Annika (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Feeling sorry for our general
weakness and lack of thermal clothing.
The Greek God Prometheus
gave us all the gift of fire.
I mean, technically,
it wasn't his to give,
which spoils the sentiment a bit,
but nevertheless, I very
much enjoy having it.
It wards off wild
animals, it's very cosy
when the night draws in, and it means
we don't have to eat raw buffalo.
But it can also completely
destroy us, our homes,
and everything in them.
And when that happens, you kind of wish
he'd just given us a pot plant.
Crews were called an hour ago.
Fire raged so hard
that they reckon it with
doused with fuel first.
The boat was owned by a retired DI
Oh my God!
Let me through! I need to
get I need to get through!
- Okay, okay, okay, I need you to stay here.
- Ah, is Jackie in there?
Can you get SOCO and the divers
in and start a door-to-door?
Man, killing a DI is a biggie.
You've had an argument
that has made you angry.
I was just asking you
to give me a lift back
from the driving course. It's no biggie.
What should you do before starting
your journey if you're angry?
Avoid your mother.
Why are you asking me this?
They won't let you do the practical
until you know your road signs.
Wait, what? It's not
a proper driving test.
I can pick her up. It's my treat.
I'm taking the Triumph.
Did I agree you could have it?
Well, I've already had
it fitted with sirens.
But I've got a case where all
the evidence burned in a barge
so, you're on dinner detail.
And I shall make a
Calm down and maybe try some yoga.
Sorry, what's "fauricall"?
No, if you're angry before driving.
- Oh.
- But it's like
It's sheep and cabbage, so
you might need it for that too.
So, we're clear I'm taking credit
for the new father-daughter thing.
What about your own
father-daughter thing?
You never asked who he is.
once you know you can't un-know.
That's very true.
But it's a blessing to have one
because look at the breakfast you get.
You can see why I haven't asked.
Oh, hello!
Got your drinking horn.
I think it's stag themed.
Did I ask for one of those?
Yes, I took it on the plane.
Ah, well that's because
you love me dearly.
Very good. And I do.
Oh, we're saying that now, aren't we?
Well, I am.
You can choose your own time, obviously.
How about
after I've sold the
murder of a detective?
Couldn't be more romantic.
Go in if you want. My dad's
pickled something to cure
his hangover from yesterday.
what would you think about
me coming in more permanently?
What? Like, move in?
Ah, the herring breakfast
aren't that good?
Seriously, I'm asking.
you know, I'm a bit
more at home with the
stag themed surprises, to be honest.
But you'll think about it?
I will mainly be thinking
about that now. Yes.
You look ready to pop, Blair.
I've been drinking gallons of
raspberry leaf tea and still nothing.
Okay, but I've recently talked to
someone through a delivery, so
camera off if it happens.
- Okay.
- Okay, so
DI Jacqueline Drummond, 55.
Bought the barge the day
she retired from the police.
We're still waiting
on a tox screen, but
the provisional cause of
death is smoke inhalation.
I worked with her.
Not for that long, but obviously, I
I'm sorry. Big for you.
And for her old
department, also homicide.
She retired three years ago.
Divers are still down there.
Nothing conclusive yet,
but it looks like arson.
According to Alex Carrigan,
the owner of the barge next to hers,
the victim had someone staying with her,
but there was no other
body found on board.
So, do we know who that was?
Well, the neighbour was
pretty incoherent at the time,
but we're going back after this.
Door-to-door, well,
boat-to-boat gives us a
report of someone running
from the scene just before it went up.
The fleeting glance, male, young-ish.
Too correct to tell much else.
Is there any CCTV I can look at?
None at the mooring, but we're
gathering more footage from nearby.
Okay, we'll hold out for that.
Phone records?
Nothing unusual.
Only one number not accounted
for about a week ago.
- Unregistered.
- You tried calling it?
Yes, it was switched off.
It was a two-minute call.
Might have been a wrong number.
Keep digging. Next of kin?
Yes, a daughter, Imogen Drummond, 23.
Raised by the father.
Police knocked on his
door in Derby last night,
and he said she went up to
Glasgow a couple of months ago.
Staying with her mum?
Halls of residence.
She's enrolled at university:
media and journalism.
Her social media suggests
she doesn't know yet.
Well, she needs to.
So, is that it so far?
We also need to look at this guy.
Okay, not this. That's that's my dad.
For God's sake.
Okay, sorry, just ignore the other one.
This is Gary Nair,
released from prison three months ago.
Jackie was the one who put him inside.
Nasty case.
Arson, killed a family in a house fire.
He's smart.
There's a lot of talk
inside of coming after her.
I spotted her notification
because he's relocated to Glasgow.
Are you okay to follow that up?
She was one of us.
I'm gonna be all over
this one, so you know.
Is this layout the same as your friend?
Pretty much.
Oh, God.
Imagine what she went through.
So you didn't see it go up?
I was coming home from a gig.
I saw the flames from a mile away.
Last night you mentioned she
had someone staying with her.
- Yeah, I'm sorry. I wasn't very
- It's okay.
It's just we have a report
of someone running away
from the barge as it caught fire.
Leon, his name is.
Jackie met him at this bereavement
charity where she volunteers.
She gave him a berth for a bit
because she said she understood
what he was going through.
She didn't really talk to me about it.
I was I was her
happy place, you know.
Is there anything else
about him you could tell us?
He's in his 30s, I guess.
Um, Black. A bit shorter than you.
I know he has addiction problems
because Jackie kept a dry boat.
Came here for her wine
and the odd ciggie.
Did you see her yesterday?
She dropped by in the morning.
She seemed fine.
She was going shopping for her and Leon.
Do you think he was
the one who killed her?
- We don't know.
- Well, find him.
Will ya?
Because if he did it,
I wanna see him burn too.
Before things turn sour
because of the fire stealing,
the Gods were actually
quite fond of Prometheus.
And they gave him a little task.
He was asked to form mankind
out of water and clay.
I guess that's not so little,
but he did it anyway.
It was a bit messy, but then
so are we.
Trouble was,
while working on his creation,
he grew quite fond of mankind,
which is why he gave his gift.
Because you do grow fond, don't
you, when you create someone,
even if they abandon you.
- Are you looking for me?
- Oh. Um, Imogen Drummond?
I'll come through.
This mic isn't live, is it?
I waited too long to come back.
You grew up with your dad.
Yeah, the divorce was awful.
I was young, but he always
seemed to be there for me.
I realised now that Mum
was probably just busy, but,
well, I was asked to choose.
at least she tried to give
each other a second chance.
It was going all right, you know?
We'd found a connection,
through this actually.
That's what I was working on.
A podcast about having
a cop as a parent,
Investigating Mum, I was calling that.
So did you make recordings?
I've only done my intro so far, but
she had loads of stories to tell.
She said some of them were pretty dark.
that's what I was hoping to get into.
Do you think it's
connected to an old case?
We don't know yet.
There might be something
on her Dictaphone.
She used one for work
and kept the habit.
Did you find it?
We're still searching the scene.
It'd be nice to hear her voice.
There was a man staying with her,
who we're also interested in.
- Leon? Did you ever meet him?
- No.
I mean, he could be a bit
up and down apparently.
She always asked him
to leave if I came over.
I guess she was protecting me.
Maybe she always was.
The victim's lodger matches the person
spotted leaving the
scene, wouldn't you say?
You can come from the barge that way.
And those prints look
like they were running.
It's a shortcut to the road.
And this is where it comes out.
He'd have been in a state.
Well, let's see.
Are you okay?
Your mom's upstairs if
you want me to get her?
Uh, I can wait if she's busy.
I'm sure she wouldn't mind.
Is there a problem with the course?
Um, what's the road sign
for ducks in the road?
- Ducks?
- Yeah, on the road.
Well, I mean,
it's just a duck, isn't it?
In a red triangle.
What about slow-moving
military vehicles?
You get random signs. That
probably won't come up.
- So that's a duck?
- No, no, that's a tank.
Slow-moving military vehicles.
Listen, you'll be fine.
We're right behind you.
That's the case. Am I okay to take this?
Sure. I need to go anyway.
DS McAndrews.
Wow. Move.
Can we get tech support in here?
And get them to destroy
my phone as well.
Morgan was downstairs.
- Maybe she was going to turn herself in.
- Was she okay?
Just have a wobble on the way to
the course. I put her straight.
So this is ten minutes before
the fire crew were called.
The bereavement charity,
believe it's Leon,
fits the description
but without a last name,
we can't check any records.
We took the glass from the bus stop
to try and lift a print or DNA from it.
He then rides this bus and
gets off at Brennan Street,
which is where we lose him.
There's a place that rough
sleepers use nearby, an old factory.
Well, his accommodation burned
down so he'd need somewhere.
Let's check.
Any news on Gary Nair?
Owen followed up with
his probation officer.
She thinks he's doing cash
and hand work somewhere.
He's got a new suit and
he's bought a greyhound.
- For a pet or for racing?
- Didn't say.
Uniform have yet to find him
in his flat in Rutherglen.
I tracked his phone and
put it against the victims
and they were both in
Glasgow Green three days ago.
It's a food festival.
Half the city was out.
There's tons of images
online and from mobile units.
I'll make a start.
So SOCO believe that the fire itself
was started by petrol from this can,
found on the burnt out barge.
It's not the same model as any
of the ones that Jackie has,
but I saw one with the same
design at her neighbours.
And I just had a call.
Turns out that the
venue she says she was at
- cancelled the gig. Power cut.
- Ah.
She seemed pretty keen to
throw the blame on Leon.
Okay. I'll go and see her.
Blair, you keep on Gary Nair.
You two, do the arches.
On the bike?
It'll have to be on the back.
- Can't you go on the back?
- Wait, what? He's getting it right.
Uh, you've had your turn.
- I should start charging.
- Hold on.
- You'll do fine.
- Thanks, Dad.
Excuse me. Would you help us?
We're looking for this one.
Hey, fellas, sorry to disturb,
we think this guy was here last night.
Anyone see him?
Tell me I didn't get
a thump for nothing.
Sorry, Michael.
He was pretty quick.
The guy told his big pal
here that I was a trafficker.
So he jumped me. I
can't really blame him.
This is DC Weston. I need
a couple of response cars
to Brennan Street.
We've just lost the suspect.
- Alex.
- Yeah?
Kind of a slow getaway if
that's what you're planning.
Look, I let her have a can of
diesel so she could get about.
She took more trips than I
did so I've always got spares.
I wouldn't have done it if I'd
known someone would use it to
And what about the gig?
Well, I still went there.
I've played in the car
park if they'd let me.
Punters were willing,
the band was geared up,
I didn't want to come home. So,
few of us went over to the pub opposite.
- That's an easy one to check.
- Oh, they'll remember me.
I played a couple of songs.
Got a rebooking actually.
So I spread the word, quite popular
with law enforcement these days.
What's this tattoo?
On her arm.
It's a date, 20th of something?
- I don't know, you'd need to check.
- The body's too
Hang on a sec, I think I've
got a clearer picture somewhere.
So, do you know what the date means?
No. Um,
privacy was a bit of a
knee-jerk reaction for her.
Me too, actually. It's
why we'd go on so well.
Is that everything?
Do you need a lift somewhere or ?
No, no, I'm off home now.
And I need to be there
in under a fortnight.
And did you get the one about
being angry before you drive?
Yeah, I put "talk to a therapist".
What if it was the therapist
that made you angry?
To be honest, Jake, it
didn't get that deep.
Sorry, sorry.
You haven't already
No, no, your dad invited me to dinner.
- Oh, right, great.
- Haven't already what?
No, nothing. How'd it go?
Yes, got through.
Michael gave me a hand, actually.
Yeah, he said, ah that's great.
I'm glad he could, you know
Morgan had to get a cab home.
Yes, I know. I booked it for her.
Well, sit down, sit.
which was elected as a national
dish of Norway over 50 years ago.
- Lovely. Maybe we should all
- No, this is a speech.
- Thank you.
- Oh, sorry.
Re-celebrate its importance in September
when the ingredients reflect the season,
especially the cabbage harvest
that coincides with the
slaughter of the lambs.
it means happy lamb in cabbage day.
No. I mean, it's not September.
You should probably
cut the word slaughter.
- Either way, it looks
- Oh, yes, it does.
Oh, we've got the drinking horn.
- You should fill it with akvavit.
- I think I might have
Finished it yesterday?
So how is the case?
Caught anyone?
Uh, we got close. Still looking.
Any witnesses?
Oh, one at the scene, a bit vague.
No, I understand vague.
Don't get there in the end.
Well, my news this afternoon I've
come to one or two conclusions.
What, about your drinking?
I'm going home.
Really? Oh, that's
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I'm not going to leave your mother.
We are much better together.
And Jake it's Jake, isn't it, yeah?
Made some very, very good observations.
I see. Well done, Jake.
Didn't realize I said anything.
Still that's that.
Thought it would make you happy
knowing your parents will be okay?
Well, I am, of course.
- So when
- Is Michael my dad?
Yes, yes he is.
I'd better
Well, it's better the next day anyway.
You've been asleep for like 12 hours.
How are you?
I always thought I'd be the
result of a one night's stand
- with a drunken reindeer herder or something.
- Mm-hmm.
I never got lucky with him.
I don't know how I
didn't work it out before.
I mean, I am the
daughter of a detective.
Well, two detectives as it happens.
Yeah, so it seems.
It's fine.
I could do with some
time to get used to it.
I meant, on my own.
Oh, right, yeah, sorry.
I love you.
Blair, sorry. Go on.
There's no sign of Gary
Nair at Glasgow Green.
I did get a report of someone kicked out
the King's Arms and
Brotherhood, yesterday.
Was it Nair?
He was the one doing the kicking out.
Sorry, I gotta go.
- Safe flight.
- Be careful.
Just some casual door work.
The pub opens early.
Yeah, ping me the address. I'll
get Michael to meet me there.
So, I'm gonna go to
the birthing pool now.
Wait. What?
Ah, birthing pool as in
Yeah, she's having her baby.
So, listen.
I told Astrid.
How did she take it?
Well, she's saying all the right things.
Yeah, that's something
I've never cracked.
Speaking of which,
Morgan passed her theory.
Oh, that's great.
I knew she would.
We had a celebration dinner last night.
- Jake came.
- Okay.
And she asked if you were her dad.
What, that was third on your
list? Why didn't you ?
How is she?
She's letting it sink in.
She's got her session at the
Youth Driver Centre in Tollcross.
They pick her up from school.
You're looking for me?
Yes, we are, actually.
Took your time.
So, get some of the breakfast shift.
Oh, you're confessing.
Oh, you got a boat as well.
Must be a DI thing.
You want to be careful with those.
I didn't realize you meant
you were going home today.
Morgan, I'm sorry.
A flight's just came up and
your grandmother needs me back.
But hey, I'm giving you this.
You can get it converted to
run on peanut oil or something.
Mum's not gonna let me touch
her. She's just like you.
Well, see how I've changed.
- How about I have your jacket instead?
- My jacket? No.
I haven't changed that much.
Come, give you a lift to school. Hey!
Have you ever seen a burning
body jump out of a window?
A phoenix from the flames.
Except there was a lot more screaming.
So, are you talking about your
original crime or the barge?
Oh, she's sharp, isn't she?
Checking I know whether
wee inspector Jackie
smashed the way out or not.
We're just going through
the motions, Gary.
You've already admitted to it.
Did I do that?
That's not like me.
You're taking it back, then?
Well, what's more fun for you?
Proving I did it? Proving I didn't?
No, none of this is fun.
Oh, don't get me that.
Why are you so keen to go back inside?
You'll spend the rest
of your life there.
Well, some things are worth it.
Or is it because you can't
cope in the real world.
You have to try and fit in.
Have normal relationships.
I can see how that might be a problem.
What relationship is normal?
Annika. Any or yours?
I'm saved by the bell.
I guess this means there's an
outside breakthrough in the case.
Prometheus was a pretty
tricksy character.
To steal the fire, he had
to trick some goddesses
into fighting over some fruit.
And then while that was happening,
he snuck into Zeus's furnace,
took a spark of fire and escaped.
He created a smoke screen, basically.
And I guess we wouldn't
have those either
if he hadn't given
us fire to start with.
It was a racing greyhound
he had bought, Artic Fire.
It was running in the
four o'clock two days ago.
Nair was trackside cheating that one.
So he's messing with us?
I'd love to lock him
up for another 30 years,
but there you go.
Do not give him any
personal information.
You don't need to worry, Diane.
I'm not her.
Apart from all the ways you are.
Get rid of him.
Congratulations on your win.
Artic Fire across the
line as the barge went on.
Did you get good odds?
Ah, well, she can do great
things with the right incentive.
Well, that was a waste of time, then.
Well, I don't know. I had a lot of fun.
And there's more to come, I'm sure.
Especially with you two.
I'll see you later, Samson and Delilah.
Well, I'm guessing that I was
Samson. Yeah.
That's not the worst one I've had.
It looks like the victim
might have been poisoned first,
she's got trace of
antifreeze on her lips, so,
it could have been mixed into her drink.
The spirit would hide the taste of it.
Her lodger abused substances
so he might know that that would work.
We've got a partial print
from the glass on the bus stop.
His name's Leon Archer.
He's got a record, mostly theft.
The guy who attacked me said that Leon
tried to sell him a
bag of electrical stuff.
From the barge?
Didn't get that far.
Harper checked the pawn
brokers near the archers.
He'll be trying to offload it.
We'll go back to the daughter.
About the tattoo.
Blair can oh, no, wait.
She's having the baby.
Is she okay?
Well, she is in labour.
Yeah, I heard that can sting a bit.
Can you give me a sec?
- Hey.
- Hey, um
Sorry, you found out
about Michael like that.
See, we had this arrangement
It's all right. I get it. I get it.
I'm not top of the list.
But you're on the list.
- Like, you were next.
- I know, I know, I know.
And I hope she's pleased.
Michael's a good man.
- He's staring at you, isn't he?
- Yep.
Look, I don't have to move in.
- It was just
- No, I'm glad you asked.
I didn't say yes straight away
because there was a lot going on.
- There still is.
- It's true.
But thanks for helping my
dad. He's always had a
What, you didn't think
that was the place or
- Yes.
- No,
- we were just talking.
- No, I mean, yes. Move in.
Long as it's okay with Morgan.
I'll ask her later.
Remember where the bus stop is?
Yes, thanks.
Leon Archer?
- You okay?
- The hell is going on?
Now we're even.
The tattoo is the date her brother died.
He worked as a commercial
diver in Aberdeen.
How did it happen?
He died at sea.
Before I was born.
It's one of the stories that
I wanted to get out of her.
Why that one?
It wasn't a crime.
The Inquest said it was diver error,
- but she didn't think it was.
- Why not?
She said he didn't make mistakes.
A lot of relatives think that.
Well, sure, but
a lot of relatives aren't
detectives, are they?
Hey, Maddie, if you forget your lunch,
the woman who runs the shop over there
- will let you eat out of date crisps.
- Why are you giving me tips?
Because, you know, I
want to look out for you.
It's like having a big sister.
Well, good. As long as that's okay.
My course ride is here.
Quick, take a picture.
Right, wait for your mom to pick you up.
And remember, still use code words.
Okay? Bye.
- Bye, Morgan.
- Hi.
Jackie took you in.
And for that, you poison her,
rob her and burn down
her barge with her in it.
I didn't do that. I swear.
The rucksack you were carrying
is full of items stolen from her.
We've got you boarding a bus
just after the barge went up
and you ran when I found you.
The barge was on fire when I got back.
- I thought I'd be blamed for it.
- Yep.
- We currently are doing that.
- Look.
Okay, I did steal from her.
But she was trying to dry me out.
I needed money to get
something to take the edge off.
And I changed my mind.
I was bringing the stuff back
when I heard the boat go up.
Not easy stealing from a DI.
A glug of antifreeze in a
drink would make it easier.
Scary seeing someone suffer that.
You must have panicked and set
the boat alight, to cover it up.
I'd never hurt Jackie.
Well, you're gonna have
to give us something.
Because we're almost
ready to charge you here.
I want a lawyer.
She looks fine, doesn't she?
Well, from what anyone
can tell from a picture.
So, you think the victim
was walking on a conspiracy?
Well, let's look into
the brother's death.
Sounds like she believes
it was covered up.
A lot of diving accidents back then.
You think she has some evidence of it?
Well, we really need to
find the Dictaphone. Hang on.
- Yep.
- Is that Annika, Morgan's mom?
- Yes.
- Just wanted to apologise for Morgan
not getting picked up
for the drive-in course.
- Sorry, what do you mean?
- We've already started now,
- so we won't have to reschedule.
- No
No, she was picked up. She sent
me a picture showing she was.
Oh, oh well. Um
I don't know what's happened.
Uh, Morgan's Morgan's been picked up
by someone who isn't from the course.
Yeah, I'll go into force control.
- You try and track her phone.
- Yeah.
I guessing I shouldn't answer.
No, best to give the
phone over to me, Morgan.
Pass it over.
If it's important, your
mum will leave a message.
Are you sure I should be on the road?
I thought this bit
happened on the track.
Well, simply building your confidence.
I've got dual controls.
You're quite safe.
So just keep steady up
to this junction, and
we'll take a left at the end.
He must have heard me.
At the pub, when we went to pick him up.
Talking about her driving course.
We weren't to know.
You know, we talk about
personal stuff too much.
We we always have.
I've got unis going street by
the street. He won't get far.
Here, here.
This is where her phone switched off.
Uh, telematics.
- It's coming from the learner car.
- Where are they?
Uh, Crosshill. Crosshill
is ten minutes away.
It's really busy.
I don't want to hit anyone.
It's fun, though, right?
Oh, my God.
It's just something I
do with the good ones.
- Our little secret though, okay?
- Yeah.
- Let's go again.
- Yeah.
I don't think I'm quite ready
for this course, if that's okay.
I think it might be
better if I just go home.
Well, we can do that if you
want, sure, it's your choice.
Where's home?
Oh, you know, just up the river.
You need to be more
specific than that, Morgan,
if you want me to drive you there.
Is it okay if I just
I need to grab something
from the pharmacy.
Still waiting on that address.
It's you know, time of the month.
Oh, Morgan.
Can you unlock the door for me?
What are we gonna do with you?
You've already admitted
to stealing from her.
We've got you at the scene.
You're halfway there.
Just tell us the rest.
See, I'm struggling
with motivation, Leon.
Jackie finds you at
a bereavement centre.
Who did you lose?
My mother.
Doesn't get tougher than that.
And it left you without a home.
Any decent person's only
couple of knocks away
from their life falling apart.
What did you do before?
I was a hospital porter.
I think you might have
had enough of this.
If it wasn't you,
help us find the person
who did it, for her.
I want to help.
It was just so
I saw a guy.
I saw a guy leave the boat
just before I got there.
Can you describe him?
Older than me.
Sixties, seventies maybe.
Me-medium build, I guess.
He had his hood up
so it was hard to see.
He was hurrying to the car park.
Okay, it's a start.
Is there anything else
you can remember about him?
Did he get into a car?
I remember what he was wearing.
There it is.
Pull in behind it.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
Look in the boot. I
can't do it, I can't.
Who was he?
Don't think about that now.
He took my phone.
Did you see where he went?
Towards the city.
I was trying to get to
a phone to call you back,
- but I couldn't remember your number.
- This is DS McAndrews, we found the car.
We got a sighting of Gary
Nair heading from Dundas Street
towards the city on foot.
It's okay, Morgan.
Come on.
Boats only from now on.
There'll be patrols nearby,
but Jake's gonna stay
with you this evening.
If that's all right with you.
Yeah, of course.
how would you feel if he
stayed with us indefinitely?
I'm pretty sure I saw that one coming.
- Can you cook?
- Well
we can always reheat
It's better next day, I hear.
I mean, it couldn't be worse.
Yeah, you you didn't
actually say if Jake can
Yeah, could do with the company.
I'm glad you still got an
appetite after, you know,
what you've been through.
Well, not for that sheep thing.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Morgan, okay?
She's fine, thanks.
Ah, not that we did anything,
she outfoxed him on her own.
We'll get him. Don't worry.
So, did you get a new
lead from the interview?
Yeah, we managed to get a
facial composite of the guy
he saw leaving the scene, but,
he did identify a detail on his coat.
Uh, did you get anywhere
with the victim's brother?
Just some old newspaper
coverage from 30 years ago.
I mean, is it is it connected?
What about the Dictaphone?
The audio's being extracted.
There was loads of it.
But there was a call
that she'd recorded a couple
of weeks ago that I think
- you might be interested in listening to.
- Look, it is late.
Just give me a minute with all this.
I want to
read that article for one thing.
Sure. Well, shout if you need anything.
Prometheus didn't get
away with what he did.
And so he was punished.
Zeus got an eagle to pick out his liver
every day for eternity.
On top of that,
he created Pandora because
he wanted mankind to suffer too.
And he gave her curiosity.
Pandora was given a box
and told not to open it.
But she did.
Of course she did.
And that meat Zeus could blame her
for bringing evil into the world.
But Zeus was really the one to do that.
He created the box in the first place.
- Jackie Drummond.
- It's me again.
I told you I wouldn't speak to you.
I'm going to publish what I found
and you can say all you like then.
At least let me give you my side of it.
Ten minutes is all I ask.
Okay, Magnus, ten on my barge.
No more.
Help me.
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