Annika (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

I mean clearly the Isle of
Jura has an old Norse name,
most islands in the
Hebrides do, as you'll know.
And as we're approaching
it from the air,
you'll be able to see its
distinctive raised pats.
Yeah, we've already landed.
Excellent. In which
case, let me tell you
that the most remarkable thing
- about Jura is that
- George Orwell.
it was the writing place of 1984.
The work which details
the concept of room 101,
where you're forced to
confront your worst fear.
Is that why you grabbed the parachute?
I feel guilty that it was the last one.
Hello. The local officers
set up an incident room.
They're pretty giddy to
have marine homicide here.
So you're with us too? Didn't
realise your patch went this far.
No, it doesn't. I
transferred from Edinburgh
to join your team, weren't you told?
Annika likes to wait a few years
before she tells me the big stuff.
Okay, should we see the body?
Sure, yeah.
Are you okay with that?
Yeah, I'll keep it a bit longer.
Is the body secure?
That's one way of putting it.
So, before he wrote 1984,
George Orwell left a safe life in
the UK to fight tyranny overseas.
It's not clear if he
parachuted into Spain,
but I wouldn't put it past him.
While he was there, he got tuberculosis,
a bullet wound to the neck,
and his own countrymen
mocked his posh accent.
But when he decided to write about fear,
I mean proper, heart-stopping,
stone-cold fear,
he chose this place.
So that's not at all ominous.
Right, and this is?
When there's no police station
on the island, you get a
- Fish factory.
- Yep.
- Blair, you online?
- I'm here, go ahead.
So, timeline.
Approximately 3:40am,
a body encased in ice
was dumped in the sea, somewhere
between Islay and here, on Jura.
How do you know what time it was?
Freshwater ice has low density,
so accounting for salinity,
what we know about his size,
and the degree of thawing,
we get our estimated time for the drop.
I had a marine scientist
crunch some numbers for us.
At six o'clock in the morning?
She's got kids, she was up anyway.
So, 4:10am, three fishing
enthusiasts leave Islay.
4:42am, one of their
line snags our victim,
and they call the
harbour master, this guy,
known locally as Salty.
He's agreed to show us the
exact place the body was found.
The briefings have
come on since Edinburgh.
It's much slicker.
Wait, didn't I do the
briefings in Edinburgh?
And, as we're here,
there's nothing specific in the rulebook
that says a pregnant officer
can't go on a helicopter.
Yeah, it was a bumpy ride, Blair.
There's like two pages
of risk assessment.
There were no international
vessels in the area,
so the body was dumped
locally from either Islay,
where our fishermen set
off, or here, on Jura.
Most likely Islay, bigger island,
more scope to get it done.
Or Jura, with its rich literary history.
Yeah, I'm with Michael. Jura's tiny.
Islay for me too. Easy.
Okay, it's three
against one, that's fine.
There's a team of specialists en
route to start the thawing process.
Until we have a clear view of
the face, we won't have an ID.
But most likely white,
male, middle-aged.
How did you get that bit?
He's dressed like you.
So why freeze the body to
then dump it in the sea?
Maybe they thought the ice would sink.
Or he was killed years ago and they've
only just emptied their freezer.
There's lots of weird stuff in there.
I've checked the
missing persons reports,
going back decades.
Nothing outstanding locally.
- Does anyone else's coffee taste of
- Mackerel?
- Yes.
- I know!
- And who's that?
- Yeah, I don't know who that is.
He was my partner.
It'll be ten weeks on Monday.
I left my husband, Qaiyum,
locking up the shop,
but he never came home.
Why didn't you report him missing?
Everyone was convinced that he'd
run off with his ex, Janine Tulloch.
She left Jura the same
day he disappeared.
And half the money in our joint
account was transferred to her.
Hmm. Seems pretty conclusive.
They always had big plans. Leave
Jura and set up a business together.
But she's got a cruel side, so
Qaiyum broke up with her, married
me and we took over the newsagents.
But he went back to her.
Some people like getting
punished, don't they?
Do you have any pictures of him?
Deleted them all.
Couldn't face looking at him.
Did your ex take any belongings
with him when he left?
His passport and small photos.
Plus a big old blucksack like that.
- It's a parachute.
- Those were the only things missing.
But Janine could have taken
those, like she did the money.
You think she killed him?
Now, I've seen his body in ice,
I do.
Checking in here before going
to school is very impractical.
Well, it's for both of
us. I'm grounded too.
They had to fly through a
storm. You're not grounded.
Well, I'm on the ground.
Right. Well
Log the time.
Nice talking to you.
My sister's a cowbag.
Dumping you by text.
I've told Erin she needs
to do better next time.
Good news for her next girlfriend.
I know.
Are we okay?
Doesn't have to be awkward between us.
It's fine.
Congrats on the whole
unplanned pregnancy thing.
- I thought we were going for not awkward.
- Yeah.
Another fail.
See ya.
See ya.
So, you got Morgan
under Blair surveillance?
Teenagers are wily.
Just trying to get herself on a
work placement at an eco resort.
- How's that wily?
- It's a week.
There's entertainment, attractions,
and a high chance of tomfoolery.
- Tomfoolery?
- Shenanigans, loose morals.
Is that an Edwardian resort?
Just let me flap about
this for a minute, okay?
So is this the kind of thing that
we both should be talking about?
Oh, I don't know.
It's still quite new.
It's new for me.
I guess this is Salty.
As in sea dog, right?
- Well, isn't it a sea dog of walrus?
- Dunno.
We found them here, right
between the two islands.
The body won't not move far.
So, would you put your money on
it having come from Islay or Jura?
I dunno. Either.
My cottage overlooks Islay
harbour and I don't sleep.
Nobody was lugging
ice in the early hours.
You should be checking
out the private jetties.
okay, then. so it's three, two?
He said you didn't know.
A list of people out in the water
that your lassie got me to draw up.
Mostly tourist boats.
Why have you underlined Chris Gray?
She's the ghillie at that
conference hotel on Islay.
Only time she'd be out that
early would be with guests,
but she was on her own.
Does the hotel have a jetty?
Aye. I'll take you there.
If you're happy with
the walrus sailing you.
- Got the police with me, John?
- Aye, so I see.
The ghillie's boat
is the one over there.
Aha, aha, ghillie. Good, good.
- What is a ghillie, exactly?
- A sort of gamekeeper.
I guess this is her boat.
okay, if I was to ask for
your input about Morgan,
what would you say?
- About her trip to the underworld?
- Fine.
Don't say I didn't consult.
Well, maybe after Erin,
she needs a distraction.
I mean, breakups can be pretty painful.
At least she's thinking
about the future.
Plus, you could get an armed
protection unit to tail her.
See? Now you're talking.
What are you two doing?
I mean, we can take that
question in a number of ways.
- Yep.
- Erm
Salty hasn't had a full
night's sleep since the '90s.
He's practically
delirious half the time,
So if it's him that said I was
out on the water this morning
So where were you?
I was here, catching these.
Anyone see you do that?
Why are mainland detectives
investigating poaching?
- Welcome to Stake, our keynote
- Which it isn't, by the way.
They're for the kitchens.
We're marine homicide.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Well, the hotel manager
should vouch for me.
She's pretty busy, though.
The place is rammed
because of the conference.
Everywhere is.
That's very beautiful.
I think we could make a little
Give me a second.
I'll talk to your manager. You stay put.
- What have you got?
- I'm at the island industrial estate.
I think the news agent might be right
about the victim being her husband.
I'm in the workplace of the
woman she thinks killed him.
Want to see?
Am I looking at an ice factory?
Her daughter developed trust issues.
Her anxiety levels were spiking.
She was struggling to form attachments.
Meanwhile, the mother,
let's call her Mother A,
had grown so used to
lying to her daughter
that deceit seemed to character
Okay, okay.
- Annika?
- A deceit
which seemed to characterise the
the majority of their interactions.
Mother A felt this deceit.
Janine's still not picking up.
Her meeting should be finished soon.
Are these partitions removable?
We can make bigger blocks
if that's what you mean.
How big?
Big enough to fit an adult male.
Previous owners did make larger blocks
for ice sculptures
and industrial cooling.
But it's not a big earner.
Parts are available online.
Folk just make their own.
So anyone can just make
themselves a massive block of ice?
Sure. A chest freezer will do the
same if you fill it with water.
Janine says she's up to rising
it and can you come back later?
No, not really.
I'm investigating the
murder of Qaiyum Das.
Well, I can help with that.
I'm Qaiyum Das.
But I'm feeling surprisingly
good, all considering.
- Okay, well, thanks.
- Anytime.
Most of the guests here are therapists,
so it's nice not to be
asked about my dreams.
Just coming.
So, hotel manager
confirms that ghillie Chris
was at work and not on the water.
So that list that we were given
Might have to be taken
with a pinch of Salty.
Very good.
Harper is breaking the
news to our grieving widow
that her husband has set up an
ice factory with his first love.
They both have alibis.
So our victim might
have been in transit,
a tourist or someone on business.
Let's check accommodation.
- Do you want both islands or just ?
- Yeah, sure both.
And when Jura's confirmed
as the crime scene,
let's see what it does to the vote.
Harper's arranged a car for us.
So, Mother A?
- Don't.
- At least he could have changed the initial.
Let's wait over there.
Did he ask your permission to do that?
Oh, yes, here.
In we go. In we go. Out, out, out.
Out, getting out.
Look, we can't do anything until,
you know, the body's defrosted,
so let's pick this
up tomorrow. I've got,
you know, a score to settle.
I have absolutely no idea.
But seriously, Doctor,
I've been interested to hear your views
on the alternative study
by Bannerman and Strong.
I don't think that particular
study was that conclusive.
- And the methodology
- Yes.
Interesting, interesting,
yes, the methodology.
You know
I had a question about that.
Certainly. Fire away.
You mentioned trust issues.
That presumably the patient
and her mother trusted you to
keep your mouth shut, you know?
I don't know. Generally.
The problematic thing
about any case study is that
a person can identify
themselves with it,
even when it's completely unrelated.
Why might a person do that?
The fact her daughter's vulnerabilities
exactly match those described,
or that the mother shares her, you know,
actual initial
- You feeling better?
- Yes, a bit. No.
- Another fizzy drink?
- Mm.
I'm up! I'm getting up! Is
this how it's going to be?
I miss you.
Can't you miss me after 8 am?
What were you doing last night?
Nothing, 'cause I'm
earning back your trust.
Did you speak to anyone?
Have you tapped my phone?
Oh, so you did speak to someone.
I called .
- I was bored.
- Really?
It's like twice in a year.
What did you talk about?
Just stuff.
Well, if I was allowed Femi over,
maybe I wouldn't have done it.
Well, I guess if it stops
you phoning grandfathers,
perhaps the distraction isn't so bad.
Yeah, for you too.
Hi, Jake.
- Hi, Morgan.
- We've missed you.
Yeah, me too. Lovely to see you.
Uh, yeah, we were just, um,
discussing his, um, conference papers.
Well, I've never heard
it called that before.
- Gonna go back to sleep now.
- Yep.
Okay, well,
I mean, she's gonna think
we're now, you know
So, uh, are we?
- You know, um
- Huh?
Well, I mean, this will
go on for some time.
- I've got to
- Yeah.
You got a spare toothbrush?
Blair's online. I made you a coffee.
Yum. So, I saw ghillie Chris
hand the hotel manager an
envelope of cash this morning.
Where did you see that?
Outside my just, uh, outside.
Hotel manager claims it was payment,
'cause the ghillie punched a guest
and made a mess of the
bar on Monday night.
Money was her making it right.
And also maybe a thanks
for giving her an alibi,
'cause there's no sign
of her on hotel grounds
and her boat was missing from the jetty.
I'll get the hotel cameras,
see if they caught this fight.
I have a possible idea
on who the victim is.
Ronan McIntyre, 37 years old.
I got the Islay Harbour Register,
and his boat's overstayed his booking,
and Salty hasn't seen
him for a couple of days.
You got that already?
His face only thawed
out half an hour ago.
He does have quite an identifying
mark on his body, though.
He's got "your name" on his butt.
He's got a butt tattoo of my name?
It's a chat-up line.
Do you believe in fate?
Because I've got
Your name tattooed on my arse.
- Does that work?
- No.
Does for me.
A Jura boy, originally.
Lives in Glasgow but works
for a hamper business.
He buys island produce, so he
brings his boat up frequently.
So where was he staying?
He always books into
the same rental cottage.
Salty says it's only about
ten minutes away from here.
Hmm. And when you say
"here", you mean "Jura".
Just saying. Okay,
let's make sure it's him,
because we've already
told one man he's dead.
Michael, check his boat.
Blair, send through the camera
footage of the fight when you get it.
Harper, we'll go to his accommodation.
Anyone got anything else about anything?
Nope, I'll check in later.
All right, then.
You settled it, then?
- What?
- The score.
You're wearing the same
clothes as yesterday.
There's a lot of sneaking about in 1984.
Love notes, liaisons in
fields and secret bedrooms.
Of course, for the main
characters, Winston and Julia,
getting caught means interrogation,
torture and brainwashing
by the Thought Police.
Whereas I just get Michael.
I'm a mixed-media artist.
This is something I'm doing
for the Jura Orwell Festival.
I'm keeping the centrepiece top
secret until the big reveal next week.
I mean, it nails the Big Brother theme.
You think it's too on the nose?
So, Ronan McIntyre
rents a cottage from you?
We wish he rented it.
He's an old friend. He stays for free.
And he treats us like his staff,
as if we don't have enough to
do with three cottages to manage.
Cleaners have already been today.
- Had to bag up all his stuff.
- Oh, we'll need to take that.
I reckon he's just
shacked up with some girl.
He often wakes up in the wrong bed.
- Easily done.
- He's not as bad as the island claim.
People say he's fathered
half the primary school.
Yeah, I know.
Everyone's always teasing
us that Ronan's responsible.
- I bet that's fun.
- No, it's just gossip.
He actually introduced us.
Paid for our fifth round of IVF.
Thinks it buys him the
right to name our kid Bono
or Morgan Freeman.
Whether it's a boy or a girl.
- I mean, don't knock Morgan.
- Right.
Well, whoever Ronan's met
this time must be a keeper
for him to have missed Ollie's
dad-to-be lock-in on Monday.
It was meant to be a low-key dram
before we headed over to the
mainland paternity unit, but
- the whole island turned up.
- Not me.
I was in my bed. Ollie
stumbled in at 7 am
and we got our first one-star review
because cottage two was
left without power all night.
I missed their text.
I mean, all they needed to do
was just flick the trip switch.
And Ronan didn't come back at all?
He hasn't been here since
he set off on his boat
- for meetings on Islay Monday morning.
- Hmm.
You've got a private jetty, then?
Most people have.
Is this about the body
that was found this morning?
I mean, Ronan is a tear-away,
but he would never
No, no, he's not a suspect.
We're actually still waiting on a
positive idea on the victim himself.
Oh, but you'd know if it was Ronan.
He has the most ridiculous tattoo.
I'll get him to show
you when he turns up.
The worst chat-up line in history.
Okay, shall we sit down?
When I go home, it's not
an ass tattoo that IDes me.
Then don't get one.
I got the victim's
schedule from his work.
Last thing he turned up
for was a whisky tasting
at the Islay Royal Hotel
on Monday afternoon.
That's where ghillie Chris works?
Yep, not long before the fight.
It pains me to say it,
but since the victim's boat
never returned to Jura,
the murder might have,
you know,
happened on Islay.
You're the only one keeping score.
Well, the victim's
boat's a bit messy, but
not like there's been a struggle.
So, if he was drowned,
let's say in a freezer,
you'd have to wait about 24 hours
before it became a block of ice.
Funny you should say that.
Well, not funny.
What's in it?
Stuff for his hampers, I guess.
To create the ice block, it would
have had to be full of water.
Well, it's mostly venison now.
How do you even get such
a massive ice block out?
You'd need a hoist.
His social media is mostly full of
selfies of him with various women.
You think he might have picked
someone up from Islay and
stayed over with them?
Well, this boat's clear,
but SOCO are on their way
for when you get to.
Maybe his sister can help.
Tina McIntyre.
All we've got for her is off a
next of kin from seven years ago.
But apparently she's not answering.
We'll keep trying.
Have you got the CCTV
from the hotel yet?
I'm going over now.
Is that our ice man holding the antlers?
Yep. That looks like our guy.
And there's ghillie Chris.
Ooft. It's not just
pheasants she whacks.
Okay, we're breaking up. Ferry out.
We're shortly arriving at
the Islay Ferry terminal.
Please return to your vehicles.
I'll go and see her when we land.
- I can get that.
- No, it's fine.
I don't drink it myself,
but I know what it is.
I don't know why you say that.
Should I get one for Michael?
Best not. He's waiting for SOCO.
Thanks for picking up.
Okay, so are you and Mum a thing now?
Well, you could call it a thing if
you wanted to. What do you think?
It's great.
So I'm standing in the
queue for the work placements
and I know Mum doesn't
really trust me at the moment.
Yeah, because you stole a boat.
Sure, but that was a one-off mistake
and this, this is about
my personal growth.
It's only a week and
there'll be no parties
'cause it's a professional, worky thing
and I need you to talk to her about it.
Look, she's made her decision.
It's important to be consistent.
Even if it's wrong?
Well, if you think it's
wrong, then you make your case.
But I'm asking you to make
it in your sneaky therapy way.
What do you mean, sneaky?
Okay, it's fine.
Look, this is my future at stake
and if it's ruined, it's on you.
Well, who's being sneaky now?
Welcome to our world, Jake.
Are you in or are you out?
- Yeah, I see what you mean.
- It's less fishy, right?
I was thinking it should be more.
Ghillie Chris is back at the hotel.
- I'll call you when I've seen her.
- Yeah.
That's Ronan McIntyre's boat.
- Is Michael still on there?
- I can't see him.
I've got to help him if he is.
Come on.
It's nice to take an afternoon dip.
Did you see who did it?
Very refreshing. Thanks for asking.
Hey, that guy's stealing my boat.
That's the guy who ran
just before the explosion.
- Come on, you bugger.
- Hey!
Get back.
I don't suppose you want a summary
of the plot of 1984, that usually
Didn't realize it had so many uses.
- Chris Gray, Marine Homicide.
- I'm busy.
Well, it doesn't work like that.
You had an altercation on Monday
evening with Ronan McIntyre.
- That's a private matter.
- No, it's a police matter.
We're investigating his murder.
Ronan's dead?
Yes, so I'm gonna
have to ask you some
- I can't make it stop.
- Okay, okay, let me.
- Hello?
- Hello?
Is this Tina McIntyre?
This is Harper. I'm with Chris.
You're his sister, aren't you?
I nearly lost my best officer.
Well, I don't know, second best.
I didn't know anyone was on the boat,
but in my defense, I
waited to check he got off.
Of the boat you were blowing up?
I don't think rationally
when I lose my temper.
It's part of the anger arousal cycle,
that triggers escalation crisis.
- I'm on an anger management program.
- Oh.
How's that working out for you?
I may need a few more sessions.
What was your trigger?
I made whisky for his hampers, but
he canceled the contract
even though he knew my distillery
couldn't survive without it.
Got notification from his offices today
that they wouldn't even
pay for the last batch.
This whisky?
Interesting label.
It's just a parting shot.
Ronan McIntyre, ruining
lives since 1985.
Best served on ice.
A parting shot can read
like a death threat.
I was just running with a metaphor.
Yeah, you really ran with it.
That's him.
And if you did freeze him on the
boat, then any forensic evidence
is now at the bottom of the harbor.
That's not why I wrecked it.
Oh man, this is getting way too big.
Where were you on Monday night?
Well, I've set my program.
- Oh, they last all night, do they?
- It's in Glasgow.
I didn't want anyone on the island
to know I was seeing a therapist.
Well, all the therapists are
here, as far as I can tell, so,
it should be easy to check your alibi.
Who'd do this?
That's why we're here.
The last sighting we have of your
brother, you're giving him a beating.
I didn't hit him that
hard, he lost his balance.
Only his watch was broken, nothing else.
- Did you fight often?
- He was a wind-up merchant.
If he saw an opportunity to
get under your skin, he took it.
He teased me about my job.
Wish I hadn't taken the bait.
Did you see him after you fought?
I guessed he'd sailed back to Jura.
He said something
about a mate's lock-in.
I just wanted to clear
up and keep my job.
His boat never left Islay.
Do you know anyone who might
have wanted to hurt him?
Like I said, my brother made digs.
He didn't know when to stop.
So where did you go
after you left the hotel?
Hospital, then home.
'Cause we know that
you were on the water
the morning your
brother's body was dumped.
What did you do, you silly wee boy?
The 1721 ferry to Jura will
be boarding in 10 minutes.
You're seeing Jake again tonight?
That hinges on whether he
changes Mother A to Mother B.
- Or any other letters, actually.
- Yeah.
- How's Morgan about all this?
- Uh, fine.
She's already using him to get
me to agree to that week away.
It's a classic tactic.
If the mum says no, you ask
- The dad?
- No, um,
- no, I wasn't gonna say that.
- Yeah, you were.
Look, it's a choice, isn't it?
You either let her go or you don't.
You're gonna have to
trust her at some point.
On her way back from confronting
her disappearing husband.
- What conversation that must have been.
- Mortified.
Where'd it just come from?
You know the whisky maker
I hit with the life buoy?
He also supplies the
- Does his alibi check out?
- Mm-hmm.
And ghillie Chris, Tina.
She dislocated her finger in the fight,
spent most of the night in
minor injuries with her wife.
Why did she lie to us
about being out in the water
the morning the body was dumped?
Because the lobster pots we
saw in her boat were stolen,
so she was poaching after all.
So the hotel manager was in it too?
Mm-hmm, which I imagine
she now sees as rather
a shellfish thing to do.
Well, I thought you must
be used to these by now.
It's the whisky.
No wonder the victim ditched it.
We're on first name terms, even
though I've only been in there once.
Where you going?
never forget a face.
There was a telescreen
in Winston's flat,
which meant he was
constantly under surveillance.
He was allowed to mute
it, but not to turn it off.
Even when he hid in an
alcove to write his diary,
he still wasn't really alone.
Now, there are no
telescreens on the Jura ferry,
and our victim certainly
wasn't writing a diary.
So he wasn't even thinking
about keeping hidden.
But he was seen nonetheless.
Because there's always someone watching.
So Ronan did come back
to Jura that night?
boarded the 11 P.M. ferry,
according to Muirhead, who served him.
He was going to a friend's lock-in.
That would have been Oliver's.
But he didn't get there, right?
So where did he go,
if he didn't go to the pub?
Oh, the watch.
It was smashed in the
fight with his sister, but
it was in the rental cottage
at Abeni and Oliver's,
So he definitely made it back there.
Can someone who's eight months
pregnant carry a human ice block?
'Cause I'm happy to do an experiment.
Thanks, but I don't think it's Abeni.
She she was upfront
about local rumor.
But her husband
five rounds of IVF,
and now people are saying your
friend didn't just pay for the bump.
Delicate issue, paternity.
The locals confirmed that
Oliver was at the pub all night.
Everybody was blotto,
maybe he snuck out.
Have we got any footage
from outside the pub?
Pulling up the CCTV now.
Hang on.
So while we wait, do we
wanna just do a quick ?
Fine, Jura.
Yeah, Jura for me too.
And me.
I've got the husband
on the car park CCTV
heading in the direction of
the rental cottage at midnight.
And returning an hour later.
- Time enough.
- Yeah.
Don't murder someone on the
island that birthed Big Brother.
Where's Oliver?
He's taken the boat.
Wanted to clear his head.
Ronan's death has hit him really badly.
Me too, but I've got
this bloody thing to do.
Why don't you why
don't you put that down?
We'll find Oliver.
Oh, oh.
It's been going on all afternoon.
I don't think this is Braxton Hicks.
Right, um
'Cause I think my other officers
are much better with hot towels.
Yes, we're doing the breathing.
I was just saying if there's anywhere
near that stocks nitrous oxide.
Thanks for your help. Be as
be as quick as you can, please.
I don't wanna have to
cut the cord with a
Okay, then.
You're you're you're
doing really well, Abeni.
Would you like me to find
some whale music or ?
The water wasn't frozen.
We don't need to talk about this now.
I put on the machine two days ago,
but yesterday it was still just slush.
I thought it was another
power cut, but maybe
Okay, that's a big one.
I'm I'm just gonna have
another look, all right?
Oh yeah, yeah.
You're doing great.
And first labors, they can take ages.
I mean, mine lasted
over 100 hours. At least,
- it it felt like
- You can't think, Ollie would kill him.
Roland was a good friend.
I know, but for now, I
think we need to focus
on the task in hand because
Because, yeah, I'm
Okay, I'm currently
looking at your baby's head.
- It's coming!
- Oh boy.
It may well be a boy.
Here we go.
Bring us up alongside, Salty.
Michael will step on.
I'll board from the water.
Nice to have a clean boat, isn't it?
Now I need you to come with me.
Get off my boat.
That's not happening.
Roland was looking for a fight.
Goat me about his kid.
Said the whole island was
laughing at me about it.
He thought it was funny.
I just wanted him to stop talking.
Well, drowning him in
a freezer will do that.
I said get off my boat!
I'll have yours then.
Stay out, bastard!
I'm coming for you, hold on!
- Don't let him take it!
- He won't.
Three for the island boat tour, please.
- So it's a boy then?
- Yep, your boy.
Your wife was amazing, apparently.
You should have learned from her
how to deal with the hard stuff.
Can I, can I see him?
- It's not possible.
- Please.
- You might get a prison visit.
- Please,
- you shouldn't be without a dad.
- Well, that's on you.
In 1984,
Winston loved Julia. He really did.
But he was told she'd betrayed him.
And faced with his worst fear,
he betrayed her right back.
It saved his life, but it
it crushed him from that moment after.
Which is how this guy's
gonna feel when he realizes
he doesn't get to raise the
kid they wanted for so long.
- What's up?
- I've decided to trust you.
You can go to the eco resort,
but you have to call home every night,
and I'm not rolling out,
sending up a SWAT team.
Thanks, did Jake change your mind?
Uh, no.
- Michael.
- Well, thank him from me.
I won't let you down.
Do you need this?
No, I'm okay. I'm taking the car.
Oh, just as well, because
this isn't a parachute.
- It's filled with the pilot stuff.
- What?
Uh, thanks for the advice with Morgan.
Confirm flight cleared to 1,000 feet.
Two passengers on board,
heading outbound 225.
- Chapter two.
- Uh, sorry to interrupt.
Are you gonna tell me
the whole plot of "1984"?
Yes, I am.
But I can tone down the
funny voices if you like.
I definitely need to
get to the room 101 bit.
It's the best bit.
Okay, so if your room 101
isn't heights, helicopters,
or birthing strangers, what is it?
No, no, no, the room's
gone, 'cause I've discovered
the best strategy to deal with
your greatest fear is to, you know,
you face it head on.
Go all in, only way.
I suppose it works up to a point.
Help me with my luggage?
Is that your dad?
Guess room 101's back.
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