Annika (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

It's a nice word to say, actually.
- Sphygmomanometer.
- Don't you think?
It's a mouthful.
It's from
a Greek word meaning pulse
and a French one meaning pressure meter.
Do you have to wear it all the time?
That's just a check-up. I've
been doing it at home, but
You've had your dad with you.
Put it through the roof.
Thought I'd get a couple of low
readings in a normal environment.
What, Marine Homicide
is a normal environment?
Might just
quickly see if a murder's come in.
Look, if Morgan's arranged this
holiday, perhaps you should go.
Only 'cause it's where she's
doing her work experience.
And let's not forget she's
arranged it for my dad too.
What does that tell you?
Two days, maybe you
should just do both of it.
I know.
I was looking forward to being
a support act at your conference.
Well, now at least you won't
look like the case study.
Have fun. It's possible.
So, the last time I went
on holiday with my dad,
he took me to see King Lear.
I mean it was a bold choice,
for a man not dissimilar
to the main character, but he's
never had much self-awareness.
Anyway, I was open to it,
figured he was trying to connect.
And when he said we'd
get a boat to see it,
I thought he must be taking me to see
a weird outdoor
performance or something.
Turns out King Lear
is the name of a gas
field in the North Sea.
Wasn't even lit up.
I mean, according to
this, I should be dead.
Okay, notices for this week's guests.
Electric quad bike
trail has been suspended
because of damage to the charging post,
so, Andy, I'm putting you on the saunas.
Um, Saskia and Tito, deer
park as usual, please.
And catering Oh yeah.
The new edible plates
are holding up well,
but there happen to be
issues with the straws,
which are made of paper, so can we
try and stop people eating those.
Can you give me two minutes?
The walk in the clouds is
behind schedule, obviously,
so instead just push the abseiling.
And finally can we also welcome Morgan.
- Hi, Morgan.
- She's with us this week on work experience
and is going to be shadowing me.
Her first job will be to
assassinate the builder.
Okay, that's it, everyone.
Stay kind to yourselves and the planet.
It's a thing we do, Morgan.
Come on, follow me.
I'm just saying, it takes the
same amount of time by road.
Yeah, you were saying I
should let you drive my car.
Yes, you should.
And it's perverse to avoid that, by
arranging something that'll take longer.
Um, you said it would take the same.
How does it even land?
It's a card game.
- Did you pack some cards?
- Yes I did,
to play Pontoon, which is
a form of Blackjack and not,
you know, a made up thing on a plane.
Have you seen The Twilight Zone?
- No, because I wasn't born.
- There is an episode,
William Shatner sees a
gremlin hanging from his plane.
Everyone thinks he's crazy,
so they tried to sedate him
but he steals a gun from a police
officer, and tries to shoot it.
Well, I don't have a gun.
- So
- And once the plane lands,
they see the engine
has been torn to pieces.
Shatner was right all along.
Yeah, hi, Jeff, is it?
- Sorry, what?
- Annika.
No offence, this is
a very nice seaplane.
Oh. Thanks You know,
- a family-run airline since the eighties.
- Any more history on this flight
- and I expect
- My dad passed it on to me actually.
- Lovely flier.
- Good for him.
My dad on the other hand,
isn't as trusting so
My dad had an autopilot fitted.
Maybe give yours a break?
- Do you want to get yourself strapped in?
- Sure, just
- Do we get peanuts?
- Hmm?
- Never mind.
- But I do trust you,
I'll be having a sleep, so you
a better look out for gremlins.
It's a big responsibility.
Okay, everyone. Prepare for take-off.
So, what am I looking at?
Well, that's his head.
Here's a foot.
And that's his wee tummy.
Are you sure there's only one in there?
Let me see that.
I mean, you shouldn't listen to me.
I don't know how to read those things.
What is that, you got there?
Just a public protection update.
Gary Nair has been released.
He's the guy who killed
that family in a house fire.
Wow, this is a fun
conversation to walk into.
To be fair, it started quite fun.
Welcome to HQ, Harper.
Thank you.
It's got some great views.
Just make yourself at home
and-and if you need anyth
Well, I was gonna say my
door's always open, but I
mainly hang around the car
park, looking for the new car.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Oh.
Hear that: ma'am.
Where has that been?
You can have that desk.
What was that about?
Enjoy your house plant.
Okay, so the entire
contents of your house.
Seriously, why are we doing this?
I hear good things about aqua boarding.
I don't mean this trip, I mean,
why are you in Scotland generally.
Morgan called me.
Not to invite you over.
Is it so strange that I want to
spend time with my granddaughter?
And with you.
He added as an afterthought.
We are here now, aren't we?
- Maybe you can stop the
- Don't say whining.
Okay. Apologies. I was just
checking if an upgrade was available.
- Ah, great.
- There isn't.
Well, that's okay. We
don't expect favours
because we are Morgan's family.
Sorry, have you got a normal
pen, I can't seem to
- That's just a feather.
- Right.
- Thanks.
- Got an appointment, Louise,
you'll have to keep the
whatever you call it,
closed for the holiday.
The walk in the clouds.
Should call it the
walk in the rain clouds.
- This is Scotland.
- Thank you.
Casper is doing some fine
tuning on that attraction for us.
- He should be finished.
- So Keys?
Of course.
The cabin that Morgan's
arranged for you is very nice.
I've sent her down there to
see you in. As a matter of fact,
- the forecast for this week
- Whoa, wait, wait, sorry. Um
- I thought you'd like it.
- I do. I do.
No, I was just hoping that we'd get
one each.
Well, it gives you and Morfar
a chance to catch up properly.
I've caught up, okay?
And one of the things
I've caught up about
is he won't say why he left Norway.
Recycled bathroom wear.
This used to be a grain sack.
I think he wants something.
Maybe he wants to see us?
You don't have to turn
everything into an investigation.
It's beautiful, Morgan.
The whole place is.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
Have a lovely stay.
I at least will do my best.
Seniors star gazing at ten.
Have fun.
Don't embarrass me.
Very professional, isn't she?
You know you sound like you're proud.
- Aren't you?
- 'Course.
I was just checking you
understood what it meant.
Okay, look,
if we're gonna play happy families,
then I need to know what's going on.
Can't we relax first?
Has Mum kicked you out?
Oh, of course she has.
- What did you do to her?
- I'm thinking of leaving her.
No, you're not.
I'm calling her.
Please don't.
I haven't decided yet.
Come here to think and to
talk it over with you first.
You want my advice?
Well, in the short term
I want you to put those
bath robes away.
Be nice to keep the place tidy.
I'm going for a walk.
So, my dad wants to leave my mum.
Right, so that's why he's over.
Yeah, apparently he's been
dwelling on it for months.
Seems quite level about it.
What about you?
I mean, it explains a lot,
but now he wants me to talk
him around, or not. I dunno.
I mean, this is
supposed to be your area.
I might need to start with
this cab driver, actually.
He's also presenting as a bit lost.
- Right. So, you made it too.
- Mm-hmm.
The Norwegian countryside is beautiful.
Yeah, especially because my
dad's not running around in it.
How come you're there and he's here,
It's completely the wrong way around.
I know.
Bring me back a drinking horn.
Pretty sure my ancestors
needed one before
going into battle.
Listen, if it all gets
a bit much, just
Find a calming activity.
Build a rock cairn or something.
Or something.
It's work. Do you want me to answer?
That would be great.
Hey Annika, it's Astrid.
Oh, hi. Sorry.
Er, I
- I was after Michael?
- Yeah, um
He ate the dinner that Beth's
made for him in home ec today.
Well, you should never eat anything
a child brings home from school.
Yeah, I know that.
Do you want me to relay anything?
Um, yes.
I'm at Blane Park.
But I found a body in the river.
She's found a body, Michael.
Can he make it up?
I wouldn't say immediately.
Victim's a real mess.
Sounds like quite a nasty one.
I've got Harper here and a pathologist.
I guess Michael can process
any evidence remotely.
That's not all he's
processing right now.
I bet. Okay.
- Thanks, Astrid.
- No probs.
Apart from that, how is your holiday?
Well, there's a corpse in the river,
so I think the wild
swimming might be off.
Okay, alright, bye for now.
Michael not coming?
He was being a supportive dad,
- and it's put him in hospital.
- What?
Yeah, maybe not hospital.
What have you got?
So, this is the victim,
Casper McCray, local builder, 35,
no PCs.
Body found by
- me.
- You.
He was contracted to start working
on the attraction at the resort.
I saw him when I was checking in.
He was going off to an appointment.
Could have been an excuse to leave early
but let's find out who he was meeting.
Next of kin?
His husband, Lance Wallace,
interior designer, they live nearby.
No reports of any domestics.
The local police are
breaking the news now.
I'll follow up in the morning.
How are you finding them?
Local police.
You know, they're glad of the help.
They would have called us anyway.
Lucky you were here.
Yeah, not everyone's gonna think that.
Okay. Early assessment:
cause of death is almost
certainly a high force impact.
And his lower body is very damaged.
Major injuries consistent with a fall.
Wasn't he working on a tree top walk?
Yeah, but that lot's on the
other side of the resort.
I guess he could have been
dragged here or or driven.
River? The river could've
could've brought him down.
It's pretty slow moving
but we've had heavy rain,
so it's possible.
What time did you see him?
About 4:30, but I wouldn't
have been the last.
We'll canvas the staff.
Oh, and the body has a
mark on the left shoulder?
I guess I'd say it's a friction bump
but I'll have more when I get him back.
From his safety harness?
Check if it matches.
Okay, we'll leave you with him
and, um, thanks
- Remi.
- Remi.
You got here quickly.
Well, Harper did.
I'm on a mini-break.
So, we need to see how far the body
could have drifted in the timescale
and we need to find
the crime scene 'cause
- I don't think it's here.
- Okay.
The resort has CCTV in the reception
and the front gate. I'll
get them to send it to Blair.
Great and did you manage to arrange a
Yeah, I did, actually.
I took a desk, saw the boss,
got a flat in South
Side just by Queens Park.
A ranger mobile incident
room, I was gonna say.
Right. Uh, yes.
- It's arriving tomorrow morning.
- Uh-uh.
The resort manager didn't
seem very happy about it.
- It's bad for business I guess.
- Yeah, I bet.
I'll talk to her. And, yeah, sorry,
yes, South Side,
decent area.
It's got some nice
Actually I don't know. I never go out.
- Ooh!
- You're late for Pontoon.
I'm a trained officer.
I could have shot you.
Ah, but you don't have a gun.
Why aren't you in bed?
Hoping to have a akvavit with
my daughter before the day ends.
Well, this needs to stay on for
- 24 hours.
- Start it again tomorrow.
Remember the taste?
The herb that's meant to cure
unfaithful husbands.
That's not what happened.
Is that all I'm getting?
I thought you wanted to talk about it.
Did you, though?
There are blue flashing
lights all over the resort.
I mean, they
they kind of follow
me around to be honest.
You want to make a joke about it?
Well, someone in this family has to.
So, do you want to play this then?
I'll be banker.
Maybe you should have
actually been a banker.
Then at least we could have a holiday.
Sov gott.
Got the place for a song.
We were going to knock through.
Can't see myself staying now.
I couldn't bear rattling
around the place on my own.
So are these all your designs?
I like to work with what's here.
I did our wedding concept too.
We got married last month.
That's really tough.
I'm sorry.
Took me three years to talk
him into it and now he's
Can I see him?
He doesn't look how
you remember him, Lance.
Is that his laptop?
Take it.
Take anything.
Is there anything else you
remember about yesterday?
Did he seem worried?
We believe he had a
meeting in the afternoon.
He didn't mention anything specific.
He found the resort job quite stressful.
Stressful, how?
Well, the owner's very demanding.
Everything has to be
made of bamboo or
Maybe his meeting was in Glasgow.
Why? What's there?
His business
and his business partner.
She's a nightmare.
So he was always very
happy on the drive home.
Obviously not yesterday.
Your car's in the drive though.
Oh, he's got a work car.
An SUV. Bought it a week ago.
Right. Then I'll need
the registration for that
and the name of this business partner.
And I'll need any passwords you know.
It was going to be
beautiful, don't you think?
You know there's a cooker inside?
Come the climate apocalypse, we're
all gonna need to know this stuff.
Ah. Is it imminent?
The apocalypse or breakfast?
Curious about both.
Breakfast five minutes.
Bit longer for the other
thing, but not much.
Well, we left you with a
bit of clearing up to do.
Yeah well, that's what happens
when you drill big holes
in the seabed for a living.
My company only did the pipelines.
I was proud of what I did.
You're the one wearing their jacket.
This is just recycling.
- Let's take a selfie.
- No, never.
- No, please.
- No.
Please, Morfar.
Okay. Okay.
For you. For you, darling.
Nothing says a relaxing holiday
like a mobile homicide unit.
It's not Mum's fault.
Did she have to take it on?
- It's a convenient excuse not to talk to me.
- Hey! Don't give up yet.
I better go see what the plan is
now there's the, you know, murder.
You tell them not to
close down the saunas. Hmm?
Well, as long as we've got
our priorities straight.
Not by the bunny trail please.
Well, it's here or the deer park.
- No.
- And
the victim was one of
your contractors, remember?
I just hired him.
I only did that cause everything
needs to be locally sourced.
Listen, the thing about
Morgan assassinating him
was a joke.
Pretty dark under the circumstances.
I was annoyed with him.
It was supposed to be
an eco-conscious build
but he used the wrong wood and he
drove over the rewilding fields.
Can we can we move
the bunny, please, Morgan.
Give the kids are
fighting chance to see it.
So, did you see him
after he was in reception yesterday?
No, no, I didn't. Did you, Morgan?
No, I was with you all day.
'Cause he said he was
going to an appointment.
Yeah, probably one of
his other contracts.
See, that's the thing, he
didn't prioritize this at all.
Was anyone signed in to see him?
I dunno.
Yes. Dana Ashraf. Works
at the community centre.
I know the job he has
there is dragging on too.
Uh, signed in yesterday at 4:48.
Thank you, yes, we'll
We'll follow that up.
See you at the meeting at nine, Morgan.
Oh. Maybe think about
an electric incident van.
Throwing it out there.
I hate her.
I'm sorry this is happening.
It's fine.
Why don't you come and have
dinner in the restaurant?
I've got the night off.
And my dad, you mean.
Victim's car's missing.
We didn't spot it, 'cause it's
registered to a different company.
Coorie Solutions.
Victim ran it with his
business partner, Nell Dwight.
So, what does Coorie Solutions do?
I'll blaze onto it.
Now I'm getting his laptop
to digital forensics.
Hang on.
Yeah, you might need to come over.
Hey! I said, calm down.
- I want her arrested.
- He's the one you should be arresting.
Okay, okay, we need to stop
smashing things or we'll arrest
both of you.
Good, now, sit down.
Okay then, let's try again.
- You were his business partner?
- Yes.
We find properties, buy them,
and sell them to developers.
I read, next of kin,
Lance Wallace on a news website.
I didn't know he got bloody married.
You didn't know because we didn't
want you gate crashing the wedding.
Because you knew I'd sniff out
that a gold digger
had already got to him.
Okay, I want her off my property.
Yes, and it is your
property now, isn't it.
As well as half our
assets now he's dead.
And that's that's the
important thing here, is it?
- It is if you killed him.
- Okay, okay, I think we need to take
- their statements separately.
- Good.
Because the only person
who's gained anything by this,
is a bargain basement Andy Warhol.
- Right!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
How's the mobile unit holding up?
Just waiting for them to log on.
So, when are you going to
take your maternity leave?
Soon as my waters break.
What's that kid doing?
Probably think the
mobile unit's her ride.
Wouldn't be the first
time it's happened.
Do you mind if I sit in?
Oh, hi, Diane.
Is this going to happen
every time you go on holiday?
Yeah, yeah, maybe we
should give every murderer
a heads up on my schedule.
So, the business partner now
is outright accusing the
victim's husband of killing him.
She's convinced he was
just after the money.
The company they had
together, Coorie Solutions,
was a partnership which
basically dissolved when he died.
They didn't make a formal agreement
which would have protected it.
As a result, half the assets
revert to the victim's husband.
And how's his alibi holding up?
Well, he said he was in all
day, but he didn't see anyone.
Yeah, so the business
partner is in the clear.
She was in a spa in Glasgow.
Got about a dozen witnesses.
I dunno how lucrative the
company will be for the husband.
It's being sued for fraud
and it's not the first time.
Hey, Michael.
- So, did you hear all that?
- Yeah.
Ping me the address and
I'll do some digging,
Well, only if you, you know,
- stop throwing up.
- Nearly.
Astrid thinks we should take
a family holiday to Blane Park.
Yeah, yeah, but maybe Beth
could get some work
experience in the kitchen.
Hmm, very funny.
As for the body,
SOCO have confirmed he wasn't
killed where he was found.
And there's not a sign of a
struggle at the treetop walk.
The river was flowing faster than usual
so we're scouring
upstream a couple of miles.
Did they find his phone?
No, nor his SUV.
Resort footage shows
it leaving at 5:30 PM.
Can't see the driver though.
Digital forensics are doing a quiet
extraction to get the GPS data.
- Just waiting for it.
- Yeah.
Is my phone linked to the screen?
Yeah. Should be.
Okay, we've got this.
Er, no.
Right, just bear with me.
Hold on. Yeah, that's my boat.
That's an octopus.
There we go.
Dana Ashraf.
Works for the Pelican Community Centre.
Now, she signed in for a
meeting with the victim.
Um, she's a client
and she's a pretty unhappy one.
Signed in at 4:48 and then signed
out, so the timescale works.
- Are you bouncing?
- Yeah.
I'm on a ball.
I've got the SUV's
tracking. Coming through now.
So after it left, it drove to
somewhere called Bonnars Ridge.
Sounds pretty high.
Yeah and the river runs right under it.
And it's still there.
Signal hasn't moved since last night.
Okay, then. We're gonna take a look.
What did your daughter cook?
Fish cakes.
Just the word.
- Really?
- Right this way.
- I mean I've never
- Hold tight and lean into the turns.
Faen i helvete!
- Are you swearing in Norwegian?
- Yes.
Is it over?
Good, good, good, good, good.
Pretty remote.
I guess the GPS might be a bit vague.
Okay, I don't want to go
overboard on the police
jargon, but you look over there.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll look over here.
So, you buy properties
From willing sellers.
Plenty of other firms
out there do the same.
Well, they're weren't all that willing.
Some of them sued you.
- Now your partner's been killed.
- By his husband.
- You should be looking into that.
- Oh, we did.
A neighbour came round to
complain about his music, twice.
He didn't answer but she
saw him through the window.
He was there all evening.
So, what exactly was your
partner's role in this business?
It's not a business anymore.
I'm guessing that he
visited properties,
tapped the walls, used his
building credentials to put pressure on
and you got it for a knockdown price.
He gave a fair assessment. Some
of those places were falling apart.
Sounds to me like they thought
they were being ripped off.
Well, that's a matter of opinion.
All the civil cases failed.
Oh, I'm sure it didn't stop them
feeling it was all a bit dishonest.
Oh, and who isn't from time to time?
You think lawyers aren't?
Okay, I'm gonna need a list
of everyone you sold to.
Plus those people who sued you.
I'm going to need to know
where the toilets are.
It was hard for King Lear
to admit that he'd made
a terrible mistake.
Giving away the
keys to his kingdom.
And he ends up
on a barren heath
raging at the storm about it.
The fool who's tagged along with him,
tries to point out that such misery
was always gonna happen 'cause
the world always lets you down.
It's a tricky sell to a king. So
He wraps it up in a metaphor about
rain, or something.
Found it!
I guess a less subtle fool
might've been tempted to just
push him over the cliff.
The friction mark was
on his left shoulder.
Hmm. So he was the passenger.
Does the state of his body match
being in a car that's
gone over the edge?
If he went through
the windscreen, maybe.
I found this.
Is that a vulture?
No, that's a that's a pelican.
Gonna pay a visit to
the community centre?
- Yep.
- I'm not just angling for another ride.
Yeah, of course you're not.
Dana Ashraf?
Let's leave it there for the CPR.
Take five. We'll do
haemorrhaging, after.
Do you want to put those away?
This is supposed to be a
place where young people
don't feel like they're in trouble.
What about their community leader?
What do you want?
We're investigating the
murder of Casper McCray.
Well, I didn't realize he
What? When?
Yesterday evening.
That's terrible. But
it's nothing to do with me.
But you hired him to fix
this place up though, right?
Sure, we fundraised.
We paid him a deposit but
he kept putting it off,
so we cancelled the job.
And that was that?
It was annoying, but it happens.
So why did you sign into Blane Park
on the day he died.
He was withholding the
deposit we needed it back so,
yes, I went to see him.
And did you do anything else with him?
I I just came on spec.
I tried talking to him,
he walked off, said
he had an appointment.
It's just we found a
keyring to this place.
Right next to where his car
went over the edge.
Help us out with that, will you, Dana.
Patrick, Emily, I put
some snacks in the kitchen.
Do you want to take the others through?
He bought that damn car with the money.
Our money.
And then I find out yesterday
he's bought this place too.
Went to the council, took it
off their hands for a steal.
We'll be out in two months,
it will be flats in six.
- Hmm.
- So you saw red,
knocked him out, drove
him out to Bunnars Ridge.
Just the car, okay?
He'd left the keys in the wheel
arch. He was long gone when I took it.
The friend's ex will
tell us if that is true.
Good, 'cause they will.
Look, I just wanted him
to know what it was like
to lose something, that's all.
It's a bit extreme, isn't it?
Well, it's a bit extreme to
steal our community hall from us.
So, if his meeting wasn't
with you, who was it with?
- You can eat the plate as well.
- Hmm.
Yeah, I'm not sure I can eat what's
on the plate.
Let me call Morfar again,
maybe the aqua boarding
took care of him.
I know what you're doing with all this
and it's very sweet.
But we're not going to fix a
lifetime of our stuff with
- Have a bit of faith, will you?
- Ah, excellent.
We didn't have these yesterday.
Not the biggest of
our problems of course.
No, that'd be me, Louise, I'm guessing.
Are you anywhere nearer to solving it?
The reporters are asking my guests
what it's like to have a
holiday in a crime scene.
He's not answering.
Or he's he's having
one or two personal issues.
Like what?
You've got enough to deal with.
I might just get a search going.
Be good to know where he is.
- Given there's a
- Murderer at the resort.
It's your father.
They've already been fed, Dad.
Come on.
Have you been talking to Mum?
- It's more difficult than I thought.
- Okay, okay.
Just maybe let the deer out of it.
Vomiting in a deer park is a first.
Get a cleaning team in, Morgan.
There's a stag drawing
group coming in first thing.
- I'll clean it.
- No, no.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, it's not your fault.
- No, it should be me.
- Come.
I'll show you were
the cleaning stuff is.
I mean, we don't use chemical cleaners
which is something
I'm starting to regret.
So, what happened on the call,
that you had to drink so much.
Oh, there's a lot of
history to get through.
- Oh!
- Sorry, is this
- a bad time?
- No, no, no, no, no, it's fine,
you know, just carry on.
Oh, okay, um,
forensics have got back
to us about the SUV.
- Right, right.
- No evidence anyone was in it
- when it went over the ridge, so,
- Uh-uh.
the community worker must
have been telling the truth.
Right, so, the the victim,
he never left the resort.
Yeah, forensics found
this in the glove box.
- Right.
- With 5:30 PM, written on the back.
His appointment could have
been another property viewing.
Right, let's find that, and
we'll meet in the morning.
- Okay.
- I'll go get this one home.
Do you want me to lift him
back to Glasgow on the bike?
- Yes.
- No.
Lucky he didn't eat the oysters.
Turns out they were a day old.
Maybe Michael should
have a holiday here.
He'd feel at home.
Louise is getting a new oyster guy.
But the missed delivery was because
the seaplane didn't pick them up.
Should have sacked the pilot.
Taxi's arriving.
Excellent holiday.
Very relaxing.
Wow, it's like nothing happened.
See you later.
So, are you going to
tell me what last night
I feel humiliated.
Please let me deal with this on my own.
Don't even ask. It's
not an ice cream van.
As a result of some
bad legacy choices,
there are ten deaths in King Lear.
There's a poisoning,
a cardiac arrest,
a suicide, a duel,
a hanging,
there's four slayings
and a broken heart.
And that last one is Lear himself.
And for that to happen, he had to
have a heart in the first place.
But he also had a child
who saw the hurt
and Cordelia was ready to do
anything to help her father.
Even if the damage
had already been done.
Pilot, Geoff McInver.
His seaplane missed an oyster run
at the time of the murder
'cause he was out on another run.
So, from staff canvassing,
the victim was last seen heading
to the far south of the resort.
Which is where the seaplane dock is.
- And the house, close to?
- Uh
It's a Dunleavy house.
It's the house the victim
was due to visit at 5:30 PM.
It's the next lot up.
If he was off to view it, then
it's too far from him
to get there for 5:30,
he'd have had to go by air.
The plane would give
us the fall from height.
And the seatbelt burn on the victim.
I kept mine pretty tight.
So, did you get a list
of all past properties
- bought by the victim's company?
- Yeah.
There's a Rod McInver.
Same surname as the pilot.
He sold his place six months
ago for half the market value.
There's an online obituary.
He died recently. Thank you.
RAF veteran.
Pilot's dad.
Flying's in the family.
His house is the one the victim
lived in with his husband.
Remember these?
Wow. Insult to injury.
How do you push someone out of
a plane when you're flying it?
He's got an autopilot.
Where is it now?
Get the bags.
He's setting off again.
Any ideas?
Ever play chicken?
Sure, but not, you know, with a plane.
Oh, boy.
Jeez, guys.
That builder cheated my father
out of his home and his money.
Dad started putting on
his old uniform again.
It hung off him, look,
'cause he got so thin but,
he did it 'cause he's went
to walk past his old house,
trying to shame that
builder for what he'd done.
He was
He was trying to get some pride back.
They just thought he was
some old man wandering around.
He run up the front drive,
just shouting at him, to keep off
the property. I had to help him home.
He never went out again.
It killed him.
That builder killed him.
That needed paying for.
So, you offered to show the
builder the property from the air.
Yes. Because he'd forgotten me too.
He wouldn't even have
boarded the seaplane
if he had any sense of what he'd done.
Or even recognize my name.
Okay, come on.
So, that was his chance to save himself?
And he didn't take it.
You'd have done the same.
Felt the same. Not done the same.
Turns out there really
was a gremlin on the plane.
I mean, I'm not condoning it,
but he should have thrown
him out over the ocean.
Yeah, I think that was the
plan, but the victim caught on.
And what about the other tragedy?
Yeah, I'm downgrading it
to a plain old family drama.
Safe trip back.
- Thanks for coming to get me.
- It's my job.
Hey, I'm just popping out.
Kids are upstairs.
How are you feeling?
I think it's working its way out.
That's what happens when your
firstborn tries to kill ya.
She's not my first.
What are you talking about?
Oh, because of the police or
because of your personality?
No, I mean, she's not
my firstborn.
Morgan is.
How long have you known?
Not long.
- So, not for sixteen years?
- No.
Morgan doesn't even know yet.
I'm sorry this is a new thing for us
I didn't know how to tell you.
So, what's gonna change?
I hear you did very well.
Watch your pride there, Dad.
I have always been proud. Always.
And I'm sorry I didn't say that earlier.
This is the other
reason that I came over.
That'll be all the cairn building I did.
I'll make it up to Morgan.
I'll get her something
and you too.
Can I have this car?
Oh, my.
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