Another (2012) s01e06 Episode Script

Face to face

1 I don't want to.
If I said that, would you not do it? Of course, you have every right to refuse.
However, if the calamity begins All right.
Excuse me What will the teachers outside of class 3 do? They will cooperate to the best of their ability.
However, you should not discuss this matter with anyone outside the class.
Not even our families? The rules dictate that we must not speak of it.
May 1 (Fri.
) I thought it wasn't going to happen this year.
At the opening ceremony, we had the perfect number of desks.
But we were short a desk once the new student came.
It can start a month late? Looks that way.
So By the way, you checked him out, right? How'd it go? I don't think it's him.
How do you know? He never lived in Yomiyama.
He has no siblings.
And his hands weren't cold.
Still Still If it's such an important rule, why wasn't I told about it right away? You had already spoken to me.
That made it difficult for them to broach the subject.
Hey, there's something else I want to ask you.
Is there some reason your desk is the only one in the class that's so old? That's part of the rule.
I guess it serves some purpose in completing the charm.
Who is dead? I saw the words "Who is dead?" scribbled on your desk.
Did you write that? Yes.
I know that I'm not dead, so I wanted to ask, who is? You can tell? Well This is my friend, Sakakibara.
Forgive my appearance.
Is he a friend from class? Or the art club? He's also a customer at the gallery downstairs.
He seems to enjoy it immensely.
Oh, really? That's an unusual interest, for a boy.
You like dolls? Well, I You should probably be leaving now, Sakakibara.
Oh, okay.
I will see him out.
I see.
Feel free to come again anytime.
Are you always like that? Like what? The way you talk to your mom.
I'd almost think you two were strangers.
We've pretty much always treated each other that way.
What's your family like? I don't have a mom.
She died right after I was born.
I see.
Well, that was normal for us.
I'm just another one of her dolls.
That's awful.
You're her daughter, her flesh and blood.
I may be flesh and blood, but I'm not real.
Then, does your mom know about class 3? No, and I can't tell her.
What does she think of you skipping school so often? She doesn't really care, or she just doesn't interfere.
Except with certain things.
What things? So, now I know class 3's secret But how can you just accept what they're putting you through to complete the charm? There's no other way.
I just happened to be the one.
If it hadn't been me, I would've had to follow the others in treating someone else like they don't exist.
It's better that I'm the one who's cut off.
Children's Park Why did they decide to make two people nonexistent? They probably thought the charm wouldn't hold if they told you to start ignoring me now.
So by making a second person cease to exist, they could strengthen the charm? Right.
It also saved them the trouble of explaining me to you.
It's quite logical.
But it's just a charm, isn't it? All of this for a charm? Well, they're desperate.
When they consider that they might be next, it makes them take it seriously.
Do you think they're being unreasonable? Yes, I do! There are no guarantees.
But if there's a chance it could help everyone avoid the calamity, isn't it worth it? It's sad when people die.
Be careful on your way home.
We're both close to death, after all.
I'll be fine.
I showed you this once before, didn't I? I lost my left eye when I was four.
It developed a nasty tumor.
I woke up one day, and the eye was gone.
My mom said a regular artificial eye wouldn't be attractive, so she made a special one for me.
You don't have to hide it.
I think your eye is beautiful.
They said I almost died during surgery.
I can sort of vaguely remember what happened then.
Do you believe that's possible? You mean near-death experiences? Death is not kind.
It's dark, black as far as you can see, and you're all alone.
All alone Yes, but it's no different when you're alive, is it? No matter how many relationships we seem to have, we're all alone.
I am, my mother is, and you are, too.
So was Misaki.
Starting tomorrow, we're two of a kind.
Oh, uh, yeah.
Welcome to the club, Sakakibara.
Hel— Man, India's scorching! Dad What's with you? Hey, what do you mean by that? If you're worried about my health, I'm fine.
Hey Did Mom ever talk to you about her memories of junior high school? Eh? Where's this coming from? Mom was in class 3 in the 9th grade, too, right? Anything come to mind? Hmm Nope! Not a thing? Well, I'm sure she told me a few things So, Ritsuko was in class 3, you say? Anyway, how does it feel to be back after a year and a half away from Yomiyama? A year and a half? This was my first time coming here since I started junior high.
Huh? No, I'm sure that— Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
My mistake.
Who is dead? June 8 (Mon.
) Practice Exercises No whispering No walking around Misaki! Sakakibara! I've gotta stop that Kirika doesn't make lunches for you? Sometimes, when she feels like it.
But to be honest, they're not very good.
Do you ever cook? No, never.
I can only heat up ready-made meals.
Isn't that normal for kids our age? I'm a pretty decent cook, actually.
Really? That's unusual.
I was in the cooking club at my old school.
Then, will you make me something, someday? Sure, someday.
By the way, weren't you drawing up here before? Have you finished it? Pretty much.
Did you give her wings? Yeah.
I'll show you someday.
Is drawing your hobby? I think I like looking at art, more than making it.
I mostly just look at art books, though.
We have lots of them at home.
Do you ever go to museums? No, there aren't many around here.
Then, you should visit me in Tokyo someday.
We can go to museums there.
I'll be your tour guide.
Sure someday.
Art Club Room Misaki, hey! What are you doing here? I just felt like dropping in.
So, you didn't quit the club? I just needed a break.
Oh, yeah? I see Mochizuki hasn't changed.
Speak of the devil! Hi, Mochizuki! Hey, um, guys? Could you come with me for a second? There's something we've gotta do right away.
We do? But Misaki's here to visit us! Never mind that.
Just hurry, okay? At least it wasn't thrown away, I guess Which one is your mom? This one.
Ritsuko, huh? I see.
By the way, is their homeroom teacher He sure looked different back then.
The person you mentioned before Yes, I was talking about Chibiki.
Oh, two of you here today? There are two nonexistent people now.
So I see.
Do you understand the situation now, Sakakibara? Mostly, though I still find it hard to believe.
That's understandable.
But it's true.
This phenomenon is truly happening in this town.
In this school.
You were class 3's homeroom teacher 26 years ago, weren't you? And that's how you knew my mother? You got it.
Um, is it okay for you to not ignore us? I have no connections to your class at this time.
I'm in a safe position, you might say.
Then, who's in danger? Student The students of class 3 Father | Mother Student and their families, within two degrees of separation.
Grandfather | Grandmother | Grandfather | Grandmother Father | Mother Student Grandfather | Grandmother | Grandfather | Grandmother Father | Mother Student Brothers | Sisters And they must live in Yomiyama.
Grandfather | Grandmother | Grandfather | Grandmother Father | Mother Student Brothers | Sisters Within Yomiyama Two degrees would mean parents, grandparents, and siblings? If they have to be living in Yomiyama, does that mean anyone who leaves town would be safe? Yes.
Think of it like a cell phone going out of range.
Um, why do you stay here? I never meant to harm anyone.
Never It seems silly to think that way now, but that ended up being the trigger, which opened the door to death.
I was responsible for that.
That's why I remain at this school, but as a librarian, not a teacher.
Half of that was just me running away.
Running away? Half of me was crushed by guilt.
But the other half was ruled by fear.
Fear that I might die as well.
So I ran away.
Have teachers died, too? Only homeroom and assistant homeroom teachers.
Um, was the Misaki of 26 years ago a boy or a girl? A boy.
His surname was Yomiyama, like this town.
His full name was Misaki Yomiyama.
One night in May, his house burned down.
The whole family died, parents and brother included.
Did you see the photo the dead Misaki appeared in? Sure did.
Do you have it? No.
To tell you the truth, it terrified me.
And when they say the school records somehow get altered It's true.
This holds copies of all class rosters.
26 years' worth, from 1972 to the present.
The people with a red "X" by their name Class Rosters are the ones who died that year.
Look at the roster from two years ago.
See the name written at the bottom? Deceased: Mami Asakura Yes.
She was the dead person that year.
So, seven people died in 1996? That's not many, is it? It's because the plan to make one person nonexistent worked.
After they implemented it, nobody else died.
However, shortly after the second term began, the student they chose to not exist ended up renouncing the role.
Breaking under the pressure and isolation, he demanded that he existed, and that everyone treat him accordingly.
And so it began The deceased in 1996 was named Mami Asakura.
But she was originally a student in the 1993 class.
However, between April and June of 1996, that was not the case.
It wasn't? Correct.
As I recall, her name was on the 1996 roster.
But it was not on the roster for 1993.
It had disappeared.
Both the name and the "X"? As you can see, when the phenomenon is active, checking records is pointless.
And people's memories change too, right? Exactly.
Then, at the end of the year, when the deceased disappears after graduation, Mami Asakura the records revert to their original state, ultimately revealing the extra student.
In addition, all memories of her as the deceased are lost.
All is forgotten.
The records and memories just go back to normal? I cannot comprehend the logic behind it.
I've essentially given up.
There is only one countermeasure that seems effective against this phenomenon: denying the existence of someone in the class.
What's the success rate? About 50%.
Some years it works, others it fails.
Some years it's clear why the measure failed, others it's unknown.
That's terrible It's not a curse.
There is no malice to be found.
It occurs naturally, like a typhoon or earthquake.
Then, will having two nonexistent students be more effective? I can't say.
There are almost no instances of the calamity stopping midyear.
Really? Ms.
Mikami was class 3's homeroom teacher in 1996? Oh, you're right.
She has been through a great deal already.
To make her the assistant homeroom teacher again That'll be all for today.
Just one more thing.
Was 1983, 15 years ago, a year when it happened? 1983? I believe it was.
I thought so Oh, right.
That was Reiko's year.
You mean Ritsuko was in Yomiyama then? Yes.
She came here to have me, and stay with her family.
So she died in this town I see.
I'm sorry, Kouichi.
I'm sorry.
There was nothing I could do When my mom died, 15 years ago, was that part of the class 3 calamity? I don't know.
My poor Ritsuko My poor Ritsuko My poor Reiko, too Don't say that, dear.
Let's call it a night.
Cheer! Cheer up! I honestly don't know what happened to Ritsuko, but I think the calamity was stopped that year.
It stopped midyear? Why? How was it stopped? Please, Reiko.
I can't remember.
Reiko, please, try to remember something! Anything! Well, I think something may have happened during summer break Summer break? I can't remember what, though.
I'm sorry, Kouichi.
July 13 (Mon.
) Good morning, class.
Today, I must apologize to you all.
I have to I have done my utmost so that you could all graduate in good health next spring.
I did everything I could to make that happen.
But everything that occurs henceforth is for you all to deal with.
Once it has begun, I do not know if any amount of struggling will do any good.
I don't know You can't expect me to.
But I believe it is futile to speak of such things now.
Sphere joint.