Another (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

Sphere joint

1 Everyone out! Call the police and an ambulance, now! Was anyone hurt? Are you all right? I'm okay.
Let's go, Sakakibara.
It looks like making two students not exist didn't work.
I'm at my wit's end.
I'm so tired.
I don't know what to do.
Kubodera I'm sure you understand.
I leave the rest to you.
That troubled me.
Anyway, the result of an investigation of Mr.
Kubodera's home was disturbing.
Kubodera was a bachelor, who still lived with his mother.
She was well on in years, and had been bedridden for some time, due to a serious illness.
They found her dead in her bed.
She had clearly been murdered.
The stress of caring for her The class 3 calamity Perhaps he felt so trapped by it all that it drove him to kill his own mother.
And then he killed himself in front of his students.
Why would he make such extreme decisions? You think this was a result of the phenomenon? Yes.
So he was drawn into death by otherwise unlikely means? Could there be any other explanation? The calamity hasn't been stopped.
People will keep dying.
There was nothing we could do.
Come on, Sakaki, don't get so down.
Blaming yourself won't change anything.
Do Not Enter Until recently, you were Yeah, and it was breaking my heart! You know the whole story now, right? So you get where I'm coming from? Yes, I understand perfectly well.
What about you, Misaki? Feel like a weight's been lifted? Hard to say.
I didn't really feel a weight to begin with.
You are seriously weird.
Here you are.
Jeez, what's your problem? You both might exist again, but you'd best be prepared.
For what? It's your fault.
H-Hey! People will say that.
There's no way you'll be considered completely innocent, and I'm sure I'll be accused of incompetence, as well.
Where do you stand? I can't blame Kouichi, no matter what anyone says.
But it's not over.
The calamity, and my work as head of countermeasures, are only just beginning.
I wonder if anyone will go into hiding now, until summer break.
Some people may have fled town already.
You think? Yes.
It happens every year.
There are always people who leave Yomiyama for summer break.
It's all so strange.
But you really are weird, Misaki.
You talk like this doesn't involve you.
Do I? Could it be that you're actually the extra this year? It could very well be you, you know.
M-Me? No way! Don't even joke about that.
There's really no way? No, no, no! I have no memories of dying! And, not to brag, but I clearly remember all the shit I got into as a kid! You look well.
Was Akazawa here to talk to you about something? As head of countermeasures, she comes here often.
I see.
She's a strong girl, and she knows that, but considering what she's up against I pity her.
By the way, Ms.
Mikami dropped by today, too.
Mikami? She knows my history here.
There was something she wanted to formally discuss.
And what brings you two here? I wanted to ask about 15 years ago, when the calamity stopped midyear.
That was the one time in the past 25 years when it stopped midyear.
April 12, sister, Kyouko, illness July 23, sister, Ikumi, illness June 6, accident June 13, accident August 9, accident August 9, accident Excluding Ritsuko, whom I didn't know about, there were seven deaths that year.
When did Ritsuko die? In July.
Wait Does that mean the deaths stopped in August? Yes, and look at the date of the August deaths.
August 9 That class had just left for a class trip on August 8.
Class trip? I think something may have happened during summer break So two students died in accidents on that trip? And something happened on that trip that stopped the calamity? So it would seem.
Notice that no one is listed as "deceased" on that page.
Deceased: It never became clear who the dead person was that year.
Why did it stop? I'm not certain.
But I do know that they visited the Yomiyama Shrine.
A shrine? A very old shrine, located halfway up Mt.
Their lodge was at the foot of that mountain.
So maybe if we visit the shrine Naturally, people went back to it in years when the calamity occurred, but it had no effect.
So the shrine had nothing to do with it? No, that's not conclusive.
It could be that going there in a large group, in early August, was effective.
Of course, we can't deny the possibility that the effect came from something else, unrelated to visiting the shrine.
This is what Ms.
Mikami came here to discuss with me today.
July 17 (Fri.
) This may seem abrupt, but we will be conducting a class trip from August 8-10, for three days and two nights.
Please prioritize this event, and plan to participate, if at all possible.
You will receive additional details in the coming days.
I will mail the forms to all of you.
Question! Ms.
Mikami? Who is dead? Who is dead? Who is dead? The dead one is you.
M-Me? Dad Hello? I swear, India just gets hotter and hotter! How've you been, kiddo? Fine, I guess.
Yeah, everyone's doing well.
Hey, Dad? Have you ever seen any of Mom's photos from junior high? Photos? I'm pretty sure she showed me her graduation album when we got engaged.
Any others? Like, have you seen the group photo her class took after their graduation ceremony? Group photo? Why do you ask? Well, I've heard that it was kind of weird.
Do Not Enter Like, a ghost photo.
Where did you hear a silly story like that? For one thing, ghost photos are just— Well, it's just Oh, actually, now that you mention it, I might've heard a story like that, a long time ago.
Something about a creepy photo.
Did you see it? Nope.
She didn't like having it near her, so she left it at her parents' place.
Her parents' place? Hey, Kouichi, something goin' on there? No, nothing.
I'm just kinda bored.
You know, Ritsuko was a very special lady.
My feelings for her haven't changed a bit.
And that's why you're my— Okay, I get it! Later! Inoya? Yeah, I know where that is, but Today? Come on, dude! Don't tell me.
You got a date with Mei? Well? What is it you want to talk about? It's gotta be in person.
If you've got a date, just bring Mei along.
This problem involves the whole class, after all.
All right, I'll be there.
Kouichi! Over here.
Akazawa? Teshigawara called you here, right? Um Have a seat.
He called you, too? Yes.
Only because he said it "involves the whole class.
" I wouldn't go anywhere at his invitation otherwise.
Teshigawara filled me in on what happened 15 years ago.
And about your mom, too.
Oh Welcome.
A friend of yours, Izumi? Yes.
This is my classmate, Kouichi Sakakibara.
Oh, that must make you Yuuya's friend, too.
Thanks for being so kind to my brother.
I'm Yuuya Mochizuki's older sister, Tomoka.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, yes, likewise.
Yuuya has told me a lot about you.
What can I get for you? Oh, let me see He'll have the same as me.
Oh Coming right up.
What did you get? Coffee.
I don't like coffee.
It's too bitter.
Well, the coffee here is the real deal.
They use Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy beans.
Thank you for waiting.
Please enjoy.
Just take my word for it.
Give it a try.
It's bitter, but also sweet.
I like it.
So, you didn't go back to Tokyo? No.
It'd feel like I was running away, and I've started to wonder if it's me who's dead.
Maybe you were never born.
Maybe 15 years ago, the calamity took your mother's life, and she couldn't give birth to you.
And now, 15 years later, you've come back to life as a transfer student in class 3.
That's That's ridiculous.
Don't take me so seriously.
True, I did consider the possibility, but Shake my hand.
I still get the feeling that we've met No, that I've shaken your hand somewhere before.
You think so? I can't call up a visual memory, but my hand physically remembers yours.
Now that you mention it, you shook my hand at the hospital, too.
Did you do that for a reason? There's a rumor that dead people have shockingly cold hands.
I doubt it's true, though.
If it were that easy to tell Welcome.
Sorry I'm late.
Hey, guys! What'd you do that for? Do you hate me that much? Want the truth? I wouldn't mind Oh, whatever.
I'll let it slide today.
What did you want to talk about? You tell them, Mochizuki.
Since there's a chance that my sister could become involved in what's going on Oh, my sister is Tomoka, right? Yeah.
Anyway, I just couldn't keep quiet about it You told her? Down to the details.
She went to Yomi North, too, so she knew the rumors about class 3.
And Tomoka actually gave us a surprising bit of info.
One of our regulars is a man named Katsumi Matsunaga.
I knew he went to Yomi North, but I recently found out that he was in class 3.
I worked up the courage to ask him if it had happened in his year.
And he said The curse that year wasn't It wasn't my fault.
I saved them all.
I saved them! I knew I had to tell them! So that's why I left it there.
What does that mean? Left what, where? He couldn't seem to recall.
I've asked him about it many times, but he insists he has no idea.
Makes you curious, doesn't it? This Matsunaga guy stopped the calamity? And he left a hint on how he did it somewhere? That's gotta be it.
So, I'm thinking we should talk to this Matsunaga guy ourselves.
Do you know where we can find him? No, I don't know where he lives.
Then Don't you know someone who was in Matsunaga's class? Oh, so he was your aunt's classmate.
If I find out where Matsunaga is, will you come with me to see him? You really were the model for that doll, weren't you? You said only half, but it looks just like you.
This girl is the daughter she gave birth to 12 years ago.
Your sister? But she was stillborn.
She made this doll based on the daughter who never had a chance to live.
So it's only half me, if not less.
Actually, I have somewhere to be tomorrow.
Oh? Where? My parents want me to go with them to their summer house.
I couldn't tell them I don't want to.
Is it outside Yomiyama? Yes.
So you're leaving town? We'll only be gone a week.
I'll be back for the class trip.
Oh Hey, have you found that ghost picture your mother left at her parents' house? No, not yet.
If you find it, will you show me? Sure.
If anything comes up, use this number.
Is this a phone number? For a cell phone? Yes.
Yours? Yes.
You said you hated those devices.
I do.
Being connected to people all the time by electromagnetic waves disturbs me.
Then why do you have one? She makes me carry it.
She claims to feel uneasy at times.
I see.
By the way Yes? You said you wondered if it's you who's dead.
Has your suspicion been laid to rest? Yeah.
Huh? New dolls are put in here.
Don't worry.
It's not you.
You're not the one who's dead.
Hair stand.