Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Menma the Hero

1 nanpeeji mo tsuiyashite Upon pages and pages of entries We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day.
tuzurareta bokura no kibun We've put down all our emotions But now I've hit a writer's block doushiteka ichigyou no kuuhaku wo umerarenai I don't know how to finish this page anymore Putting a bookmark in my diary oshibana no shiori hasande kimi to korogasu tsukaisute no jitensha You and I go out to ride the bike we found in the dumpster wasurekake no renga wo Let's go to our secret place Where we piled up our bricks of memories tsumiageta basho ni yukou Run up the hill, where we can see the horizon umi wo miwatasu saka wo kakenobotte Where we can see the sky so fearfully blue kowaikurai ni aoi sora to migite ni saidaa hidarite wa With cider in my right hand My other hand helps me search for you zutto kimi wo sagashiteiru You used to come find me way back when souyatte ima wa boku no hou e You used to demand me of so much more toitsumeru koto mo nakute mada futari wa sugu soko ni irunoni You're both still standing right by my side douka mata aemasuyouni nante Yet why do I pray to see you both again? douka shiteru mitai There must be something off with me Jintan.
Please grant My wish.
It sounds like she's been resurrected! Huh? That's awesome! So Menma's come back to have her wish granted.
Super Peace Busters Actually I think she's just my hallucination.
A hallucination? Like a fantasy? That's so cool! So, is she here now? No, right now she's Menma! It's me! Are you here? Or in here? Where are you? Let me see you.
I blurted out everything about Menma in the heat of the moment, Are you over there? Menma.
but I didn't expect him to accept everything so easily.
Menma! It's hopeless.
I can't see her.
Like I told you, she's just my You're pretty awesome man.
Huh? It's nothing.
So you've been using this secret fort? Yeah, but only when I'm in Japan.
In Japan? Yup.
All of those red circles mark places that I've visited.
I wanted to see all kinds of different places in the world.
So I've been traveling using the money I saved from my part-time job.
What about high school? I don't have time for that.
On my last trip I went to Southeast Asia.
Vietnamese chicks are so hot! Jintan, you're awesome! He used to be tiny, and now he's gotten so huge.
And like this, and like that.
But They're so cute! You haven't changed, have you.
What's that? I've changed plenty.
Wanna take a cruise down to my jungle? I wonder what's going to pop out I'll pass.
Right, we're getting way off topic.
We were talking about Menma.
Did you make her some kind of promise? I don't remember anything like that.
Didn't she mention she wanted Desu Yo.
's autograph? Do you really think she'd rise from the grave for Desu Yo.
? You know, maybe it was What's wrong with you, Kurimaru? I'll give you some yogurt when we get home.
Yogurt! Home.
So Naruko, did you really go over to Yadomi's house? Well, yeah, I did.
Having to deal with a hikikomori must suck.
But, don't you feel that way sometimes? Huh? You know, feeling like you don't want to do anything, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.
Sometimes, I actually, I often feel like that.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
But I don't want to be compared to that loser.
He's probably having a wet dream about you right now.
That's so believable.
How creepy! What's up with her? Looks like she's an Oodai student.
What a bitch.
Tsuruko? What's wrong? I'll be back.
Thank you for coming.
Tsuru Tsurumi.
Wait a second! You forgot something.
Umm You should just ignore me during situations like these.
I'd be embarrassed if anyone saw me talking to a girl from Mido High.
What do you mean by that? Wait! I went out of my way to bring that to you! I didn't ask you to.
Stop it! Stop it you two! Since when were you so full of yourself? Anaru, Tsuruko, don't fight! You were always so timid as a kid.
And you haven't changed at all.
You were always easily influenced by others.
Those girls look like they can't keep their legs shut and you fit right in.
Their legs? Even though you always used to imitate Meiko Honma.
Don't use a dead girl's name so lightly! Anaru.
You still get upset when you say it yourself.
You're so hopeless.
Just like Yukiatsu.
See ya.
I wanted To be like Menma.
On that day.
Hey, Jintan.
Huh? You like Menma, don't you? If only I hadn't spurred them on like that.
Who Who'd like an ugly girl like Wait, Jintan! Jintan! If I hadn't, then things wouldn't have gone like that Oh, crap! Anaru.
When the froggie croaks, it's time to go back.
When the froggie croaks Where should I go? Are you looking for something? Umm.
Well Sorry I'm later.
DZ A Row DZ Ka, Sa Rows DZ Ka, Sa Rows DZ Ka, Sa Rows What? Nokemon? Are you going to criticize a customer for what he buys? Which Nokemon do you want? Opal? Emerald? Gold.
Whaaaa? Nokemon Gold? How many years ago did that come out? Please sell it to me if you have it.
I mean, sell it to me already! What? A rare Nokemon? That's right! Menma really wanted it.
But she just couldn't find it.
Now that you mention it, she did say something about Building Builder.
Then that must be it! 1 item including tax Nokemon Gold- Used We do not accept credit cards.
That'll be 4,571 yen.
Isn't that pricey for a game that came out five years ago? I'll have you know that that's a fair price.
There's a premium on this game since you can't find it anywhere anymore.
Thank you.
What are you doing? Say, Yadomi Never mind.
Thank you for your purchase.
Hey, welcome back, Jinta.
I'm home.
Today I came up with a rather fabulous dish.
So we're having fried meat for dinner.
Sorry, I'm not hungry.
What's up with you? That's not cute.
Let's see, how did it go Start off by picking one out of the three critters.
Menma still hasn't come back.
She's my stress manifesting itself as a hallucination.
She shouldn't exist in the first place.
Menma the Hero has found a Nokemon shop.
Episode 2 Menma the Hero Jintan.
Yukiatsu! Menma.
Yo, Yukiatsu.
Po Hisakawa.
Just call me Poppo like in the old days.
You're being so cold, Yuki.
That's the first time anyone's called me that.
Yeah, right.
Anyway, did you hear? Menma's been resurrected over at Jintan's place.
Is he bringing that up again Huh? Nothing.
What's he saying about Menma? Oh yeah! I saw him again for the first time in a while.
He's as awesome as ever.
What is he saying about Menma? Umm He called her an auditory hallucination? Or maybe a visual one? I'm not too sure, but apparently Menma wants him to grant her wish.
Oh crap, I fell asleep.
Good morning, Jintan.
You came Why would you Go take a bath? My dad's still around.
You know Jintan, I tried to wash myself, but it just felt like air blowing at me.
I hate that feeling.
Jintan? You should pay a little more attention to the fact that you've matured.
Actually, you haven't matured all that much in one place.
In one place? Coming! Put on some clothes! Hello there.
What's this? I get the feeling I've met you before.
It's been a while.
Holy crap, Poppo? You're huge! Growth spurts are so cute.
Trading with friends? Gollum.
I heard that you get it when you trade Nokemon using a cable.
Sir! The meat's delicious! It's leftovers from last night.
Well, I'm off to work.
Have a- Have a safe trip.
That's right, I'd completely forgotten.
It makes sense.
Menma did say her wish can't come true without everyone together.
It does sound right.
That's amazing.
How did you remember that? Oh, Yukia Wait, what happened again? Oh yeah, I saw an auditory hallucination, too.
You can't see auditory hallucinations.
Oh, really? Anyway, so that's what it was.
So we need to get our hands on another Nokemon game.
There's someone who might already have the game She's definitely cute.
I hated my curly hair and glasses back then.
Menma, who had straight hair Menma, whom Jintan liked Anaru, let's get matching stickers! Huh? Here, isn't this cute? I'll give you one, too.
Done! Here.
I really liked her, but I also really hated her.
Naruko, come down here for a bit.
She's such a slave-driver.
It's over here.
Is it? It is! Yo, Anaru.
Why? What are you talking about? You want me to play Nokemon? No way.
What's wrong with acting like kids every once in a while? Right, Jintan? Yeah.
Hey, where are your glasses? Sh-Shut up! I can see fine without them.
Have some tea.
Thank you.
It's really been a long time since the two of you have come over.
Say, do you want to try the jelly Naruko made last night? Whoa! Do you still have some on Anaru's jelly left? Don't call me that! Anyway, getting the rare Nokemon is Menma's wish.
Idiot, I told you not to talk about that.
Menma? Anaru? I mean, what was that about Menma? How do I say it It's like she's been popping up in my dreams Menma's has? Let's see, Nokemon should be Oh, is it over here? No, those are my Love and Perry cards.
And that one's for Cow King.
Oh, Cow King? If you have that then We're looking for Nokemon, not Cow King.
Why haven't you joined us in her room? Because when I'm around, both my mom and Anaru start feeling sad.
That's Dojimon.
Oh, Dojimon? Hey, what are you doing? We're searching for Nokemon.
Oh, right, Nokemon, Nokemon, Nokemon.
Are you actually looking for it? I am! How about you? Sit down over here.
I'm looking for it! Oh, it's Bobobo.
I found it! Anjou Naruko You actually wrote your name on this little game? You were really thorough back then.
Shut up.
I haven't read it in a while.
Bobobo is so funny.
Oh my gosh! I can't believe it, why don't I have Poitto? Like I said, you have to trade rare Nokemon like Poison or Gangarga You can't find Poison in the field.
You have to evolve him from Poitto.
Let me see yours real quick.
What's up? Anaru hasn't changed after all.
She's kind, and she has lots of video games and manga.
She's the same as she was back then.
I guess that's true.
This feels nostalgic.
I'm so happy.
I got Poison! Good job, Jintan! Thanks, Anjou.
Don't mention it.
It helped me kill some time.
Do I get something for helping you? Like, money? No! Come to school.
So, how's it going? Yeah, we're almost there! Now we just connect the cable and There.
Now I can trade with a friend.
Huh? Anjou? What? Oh, just a sec.
Do not unplug.
Connecting Congratulations! Buddy King the rare Nokemon has been born! Nokezori Monsters Alright! Nokemon- Gotta Catch 'em All! Good for you, Jintan.
What's wrong? This is great.
Menma must be happy, too.
Yeah, sure.
It looks like that wasn't my wish.
But lots of nice things happened.
You're friends with Anaru and Poppo again.
All you think of are other people.
Be careful! I'll be fine.
Lately, all I've done has all been fun.
Are you seriously Desu Yo! Lame.
You think so? 'Lately all I've done has all been fun.
' This is the first time I've had fun in a while, too.
Huh? What did you say? Nothing.
The weather's nice today, and I had fun all day It looks like my trauma isn't going away any time soon.
But as long as there's a tomorrow, I feel like I can take my time Yo, yo, yo! to apologize.
We met in an unexpected moment deai wa futtoshita shunkan when you called out to me at the crosswalk, kaerimichi no kousaten de koe wo kaketekureta ne "Let's walk home together.
" "issho ni kaerou" boku wa terekusasou ni kaban de kao wo kakushinagara I might've hidden shyly behind my bag, but the truth is, I was really, really happy.
hontou wa totemo totemo ureshikatta yo aa hanabi ga yozora kirei ni saite chotto setsunaku The fireworks blossomed heartrendingly beautiful across the night sky, and time passed as swiftly as the wind.
aa kaze ga jikan to tomo ni nagareru ureshikute tanoshikute bouken mo iro iro shita ne We shared so many happy times and trilling adventures futari no himitsu no kichi no naka together in our secret base.
I will never forget the hopes and dreams we shared during that one summer's end.
kimi to natsu no owari shourai no yume ookina kibou wasurenai I'm sure we will meet again in another August, in maybe ten years time.
jyuunen no ato hachigatsu mata deaeru no wo shinjite kimi ga saigo made kokoro kara "arigatou" sakendeita koto shitetayo I could feel your heartfelt thanks all the way until the end.
And I know it must've been painful to hold back your tears and say goodbye with a smile.
namida wo koraete egao de sayounara setsunai yo ne saikou no omoide wo But those are my best memories.