Another (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Build limbs

1 What?! Sanae Mizuno, was it? She and Kouchi often talked about books together.
She was so young I worry about her brothers.
Oh, she had brothers? One is named Takeru.
He's in my class.
Dear me, this is so awful.
Didn't a girl in your class recently die in an accident, too? After a death, there always follows a funeral.
How very tired I am of funerals So very tired of funerals June 4 (Thurs.
) The news about Mizuno's sister comes as a terrible shock, but it will be all right.
If we all try hard together, we can overcome this.
So She died.
Mizuno's sister died in an accident yesterday.
Oh Self-Study - Sketching I wonder what's wrong with Ms.
Maybe she's really sick.
She didn't look too well.
I hope she doesn't Hey, Sakakibara? Yeah? You don't think Ms.
Mikami has some serious, life-threatening illness, do you? I'm sure she's fine.
You're probably right.
Are you that worried? Well, after what happened to Sakuragi And now Mizuno's sister So I just Are they related? Is there a connection between these accidents? Um, I don't Where are you going? To do some research.
Yomiyama Prefectural Junior High School Class of 1972 Who am I kidding? Of course I wouldn't find Misaki's name here.
Mom You found your mother? Yes.
Interesting So she graduated in '72.
Which class was she in? Class 3, like me.
Oh? Which one is she? This one.
Ritsuko? You knew her? Yes.
Ritsuko was But I heard that she died.
When was that? 15 years ago, right after she had me.
15 years ago? I see So that's what happened.
Kubodera asked me to send you to the faculty room.
Okay, thanks.
Let me apologize in advance.
I'm sorry.
But this is for all of us.
Forgive us.
You are aware that Sanae Mizuno passed away in an accident at the hospital yesterday, yes? Yes.
Um, am I suspected of something? Oh, no.
We know it was an accident.
A very unfortunate accident.
It's just, Ms.
Mizuno's cell phone was found in the elevator in question.
Did you speak with her on the phone around 1 p.
yesterday? Yes, I did.
She was on the roof at the time, correct? And she entered the elevator from there What caused the accident? That's under investigation.
All we know for certain is that the sheaves holding the cables in place came loose, causing it to fall.
That building is several decades old, and it's been through numerous structural modifications.
Let's both be careful.
Especially where unusual accidents are concerned.
Aya Ayano | Izumi Akazawa Sakakibara.
Are the police finished questioning you? Yes.
All right.
Then you're dismissed for the day.
Um, where is everyone? The new female class officer was selected during homeroom.
It's Akazawa.
But, where'd everybody go? Please be sure to uphold the class rules at all times.
Are we clear? Who is dead? Okay, sure.
Walk home with me? Where did everyone go during sixth period? To the meeting room, to take care of some stuff.
What stuff? You've had a lot of strange experiences since you came here, haven't you? If you know, can you tell me what's going on? Sorry, I can't.
Only, that something very unpleasant might happen to you soon.
What do you mean? At the meeting, Akazawa said we needed to discuss something, without you there.
But even if you don't like what happens, try to deal with it.
Remember that you're doing it for all of us.
"All of us"? This is for all of us.
Forgive us.
Is this one of those class rules? Yeah.
I just don't get it Can I ask one favor? What? I want a copy of the class roster.
You didn't get one? It's just not fair.
I can't agree with Akazawa's way of handling things.
It's not fair of her to force her own ideas on the rest of us.
There must be so many things you want to know.
There are.
Then you can ask me.
I'll tell you everything I know.
Takabayashi, wait! Are you serious? Okay.
Does Mei Misaki exist? Mei Misaki is Takabayashi! Takabayashi! Good morning.
You're early today.
June 5 (Fri.
) That's it.
Any other No, forget it.
Did something happen this morning? Let us pray that the soul of our classmate, Takabayashi, may rest in peace.
Many sad events have transpired, but do not lose heart, and do not give up.
We'll get through this together.
Remember to uphold the class rules at all times.
Mikami is in a difficult position, but she has agreed to cooperate to the best of her ability.
Does everyone understand? Hey.
What's with him? Hey, Wakui? What's going on? The customer you are trying to reach currently has their phone off or is out of the service area.
Listen Sorry.
Figures of Speech Simile, Metaphor, Personification "A rumor walks alone.
" Here, we see something that is not human being expressed as displaying human behavior.
This is known as personification.
The important thing to understand is that human attributes are given to something non-human.
Pascal once said, "Man is but a reed, but he is a thinking reed.
" This is not personification.
So that's what they meant.
It is a metaphor.
Does that make sense? Hi.
What's wrong? Your call was unexpected.
Ask Misaki to explain.
-Mochizuki 24 Mei Misaki So, you got a copy of the class roster.
And? Let me start from the beginning.
Did you hear that Takabayashi died? He had a heart attack.
I know he had heart problems, but I see.
The second June death was caused by illness.
Then, when I got to school today, the whole class was acting weird.
Like they'd all conspired to treat me like I wasn't there.
So that's what they decided to do Does this mean I'm just like you now? How does it feel to not exist? Not so great.
But, in a way, it's a load off my mind.
It is? Because now I know that you exist.
This is where you live, isn't it? Yes.
I thought you figured that out long ago.
You did say you lived around here.
And you're not a customer.
Was that your mother who answered the phone? She was surprised.
I very rarely get calls from schoolmates.
Is Kirika your mom? Yes.
I guess you'd call it a pseudonym.
She goes by Kirika.
A strange woman, who keeps herself cloistered in the studio upstairs.
Does the "M" in "Studio M" stand for Misaki? It all makes sense now, doesn't it? Let's go upstairs.
Did you know this was here? Here you go.
Why don't you ask the questions? It might be easier to explain everything that way.
I thought you hated being questioned.
I do.
But today, I'll make a special exception.
First of all, Mei Misaki, you exist, right? Did you think I was a ghost? Sort of.
I guess you couldn't help it.
But your doubts are gone now, right? Now that you know I exist, as a living human.
I'm only nonexistent to the others in class 3.
Since when? It started on May 1.
That's pretty recent.
Lots of things seemed strange to you from the start, right? And nobody would tell me why.
Not explaining the situation to you beforehand was a costly mistake.
Mistake? You were supposed to treat me as someone who didn't exist, just like everyone else in class.
But now you've ended up the same as me.
How awful for you.
It's not exactly bullying I don't think anybody thinks of it that way.
I understand that I no longer exist to them.
But why are they doing this? It's a natural question.
Remember the story about the Misaki who died 26 years ago? Yeah.
That was the trigger.
After that, class 3 drew closer to death.
Death? It first happened to class 3 the year after Misaki's classmates graduated.
And once it happens, once it begins, somebody dies each month.
Either a student, or someone from their family.
What is "it"? It's when the number of students in the class increases by one.
Increases? Who? Nobody knows.
They can never figure out who the extra one is.
Extra one? 25 years ago, shortly after the new term began, they realized that the classroom was short one desk and chair, even though they had prepared enough for all of the students.
Couldn't they just check the school records? They did, but there was no point.
The roster and records had been altered to be inconsistent.
They were just one desk and chair short.
So, someone rewrote the numbers? I used the word "altered" figuratively.
They say that everyone's memories had changed as well.
Huh? Sounds impossible, doesn't it? But it's supposedly true.
I was told this type of phenomenon could happen.
Phenomenon? At first, everyone thought it was just an error and thought nothing of it.
But starting in April, people connected to the class started to die each month.
Each month? For the whole year? That year, I think it was six students and ten family members.
Clearly abnormal, right? This phenomenon has continued in class 3 ever since.
So, a 9th grade class 3 student named Misaki died 26 years ago.
And starting the next year, there was somehow an extra student in the class.
Then, people connected to the class started to die each month.
But why do people die when there's an extra student? Nobody knows the reason.
That's just what happens.
Plus, that extra student is someone dead.
You mean the Misaki who died 26 years ago? Who is dead? Is it a ghost or something? I think it's different from what we'd call a ghost.
It seems to have a physical body.
There's no way to tell it apart from the rest of us.
No way to tell? The dead person has a soul and memories, and they don't realize they're dead.
Who are they? The people connected to the class who have died over the years.
This is how I see it.
Class 3's actions 26 years ago made the class a place that invites the dead in.
After that, the dead began to join the class, and class 3 drew closer to death.
In response, the class 3 students came up with several countermeasures to try to escape this calamity.
Like exorcisms? Possibly.
They tried moving to a different classroom, and changing the name of class 3 to class C.
But that didn't stop it.
So the problem is with the students in the 9th grade's third class? Seems to be.
Then, about ten years ago, they found a way to deal with the problem.
A method that prevented people from dying each month.
Don't tell me Treat one student like they don't exist, to make up for the extra person.
That way, they return the class to its correct number, and they can avoid the calamity for that year.
It's a sort of charm.
Face to face.