trips.
So, what happened?
Fabian comes back unexpectedly,
catches you on the laptop
and then gets himself
killed later that night?
No. He was alive when I left him.
And you can't prove otherwise.
You've got nothing.
My fingerprints are going
to be over everything anyway
and you've got no CCTV.
- Yeah, because you turned it off.
- Yeah, only because
only because I was
transferring the money.
Which was lucky for the
killer. That wasn't me, so
how about you let me go?
We can keep you for 12 hours
and we might just do
that for wasting our time.
Yeah, plus the fridge
is talking and the oven
and the toaster and all the
other smart appliances, so
He painted himself
as this saviour.
Even had an actual painting
done to nail the point.
But what he did was basic bullying.
Even if he did say it
was to help us grow.
So you stole from him?
That's how I chose to balance it out.
Everyone's got their own way
of doing that, don't they?
Even his own family.
I mean, who wants me at the party?
Because I know it's not you.
Erin asked if there'd be supervision.
Well, that's just shorthand
for booze coming in.
Oh, actually, I should lock this.
Well, pretty sure you broke
the lock that time when you
actually it was a few times.
Okay, look, I'm trusting you
to stay out of this cabinet
and to look after the house.
And you can tell Erin that there
will be no mother supervision,
but that doesn't mean that
you can do what you want.
Thanks for those chats, though. Useful.
Her mum was out the night of the murder,
so she can't verify
that Grace was at home.
Yep. And according to the fridge,
it was open 15 minutes before the murder
and a bottle taken out.
Same brand as the one Grace drinks.
Would have got there
quicker if it was bone broth.
So what was the trigger?
He was hit from behind.
Only happens if you turn
your back on someone.
As she often did.
Even to the people who
needed to read his lips.
What's this?
Oh, yeah, I was gonna show you that.
Ah, is it the promotion letter?
So it's actually happening?
I want to do what you do.
I can't do that here.
Open it.
I mean, I've only taught
you a fraction of my jokes.
I think I've got enough.
It's a good post.
Is that what swung it?
And that deep faker, actually.
What she said about low level crime.
I think I could do something there.
I'm glad some good came of it.
When do they want you to start?
As soon as you'll let me go.
Can I get one more arrest out of you?
For old time's sake?
Of course.
And these were made by
- Professional bakers.
- Excellent.
Oh, it's Erin. She probably got lost.
Let's get a picture.
- Well, how lost has she got?
- Oh, it's fine. It's just, I'm
plans have changed.
Blew the candles, uh
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
What happened?
Hey, everyone. How about a boat trip?
Can I have a go, Morgan?
I'm not even sure I'm allowed to.
Follow me.
They're headed for the quarry.
Stay back a minute.
She's not a killer.
I loved him.
It was an accident.
But it's a pattern with him, isn't it?
Running your life to suit him.
Ditch Dylan or he'll cut you off.
I couldn't be with Dylan or Mom and Dad.
He wouldn't listen.
He never did.
He turned his back on me.
I couldn't read what he was saying.
Is that when you threw the clock?
It was on the table.
It hit his head. I
didn't think it would
It was a mistake.
He collapsed into the water.
I didn't know what to do.
You have to go with them now.
I've got to get better at no.
With all this, I haven't had
time to organize a leaving day.
- I prefer it this way.
- Ah.
All yours.
Used to have something to
give out to your new team.
Yeah. Weird them out from the off.
You're welcome.
So, here's the thing.
Who's got the worst temper?
You or deep fake you?
I took your boat and I
forgot to drop the anchor.
Oh, Morgan.
- What's going on?
- Ah, Tyrone's taken the bloody car.
- What's with Morgan?
- She's got herself into difficulty.
Well, you can't commandeer a squad car.
- Come on, I'll take you.
- Fine.
So, Robert Louis Stevenson had a boat.
Did his daughter steal it?
Well, it ended up in Hawaii,
so it's entirely possible.
We should stop bickering
about Robert Louis Stevenson
- while we work this out.
- Yep.
Swim it?
- You'll get hypothermia.
- I meant you.
How's your dignity?
- You're going too slow.
- No, you're too short.
Which is why I'm pushing harder.
You need to pick up.
Not letting myself off the hook,
but it wasn't easy for me either.
A lot easier if you'd
told me straight away.
Oh, no, you're saying that
now because you've got three
beautiful girls that you
make scrambled eggs for.
That's not who you were.
- You didn't give me a choice.
- You were off to diving training.
Did you really want to give that up
for colic and nights
of Be Some, Be Some ?
Which is a lullaby I'd have taught you.
Oh, come on. That's not the
reason you didn't tell me.
You ran away from it and
tried to justify it after.
I've been in that house, okay?
I've been there where the
dad doesn't love the mum
and then he doesn't love the kid.
I wasn't gonna do that to Morgan.
- You should have trusted me.
- I felt like I was protecting her.
I got it wrong.
What are they doing?
I don't know.
She's probably telling him the plot
of Treasure Island or something.
Who's with her?
Another cop
- I suppose we'd better
- Yeah.
I mean stealing a boat?
A police boat? It's an actual crime.
I only borrowed it.
There are two officers here, Morgan,
your legal position is very weak.
I said I'm sorry.
And you're also grounded.
That's not a thing!
Michael, tell her.
I've done it with mine.
I don't believe you.
Okay, but if they did the
boat thing, I definitely would.
So there we are.
That's what's happening.
Erin dumped me.
By text.
But thanks for the extra punishment.
Even when I'm right, I'm wrong.
Thanks for you know.
The backup.
Are we gonna be okay?
Well, we're gonna be something.
If we'd have had her now, you'd have
been the first to know, honestly.
But we weren't those people then.
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