Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

The White Dress with a Ribbon

1 Looks like it wasn't just you.
What are you talking about? Being able to see Menma.
Huh? Let's go, Jintan.
Come on! What took you so long? nanpeeji mo tsuiyashite Upon pages and pages of entries We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day.
We've put down all our emotions tuzurareta bokura no kibun doushiteka ichigyou no But now I've hit a writer's block kuuhaku wo umerarenai I don't know how to finish this page anymore Putting a bookmark in my diary oshibana no shiori hasande kimi to korogasu tsukaisute no jitensha You and I go out to ride the bike we found in the dumpster Let's go to our secret place wasurekake no renga wo tsumiageta basho ni yukou Where we piled up our bricks of memories Run up the hill, where we can see the horizon umi wo miwatasu saka wo kakenobotte Where we can see the sky so fearfully blue kowaikurai ni aoi sora to With cider in my right hand migite ni saidaa hidarite wa My other hand helps me search for you zutto kimi wo sagashiteiru You used to come find me way back when souyatte ima wa boku no hou e You used to demand me of so much more toitsumeru koto mo nakute mada futari wa sugu soko ni irunoni You're both still standing right by my side douka mata aemasuyouni nante Yet why do I pray to see you both again? douka shiteru mitai There must be something off with me Menma! Menma! Where are you? Menma! Tell us! Tell us! Tell us! Yadomi? What's wrong? Jintan? One Menma is enough.
Wait Where are you? H-Hey Um You tried going to school the other day.
Those girls didn't really mean what they said.
C-Could you give them anothe— I don't really care about that.
R-Really? Yeah.
Nothing you or your friends say will affect my life in any way, shape, or form.
What the heck?! That's not cute! I wasn't trying to be cute.
I'm not like my dad.
W-Wait up, Yadomi! T-Thank you.
Sorry Stop messing around.
Are you an idiot? Yadomi.
If that were to happen to you, too with everything as it is Just like with Menma Hey, Menma showed up at your place, right? So, you did like Menma didn't you? What are you saying.
You can see something that no one else can because you really, really liked her right? You said it was fine to believe in her just a minute ago.
I don't really understand, but If you can see Menma, be nice to her.
I don't really understand, but please.
Jintan, can you see her? Let's head back.
So, we couldn't find her.
How boring.
I wanted to see her, too! Welcome back.
The meat's grilling.
Yay! Meaty meat! Yukiatsu! Why were you up here by yourself? Oh.
It looks tasty! Because Menma asked me to.
When Menma appeared before me, she said, "Please don't make a bigger fuss out of this.
" Menma seriously said that? I couldn't make it out completely, but don't you think it would actually bother her if all of you got worked up over some wish? That's not true! I Ever since you all have gotten together and started to remember me I'm a lot more happy! Even if I'm dead, I want everyone to get along! So, please Hey if Menma said that, then maybe we should just stop.
Yeah, probably.
That's not what I said.
H-Hey, guys.
Try this.
Is that muffin bread? Oh! That brings back memories.
Jintan's mom used to make that for us all the time.
It's been a while! This is something that Menma made.
Um Jintan? Are you saying that a ghost made muffin bread? Now that's definitely taking it too far.
Don't you think so, too, Hisakawa? Er I think it's pretty original, though.
Jintan I don't care if you think I'm weird or crazy.
Menma's actually saying that she'll be happy if we're still together.
That she'll be happy if we don't forget about her.
Jintan Just stop right there.
You can't forget about Menma.
You're forever obsessed with her.
You're so pathetic.
Man, looks like I brought everyone down.
Just eat it all yourselves.
Hey, Yukiatsu! I'm sorry.
I'll head back, too.
Everyone can eat the muffin bread together.
Then it won't really be everyone! Yadomi All things aside This is delicious.
Huh? What was the Menma you saw like? Let's see, she was in a white one-piece dress.
Did she have a small ribbon attached around this area? Huh? I can't really remember, but I think she may have Wait, how did you know? Did you see Menma, too?! Who knows.
You're such a mysterious girl, Tsuruko.
So juicy.
Hey, Jintan.
I wonder what the Menma that Yukiatsu saw was like.
Yeah If I'm Mario Menma, then the other one must be Luigi Menma! It'd be fun if it was a 2-player game.
Right, Jintan? I guess so.
Man, what the hell was Yukiatsu saying? "Menma said not to make a fuss.
" Yeah, whatever.
He's got one hell of an imagination.
I guess that applies to me even more so.
I can't forget about it, though.
The way he twisted Menma's feelings I So, you did like Menma didn't you? Shut up.
Jinta! Huh? We stopped by because we heard a good boy named Jinta lived here.
What's this? My good boy radar is going off! Beep beep beep! Hey, Menma We're not Menma.
We're a stuffed animal and a Kokeshi spirit! Just kidding! I'm really Menma! "Really" Menma? You really don't change.
Whaaat! Don't worry about it.
Stop it, Jintan! Hey, Jintan.
You like Menma don't you? Hey, Menma.
Huh? Forget it.
Let's go to bed.
I'm turning off the light.
Okay! Hey.
Back then How did you really feel about me? This is ridiculous.
A one-piece dress with a ribbon on the chest.
Episode 4 A White One-Piece Dress with a Ribbon I'm off to work, Touko.
Jintan, I think the bill collector will come today.
Give him the money from the top drawer.
Have a safe trip.
Have a safe trip! I'm off! It's nothing.
There will be a string of hot days ahead, but as for me Wow, this guy thinks of some weird stuff.
Come to think of it, she hasn't said anything about me not going back to school.
You'll fall! You'll fall! Be careful! That's dangerous! Oh, I feel great! A visitor? Is it the bill collector? Hello.
Tsuruko? Good morning.
What are you What about school? Oh, we're getting ready for the culture festival.
Huh? My class is doing an a capella kadaoke cafe.
Don't you think that's stupid? I guess May I come inside? Sure.
Excuse me.
Wh-Why? This place hasn't changed.
How nostalgic.
Hey, why do you have the kotatsu on a wooden floor in your house? Why would I know? Sweets, Jintan! You have to give your guest sweets! Hey, all I've got are some cookies.
That muffin bread Huh? It was more stiff than the kind your mom made.
Really? I think the flour wasn't sifted properly.
If you add baking powder, it'll be more fluffy.
Wow! So its bad taste wasn't because it didn't have raisins.
I didn't know you could cook.
Anyone can cook if they know the recipe.
I couldn't! You just have to get the portions and timing right.
As long as you avoid stumbling in odd places that is.
Why'd you come here? I have a bad feeling about your visit.
What're you saying, Jintan?! I'll cut to the chase.
I don't believe that Menma made this muffin bread.
I thought as much.
How could I expect you to But that's exactly why I have a request for you.
So what do you think he said? "You smell great, but I bet your armpits smell even better!" What the? I mean what kind of pick-up line is that? How creepy.
You think he had an armpit fetish? Hey, Naruko, what's wrong? Sorry, I just remembered something I need to do! Hey, don't you think Naruko's been kind of unsociable lately? Yeah, I know what you mean.
It kind of pisses me off.
That's Yadomi, isn't it? Can't you tell by looking at that lump of lethargy? What are you doing out here? It's a Super Peace Busters engagement.
We're busting false peace.
Hey, Jintan.
Are you really going to do it? Why? I, myself, don't know.
H-Hey, wait.
Second semester has started.
Can you afford to stroll around town like this? Menma kept bugging me to go outside.
Hey, tell me what the Menma you saw was like.
My Menma is That's the wrong way to put it.
The Menma in my house is saying yours is a fake.
We're all going to the secret base now.
And I'll bring Menma If you'd like you can come too You're getting carried away.
Huh? This isn't like the old days when you played leader.
And even back then I didn't acknowledge you.
Don't talk to me like we're friends, you whipped dog.
What was that about? Nice, Yadomi.
Don't mess with me.
Come out, Menma.
Let's show you to him.
You didn't have to go out of your way to come.
I was free anyway.
Give it a rest already.
Want to try this? Bugs were biting me all over after the barbecue.
I'm fine.
Why don't you show less skin? You're not a whipped dog; you're a top dog.
Why should I? This is cute.
So, either way, I'm a dog.
Maybe the Menma that Yukiatsu saw isn't fake.
Huh? Think about it, it wouldn't be that strange for another Menma to exist.
After all, I don't even know why I'm here.
Huh? Why's everyone here? Is this your party night? Just hurry up and turn your headlight off, it's too bright.
Sorry, sorry.
Delicious! Much better than canned coffee.
This is the best! My parents bought a new one at the bazaar.
I'm sorry it's used, but you can use it here if you like.
You're such a good person.
Oh? And you even thought to bring cups It really is fun when everyone's together.
Don't worry about it.
I have a collection of them.
Is that your hobby or something? Is something wrong with that? I have so much fun doing this with everyone.
Not really.
I just think it's old-fashioned.
But But Men— Oh! Let's let Menma drink some, too.
Right, Jintan? Are you here, Menma? Are you here? Or maybe over here? Please! What are you doing? Hey, Poppo I thought about it after the barbecue.
Didn't Menma say she'd be happy if everyone got together? That defines Menma perfectly.
I really get what she means.
Poppo She said she doesn't want to be forgotten, but it's not like we could ever forget her.
She's such a little worrywart.
Poppo! What the? What's wrong? Something feels kind of heavy I'm shivering! Did I drink too much coffee? I gotta go to the bathroom! I'm coming, too! Let's go pee together! "You can't forget about Menma.
"You're forever obsessed with her.
"You're so pathetic.
" H-Hey, Tsuruko.
Yukiatsu was talking about himself when he said all of that.
W-What the heck?! What are you doing? Your fly is wide open.
Forget about that.
She was there! I saw her! Huh? Menma! Over here! Hurry up! Hey, are you sure you saw her? Yeah, I double-checked.
You know, about what Tsuruko mentioned.
Huh? The one-piece dress.
It had a ribbon around here right? A one-piece dress with a ribbon Come on, let's go.
Look at that Jintan! Is that That's her! It's Menma! It is?! Jintan! Be careful out there, Jintan! Hey, Menma! Hey! I I can't go on.
Are you okay? I I just need a quick break.
How's it look, Jintan? She was here a minute ago.
That's that, then.
Let's head back.
You can shave your legs, but you still have a man's body! You can only go so far, Yukiatsu! Jintan! Over there? There he is! Wait! Jintan! Did you find him? Yeah.
deai wa futtoshita shunkan We met in an unexpected moment kaerimichi no kousaten de koe wo kaketekureta ne when you called out to me at the crosswalk, Yukiatsu "issho ni kaerou" "Let's walk home together.
" The fireworks blossomed heartrendingly beautiful across the night sky, aa hanabi ga yozora kirei ni saite chotto setsunaku aa kaze ga jikan to tomo ni nagareru and time passed as swiftly as the wind.
We shared so many happy times and thrilling adventures ureshikute tanoshikute bouken mo iro iro shita ne futari no himitsu no kichi no naka together in our secret base.
I will never forget the hopes and dreams we shared during that one summer's end.
kimi to natsu no owari shourai no yume ookina kibou wasurenai I'm sure we will meet again in another August, in maybe ten years time.
jyuunen no ato hachigatsu mata deaeru no wo shinjite I could feel your heartfelt thanks all the way until the end.
kimi ga saigo made kokoro kara "arigatou" sakendeita koto shitetayo And I know it must've been painful namida wo koraete egao de sayounara setsunai yo ne to hold back your tears and say goodbye with a smile.
saikou no omoide wo But those are my best memories.