Another (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

Put flesh

1 A girl from the 9th grade's class 3 died.
Everybody's talking about it.
Her umbrella flew out of her hand when she fell down the stairs, impaling her through the throat.
Seriously? It was so horrific, the witnesses were ordered never to speak of it again.
Wasn't she a class officer? I heard her mother died in an accident that same day.
Do you think it's the curse? You've heard of that? It's the school's most famous secret.
The curse of class 3, and the story that started it all 26 years ago.
Yeah Does that mean it's going to happen again this year? Maybe.
Nothing happened last year.
Once it starts, somebody dies every month, right? Yeah, at least one person connected to the class dies per month.
Not just students? They say family members are at risk, too.
Especially parents and siblings.
You sure know a lot about it One of the guys in my kendo club is in class 3.
He told me in secret.
He didn't seem to believe it, though.
But someone's actually died Yeah.
It's probably best to stay away from that class.
June 2 (Tue.
) Redial: Teshigawara Hey, how's that lung of yours doing? It seems fine.
But you witnessed such an awful sight.
That sort of thing can affect the body.
You know about that? My kid brother told me.
He's in your class.
Takeru Mizuno.
He plays basketball.
Here for a checkup? Yes.
Well then, let's talk after it's done.
I should be home now.
My night shift ended hours ago, but things keep coming up.
Something weird is going on.
And there was that other incident, too.
The girl who died here in April? Try not to think too much about it.
If you do have to be hospitalized again, I'll be sure to take extra good care of you.
Thanks in advance.
No problem.
I see nothing that should affect regular school attendance.
However, no strenuous activities just yet.
Let's keep an eye on things for one more month.
How'd it go? Looks like you won't have to take care of me, after all.
Aw, that's too bad.
It's a little late, but do you want to grab lunch somewhere? So, Misaki Fujioka was the cousin of that girl with the eyepatch.
Anyway, I rarely talk with my kid brother, but he did tell me a few things.
It seems your class has some special circumstances.
Special circumstances? Yep.
He wouldn't give me details, though.
Don't you know? The "circumstances"? I'm certain there's something going on, but nobody will tell me.
Really? My brother seemed to be scared of something.
That's just a hunch, though.
What do you mean? He thinks what happened last week wasn't an accident.
Not an accident? And that's why he's scared? Maybe Why Um, have you heard of someone named Mei Misaki? Misaki? Mei Misaki? Who's that? A girl in class 3.
Has your brother ever mentioned her? I told you, he and I don't talk much.
Actually, the girl with the eyepatch that I told you about is named Mei Misaki.
Oh? So, what, you like this Mei girl? No, it's not that It's just, something's bothering me.
Something about her is different from the rest of my class.
That's what you call "liking" someone.
I don't like her! Okay, okay.
So, what's so different about this Mei? Well She's sort of strange.
At first, I thought maybe she was being bullied by the other kids, but I don't think that's it.
It seems more like they're scared of her.
Scared? Well, not exactly, but One of the guys told me not to mess with things that "don't exist.
" Don't exist? She claims nobody else in the class can see her.
The accident last week happened right after she told me that.
If you think about it logically, it seems like simple coincidence.
There's nothing to connect those two things.
Right? There's one other thing that bothers me.
They say it happened 26 years ago Had you heard that story? Not until now.
I went to South Middle.
I still don't know what it has to do with all this, but I can't help thinking there's a connection.
I see.
It's turning into quite the horror story.
Want me to ask my brother about it? You're going to school tomorrow, right? Yes.
I'll call if I find anything out.
When's your next checkup? This Saturday.
June 6, huh? I'm pretty sure there's no Damien in this town But still, let's both be careful.
Especially where unusual accidents are concerned.
I'm pretty sure there's no Damien in this town No way.
Well, look who I found! Oh Hiya, Kouichi! Skipping school? No, I just left the hospital.
Oh, yeah.
That makes sense.
What about you? Are you sick? Yeah, that's right! You're quite the actress.
I hate to say it, but I'm happy you think so.
Happy? Yeah, it means my hard work in the club is paying off.
Which club? To be, or not to be? That is the question.
Ah, you're in the theater club? Yep! With Izumi! Who's Izumi, again? Izumi Akazawa.
She tends to be a bit dramatic.
It shows in her acting.
But she's not a bad person.
So I hope you'll help her out, too.
Uh, sure.
No No! No! No! I don't want to die! No! The Hollow Eyes of Yomi at Twilight Welcome.
My, it's unusual to see a boy your age here.
Are you a customer? Or perhaps Hello.
Are you a junior high student? In that case, I'll give you half price.
Please take your time looking around.
I have no other customers.
Fancy meeting you here again.
What brings you here today? I was on my way home from the hospital, and I just happened to walk by.
What about you? Didn't you go to school? I only go when I feel like it.
Are you all right? I guess I won't have to be re-admitted.
How's the class doing since, you know, the accident? They're all terrified.
Of what? They think it's begun.
What has? Deep inside, they may have only half-believed it before.
But now Despite what they said to you, I don't think they fully believed.
But it looks like it really is true.
I'd say it's 100% likely that it's already begun.
That's why You still don't know? All the better.
It might be best for you to never find out.
Once you do Tell me what happened to class 3! Are you going back to school? Yeah, tomorrow.
Then I probably shouldn't show up.
Why? Be careful.
Hey, Misa— Why? Why? Yeah, that's what I want to know.
Why? Good morning, Rei! Good morning! Kouichi? Are you okay? It's just a headache.
I've been getting them a lot lately.
It's pretty annoying.
Maybe you're tired, on more than one level.
Hey, Reiko? You said there's a right time to find out about things, right? How can you tell when that is? Did I say that? Um So What 9th grade class were you in? In 9th grade? Class 3.
Class 3? Then, did people talk about class 3 being cursed in your year, too? I can't remember.
It was 15 years ago.
You're going to school tomorrow, right? Remember the tips I gave you for handling Yomi North? Yeah.
Including number three? Of course.
And number four, too.
Number three was to always uphold the class rules, right? Yes.
That's Uh, what was The third thing I needed to know.
Oh, yeah.
It's, uh Always uphold the class rules, which means Are you okay? I really am exhausted.
Sorry, Kouichi.
I can't help you.
Why— Don't say that! I can't stand that damn bird! June 3 (Wed.
) Sakuragi used the west staircase, right? Why would she use one so far away? She must've had a reason.
Takako said she saw Takako Sugiura? What did she see? When Kouichi I honestly thought it wouldn't happen this year.
There are two possibilities.
It's not happening this year, and Yukari's death was just a coincidence.
Either that, or it started in May.
As the head of countermeasures, I can't rely on wishful thinking.
It'd be one thing if it was just Yukari, but her mom died, too.
Because he broke the rules? Why would they put a new student in class 3, anyway? It was convenient for the school.
The new principal still doesn't fully understand our situation.
Shouldn't the teachers explain it to him? They may have thought it was best to keep it among the students.
So even the teachers want nothing to do with this It's all because I was absent his first day here.
If I had warned him in advance, this wouldn't have happened.
What's done is done.
The question is, what do we do now? And how do we let him know? It'll be difficult to explain it to him now.
And explaining it poorly could be dangerous.
Yeah, like getting caught in our own trap.
This is a lot like the situation this class was in two years ago.
Does that mean we need new countermeasures? That's what I heard.
Seriously? H-Hello? Where are you? Uh Don't "uh" me.
Where are you? I've been trying to call you all week, but you never answer.
Sorry! Bad timing and stuff Besides, you were sick.
You promised you'd tell me in June.
You mentioned "the first year," too.
What happened? Just hold on, okay, Sakaki? Yeah, I did promise.
I did, but The situation has changed.
Yeah! The situation has changed! Normally, it's up to the head of countermeasures to handle this stuff.
But things got complicated because this guy acted on his own.
That's why.
You want me to pretend he never made that promise? Yes.
As a favor to me.
No, to the whole class.
Okay, but You said it's dangerous to mess with things that don't exist.
What did you mean by that? Incoming Call: Mizuno What were you thinking?! Hello? Well I Are you on lunch break right now? Explain yourself! I'm sorry! Do you have time to talk? Do you realize what you said? What's up? I wanted to check with you on something.
We have enough to worry about as it is Check on what? About the girl you told me about yesterday, Mei Misaki.
Does she really exist? Yes, she does.
Is she nearby? For sure? Where is she now? She didn't come to school today.
So she's not there Why do you want to know? I spoke to my brother yesterday.
He refuses to talk about the incident 26 years ago, or the accident last week.
But when I asked him about Mei, his demeanor suddenly changed.
"What are you talking about?! There's no girl like that in our class!" He was adamant.
But that's a lie He was dead serious, and he has no reason to lie.
Mei Misaki exists! What? Can you hear me? I just got on the elevator, from the roof.
I have to get back to work.
Oh, that explains the static.
But this is Mizuno, can you hear me? What's going on? Build limbs.