Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Menma Search Party

1 -OP- Jinta.
How about today? I'm not going.
I'm off to work then.
Why isn't he nagging me about it? But I guess I prefer it this way.
No, it would be better if he did nag me.
What are you doing, Jintan? You have to go to school! You have to pay Anaru back! You Come to school.
So you were listening.
I helped you collect all the Nokemon, so you can't break your promise.
Oh yeah! That might be my wish - having you go to school.
Is that what this is all about? Jintan.
Get out.
I'm going to change.
She suddenly appeared in front of me.
She pushed some senseless request onto me.
She's the beast of summer.
My hallucination.
But I think I want to have my wish granted.
That's it! It's actually early fall going by the calendar, but the beast of summer has stayed in my house.
I'm being driven out.
I have no choice.
No choice but to go to school.
Upon pages and pages of entries nanpeeji mo tsuiyashite We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day.
tuzurareta bokura no kibun We've put down all our emotions But now I've hit a writer's block doushiteka ichigyou no I don't know how to finish this page anymore kuuhaku wo umerarenai oshibana no shiori hasande Putting a bookmark in my diary You and I go out to ride the bike we found in the dumpster kimi to korogasu tsukaisute no jitensha wasurekake no renga wo Let's go to our secret place tsumiageta basho ni yukou Where we piled up our bricks of memories Run up the hill, where we can see the horizon umi wo miwatasu saka wo kakenobotte kowaikurai ni aoi sora to Where we can see the sky so fearfully blue With cider in my right hand migite ni saidaa hidarite wa zutto kimi wo sagashiteiru My other hand helps me search for you souyatte ima wa boku no hou e You used to come find me way back when toitsumeru koto mo nakute You used to demand me of so much more You're both still standing right by my side mada futari wa sugu soko ni irunoni douka mata aemasuyouni nante Yet why do I pray to see you both again? douka shiteru mitai There must be something off with me It's so hot.
Disgusting I should just You came to school? Yeah.
B-But it's not because you told me to.
Whoa, is that really Yadomi? Wow, you really came to school! Aki, Haruna.
Mornin' Naruko, Yadomi.
It's alright! Nobody cares that you skipped a semester.
Or rather, nobody cared about you in the first place.
Ice burn, Haruna.
Hey, that's enough- The power of love is really something.
This is all because you went to his house.
That's so hot.
Their love is ablaze.
Don't say that.
Who'd want a guy like It's hot, huh? I guess that's true.
If it wasn't for the heat getting to my head, I would never have bothered coming to this idiot zoo they call a school.
Jin- Yadomi.
He's going home after all.
Hey, was that supposed to be an insult? No way! Was it?! Being home alone is boring.
Pardon the intrusion~ Time to explore Jintan's house! Let's see, how about this room.
Ok, ok.
Oh yeah.
Jintan's mom died.
She was way prettier in person.
I don't really like the picture my family has of me either.
But I always made the 'peace' sign when I got my photo taken, so there probably weren't any normal photos of me.
I'm dead too, but right now I'm doing well.
What's this? I'm crying again.
Jintan will get angry at me.
This is pathetic.
Keep your dog on a leash! It has nothing to do with my promise to Anaru.
Menma, my hallucination, is telling me to go to school.
That means somewhere inside of me, I Maybe I'll head back.
What are you doing, Jintan? You have to go to school! I can't go back What are you doing? Partner! Partner? I saw too.
What did you see? Menma, duh! I'm getting pretty awesome myself.
Why is my hallucination It was a miracle of timing.
I made a miraculous curved shape with my piss! And then it was like woah, a triangle! Something appeared! Are you sure you didn't mistake something else for her? No way.
I've got the eyesight of an Ottoman.
Menma's become a grown woman.
She's grown up? Yeah.
She's a fine woman.
What was she wearing? That white one-piece dress that she often wore during the summer.
Menma came back to have her wish granted, right? I'll get serious and put all my effort into figuring it out.
I'm heading home.
It's my turn to make dinner.
Dinner? It's still noon.
What could it be? Curry? Curry steamed for eight hours? I want some too! Hey Jintan, let me Huh? The grown-up Menma.
Welcome home.
I-I'm back.
Scratch that.
You're actually You're really early, Jintan.
All we had today was the opening ceremony, so school was out early.
Oh yeah! What have you been up to? I applied my home ec knowledge! Look at the mess you've made Is that.
? I'm so hungry.
Let's hurry.
Wait for me.
Don't push me, Poppo! Mom, are there any ready? There are.
You came to see me.
Go on.
Everyone wants to eat your muffins.
I'm sorry.
Wait a second.
Jintan Jintan.
Let's eat them.
Yeah, sure.
Time to eat.
The ones your mom made were tastier.
Maybe it's because I didn't have any raisins.
I'll practice more and more, and I'll make them even tastier! More? Do you plan on staying here forever? Can't I? That's not really the issue.
By the way, did you go over to Poppo's place too? Huh? I don't know what you're talking about.
I've been at home this whole time.
But he said he saw you.
Maybe that was my ghost.
So what does that make you? I'm Meiko Honma.
You make no sense.
This is so-so.
It doesn't really matter whether you're a ghost or not.
It's nothing.
There's egg shell in this.
Ummm that's for the calcium! You still can't decide? I have things to do too you know.
My bad.
Wait just a little more.
What is it? Hisakawa.
Hisakawa you mean Poppo? So you still keep in touch with him.
Tetsudou Hisakawa I found Menma! He found Menma? Are you looking for a present? Yes.
You must be his girlfriend.
I'm so envious.
We have a wide selection, so please take your time.
You're always taking me places like this.
Who's it for? Episode 3 Menma's Search Party I'm not telling.
Alright already! Here's your newspaper.
We don't have a subscription.
Don't worry about that.
Take this.
Huh? What's this? Extra! Menma's Search Party to commemorate the end of summer.
6pm at the secret base.
Let's get everyone together to enjoy a barbecue out on a cool evening.
We can talk lots about Menma's wish.
Everyone should bring food! Menma's Search Party to commemorate the end of summer.
Menma, a cool evening and a barbecue.
I don't see the point of this.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Anyway, you have to be there.
See ya.
I have to? Hey! If everyone's coming That looks fun! I want to search for me too! So what are you going to bring? I never said I was going.
Then say it! Huh? This might be the wish I wanted to be granted.
I might have wanted to see my own ghost.
You're good at making wishes that fit the situation.
Hey Naruko.
Let's go to karaoke on the way home.
Sorry, I'll pass tonight.
Hey, are you sure mini-sausages are enough for a barbecue? This is all I had in the fridge that I could bring.
Someone'll probably bring something anyway.
We also have my muffins.
That's not Anaru.
Look Jintan, it's Anaru! Let's go together with her.
Huh? Jintan! Wait a second.
Hey, Jintan.
What's wrong with you? Something came up.
Jintan Yadomi.
What have you been doing.
For the past while.
Well then.
Come on, Jintan! You can't do that.
Let's all get along and go as a group.
He made such a scene falling down.
We're going to the same place anyway.
Good evening.
It's Tsuruko.
Poppo, you called Tsuruk Tsurumi too? She looks so cute with a ponytail.
Didn't you read the ad I gave you? When I wrote everyone, I meant everyone.
What's this? Masala tea.
You might mean everyone, but Yukiatsu probably won't show.
He doesn't seem like he believes in stuff like this.
He'll come.
Raise that a bit higher, Jintan.
Work hard, Jintan.
What do you think of this grill? I borrowed it from the old man at my job.
What are we going to grill? I just brought some sausages.
I brought candles.
Aren't we going to summon Menma? I thought we'd need some props appropriate for a ghost story.
Ghost story? Right.
So what about food for the barbecue? Oh, I don't eat much at night, so don't worry about me.
Look at that.
All Tsuruko thinks of is herself.
Selfish women turn me on, y'know.
Umm I thought everyone else would bring food.
I didn't want to bring the same thing.
Fireworks? We're not children anymore.
And I have this! What the heck is that? It's called keel.
I ate it when I went to India.
It's sweetened rice cooked in milk.
It's like puke.
So this isn't for a barbecue either.
Want to try frying it like okonomiyaki? Let's stick to the sausages.
There, it finally caught.
It just didn't feel right without a fire.
This is quite the party we got here.
It's been so many years.
How do you make crabs again? Crabs? Can you make crabs? We're just like this charcoal.
Huh? It was originally made by burning wood.
Even if it doesn't light up right away, once it remembers it's past it roars ablaze.
That's a terrible analogy.
Huh? Really? Sh-should I help out? You don't have to.
Go to the barbecue.
But all we have are sausages.
And I already made cuts in them.
This is a crab? A white one-piece dress.
That's right.
Menma used to wear one often.
It's just like you said.
I'm easily influenced.
I always was, and I still am.
I haven't changed.
And even though it's like Menma, she wouldn't wear one with such a high cut.
My friends from school wear ones like this, but they probably wouldn't pick a white one.
I actually do put some thought into what I wear you know.
It's just that I end up going with the flow But for me And in general, I do think a lot What do you hope to gain by telling me this? Do you want me to say, "Is that so.
How admirable.
" That's not it.
I think I wanted someone get on my case for always going along with what's happening around me.
Look at that Jintan! It's a crab, a crab! And there's an octopus! Delicious! This is authentic German sausage! Yeah, it really is.
Whoa! You can tell too, Tsuruko? I didn't think it'd be so good.
Really? What did I tell you? Jintan! Jintan! The crab will burn! It's almost like a dessert.
So about Menma's wish Yeah, you'll help us out too won't you? Do you believe in it? I think it's OK to believe in it.
The crab Oh? Then I will as well.
So you'll do it? Alright, Tsuruko.
Hey Jintan, the Super Peace Busters The Super Peace Busters are the best! Super Peace? It's been a while since I've heard that name.
It's super nostalgic.
What are you talking about? We're all still active.
Huh? Well, I guess we never did retire.
Don't cry.
I'm not crying.
I'm not.
With things the way they are, do you think maybe Menma will get nostalgic too and suddenly come back? What.
This is quite a welcome.
Yukiatsu! It's been a while.
Oh, it's just Yukiatsu.
You're Anjou, right? That's right.
Nice to see you.
I brought vegetables and ribs.
And some herbal salt and olive oil.
You're the man, Yukiatsu! So you came after all.
You're so unlike a certain useless woman here What did you say? But you really scared me there.
I thought it was Menma I saw Menma a little earlier.
No way! Are you serious? Where was she? Where's Menma? Over there by the stream.
Cool! Let's go, Jintan! Hey.
Wait for me! Those guys Looks like it wasn't just you.
What are you talking about? Being able to see Menma.
deai wa futtoshita shunkan We met in an unexpected moment when you called out to me at the crosswalk, kaerimichi no kousaten de koe wo kaketekureta ne "Let's walk home together.
" "issho ni kaerou" We shared so many happy times and thrilling adventures ureshikute tanoshikute bouken mo iro iro shita ne together in our secret base.
futari no himitsu no kichi no naka I will never forget the hopes and dreams we shared during that one summer's end.
kimi to natsu no owari shourai no yume ookina kibou wasurenai jyuunen no ato hachigatsu mata deaeru no wo shinjite I'm sure we will meet again in another August, in maybe ten years time.
I could feel your heartfelt thanks all the way until the end.
kimi ga saigo made kokoro kara "arigatou" sakendeita koto shitetayo namida wo koraete egao And I know it must've been painful to hold back your tears and say goodbye with a smile.
de sayounara setsunai yo ne But those are my best memories.
saikou no omoide wo If everyone is around it's fun.